Deep State Desperate as Trump Nears Returning to Power


Every man has his price, some say. Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, certainly had his. Cohen, a Deep State operative, has had seven meetings in as many days with Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance, himself a member of the nefarious cabal hoping to imprison Donald J. Trump on farcical evidence and perjurious testimony.

A confidential source within Trump’s orbit told RRN, “Trump has eyes and ears in Vance’s office,” and that a mole in the Manhattan DA’s office told Trump that Vance and Cohen were conspiring to bring him down.

Those meetings centered on Trump’s tax records, which Vance obtained in late Feb. after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected Trump’s efforts to keep the records private. Vance retained the consulting firm FTI to help analyze Trump’s financial records; a 30-person team spent 8,640 man-hours microscopically scrutinizing every minute transaction dating back to 2011. They had hoped to find evidence of tax fraud, insurance fraud, and other schemes to defraud, including providing false information to financial institutions or banks about the value of certain buildings and assets.

But, our source said, Vance and FTI came away empty-handed. They found no evidence of criminality, a fact they are at this moment concealing from public mention.

“Trump’s mole told him the investigation turned out clean. Trump wasn’t wanting to keep his records private because they are cooked, but because they are his business’s records and the IRS had them under audit and there was no reason to surrender them to some corrupt DA. When Vance couldn’t find any dirt, he made some phone calls to prominent Democratic legislators, including Nancy Pelosi,” our source said.

If all information is accurate, Pelosi was furious at Vance’s inability to find even a crumb of damning evidence against Trump. “We need that man in prison, and we need it now. We need him out of the picture. Find something. Do you understand me? Find something,” Pelosi purportedly told Vance.

The allusion seemed clear—she was asking Vance to fabricate evidence.

Enter Michael Cohen.

Cohen became an avowed enemy of Donald Trump after giving false testimony against Trump to the House Committee on Oversight and Reform and authoring an alleged tell-all book, Disloyal: The True Story of the Former Personal Attorney to President Donald J. Trump, in which he likened Trump to a Mafia Don, and described himself as an Enforcer/Fixer who had an epiphany that led to redemption.

Vance approached Cohen, our source said, because he was one of few nonfamily persons with intimate knowledge of Trump’s business operations during that time. More important, Cohen had a vendetta against Trump. Vance reportedly made Cohen a generous offer, 5,000,000 tax-free dollars in exchange for unearthing or inventing evidence to put Trump in prison for the rest of his natural life, provided said evidence did not implicate the DA’s office.

“From what we know, Cohen said he’d be happy to help. And now they—Vance and Cohen—have been meeting nonstop, in video conference or in person, to find the best way to make Trump go away. He’s survived the Deep State’s smears, their assassination attempts—everything. It’s like they are just recycling ways to get rid of him—but he’s the Teflon Don. The meetings between Vance and Cohen—they were meant to be clandestine. Trump’s the one who leaked info on the meetings to the press,” our source said.

The Deep State’s desperation, our source added, stems from an unwavering belief that Trump, if left to his own designs, will soon expose and topple Biden’s illegitimate presidency.

“Trump plays a good game of poker, and he’s waiting for them to show their hand. Then he’ll unequivocally refute it and make them fold,” our source said.

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Why does this site give options to SHARE on Russian VKontakte and Odnoklassniki?


I’ll tell y’all one more thing. A reasonable and honest person should not be condemning ANY honest and reasonable person who is distrustful at this time.

There is so much disinformation flying around that it is really difficult to know whom or what to trust. I absolutely believe that the bad actors are throwing out deliberate misinformation to confuse us and to keep us sitting on our hands when they’re not trying to instigate a false flag like ANTIFA and BLM did on January 6.

ALSO we know that people like Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward are now outed as just opportunists and complete frauds.

At the same time, I also absolutely believe that the “good guys” (“the patriots” and/or the military), if they are working behind the scenes to some covert plan, would ALSO throw out deliberate misinformation to confuse the traitors as in Operation Bodyguard.

I ALSO absolutely believe it is exceedingly UNLIKELY that some highly placed insider is going to leak cryptic hints about “”The Plan” that the traitors are just as likely to correctly interpret, or maybe more so, than the patriots who are NOT in on the plan.

I know the MSM is going to be the last to report when / if stories like this actually happen, but I need to see more than just one page like this reporting these fantastic stories. Where is the proof that you’re not just another deep state misinformation campaign or opportunist?

I for one am going to be especially distrustful of anyone calling me names or giving me negative marks on a page like this just because I ask for proof of the claims made in this story. I don’t know the author from Adam and I don’t know any of you people, so don’t expect me to blindly trust you.

So with that backdrop, I believe any negative marks on this comment are coming only from traitors to the constitution and the republic.

God bless America.


By the way – from the grammar nazi: It’s “awaiting approval” or “waiting for approval”. Not “Awaiting for approval”. Just FYI


I do understand the need to protect “sources”. Sadly, even if proof were submitted, could we trust or believe it? There’s so much lying and deception out there, that nobody really knows what’s true anymore. Here’s my mantra: Look for what’s NOT there. That will lead you more quickly to the truth!


We the people hope and pray, Donald Trump will return sooner, rather then later, or we the people will have to take matters into our hands, before we can not!


People keep saying “next month”. Every month the goal posts get moved back another month. Meanwhile Trump is talking about 2022 and 2024. The blind ass-umptions are getting old fast. Enough of rhe false hopes guys. Show us something. I haven’t seen one story that can be proven and they all seem a bit far fetched. Just saying….


Shame that Fauci can’t experience several executions. He is one of the architects of the NWO and Global Reset, dancing to the tune of Uber rich, to whom he sold his soul. He has been eminent in the “Scamdemic” narratives which he appears to change at will. He also appears to be making money off all sides , Money from his old class mate Bill Gates, seems to own patents on COVID vaccines, Tests and modified viruses and money from Global Pharma, All this, and being the highest paid employee of the Government, that he is working so hard to bring down. It is a shame that, when President Trump updated the methods of executions, he did not include being pulled apart by 4 horses, if that had been an option, perhaps Fauci might, for one time in is life at least, have had one part heading in the direction of the truth, something he has not achieved thus far. He is one of my top choices fair trial and timely execution (and I’m not over concerned about the trial either). He is an enemy of humanity.

Last edited 3 years ago by ToddDown
Cathy Geraci

Agreed! Fauci is a Traitor and should be tried for both Treason and crimes against humanity. He sits in his ivory tower and spouts this crap when he hasn’t seen an actual patient in at least 40 years. He actually published an article about the effectiveness of HCQ against viruses back in 2005. The minute President Trump mentioned using it, Fauci started coming unglued. All he could see were dollar bills escaping his greedy clutches. He and his buddy Gates have a significant financial interest in Moderna. Fauci funneled US Tax dollars to the lab in Wuhan for corona virus research after the US outlawed the research at UNC. He did a similar show back in the 1980’s with HIV. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn he is also a Satanist and probably a pedophile as well. That combo seems to go along with all the supposed members of the Roman Catholic Church.

Colleen Dice

Can’t wait. Best president ever!!!

Douglas Robilliard

Drain the swamp! yeeehaaa!

sherry baker

Clearly this is true because we no longer hear the cry over Trumps taxes

Hazel E Levatino

President Trump is the best President we were ever blessed to have. He loves America & our people. He puts Americans first.

Bobs Uncle

This is So Much BS! Michael, do you fall asleep each night, fantasizing about trump standing in your neck?
What a maroon. What an nincompoop.


You sound retarded.


Bobs Uncle hits the nail on the head.
Only Barfko Swill could believe this stuff.

Todd Woodworth

ur an opinionated piece of work arent u?
show ur proof or stfu.. and dont say something stupid like im some political party retard. u show ur lack of intelligence in the sides u pik.
keep being the problem and have a nice life.. thats my ROCK SOLID OPINION!!!! this isnt meant to insult u but if u choose to get but hurt then i say grow up..


It’s not about picking sides but calling out far fetched conspiracy theories which you blindly swallow despite zero evidence and current events showing otherwise. I and other Trumps supporters I’ve shown this page to are finding the stories extremely difficult to believe. You’re like a right wing liberal. No proof needed. You just blindly believe it because it fits what you want to hear. No self thinking and digging into it. Just another sheep being led around blindly and going off on anyone who disagrees like a rabid dog foaming at the mouth with spite.


You’re the source of the BS, if you STFU, it will all go away.


Wow, really intelligent rebuttal, emphasis on “butt”. The perfect right wing version of a libtard. Foaming at the mouth with stupid remarks and rage because someone dares to disagree with you. Don’t get mad because other people have enough mental capacity to question what they read and look for proof rather than blindly swallow the worm like a right wing version of a libtard. When you are easily blown with every wind of doctrine that tickles your ears, you will easily be grossly deceived and led astray with no concept of reality. You have to step back and question. Just because you read itnon the internet doesn’t make it fact. Michael LaVaughn Robinson, aka Michelle Obama still claims to be a woman but most of us free thinkers question that, especially after Barak’s slip ups calling him Michael.

Last edited 3 years ago by david68_00
Israel Smith

I dont think you’re just making this stuff up, but if you are I sure do like your attention to detail and love these stories anyway. I pray with everything in me that traitor clinton truly is locked away in GITMO. I hope she and all the other traitors are held accountable in full view of the public.

Bobs Uncle

You’ll believe anything. I’ve got a bridge to sell you…


Desperate, aren’t you? And coming up empty as always.


No thanks if made by you and your chums, it will no doubt collapse as soon as weight is applied, like anything Dems do! Like impeachments, election frauds, or running a country etc.

Cathy Geraci

Must be talking about that bridge Cuomo dedicated to his dad. The one where there are so many structural problems the damn thing could collapse early on in it’s use.


I really hope Clinton and all her criminal minions are taken down soon. They are evil, lying idiots


Apparently she was arrested on September 20 2016, leaving a memorial for (her) victims of the 9/11 Plot. She appears to be in handcuffs and collapses as a vehicle pulls up to take her aboard, US marshals are seen to bundle her into the vehicle which has metal grill fitted on the inside of the door window – not her usual transport . It was further reported that she was found to be suffering from a disease called Kuru (look it up) from which she has subsequently died having undergone several weeks of interrogation.
She does have a double who is 2 to 3 inches shorter. look for images pre 2016 of the Clintons stood together the top of her head level with the tip of his nose, then check them stood together at the Hollywood inauguration, the top of her head barely reaches his chin.
Search video: Clinton arrested leaving 9/11 memorial

Last edited 3 years ago by ToddDown

Well at least you are not using the words “according to a source in Trump’s orbit” anymore. It’s like saying his morbidly obese weight actually creates gravity.


Morbidly obese? He doesn’t even have belly flap or a BMI above 12%. He’s considered slightly above average weight. That’s far from obese. But hey, I guess you believe everything MSDNC tells ya 😉

Never sell your soul for money


China Joe


How do we know if they are telling the truth. None of the other non-MSM are reporting this stuff.


Now we know what President Trump was doing in NY this week. One DA resignation and a smear campaign falling apart


The Left’s attempts to take down President Trump always fail and sometimes boomerangs on them. Cohen is such a disgusting weasel. Can’t wait to see what happens to him. Trump doesn’t forget.


They did take him down, he’s no longer POTUS.

Sacha Walker



Believe that, you’ll believe anything. We are under martial law and Trump remains president until until this Insurgency is dismantled, after which point there will be the proper election


There will not be another election the NSA Q Group has already Seized the Dominion machines and confirmed Donald Trump will be President for another 4 years. They are working on additional things( Such as who’s going to Gitmo) he won big time! Donald Trump never conceded the election and this is why. This is why you never see Biden in the New Air Force one. He flys only in old mock version of smaller plane or Military planes. Trump also has the brief case!



Or Maybe all this Q-Crap about Trump and the patriots just waiting for the time to rip open sealed indictments and arrest all the traitors is just deep state psyop BS intended to keep us patriots sitting on our hands while the Obama/Pelosi/Schmucker/Clinton criminal cabal consolidates power and passes HR1 to lock in DemonRat elections for perpetuity and anti-gun legislation to disarm us.


And as far as AF1, they could be doing maintenance and/or renovation on the plane Trump used. You do know there are several, right? And it only uses the call sign AF1 when POTUS is actually onboard?


Joseph how long have we been hearing this stuff? Was he sworn in on inauguration day? No. Then the story changed to “well, they have to let Joe be sworn in first and then the military takes over”. Again, nothing. No military takeover. No matial law. No military held election. No Trump being sworn in under the restored republic on March 4th. Now they say next month. Come April they will say May. And so on and so on, blah blah blah…. How are you not tired of the blind conspiracy theories yet? How many let downs does it take? I’m quickly becoming convinced the only way we will actually see change is a full blown civil war keading to a revolution.


In addition to that, first they said the fence was installed around the Capitol to keep the traitors from escaping, and the troops stationed in the capitol were there to arrest them.

Now it has become clear the fence and the troops are to protect themselves from US, because they KNOW they are criminals and that they are illegitimate, AND THEY KNOW THAT WE KNOW and they are afraid of US. January 6 was a false flag that did not succeed as they had intended, but they are still milking it for every single drop of Reichstag Fire propaganda value.

Furthermore, January 6 has served to keep patriots from participating in any further legitimately peaceful protests for fear of ANOTHER SUCH FALSE FLAG event. They got a two-fer out of it.

Dean Vermite

Seek immediate psychiatric help.

Bobs Uncle

We took him DOWN! He was a one term president. One term, twice impeached. Don’t forget it, QTard.


Cheating isn’t winning, sweet pea, nor is it “taking” someone down. Funny how you love those anonymous sources until it comes up here.


No shit, but who’s in charge right now? The cheater is and guess what,it’s going to be at least until Jan 20 2025.


Back door channels are saying they’re about to invoke the 25th on him, so no. It won’t be anywhere close to 2025.

Last edited 3 years ago by BStones

The country has been under Military Rule since 12:01 01/20/2021
Trump is still the President until the insurrection has been taken down and new fraud free elections can be held, and Trump will still be President after that.


So I guess the official military Twitter channels attacking Tucker Carlson were just cover story?


Yeah, Trump is president. That’s why O-Biden is quickly destroying the country. That’s why gas prices are going up faster than Biden votes at 2am. That’s why N Korea and Iran are showing their butts again. That’s why holding facilities are once again packed with illegals. Because Trump is still president. Come on, time to smell what you’re shoveling. You’re blindly buying every conspiracy theory you hear without one shred of proof and events say otherwise. I want change as much as the next guy, but I’m not buying into fiction because I read it and it fits what I want to hear. Time to lay off the Kool Aid.

Bob Forappels

Yep, you’re right. The Criminal Democratic Party successfully cheated their way into the White House.


Typical Leftist truth, he was never impeached Trump 2, Impeachement coups 0 the looney left did what they do best, lied and manufactured false causes, proving how stupidly inept they are by publicly showing they had nothing. Despite the election fraud, they have still failed. You did not take him down, he planned this even before he embarrassed Clinton’s pathetic attempt to rig the 2016 Election. You people are too dumb to see how the Dems and the swamp have been set up, and how many of the corrupt pond life have already been executed since the beginning of the year. By the time he is back in power (very soon now) the current government will be able to have reunions in a telephone box. Everyone else will be at Gitmo either in a cell or the cemetery – I believe they prepared a new one and named it etats peed emohwen Garden (turn the letters around and you get Deep State New Home Garden) thought I needed to solve that for you, you being a Democrat.


Just like the fake news, “confidential” sources and no proof.


A mole cannot be named or he/she will be killed.


What do you think “confidential” means? Apparently not bathroom blunders lol

Last edited 3 years ago by jimbo

not only your toilets are clogged…apparently…brain too…


That’s funny, but I’m not the one just blindly believing everything I read or hear.

That’s one of the problems with the MSM, is leakers who want to remain confidential while spilling our nation’s secrets and our soldiers’ and police officers’ guts.

Show me just one of these RRN stories that have been proven true!


Last edited 3 years ago by mytoiletsclogged

A). This isn’t MSM, he’s an independent at journalist and does not work for or freelance with any mainstream outlet
B). He’s a certified and accredited journalist and passes any search for being honest and respected and doing his research and not publishing unless otherwise known to be factual
C). All of his older material has pretty much come to fruition or been relevant to the instance discussed.


So you say


Has it occurred to any of you Q-Tards that the whole Q operation could have been what Acting SecDef was thanking the traitor Mike Pence for on 12/23/20?

When was the last Q Drop?


We are under assault on all sides by communists–enemies foreign and domestic working night and day to turn this greatest country in human history into a banana republic and then murder hundreds of millions of people not just in America but BILLIONS of people around the world.

The useful idiots helping them in the courts, in the media, in the universities, in big tech, in the great American corporations like Coke, Walmart, Amazon—many of which only came into being because of our freedoms and liberties and free enterprise—are now helping the communists to destroy this country and are oblivious to what kind of world they are going to bring into being for their kids and their grandkids, and for THEIR grandkids.

And here you are, attacking me, and the best you got is “brain clogged.”

The enemy you seek is elsewhere. Unless you are one of them, which I figure there is a very high chance, because here you are, attacking anyone who doesn’t just blindly buy into this Q crap.

You don’t know the first thing about me. You don’t know my IQ, my education level or my MIS-education level, what “news” I watch or don’t watch, which pundits I believe or don’t believe, where I stand on the 2nd Amendment, what kind of guns I have or how many and how well trained I am with them, where I stand on abortion or LGBTQWERTXYZ, the big pharma created opioid addiction epidemic, vaccines, election fraud, human trafficking, child sexual abuse, illegal immigration, my years of military service, what level security clearance I have held or for how long, whom I vote for or voted to have recalled…

I keep an open mind, but not like those on the left whose mind is so open that all of their brains have fallen out–IF they ever had any. I think many of them thought God was passing out “Trains” and got into a different line.

In 2015-2016 I told coworkers that I wish Trump would shut up; I wished CNN would shut up; I wished Faux News would shut up… I said he’s not going to get the nomination, he’s not going to get elected. I thought he was a blowhard.

I failed to research him and to learn then what his employees said about how he treated them.

But then I found myself voting for him. Then I was glad that he defeated the alternative. Then within days of his inauguration I was REALLY glad that he won because he did smart things like making an oil exec the head of the EPA. I CHEERED when he smacked down the fake news reporters of CNN and others, and told them all about themselves.

How many on the left and how many never-Trumpers have actually LOOKED at what the man has done in office and gave a rip whether that was good for the country, and reconsidered maybe they were wrong about him? The communists are always going to hate someone who does good things for the country—there’s no waking them up. But here are tens of millions of swing voters who sadly just are not well informed and are struggling to try to determine what is true and what isn’t, which is much more difficult now than even 20 years ago.

I question EVERYTHING. As glad as I was that Trump won, I don’t just blindly TRUST HIM either, and I don’t agree with EVERYTHING he did. I didn’t like that he was using tariffs to punish China for cheating by manipulating their currency and by whining that they are a “developing” nation so that they get better deals than “developed” nations like us. I think tariffs are the economic weapon of mass destruction. Tariffs have no friends, because nobody is afraid to use them and EVERYBODY gets hurt. Do a search on Smoot-Hawley Tariff act if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

And now Trump has apparently just walked away and allowed a foreign nation to attack us with both a bio-weapon AND cyber warfare on multiple fronts without response, and allowed this COMMUNIST COUP to take place with no response. Every single government institution created to protect and preserve our liberties has not only failed us but has BETRAYED us. And I find myself wondering if Trump is either derelict of duty, or if he was in on it all along, or if there IS some kind of covert plan in the works that has yet to play out. Or if just maybe there was some reason we can’t know WHY he could not use the military to restore the rule of law and arrest the traitors and hold military tribunals because the courts and DOJ and FBI are all corrupt. I have not yet seen proof of ANY of these possibilities.

I just keep hearing “I’m gonna release the Kraken!”
“Don’t mistake my silence for inaction!”
“All lies will be revealed!”
“Imagine no income tax!”
“Trump will be inaugurated to his second term on January 20!”
“Trump will be sworn in as the 19th President!”
“We’re not finished yet.”
In December “Things should start happening quickly now.”
January 6 we will release evidence that is going to be game changing!
Pence will delay the count to allow forensic audits in the states in question!
Ok, we didn’t do it January 6, now it will be inauguration day, January 20…
Ok, we didn’t do it January 20, now it will be March 4th…
Ok, we didn’t do it March 4, now it will be March 17 (Q, letter #17, C-17 Transport… 3/17, Get it? Luck is a very important word! Get it? Wink, wink…)
Ok, we didn’t do it March 17, now it will be… Uh, we’ll circle back on that…

So tell me again how Q has been right about so many things?

Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes have been exposed as complete opportunist frauds who raked in piles of cash for all the Q-Tard eyeballs they brought to watch their videos.

I wish I had copied it, but somebody wrote something very funny about some distant future year with the country and the world in utter devastation after years of communist One World Order rule when there will still be Q-Tards sitting around waiting for long dead Trump to rush in with the military and arrest the traitors…

Because I have held a security clearance that required year after year training in things like counter-intelligence, IF THERE IS a covert plan in the works, I highly doubt that some insider who supposedly has a high level DOE security clearance is going to leak cryptic hints to patriots about Trump’s game plan. I believe Q is either a misinformation campaign BY Trump and whatever patriots he may have around him (as in Operation Bodyguard), OR it is a deep state psyop created to keep us patriots sitting on our hands, mesmerized by our dam screens and OBLIVIOUS to the massive damage the communists are doing to the country with every passing day, AND to lull patriots into false flag attacks like January 6 that the left is continuing to milk for every single tiny drop of propaganda value.

Anything the government tells its people whether patriot or not, they are also telling their enemies. If followers of Q can figure out what’s going on from those cryptic drops then you don’t think the foreign and domestic enemies of this country can figure it out?

Who really has the brain clog?


Well, you like to give negative marks, how about using some of that superior intellect and refute anything I’ve said here. What proof can you show that Q is real? Or is this like faith in a God we can’t see?

I’m not mocking religious faith; I’m MOCKING worship of anything OTHER THAN God or the creator of all things, whether it’s a government or a person or a professional athlete, or a mask mandate, or a vaccine… Or some mysterious self-proclaimed patriot whose name is the 17th letter of the alphabet who teases out cryptic hints to some master plan that so far appears to be pure BS. Rather than attacking anyone who doesn’t blindly buy into it, if you sincerely believe it is legitimate, then tell us why.

I will give you one thing about Q. I have to to really wonder about anything that the MSM seems utterly desperate to discredit. When I saw that Savannah Guthrie interview with Trump, I wanted to B-Slap that shite eating grin right off of her. That woman is pure evil.


Oh yeah, and they were going to make Superbowl look like a puppy show. That was a gigantic nothing-burger.
Still waiting…


Bueller? Bueller?


A well thought out statement, I agree with you


The whole Q idea is to A, spur the “great awakening” and secondarily B. to quell an urge to rebel and create a civil war initiated by conservatives. It is a psyop. But a useful one. The clues about what is supposedly happening are for part B, while the questions are for part A.

There is a tertiary goal to provide misleading counterintel messages to throw the CCP coup off.

To me it reeks of overconfidence. But then, the “Great Awakening” is going on and steadily broadening. Red pilling is rampant as Q inspired material is now available to all those looking to understand what the CIA and CCP clown show Biden Junta

The events on the ground are far too slow and the judiciary is still hiding proceedings to protect the pedo powers leadership in e.g. the Ghillaine Maxwell case. The could not have cleaned up enough of the judiciary to handle the gigantic volume of cases they are opening up. The Federal count of sealed indictments is at a record of over 200k – at least 4X the highest number ever before Trump.

The confusion has allowed Biden’s and cabal NATO partners to actually move assets on the ground in Ukraine to bring on a hot Nuke war with Russia (#1 CCP priority). The delay in consolidating military displacement of the Biden Junta and fake news and fake Congress and the illegal alphabet agencies is just as costly as the minor civil war their unexplained and sudden takedown would create.

The pandemic crimes against humanity sting, the election fraud sting and the pedo global government and bank cartel takedown ops do not need a civil government to execute the legal action, it can all be legally done in the military tribunal system.

The MSM’s remaining 30% share of the public indicates that the scale of public pushback will not be as great as feared. Using the masks as an indicator is foolish as people who don’t believe in them will wear them in order to comply with retailer’s demands and to avoid freaking out friends and relatives still in the throes of the panic. .

The plan, if it is real and in play, is unfolding too slowly and squandering patriot’s patience and resources in order to ferret out more of the criminal cabal puppets The goal of clearing out the liberal mind of the destructive race and gender politics and magical economics is not possible. It takes a decade of real life interactions for the brainwashing to fade. Shock will not produce a useful result, just a shutdown of perception as the brainwashed protect their internal structures by ignoring reality and hanging on to whatever remains of left stream media.


Even General Flynn has said it:

The press in this country have done a disservice to what many many years ago was an honorable profession and had many serious and trusted journalists. Because of the censorship and “fake news” using anonymous sources are so prevalent, #WeThePeople are now relying on each other for honesty, integrity and sincerity for our daily information intake.

Now refute and down mark that you communist troll!