Gov. Abbott Expels FEMA “Mask Police” from Texas


Just two days prior to lifting a statewide mask mandate, Texas Governor Greg Abbott prevented two planeloads of federal mask police from setting foot in the Lonestar State, Real Raw News has learned.

On Sunday, February 28, at 10:30pm, Abbott heard that two chartered Embracer light passenger jets, each carrying 60 mask enforcement agents from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, were en route from Washington D.C. to Austin, Texas.  The aircraft were scheduled to land at Austin Executive Airport, a smaller and less conspicuous point of arrival than the city’s primary aviation hub, Austin-Bergstrom Intl. Airport.

A source at the governor’s office speaking under condition of anonymity told RRN that Governor Abbott had not been officially forewarned. Nor had he requested aid from Washington. He was tipped off by an employee at the offices of Travis County Judge Andy Brown, a Democrat known for challenging Abbott’s effective Covid-19 response measures. Brown, who has been at loggerheads with the Travis County Sherriff’s Department over its refusal to enforce mask mandates and fine offenders, had sought help from Washington.

Brown allegedly spoke to Kamala Harris and Dr. Anthony Fauci and beseeched them to send federal enforcement agents who, unlike sheriff’s deputies, wouldn’t balk at forcibly enforcing his executive orders. His plea was apparently successful, as the flights of civil rights-trampling agents lifted off less than 36 hours later.

As previously reported, FEMA in January repurposed an eighth of its workforce to help state municipalities with mask enforcement duties, and its personnel have been widely used in Michigan, New York, California, and other Democratic strongholds. But not—as far as RRN knows— in Red states helmed by Republican governors.

“To say Abbott was pissed is an understatement. Judge Brown and Austin Mayor Steve Adler conspired to keep him in the dark. They broke chain of command, and I imagine the Biden administration was quite pleased. When Abbott got the tip, the first plane was 90 minutes from wheels down. He had a revelatory moment: if the planes landed, more would follow.”

Abbott, our source added, immediately contacted Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and state AG Ken Paxton to discuss how to handle unwanted federal agents on Texas soil. They agreed, unanimously, that D.C. should have cleared the incursion with the governor’s office; to do otherwise was unlawful.

“Paxton pointed out that Abbott had already given FEMA permission to operate in Texas, though just to help with vaccine administration. But this probably emboldened the Biden administration into believing they could wantonly land as many FEMA in Texas as they wanted. Abbott wasn’t having any of that,” our source said.

Abbott notified the Texas National Guard station in Austin, and at his request, commanding officer Major General Robert Bodisch at once deployed a detachment of Guardsmen—exact figures unknown—to the airfield, with orders to prevent passengers from deboarding the aircraft. When the first plane touched down at midnight, it was quickly encircled by several Humvees brimming with armed soldiers.

“A brief standoff occurred. The lieutenant in charge told the pilot to refuel and take off, that he had orders to expel any FEMA agents trying to get off the plane. We don’t know what conversation went on between the pilot and Washington, or between him and whoever on the plane was in charge of the FEMA people, but after twenty minutes they refueled and left. The second aircraft, which was in a holding pattern and low on fuel, was given the same privilege,” our source said.

In closing, our source said Gov. Abbot relayed the incident to governors of other republican states, cautioning them to keep a wary eye on treacherous Democratic legislators in their midst.

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Texas, time to impeach Judge Brown and Austin Mayor Steve Adler. Start the petition!


Texas is making us proud although the power bill thing is a bit horrifying. In these times I am glad DeSantis is my governor. We need more states to follow after these two.

Elizabeth A Wallace

Finally, we are seeing men taking a stand on this communist terorism..I hope he uses this power to block the immigrants coming in and in fact, charge Mexico and the childrens parents for negligence. Perhaps it is time to make Mexico one of our states why not ? They seem to like the idea of being with us, why not balance out the enormous debt, destruction, child trafficking, drugs and rape and murder and financial destruction they have caused us for years. Keep them in their own land and own it !! P.S. Anyone wish to investigate Catholic Charities on how much they are involved in all of this since they are building them homes, and sitting on millions state by state, claiming it for “undocumented” ONLY……..ignoring the local Americans in need. Let me know I am going to write a report on them.


Great job, Texas Governor Greg Abbott!!
Looks like the illegals from DC had to ride the kamal out of town with their tale between their legs. Awesome!!

Sam McGee

Clinton being arrested is long over due!


Good job!!!


It’s time that Trump and all Patriots and all military and police anyone that knows how to fight stand with the rightful President TRUMP and all the judge’s that went against the people’s choice and cheated in the presidential election when they knew that biden did not win the election they stole it from the AMERICAN PEOPLE an we the people will not stand for it we need to put them all in prison because they let BLM and antifa burn down city and did not arrest them but when the AMERICAN PEOPLE went to DC to talk about the stolen election they had BLM an ANTIFA get in with people that wanted to know why they stole the election from the rightful PRESIDENT TRUMP they made up that the people tried to say that it was a riot but it was not biden an the rest of the Democrats and some Republicans need to be put in prison as TRAITORS this country belongs to our GOD and to GODS people amen amen amen


No stepping down .. President Trump .. just say it … YOUR FIRED !!!
They should not receive one more dime from us .. they sure have not helped All of us folks that Have had to suffer for the past year .. Fouchi and Gates Need to be Next plz !


I love your sentiment and standing up for Truth and Justice and support for all the fighters of the Swamp Creatures.
But statements such as this and others here (and everywhere), would come off more intelligent if you used grammar properly, such as;
“Your Fired” No, it’s “You’re Fired”
“Your” means belonging to you. “You’re” means You Are.
Though you did not do it, several responders do;
They use apostrophes (‘) when they mean plural, such as;
“Bring on the troop’s” What? the troop’s what?
“Get rid of the Swap Creature’s” Huh? Creature’s what?
Get rid of the Swamp Creature’s toes?? Or WHAT?
No apostrophe is required for pluralizing a word or name!
Using an apostrophe where there should be none, makes the word possessive…meaning belonging to someone or something.
Stop using apostrophe when what you mean is plural (more than one).

It’s sad to think that this is the result of at least 2 generations having received only a simile (fake, copy) of education from Marxist indoctrinated teachers. We are in a VERY SCARY TIME!

George Ferris

Trump with no presidential experience, stood like a true patriotic American warrior, under the guidance of the greatest protector who is the creator of all things as we all know, the divine power… amen


So glad I live in the red state of Florida. I just love a good fight against the Commie regime in DC.


Do NOT mess with Texas !!!! Way to go Abbott!!!!


God Bless Abbott! We need to turn things around. More people need to stand up to the liberals bullshit!!


I have not heard anywhere about this. I am sure local news would have picked it up as a story. At the least, the Governor would have twitted it?

Linda Brockinton

Of course not. Main stream media hasn’t reported truth in yrs. wake up how do you think we got here????? If he di twit it would be taken down. I put it on fb a hr ago. It’s already gone. We are brainwashed and nothing is what it seems. Like living in a 3 rd demention.

Kalani Keleko

Victory is at hand. !


Congratulations to the Governor of Texas, great job, may God always bless you and your entire family … Please, Governor, don’t let old fart biden do absolutely nothing in Texas. Many Americans know that old fart biden is an illegitimate president. The legitimate president is Mr. Donald John Trump. I hope there will be a military coup soon and that the old fart biden, including Kameltoe and his entire administration, will be arrested for traitors to the United States of America.


Byedan is a old cold turd, floating around the bowl. Waiting to drown.


Crazy why is no one talking about anything??


Because CNN and all other fake news damn traitors do not want, I repeat, do not want the intelligent american to know about it.


CouldN’T easily find email contact for Tx govn’s Abbott & Patrick, to request comment/verification.

BUT I did for the offices of Travis County judge, Austin mayor, & FEMA.
MG Bodisch, found a email but not sure it goes right to his office or state general info.
Anyway I emailed those last 4 that were all mentioned in the story.

I’ll let ya’ll know what response I get, if any.

Last edited 3 years ago by name
Delores Newman

Thank God for Abbott taking a stand against the Biden Harris China BedButties Communist. You idiots do not own Texas. Now we have to clean out the Brown and Mayor filth. Your not going to win against Texans.

Flippy Nipples

Looks like his brain is crippled along with his legs.

Robbie Davidson Puckett

Looks like you are a really nasty jerk.