Navy SEALS Arrest Hillary Clinton


The chant “lock her up” has finally seen fruition.

US Navy SEALS loyal to Donald Trump raided Hillary Clinton’s Chappaqua, NY estate and arrested her on charges of treason, destruction of government property, and aiding and abetting the enemy, Real Raw News has learned.

The arrest happened on Tuesday night, according to a source in Trump’s orbit, only hours after Trump had spoken to Rear Admiral Hugh W. Howard at US Special Operations Command and given him a “mammoth trove” of evidence of Clinton’s criminality dating back to her days at the State Department. The evidence allegedly includes thousands of never-before-seen emails, which Clinton acid washed prior to the 2016 presidential election, as well as documents implicating her in plots to assassinate Republican legislators across the country.

The evidence was so compelling, our source added, that Adm. Howard had trouble believing that Clinton wasn’t arrested years ago.

“Trump’s been wanting to get her, and the rest of the Deep State cabal, ever since he set foot in the White House. It has taken him years to dig up the motherload. Once he had military support, he greenlit the operation. Trump’s team, for lack of a better word, had been surveilling Clinton a long time, and he knew she was always alone on Tuesday nights. That’s when the SEALS nabbed her,” our source said.

Under cover of darkness, an eight-man detachment from Naval Special Warfare Group 3 infiltrated the Chappaqua mansion shortly after 2:00am. Mysteriously, Clinton’s two-man Secret Service detail, which normally lives in a guest house on the property, was absent that morning. The SEALS cleared the main building, then silently breached the door to her bedroom, where they found her awake rehearsing a speech before a vanity mirror. They fired a single tranquilizer dart into her neck, our source said, before taping her mouth and sealing a black cloth bag over her head.

The SEALS also seized several laptops and reams of paper, our source said.

“I don’t know where they took her; only Trump knows that. But this is proof that Trump and the military have started taking out the cabal. It took him longer than expected, longer than he wanted, but better late than never. Trump is doing what’s right for America,” our source said.

Trump will soon send her to Guantanamo Bay to face a military tribunal for her crimes against America and its people. GITMO, our source said in closing, is run by the Marine Corps. and the US Navy, both of which have forsaken Joe Biden and instead pledged to help Donald Trump vanquish the forces of darkness that have enshrouded the nation in corruption for decades.


Clinton Shipped to GITMO, Awaiting Military Tribunal

Note: We are aware that MSM-spondsored, so-called fact checking agencies, such as SNOPES, are challengnig the content of this article. Snopes, Politifact, MediaBias, and most other so-called fact checking organizations are controlled wholly by the MSM and the liberal left to promote their agenda. RRN stands by the story as written, and will present an update shortly.

Please help support alternative media. We follow the truth, wherever it leads. We reject absolutely big-tech and the narrow, dogmatic views of MSM. Although we are new to the arena, the MSM and its watchdogs–Snopes, Media Matters, Politifact, etc.–have waged war on us. We need your help to thrive, so that we can present important, unique news not found elsewhere.

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Hope this story is REAL.
Also hope they will nap Pelosi too.


I can’t wait to SEE the arrests aired.


I heard no. The only one we’ll see from start to finish is John Brennan. At least that’s what I heard.


I hope this is real but, I fear that it is not! There is zero news of this anywhere else.


They Don’t splash news when they are doing covert actions in Q Group NSA , We shall see…. a lot of people to be arrested now to June…..

A Seeker

YES! Once the storm hits, thaat energy will continues to the END!

The Dude


David Rodriguez

I’ll bet you you’re stimy check that nothing of the sort will ever happen . you’re delusional

Willey Cumonher

these fuckers will all end up in prison

A Seeker

YES! If she is able to betray her very own soul, what else could she not betrays?

A Seeker

YES! She is not a TRUE Catholic! True Catholics are true to our beloved USA!

Steve Barbush

But Catholics totally break God’s laws so God had removed his blessings

Patricia Owens


Bee Free

How do you know? It’s so hard to know what to believe. ?

The Dude



Hope it is too!!!!!! I’m ready for this to start!!!!!!


What are you, retarded? It’s as real as all the rest of the qanon stuff. That is completely false and pushed by lunatics, mentally ill people, and right wing trolls.

To even think 0.001% of this has any legitimacy is hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.

Now Trumps issues with the courts and the law are very, very real including the women and the child he abused.

Of course I don’t suppose this will get approval as the right go on about censorship but carry it out all the time.

Prove me wrong and post this – FREE SPEECH.

Last edited 1 year ago by Realitycheck

So your saying it is not possible for her to be arrested??
Benghazi: “Clinton lied, four Americans died” on her watch & she was at the heart of the cover-up. Said she submitted all documents & four months after request, still more documents are uncovered. During testimony, famously said, “What Difference Does it Make!”
That is only 1 example of the many including murder, child sex slavery with her husband. and many many many more reason she could be arrested.
And all you can say is trump abused women and children from a hear say…
Your just as lost as all the others liberal leftist…
I hope to god Hillary is arrested, it will be a good start to the many that will follow.

Cheryl jordan

Derek,thanks.That smug ass is a brainwashed dummy.How long does scumbag HRC get a free pass for the evil she’s done for a lifetime.

Charles Gugins

Only Jesus will settle the score. Too much corruption has gone unpunished to believe it will be different this time.

David Rodriguez

has Jesus settled any score ever ? what makes you think he’s going to start now ?


Start in Little Rock, Arkansas. Her and Billy go way back. Quite the vulgar career. Deep State has had their backs forever.

David Rodriguez

I’ve actually met HRC while I was serving and she was running for office shes actually nice . I also worked on her neighborhoods house and can tell you it’s not a mansion or an estate its nice don’t get me wrong but nothing like the article makes it seem like


She has Crimes against humanity too. Child brutalization/murder/sacrifice. She’s a peach alright.

Doc Reaper

If y’all would grow a set, we could take DC and clean the swamp once and for all

Dr Lex Winter

I think he’s saying the probability that US Navy SEALs were deployed to arrest a geriatric old lady and somehow not one person has cried out about the breach of US law by doing so, or demands that she be released, is a clear sign that OP is full of it.


The article said, she’s always alone on Tue. night and they taped her mouth shut etc.

Terminally deplorable

The breach of law started already in the electoral system and propagated into the judicial system. An none of the stakeholders cried foul.
The marines would be the natural remedy. You are way behind the curve.

Diana Dee

A old lady? Fit enough to poison any enemies tea!


Terrorists have no rights.


We are not under US law. We are under military law. She gets a tribunal. Adios biotch.


We shall see…..


It’s like they think our military would allow this I guess they’ve gotten used to that ???


I think the main reason most people don’t believe she can be arrested is because there has been a plethora of serious crimes linked to her (and Bill) for years, and instead of punishment, she was protected by the likes of the FBI, who even admitted she broke the law with her private server, not to mention destroying phones / using bleach bit after subpoena.

When the people in charge of investigating and taking enforcement action against someone are very clearly on their side, it’s not exactly hard to doubt the possibility. Who is going to do it? from the look of things, the military somehow, even though I can’t comprehend it, seem to be following Biden’s (the deep state’s) orders, even at great detriment to themselves and our nation.

I understand that looks can be deceiving, but if there are any signs pointing in another direction, I am having a lot of trouble seeing any trace of them – seeing a silver lining in any of what is going on right now.

I am definitely a supporter of the US military, but I’ve seen a whole lot of order following and no discernible resistance to any of this treason we all watched and are forced to continue watching. I have to wonder why exactly nothing has been done about all of this, despite obvious treason and the crippling of our country – handing our place(s) over to China and Russia and more – especially considering, I have spoken to a good bunch of military where I live, and they’re all acutely aware that Biden would sacrifice them for nothing, if he were elected.

Don’t get me wrong, I hope there’s lots of GOOD going on behind the scenes, but all the outward signs seem to show that we’ve literally been sold by our supposedly elected officials to an array of communists, China and the EU/UN (same difference if you ask me) being chief among them.

Patri McGow

Yes that is correct, 75% of the Gov. Officials are corrupt ! We must take grass root action to deter their progress!!


We should by grateful that Trump got in a position to bring this to light

David Rodriguez

Trump lost what position do you think he’s in


Surprise! He is still the president. Much going on. You will see.

Patri McGow

Would be Wonderful if it were true!!! Probably not though

Catherine Davis

I Agree AMEN!

Nancy Korgel

Absolutely! And Hillary needs arrested for Adrenochrome as well.

Carol Beevers

Totally agree, Nancy, but the adrenochrome clearly isn’t working!

David R.

Yes they did – they were navy – I saw the picture of them coming to get her out of there – the next scene the deals were on the floor and armed men – non American were with her! She is a trator!


When are you guys going to get it? If these things were really happening, major news outlets would be covering it. If they were pedophiles, they would have been charged. You need evidence, witnesses, etc. There’s something called the law that no person is above. Just because some random person tells you these people are pedophiles, etc, does not make it true. They tell you everybody they hate are pedophiles because that’s the ONE thing they know people will get behind to hate back. Think about it.


You might want to check this link on My Parler sight


Pedophiles exist and has been investigated heavily by Liz Crokin. Watch Out of Shadows. The reason msm doesn’t report it is because they cover for one another.


They don’t cover it because they are involved. Look at how many were wined/dined/honeypotted from CCP! Most of the media people. Did you ever notice how they all same the same thing? The most recent is: “This is a threat to our democracy.” Every news channel had the anchors saying it. Robots.
There are over 230K sealed indictments. There will be many tribunals.


MSM hasn’t covered any of the liberals’ corruption so what makes you think they would cover the fact that their queen has been arrested?


Major news outlets? Really? They are owned by elites and most of them are going to Gitmo too. Our courts? Our courts are compromised. They wouldn’t even hear the election evidence and there was a lot. Roberts went to Epstein island too. He also adopted two kids illegally. Courts are done. Military is in charge.There are tapes. Lots of info from Epstein, Weiner’s laptop and Hunter’s laptop,etc.
Oprah is wearing an ankle bracelet, along with Ellen DeGeneres, Trudeau, the list is endless. All pedos/pedovores too. Lucifer has been busy.

The Dude

That’s right, won’t……….

David Rodriguez

So how long till we arrest trump for dereliction of duty for having over 500 thousand Americans die on his watch ?


Did you get this from CNN? The Communist News Network?


Another msm puppet. Geesh.


What about the Orange One. Knew the virus was deadly and very contagious and 400,000 dead and takes no responsibility for it. They say mental illness is growing in this country and reading these comments it is widely abundant here. Trump will be goo goo by the time 2024 gets here. His dad had alzheimers and he will too!


You still think the virus is real. haha

Olga Held

It is possible for this evil bitch to be arrested, yes. And if and when that happens I will be the first one to celebrate! But if she will be arrested it won’t be like that ! What is written in this article is pure bull shit. Every detail makes no sense. But it would make a great scenario for the show like the one calked ” Homeland”. Q always said: don’t believe every thing on internet, use logic and do your own research. So I did research and I thought about it for several days, and it’s bull shit , unfortunately.

Connie Coleman

exactly, crazy libbers….no matter what proof, evidence….i wonder if ignorance is truly bliss.

Sheila Brumley

If you think this isn’t real .think again.Trump out to clean this God Forsaken Country up with God’s Help .
Many have already been arested.and stars ,government officials.many more .this will all be showen on TV when it’s over So far 250,000 indictments.ready to go.and all to Gitmo.

Bwa Ha

No, they haven’t. None of what you said is real. None of it is true. You’re being fed BS and you’re eating it up. Wake up.

Dr Lex Winter

These people are truly beyond the pale. I suspect they’re a bees dick away from being flat earthers. Especially the guy who writes all these more psychotic articles. I’d love to have a chat with him and ask him some basic questions about his claim on a YouTube Hangout or even on his own discord.

Terminally deplorable

I am rather reading a hopeful, well invented story than your dour $h!t.

Wayne Graefen

People all around the world believe the earth is flat.


Look at the body doubles for Pelosi and Tom Cruise to name just two.


Oprah, Ellen, Trudeau to name a few, are wearing ankle bracelets for house arrest. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

Dennis Snyder

But….Maybe it is true. Remember the Liberal News media that most people tune in to, had either not covered news, lied or modified it so far that the truth is lost to those who watch or subscribe. But…What if it is true?

God wins

Wow u are brain washed my friend it’s not your fault we all were, and we need to save ourselves they work for us, not other way around they are getting exposed and if u are truly awake it’s very obvious, we all need to come together and get rid of them the treasonous occult, this is good against evil and God wins ???

Rabbi Yahannan Goldberg-Levi

The God of the Bible? Maybe you should read the whole book. God is in control of what? Endless wars…26,000 children starve to death everyday on this planet….800,000 children go missing every year just in the USA….World leaders stealing all the money while 1/3 starve and go to bed hungry? In the Bible YHVH has 2,476,633 kills NOT including the Flood or Sodom and Gomorrah. Satan? ONLY 10 when God made a bet with Satan over Job. Do what I did. LEARN HEBREW….then Study the Bible 3-6-12 hours a day everyday for 7 years straight- Then spend 22,000 hours retranslating the HORRIBLE English CORRECTLY Starting with the 4th word of GENESIS….GOD…….That word is ELOHIM and correctly translates to LOFTY ONES and occurs 2536 times in the OT.


You do not possess the ability to think critically.


Do you just go to random websites just to make fun of people? I pity you and I hope your life gets better.


I heard Guantánamo Bay is full


There are places 5 times larger off the coast of Africa. It could House 400+ inmates.


Trump has made room for a lot more beds at Gitmo. There are images online to prove it. Trump all the way!


No HC is in with Big Mike, she can now get it both ways


Antarctica or moon base still has room.


I can’t believe that someone would tell me there is no Cabal & no child abuse in this world. I have all the evidence all they have to do is look up my name at Parler
Joseph Quesnel and follow me! Have photos of them all!



James Truman

Left wing, fake news believing idiot …Hilay and the ENTIRE DEMOCRAP TERRORIST PARTY SHOULD BE ARESSTED, And Trump never abused a child or had sex with a used up porn star, TRUMP IS THE BEST PRESIDENT THIS COUNTRY EVER HAD AND WILL BE AGAIN ….biden and his bitch along with the Entire democrap part RIGGED AND STOLE THIS ELECTION, NO LOW THEY WON’T GO…! TRUMP 2024 LANDSLIDE !!!


As much as I want Trump to win he won’t until Republicans stand up to the broken voting system.

Charles Bryant

All this talk about Trump 2024 is a smoke screen. That would be too late to save the country. Besides, the election would be rigged against him anyway. No, he will be back in charge real soon.

God wins

Trump won by a landslide, not his fault court’s won’t hear evidence but military has all the evidence and they protect constitution and I believe that we’re going back to 1776 republic , 1871 globalists made DC a foreign, the crown and Vatican owns, that’s why trump moved fed into treasury, it’s not about Republican or Democrat, it’s about right and wrong think about the changes over the past, no more pled of allegiance in school, pushing transgender shit confusing kids, and now letting guys beat the shit out of girls wow ,lock downs people can’t go to church, they moved slowly in the past and we didn’t pay attention we took freedom for granted and now trying to jam there agenda down or throat, they are the occult and used are $ to fund their under ground operations sick fucks , Democrats are trying to divide us covid was all planned out by globalists occult to steal election and the world basically the 4th riech,


You’re dangerously delusional. Are you taking your meds?


He is STILL your president 😉


Yep he sure is. We have 2 Presidents currently. Trump never Conceded! He will be back sometime in June.


People that laugh at this and say is not true are the real mentality ill because that shows they support this corrupt government and all their crimes. You should be questioning and starting to do some research instead

Dr Lex Winter

Someone who calls out a blatant lie does not instantly then support everyone you disagree with. They’re just pointing out this is a lie, and that the author–like yourself–are mentally ill and need psychiatric help because they’re so utterly detached from reality they are attacking their own allies because they won’t agree with you on this fantasy. You guys are literally the drag queen story hour of the right. If we won’t play along with your mental illness you’ll decry us as monsters.


no. it is the left who are decrying we are the monsters if we don’t go along with them. they will kill you. why do you think those in DC want to jail Q followers, write outrageous articles that are total lies about the movement, put idiots out there who say they are Q and are not, but part of the psyop war we are currently in? january 6th was a set up by DC swamp to frame Q and Trump followers as a terrorist group. there is video proof if you would look. wake up. you may think those who follow Q posts are idiots, but those such as you are sitting ducks for the new world order. antifa will see to it you are loaded onto the trains.

M Williams

Um, no. I like to spread my research out. I take in a lot of news scattered across television, radio, and of course the good ol internet. Seal team taking Hillary out of her bedroom, seems crazy. Wearing two or more masks seems crazy. Biden most popular president ever can’t get two two likes to save his life, seems crazy. Nancy Pelosi closing government scared of March 4th qanons that never showed up, seems crazy. Look bro, look around! Everything seems crazy! If you expect any of us to walk away from research and tune in to CNN every night, You are absolutely brainwashed and bonkers. No, I will continue to take in all the fake or real information that I get from MSM, podcasts, news articles, and the good ol internet. I will continue to use my own logic, spirit of discernment, and memory. I hope this helps you somehow, but sadly it probably won’t. Your daily obsession with Trump supporters and q is probably distracting you from things that are more important in life, like your family, friends, and health. Be well dumb dumb!


Lex doesn’t know what individual research and critical thinking amounts to.

C Votaw

Anyone who listens to the main stream bias media is a ?!

Y’all ardum

Let’s see your research. Any time I ask someone spewing these lies for some kind of source, they say “look it up.” Well, I have looked it up and cannot find any real fact based information to corroborate your narrative. It’s just some random persons Facebook post that has you believing whatever they write. You are lazy and only read “news” that you want to believe and disregard everything else. It is important to get your information from all sources. Not just the sources you want to believe. This is how extremism starts.


So where do you research? Goog? Nope. They’re in cahoots with FB, Twitter, etc.
Try DuckDuckGo as the browser.
Go to Bit Chute. Look up Janet Ossebaard, the Fall of the Cabal.
That’s a start.

Last edited 1 year ago by MeMe

I have a Friend in the know….about our Government and what’s going on. A good one also to look up is:
Juan O Savin

Verdad Mcneil

You don’t have free speech under biden, pelosi, bush, schumer, schiff, and the rest of the republican.

Patricia A Nitz

Your in for a reality check. Btw… its coming soon. Q sent me.

Y’all ardum

It’s been “coming soon” for a long time now. All the dates Q mentioned came and went. Makes you wonder if you are just Qs sheep at this point.


Your confusing QAnon with the National Government Q Group Which is the NSA Private Police Force


anyone who believes Trump abused a child is absolutely a lunatic, mentally ill and a left wing troll. the cabal are the guilty ones. it is quite a shame you won’t seriously “research” and discover who is truly in charge of this world. maybe you need to witness their rituals, their eating of flesh, the children who are tortured and murdered for their adrenochrome…. the truth will come out, no matter how hard trolls and the left try to deflect, murder and lie to keep the world from knowing the truth.

Dean Vermite

You need immediate psychiatric help.

Kelley Stanley

Qanon? Haha! Get it right if you’re gonna talk about it. It’s Q or anons, not Qanon.

Sue Ellen

See you were posted. It is about free speech after all. Waiting to hear back from you.

Laura Cleland

Go to telegram and watch real movies about stealing children. Saving children is all I care about. Save the children. So you wake up.


OMGee what those poor children have endured. The brutalization is mind bending.

Julie B

Consider yourself proved wrong…. you are printed…
Now back to the issue at hand…

Always right

Wow… would be all.of the MSM because they all hate him… who’s is the real luntic here. Think smart because harder isn’t working for you.


You’re a delusional conspiracy theorist.

While unlikely that she got arrested, she definitely is guilty of treason and crimes against humanity.

Too bad cultists like you are so hellbent on pretending that they could never err that you fail to see reality objectively.

JudyAnn Miller

You’ve been posted…and only serve to prove that the extreme left is still in love with itself and their demogogery…only my opinion, but I find you and people like you mired in the mud you sling…


You sir or probably cisgender trans whatever you probably are are super retarded you don’t think that all this proof of all these fucking crimes are going to get punished you know you don’t think all these people are going to get punished they should probably punish you too cuz you’re on their side obviously you are stupid as they come


Dude you’re the one who is delusional. Look up FrazzleDrip. Go see who is hurting the children.


Good day troll. Welcome upstairs! Now go back downstairs, you have had enuf sunshine for one day.

Patri McGow

What Woman and Child has he abused?

What women and child is that? I’m not privy to that case. I know about the accusations in an old case against him that was thrown out but nun of a parent and child??

Mitzi Marlow

You are wrong in one area for sure as saying it is the right that is sensoring information. … We the people have to believe that we will see the good in the land of the living or else we will faint… so get off our channel troll!


yet, here YOU are. Go away you stupid troll!


You mean Cuomo’s allegations by MULTIPLE women??? Probably more to come cause usually the ones who come out are just the tip of the iceberg…Has the media gotten your attention with those stories, or are all those women mentally ill too??? HOW MANY BLUE PILLS HAVE YOU SWALLOWED? Now that I hopefully have your attention please hear me out and do some research for yourself. Remember 80% of the rumor mill is true when it comes to it inter office gossip. So we are not mentally ill, we prefer the term Woke. When you see what that demon Hillary has done, along with all the other satanists, you’ll be sick from the pain and you will mourn that you ever called us mentally ill. You’ll want our faith and strength and light. We’ll still love you and forgive you, for you simply do not know, because we are forgiven. We’ll even pray with, pray for, weep with and weep for you. If you need to see some facts, go look up the unbiased missing/unknown person filings in the United States for the last two years and dig further if you dare…numbers do not lie. You can find this on the FBIs website. Yes they are corrupt, but they are being fixed thru this Great Awakening,but this is accurate data compiled from state and local databases. You can see the filings and amount of filings resolved. The amount of filings resolved is a very small percentage, which is terribly sad. I encourage you to look up the data and do all the math yourself, be a critical thinker! The amount of missing/unknown persons in 2019 alone will make you sick. You can look up as many years as you’d like. Well, I mean, what’s available since this database isn’t more than 40 years old…The data is even neatly categorized by age/sex/race and other combos. Its data and facts, that do not lie. When the truth is revealed to you and you see how many children have gone missing and you wake up to the real problem in our world, you are going to fall to your knees before Christ. You will be so overwhelmed when you finally realize what these evil people have done to the innocent. I implore you to do your research first before calling us mentally ill. Think for yourself while you can!!! I hope to God that this reporting about Hilary is true. Our military are the best in the world! God bless the USA and God bless our military in this mission to reveal truth to our citizens and protect our God given liberties!

Last edited 1 year ago by ChemD

I could not like your reply more. The milk cartons. We didn’t pay attention. 800k children missing a year in the USA. Where did they all go???
GOD have mercy.


Better get a reality check!!
Obviously you must get your information from the Deep-State-Paid Media since you don’t know the truth about Q & Anon!! :). :).


I think they proved you wrong!!!!


Ok your choice


Whether or not you believe it is real, is not relevant. The fact remains that 80 million citizens certainly hope that it is real! Beware the ides of March.

The Dude

Was a good band.

Catherine Davis

I believe you are the RETARDED ONE!! I’ve wondered where Hillary Clinton has been…. think about it??? Haven’t heard or seen her for months…..?? She will get what’s comin to her. “Hillary Cunt Clinton”. DEATH


Qanon, is a MSM fabrication, they rolled two organizations into one to make them seem fake. It’s just Q and just anon, Qanon not a thing, fake news!


Have you proven to yourself that you are not brainwashed? Have you actually looked at any of the Q stuff? Deeper than the cnn surface? Because if you have looked at it as deep as we have then you would know for sure…

Nancy Danner

The right’s censorship?!! Are you kidding me?!! The conservatives on the right are being censored everywhere, getting banned from Twitter, Youtube and everywhere else just for being conservatives!I’m banned from Twitter for good just for stating true facts about people, nothing threatening or abusive. The fake president Joe Biden is doing nothing about it as we turn into a third world country.

David Forrest

First part I agree the Trump part well you’re just another dim dem dumb assed fuck


the douche who accused him of rape as a 13 yr old- shes been outed as a drug addict who admitted she lied. katy something was her name. i have the article in my bookmarks. You believe so much garbage and accuse others of believing garbage lolol

The Dude

Right On…….

David Rodriguez

I always wanted to believe that people can change , heal and cure mental illness but after reading these people’s comments, delusions , hopes I really don’t see much hope for these people . it’s sad they were probably decent nice people at one point .


So, is Michelle a woman?
Was Barack born in Hawaii?
No, to both.


No such thing as qanon. It’s either Q or the Anons. If you weren’t a shill, you’d know that.

Roger holmes

I suppose you think Biden is president too! he is not in the white house its closed he is at castle lock studios in hollywood do your research WAKE UP !


? You’re in for a huge disappointment. Circle back and let us know how it worked out for you.


Let me put it this way….We should all be praying that it is True because if it’s not we are all screwed! Hope it works out for all of us! Unless some of you are good with Socialism or worse!


you must be one of them,,,we will see


you speak as if you have absolute knowledge.
You don’t.




I think they already have NP. Look at the most recent pics and videos of her; that’s a body double. Definitely not the real NP. This is fantastic news! TY, LORD God!


Funny, I did just that last night. Not a wrinkle by the throat or neck. 80+ and no wrinkles? Yet, the face mask showed some. Not too clever on their part, lmao.

Dennis Snyder

There is going to be a long line if this is true. Nearly 50 Senate Dems, and probably 10 or 12 Rep. Senators too. Most of the House, Harris, Biden, Obama, and many who were involved in the charade of Russia Scandal.


Nap Pelosi and Schumer too.

The Dude



We all hope it is. Many will be arrested in Government from now to June till this is all over


Mr. Baxter is there actual evidence to prove that she has been arrested and taken away. From my sources she was taken away and executed last year. If so who was it they took away…?


Was it the short one at Fake inauguration or the the Devil herself?


Supposedly, the inauguration was the one biden went through when he and obummer were inaugurated. If you see the clips of the inauguration and the details before/after, you’ll notice that the shoes are different on the women’s feet, meaning that the computer enhancement was in effect. I also heard that she was taken away and executed last year, so is this article a fake to start waking the people up or was the info that she’s dead a fake?


Exactly! And did you notice Trump walking past the window during the fake inauguration (filmed at Castle Rock studios)?

Q Lives 4 Trump


Booboo bella

No!!! Where??? Post the link please!!!


she is alive and well

I wish this was true, but its not


I’m thinking the short one. I believe the real one is gone.


it never gave a date just Tuesday night at 2 that could be any Tuesday


Michael, would this be her 2nd arrest? I thought she was arrested in 2016 after the 9/11 ceremony? While MSM passed that off as heatstroke, one could see her hands behind her back.


I believe she was arrested in 2016 after the 9/11 ceremony but that she was released (but being monitored 24/7) so that she could play her part.


slow the video footage down…she was NOT cuffed.
she was not arrested, she was stroking or something and trying to hold the pillar behind her. but in slow motion you can see her arm come out from her was not cuffed

Tommy Wise

How do you respond that other sources have also claimed that Chelsey Clinton was also arrested and taken from her home as part of the operation?

Ian Gardiner

Isn’t simon Parke’s is it?that dude claims the same,but also says he fathered an alien and that the popes dead

Mary Lonski

If this is True, It is Phenomenial!…So, why hasn’t any, even ONE, MSM in the World announced this?


Their pay gets docked if they tell the truth>


the less this arrests are announced —ALL THE BETTER—- LESS RETALIATION LESS RIOTS—– BUT JUST KNOW— that all arrests are rolling and have been for awhile– God is on the ball !! God is not finished he is going to remove the corruptions! The Spirit if God said will not let the evil cont to destroy the USA–Psalms 94 verse23 He will repay them for their sins and DESTROY THEM for their wickedness; The Lord our Holy God will DESTROY THEM!!! HOLY GOD IS DRAINING THE SWAMP!
GOD IS COMPASSIONATE AND HAS GIVEN THEM A CHANCE TO REPENT== THOSE THAT REPENT WILL BE SAVED Not only Hell-ery was swampy– there is many homes that are also swampy and one must make sure ONE clean ONE’S back yards before one starts pointing fingers– THAT GOES FOR ME TOO!!!as for me and my home we serve the Holy God

Patricia Owens

It will be announced in good time,and it says in the url @ the time of this 2021/03

Michelle Pierce

Don’t need ot pubicized especially if they are sneak attacking.

James Penney

LMAO…Are you serious???


If this is accurate, and I hope it is, I don’t believe MSM would want this to be known around the USA, let alone the globe. They’d keep it quiet for as long as possible.

Teresa C

Because the MSM is owned by the Deep State.

Leonard Clark

It’s about to.e she answers for her evil crimes


That might explain the antifa call to arms for the night of March 6th.


Pelosi shouldbe joining her soon in my opinion.


and many others—The holy God has spoken, he is draining the swamp– watch Gods hand at work!!! NEVER MIND WHAT THE DEMO IS DOING! NO WORRIES!!!THE HOLY GOD HAS SAID HE IS GOING RETURN EVERYTHING THE DEVIL HAS STOLEN FROM US!!! YEA!


Don’t drink that Kool Aid!!!!!!! Take off the white sneakers!!!!



Pelosi showed up with her handler at inauguration and there was video that came out a few days ago of Pelosi with US Marshalls. One of the US Marshalls was the same in both videos, she has been in custody for a while.

Ian Bone

I really hope that this is correct. I actually thought HRC had been taken care of in 2017 and we were seeing her double. I truly hope this marks the beginning of many indictments being served!! Wwg1wga!!


Scott McKay said he heard she died of kuru. Kuru is a terminal degenerative neurological disease people get from engaging in cannibalism…specifically from consumption of human brain tissue.


How do we know this is not more Q-anon BS “Sit around on your thumbs waiting for Trump to arrest traitors while we are actually consolidating our power” nonsense? This channel publishes a lot of stories that are just too fantastic.

I’m of two minds about this. On one hand, in my personal work experience, I have been wondering if our Navy was run by the Chinese or the Russians since at least 2007, and now I’m supposed to believe the top USN and USMC leadership is willing to go “rogue” and technically commit treason to remain loyal to Trump?

OTOH, I am of the same mind as the head of Oathkeepers that if Trump did nothing as POTUS in response to this bio-warfare attack and cyberattack on our country, and a coup orchestrated by nations and by traitors within, and is truly just walking away and letting the coup stand, then he is derelict in his duty as Commander in Chief.

If this story is true, then the Navy and the Marines and the SEALS are doing this because there is something much bigger going on behind the scenes.

When are WE THE PEOPLE going to see proof of these arrests? I don’t expect MSM to report it until they’re choking on it, but right now it just all sounds like tabloid BS.

Benny Dover

my feelings exactly

James Penney

I feel exactly as you do. I have to hope this is real and I’m going to give it until end of July . If nothing happens by then, I will curse Donald Trump. And will consider him a traitor to his oath as well

Charles Bryant

It is reasonable to believe that this news would be suppressed in order to prevent the leftist riots that would ensue. But I’m still keeping my fingers crossed!


Q posts give history & context to the US & world government & history from 1920 on to 2020. It also a pyschop to scare the enemy and that worked too well as more than the enemy were confused. Most never got the message “sit & do nothing” just the opposite. Speaking up & becoming involved was encouraged for the capable but some folks are more comfortable complaining in lifes difficult situations.

Hugh Jorgan

Yeah, an occasional proof of progress would be incredibly polite.


There is no such thing as “QAnon”.

Why are you parroting MSM conspiracy theories?


I don’t follow them. But I have to really wonder about anything that the MSM seems absolutely DESPERATE to discredit…


Nice Logic. Yes anything MSM omitts or calls conspiracy or censors, is LIKELY the truth. Q is true, Q by itself……..not Annon, not QAnnon, not Anonymous , those are people interpreting…but Q by itself is true.. it never called dates and things like this. Its an operation, not a person. Its a normal thing like the military often used in the past……not anything so weird as they make it. Doesn’t make predictions but those are controls , like forced responses. Very complex…super intelligent. Last drop from Q was Dec. 8 which was a video of “Were Not Gonna Take It”. Drop before that was one word, “Durham”


I really really hope this is true! That would be fantastic news!!!


Jeffery Domer never got sick.

Carol moore

Well he was a lot younger and killery has been at it for decades.

Last edited 1 year ago by Carol moore
Elizabeth Schneider

Scott McKay is a disinformation agent!!


Prove it.


When did Scott say this? A couple months ago he said she was taken to a prison in Iceland and hanged


I heard someone say that too, don’t remember now who it was but I did hear the same story. I’m not claiming one is true and one false, I’m just saying that is something I heard as well.

The Executioner

I love your stories, man.
It’s like a pleasant dream.

Linda Bivens

Okay-this seems suspicious. She has secret service detail & they weren’t there? can someone/anyone verify this somehow? why is everything so covert? what speech for what group was she rehearsing? in front of a vanity? –I truly want to believe this because she is guilty of so much but hey-I am going to look at her twitter feed to see what she has been posting too. I really don’t know what to believe anymore

Janet Johnson

I hear ya. I want to believe this but I need proof.


Nobody owes anyone else proof. Either you believe it or you do not. Those doing the arrests have more to worry about than proving something to someone who may or may not trust them. We lost some Special Forces to the cabal.

Julie Martin

Secret Service can’t save anyone from an arrest warrant.

john m socoby

i believe this to be true julie, the 2 agents where probably contacted and thats why they were not there if this all is true


I’ll put my money on a handful of SEALS over 100 Secret Service agents. No disrespect to the SS, but come in man…


–SWEETHEART,Linda where is your FAITH? everything that is happening it is biblical——if you wish—check this web site– catch up and get the grips on what is going on— OR FREDOM FORCE BATTALION OR Melissa Redpill the World QAnon.PUB


I look at a lot online….this one with Melissa is good! She explains the detail in the docs really well. Like this one, thanks for posting.


If you doubt this, what makes you believe any posting on Twitter actually came from her?


That’s assuming she’s the one who’s posting on her Twitter feed.

Terminally deplorable

This is just as credible as the cameras not working in around the cell of Jeff Epstein when he was killed


He was not killed! He is alive and kicking. He has been helping the military in so much as telling them where the tunnels are. It was he who told them about the 200-miles of tunnels under the WH and capitol that they raided in order to save the children (and adults) in cages. One woman aged 65, had been there for 30 years!!!


It is believed that the youngest was 3 months old. I had heard of some being over 60. I also wonder if the bomb that had gone off on inauguration day was underground and that is why the arrests that day were delayed because they were afraid of the people in the cages being further harmed.

David L. Bernal

When detail security watching the property are offered bundles of untaxed cash then that detail will “walk away” under pain of death for not complying. Long and green? Then you must not be seen.

Marty Smith

You’re going to believe what Twitter says


If the Navy Seal is doing a special opts they won’t divulge it to the public until later. We don’t know all the military secrets and their opertations.

Jay Mcr

Sounds like something you’d read in a suspense novel lol. The air was thick with smog and the light cast a wicked shadow on the balcony above where a woman was practicing hard for a spot in the X Factor when suddenly….!

Jay Mcr

Feel free 🙂 Use it in your next update lol.


If these arrests are ongoing, why would they broadcast their plan? A good military doesn’t divulge their plans.

Linda Bivens

I just checked her twitter feed- 5 posts since Tuesday night—so-there’s that & yes I know that she has staff that can do it-but the tweets are as obnoxious as ever so I am thinking it is her sorry ass posting them.

Terminally deplorable

Hillary has probably a bunch of ghost writers for the obnoxious stuff. You cant be constantly mean all the time. Well, may be Hillary can.


Could be part of a “Q” psyop. All I know is, the movie is getting really good. When is the climax. Can’t wait for the epilogue.


Is Real Raw News similar to the Babylon Bee?


Here is a their website link

Gregory Gallagher

How do you explain sources that claim news such as The Examiner, American Spectator, NY Post, Fox News, The Federalist, et al. ?


Really, Randy. If you are using a fact checking service for anything at all, then you are def part of the problem. Get a life and do your own digging. Don’t believe the entirely leftist fact checking services. They are as corrupt as the government because they are an arm of the CIA.


I hope this story is ACCURATE.
The Clinton KILL LIST is over 150.
She needs to be sent to Guantanamo Bay.


She (and the rest of the evil cabal) need to be annihilated.


It is about time. Thanks for reporting!

Michael Mouse



Celia Wall

Can you confirm? Can’t find this anywhere else.


Is this FOR REAL!!!!? If so, THANK YOU MILITARY! MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL 1000s OF TIMES OVER. CONGRATULATIONS on taking out one of the biggest threats to our democracy. It’s been a long time coming. Tell me this will be on the news channels…ALL OF THEM!


I’m so happy???????????????


I’m getting really tired of hearing this “DEMOCRACY” crap.
“It’s a REPUBLIC,ma’am, if you can keep it.”


Couldn’t agree more!!


Marie, I doubt this will be on news channels for awhile, but that would be great to see. When everything’s in order again, then everyone and everything I believe will be exposed.

John Cozzarelli

I hope it’s true but I thought we were watching a clone or body double?


Yes we are. I thought she died the day she collapsed getting into that black suv. She was rushed to her daughters condo in NYC where they had adrenochrome set up for her. Then 10 minutes later a woman that resembled HRC came out perfectly fine, stating she was ok. She barely looked like HRC.


We are. The real HRC has already been “taken care of.” The actors we see now are for the story to be told to the public. We know HRC has had several clones and/or doubles. All of those had to be dealt with first so none would pop up after the White Hats started to relay the story to the masses.

Same goes for Biden, Pelosi, Pence, etc. Pelosi was probably the most recent arrest. All we’re seeing now are actors who are doubles or people wearing full head masks.

Has anyone seen Feinstein lately?


Optics are everything. I think it’s very possible that what they arrested was something else. I think it’s possible that the WITCH may have died shortly after being thrown in that van at the 9/11 memorial.

If it’s all true, they’ll both get to watch each other burn in hell and I like that image.

Son of Ethan Allen

Bout time


Gotta say, fun article, it be great to see that happen. But back to the real world…where Hillary is running free…


I pray you are wrong fellow Patriot???


Thank Goodness! Let’s get this country back on its feet

Gaia foley

Pictures please!


President Trump does his very best to fulfill his promises. Hillary, double, or clone. they have the lap tops which is all they need. Treason