John Brennan Sent to GITMO


Deep State operative and former CIA director John Brennan has a new home at the Guantanamo Bay detention center in Cuba, Real Raw News has learned.

A source familiar with Trump’s war on the Deep State and mission to invalidate a fraudulent presidential election told RRN that U.S. military assets loyal to Trump arrested Brennan on 25 March and flew him to GITMO for processing. He will be held as an enemy combatant while awaiting a military tribunal, our source said.

“I can’t speak to the logistics of the operation or where Brennan was nabbed, but Trump had gathered overwhelming information proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that Brennan had committed atrocities against the American people. And we’re talking about a lot more than his role in the whole Russian collusion scandal,” our source said.

While serving as Obama’s CIA director, Brennan orchestrated the assassination of five American patriots, all civilians, who were outspoken opponents of then-President Obama’s mass surveillance programs. Their names, and actions to earn a spot on Obama’s notorious enemies list, are contained in a sealed indictment and will be made public once Trump retakes the White House, our source said.

All five deaths were made to appear natural; they died of myocardial infarction, or heart attacks.

And there’s more.

In the last days of his presidency, Donald J. Trump came into possession of a CIA document authorizing a drone strike on a family of five who lived on a 40-acre homestead in the remote Colorado wilderness. Though much of the document was redacted, John Brennan’s signature was not. Our source could not confirm whether the operation took place, but the document’s existence was proof enough for Trump to indict Brennan on conspiracy to commit murder. The names of the family, which include children ages 6, 9, and 12, are listed on a sealed indictment.

“From what I know, Obama wanted the family, at least the husband and wife, dead because they belonged, allegedly, to a northwest militia movement that very critical of the administration. Why Trump didn’t discover this until the end of his term—I don’t know. But, man, was this the smoking gun he wanted on Brennan. Trump thinks there’s probably a whole lot more of these kind of documents buried deep in the CIA’s secret archives,” our source said.

In closing, our source said Trump is escalating his battle against Deep State agents who are eager to strip Americans of the rights and freedoms they hold dear, and that each person arrested will eventually appear before a military tribunal to answer for his—or her—crimes.

“Obama’s time is coming, too. It’s just a matter of time,” our source said.

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I love hearing the story ,THE US MILITARY ARE HONORING THEIR OATH TO GOD,something VERY few of them are doing,MILITARY AND EX-MILITARY will be standing in front of the LORD soon,AND MOST OF THEM WILL BE SENT TO HELL BECAUSE THEY LIED LIKE A RUG TO GOD,and their to stupid to understand why they were given an oath to make sure they were sent to hell if they lied and FAILED to stand up like the swore they would..




I think probably Breitbart and Scalia.


Any ideas as to the others??

Ian T.

Breitbart, Paul Walker, Roger Rodas, Michael Hastings, Scalia.


Today marks start of 10 days of darkness: 4.1-4.10 Maybe too much Hopium!!

Ten Days of Darkness was expected from Thurs. 1 April to Sat. 10 April:
A Red Alert would activate the Ten Days of Darkness using the new Star-link Communication system to take over all media outlets globally.
Under Global Martial Law there would be no plane or train travel for the ten days.
The Military would remove the Biden Administration.
We would celebrate a Trump Inauguration on or before 10 April.

Eric Delahanty

This Is getting tiresome Juan 07 said last Month April 1 Trump will be back in office now it’s July 4 then on to 2022 then 2024 sounds like more like the Babylon Bee


Can’t Wait! Can’t Wait! Can’t Wait!
But in Reality, there’s so much to do, so much work to be done to do it right. We’ve waited this long, what’s a little longer.
God Bless President Trump!!!
President Trump-Godspeed!!!

Terminally deplorable

Brennan looks like a caricature of the miserable Jew in the Nazi ‘Der Stuermer’ journal.


Wondering about the family that was electrocuted in their swimming pool last year..?

J. Ricks

If this is true, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving Deep Stater. BHO, are you reading this? Do you have a bugout bag packed and ready? Hope not.

Pamela W

I want so badly to believe this but please doublecheck your grammar. Its the little mistakes like beginning a sentence with “And” or “But” that sends a red flag in my mind. I love the article but credibility begins with proper writing. Not intended to insult you just expressing —-

Last edited 3 years ago by Pamela W

But, He’s a reporter getting a message out in a concise way, not an English professor.


May I weigh in? I like to think of “and” and “but” as unofficial subordinating conjunctions introducing a like-minded follow-on thought of secondary importance. Some fiction writers will bend rules thusly to reduce word burden and to keep sentences at or under 25 words. Beginning a sentence that way can send the reader on more quickly. Plus, this usage (above) occurred within a quotation which may have a written origin or an auditory one only. If Mr. Baxter heard it, then Mr. Baxter divides and punctuates it. If Mr. Baxter read it, then he merely replicates the text. My use of “Plus” (above) is another example of my concept of “unofficial subordinating conjunctions.” All writers should be sensitive to the readers’ experience, and compromises often suggest themselves.


There are zero grammatical rules that would preclude a writer from starting a sentence with “And” or “But”. In fact, the use of said conjunctions to begin sentences has been common place for thousands of years.

KayCee G

And there’s that “term” always used loosely “Christian” just because people identify with that term doesn’t mean anything. The true meaning of a Christian is one who literally follows Christ Jesus and His gospel, obeying scripture showing the fruits of one who is elect of Christ, knowing they are a slave (dulos) of God. Not everyone who says Lord Lord can be counted as one who loves, fears and holds the gospel with high regard throughout their lives. That term “Christian” has been used far too loosely and been generalized. Anyone who loves the Lord their God with their whole heart, soul and mind would never condone the extermination of anyone little own the Jewish people. Most true followers of Christ know that Israel and the Jewish people are chosen by God for a purpose and we watch that nation for Gods plans and purposes to unfold. Nevertheless we also know that that nation has come under judgement on multiple occasions for going the way of Baal (Isaiah 5&6). But here’s the take away and I hope folks will take this to heart, God has in times past allowed all nations to go their own way and each one it it’s time follows the same course as Israel has. And that comes with judgement. America is under Gods judgement and has been since the 60’s. It took Israel 70 years to see the full effect of Gods judgment as there are steps Yahweh has ordained spoken of in Romans 1. The USA has seen each of these become reality and the last is corrupt leaders, debased minds and finally overtaken by an enemy. And then God says in His word…. it’s too late for that nation, however He always holds out for Himself a remnant, those He saves who call out to Him for salvation. Ok got a little off track there but my point is, that term “Christian” stop using it as a generality.


He looks like a happy camper

Don Reed

Brennan always looks constipated. Maybe GITMO will scare the Schiff out of him !!!


Hi Michael so glad this is happening! I heard that the boat that is stuck in the canal is Hilary’s do you guys know anything about it? what does it contain?? kids??


i wonder if she’s the only woman at gitmo. women need privacy and toiletries.


Glad to see that MONSTER scooped up!! All these scooped up CRIMINALS can’t happen fast enough!! God speed!!

Don Reed

Hey Choctaw56, are you located in London,Ohio ??


I suspect the border crisis, etc., is a smoke screen as they try to make run… .


he will need a adrenochrome fix soon.


we keep hearing this kind of b.s. for the past 4 years, is this real?



according to david zublick..bho died long time ago..or you mr.baxter think about his doubles….


Fair enough ~ but as an ex-military patriot TRUMPER I like Greg am gettting tired of moving timelines and innuendos. Let’s get the Civil War started or we’ll all be hanging separately. No one is above the LAW but where is the JUSTICE, is Hitlery really @ Gitmo with Johnny and Billy Bob. Only somewhat proof is from Monkey Werx and his overwatch of planes flying to Gitmo.


I would be thrilled beyond words to see Obomanation in cuffs. Right along with everyone who faked his credentials to allow him to run.


Yes get them all!!


how do we know it’s really hillary at gitmo?


anal swab,


now thats funny


…administered orally.

Terminally deplorable

Say ‘Monica Lewinsky’ to her. If she gets agitated, its her.