Trump Authors Sealed Indictment on SCJ Amy Coney Barrett


On his last day in the White House, January 19, Donald J. Trump co-authored a flurry of sealed indictments, one of which charges Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett with high crimes and misdemeanors against America and its people, said a former USDOJ employee who helped Trump and then-acting AG Jeffrey Rosen research casework.

Our source said Trump spent days pondering whether to formally charge the 49-year-old mother of seven, but concluded that Barret’s betrayal to both him and the U.S Constitution could not go unpunished.

“Trump is a merciful man willing to accept almost anyone’s apology, but he couldn’t give her a free pass. Not after her ultimate betrayal,” our source said.

On September 26, Trump triumphantly announced his nomination of Amy Coney Barrett in a ceremony at the White House Rose Garden before an audience of top Washington officials, other dignitaries, and family members. Barrett was seen as the conservative poster girl who would bring parity to the Supreme Court and stop the liberal left from hijacking the 2020 presidential election. For weeks, Trump championed her, showing her off at every possible opportunity.

The Senate confirmed her to the Supreme Court on October 26, and two days later she stabbed Trump in the back. On October 28, the Supreme Court ruled on Republican Party of Pennsylvania v. Kathy Boockvar, Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, ruling in her favor. Boockvar wanted to extend the deadline for absentee ballots; the Republicans sought an injunction.

Barrett recused herself from the vote. It was her first opportunity to support the man who fought tooth-and-nail to get her appointed.

“Trump didn’t say anything publicly, but privately he was extremely disappointed. He spent days questioning his own judgement. Even though her vote wouldn’t have swayed the decision, she was expected to cast her vote for justice,” our source said.

On December 8, only days after Biden had stolen the election, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, a Trump ally, filed lawsuits against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, states that ran illegal and unconstitutional elections. Paxton petitioned the Supreme Court to invalidate illegal ballots, but the Court briskly rejected his motion. In a brief memo, the Supreme Court said “Texas invites this court to arbitrate states’ election process. That Faustian invitation must be firmly rejected.”

Amy Coney Barrett’s signature appeared on the memo.

“This was a sucker punch to Trump’s gut. His team presented incontrovertible evidence of election fraud. He then realized that Amy was a Deep State plant, and a clever one, a very clever one. Trump’s a guarded man, and she blew down his defenses, tricked him good. That’s when started thinking about putting out a sealed indictment on her,” our source said.

Trump and Rosen signed the indictment at 9:30 p.m. on January 19. The charges against Barrett include treason, conspiring with the enemy, and conduct unbecoming a Supreme Court justice. Trump is expected to unseal her indictment—along with many others—once he returns to power before the end of the year.

“Trump realizes the Supreme Court is corrupt to the core,” our source said. “That’s why he’s turned to the military, which is helping him to undo this fraudulent mess. When that happens there will be a reckoning as the traitors are lined up and sent to GITMO for their military tribunals.”

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If that is the case hang her just like the constitution says along with joe and Kampala they are traitors


The indictment is needed to prove a point, that SCOTUS is unable to act and has perceived the situation not to act as under dire distress if to act and there is a Fed Judge that will testify to that.. This is very important…

John Griffin

Am I myopic? Does anyone else fail to see the crime? It is not a crime for a judge to make a ruling that is not in favor of the president that appointed her. It is not a crime to be a stealth liberal pretending to be a conservative.

Was there corruption involved? Was ACB’s judgement influenced by money or some other type of promise? It’s certainly not indicated by the story. Instead, the story implies ACB committed a crime because she politically “stabbed Trump in the back”, as if she owes something to him. Her responsibility is not to Trump but to interpret the law based on the constitution. Nothing in this story indicates ACB broke any laws.

The entire premise of this story is ridiculous.

I have no doubt there is more going on than meets the eye, perhaps even death threats to ACB’s family. And if that is the case, I do not see Trump as such a monster who would punish a woman who is being threatened. I believe he would seek help for her and try to remedy the situation.

Mike paxton

Those on the SCOTUS that went against the Constitution need to be cast out. Those that corrupted them need to be put against the wall.


Couple of points:

First of all, reporting on news that has not been substantiated and does not come to pass, such as the Epstein-Kraken report does not help the credibility of a NEWS source and gives fodder for the Lame Stream Media to scream conspiracy theory.

Secondly, no one wants these reports to be true more than I, a former law enforcement officer who has been watching our constitution get trampled on and destroyed by liberal Judges and Prosecutors for many years.

These criminals have been working on this takeover of our country for years and if there is a concerted effort to investigate and bring them to justice, it will not be a quick and easy process. No leaks at least tells you it is an extremely professional investigation and not your Democratic DOJ.

It is truly a case of good vs. evil, nothing could be more obvious, So if you believe there is a Satan, then you must believe in God so keep praying, it couldn’t hurt.

As Trump would say ” What do you got to lose”

Betty Meyers

Never did trust Amy. Notre Dame is a liberal training ground.

joe blow

Soon, all will be given due process in the military tribunals. They don’t play games. Guilty and the punishment is death? That day or the next it’s carried out.

vicki schram

It’s wishful thinking. Nothing ever happens to the people in the swamp!


The “storm” is here!

Brad Thornton

ACB was covering for her father who is part of the Dominion voting machines scandal. She chose family over country and she will pay the price!

AZ Knight

We all knew OUR Government was corrupt, a bit.
The election of President Trump by We the People exposed that OUR Government is Absolutely Corrupt, down the last bureaucrat sitting in a cubicle.

That includes the politicians on both sides of the aisle. Remember, it was Turncoat Turtle, McConnell who recommended, organized, and pushed each of the SCOTUS and Lower Court Nominees.

President Trump’s mistake(s) were continually trusting the Untrustworthy. I don’t blame him tho.
Even President Trump had no way of knowing that ‘Everyone’ in DC was that Corrupt, including the Republicans.

As it stands, the Communists have Control of our Government/Country.
I still hope and pray this can be resolved/corrected.

In the meantime, I’ve increased my stockpiles of food and ammo. Laid out a basic plan for the family.
I figure if it gets to the ultimate worst case scenario, just gotta maintain for 1-3 months.
Americans, not necessarily democrats, are pretty resilient. After such a major incident, we have a history of returning to actual normalcy in a reasonably short time.


What about the 6 other SCJ’s that did the same thing? Why only Amy Coney Barrett?


There are plenty of known Conservative lawyers who would make outstanding Supreme Court Judges. I don’t know who Trump listened to on these nominations, but those people are traitors also.

Grace Bruno

Heritage Fdn. put a list together of so called conservative judges for President Trump to consider. Since Heritage has hired Michael Pence I don’t trust them either.


I think Roberts needs to go up first for Treason. He’s in deep and I think he has the whole group intimidated but honestly at this level intimidation shouldn’t be an issue


I just saw a video of Mike Lindell, and on the upper-left corner of the artwork behind him is a single eye with half a corona. Reminds me of grifter Charlie Ward’s white rabbit that was put on the lower-left corner of his artwork.

Why does Lindell have a prominent single eye on his artwork (of an eagle showing only one eye)?

Donna Christen

I even wrote a letter to Amy Barrett to urge her to help us instead she allowed the Dems and Biden to become president and destroyed our entire country, what a shame, I thought she was an honest Christian but her name is Judas Iscariot NOT
Amy the innocent.


The indictment of SCJ Amy Coney Barrett makes me so sad. What did the deep state have on her. She had so much potential. She really disappointed so many Americans.

Lorraine Holmes

There should also be indictments against Roberts, a pedophiles creep, Breyer, and the rest of the justices who were paid off by globalists. High Treason is the crime!

I can’t wait to see that backstabbing bitch Barret in GITMO for a military tribunnel. She is a disgusting POS phony RINO.

Hal Brown

Sure hope this is true. It was astounding how she turned her back on the Constitution and on Trump, when many thought she was a conservative constitution supporting justice, and treason charges are her due reward.

Vic Anderson

Teh $upine C0URTE$AN$ said, “Texas invites this court to arbitrate states’ election process. That Faustian invitation must be firmly rejected. WHY N0T Jest like they DID In Florida 2000, For REAL ! N0T In this 2020 Faustian FANTASY Pimp Roberts’ perped !


So is Trump really our guy why is he promoting the vaccine I have heard Doctors have written to him not to push it?…


..ONLY REASON WHY HE “PUSHED” IT to fully open country for business…he always said is individual decision…


I’d say it’s a huge “blind spot” of his. 🙁

Gary L Thompson

Could be…when prophets were trying to explain to multitudes trying to get the head around the notion that someone like Trump could be any divine choice for president, the prophets said the directive they got from on high was that Trump had a very rare quality–“He does not fear man”. And that has indeed proved to be the case throughout his term. However, what I’ve also heard is that while he may not fear man, Trump is a definite germaphobe–and judging from how he handled the coronavirus, that also seems to be proven out as well, unfortunately.


I honestly believe President Trump is “The Chosen One”. No, he is not God. He was chosen by God to bring this evil down. He has said over and over again, he would drain the swamp. From everything I have read from many sources and many credible people, these articles here are true. I’m not positive the dates are correct but the message is. This has been years in the making. President Trump knew the election would be stolen, in fact he let it happen. He had to in order to expose all the evil ones. He has said the military is the “only” way. This means he knew courts, judges and governors were corrupt even ones he endorsed or assigned. He set a lot of them up into their own trap. I’m sure some he thought he could trust obviously betrayed him but I doubt it took him by too much surprise. It blows my mind some of the evil that has been exposed. If it weren’t for President Trump, we would have just thought, oh yea government is corrupt, politicians are crooked and it would have continued to be business as usual. Once all is exposed, truth revealed to the masses, I believe 95% of DC will go down. Please continue to pray for President Trump, these innocent children, our military and all who are involved in bringing down this evil in our country. Don’t let your faith falter before the finish. God wins always. Don’t put a date or time frame on it. This is a spiritual war. We are fighting for our freedom and our country and must never give up, ever.


A lot of people in govt. have taken an oath to the Vatican that supersedes their loyalty to this country & that’s TREASON.


Indict her!!!!!!


Trump could not indict anyone. That has to be done by a prosecuting attorney- like a US Attorney or a district attorney.


Did you read the article? “AG Jeffrey Rosen”


Yes, I read the article. Trump cannot “sign” indictments, nor can he “unseal” them. He’s NOT the US Attorney, nor the Attorney General. The article is injecting Trump in to the process in order to attract attention to the article. That doesn’t detract from Trump. It detracts from the articles credibility.

Gary L Thompson

The cabinet doesn’t really exist in the Constitution (Senator Birch Bayh had to search throughout the constitution to find the phrase “the principal officers of the executive departments” for his 25th Amenment), it’s something that developed by custom when President Washington started meeting regularly with his Secretary of State, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of War, and his attorney general (who didn’t really have that title back then, he became that informally as the federal government’s lawyer even though the Department of Justice wasn’t created until the 1870s). Anyway, the presidency is what is really established in the constitution, the departments are only established through congressional legislation, and the executive branch is supposed to answer to the chief executive. If the Department of Justice ends up failing to fulfill the President’s directives, then why couldn’t its functions default back to the presidential office itself? Just like President Washington actually took the field as general to quash the Whiskey Rebellion, though no one followed his example since (although James Madison spent hours in the saddle keeping the government and nation together when the British burned Washington D.C., and President Lincoln was known to inspect a battlefield or two).


i never trusted her from the start.


me either…THOSE WEIRD E Y E S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she display through her hearing…

Last edited 3 years ago by sejmon

I didn’t either, especially when, during the confirmation hearings, she said something like, “I would never say anything that would offend people who are LGBT.”

I was like, “What????” ?

We have to face it, folks—Barrett appears to be a fraud!


I would have preferred to see someone who has been publicly obvious about their stance such as Pirro. We know where she stands. I’d never even heard of Berret before.


I think PDJT selected her (possibly Kavanaugh as well) to reveal the truth about her/them. I seriously doubt he was taken by surprise with the info on her. We must remember, he truly is a stable genius & an incredible chess master.


I would definitely like to believe that. 🙂


She (ACB) had a very slim body of work on her own, the Cuban judge Barbara Lagoa, has a long and storied history of defending our freedoms especially the 2A and has a large number of opinions she has written that show her conservative bona fides. Cony-Barret was a phony from the get-go, a privileged, high society princess that never had to work or get her hands dirty.

Betty Meyers

That’s probably why the left didn’t put up much of a fight to keep here off of the Supreme Court.


Same here. I’m also suspicious of Kavanaugh.
Jesse Czebotar was born into a high up illuminati family. She became a Christian as a child & came out of it. She states Barrett is part of the evil group & may even be the supposedly dead daughter of Joe Biden. We live in very strange times. God is revealing all that has been hidden from us for so long.

Gary L Thompson

What I heard recently was that Kavanaugh and Barrett don’t answer to Trump, but actually the Heritage Foundation. Apparently, Trump put Kavanagh and Barrett on his list of potential judges at their recommendation, but it now seems the Heritage people are now working for the other side.


adopting children from HAITI is a red flag for me.


I’ll ONLY believe any of this when I SEE it !!


I hear you. We’ve already had too many false flags and changed predictions. Someone show me some evidence already because I feel like I’m reading the tabloids to find hope. Right now the ufo dog baby stories are more believable.


You expect The Happening on a published schedule?




david it is time for you to return to-HUFF & PUFF and CNN…


There you go sejmon, refer people to an obvious source of lies. Really intelligent. I’m struggling to believe all this blind and unproven talk so you resort to insults. How liberal of you. Out of the mouth comes the abundance of the heart and you’re the one huffing and puffing because someone dares to dispute what you want to believe. The fruit you bear is troubling. You’re as wild and angry as a liberal only from the other side of the fence.

If you blindly follow man you will blindly be led to astray. God told us to test every spirit. So far this page is no more proven than the tabloids. Only his word is to be taken in faith. Not man. When I see fruits come to bear, then I’ll believe.


That’s the problem. Seeing is not necessarily believing, but believing is seeing. Think about it.


Jimbo, when it comes to the word of God, yes I agree. But here we are talking about unrproven theories from man. We are NOT to blindly follow man. We are to question. Test every spirit. We are in the end times and were warned there will be many false teachers and prophets. If you blindly follow man, you will be easily led right into a box car. I do not follow man. I am questioning stories with no fruit to bear witness to it’s words.


Right, david68_00—as the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true. . . . 😉

Anyway, as Christians, we can certainly be praying that God will bring justice and vengeance, and deliver us from this corrupt “regime.” He will do this in His own way and time.


Sam, it really troubles me that folks are so fast to cling to a story because it fits what they want to hear. Apparently the liberal sheep thing runs on both sides of the fence. We must be careful with what comes from man. Paul told us we will know them by their fruits. If we are not checking then we are blown by every wind of doctrine. I really do want to believe these stories. I would be thrilled to know Hildabeast really is in gitmo. I’d like to think Pence and scotus will answer for their betrayal. The problem is the swamp runs deeper than most realize and we are depending on corrupt agencies to prosecute the corrupt. Although they’ve started to bicker, they have not yet begun to eat their own. They are all tied together and trying to protect each other so the domino effect doesn’t hit them in the ass. Talk is cheap and I want to see something. I’ll believe when these stories start to bear fruit. I do not blindly believe anything ither than God’s word.


Who is to say Trump is even aware of this page? That excuse is a bit laughable. I don’t question to troll. I question because there is room for it. Trust me, I want to take all these posts as serious. I am beyond disgusted with the Luciferian culture that holds this country hostage. As for the “source”, it remains an undisclosed information leaker. I have to question information being leaked. Since when has Trump ever approved of leaks? Never! I find it troubling that someone in his confidence and supporting him is leaking privelaged info. Sorry, but I have to question that. It’s not how Trump works and no true patriot would be leaking and if found out Trump would be handling accordingly. There are extremists on both sides and clearly you are among them because you can’t stand that I have the nerve to think and question.

You’re like a right wing liberal. Mad because someone dares to question the views you cling to with a death grip. Mad because I choose to think for myself and ask questions. That’s not being very open minded. That’s liberal playbook tactics. Attack and demolish anyone who doesn’t 100% agree with your ideas.

I want to believe all that Michael is posting. I want it all to be true. I am considering the possibilities and am open. Heck, I’ve even asked him for his insights on the content of the letters at the Bush funeral. I never saw a reply, but asked and am still curious. As with many, I am wondering what he thinks. I want to hear his thoughts as well as those of others. More to ponder while we wait for things to unfold. I want to see these satanist criminals taken down. It’s just that there is room for question. And frankly, some of the articles seem a little bit too sensationalized. Without the proof on the table, it’s still theory. An undisclosed leaker source is not undisputable proof. Only God is to be taken in absolute faith. I follow him, not man who is imperfect and fully capable of error. I’m sorry you are so narrow minded you are unable to hear out other ideas and ponder them rather than just jump right in with anger and judgement. We should be able to discuss this like adults and give each other the courtesy if considering their views and thinking about their views with an open mind before lashing out. Extremists like yourself are what keeps this nation divided. You may find meeting people half way isn’t so bad if you give it a chance.


Thinking for myself and not blindly following a story because it fits what I want to hear makes me a troll? Until there is proof on the table, theory is only theory. And an undisclosed sourse is hardly proof. Even if he were disclosed, without proof, it’s just a claim. The so-called source is claimed to be a leaker of confidential info. Since when does Trump deal in leaking privelaged info? Never.

You know what? A source I can’t reveal who is close to you reported you cross dress on weekends. I can’t reveal who it is, but by your rules it has to be truth because I want to hear it. NO PROOF REQUIRED. Simply because it’s what I want to believe makes it fact. Sound familiar? You made the rules so deal with it little cross dresser.

If you keep following man with no proof of his claims, you will be first into the box car. You’re a right wing version of a libtard. You believe anything that fits your narrative and attack anyone who doesn’t share your opinion to the letter.

Last edited 3 years ago by david68_00

Yeah, there were and still are plenty of stories about Trump out there that are NOT TRUE.

Trump isn’t GOD. You pretend he is in control without one iota of proof.

When we say no proof, you tell us we aren’t LOL, Christian.

No sir you just have no proof for your hope and are angry that other Christians will not follow proven lies. Many of these people mentioned have been wrong over and over again.
So it is NOT REASONABLE to trust them and has NOTHING TO DO WITH GOD.


“ The author clearly states his source in every article and they are always from Trumps’ inner circle.”

I state that he’s wrong and my source is better as it’s me.


I like this claim that this source is a Trump circle leaker of privelaged info. Trump doesn’t leak and if he catches anyone doing it would cut them off at the knees. The idea of this source being a leaker is hard to believe. Anyone leaking privelaged info is clearly not someone to be trusted. And I have to watch these people lose their minds on me because I dare to ask questions about unproven and sensationalized stories. They slam liberals for blindly following narratives yet here they are doing the same. It’s just nuts. Angry extremists on both sides who attack anyone who doesn’t support their opinion to the letter. All I ask is show me something concrete to help me accept theory as fact and I get ambushed. There is just no peaceful discussion and debating anymore. It’s truly sad.

Betty Meyers

This is exactly what a group of people have been doing since the election: claiming to have secret sources and by doing so, raise false hopes and make money doing it. YT is full of these types

Betty Meyers

I saw a video where a Chinese man bragged that they had infiltrated the White House’s “highest inner circle.” Trump was surrounded by traitors.


Totally agree with your statement.

Brian Bell

Trump should never trust anyone! Trump needs to put people like the great judge Natalia I, judge Janine Shopiro, and Anna Von Riestz.


he llearned…to not trust even….jared kusner..husband of ivanka…


How will Trump return to power by the end of the year?


I am personnally amazed by the number of mentally sound people who keep saying he will return to power this year : Mike Lindell (he said very recently he would return to power by August 2021), Mike Flynn (“there is no doubt in my mind that President Trump will stay in power for the next 4 years” after January 6th. In February 2021, Doug Billings asking about a bet for the winner of the 2020 elections : “do I have to give the bottle to the one who bet for Biden ?” “No I would keep the bottle” replied Mike Flynn to this question), Simon Parks, Charlie Ward… Simon Parks wrote on his website that some crucial things are happening right now and the wait for the return to power of Donald Trump should not be too long. I don’t see how Donald Trump could return to power without a strong support from the US military at least. I wish so bad he return to power : it would be a so good occasion to get rid of this Covid masquarade. I am looking forward to this !

Last edited 3 years ago by Vincent

I’m so tired of all the false hopes. We heard Teump would be sworn in on jan 20. When it got close they said Biden had to be sworn in first and then the military would take over, hold a new election leading to Trump sworn in March 4th. Nothing happened. Now they say next month. Next month they’ll probably say May. So many theories and always another drop back and punt with no signs anothing is going to happen. Things are getting bad. The border alone should be enough to drive it to happen, yet nothing. Sorry to say it but I’m losing the faith. The Satanists are in control and nobody is taking action.


The real problem is the vaxx agenda. Is the awake crowd going to continue to take things lying down when they can’t receive delivery from grocery stores without a Certificate Of Vaxx ID?

Mark A Murray

if they do that then its time !!!!!

al root

It’s past time. If the legal battle benefited the Gov’t all evidence would be presented to the public, but when the truth benefits the public all we get is “Justice takes time.” In other words the people do not deserve truth nor justice. No one is going to do anything to save this country. Just more “Trust us we got this.”

Donna Christen

The covid19 is a biological weapon created in China and then the vaccine was created to bring jobs back but some of these vaccines are dangerous and kill people so here comes the deep state with Bill Gates and the CCP who want to depopulate the world so we can all live under their rules, in poverty and slavery. Trump needs to come back and he is planning to do so asap. He had too many obstacles but with God he will overcome all of them like he did in these 4 years of living hell. Justice will come, lies will be exposed that is the law of God and the law of nature.


I’m hoping ~


Trump cannot do this all by himself..As I said earlier God helps those who help themselves..action has to be taken by all those in favor of taking down communism that is taking away our freedoms..They built the wall around the Capitol to protect themselves because they know what they plan to do to American freedoms..They plan on America to become like Venezuela where they are eating out of Dumpsters..This is what the vaccine passport will accomplish..what the open border will accomplish..etc..


“When a piece of fruit is ripe, it falls down onto the ground” (when I write that I’am especially thinking about the pear trees). Steady and solid projects take time to get implemented. If Donald Trump wants to be sure that once in power he will not be attacked by his enemies and that those attacks will not be successful, I understand he is waiting some time to make things steady and impossible to undo, once he will be in power. Yes, we have heard he would be sworn on January 20th, that there would be a new Republic on March 4th and nothing (official) happened. Secretly, many things are moving forward. The fact we don’t see anything does not mean nothing happens : look at all the weird things that have been happening in the world since the beginning of the phony covid-19 ‘pandemic’. But yes, this situation cannot last too long. We cannot let Biden in power too long because this situation is very unfair. I believe Mike Flynn when he says “there is no doubt in my mind that President Trump will stay in power for the next 4 years”. Because he does not want to disclose the military plans to the enemies, he cannot say more but that’s already a lot. Let’s keep the faith. We have good reasons to keep it. If by the end of the year, Trump is not in power, then I agreee : it will mean Trump’s plans to go back to power have failed.

Last edited 3 years ago by Vincent

Good job! I agree and yes, there are lots of signs that things are going on behind the scenes. It is important that you continue to encourage people to have faith….and pray.

al root

Personnel experience in having faith in people has led me to adopt the mentality that faith is for fools. Only action gets things done.

Mike jones

Lay off the pipe, he’s not gonna be president, the amount of mental gymnastics you tards do deserves gold awards to avoid simple reality. Ffs this website is ran by 1 dude writing qanon fan fiction so you fucking idiots donate money ???


@Mike Jones…If you dislike this website and it’s author please find another news website to join and follow. Your disrespect and rudeness is unnecessary and unwanted.

Brent Murphy

Please shut up


I truly wish that, if you are going to disrespect people, you would at least learn to use proper spelling and syntax.


Open your eyes man. It is happening step by step. All is being revealed before he comes back. Evergreen stuck in the Suez Canal which leads to the Red Sea. The Red Sea is not symbolic to you? Are there humans in some of those containers? “Let my people go” was recently uttered by President Trump. The White Hats seem to have hacked the computers on the container ship. Let’s see where this leads. Instead of losing faith, your faith should be stronger than ever. This is extremely exciting knowing that God’s plan is working, maybe not as fast as you prefer. It is like a giant puzzle…good vs. evil. God wins. President Trump wins. The U.S.A. wins. Pray and have patience. And remember the old saying, “everything happens for a reason.” Oh, I just read that the Navy SEALS are in the vicinity of the Evergreen. I don’t know anything for sure, but just like with Michael’s articles, it is great to think that these things are true while we are waiting for the big day! God Bless Michael. God Bless the U.S.A. and you.

Gary L Thompson

From what I heard, there’s been a falling out between the Rockerfellers who put Biden in power, and the rest of the Deep Staters world-wide. Supposedly they realize now that Biden is simply not going to cut it, so they’re trying to intimidate the Rockerfellers by striking at the basis for their fortune and empire– oil. So they deliberately steered the ship in such a way before going aground (even in the name they chose for the ship) to essentially unsubtly give the finger to the Rockefellers, and did a multitude of other acts of sabotage against the oil industry the world over besides the Evergreen thing (supposedly they’re sending a message to the CCPP as well, to warn them not to partner with the Democrats in their war against the United States, because the manner in how they’re conducting the war is threatening the interests of the non-Rockefeller deep staters).

Last edited 3 years ago by Gary L Thompson
Betty Meyers

Check out, especially the section titled, “End Game.” Genocide!


if you losing are not christian…..this is a 57 making…


It has nothing to do with my faith in God. This is about faith in man and man’s theories. I have faith that God will protect his people from whatever comes. End times prophecy speaks of a nation facing judgement. Many believe the US is it. And let’s face it, it’s become a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

“If My people, who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” –  2 Chronicles 7:14

Sounds pretty conditional to me and right now this country isn’t stepping up to it’s end. God does not bless sin. If this country doesn’t turn from it’s wicked ways, it will not be pretty. Satanists run DC and Hollywood and half half the country blinded and following. I pray for this country to repent and find redemption, but we will see. My faith is not in man or any of the theories man is talking. My faith is in God to care for me. Tribulation is close. If the country faces wrath then I know God will protect his people through the storm. I am done looking to mam for answers and hope. My hope is in the one true source.

Donna Christen

David people are taking action do not give up, our future is at stake and our children will live in Communism and fear if we do not fight and pray that the truth will win. Please remember what Trump said:”Never give up.”


David, Donna, Vincent ~ U are all an inspiration. GOD is still on the THRONE and we need power above us~ We don’t see all the moving parts, and patience is a virtue. One quick proof of White hats winning is the promotion of Gen Flynn’s brother Ray. If Biden was really in charge with Deep State, wouldn’t have happened. Also, check out Benjamin Fulford’s site, which had much about Evergreen and cartel going down.


Seems that way, can’t believe EVIL WINS so easily, and there is no JUSTICE for TREASON, SEDITION, CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, EXTORTION, ESPIONAGE, RICO LAWS. If I did 1/10th of some of these heinous crimes or sold my country out, I’d be in a cargo container in International waters, getting water boarded ~


We just read and wait when we should be protesting in public that mask wearing for eternity according to a teacher (indoctrinating children to believe super heros wear masks to protect from spreading covid) and school board in Irving Texas. We should be protesting the OPEN BORDER TRAGEDY! We should be protesting a “Vaccine Passport” this is against HIPPA and our 4th amendment rights..We should be protesting The more than obvious ELECTION FRAUD…WE SHOULD BE PROTESTING THE COMMUNISTS TAKING AWAY OUR FREEDOMS NOW.. TODAY! but because we are conservatives we read and hope somone will do it for us as we work and take care of our families. We wait and pray and hope..and hope..and hope..WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR US TO BE MORE LIKE THE DEMOCRATIC CREEPS WHO DESTROY UNTIL THEY GET WHAT THEY WANT! GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES!
Lord help us please we cannot continue to do nothing!

Gary Robinson

You have to keep in mind this is global this isn’t just the USA . Things have been happening for over 4 years if you’re not seeing it you’re not paying attention

Donna Christen

Thank you Vincent I feel the same way my group and I pray for 2 hours each night for 4 months already and we won’t stop until Trump comes back to his
rightful position. We voted for him not for Biden and we need our votes to count. The election was fraudulent and the Supreme Court is worthless. Now we the people have to pray and take over this country. The constitution and the Declaration of Independence want us to have the voice not be censored and silenced with masks and threats. It is evil and totally unAmerican to continue one more day in this atmosphere of fear and cruelty against humanity.

Donna Christen

Trump has enough evidence and help to return to power NOW not wait until the end of the year so the Dems can destroy our economy, our lives and our virtues even more. Shame on all who are traitors. May the Lord protect His true children and may the truth shine brightly for all. God is revealing the truth, He is truth and those who love truth will fight for Trump and for our country.


When one is at this level of responsibility, he or she should be very careful to keep or defend things fair and right. If she knew about the electoral massive fraud and did not do anything to prevent it, even if she underwent some big pressure from the deep state, she is guilty and should not be allowed to be judge. The fact that she had big threats does not change her duty : when you accept a position like this, you must respect your commitment which has consequences on millions of Americans. So, too bad for her. She should not have accepted this position, if she did not respect her commitment to defend the US Constitution. Letting this go is just so unfair and not possible for a judge.


if she did there is a price to pay!


Well said. We agree completely with your assessment.


she knew ..whats happend on 11/04/2020…


I would do the same as Trump if I am in his position. I do not tolerate traitors.