Clinton Military Tribunal: Day 1


Update: Clinton Military Tribunal, Day 2

A military tribunal on Thursday morning convened at Guantanamo Bay to decide whether Hillary Rodham Clinton will be exonerated of charges including treason, conspiring with the enemy, destruction of government property, money laundering and conspiracy to commit murder, or if she will ultimately stand before a gallows or a firing squad.

Three U.S. military officers—two males and one female, serving as both judge and jury—listened for two hours as Vice Adm. John G. Hannink of the U.S. Navy’s Judge Advocate General’s Corps listed eighteen specific charges against Clinton and said he would supply compelling and incontrovertible evidence linking her to countless atrocities against the nation and its population.

The most egregious charges implicated Clinton in murder-for-hire plots against politicians and media entities who were critical of her methods and motives while serving as Secretary of State under Barack Hussein Obama.

Vice Adm. Hannink began the inquisition by linking Clinton to the 2016 murder of Seth Rich, a former employee of the Democratic National Committee around whom many conspiracy theories surfaced after an unknown assailant shot him twice in the back in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington, D.C. Hannink’s evidence seemed to prove many of those conspiracy theories were firmly grounded in reality.

He showed the tribunal a decrypted email sent by Clinton to her advisor and political strategist, Huma Abedin. The email had a brief and ominous allusion to Clinton’s goals: “Arranging a dinner for R.S., will know soon.”

Vice Adm. Hannink asserted the innocuous sounding message was an admission of guilt; R.S.—Rich’s initials reversed, and “arranging a dinner” meant Clinton had hired an assassin to take Rich out. The email was dated July 8, 2016, two days prior to Rich’s murder.

Moreover, Vice Adm. Hannink produced financial records showing that Clinton had withdrawn $150,000 from a Clinton Foundation bank account only days before Rich’s tragic demise.

“She’s as arrogant as she is sloppy. When you connect the dots, there is no other explanation—Clinton contracted a paid assassin to end this man. And for what? Because he might have been a whistleblower?” Vice Adm. Hannink argued.

Additionally, Clinton was charged with accessory to murder in the untimely demise of conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who on February 13, 2016 inexplicably suffocated in his bedroom at Cibolo Creek Ranch in Shafter, Texas. The county’s judge, Cinderela Guevara, pronounced Scalia dead of natural causes, but no autopsy was performed.

In an unexpected move, Vice Adm. Hannink produced a surprise witness, former Clinton staffer Jake Sullivan, her senior policy advisor during her 2016 bid for the presidency.  In exchange for immunity from prosecution, Sullivan recounted a meeting he had attended with Clinton and former campaign manager Roby Mook. Judge Antonin Scalia was the topic of conversation. Per Sullivan’s testimony, Mook told Clinton that Scalia’s “catalyzing conservative values” were a great threat to progressive liberalism.

“Roby Mook told Hilary it wouldn’t be a bad thing if Justice Scalia ‘went away,’ to which Hillary said she certainly wouldn’t mind if he did go away. She then asked Roby ‘can he go away?’ And Roby told her ‘yes, I think he can go away’,” Sullivan told the tribunal.

Vice Adm. Hannink contended the evidence, though circumstantial, was damning enough to incriminate Clinton, given her wanton disregard for human life.

At that point in the tribunal, Clinton, who had remained oddly silent through the proceedings, began trembling uncontrollably as if gripped by seizure. Shackled at the wrists, she fell from her chair and flopped around on the floor like a fish out of water.

Paramedics escorted her to GITMO’s medical ward, and Vice Adm. Hannink declared the tribunal in recess until 10:00 a.m. Monday.

Update: Clinton Military Tribunal, Day 2

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Draining the swamp.


ALL fake news is evil; it’s intended TO DECEIVE . To believe this, I need to see it as an Emergency Broadcast or corroborated by Gen Flynn/McInerney .

Not my fault I voted for Trump.

I really wish it would be televised, I’d pay to watch her swinging.

Gunny Mack

Hopefully this is real. I’ve been hoping this bitch dies from lead poisoning from a Firing Squad. Or toss her off the tallest structure in America, without a parachute.


So, how is she still posting on Twitter if this is real news?

Joenabel Peterson

Firing squad will do.

Tami baranowski

Oh! Shes as good as EXECUTED.:)

John Unruh

How does the reader (me) know that this is not just fiction?


Man has our Education system do a number on all these non common sense people. You will only what is true when the Govt aka Biden regime comes and knock s on your doors and take your children, wife and all your belonging, then you will remember what Hitler did.. by that timenits to late… You Bidenites think your immuned from what is coming for Conserative and Liberals?. Man think again.. if God doesnt stop this mess your fake President is doing then you will really know what Hell on earth really is.. Repent for the Lord our God is a God of many chances!!
God bless and may the Lord be with thee!!

Matt Dentino

After reading these comments SMH. Someone please explain to me how Trump, who wanted less government and wanted to put America and the people fist is a Nazi. Yet the democrats and Biden who want big government, gun bans, ammo bans, support cancel culture and censoring on social media platforms, complete disregard for the constitution. Yet some how the other guy was the Nazi. Liberalism truly is a mental health disorder and you people are proof of it.


I do not really understand these websites. I mean I can understand that these ridiculous goings on are a Trumpite’s fantasy, but does anybody actually believe them to be true? Or is it just a shared fiction that everybody pretends is true so they can wallow in it?

Joanne negri

I just want to know. Is this really true? Have they arrested this piece of human filth?

Sandy Koufax

I hope we see a new article about today’s proceedings.

Edgar Andrews

99 to go. Vince Foster next? Could be a lot of flopping around.

Olga Held

This would be great and well deserved IF it was true. But it’s BULL SHIT. Only this site ” reports” about kidnapping of Killary, Podesta and Abedin , conviniently with confidential sourse. No where else you’ll find anything about such events. Why? Why no photographs or any kind of proves? STOP BULL SHITTING AMERICAN PEOPLE, YOU SCUMBAGS!

jullyn Doyle



IF THIS IS HAPPENING IT MUST BE PLAYED FOR ALL TO SEE! PERIOD! This is extremely important for our Country!


OBAMA is the leading power behind ALL the demonrats in government,HE IS NOW,AND HAS BEEN SINCE HE GOT INTO POWER ,and IF he ever gets back into power again,the doors of the fema death camps will open and millions of americans will die in them…ALL THE FEDERAL AGENCYS ARE CRIMINALS,they should all be at GITMO,awaiting trial…

Fighter against Fascism

All these Trump monkeys who believe this story need serious mental help. They might as well be in a cult with Koresh.

Jay Mcr

Interesting how this article has more negative responses than any other article I have ever read on RRN.


Has anyone heard or seen HRC? I find it very hard that she would be so quite for this long or been seen out somewhere. Just a confirmation that she is locked up at Gitmo.


Will this ever make the MSM?

David R



Yea I’m wondering the same.

Hal Brown

Demons will do that to you, make you flop around, or scream

Last edited 3 years ago by Hal Brown



Testing, is this article about satan’s daughter correct?


I don’t know if this is true, but reading it gave me a woody, and I am a woman! 🙂


Wouldn’t it make things much easer to simply hook Hillary up to Fentanyl. She’d do anything for her next kick.

El Marquis

I hope they televise the beheadings of the traitors who stole the election. Hollywood has really let themselves go.


this is funny. such a fantasy world you all live in


I really hope this is true. Mentally, I give it about a 35% of being true. No one else has reported that she was arrested.


Do people actually believe this? The author should be executed for treason.


My comment was directed to Michael. Were you offended? Oh so sorry! Your Mama is calling you, it’s time for your meds!

Last edited 3 years ago by Wayne

To Mensa
It’s abundantly obvious that you don’t know what treason is and you can’t prove this website wrong no more than I can prove it’s right. However we all have the right to believe what we want and after over 60 years of in depth study of the socialist, I lean very heavily on believing most of the claims contained herein.


You’re a moron, but it sounds like you’re close to death, so that’s good.


Calling someone whom you have never met a moron proves you don’t know much about the subject of discussion in this article which is Hillary Clinton. Yes I am old in years but I am in better health than most people half my age, so you may have to deal with me for a lot longer than you know. As for the aforementioned BITCH, if you have an IQ above room temperature maybe you can read the definitions of “bitch” in a dictionary that hasn’t been revised to be politically correct and realize Hillary fits in perfectly.


The first untouchable to be held accountable. It does a heart good to know Justice for ALL still stands!

Sandy Koufax

I think the fact that Kamala Harris is not taking any action on the border crisis is a clear indicator that she is unable to communicate with Hillary It’s no coincidence that Kamala and Hillary had plastic surgery procedures at the same time last year. Clearly they planned to remove Biden from office so Kamala could appoint Hillary as Vice President so they could present themselves to the public as The Bobbsey Twins.


Kamala is not eligible for the Presidency. She is not a “natural born citizen” as the Constitution orders for President. (really then also not qualified for VP since VPs have to also be qualified for the Presidency for obvious reasons). This was same with Obama. Of course the MSM interfered with such questions, calling such questioners “tin foil hats”, etc. That’s why, when Trump questioned Obama re: his birth certificate he was spooked into quickly manufacturing that phony digital one where his “designer” failed to “flatten” the three layers of forms used and any photoshop beginning easily took it apart.


Since Biden is illegal, so is she. She can’t do anything.

Sandy Koufax

Democrats aren’t impressed by the Constitution.


Neither are the courts these days….why it’s in the hands of the military….sworn to uphold the Constitution… least those w/ Trump….not the bunch staged by Zero.

Sandy Koufax

Seems like the flopping around like a fish out of water was theatrics to shut down the hearing since Hillary is representing herself. Hillary will try to have herself declared medically unfit to stand trial because it’s quite obvious that she has some lingering brain issues from when she busted her head open in December 2012 and could not continue as Secretary of State. She was in the hospital for 6 months with blood clots on her brain. The various convulsions and seizures she had during her 2016 campaign are evidence of her mental unfitness and no doubt there are many more incidents that we don’t know about.



THANK YOU for this report! I am looking forward to hearing the rest of what happens and what the ultimate outcome is. The only hesitation I have about any of it is the composition of the “tribunal”, given what WrongWayCorrigan posted on the thread about the date of April 8 :

“(Gitmo military tribunals are governed by The Military Commissions Act of 2006 (not the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and not by the Justice Department). Quoting from it: “CHAPTER V. MILITARY COMMISSION COMPOSITION AND PERSONNEL; CONVENING MILITARY COMMISSION Rule 501. Composition and personnel of military commission (a) Composition of a military commission. (1) A non-capital military commission shall consist of a military judge and at least five members. (2) Subject to the provisions of subsection (3), a capital military commission shall consist of a military judge and at least twelve members.”

The NY Times chart says military tribunals have to have “Three to seven military officers appointed by the military. Seven members required for death penalty cases.” Having only 3 officers acting as judge and jury meets that requirement, but also indicates that the death penalty is not being sought.

The fact that so few officers are hearing her case also suggests that she is not considered anything but an opening into the much larger can of worms to be prosecuted as this entire process proceeds. I am not certain which would be the greater punishment for her — death or having to live out the rest of her natural life in a no-frills prison like GITMO or one of the FEMA camps.

Last edited 3 years ago by Watcher
Sandy Koufax

Hillary has been declared a non uniformed enemy combatant. A non uniformed enemy combatant can be summarily executed without a trial.


More than likely expecting her to rat on the rest….perhaps giving life sentence promise over execution??

Sandy Koufax

If Trump is going to allow anyone to be executed, it most certainly would be Hillary. Hillary is at the top of the food chain.

CW Nelson

Thanks for the Intel, Sir!
And thanks for clarifyingTMCA rules.
I can use them in my novels, especially my current work.


Michael Baxter! I don’t know who you are or your beliefs and your moral fiber. I would pray this is on the up and up, and your sources are telling the truth. Some people just want to be noticed and have the attention. The commie/socialist are real and need to be drained from humanity. DON’T GIVE FALSE HOPE!! If this is true I applaud you! No one wants Trump to step back in and lead the nation more than I.Trump has an unseen army waiting in the wings ready to do battle against evil. They are millions, locked and loaded.


Hey idiot, commies and socialists are opposite. That’s like saying Democrat/Republican. Can you get that through your pea brain?

CW Nelson

Mensa? That would require an IQ high enough to compile empirical data and evidence. Of which you have neither.
_ RogueOpsNovels


how r they opposite you pothead? both of them is marxism…


The education system has chalked up yet another failure.
Will you agree that the USSR was communist? Do you even know what it stood for?
Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics.


That’s because your reference doesn’t fit the self anointed “socialists” of today who ARE Commies through and through.


Yes indeed


We hope that the late Antonin Scalia will finally get justice for what has been done to him.But if this is true, then why have we seen her in public since her arrest? Was it pre-recorded? Faked? Doubles?


Fuck you, you lying asshole.


You should be ashamed of yourself. Insults are no argument at all ! Shame on you !


That’s true, but some of us are quite frustrated with what’s happening. And we’re being lied to on a daily basis, who can we believe or turn to when everyone is calling everyone else a liar, and we are being shown deep fakes or CGI people in interviews? Mensa has a point, where is the damn proof, and why is this stuff so hush hush that only this website publishes this news? When we finally find out who’s been lying to us, I feel sorry for those people.


You’re an ugly disruptive spirit. Be gone!


y is ur liberal ass here ? go back to buzzfeed !


Yes you are watching a movie with many clones.


Is this coming from an authoritative source?


Please make this sharable on GAB

David R

This is the dumbest post I’ve ever seen . How many of yalls family no longer talk to them lol . Biden 2024 baby !

God's Warrior

And yet here you are…still. Can’t stay away can you! Don’t let the door hit you on your lizard tail on your way out. I’ll pray for you that the Awakening that you will experience will be less traumatic for you. If you didn’t want to know these things are occurring perhaps you need to stick with your comic books and Playstation games.

Sandy Koufax

I think a previous article stated Hillary was representing herself in this matter. The flopping around like a fish out of water by Hillary was theatrics to prevent further incriminating evidence from being submitted. She’s going to keep this up as long as possible. The need to shackle her feet and waist to keep her still. I would think they will force her to be represented by a lawyer.


No, she does not have the right to be represented in a Military Tribunal. Rules are completely different in this case.


Please don’t feed the trolls. It just clutters up the thread.

joe blow

Some facts are circumstantial, but many other facts will see her hanging real soon.

Last edited 3 years ago by joe blow
Sandy Koufax

Hillary ended the proceedings prematurely with her flopping around. I’m sure there is much more that will be presented on Monday.


Like a fish out of water ?? dude you need to be a fiction writer

dennis richardson

Shoot the sherbet to her Herbert. Stick a fork into her She is done.


I flippen love your articles!
I dunno if they are real or not as I’m still researching the best I am “allowed” to, BUT from what I’ve gathered… BASED ON A TRUE STORY is a good description. 😉


Hi, Michael.
I do pray this is True.
But True or not, I appreciate that you are concise in your writing and don’t waste a lot of time making your points. I get really tired of, as you’ve said, YouTubers who make three hour live streams bloviating the same stuff over and over, most often without any evidence. Here I can get a two minute fix, and get on with my day. Thanks a lot.


I hope PRESIDENT BIDEN shuts this website down


BREAKING NEWS there is no President Biden!! There is Joey BagODoughnuts that wears a pin striped suit and plays a role assigned to him, the demented bastard doesn’t even know where the hell he is ?… It’s really quite sad for the old fool but those moving “uncle Bernie “ aka blue collar Joe around will soon be taken down too??

Israel Smith

Keep hoping

David R

nah let them have there fun im sure this site is a psy op or being used by the CIA FBI to keep track of the most disturbed and dangerous of the MAGA cult .


You could be amazed when you see that most of what is on this website is true…