Trump Charges Podesta, Abedin with Treason and Crimes Against Children


On Easter Sunday Donald J. Trump invoked the Insurrection and Patriot Acts to order the arrest of two of Hillary Clinton’s co-conspirators, John Podesta, her former campaign manager, and Huma Abedin, Clinton’s former political advisor and alleged lover.

A confidential source involved in Trump’s agenda to overthrow the Deep State and return America to the people provided RRN exclusive details on the shocking arrests.

At noon Sunday, Donald J. Trump contacted Gen. Richard D. Clarke, Commander of U.S. Special Operations Command, and asked that two Special Forces teams launch simultaneous incursions against Podesta, at his Friendship Village home in MD., and Abedin at her parents’ house near Lansing, MI.

“Trump obtained valid intelligence proving that they’d be at those locations. He picked Easter Sunday because, he felt, it was the best day to catch them in a lull.  Podesta was at home with his wife, and Abedin having Easter lunch at her parents. Why Huma, a Muslim, was celebrating Easter we don’t know. But Trump trusted the intel,” our source said.

At 2:00 p.m., one Special Forces Detachment surveilled the Abedin home in the Old Everett subdivision of Lansing. As the family inside the home enjoyed a cooked goose dinner, elements of the 3rd Special Forces Group stealthily approached the 5,000 sq. ft. villa and readied an assault.

“From what we know, part of the team took up sniper positions near the front door, while others breached the rear and hurled flashbang grenades into the house, stunning and deafening everyone inside. Abedin’s parents collapsed in fear, while Huma started grousing about how she was protected and they couldn’t do this to her. They shackled her. They told the parents to keep quiet or else they’d be next,” our source said.

Special Forces took Abedin to a secure holding facility in south Florida, our source added.

A parallel infiltration in Maryland surprised Podesta and his wife, Mary. Unlike the Abedins, the Podestas had hired private security to defend their estate, but Special Forces silently subdued two armed guards who were patrolling the perimeter of the Podestas’ mansion.

When Special Forces stormed the house, interrupting the Podestas’ meal, John Podesta reportedly dropped to his knees and began sobbing and quaking like an animal, crying out, “Oh, God, please no. This wasn’t supposed to happen. I didn’t mean to do it.”

“The cowardly criminal’s crimes finally caught up with him. He knew what was coming and broke down in tears. The Special Forces guys took him and his wife. Because apparently she is complicit in his crime, and she could’ve warned the others, the ones who are next. This is a major blow to the Deep State’s morale. Soon, their crimes will be laid bare,” our source said.

Specific charges against Abedin and Podesta are detailed on sealed indictments in Trump’s possession. Trump has charged both Podesta and Abedin with treason, not to mention crimes against countless children. Our source said the exact nature of those crimes will remain confidential until Abedin and Podesta stand before their respective military tribunals to answer for horrific charges so shocking, they could rip open the fabric of society.

“The military will decide their fate, as it will Hillary’s,” our source said.

Hillary Clinton’s military tribunal is scheduled for April 8, at GITMO.

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Doug Burgess

As they said in my time. Sticks and stones may break my bones. But Names will never hurt me. Stands strong even today! It’s that simple.

Kate Seaghdh

If this were true, why keep it a secret? According to this website the supposed leaders of this horrific conspiracy are in custody. For what reason would this not be made known to the public? Trump and the military are in charge! Why hide? Is this the worst coup in history, or perhaps just a fiction created as a grift?


these articles are not fake this is taking place.


could you reveal the source of this information? any report of this magnitude demands proof of assertion. the charges are just to great to just take at face value. the validity and credibility of this information is vital.


Wait…Trump’s not president so how did he do this?


If someone got this close to know so many details, as if they were both inside and outside during the raid, then why no pictures? Really?


I wish


I know that the media doesn’t want people to know the truth, of what is happening. Is this story something like a Babylon Bee story? I tried to share the story about Hillary being arrested and it was quickly shut down, by independent fact checkers. I don’t trust fact checkers and you haven’t seen or heard any from Hillary lately. You really haven’t heard a lot from several of the Democrat loud mouths lately. Something doesn’t seem exactly right, but there’s no evidence backing up Hillary going around in public.

I have seen that Trump is supposed to take over as president, on July 4th. But what evidence do we have, that the event is true? I know Trump has smiled and made some vague statements, that leads a person to think this is really happening. Yet, I haven’t seen anything that would back up whether or not these stories are true or false. We’ve been told several times, that something important would happen on certain dates; yet, nothing happens. It’s frustrating to be waiting for something to happen, to keep a civil war from starting by the Dems. They’re stealing our rights from us and destroying the Constitution daily. The GOP, for the most part, has turned its back on the country. When Bunker Joe just said that no Amendment in the Constitution is absolute; a war against the Communists in this country, may soon transpire.

Sharilyn Henry-Hartwell

I understand your frustration. We Patriots must have faith that God is answering the millions from here and around the world that are in prayer for America to be Saved from THIS TYRANNICAL COUP … in all forms…medical tyranny as well as political tyranny. BTW, Rev 18:23 … is so prophetic of where we are AT in these days of which we live. The last half of the verse…tells it all. Please substitute the word “sorceries” to its modern day word of Pharmakeia or Pharmaceuticals. God has told us in His Word…do not be deceived. Please do your research folks. We need all Patriots to not be caught up in the lies of the merchants selling us their “wares”.

Last edited 3 years ago by Sharilyn Henry-Hartwell

I do not see the world fall because America falls and even if it did fall they just reincarnate souls, import souls and build it all again. Intensive proof of previous civilizations. There’s issues people have with a secret underground population ruling the world for demonics, reptilians, and grey aliens, and all the tech beings with the spaceships, so many up to several hundred miles down….that’s what runs the surface earth. People don’t want to be ruled by these unknown pseudo gods, and they want to communicate with who is really in charge, and people want to know where they stand in the scheme of things, soul score, progress along the way, etc. Apparently who is really in charge has vampires carry on daily or perhaps there’s not a choice, secrets at all costs, and a different kind of legal system with different rules. I heard from Steven D Kelley on YT they use a special elite magna carta underground. Their stuff goes down like 888 miles and it involves royalty and reptilians, somehow it turns most of Hollywood MSM people or churns them out preplanned to be pretty dark and crazy compared to what the surface dwellers knew about. Something about if you keep the secret you get to be rich. The system isn’t crumbling because Trump didn’t get inaugurated or whatever. The entire thing is some kind of change the world rollout where people are supposed to be figuring out the lies from the truth and fakery in some cases and in other cases they are dying in massive numbers. The guys that work Blessed To Teach have military intel that said there’s only 3.5 billion people on earth already due to this massive burn out, crash out, lockdowns worldwide, buisness going out, fires, floods, freezes,weather disasters, financial reset thing or just one big take it all away to rebuild the world later thing. Blame it all on global warming but they caused the global warming?….Trump never stopped WHO & Fauci or the lockdowns or the fires like Paradise, CA an obvious act of war….all for unknown reasons but as the trouble all rages on it’s like the forces that rule this earth will end it and reincarnate everybody before they give up their secrets, names, locations, power over other’s, etc…Only Steven D Kelley has an inkling of a plan or idea and talks about it from the rule by secrecy…. it’s all the underground cities. Analysis: Aborable Q type rollout, is diversion to surface earth issues. Pit them against each other but, hide the underground. It’s for categories of people that are not seeking what’s really going on.

Man Of God

Is this real?


Sandy Koufax

Interesting that they took Podesta’s wife into custody, but not Abedin’s family since Abedin’s family could warn others the same as Podesta’s wife.


The same goes for Bill & Chelsea, they could easily inform other’s. And not for nothin’ they’re Both implicated in crimes too. So I’m not understanding why they weren’t picked up, & in the least, Bill.


I never trust anything not sourced however, I understand you don’t advertise every move to your enemy.
A few things to consider, Trump saying,” we caught them, we caught them all.”
Recently EVERGREEN being stopped, stuck, caught up. (also the f..ed in the a.. reference)
In a recent interview Gen.Flynn was asked “are we under the US corporation or the US Constitution?” His (very happy) reply, “Ill tell ya one thing, this is a Constitutional Republic.”
Construction of the wall to continue….
We’ll have to see what happens.


Staring at Hillary’s photo on the homepage, it occurs to me to reflect on our near miss when we could have had a murderer, cannibal, and traitor as President. My reflections in former years upon the danger of a possible President Aaron Burr now seem touchingly naïve.


I believe your info comes straight from Q as it ties into President Trump’s, “the best is yet to come.” Getting rid of all these traitors will be the Best, IMO!


Deport them to China or North Korea that would be a good place for em”

Ronald W. Weiss

Thrown them in with the Uighurs — then the libs might finally say something.


I’m waiting for Pelosi to disappear. Then things will get very interesting.

Sharilyn Henry-Hartwell

AGREE! Pelosi, O’s, Schumer, McConnell, and all the rest…YES YES YES!!!


And Obama’s too!!!


I’m glad Hillary has visitors…fellow criminals like herself to talk to and watch her get shot by the SQUAD!


Mr. Baxter. Could you comment on the assertion from Monkey Werx (a patriot as true and as sophisticated as yourself) that none of these 3 raids occurred. Cheers & MAGA

Terminally deplorable

You are obviously not budging. I admire your standing. Proof of the pudding coming soon. Either you will go down in flames or emerge as the greatest reporter of our times. I wish you the latter.


Sir, I am grateful for your articles detailing information I wholeheartedly believe its happening,given or taken one or another detail that won´t be addressed for operational reasons – BUT I must say MonkeyWerx is NOT A CONSPIRACIST or an youtuber or disinformation. He is an analist studying and comparing all the flights specially military flights from origin point to destination point, and we,common folks,looking for validation of information in every source we can find it, we compare your information with flight information and ship information available to corroborate the info and also to “prove”to others saying RRN is the only source reporting this, that aerial and maritime information suggest the article is correct, among many other details we can find here and there adding to this complex puzzle. I think you should see his tremendous work,since all of us share the same intent to deprogram ourselves from the propaganda and all of us try to get truthful news,articles and reports that can be validated by different sources that corroborate the information we try to disseminate while dealing with censor,supression,being expelled from social media,and all the trouble we are having to spread the truth and the facts to a brainwashed and blind society worldwide.

Chip Henry

Thank you for writing that. What I heard is that this is at least partially verified by flight data. That means a lot. Thanks!


Just a little FYI concerning analyzing military flights. Does Monkey Werks really think he has the ability to even KNOW about these flights let alone analyze them? Like the old hunter said about his dog. Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining! I really don’t know but if you do a time line of the schedule for the Inauguration on July 4th backwards and allowing just a few extra days to get the roundup done the natural day of the declaration of martial law is Monday May 31, Memorial Day.


This is what i was wondering. I do watch monkey werx but i have always thought to myself that surely military manoevres would be kept “off the radar”, no??? The raid in Frankfurt was validated by Sidney Powell. To find truth we have to seek it out. Many sources i read or watch have linked many dots from many things that tie these sources together and many that have absolutely nothing to do with one another.

I tend to look within and feel wether it resonates or not.


Last edited 3 years ago by Rubylightwarrior

Thanks Ruby
Although I have not revealed it many times, our Nation’s founding father, George Washington is my Great great uncle. His sister Anna’s husband was Lafayette Wright who was also an officer in the Continental Army. I’m proud to be a part of a long heritage of patriots.



God's Warrior

Interesting that you would choose not to believe a story such as this with everything that is occurring in real time around the world. It is no longer a conspiracy and when people begin to accept and awaken then our world can start to heal and we can continue as the true love and light beings that we are. We will overcome this evil. God is behind us.

Sharilyn Hartwell

Wow! Thank you for sharing your lineage. I am not 100% certain, but have been told I am descendant of Patrick Henry. One thing for certain, I am part of the Henry clan of Patriots through and through…I claim Patrick Henry and his “Give me Liberty or Give me Death” quote. I am a chip off the ‘ol blocks as they say.


I do not see the world fall because America falls and even if it dif fall they just reincarnate souls, import souls and build it all again. Intensive proof of previous civilizations. There’s issues people have with a secret underground population ruling the world for demonics, reptilians, and grey aliens, and all the tech beings with the spaceships, so many cities several hundred miles down….People don’t want to be ruled by the unknown, and they want to communicate with who is really in charge, and people want to know where they stand in the scheme of things, soul score, progress along the way, etc. Apparently who is really in charge has vampires carry on, secrets at all costs, and a different kind of legal system with different rules.

Diana Barahona

If any flights were kept off the radar, they could crash into other aircraft. Use your brain. Even the planes carrying the Pederast of the United States emits an “NA” signal.


Thank you sharing that Michael. This person who gave you this information: If the individual someone we probably would know? Do you think this person is truthful?

All the Best!


No. Neither Mr. Baxter, by name, nor this website, by name, was mentioned by Monkey Werx. In fact, his sitrep could have been prompted by another site and another patriot at present unknown to us. Mr. Baxter’s reply was perfectly plausible if one acknowledges the realities in which we find ourselves and which are reminiscent of the French Resistance listening to the BBC during wartime, seizing upon the merest scrap of information. If this hiccup elicits this much vitrol now, imagine the nature of our public discourse after Trump returns and we rebuild and reimagine our society from the ground up.


Another aspect of the information warfare is dissinformation. But another are Sh*t stirrers. Their attempt to pit us against one another.
Thinking about it… I do think i have never seen monkey speak ill of anyone nor mention iythers in his vids.

Last edited 3 years ago by Rubylightwarrior

Mr Baxter. I really apreciate your reporting. But… For the first time today. I am extremely dissapointed. Many people i watch are concidered conspiracy theorists. Including myself and yourself. I am so disappointed with your choice of words. Getting defensive over monkey werx. No disrespect but your writing is also considered as conspiracy theory by many. Many are doing their part to inform the public of what is going on from their own sources. Many of them having friends in the armed forces security agencies. Ex fbi, ex cia, surviving victimes and so on.

Your use of the derrogatory term Conspiracy Theory to another truther is dissapointing. Everything is a conspiracy until proven fact. Area 51. Big Brother in our tech. The horrendous things THEY put in our food through pig farms. Just to name a few. I have known of the evils of this world for 23 years. I was called that very thing. I wore that label.with pride. We are all small fishes swimming in a sea of lies and corruption. WE SHOULD NOT BE BITING AND FIGHTING EACHOTHER WHEN WE HAVE A MAMMOTH SIZED FOE THAT IS AGAINST ALLLLLLLL OF US.


Sorry to butt in but i just wanted to say something. We all have a certain sized bubbles around us. We also have our own personalities and characters. I have seen many turn on themselves and the movement and messages for amd of truth.

I apperciate that things are confusing and stressful but name calling like the radicals like to do is not what we should partake in. Your use of the word cult is extremely disappointing. Do you not know that maga supporters are also a cult (according to libs/dems/media). Starting to call one another the same insults gets us nowhere. Many have given up. Many are doubting themselves and those still in the fight for trurh.

The fact are this…. None of us actually know for sure what is happening. None us actually know for sure if all we read or are told is true. But when we step back and look at all the info and the bigger picture things begin to make sense and show that things are definately happening.

I am handicapped. I have plenty of time on my hands to research and seek information from all types of sources. Many have only their usual sources and thus have become somehwat disallusioned perhaps.

Lets not sink down to the same level as those throwing words around such as racist, faschists, cult and so on just to dilute to clout of these very important words.


Last edited 3 years ago by Rubylightwarrior

You’re mentally handicapped.


Very well said, and I agree.


Mr. Baxter, thank you for keeping us informed because it’s an incredible feat in this time. The way you add so much proof to the article in a nonchalant way is what truly convinced me. We are going to have haters but FAITH in the plan will pay off. People actually believe the Bible so…. same concept- FAITH!


So this is the truth?

Terminally deplorable

May be I put too much hope in it. But if they are flying with the transponder off, Monkey does not see them either. One inconsistency however. Hillary was allegedly flown to GITMO from Florida with a Sea Stallion Heli in one hour. One hour? Not a chance. They usually use little jets for the trip, not helis.

Oddly enough, Monkey Werx made the same comment about the same helo. My guess has been that Monkey uses both transponders and Radar for the reason that some of the flights he tracks have gone black. His “sitreps” are quite impressive. Even so, Mr. Baxter “rings true.” The news is dead and we have become our own editors of those dots we collect. Cheers & MAGA.


It’s “Flight Aware live flight tracking:” [from their website] “FlightAware receives data from air traffic control systems in over 45 countries, FlightAware’s network of ADS-B ground stations in 195 countries, Aireon global space-based ADS-B, and datalink (satellite/VHF)…” 


Monkey has himself spoken about those in control of what people can “tune into” as far as what is displayed re: flights, sometimes actually substitute different planes, like smaller models, that would completely throw the watchers off re: what is really flying in order to disguise it for security sake or otherwise. He’s also maintained that planes in which Biden should be flying in have been consistently marked as “NA” rather than AF1. Any plane that a President flies in is always designated as AF1. It does appear though that planes w/ Harris aboard have been designated as AF2.


True and sophisticated? Are you really so dumb that you can’t see he’s pulling your chain?


Monkey Wex was showing all these military planes busy flying all over as elevated operations recently. He’s famous for this I guess but his knowledge what the planes were doing was nothing. Clueless. Simon Parkes claims they raided 60 miles of tunnels under the vatican to take back stolen artifacts and gold and they were sent back to various countries where they came from so maybe the military was doing that. Which means for sure the military is very very busy in the skies for a long time since I first noticed about March 3rd, 2021. I thought it meant March 4th was really the Emergency Broadcast MSM takeover….Simon Parkes even said maybe today 4/07/21 would be Emergency Broadcast MSM takever but he’s changed the reason to the financial reset and the date to uncertain. So we expect something and see they military is busy and we see that the white house is looking practically haunted…..and the lockdown is ongoing and migrant kids without parents by the several thousand being housed in 3 military bases I heard of and they are going to put 1000 of them near me in at the Convention Center in Long Beach, CA….I guess the save the children movement might have caused this….It’s going to provide a ton of babysitting jobs? I can see they are so busy….but I would say the plan is for children to be taken care of and grown ups to get Covid or something…..Kind of should have expected it….The way of the world, the young have to be growing up or there won’t be a world anymore.

Diana Barahona

The only thing that the Monkey Werx team can assert is that satellites recorded particular military aircraft taking off and landing at certain times. That’s it. Where is your link to the video in which they claim that Clinton, Podesta and Abedin were not arrested by SOF?


Dang! Be still my heart!


Wow Michael! This article is impressive.

Just a quick question: Can Trump as President (or ex president) charge someone with treason and crimes against children? By what legal authority can he do that? I honestly don’t know which is why I am asking.

All the best.

Ronald W. W Weiss

Good question: I hope my answer is as good: If 1) the Military has evidence that Trump won the election and 2) that the election was stolen in whole or in part due to foreign cyber invasion, then Trump is President and the military would be bound to defend against the invasion.


That does sound highly plausible. I do wonder the validity in this news source. Believe me Ronald, I REALLY want this to be true but I do have some doubt mainly because we don’t know what is true or not true in the news anymore. I hope Michael understands my doubts are from a scepticism rather than any personal attacks, which I don’t like.

Ronald W. W Weiss

Jon: I hear you. My wife and I want it all to be true, but there are no named sources. So we read this stuff as entertainment. Not quite the Babylon Bee, but you get my drift. Michael IS a good writer and if it turns out even 60% legit we get to say we saw it first here. If not, it was all a good read. I love that he includes tons of small details. If he’s a fake, then he’s an entertaining one. No harm no foul.

Chip Henry

Yes, like you, I want it to be real. We don’t have a president on the White House. We have a stumbling imposter puppet. America needs Trump. Nobody else can get us through these hard times. Nothing feels real except that he’s in the outskirts putting things right, putting things together.


I agree. So what if these news articles are fake? It’s not like REAL fake news like you see on MSM!


I am skeptical.. very entertaining, but doesn’t sound like a serious article. I really hope it’s true, but I have my doubts.

Gregory D Honaker

it’s entirely true . MSM will be held accountable as well . it’s coming . This IS part of the Awakening ..


This would be under the Insurrection Act. The law was signed to give Trump the authority to arrest and punish those that were part of a conspiracy to overturn the election. The main part of the Act, stipulated of there being foreign interference; which there was plenty. Trump supposedly watched the cheating from the Eisenhower Building. The military operates an operation that watches internet activity and was the reason Trump was late for his victory celebration, election night. I’ve been waiting to see when Trump was going to use the information against the Deep State. Supposedly, Trump had to allow the traitors to expose themselves and has compiled evidence against them. We have seen Democrats being exposed for their collusion with China; yet nothing was done to the people. Maybe he wanted to have Democrats to show the country, how they have betrayed the American public. Cross your fingers we are about to see the opening of 234,000 or more sealed indictments.


Popcorn ? has been refilled this is getting interesting ?….. I pray it is all real!!!


i thought anybody can charge anybody with a crime.

Ronald W. Weiss

No, anybody can file a charge, but the prosecutor makes the decision on whether to actually charge the defendant, the extent of the charge or charges, and how vigorously to pursue it in court.


His eo on human rights


yes absolutely he is the head of the military

Diana Barahona

After the Sept. 11, 2001 false-flag attack, a state of emergency was declared and Trump renewed it. Under this, U.S. citizens could be declared enemy combatants. Bush approved of renditions and torture without any legal process and Obama extended this to U.S. citizens. I understand that Clinton has been charged with treason and stripped of her citizenship, so the military can certainly prosecute her. Since Podesta and Abedin are guilty of crimes against humanity, the military can take action against them under an executive order signed by President Trump.

David Carl

Glad people have woken up to false flags- from the Gulf of Tonkin and the fake attack on the Maddox which started Viet Nam conflict, the Kennedy Assasination explanation, 9/11 (how did the BBC predict the collapse of Tower 7 (Solomon bldg.) 30 minutes before it fell. (Video is still on you tube), Sandy Hook, Pulse, Vegas shooter, George Floyd, Ashli Babbit and most of all,, this Scamdemic. There are numerous others, as well. Many have been duped.