Deep State Dr. Fauci Mysteriously Earned $9,000,000 in 2020


Deep State Dr. Anthony Fauci had a lucrative 2020, netting $9,000,000 in “miscellaneous income,” according to an NIH insider who told RRN that Fauci bragged about his newfound wealth and said he had earned enough cash in 2020 to retire, buy a private plane and jet set around the world.

Fauci is hardly a pauper; his annual salary at the NIH is $417,000. He was the highest paid federal employee in 2019, with a salary greater than the president’s. Additionally, 2019 public records estimate his net worth at approximately $2,700,000, a hefty nest egg for a so-called public servant.

The question begs, how did his financial net worth triple in just one year?

He certainly earns a bit appearing on mainstream media and from speaking engagements but didn’t bloviate into a $9,000,000 windfall.

Our source, an underpaid NIH lab technician, said Fauci wouldn’t reveal specifics on how he—or anyone—could declare $9,000,000 in miscellaneous income, but proved he had by showing a certified copy of his 2020 tax returns.

“The Fauci you seen in public and the real Fauci are two different people. Fauci likes to get loaded, if you know what I mean. Weird for an old guy, but whatever. So, last month we’re at the Barking Dog, a bar in Bethesda, about eight of us and Fauci after work. He’s getting his drink on and pelting them back at a good clip. And, no, in case you’re wondering, none of us at the table were wearing masks, including Fauci. So, he’s had four, five or six and then starts bragging about all this money he’s making, and some of us call bullshit. And he pulls from his briefcase a copy of his tax records and a recent bank statement showing over ten million bucks in the account,” our source said.

He said he asked Fauci whether the money came from Covid-19 vaccination sales.

“He wouldn’t say yes and he wouldn’t say no, smirking the whole time. He admitted, though, he was going to make 10 times as much money in 2021,” our source said.

RRN confirmed the source’s identity and job, and contacted John McManus, co-owner of the Barking Dog. Mr. McManus said, “Dr. Fauci is a regular patron who enjoys his drinks.”

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The principle of natural law

No need scientific knowledge required, only common sense will enough to explain why wearing a mask is not helpful to prevent CCP-Covid-19.  Very simple, Whether you walk into a store, walk into a restaurant, walk into a hotel, or any public place, or look around your family members, relatives and friends, their hands kept touching and move the mask up and down.   Then they hand you the purchased goods, food, meals, receipts, cash, organize the hotel room for you, and so on.   All the people are not only gave each other their own germs, they are also gave each other the cross-infect.   
So, wearing a mask is nothing more than formalism???

Does Dr. Fauci made so much money from these masks??

Last edited 3 years ago by The principle of natural law
Diana Barahona

Masks increase the risk of bacterial pneumonia, which Fauci has known all along. They are disgusting. I didn’t hire the man who came to my house wearing a filthy mask and refused to take it off because he was afraid someone would report him.


Nothing suspicious about how
He earned it, this was a CCP payoff for his roll in creating the China Virus and spreading across the world!

Diana Barahona

Fauci spread fear, not a virus. 98% of the positive PCR tests–i.e. 98% of “cases” and deaths–were false positives. But yes, the global capitalists always take care of their own, until they murder them for stepping out of line.

Ron Reich

I love the writing style here! Reminds me of the letters section of girly magazines. PS I’m no fan of Fauxci’s. In fact, I blame him for the virus (he funded GOF in Wuhan) and all the deaths(he single handedly shot the first bullet at the antivirals to boost his mRNA patent.) He’s evil, period. At least this is labeled “rumor mill”!

Someone who’s fed up

He needs to be ripped apart price by price just like he is doing to all the family’s in America that lost someone due to the vaccine he needs to be tortured like he has tortured Americans with population control him and bill gates are the two sole people in blame for Covid 19 it didn’t even exist until those two conspired in a Chinese lab in wuhan and they thought wow we could become billionaires if we create a pandemic and then create a half as deadly vaccine and control the population around the world they are fucking scum they don’t deserve to live the lives that they live they should be stripped of all of their wealth and thrown in a jungle with nothing and let the animals get them n fuck I still think that’s too lenient

dennis richardson

Dr Anthony Stephen Fauci belongs in prison just long enough to prepare to quite lawfully by way of a Military Tribunal to end his life for TREASON and premeditated murder.

Diana Barahona

Treason, but not murder. Covid is no more deadly than other influenza viruses, and 98% of the positive PCR tests were false positives. But they knew that. However, he should be executed for trying to destroy the United States by creating a fake epidemic.

Sue Grantham

He was complicit in this farce and became a millionaire doing it. He’s a contributor to Wuhan and should be charged with crimes against humanity.


Treason is profitable according to Benedicct Arnold.


It’s sick watching how evil has taken over America and the world.


It is also sick watching American people willingly give up their Civil Liberties.. The Conservatives monopolized the Poles, but yet no stands up against the Demonic Swamp! So many have turned into Sheeple?


Patriots know the law & are lawful. They know where responsibility resides to restore the Constitution—the military of the USA; NOT anarchic citizens with weapons. Although, that will happen if military does not quickly restore our Republic. “Give us liberty or give us death.”

Diana Barahona

Poles are people from Poland.

Mark A Murray

hes a parasite !!!!!

Gertjan Zwiggelaar

Fauci is a jew. That is why he is such an evil, disgusting, lying little prick.

Tom Highway

Why is this scumbag still breathing. So many different site say he has been Cooperating with Trump and that he will be serving a life sentence.


Patriot sources have been explaining how the Satanists like to “shove it in our face,” but a guy carrying around his tax return so he can flash it during “happy hour” is pure “Michael Scott.”

joe blow

Need to substitute the word “earned”