Clinton Military Tribunal: Day 2 (Part 2)


Update: Clinton Military Tribunal: Day 3

Monday afternoon’s proceedings began with a solemn moment of silence to honor the four valiant Americans who tragically lost their lives in Benghazi.

Vice Adm. John G. Hannink stood leering down at a shackled Hillary Clinton, who noticeably averted her soulless eyes to avoid digital whiteboards that displayed photographs of Ambassador Chris Stephens, Information Officer Sean Smith, and CIA contractors and former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.

Their deaths, Vice Adm. Hannink told the three-officer tribunal, were preventable, but Clinton wanted to nurture amenable relations with Libya’s provisional government and the anti-American Islamic militant groups that rose to prominence after the killing of Muammar Gaddafi.

“Detainee Clinton was more interested in making friends with terrorists than she was protecting American lives. For many people it’s easy to forget what happened 7 years ago, but we cannot forget. We cannot forget that thanks to the detainee’s callous disregard for American lives, four Americans went home to their families in a wooden box draped with an American flag,” Vice Adm. Hannink told the tribunal.

He asked the two men and one woman on the tribunal to imagine, vicariously if they could, the terror Ambassador Stephens must have felt as he choked on black smoke and burned alive after Jihadists set fire to the American diplomatic compound. Or the exhaustion Woods and Doherty endured as they, propelled by sheer adrenaline, defended the CIA annex for 13 hours against swarms of encroaching members of Ansar al-Sharia.

“Clinton’s role no longer needs to be ascertained; it’s well-known. Yes, she has said she had no knowledge of the incursion until it was over, but that’s a provable lie. When personnel at the CIA annex saw the diplomatic compound, less than a mile away, ablaze, they immediately notified Deputy Secretary of State William Burns, Clinton’s #2 man, and he telephoned Clinton, asleep in her bed at 3:00 a.m., we can’t begrudge her that, and told her the CIA contractors, knowing the annex would be next to fall, wanted to defend. But Clinton refused, and here’s how we know this,” Vice Adm. Hannink said.

He played an audio recording of a telephone call that transpired that night. It was clearly Clinton’s witch’s cackle talking to Burns.

“State is under a massive attack. Arrow (the State Dept’s codeword for the CIA annex) wants to defend. They think they’ll be next,” Burns said.

“It’s 3:00 a.m., what do you want me to do about it?” Clinton said.

“Can we give Arrow the greenlight?”

After a long pause, Clinton said, “Absolutely not. The last fucking thing we need is to antagonize al-Sharia. If this explodes, it could fuck everything.”

At that point Vice Adm. Hannink paused the tape and dropped a bombshell. He asserted Clinton’s primary concern was protecting a clandestine government operation, that the diplomatic mission in Benghazi was used by the CIA as a cover to smuggle weapons to anti-Assad rebels in Syria. If the CIA’s presence in Benghazi became a matter of public record, the arms-smuggling operation would collapse and Libya’s provisional government would view unfavorably any American feet on Libyan soil.

Vice Adm. Hannink let the recording play.

“Arrow is to stand down, do you hear me? I don’t care what happens next. They are not to move, at all,” Clinton could be heard saying.

“What if Americans die,” Woods asked.

“What happens, happens. Brief me in the morning. I’m going back to bed,” Clinton said.

Vice Adm. Hannink killed the tape. “Do we need to hear more to determine her guilt in this matter? I don’t think so. The tape speaks for itself. The detainee sitting before you is directly responsible for the deaths of those four men, and must be held to account. She is complicit in their deaths and guilty of treason,” he said.

He asked the tribunal to digest what they had heard, and said proceedings would resume Tuesday afternoon.

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Thank you for the update Michael, but I do have a question for you that makes me question the validity of this story (although I do want it to be true):

If Hannink did say the Benghazi attack was 7 years ago in his statement (as you reported in your article) then he is off by 2 years. The attack happened in 2012, 9 years ago. Perhaps he made a misstatement but I doubt he would.

Again, I do want this to be true but statements like that make me question your article. Could you possibly elaborate why he would say that?

All the best!


Thank you for your response and the accuracy you maintain with your sources information. All the best.

Terminally deplorable



Michael, you are doing the world a great service. thank you. Perhaps the 2-year discrepancy is because these tribunals actually happened 2 years ago, and your source is giving you this information now so the story can be publicized and credible. Every government criminal reading these news stories now realizes that the possibility of being put to death is real.


I thought about that too. I have heard rumors about elites being executed but I’m not sure. If his source is accurate, then this would confirm some of those rumors. My skepticism is based in just not knowing, not a disregard for Mr. Baxter who I do think is trying to inform us of the real news.


Yes, as I commented in Mr. Baxter’s earlier reports of this Hillary trial, we also only heard of other alleged prior executions via other alternative “news” sources apparently after the verdict and its deed was accomplished. Perhaps then here also there could not be a risk of interference during the actual time of carrying out this verdict either. And those other “accomplishments” of justice had their own “surprising” ways of planned exposure (at least to the awakened)….at disguised funerals, one being w/ the arranged plantings of mysterious envelopes that showed other “players” that fact that indeed “we have it all”!!


HC has a live Podcast every Thursday ?? How’s that possible?


Her social media accounts are run by white hats. And so are many others. These people are no longer around. That includes most Hollywood A-listers.

Steven Foster

i hope so .. if even half of what has been reported about these sickos is true then they need to be exposed and dealt with accordingly … rope, lamp post, Noose … some assembly required


This is not the real HRC, she died a couple of years ago. There are various reports, Kuru in Greenland, hanging in Gitmo…. I think this is a body double and this information was from a trial a few years ago. Just trying to awaken the masses is what I hope is happening.


I believe there are many versions of HRC. The original died in 11/9, 2016 or even earlier because the Cabal routinely practices replacements of its members as they become a brand name.


I too have heard that HRC had a military tribunal about 2 years ago, was found guilty and hung in Greenland. She’s not the only one that I have heard about either.This may account for the 2 year discrepancy. God has won and it’s my understanding the only thing left to do is to slowly & cautiously announce who, when they committed crimes, what verdict was determined. The why-slowly is with caution to ensure the lightest mental impact on humanity. I was also told by a high ranking military officer from the Pentagon last year that Biden belongs in jail! I hope one day when this person retires we can sit down and I will be able to ask the questions I wanted to when that statement was made. I completely respect this person & their position so I only asked about their thoughts on Biden and when that was said my only comment was that I hoped one day we’d be able to spend some time on the many questions I obviously wanted answers to but knew I couldn’t get from them while they worked for our government. With this said hearing that, seeing the emotion in their face and feeling behind that one sentence has given me comfort many times since that day. That person knew where I stood because I was in DC for the 1st march & stayed at their home during my trip. To say the least I trust that person with the lives of my children. By knowing their position in their job & feeling that was the collective opinion of people they work with- not that coworkers opinions were disclosed but it was a feeling I had by how that was said makes me feel we are going to be okay. It also has given me confidence in believing what some of us understand to be true. We are watching a movie, this has been a plan in motion & the military is with Trump. I wish I knew how this was going to play out & I did share my thoughts with this person who only smiled & nodded but not once said I was right or wrong about what I was thinking. I knew they couldn’t tell me anything- the spouse doesn’t have a smart phone, social media or knew anything about the MAGA march until I mentioned it the day before I headed that direction! DC is kept in the dark from what I understand & it was explained to me because of their job they had to remain neutral. My thoughts later were they must’ve seen evidence of guilt to say Biden belongs in jail knowing they take their duty to heart and said they have to remain neutral! I’m a truth seeker with a knack for digging to the point of driving my family a little crazy & I had to brag when I got home because I didn’t ask 1K questions! I will say I also put together something else during my visit & not because they said anything but because I knew they were working on a Sat & what was in the news when I got home. I know our military in those positions take their oath serious- matter of fact I took 2 more trips to march shortly after my 1st & didn’t stay with them because I didn’t want to draw any unnecessary attention that may potentially cause anyone to question them because a southern tag with Trump clings is parked outside their home. I am pretty confident though if there was anything to worry about like our safety then that person would let me know I needed to prepare my family. This will be so crazy once it’s revealed I think the people who have had time to adjust will need to help those who haven’t by being understanding & kind even though we will want to shout from the rooftops with a megaphone “I told you so!”

Sandy Koufax

I think a 7 and a 9 could be easily transposed while taking notes. This nitpicking is a common tactic to discredit information for political reasons.

Jeannie J LeFrancois

How are we going to know if this is carried ou?

Kathleen Ann

Well then, I do trust that such a great patriot JAG Admiral John G. Hannink would not miscalculate 2012 as 7 years if the tribunal were currently held in 2021. As such I will accept the possibility that this tribunal was not held currently, but possibly (allowing for benefit of doubt) the fall of 2019.

Thank you for reporting these transcripts. It brings hope that our patriots are in control of our nation despite all the apparent insanity and egregious disrespect towards our constitution, due process and rule of law…

Last edited 2 years ago by Kathleen Ann

She is the most coldhearted person she’s Satan’s daughter

MaryPoff MP

HRC isn’t human! I’ve never known this kind of evil! She has more than a psychiatric disorder! She should have been locked up long ago! Can you imagine the life of her daughter? What has she done to her?

Veronica Cougar


C Ray

Will there be more?


Lenora Thompson doubts your credibility, Baxter. Where’s the proof/evidence? I’m tired of hearing false hopes. I’m waiting for the day when I’m proven 100% wrong and justice prevails. Until then, we’re still under communist tyranny. I’m sick of it.

Marla Cole

Even though we are learning things HRC did years ago just now it’s awesome that she has been held accountable thanks you for all you do sir… I like that we were given a clue 7 yrs ago we know it’s 9 but she has been gone for 2 at least

Marla Cole

When will you update her Tribunal for day 3?


I hope they film her execution so we can enjoy it over and over again

Joenabel Peterson

Thanks Michael Baxter for all the work that you do. They are greatly appreciated.

Sandy Koufax

I would assume Podesta and Abedin will testify against Hillary tomorrow.

Sue Grantham

You are an awesome badass!!!♥️♥️♥️


I hope this is real and not satire.

Peggy Owen

Glad to hear about the trial going against Hillary it’s about time


my late father, a Marine who served in WWII South Pacific, was livid when this happened. justice is finally being served. hope this gets known main stream.


When do we see video

Rick B

I tend to believe that this Tribunal is currently under way. In Nov. 2018 Podesta indictment was still sealed.

Ronald W. Weiss

I went to a small public HS in the early 70s. Class size was about 200, but two of my teachers were millionaires (back then that meant something). They taught because they wanted to. They would have done it for free.


If you need a source then this is not your ballgame to be in. This is not working that way. Find something else to do with your talents.


I came to read the article for my second time, since I was a little bit hurry in my first reading. This trial makes me wonder, what will happen next? Once this witch’s case is over, can we see this finally get to everybody? Not just the alternative media?

Sandy Koufax

That phone call is damning. I think Hillary should be convicted.


No Doubt in my mind this woman and her so called president husband are both deserving of death for treason for their Bullsh*t actions against us, the USA.


Michael has said he abbreviates highlights. i’m sure it would take books to record everything.



This military tribunal is a witchhunt, done only because a lunatic named Donald Trump sees imaginary enemies everywhere. Hillary must be freed immediately. #FreeHillary


I am beginning to think that “Biden2024” is really Chelsea because no one believes Hillary is innocent of any of these crimes.


Chelsea is not free either, she was under house arrest a few months ago. You do know she is not Bills biological daughter.


Some believe she is Webster Hubbell’s daughter

Last edited 3 years ago by John

She looks just like him & his legitimate daughter as well.


And there were the earlier reports of just how Hillary planned to get her partnership in that law firm! And also the reports that Webb was crazy about her. Now then, what about Vince Foster’s “loyalty”?

Interesting too how that damning phone call and her death sentence of the Benghazi victims came at 3:00 in the morning. The period for most diabolical activity is between 12:00 midnight and 3:00 in the morning….so many sacrifices occurring at that time.

Terminally deplorable

Hillary was working for the Rose law firm partnership, then. Being asked if she is a good lawyer someone from that firm said, she is bouncing the springs of the partnership limousine.

Last edited 3 years ago by Terminally deplorable
Sue Grantham

? just the mental visual.


Bill and Hillary only had sex one time and if you look at Chelsea you’ll understand why! Coyote ugly.


So a ‘Biden lover’ is ADMITTING she’s there…how apropos. Good job Biden2024!


You’re free to offer your legal services to her anytime.

Sue Grantham

I said in prior posts that there are some ignorant people who actually adore these monsters. Thanks for proving my point.
Don’t forget to tuck and roll when you fall off that high horse.

Sassy Soldier

Spoken like a true satanic pedophile!! Why would anyone defend Hilary? My guess is birds of a feather…

Veronica Cougar

How many children have you harmed? You really believe that Satan is going to help upload your consciousness into an AI body? Fool, you will be among the first to get eternally butt raped in hell. It’s not too late to repent. Jesus Saves.

Red Pill Lill

Thank you for the TRUTH! GOD BLESS RRN & MB…


Please Vice Adm. Hannink, NO PLEA deals. For the good of OUR Country, the traitor must hang! Thanks for the update, Mr. Baxter.


My understanding is that Trump previously authorized death by firing squad, so that may also be an option now. I don’t know what would be the worst punishment possible, but whatever it is, she deserves it, in my opinion.


do you remember when authorized firing squad….


I had just heard about it before, but in researching it now, it appears that the DOJ published a new rule in late November that expanded allowed federal methods of execution to those allowed in the STATE in which the sentence was imposed, but Cuba is not a state. That rule went into effect on December 24, 2020. I have no idea what methods of execution are allowed to be imposed by a military tribunal located in Cuba. I had always understood that death by hanging was allowed in cases of treason, and I have also seen guillotines mentioned somewhere as being put in place, but am really not well-informed on this subject. I’m learning along with everyone else who didn’t even think about these things until now.

Sue Grantham

Believe it was an Executive Order within a couple of months prior to the 2020 election.


Hanging just barely letting her feet touch the floor and every time she doesn’t tiptoe she hangs her self, no food or water and put a rattlesnake in a cage close enough that it can bite her

Terminally deplorable

DOJ’s GA Barr did that.

Last edited 3 years ago by Terminally deplorable
Steve Sanchez

She deserves death by the most painful process possible, give her blood transfusions to keep her alhve to prolkng the pain.

Sue Grantham

In Military tribunals, the detainee loses their rights and freedoms as citizens of America. Tribunal is for actions committed against the country and her citizens. Plea agreements are rare, unless they can provide information on others. Plea agreements usually just spare death penalty, however, the only result will be life in prison- military prison.

Diana Barahona

This reporting appears to be accurate on its face. It contains new information that could not possible be invented, and which is in complete agreement with what is already known. In my opinion, the imperialist war against Syria was the real crime, not the deaths of the four CIA employees who were helping start that war. But what matters is that the global capitalist class is taken down, no matter what the criminal charges are.

Veronica Cougar

Rot in hell, commie pinko scum. Your systems have killed FAR MORE innocent people than capitalism. Don’t you know that your beliefs are a Kazarian construct?


Just wondering why I can’t find a mention of this tribunal case on an official US military page. Perhaps someone here can do a better search than I:


I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall at Gitmo now!!


A perfect response to a stupid question! Keep up the great work.


you will hear that after all is clear up mean ..temporaly/short military rule ( i assume this time you will see military tribunals on tv…and after that VSG/ESG PDJT come back as true winner of 11/03/2020……

Sue Grantham

USA media blackout. Go to news overseas-UK is reporting on the United States everyday.

Don Reed

If all of Hilldog’s crimes are trotted out it may take Hannink a life time to present them all !!!


Michael, I forget which thread you reported it on, but it was alleged that there were 18 charges being brought against Hillary. I’m not sure how they are counted, but it seems that the particular items reported so far are demonstrative samples of the kinds of activity she engaged in, rather than encyclopedic. There has to be enough of them to assure conviction and the most severe penalty possible, but it isn’t necessary to go after her for everything possible to achieve that.

Simon Parkes has reported that his sources at “Q” tell him that the number of sealed indictments is over 440,000, but they were only planning on prosecuting the most important ones (around 192,000, with the probably cutoff point being 200,000). Given how long this one trial is taking, it’s hard to imagine that this cleanup could be completed within the sort of time needed for Trump to come back on July 4. That “sting” you referred to might be a large sweep and capture effort, but the trials themselves will need a very long time to complete and the detainees would have to be securely housed during that time. It’s hard to imagine how this will be carried out and also how much of it will be made public, but I suppose time will reveal answers to all of that.


And of course Q has dropped that the first arrest would shake the world…or something to that effect. So that should be a first “public” arrest then….perhaps Obama? Biden? (Soros?) Your guess is as good as mine.




Based entirely on my calculations the round up will begin when martial law is declared on a very appropriate day…Memorial Day.


Exactly!!! If she is not convicted on this crime, there are many, many others to choose from. Thank you Michael for all you are doing.

Terminally deplorable

Seth Ritch case on the list? Or the deleted emails?

Sue Grantham

What about the crimes against children/ human trafficking?
That, to me, is the ultimate crime against humanity and should be treated as such.


Not much of a defense can be presented after your first hanging.

Sue Grantham

??freaking hysterical. Made me spit coffee!


i hate her.


The Clinton body count gets longer and longer. Hardly an Amazon, you would think this dumpy, flat-chested wimp couldn’t shake the flies off her own rear end, but if that is what you thought you would miss the fact that a minor mass-murderer wanted admission to history’s top tier. Don’t feel stupid. 300 million of us missed it. MAGA

She (and many others) are beyond evil. What they have done to the children and many other soldiers is absolutely sickening…death is too good for her!


Micheal, I want to believe this is true A lot of us don’t know you, so how do we know you’re credible and not some troll messing with our heads?


Thank you sincerely for your answer ! I believe that what you are stating on this website is true, even if it looks incredible. Probably, the ms media are not even aware they are in a movie and they are hidden such tremendous events ! I don’t think the media don’t cover those events up on purpose. I could be mistaken on this.

Sue Grantham

USA media blackouts are not acknowledged overseas. If you want to know what’s going on you have to go to overseas news.


The msm is in on this…they are told what to cover & what NOT to cover by their network owners. That’s why you’ve heard NOTHING reported about how demented lyin biden is…how racist he & his VP are…how the election was so rigged with the help of China & many other countries. Their direct purpose was to ruin Trump & ignore anything bad about biden. They will be held accountable also & soon I pray.


Thank you for your reply


Good answer!


GO BACK TO-CNN and HUFF & PUFF…you are real sick….

Sue Grantham

It’s apparent you are one of the ones who are ignorant to the facts and unable to to discern truth. Research cures ignorance.


I believe this story is true it’s very detailed and why would Michael risk lying to be sued for plagiarism? Thank you for reporting in this very important issue ….. I sure now that they have Podesta too then Obama’s will be soon!!!

Sandy Koufax

Hillary is a public figure. You’re just reporting details from another source. I doubt there would be a legal basis for libel.


Thank you, Michael, for reporting. I wish we could get a little more support information, but I, for one, look forward to your updates. They’re bright spots in some otherwise pretty dark days.


WOW! What a trader to our country!


Guess we won’t get Tues. afternoon’s session ’til tomorrow morning, Michael? Thanks for all of the reports.

Do you think that such knowledge of what could be taking place in the background, going somewhat public now, is a kind of lower energy reveal to prepare the public to gradually get ready for the bigger exposure, that such evil is meeting justice, to come down the line? I can’t imagine your source, so close to the Trump group, not having some agreed upon permission to reveal this info now.

Sue Grantham

If you’ll notice this was reported in the UK. Any news organization outside the United States is not held to our media blackouts. Small spoonfuls to be more easily digestible. Believe it or not, some people still love the Clintons and other monsters ?

Veronica Cougar

What bugs me is that their “wittow feewings” are more important than the kids that continue to be abused and killed. Just so some vampire freaks can get their rocks off.


I was waiting for the update. Thank you. Anyone knows if someone else is going thru the same process during these days, or is just Killary?


We sure hope so! Keep up the good work! But while I have your attention – why is there an almost total media blackout on this?

Terminally deplorable

Who is the almost?


Lol! I’d like an answer to that question too!


Reports online have explained that Americans cannot be told all that is happening behind the scenes for a bit longer. There will be a domino effect occurring, and there are details that will be revealed when the time is exactly right. There is a big housecleaning going on in many areas of the government that will benefit us all in the end. Do some research, and find X22report online to help you get clarity.


Where do we find this? Do you have a link?

Veronica Cougar

Go to DuckDuckGo and search X22 Report.

Chas Branson

He has a website. You can sign up for notices of new audios. Several options for listening. Beware of social media as there are fake accounts.

Martha Burton

I’d like to do the research but just like this I accidentally found it. I had no idea.
I’ve waited long time for it n wish I could be on the panel.

Sue Grantham

I agree that this tribunal took place a couple of years ago. Regardless of the time line, I believe that the United States Media has been blacked out because the news overseas is not part of the US media blackout. Americans are being fed small spoonfuls in order to digest the horrors of these monsters actions/inactions. I pray everyday that ALL are held accountable. I’m thankful for this reporting


Please give us something. Its almost impossible to make anyone believe what is going on. Somehow we need to see some blood on the floor


Would you allow any msm in to report it? At this time she would be equal to a terrrorist and the msm is forbidden from covering those tribunals.

Barry O'Reilly

How good are your sources?

Evie Rose

lol, yes over 300,000indictment’s
question is? who in the 300,000 will be heading to the military tribunals?

joe blow

Just a list of names would be appreciated.

Terminally deplorable

Got you give you that, Baxter. You are not a quitter. The story sounds plausible, and we all hope its true. But, what difference does it make at this time?

Veronica Cougar

Kazarians butt kisser.

Christopher Montgomery

It always makes a difference. Getting these pieces of shit in the dirt. Will prevent them from ever doing anything “including wasting good oxygen” ever again.


Wow, I hope this is true…and that the Kenyan muslim will be next.

Chas Branson

And big Mike