Clinton Military Tribunal: Day 2


Update: Clinton Military Tribunal: Day 3

Update: Clinton Military Tribunal, Day 2, Part 2

Hillary Clinton’s military tribunal resumed on Monday morning at Guantanamo Bay, following a 72-hour pause that began Thursday afternoon when a disheveled Clinton collapsed to the floor in what seemed like an epileptic seizure. But on Saturday GITMO’s medical staff gave Clinton a clean bill of health, saying she had likely feigned illness to stall the trial.

At 10:00 a.m. Monday, Vice Adm. John G. Hannink’s opening comments derided Clinton’s behavior.

“Hillary Rodham Clinton knows she is guilty. Otherwise, she wouldn’t pretend to be sick to delay these proceedings. This woman is thoroughly evil, corrosive, bereft of morality,” Vice Adm. Hannink said, addressing the three-officer tribunal that will ultimately decide Clinton’s fate.

Veering from the context of Thursday’s interrogation, Vice Adm. Hannink leveled accusations against Clinton that we at RRN had not heard before.  He produced documentation connecting Clinton and the Clinton Foundation to the disappearance of 23 Haitian and 3 American children who were presumably orphaned in the aftermath of a massive earthquake that killed an estimated 220,000 people on the island nation in 2010.

Since the incident involved American citizens, it was the tribunal’s duty to judge Clinton’s culpability in the matter, Vice Adm. Hannink said.

The three American children—ages 4,7 and 12—belonged to a humanitarian couple doing missionary work on the island nation. A day after the quake, Haitian authorities found the children and the corpse of an older Haitian woman, apparently the babysitter, in the rubble of their collapsed home. The parents had been volunteering at a village west of Port-au-Prince, near the quake’s epicenter.

Haitian authorities spent a week searching in vain for the missing parents, but concluded the couple must have perished in the quake.

Vice Adm. Hannink told the Tribunal that on Jan 24, 2010 Hillary Clinton, then Secretary of State, contacted Haitian President René Préval and said she wished to aid parentless children whose lives the earthquake had shattered.

Vice Adm. Hannink showed the tribunal a chain of email correspondence between Clinton and Préval. In one letter, Clinton stated explicitly that the overture to care for orphaned children was made on behalf of the Clinton Foundation, not the U.S. government, and that the Foundation would find foster homes for the children until such time they could be properly adopted.

“Préval belived she was sincere, and when he told her about the 3 American kids, she told him she’d take care of them too. But Clinton had ulterior motives, the evidence shows. She never ran this through the State Department, of which she was in charge. No, the Clinton Foundation chartered a boat to get those kids off the island, a boat that picked them up in Haiti and then vanished from the face of the planet. Neither State nor Health and Human Services has any record of the American children setting foot on American soil. Not the Haitian children, either. Where did they all go? Did they vanish into thin air? You made the offer, your name is on the emails, your Foundation arranged transportation. Do you have anything to say?”

Clinton, who hadn’t uttered a word since the proceedings began, said, “You’d have to ask the Clinton Foundation.”

“You are the Foundation,” Vice Adm. Hannink retorted. “The Clinton Foundation is a foundation in name only. You and it are the same entity.”

Clinton sat bone still and lapsed into silence.

Then Vice Adm. Hannink introduced a material witness, former Clinton Foundation accountant Bethany Greenbaum, who via ZOOM testified to Clinton’s criminality. The Clinton Foundation, she said, had paid IYC Yacht Solutions, which runs from Spain, $3,000,000 for a week-long yacht rental.  Greenbaum called the 145’ Bliss a “party boat” with hot tubs, a sauna, and a loaded minibar.

“I know the ship was delivered to Miami with orders to sail for Haiti. Beyond that, I don’t know anything, and I was smart enough to not ask questions,” Greenbaum told the tribunal.

“But the defendant, Hillary Rodham Clinton, approved the expenditure?” Vice Adm. Hannink asked.

“Yes. Yes, she did,” Greenbaum replied.

After a brief recess, Vice Adm. Hannink said Italian authorities and IYC Yachting refused to cooperate in the military’s investigation of Hillary Clinton.

“We thought they’d help, but they didn’t. The defendant was a powerful and protected woman. Consider this: The average cost for renting a luxury yacht for a week in 2010 was, give or take, 300 grand. Yet Clinton paid ten times that much. Why? She certainly isn’t charitable, or a philanthropist. She paid for their silence, that’s what she bought for $3,000,000,” Vice Adm. Hannink postulated.

“Hillary Clinton in 2010 was arguably the most powerful woman on the planet. As Secretary of State, she wielded practically limitless power. As a government official, she could’ve rescued those children using official channels, but she was running a side business. The military argues that Clinton trafficked those children for personal profit, probably much more than the $3,000,000 she spent getting them out of Haiti. This is what you three officers must decide,” Vice Adm. Hannink continued.

He ordered recess until 2:30 p.m.

Update: Clinton Military Tribunal, Day 2 Part 2

(I will provide updates as often as possible)

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Thank you Mr. Baxter!


Thank you, Michael! Am looking forward to the rest of it.

Haesu Yoon

Is this true news? I’d rather to believe it. cz democracy did so many illegal things that I prayed everything to be revealed in the mighty name of Jesus Chrit.
Clinton is hilarious witch

Last edited 3 years ago by Haesu Yoon

ALL fake news is evil; it’s intended TO DECEIVE . To believe this, I need to see it as an Emergency Broadcast or corroborated by Gen Flynn/McInerney .


ALL fake news is evil; it’s intended TO DECEIVE . To believe this, I need to see it as an Emergency Broadcast or corroborated by Gen Flynn/McInerney .

Florida Mimi

Where is day 1

Sandy Koufax

Hannink should have ask Clinton what the purpose of the yacht was. I would expect her to have personal knowledge of a $3 million expenditure from her foundation.

Joe Terry jr

Payoffs. To Haitians. Sandy

Sandy Koufax

If the Yacht set sail from Spain, then I think they would charge much more than the going rate from Miami to Haiti.

Josey Wales

I dont believe this,, Gene decode says shes dead months is Bill

Joe Terry jr


The Executioner

I believe it, but one needs proof. You can’t convict on conjecture.

Israel Smith

If it were up to me I’d make them shackle her to the wall inside her cell. This woman deserves to be treated like scum.

Ronald W. Weiss

That’s kind of unfair to scum!!!

Israel Smith

Wow. This is a good read.

Joenabel Peterson

Drain that swamp


If this is true her trial, for these charges, will be over in days not weeks. Military tribunals are quick with no appeal process or parole. I’m in the observation and analysis mode now.

But something is in the wind, multiple school shootings today and over a dozen blm protests planned for tonight. Someone gave a go signal this weekend.

David Vidrine

Totally agree! Isn’t it strange how these “mass shootings” started right back up with Biden admin? Have to be blind not to connect dots at this point.


Also don’t forget ISIS is back, because Obama was funding them, now creepy Joe is funding them where BO left off.


Mr, Baxter, My mother and I had a great time reading a;; articles especially on Pence. I now Question everything I read, but it is fun reading your stuff. So much you wrote about has come to pass and that is refreshing to say I believe this site more than most.
Thank you for all the news!!!!

Joe Terry jr

Hello. The brave psychic whistleblower. Mr Tori or Tory Smith should be given.much credit for.ecosing evil Pence. Rip tory


I hope she rots in hell until there’s nothing left of her but dried guts and necrotic flesh


I hope this isn’t BS and not being taken for a ride.

Last edited 3 years ago by Delta

i wonder if we can trust the tribunal. they won’t pull a scotus on us, will they?


Crooked Hillary is probably naming “half of D.C?”I hope she isn’t spared the death penalty for the names?


WITNESSES who refuse to talk or tell the truth NEED to be stood up against the wall and given on more chance to talk or be shot,MY guess is they’d learn everything,but I don’t believe they want to know all of it,THIS almost sounds like a military dog and pony show…


In a military tribunal you do not have 5th ammendment rights. Any refusal to answer is an admission to guilt.


Michael, do you expect a further report from your source about what happened when the trial resumed at 2:30 today?


It’s so hard to wait, I keep checking for updates. Great work, more more more!


Thank you for keeping us informed!!!


Thanks for your response to my last comment. Nevertheless, Mrs. Clinton is not feigning illness. Allow me to explain.Remember Mrs. Clinton’s deranged outburst at the Benghazi hearing? Caregivers for Parkinson’s Disease patients saw it and contacted a medical doctor about it. Her outburst is consistent with PD patients.
Although the doctor did a video series patiently explaining why she has PD, there is more to it than that. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD is the foremost expert on lyme disease in the USA. He said that 100 percent of his PD, Alzheimer’s, MS, and lupus patients have lyme. European studies have also demonstrated that 100 percent of PD and Alzheimer’s patients have lyme. Lyme patients are known for “lyme rage,” and Mrs. Clinton’s outbursts reflect that.

As for the doctors who said she is “feigning illness,” they need to go back and study her blood more carefully. ANYONE can see the lyme spirochetes themselves under a very high powered microscope.

Lyme is very difficult to detect and extremely difficult to treat. If left untreated, lyme can cause dementia, seizures, paralysis, hallucinations, and death.


It’s taking too long…doubt she has that


Look up Kuru and what causes it! She is evil to the core!


I don’t think she had Parkinson’s. If you research the disease Kuru (caused by cannibalism and or drinking the blood of others) she had the symptoms. If you recall her shaking and the outbursts of laughter and falling limp at the outdoor rally in 2016 where they rushed her to the van…she should have died from Kuru by now. I keep reading on Telegram from sources that her and Biden have been dead for a while. I hope they are wrong, because I would definitely like to see her stand trial for her atrocities.

The term kuru derives from the Fore word kuria or guria (“to shake”), due to the body tremors that are a classic symptom of the disease. Kúru itself means “trembling”. It is also known as the “laughing sickness” due to the pathologic bursts of laughter which are a symptom of the disease.



We are going to get to see all of their videotaped confessions. Pretty sure they will shut down everything for a few days all but they will send out Emergency Broadcast informing everyone on their cell phones where to go to see massive audio confessions I’m sure more I just haven’t heard more than that hopefully it will show some executions if they died a long time ago I’m sure they recorded it for proof. I’m thinking that time is not far off. Pray

Patrick Bowman

Bullshit I’ve had P.D for 5yrs. and have been around many more and have never seen or heard anyone with it come close to that type of fit




LOL no it’s Parkinsons Disease


Sorry, what she has is a disease called Kuru’s disease caused by cannibalism eating human flesh and drinking human blood at some point can be contagious I believe in the latest stage the bodies have to be burned. Look it up for more detail, symptoms uncontrolled coughing episodes, like she did on the campaign trail she drank a lot of water other symptoms are dehydration and thirst too. I swear I’m not making this up it’s cray but Merkel from Germany has it as well, you can find videos of her standing and trembling all over no control of it either. These people are beyond evil they care for nothing or anyone even their own and they will and are turning on each other right now.

Terminally deplorable

BTW, where is Bill. is he not interested what happens to his wife, or is he glad to get rid of her?


feed her dog food while shes in captivity.


Aren’t you being a bit generous? ?


Cat food has more protein.


Okay then put her in her cell and play over and over again
“Easy Street” that would be very fitting

Terminally deplorable

If this story was invented, it was done well. Keep me entertained.
But no falling off the chair and flapping like fish, today? Maybe in the afternoon after the recess.

Last edited 3 years ago by Terminally deplorable

so you find out cnn is not fun for you..


One could only hope this all to be true!


Reads like sensationalized fan fiction.

Ronald W. Weiss

Whether it’s true or not, the guy is a good writer!!!


go back to cnn and huff & puff..



Wow, the amount of detailed information in this article is amazing. How could you make this stuff up? I believe this is legit and pray that justice is carried out appropriately. She is truly sick. Wonder what Bill Clinton is doing right now?

Ronald W. Weiss

Bill is smiling!! What a relief.

Evie Rose

He is part of the deep state and cabal
There is over 300,000 indictments

Ronald W. Weiss

Evie: I was just joking about how happy Bill must be to have her gone. You are quite right Bill is a player in the deep state, though I suspect Hillary and many others are regarded as “bigger fish” right now. Maybe somebody in charge of these things will let Bill cop a plea for some of his first hand knowledge. Cordially….


David, Sickness is a disease. Hillary may be sick but her primary problem is she is EVIL!


Bob Larson… how many demons would he have to exorcise?!

Evie Rose

Why even bother, we seen evidence of Reptilian Killary, eating children, really??
just nuke her. Wikileaks is all the proof. and I saw the video in Rumble.

Jessica Biancaniello

Are you serious? The fraz video???

Melinda Rhodes

You saw a video of a reptilian Hillary – where on Rumble?


Thank you for the update. It’s the first time I read your updates, and are awesome. Everyday it’s a living nightmare for us, and we just keep waiting and waiting and hoping to see the light at the end of the tunnel. God bless you.


If true, they just starting to scratch the surface. No proof she’s there at Gitmo, what’s’ her hubby and daughter say NOTHING NO OUTRAGE?

Last edited 3 years ago by JDP
Evie Rose

if you see her on live on TV, just it’s not her… look at different Pics on the net.
don’t doubt anything. Her hubby is not a clinton, his last name is Rockerfeller.. and her daughter is not clinton’s daughter. everything has been happening sense 2017.
look at the video The fall of the Cabal in Bitchute


You’re kooky

Evie Rose

Lol thank you

Veronica Cougar


Buck Parnell

The last thing you will see is this on main stream media, why cause they want us to think bidens running things and dems are in charge.They won’t give us the satisfaction of knowing she’s arrested they want us to feel like there’s no hope and dems are all powerful!! You have to dig this out off internet, the media is bought by CHINA & SOROS!!


Hopefully pelosi and schumer are next in line

Veronica Cougar

Hopefully, the Kazarians are next in line.


I pray that Hillary is just the start of draining the deep-state swamp, and the rest of the evil entities. Will Soros, Rothchilds, etc., be included? Give em hell President Trump. Thanks Mr. Baxter for the update.


Thank you ! Hillary Clinton is a very evil woman. If she was innocent, she would have defended herself vigourously. She knows she is guily of those crimes. Let her pay for them.

Evie Rose

Everything is in Wikileaks., It was all declassified.


Please be cautious about Wikileaks. It is controlled by Soros

Evie Rose

No,,, it’s not!!! You crazy, didn’t hear trump say on January 19, that he was going to declassified all of it!! Do your homework before you speak! Or are you a troll?


I think you’ve got wiki leaks confused with Wikipedia…


I think Trump gave Julian Assange pardon way before they were trying to convince him and threaten him not to do it.

Evie Rose

Yes, he does!


So were those emails between Hillary and the Haitian President some of those that were supposed to have been destroyed by her? We’ve heard about the white hats “having it all”…..guess they did get em!

Veronica Cougar

God bless our REAL president, Donald J. Trump!


If the White Hats don’t have them then we can be sure Russia, China and North Korea does!