U.S. Special Forces Arrest John Podesta and Huma Abedin


Update: Trump Charges Podesta, Abedin with Treason and Crimes Against Children

Former Clinton Staffers Huma Abedin and John Podesta will soon have a new home at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, where they, like Clinton, will face a military tribunal to answer for heinous crimes committed against America and its people.

A confidential source familiar with Trump’s plan to drain the swamp and restore American prosperity to the people told RRN that U.S. Special Forces operating on Trump’s authority conducted simultaneous “nab and grab” missions to apprehend Clinton’s co-conspirators.  Trump picked Easter Sunday to arrest the traitors because he believed it to be the best day to catch them unaware and at home, our source added.

Trump’s tactical expertise paid dividends.

At approximately 2:00 p.m., a Special Forces detachment out of Fort Bragg captured Abedin at her parents’ home near Lansing, Michigan, where the family had gathered for Easter dinner. Although Abedin is a radical Islamic Jihadist with obvious ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, she spent her political years pretending to be a Christian.

“Trump learned Abedin would be at her parents’ house for Easter. As you know, Clinton is already at GITMO awaiting trial. She’s given up a lot of info, including on Abedin—she’s allegedly revealed that she and Abedin partook in Adrenochrome infusions from Haitian children. When Navy Seals captured Clinton, they found evidence of this on her laptops, and now her own words have incriminated her and her criminal conspirators,” our source said.

As Huma Abedin was arrested and escorted to a clandestine holding facility in south Florida, a simultaneous offensive was made against John Podesta at his springtime home in the outskirts of Bethesda, MD. Special Forces Operators of the 3rd Special Forces Group descended on his Friendship Village home and used non-lethal force to subdue two bodyguards protecting Podesta and his wife, Mary.

A preliminary report said that U.S. forces suffered no casualties.

Moreover, it’s understood that Donald J. Trump had cleared the operation with General Gen. Richard D. Clarke, Commander of U.S. Special Operations Command.

This is a developing story. More details as they arrive.

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Terminally deplorable

I am speechless.


I am faithless 😕


Downvote all you want, it doesn’t make any of the fantastical fantasies published here any more true. So far, that’s all they’re adding up to 🙄 PROVE me wrong and I will concede. I WANT it to be true, but all I see is talk and no action. PROOF! Put up or shut up!

Last edited 8 days ago by Cure_Islam_With_Bacon

This is QAnon. Remember I we all believed that mess?


This certainly cannot be a small job. I understand that u are frustrated, I am as well. However when I really think about this, I do not want them to miss not one of these slimy bastards, This has been going on for 100’s of years. It will take time to do it properly with no missteps. I was watching a video that described it like God playing chess with the devil. God has him in checkmate and they both know it but the moves still have to be played out exactly how it needs to be played to get to Checkmate. Peace!


Since these people seem to have disappeared off the radar for some time now….even after the stolen election w/ their front guy now taking orders from the usual Obama circle…..I was thinking that they were already “taken care of”. Wondering if this current news is being released now safely and w/o the ability of any interference since it’s already a done deal. Otherwise the “militias” of Obama could be used to interfere and try to rescue their “people”, as Hillary has allegedly called them….”her people”! I doubt if this would be openly leaked if there was any danger of stopping this justice from taking place. Trump has been too careful with the public only finding out about McCain and Bush after the deed was done!


good point but clinton’s tribunal is april 8. was it recorded i wonder?


Right? I’m going to be up all night as though I’m waiting to open Christmas presents from Santee Clauze. LOL…


I am really quite amazed how these arrests have not been made public? Crooked Hillary’s arrest would be headline news throughout the world, right. Why the hush hush all of sudden?


It’s too soon. FWIW, I thought Hillary had passed on a while ago from kuru and was replaced with a combination of doubles, clones, and/or CGI.

Last edited 8 days ago by jimbo
Pamela Meagher

Jimbo..i heard same…maybe these will be for public consumption


M/S news will be the LAST to report this sort of thing. Many events going on behind the scenes, the house of cards is beginning to fall. Seek more details from online sources. It has been necessary for Americans to be exposed to the worst of the worst in order to learn the true agenda of the current administration.


The general public sheep can barely handle the barest truth as it is now. I see some change, ok, but I still doubt they can handle the curtain getting pulled back and finally being shown “how the sausage is made” as it were 😒


The house of what cards? I guess that depends on what deck you’re playing with. LOL.

Robert M Olson

You must not keep up with what has been going on in the world… I am near 72 and been watching this mess from all administrations for decades…Trump was the first to try to pull the rug out from under the world order banking establishment who has made what we use for money (our labor/their Federal Reserve Note near worthless all to depend on government for financial help… don’t be their fool programmed by their nightly news


Why do you think they call it fake news; they will not tell you the truth, they have to much at stake to now turn around and tell the people, sorry we lied; we could not tell you the truth because we are part of the Cabal. That day will come when the news media will be taken down and the TRUTH, will be and must be told, no matter how much is hurts to wake the people up, just how evil the news media was, just as evil as the Obama’s, Clinton’s, Bushes, Biden’s, the Pope, the Queen, all the evil in politics and sold us out for their own power, to control the people all over the world. ONE NEW WORLD ORDER, thank God they have all been taken down by God who is directing Donald J Trump and the Military to remove the evil Cabal and child sacrificing,


What not on CNN or other MSM ?

Just who do you think will make it Headline News… The same Papers who give us all the true facts at the best of times
No questions re Biden’s Policies or Mental decline , the Election Scandal or anything else of consequence.

People who are programmed to get their news from MSM ( the Political Information Properganda Arm of Deep State) wont believe anything unless it’s on The TV .


You know you are linked to, if not the author, of this bogus site.


I’m not surprised why you and your likes would visit bogus sites as you put it. Your lame stream media too boring since President Trump left the scene or is the truth beginning to grow on you…

Eleanor Cummings

I want to see THIS verified!! Then I will celebrate!! comment image

Laura Swiercz

All of a sudden? They’ve been hush hush about everything fir 50 years atleast, just worse than ever now, because they are trying so hard to stay above water, and they’re realizing we still figure things out, thanks in large part, to the internet.


i just hope this is all true!


It is true. White House is still going full outage at 11.00 pm and 47 years carrer politician Joe Bidan cannot able to say a full sentences are it’s open proofs.

David R

doesn’t seem like u can say a full sentence either . lol what a sad sad life you’ve chosen . may God have mercy on ur soul

William D. Hager

well I for one am not holding my breath


Don’t hold your breath because you won’t make it if you do.


Me too! It is way past time!


Don’t believe a lick of this… Hopium….


I love it here…

Mike Hunt


Israel Smith

Hey maybe that’s why he kept saying happy Easter today on telegram! That’s my president!


It’s to placate the right wingnuts to be sure, as they’re nearly all christians.

It is a dichotomy that baffles me to no end: the same people who invoke “freedom”, “liberty” and “sovereignty” with their mouths are the same people who wholeheartedly submit to the psychospiritual equivalent of a communistic monarchal dictatorship (religion). 🤔 🤷🏻‍♀️

In both, you can only gain empowerment via disempowerment (submission), you are inflicted all manner of suffering and it’s under the belief that “my dear leader” wants the best for me. Both systems boil down to “comply or die”. Both systems infantilize people. And both systems will always hold humanity back from progressing so long as they exist. Why this group recognizes the threat with one and not the other mystifies me. I’m not being a troll, I’m being genuine here. Compare the two…

Last edited 8 days ago by Cure_Islam_With_Bacon

You are ill informed, to say the least


Until you surrender your life to Jesus and are filled with the Holy Spirit you will never understand. No apologetics will change your mind. But it is only the Spirit who draws you to the Father through His Son so I’m praying that the Spirit will begin to woo you.


I AGREE 100% All have fallen for the trap of choosing sides and waiting on a man to save them!


TRUTH DOESN’T NEED GAMES AND MOVIES TO BE REVEALED! It’s all another agenda to enslave sovereign beings who don’t know they are sovereign LOL


Too bad you are so misled. Or evil!


I’ve always had a problem with a religion who’s deity decrees:
” Love me,or go to hell”
Just sayin’

Manse Everard

Hope it’s true!





If I’m being honest, I do want this to be true, but I do have my doubts. I have been following your website for 2 months now and I have come to the conclusion that either it is true, or your source is misinforming you. Again, the level of detail in the article is why I do think this is true, but I have to ask: Why is it only your page writing this? Why not other news sources?
I understand you can’t share your source if it needs to be confidential, but is there something you could share to back up your article’s claims? It’s why I still have a difficult time believing your article’s. Knowing the deep level of deceit our media is, it’s difficult to know what is true and what is not.
Anyhow I wish you nothing but the best and i do look forward to following up on this story.

All the best!

Eleanor Cummings

It’s in many languages worldwide, but the MSM isn’t reporting it here!! Why?? You have to hit “translate” to see that it’s the same article. I think it’s on the Clinton Tribunal Day 1 post, down at the bottom.


Seems that crap hit the fan”

Charles Westlake

I’m waiting and we’ll see!

Eleanor Cummings

Me too, but we’ve waited so long …. It HAS to be true!!

Donna Fasanella

If this is true, it won’t be long now.


Sure, Jan 😕

worst is yet to come

Epoch times reported Guantanamo prison is shut down as of yesterday and all the prisoners are transported to another prison in Cuba.


I believe that was one prison within that system which was claimed to be in great disrepair. Those prisoners are said to be moved to another section within that GITMO system. Who knows the real reason or if that is true.

Angela Nicholls

Thank God for this.i will be glad when this is all over.it is because of these heinous people that the world is in Lockdown and I worry that this highly conspicuous vaccine is to try to wipe out a huge chunk of humanity. I’m hoping when Trump gets back in it will all be cancelled and no one will be forced to have it.
God Bless All of America President Trump all the military involved and all his Patriots and the people of the World
With love from Wales UK

Gail Jones

why wait for Trump ,just say NO!


Because in UK they are being FORCED BY THEIR GOVERNMENT to take the depopulation vaccine without having choice and because they were disarmed!


This is the beginning of the move. We should be better of when done, Nasara and removal of Biden as President. It was stated that when Podesta get arrested it is the beginning. Looking forward to it happening.

Mike Hunt

It’s good news if it’s true! I’ll say that much…

jack Savin

Great Job. It’s About Time Yipeeeee

Chip Henry

Fantastically encouraging!




The so-called mainstream media is not interested to confirm what it refuses to report but has been reported by non-mainstream media outlets. This means we readers must hone and sharpen our own ability to judge for ourselves. Mr. Michael Baxter’s list of names of those under arrest is getting longer, and a public appearance by any of these could undermine his journalistic credibility. On the other hand, every day that passes with none of those on his list appearing on TV adds to my confidence in the credibility of Mr. Baxter’s reports. By now, I for one refuse to take Real Raw News as a big hoax. Sooner or later, someone in the media may pick up the phone to find out if Mr. John Podesta or Ms. Huma Abedlin is in office.


When Pelosi “disappears”, well…….


Yes, I’m awaiting that day, as well – and I want to see McConnell and Schumer gone. I think our country would probably have a chance without these slimers attached to us…


No comment from the most VOCAL people who never loose an opportunity to appear?FOR 4 YEARS,NOW?

Pamela Meagher

Great news !! Just subscribed

Eleanor Cummings

I did too.


Makes one PROUD to be an AMERICAN and to have SERVED! Restores my MY FAITH IN TRUTH, JUSTICE, CONSTITUTION, AND OUR WAY OF LIVING. Prayers of protection, strength to all the Spec OPs, Marines, Delta OPs who make it happen. These Lucerfirians have done much damage ~ NO one is above the LAW! Right Hitlery ?? Also hedge of protection around the TRUE PREZ TRUMP, POMPEO, FLYNNS, DESIATO, POWELL, WOOD all the JAG officers who must prosecute these satanic creatures.

Paulette Williams



Just for clarification, I am a Patriot and as many americans I too want to see the cabal destroyed. But I have some analysis to share about this article.

First of all, the redaction of this articles uses words that doesn’t make sense. Secondly, they are describing the event like an action movie. Third, there is no reason why special forces for these types of arrests when none of the bodyguards is a threat to law enforcement personnel. Last but not least, using Trump as the hero is not appropriate. The military is in control and according to intel reports from Juan O Saving, the military must install first a lawful President back into office before they do anything else. It’s expected that Trump will be reassigned as the Legit POTUS.

I have my doubts about this report, however, I believe that these scumbacks have already been arrested long before the 2020 elections.

Do not turn patriots news into fake news because it will harm us more than what help us.

Last edited 7 days ago by David

I don’t know who is lying and who is not – but I know God doesn’t lie – and He said people are going to reap what they sow. I wonder how comfortable Hillary and many others feel if they begin to suffer the same physical abuse they have dealt against the children. Kind of sobering, isn’t it?

Kevin Martin O'Boyle

As of this posting the most recent Twitter from HRC was 2 hours ago. I am very mistrustful of this site. Hopium so we can watch our freedoms evaporate while we lay in our beds and fantasize about a savior who is coming to right all our wrongs. Believe this if you need to but also realize our situation and stand up for your freedoms before they are all gone.


I would think misinformation is being put out on both sides? If we’re at war against an evil enemy which we are they are watching everything true Christians, Patriots and truthers put out on the internet. Remember what Snowden said? Nothing being said isn’t being monitored folks, everything!!! Texts, emails, phone calls, blogs sites, financial transactions. My Mom and Dad always said something to me a lot as a kid that I never really could comprehend at my young age. But I do now, believe nothing what you hear and only half of what you see. How profound… Whats TRUTH? Christ and his word and that’s about it

Eleanor Cummings

I have read (many sources) that claim these criminals are being replaced with body doubles, that’s why Biden and others seem different when you see them, and Biden (nor Kamala) are never shown close-up without a mask.

[…] Ostersonntag berief sich Donald J. Trump auf die Insurrection and Patriot Acts, um die Verhaftung von zwei […]

[…] On Easter Sunday Donald J. Trump invoked the Insurrection and Patriot Acts to order the arrest of two of Hillary Clinton’s co-consp… […]

[…] allegations about Podesta and Abedin being arrested by U.S. Special Forces appear to stem from an April 4 article posted by Real Raw News, a website that has published misinformation in the past. In February, […]


SO hope this is accurate!

Bonnie Blue

People really believe this shit?

Eleanor Cummings

Nothing in our MSM?? Gee, I wonder why. Check all the foreign media – they know more than ours do!!


Not buying it.