Trump Inauguration July 4, 2021


Donald J. Trump will make a celebrated return to the White House on July 4, Independence Day, as the last vestiges of Deep State corruption are rounded up in a massive sting and sent to GITMO to face military tribunals, said a Mar-a-Lago source involved in Trump’s operation to invalidate the illegal 2020 election.

At his Mar-a-Lago command center, Trump and his councilors have been working tirelessly to solve an almost unsolvable jigsaw puzzle—digging up the names of all elected or appointed officials who dishonored their oath of office to America and its people. Although Trump is aware of the primary and secondary players, below them lies an intricate web of tertiary Deep State operatives yet to be named on sealed indictments, any one of whom could potentially foil his planned return to power.

“Trump and his guys have been hunkered down at Mar-a-Lago figuring this mess out. They’re going after more than people like Pelosi, AOC, and Adam Schiff. He’s taking out their staff too, and if their staff has staff, well they might go down too. This is total purge. The abolishment of the liberal elites and the gutting of Hollywood. Why do you think pedo Tom Hanks sought citizenship in Australia? They know what’s coming,” our source said.

Asked how Trump plans to muster sufficient forces to enact his plan, our source said the following: “Trump has military support. Don’t believe MSM narrative about the military backing Biden. Trump is a patriot. When he gives the order, the military will respond at once, and they will arrest Joe Biden on the spot. It’ll be like Order 66 from Revenge of the Sith, except this time it’ll be the good guys giving the order.”

Six of the 8 Joint Chiefs of Staff support Donald Trump, our source added. The holdouts are Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley and Commandant of the Coast Guard Karl L. Schultz, both of whom Trump will give an opportunity to reconsider their allegiance. If they stick with Biden, then they, too, will receive a one-way ticket to Guantanamo Bay.

“No one is getting a free pass,” our source said.

President Trump will likely issue a declaration of martial law when the arrests begin, as he doesn’t want innocent, law-abiding, patriotic Americans caught in the crossfire if the Deep State decides to resist the purge. Trump feels he has enough military support to put down the resistance, and believes expunging the Deep State will take 10 days.

“He won’t be declaring martial law to infringe on Constitutional rights, but to protect Americans in those perilous days. Trump loves America. He loves Americans. He doesn’t want harm to come to innocent bystanders. The Deep State’s desperation knows no limits, and if they know they’re going down, they might just try to take innocents with them,” our source said.

After the purge, Trump will rescind martial law and return the U.S. to the people as he is rightfully sworn into office.

In closing, we asked our source why Trump didn’t fulfill that promise on March 4, as many had predicted.

“Trump never gave that date. If it was to happen, it was always going to be Independence Day,” he said.

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When this does not happen, will you retract this article?


No kidding. They keep moving the goal post and it never happens. I’m sick of empty hopes.


Then why are you here? Hope is for wimps.


The articles here are nice to think about and discuss but you have to admit. This talk has been like a broken record. Over and over we have heard new dates for Trump being sworn back in by “someone who knows the facts”. And let me ask you this. Why are you taking cheap shots like an angry liberal? Noone is allowed to have an opinion that varies from your own? Not very open of you. You’re acting as close minded and militant as a right wing version of a libtard when you can’t listen and discuss like an open minded adult. When you act like the other side, you are no better. Don’t act like them. Rise above and be better.


As a libertarian, one gets a far removed enough view to see that in many respects, left vs. right are just basically two cheeks of the same ass, each arguing about which side the shit is coming from.

Each side carries aspect(s) in themselves that they claim to hate in the other side, and they don’t have the self awareness to notice and they’re too busy trying to be the “right” one anyway. Rinse and repeat for the other side. Both sides feed into one another. And both are too close up to the matter to see that both sides are being distracted and controlled, which is just the way the controllers like it.


I hear you. Both sides are full of intolerant extremists. I get plenty of so-called conservatives coming down on me because I dare to think and ask questions. Thankfully I had teachers who taught me HOW to think and not what. The posts here are nice to think about and discuss, but I don’t accept anything as fact until proven so. And for that I get attacked. We’ll never unite as long as everyone is so militant on both sides. We have to get back to talking with open minds again.

Rick elorts

Please …you had teachers who taught you how to think and not what …what’s that about? …The right’s (and it’s called that because that’s what we are most the time) dissatisfaction and anger with the stolen election is just as REAL as the lefts crimes against America and they are NUMBEROUS!!…I could walk down my street this minute and 90% of the men i talk to would die to preserve their fanilies and this Repubic…this thinking that 1/2 America is on the left is complete bullshit…maybe 20% of the dipshits on the left (and there not much more than 20% all in…there has been alot of lying about the numbers of lefty dipshits) have the conviction to to fight for their dumbass ideas.


Rick my point is a simple one. These stories while being what we all want to hear are as of yet totally unproven and I get attacked for not accepting them as fact. I dare to think and ask questions and for that I get everyone’s rath. Insee right wing folks being as blindly led and militant as liberal haters. Why is it so wrong for me to question? Why can’t folks discuss my questions instead of turning into rabid dogs? I agree with your opinions on numbers. Let’s face it, O’Biden couldn’t fill a short bus at a rally. We know the election was a huge fraud. I just can’t understand why I get trashed for having questions about unproven theories. I believe in the word which tells us to test every spirit and I intend to do just that. I have trouble accepting these stories being from a source that leaks info. Trump doesn’t do leaks. That tells me the source is questionable. Pardon me for seeing red flags and wanting to step back and take a better look.

Sue Grantham

Suggestion: do research. Information has been dropped on Wikileaks, which is authentic. There are analog videos from the 60’s which cannot he fiddled with. There are correspondence, inter office memos, and previously classified and top secret documents.
Democrats and the far left liberals have been trying to take the website down for years. They’ve attempted to stop the information drops and want Snowden dead for releasing the information.
What we have been taught about the JFK “death “ is wrong and so is the moon landing. It took me days to come to terms with the bullshit we were fed.


I think the trashing comments can be paid off Asians, etc just sitting in some computer job paid to find ways to diss on people. Certainly not every case but there’s clearly fake Asians or Asians or whoever doing things full time to make someone president or harass people with inundations of things that torment people electronically and to steer a narrative. We usually have no way to know who said what and I can only guess it’s orders from the underground to deny or approve surface dwellers comments. It’s now how many is the 20% if there’s millions of underground dwellers working it also. Deep State means what? Deep Underground? They can call it Octopus State but they call it Deep. That would be my guess what it actually is. After getting their surface dweller operatives out of money they have little to no control over the masses of negatives to positive trying to get on with truth comments. When people have no money they often resort to crime.

David Catton

We’ll never unite with communists undermining our Constitution.


You miss my point. People here are firing off at me for not blindly accepting the stories posted here. Liberal blindly accept stories from the drive-by media and folks have no problem trashing them over it, yet I get attacked because I don’t blindly accept a story here. I see people claiming to be conservatives eating their own because of varying opinions and views. We can’t even get along as conservatives. How are we going to defeat the enemy when we are fighting our own? Closed minds that refuse to hear out other people and dicuss things will never win a battle. I remember Castro saying America would be defeated without anyone having to raise a weopon. This right here is what he meant. We would tear our nation apart from within. A house divided against itself will not stand and here we are chipping away at the foundation.

Sue Grantham

The Media is complicit in the rift of society. They perpetuate racism that doesn’t exist in society. The left has actually convinced the blacks to segregate themselves in all facets of society. Talk about MLK wasting his life for equal treatment!


Are you satisfied with the 2020 election stolen by ballots and computer inputs both in and out of the United States? Ballots found discarted and abandoned along country roads, a mail truck was stolen full of ballots, is that fair? We let this go, it will keep happening. This has to be made right!! God is in control.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nancy
Robert Castleberry

You’re absolutely right. We should unite and be able to have a discussion about this. We’ve all been let down before and talk is cheap. I would love for this to be true but history has shown us that we can’t take someone’s word for it. Now is the time for action and not lose hope, but to be reasonable with our expectations. If we rely completely upon what others say then we’ll be let down if nothing happens.


The one who wipes the ass always wins.


David68_00 YOU added fuel to the fire (texting) here, to get bad results. You must have not followed why the actions that were 100% on, had to be stopped leaving everything dropped suddenly ? They held someone, that’s life would be expendable if Biden could not swear in. After Biden is President there could be another try. Look at what Biden is doing to the country. Only one proud of Biden is his handler, Pres of China, who also controls the Democratic party and holds more military secret given by Hillary. TRUMP can and will clean this mess up. Remember TRUMP is not saying a word.July 4th is a nice date. No one knows what will happen… Leave the comments to yourself. and be patient to see what happens. Again, Trump never gives the enemy a warning in advance..

Last edited 1 year ago by Spago

Spago why are you attacking me? Sounds like blind anger which is a liberal trait. You just said the same thing I have been saying with “wait and see”. That has been my point. No proof to these artickes and supposedly info coming from leakers. Trump doesn’t deal in leaks. Yes, he deals in keeping it secret until after the fact. That us my entire loint of saying I do not acceot these stories as fact until the proof is on the table. We’re on the same side saying the same thing only with different wording yet you’re going off on me like a rabid dog. Eat some valium or something and think before you fly off the handle.


I did not see that he was attacking you. I am so sick of the proof statement. The proof is there if you choose to see it. Bottom line is nobody owes you any proof, either you believe it or you don’t. There is nobody on here so important that the military needs to stop what they are doing and explain it to anyone and risk the confidentiality of the mission. There is a lot to be done let them do it on their timeline. Thanks to the military and the soldiers. My sympathies to the families of the 200 special force that were killed trying to save the children.


Exactly…you don’t reveal your battle plans to the enemy.

David R

Be Best *


david…it is time for you to move to…..HUFF & PUFF !!!!!!


Sorry dude but unlike you I am not a sheep. I do not blindly believe unproven stories from man because it’s what I want to hear. You babnle the same crap at me post after post because I dare to think and question. I want to believe these articles and see them proven, but until they are proven they are only theories. And you always slam me for no buying these stories as fact when there is zero evidence. You’re a right wing version of a libtard. You acceot anything as fact because it tickles your ears and attack like a rabid dog when someone dares to have a differing opinion from your own. I can picture you cutting in line to be first to climb into the box car for the fema camp.

Gloria Owens

You two go find somewhere else to continue this childish behavior.

Sue Grantham

Please go to Wikileaks. Trump authorized a huge document dump prior to leaving office. Start from JFK and come forward to the present. I think this was Trumps way of softening the blow of the manipulation society has received from the media over the last 50 years. Has analog video, previously top secret and classified information, documents, inter office memos, correspondence, etc. I think it will take you a while to get over the anger of what we’ve been told, it did for me.


If you wear a mask you are a sheep David, that’s what we awake people call you. Your doing what they say, you let them control you!

Veronica Cougar

GROAN!!!! I HATE those tired old cliche phrases! Listen To Me, Please : Science is not the be-all to end-all. Nor is it set in stone. There is a lot that it can’t explain. We know what we know about the universe through observation, and those observations are flawed and subject to bias and interpretation and experimental uncertainty. Some observations can be flat out wrong and will later be corrected or updated in the future. Scientific models and theories are representations and approximations of reality as we see it. Scientific theories change with time. As we acquire new information or new data, we have to update our theories, and our beliefs. “Proof” is ever-changing as we receive more information over time. Trust your own judgment. Disappointment is part of life, let it flow, it will lose its power as you familiarize yourself by experiencing it full on. Don’t give it so much rigid control over your life; no one should ever pass up a chance at success or victory to avoid disappointment!

President Trump’s moves are also not set in stone.

He is risking everything for us. He would not let us down unless something serious was involved. Elites threatened to nuke a city if he didn’t let them inaugurate Joe Biden. Spec ops had found all but one of the nukes they planted in cities around the world, The mother of all temper tantrums by a big bunch of crybabies. Pathetic and despicable. He had to do it. But he kept the jet and the Beast, and the Football. He humiliated Joe and locked him out of the WH. Took away all of Joe’s child sex toys, Vatican accounts, gold bullion, Chinese weapons and ammos, and most likely took Joe’s life by executing him two years ago like Bishop Gaiter says.

Who’s Your Daddy? LOL

I like it that liberals are getting a big whopper bite of that shit sandwich they think they forced down our throats in November.

He continually keeps his opponents guessing. He has approved the release of deliberate misinformation, including dates of events we are waiting for, quite a few times, so they can never predict what he will do next.

He has taken a lot of shit from the left about “deliberately misspelled” code words that are not misspelled…what a good laugh I have had, explaining the ancient Biblical expression “covfefe” to snobby liberals who still insist it is a misspelling of the word “coverage” and think he just implied that it was deliberate to get out of looking like a fool. Once again, they fell right into his trap.

It is an Antediluvian term for “In the end we win.” It was commonly used by the sons of Adam to rail against the evil actions of the fallen who had led man astray. The term gained popularity prior to the great deluge and was rarely used after the flood subsided.

We are, after all in days that are “as in the days of Noah.”

We keep hearing, enjoy the show. It’s hard, but it helps to think of things that way. Yeah, there’s Covid. He told us about hydroxychloroquine and Zithromax. You can get hydroxy online from Frontline Doctors. Yeah, and there’s the vaccine. Just don’t take it. It’s classified as experimental, so no one can make you take it, not your employer, no politician, no one.

He has told us that he will never abandon us or let us down. We need to understand what he is doing. If he is not inaugurated on July 4th, I will understand that he is just throwing the libs off the scent again. Anyone who thinks he is just dicking us around or is scared or doesn’t care about us, doesn’t get him at all. Why would he do that to 75 million Americans who think he is a hero??? He expects us to be smarter than that. How quickly we forget all of the promises he kept, one after another, like clockwork.

We Know that he has said, I have come too far and worked too hard to give up now. I will be back.

Saying “in some form” is just to throw the idiots off the scent again. He won the presidency by a landslide. I seriously doubt that he will just give up the most important seat on the planet, Leader of the Free World.

He has MOST DEFINITELY dealt in leaks. He has regularly and deliberately approved leaks of information and disinformation.

My favorite is when he groused and complained and protested about the demand that he release his tax returns, he made a big deal out of refusing to release them and really rubbed their noses in his unsapologetic refusal, and then when Rachel Maddow got ahold of them and crowed and gloated about having them, that it was the end of his presidency, then all they showed was…he paid his taxes. Ahead of time. She couldn’t find any dirt on him, so she had to make it up: “he didn’t pay ANY taxes, for YEARS!” Just conveniently left out the fact that it was because he had paid them ahead of time to save a lot of money. And liberals lapped it up like fools while we laughed.

So, we don’t know exactly when he will come back. I am totally good with it. No other country has such a strong man fighting for them, for the whole world. He won the loyalty of the military over Joe Biden, fair and square. Remember this also: President Trump knows that the left is watching him like a hawk, and they are coming to these sites and studying everything and everyone carefully. So these are the perfect places to plant misinformation. Keep them on their toes, keep them distracted. I’m not surprised that Hillary is the first tribunal, (although I suspect there was a body double at the fake inauguration) because she is the worst. It’s good, keeping it under wraps. Let them think he is too chicken to do anything, that they have beaten him down and put him in his place.

Did you know that there have been over 144,000 threats on President Trump’s life since 2016? He has been poisoned several times and was much more sick with Covid than he let on. The guy is tough and protected by God.

So, in the meantime, get ready gradually, buy survival food for a month, every month. Pay rent/mortgage in advance, and utilities, too, if you can. I’m paying an extra $25.00 a month for gas, power and cell. I empty the change jar once a month and divide it between them all. It’s adding up. You’ll be ready for whatever the chumps throw at you.

Monthly stimulus checks are starting in July. It’s a transition to universal stupid income. They will try to get rid of jobs and put us on digital currency that they control. Get a reloadable credit card and have your pay direct deposited onto it. Buy a bunch of them so you can store as much cash onto them as possible. Buy gold and silver, get out of the banking system! I can pay anything with my cards, and they are not affiliated with any bank in any way! I got two of mine from Kroger and Ralphs grocery stores, they’re up front at the registers.

Now is the time to start an Amazon business, write that novel/screenplay (Hollywood is buying anything), learn coding or medical billing…work at home jobs that won’t go away!

We have a lot to be thankful for. We lose a battle, but the war is already won! Praise God!


It’s called “a fluid situation”. I’m sure you’ve heard of that terminology. Yet, in the end, Good will triumph over the evil that has *controlled* this world, for way too long.


Bro, they’re trying to take down a power that’s been in place for about 1,000 years. You think you just turn that around in a day? You think the Dark Side is made up of dummies? Lots of moving parts, daily….It’s going to take time. It’s happening slowly…As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Hang in there and have faith. The Dark Side is constantly still making moves which makes the White Hats have to change their strategy. It’s a game of chess, but the moves are running out. It’s coming. I wish it’d happen soon too, but I can wait to see all of these M’F’ers swing by their necks. It’ll be sweet!


Oh, David – there’s no such thing as “empty” hope…hope is what drives faith. We don’t have hope in any person on this planet or in anything they say. The only truth is the Words of God, and our only hope is in Him. I notice you’re still watching, so please be encouraged…our Redeemer is enough! Blessings…


I have plenty of faith in God. Faith he will bring his people through the storm the same as he brought the hebrew children thriugh the furnace. Please tell me what that has to do with questioning words coming from man. Man is not God. The articles here are supposedly from leaked info. The first thing Trump called out as commander in chief is the stupidity of announcing tactics so the enemy can prepare. So yes, I question the validity if people claimimg he is allowing info to be leaked. But once again, how does that have anything to do with my faith in God??? How does questioning man when the word tells us to test every spirit mean I don’t have faith in God? By questioning I AM trusting in his word. Think about it….

Sue Grantham

I understand what you’re saying. Trump does not give anything away. However, the fact is the military tribunals are taking place, have taken place and will continue to take place. I believe that the US media is under a blackout, however, news outlets overseas are not held to any US blackout. Overseas news outlets are indeed reporting about the USA. Go to overseas news outlets

Star Glider65

Do you know how deep the rabbit hole really is? People fleeing to other countries..our military needs to bring them back. It goes down to mayors and city councils.


Fleeing to other countries is not going to save them because the leaders of other nations will be on board with Trump when the take-down happens. They will just hand them over. Tom Hanks applying for Australian Citizenship while filming Bio of Elvis in Australian is not going to help him.


When it *does* happen, will you escort yourself to GITMO for your treason trial?

Sue Grantham

Mark- get educated. Your ignorance is showing.


And when it does, will you come on here and admit that you were acting like a whiny little “B”, and also that you’re one of those doubters that has no faith whatsoever????

Steve POPE

This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon


well said

Evie Rose

July 4, 1776 ( Freedom ) we celebrated By law our our first Independence Day! Now add 1776 what do you get?? Our freedom!! If you by Juan O Savin book and read it and get to the end of the pages, you will see a huge clue fireworks!! People do your homework’s
It’s a fun puzzle lol


Why publish plans for these bad people to prepare? God bless president Trump and his family thanks for your work Michael Baxter


A good point. Trump doesn’t do leaks or advertize. Trump called that out about the dems for how stupid we all knew it was. He never announced what was about to happen. We all saw the difference when we found out about military actions AFTER they moved. Everything on this site is supposedly leaked info with Trump’s knowledge or even approval. I don’t buy that for a second. His tactics are classified info and if he finds someone leaking he will cut them off at the knees.


All we know for sure is, that if America is to survive, as she was founded, something has to “give”. I think President Trump loves this country so much, that he will do whatever it takes to right the ship. He doesn’t want he, or his family to live the nightmare being created by the Left. I think the military will follow his lead.

Dean Vermite

Seek psychiatric help.

Sue Grantham

Your ignorance is showing Dean. Maybe you should do your own research and actually educate yourself.

Quentin Holt, Deplorable Thought Criminal

if this happens on 4 July or any other time, I will be very happy and very excited starting at that time. However, until it is actually happening in ways that are clearly visible to me, I shall not render to it very much thought. We have been down this road to calendar points before. Every time, the date passes and nothing happens. We are still under the same old same old.


and your plan is???

I don’t think this will happen July 4th and I agree. When dates are posted, its just to be a distraction to the other side and in all honesty I don’t think it will be that far out. Any time a date gets posted now, I know it’s not real. But I do believe he is coming back ‘before’ July 4th. Time will tell.


Deborah Hines

Please be true.. God Bless America ??


Faith is the hardest thing to deal with, all this is in God’s time not mans. I truly believe Trump is a blessed a God fearing man, but with every good thing there is a person waiting … in the wings … to Take Trump and followers out … so I pray for patience and know it’s in God’s time?

Sue Grantham

God has used simple ordinary men and women to further God’s plan. I firmly believe he has touched many men, including Trump, to thwart the monsters of humanity. Americans have been manipulated by the Media for decades by not reporting the truth. That is considered a seditious action. What these news media outlets are failing to remember is that they can be shut down in a NY minute. Research Abe Lincoln shutting down 300 newspaper outlets who refused to report the truth. It can easily happen again


First we were told Jan 20. Then “oh, well they have to inaugurate Joe first and then the military moves in”. Then March 4. Then that day went and we were told April. We barely got into this month and the goal post moves again. What will be said in July?

I want him back in office just as much as you, but all the false hopes are getting tiring.

Last edited 1 year ago by david68_00

But none of those dates came from President Trump or his staff. I pray like many others that this date is more official & will happen. Just keep praying…it WILL happen WHEN it happens. God’s timeline & President Trump’s timeline NOT ours ???


You and me both my friend. I want to see this country saved from the satanists and turn back to God. It breaks my heart seeing how wicked this nation has become and I pray there is still hope for it.


Amen to that. It’s sickening what is happening & has been happening we were not aware of. I thank God for President Trump & what he has shown us what so many Democrats & Republicans both have been involved in. But I am thankful for the truth & pray God forgives us & leads our President Trump in helping overcome the evil that has overtaken the world.

Dean Vermite

You need mental counseling.

Chip Henry

Do you say that a lot, or just to Americans who wish for the country to be returned as founded?


I hoped durham will bring some beauties to jail. on fools day…. it did not happen…this kind of article turn off even VSG/ESG PDJT supporters…… to forget about politics…..


Told by WHOM?


If you haven’t seen all the theories all over the net then I don’t know where you’ve been hiding. Everyone has been claimimg since November. We “knew” the election would get overturned. Then we knew he would be sworn in Jan 20. Then we knew Joe had to be sworn in first then the military would move in. Then we knew Trump would be sworn in March 4th. Then we knew it would be this month. Now we know it will be July 4th. What will we know next?

I do know this much. Dems advertize. Trump called it out as stupid. His tactics as commander in chief were always classified intil after the fact. We all saw the left having melt downs for not being consulted first. They were blocked so info would not be leaked. Don’t you find it a bit strange that he would change his tactics and announce what he is planning? That is not how he works. You have to think and question before you accept what you read. I don’t believe for a second he is announcing anything and if a leaker is in his circle, he will either set that person up or flat out cut him off at the knees. Think about it and you will have to agree things don’t add up right. Dare to think and question and not blindly believe because it’s what we want to hear. I want Joe gone, the treasonists arrested, and Trump back in office as much as you do but I am tired of all the false claiims. You have to admit, it’s been like a broken record. I hope this one is true but I’m not banking on it. It’s a wait and see.


Fair enough. Yes, I’ve seen some of the theories, but the problem is we’re dealing with a swamp of information mostly of unknown origin. 4chan for example used to provide interesting information that involved some accurate predictions but a fair share of misinfo. After the midterms in 2018, the “good” sources apparently disappeared and the site mostly was overrun by trolls spouting a lot of gibberish. It’s hard to find or trust most sources nowadays, which is frustrating.

I agree that Trump and his forces would never reveal their actual plans for the public to see. The best thing we can do for now is be patient, resist what the pundits of the MSM want us to do, and let the pros do their jobs. Some hopium is OK as long as it doesn’t get carried away. There is evidence of an underground war taking place; this is a lengthy process, but the weapons technology of the dark side absolutely positively needs to be neutralized before humanity can be freed.

Last edited 1 year ago by jimbo

Agreed. And I am glad to see another voice of thought and sanity. It’s crazy how hard I’ve been attacked on here because I dare to ask questions. It’s sad that folks can’t come together with open minds and discuss things instead of going full militant.


Don’t take it as an attack – look at it as a challenge! I’ve learned so much about research since this whole thing started! It’s always easier if everybody’s on your side. But when you have to find info on your own, you’ll have a different level of confidence in the information you find out. I do like RealRawNews because at least they’re not saying the same thing everybody else is! And, when they have articles out there, there are little snippets you can actually get your teeth into when it comes to research. Stick around! We need people to keep all us other people honest and on the ball!


I consider it an atrack when they go full psycho on me because I don’t blindly accept unproven theories as fact. They have no problem trashing liberals for blindly buying anything the drive-by media throws out there yet bash me for not doing just that with these stories. While I hope to see these things pan out, until it does it is only speculation. And based upon what? An undisclosed source supposedly close to Trump and leaking info. The simple fact Trump doesn’t deal in leaks raises a huge red flag about this “source”. I’m not a liberal or a right wing version of one. I dare to think and ask questions and for that I get treated like the enemy. A house divided agianst itself will not stand. When so-called conservatives attack other conservatives for having differing views or daring to question, then how can they expect to win the fight? Libs are united in their lunacy. Right extremists are divided by their’s. I’d say they are no different from liberals, but that’s not the case. At least the lunatic lefties are united. Something these extremists here can’t say about themselves. Either agree with them to the letter or you’re a target for their wrath. Same tactics, only divided by
them while the other side unites.


Perhaps there are sources and they are being used for a reason.


Bro, man up….Geez; Stop whining…It’s happening. Do some research. You can find it. It’s all over the web. In the meantime, do something to keep your mind busy. We don’t need any doubters here. We need people who are mentally strong and have a strong sense of faith in God and humanity.


Show me your proof. Where is it all over the web that Hildabeast is in Gitmo? Only on this site. I remember it was all over the net that Trump would be sworn back in befire now. That has been my point all along. No evidence here. It is all unproven theory. Everyone “knew for fact” Trump was going to be sworn in Jan 20th. Then they knew first Joe had to be sworn in and then the military was going to make their move. Everyone knew for fact there would be a new election and Trump sworn in again in March. Then it was April 4th. Now it’s July 4th. You don’t see a pattern here? What will we believe tomorrow? Or should I say July 5th? Pardon me for having questions. You folks have no problem trashing liberals for believing everything from the drive-by media but you trash me for not doing the same with the stories here. Hypocrite much??? Just like a liberal, you get mad at anyone who doesn’t share your views to the letter. Conservatives are supposed to be open minded. How about acting like one?

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I see people agreeing with you for the most and you are still whining???? If it upsets you that much, just stop following and find a platform that suits your need. You need to take a step back for awhile and take a rest. And you show your proof that it didn’t happen since you are being so particular about proof. After all, you are doing the questioning! Conservatives are supposed to be open minded! Maybe you should practice what you preach.


How about this? Hillary is already dead, I posted here last night and my post disappeared…


…and your contribution is????



Quantum Life 45

It’s all in God’s time…
Keep the faith…
Thank You President Trump and God bless you ?

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Exactly, GOD still on the Throne, main mission was the release of children from the DUMBS in which all countries detest. Remember it’s always a spiritual war, if a believer you should know Eph 6: 12 and suit up. All SF Ops are helping the cause, if Pres Trump was outside of God’s providence he would be dead by now. Info I have he was asked years ago to perform this mission against the Luciferian establishment (Hellywood, Epstein, Weinstein, Wexner, Bohemian Grove worshippers, Podestas, Hitlery, Pizzagate, etc. etc ) Must come to a reset. These white hats are doing much more than we are waiting on the sidelines clamoring for dates ~ Evil is very powerful and the white hat warriors have loved ones too exposed.

Mike jones

Gods not real, & if he was you think he’d send some fat grifter who embodys the seven deadly sins to represent him? ???

Julie Martin

YOU will DEFINATELY EAT those words!!! G– will NOT be mocked, fool! YOU do NOT make your own heart BEAT!

Veronica Cougar

He’ll wish that God wasn’t real. For eternity. I give You thanks and praise, Lord, I trust in You only. Give me discernment! Open up their hearts to the Light of Your Love and reveal Yourself to them in a way that they can’t deny!

Veronica Cougar

Why not? After all, he also made an ignorant, God-hating judgmental troll like you. And He loves you, too, how about that?


Mr. Baxter. Yours is plain talk yielding clear understanding. March 31st, I heard “Frankly Frank” (out of NYC) trying to pin down Juan O Savin, who, as usual, proved slippery and ran out the clock. His April 1 date proved hollow. Even so, God Bless Juan O Savin. Yesterday, Robert David Steele spent 10 minutes calming down David Rodriguez, but I know it won’t stick. It does not stick with any of us. I even hear whispers of desperation creep into Michael Jaco’s voice. The people need milestones. Sociology has become Volcanology and Volcanology will become a cleanup on aisle-five. Cheers, MAGA & Trump.

David R

WTF are u trying to say ?


I am looking forward to that moment ! I hope this is true and that the plans of Trump will work out as planned. Whatever we plan, we cannot be sure of the success of the plans (for instance, when we try to get a degree, we cannot be always sure we will get it) : either Trump or the Deep State (the Deep State plan was to get Biden be victorious of the 2020 elections by hiding the fraud to everyone : they have failed to hide it so massive the fraud was). No empire is strong enough to be sure it will keep dominating the countries under his domination. So, for such an important thing, I hope that Donald Trump will tight things up in a way that it will make impossible for his enemies to overcome him.


After the deadly D.C. breach, they have a reason to keep the Guard for an indefinite time.The very corrupt politicians and their allies know what is coming!


if there was nothing to be breached it would not have been breached and no one would have died at least not at the Capitol. Pelosi and company incited the violence!


3 Questions for Mr. Baxter: In view of the above good news, why is the Deep State proceeding with plans for their tyrannical Covid-Passport? Why do they bother with the “pantomime” of business-as-usual? Are there handlers in Switzerland motivating this (apparently) farcical behavior?


Basically because they still believe they can implement their globalistic agenda. They are parasites that subsist on mass societal fear and anger, and plenty of folks in the country remain ignorant and willing to do their bidding. There’s also a major conflict brewing between the West and Russia via Ukraine, the effect of which will likely have global implications. July is still three months away, and these demons are not going quietly into the night.

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As a matter of fact, just this evening Michael Jaco said that he believes there may be 2 unaccounted-for nukes on the “Ever Given” and Simon Parkes confirms that they found kids in the containers and yes, war on the Ukraine border. Remarkable that now patriots see Putin as almost a friend. Trump may be forced to move early to keep the Usurper from pulling us in. The NATO countries have proven to be our enemies and they may join in. But the fact remains, with the Cabal on the ropes, much useless effort is being spent. Absurd that the Deep State would try to force Covid passports. Therefore, I must assume that they just enjoy being dickheads.

Eric Delahanty

This BS Will Continue Till 2024 As Juan 07 Said April 1 Trump Will Be Back In Office. You Have A Better Chance Becoming A Crypto Millionaire

Patty Hoch

With Dominion doing our voting, how can President Trump be back in office? (Just askin’)


Do some research and form an opinion.

R Chiso

Ya’ll doubters need to watch Trumps interview with Lara Trump…he throws in some hints but you gotta listen very closely. It gave me a sense of hope.


Hints of hope is good. It’s blind theory that I question and get attacked because I ask. I believe he wants to encourage us but I don’t buy that he allows tactical leaks as so many imply. The first thing he did as commander in chief is call out thenstupidity of the Obozo administration announcing their plans so the enemy can prepare. Trump disn’t as president and he is not going to do it now. I believe he is working behind the scenes but I also believe his tactics remain privelaged info. All we can do is trust henis still fighting and wait to see what unfolds.


We could use a little less talk and a lot more action.


I need hip waiters….this crap is getting deep!

Julie Martin

Hip-WADERS… just sayin’,,, LOL


You’all are going to be deeply humiliated if this doesn’t happen. Another r/wing conspiracy???? Let’s see. Like others, I’d be ecstatic if this unfolded as spoken of.


If this doesn’t happen humiliation will be the least of our problems. Thanks for the kind words and encouragement.


I would like to know the ‘sources’ so that I could determine their credibility!


Quit being so negative minded, this thing is bigger that you could ever imagine, Things take time and everything has to be right and spot on when he makes his move, why are you not having faith in him??? Has he ever let you down? He never said anything about March 4 th, and IF it dont happen on July 4th, Dont cry about it, he is still protecting us isn’t he??? Don’t you still have your guns? Dont you still have your children? Dont you still have freedom? Dont you still have your head? (3500+ Guillotines) Because if it was up to Biden, and Trump wasn’t protecting us, believe me we would already be screwed, Give the man the time he needs, He and God has got this !!!!

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I am not sure on the date, why would you announce this to the enemy, It will happen but only about 10 people know that answer.


I think the most satisfaction I will get when it all goes down, Is Nancy polosi,Adam Shiff, and Chuck Shumer? these three deserve everything they will get, and AOC is very close 4th place


Wait—wasn’t April Fool’s two days ago??? 😉



Quentin Holt, Deplorable Thought Criminal

If this really happens of 4 July or some other day and I see some serious evidence of it, I shall jump for joy and sing and dance. Until then I will not let myself get excited. We have heard this kind of thing before. The date comes and goes and nothing happens that we can really pin down.

Deborah L Killion

This IS happening but you cannot pin a date on it. Revolutions are unpredictable and cannot be rushed for the angst of the audience watching at home.


I too want Trump to take his rightful position as our elected POTUS, but now that this plan has been leaked, Biden is going to call in China troops who are already positioned at the borders of Mexico and Canada to prevent Patriots from taking back our country. Is Trump planning on calling in Russia to keep China out of the USA? Giving Biden 3 months to plan and deploy civil war on US soil is a death sentence for civilians, why would Trump or any sane person, do this?


I have seven words for these stories – B A L O N E Y

Just like the old Wendy’s commercials Where’s the beef?


That was Wendys??


I’m betting you $1 Million that will NOT happen. I hope I’m proven wrong!

Carolyn Johnson

I sure hope so if not sooner

Carol Ann Levasseur

I hope the man of integrity, Doug Collins, has an influential and effective position in President Trump’s Admin. Mr. Collins won hands down! He is a man of intelligence, heart, honor, and a true American!


The date April 8 comes soon. That is the date for Hillary’s tribunal. We will know then if this site brings hope.

Carol Ann Levasseur

This Date reminds me of Kim Clement’s prophesy that there will be “a strange July” (2021)….He has been correct so far…

Mike Murphy

I understand that all things change. Including plans as important as this one. You study it repeatedly and if something appears out of place you change it. I respect that type of care and attention and wouldn’t be surprised if there were not more changes along the way. Changes do not mean it is not going to happen. Perhaps the timeline has changed due to something unexpected. Maybe it was meant to be a distraction?

My concern is a selfish one. The Nesara Act.

One provision of the Act is the one regarding a120 day re-election of all Gov’t held offices. Now, if a democrat should win the office we’re most concerned with there will be no Nesara Act, no med beds (if they are truly existent).
The I.R.S., taxes, and more will continue. Life will become hell on earth.
If for no other reason we should pray, have Hope and Faith.

President Trump was chosen by the Creator of all things for this job. Like him or hate him, it couldn’t have been easy to accomplish as much as he has, for us and the children.


The most important question one must ask is, “why was the military called into the capital a week before the inauguration when Trump was still in office?”. Trump had control of the military and it wasn’t Pelosi nor the Pentagon who sent troops to DC. Remember when this happened the media interviewed one of the military officials who was in a mask and he said that “we are here for a peaceful transition of power”… What the hell does that mean? Also, remember Pelosi’s laptop was taken by special forces on Jan.6th at the Capitol. A few days later, Pelosi lied and blamed her staff intern for taking the laptop to sell to the Russians. That is total bullshit. Something big is happening and we are totally blind to it.


Always keep them guessing. I personally believe that it will not be that long, but we will see. People are getting impatient and the world cannot wait.


It would intensify the meaning of independence day.,.

Linda Hill

Well I am super excited! At least we have hope because Biden is destroying America!!! TRUMP 2021 ????????????????


WHEN WILL THE TRUTH BE SHOWN THOUGH? My concern is if we have to wait until 4 July, does that mean we STILL have to contend with the masks, the forcing of vaccines, the passport thing etc or will the TRUTH and the MOVIES come out WAY before July 4? That’s what I’m hoping for. I refuse the vaccine, I refuse to wear a mask and I refuse to travel with restriction.s


Don’t take the vaccine! It is designed to take over your body with nano technology. They consider you to be none-human. Checkout


I am still keeping the faith.??♥️??
God wins.Truth will prevail.???


Hey, Michael! Love your articles! B y the way, do your sources have any news on B.O. and M.O.? I notice they’ve been absent from the news (thank God!) but hoping they have been arrested. Of course, we probably won’t hear anything about that unless your source can tell us. Will you please let us know if you hear anything? Thanks…

sonya reid

So why publish this info so the cabal will know it’s coming? Dooes not make sense to tell the world of the plans!



S. Clark

God has a plan and it is perfect. It will happen in his time and his way
Praise be to God

A.l. Marvin

July 4 ???? That is insane. Everyday this country is being destroyed.


He Needed A Vacation

That was the hardest
4 years of his life.

I appreciate DJT
4 being A Man of his word.

CW Nelson

Mr. Baxter,
Your writing and delivery is some of the best I have ever seen. I appreciate what you say, and how you say it. Perhaps not as good as you, but we write in a similar manner.
The care. Be safe.
CWNelsonAuthor // RogueOpsNovels


David…cant you see what is going on…this people are liberales pretending to be conservatives.

Drinking Trump Fan Tears

You’re all clinging to a monstrous fantasy of a military dictatorship. You go on and on about The Constitution and the founding fathers, but what you REALLY want is for the army to roll in and indiscriminately murder anyone you disagree with. It’s pretty sad, actually!


TRUMP…never said anything about March 4th or April 1st or in fact any other dates. Podcasters/video makers made reference to those dates…would say something exciting is going to happen by such and such a date and everyone, who so much wants this to end, wrapped their own meaning on it. I have seen two or more Podcasters acknowledge that they were wrong but went on the information they were given and actually said that sometimes they are given misinformation on purpose. You seem to forget that if “we know, THEY know”. The other side is frustrated because they can’t get any more info from Trump, so then they hit YT, video makers, etc. The video makers have now been told to stop dripping out so much info. Now they have infiltrated the social media sites to find out what they can. So let me make it easy for you. If a date is posted anywhere, it is fake. It will happen when it is supposed to happen. And I am really sick and tired of hearing how exhausted and running out of steam, the little babies are!!! Really, did you ever stop to think how tired Trump is after four years of endless abuse, lies, attempts on his life, attacks on his family, etc. And now behind the scenes he is trying to not just clean up the US but is working with other leaders to bring all the countries together. This is a GLOBAL effort. So, to all you little two year old children that are tired, or exhausted or whinine, or didn’t get exactly what you wanted to hear, go back to your playpens and take a nap. And if you don’t like what I said, TShit. Grow up. This isn’t about you. It’s about the whole country. Period.

Sue Grantham

“Trump feels he has enough military support to put down the resistance, and believes expunging the Deep State will take 10 days.”

I hope President Trump realizes that he not only has the active military, but he has the strength of a million veterans as our oath never expires. WWG1WGA