Schools Indoctrinate Children to Wear Masks for Life


If you want to be cool like superheroes Batman and Spiderman, you should embrace wearing a face mask anytime you’re near other people, even outdoors. That message was delivered to third and fourth grade students at Irving Elementary School in Irving, TX, a suburb of Dallas controlled by a Deep State mayor and a county judge who once worked for Barack Hussein Obama.

On 23 March, district Superintendent Magda Hernández told faculty they had a moral responsibility to ensure that children perceived masking not as a hardship but as an opportunity to show the world “how cool they are.” She instructed teachers to be creative in how they conveyed the message.

One teacher used a curious and potentially dangerous approach, telling students that wearing a facemask or two would make them as strong and cool as comic book heroes. Her name is Sarah White, and she, like many public educators, is more interested in pushing a political narrative than teaching children spelling and arithmetic—what she’s paid to do.

“Batman wears a mask and is cool. Spiderman wears a mask and is cool. They’re cool because they never remove their masks when they’re around other people. And you shouldn’t either. They’ve been wearing masks for years, or their whole lives, to guard their identities and to make sure they don’t give other people Covid-19. It’s important for all of you to do the same, otherwise you won’t be cool,” Ms. White told her 4th grade class on March 25.

The account of her shocking statement came from one of her students, Christopher Peele, 10, who parroted Ms. White’s soliloquy to his mother and father after returning home from school that day.

Mr. Peele, 36, told RRN he was outraged at the school’s bizarre method of encouraging healthy, non-diseased children to wear masks.

“As a patriot and Trump supporter, it sickens my stomach that kids are being forced to wear facemasks in school. I told my kids the truth, that they don’t get Covid, and if they do, they don’t get sick from it. This is the government’s influence on the schools, and it’s overreach. America has turned into a land of pussies,” Mr. Peele told RRN.

The next day young Christopher Peele went to school and echoed his father’s sentiment to his teachers, telling Ms. White that only liberal, socialist “sheeple” wear a government-mandated facemask to combat a sickness that has a 99.9% survivability rate.

When Ms. White demanded to know where Christopher had heard the sheeple reference, the young student proudly replied, “From my father. He’s smarter than you.”

“Your father shouldn’t say such things. I might have to report him to Dr. Fauci. If he talks like that, we might have to take you away from him and your mother so you can learn the right way to act. Or else you’ll get people sick with Covid,” Ms. White told the child.

Mr. Peele told RRN that he and his wife are now considering home-schooling their children, and said they’ve retained an attorney to protect their civil liberties and also sue the Irving School District for violating Christopher’s Constitutional rights.

Additionally, Dallas attorney Tim Powers said the following: “We think we have a good case here. ISD and the teachers wantonly endanger these children. They’re talking to these young and impressionable children about superheroes. Superheroes on film fly and fight crime. What if one of them decides to leap out a 10th floor window thinking he can fly? I think the omen is obvious.”

In closing, RRN contacted ISD Superintendent Hernández for a comment. She said, “We should all be ready to wear masks for as long as it takes for Covid-19 to end—1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 50 years—what difference does it make? We’re saving lives.”

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that superintendent should be at gitmo.


Have teachers re-written their own job descriptions? Do they work for “the public?” Of course, since we have lost the vote, and since we have been reduced to slavery, my questions are rhetorical and sentimental flourishes.


They should be teaching kids how to think, not what. Nothing but brainwashing.


In a hard-core communist-run society, everyone is treated equally…not by the way of individual rights, but as property of the government, which is their only “god”. Free speech and thinking are out.

Last edited 8 days ago by jimbo
Jeff Flick

Indoctrination center’s is all they are nowadays.


Yes, saving lives of the demonic totalitarian oligarchs who foisted this hoax on humanity.


“What difference does it make?”, sounds like former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton


no wonder she is still MS. white

Jeff Flick

Wow a school teacher that’s dumb as a brick! Go ahead kids wear your masks and keep breathing in the carbon dioxide that you exhale?! That carbon dioxide is actually what the trees take in to breath & stay alive and in turn the trees give us oxygen. I learned that in grade school!!!


I would hope that the parents of these children stand up to the school district and have more of this brought to the attention of the media (even though they lie all the time), but to not stop at this insane type of control. Those teachers should be held accountable to the parents of these children. “If they don’t want to teach…do something else as they obviously only care about a PAY CHECK”


Lets be clear. The virus is so small NO mask can stop it from getting through, PERIOD. Wearing a mask to stop the virus is like using a chain link fence to stop a mosquito.


This country is looking more like China every day with this kind of dictatorship”


If kids wear mask all the time, they will have a short and sick life.


This situation is 1000 times worst than the nazi.


This was believable up until the part where the teacher supposedly said she was gonna report the kids dad to Dr. Fauci and possibly take him away from his family. Maybe plausible but doubtful.


What a shame for the Trudeau government to even brainwash poor children”