Pence Shot While Fleeing Military Arrest


Former Vice President Michael Pence took a bullet to the chest on April 14 as he and an unidentified male companion tried to elude U.S. Special Forces that had been tasked with apprehending him under terms described in a sealed indictment. The formal charges were drafted after Pence helped Deep State operatives legitimize Biden’s presidency at the January 6 Electoral College certification and after Trump had obtained irrefutable evidence linking Pence to a plot to topple him.

As reported previously, the first attempt to capture Pence had taken place on March 4 when U.S. Special Forces surrounded a remote cabin in the Indiana wilderness where Pence was believed to be hiding. Apparently tipped off to the incursion, Pence absconded into the woods minutes before Special Forces stormed the cabin. He vanished in the shadows and managed to elude capture for over a month.

On April 14, the MSM reported that Pence underwent surgery to have a pacemaker implanted at Inova Fairfax Medical Campus in Church Falls, Va. That tale, however, is a cover story meant to obfuscate an encounter that nearly ended Pence’s life, said a confidential source involved in Trump’s war on the Deep State.

On April 13, Trump and the U.S. military received credible tips suggesting that Pence and an unknown companion were holed up at the Commonwealth Hotel in Richmond, Va. Pence purportedly possessed classified military documents he had stolen from the White House prior to Jan 20.

“I don’t know the nature of the material, but it’s believed Pence intended to smuggle it to Biden. Trump got confirmation that Pence was indeed at the hotel, and he notified the military immediately. He wasn’t’ going to let Pence get away again.”

On the morning of April 14 Special Forces, donned in civilian and hotel staff attire, staked out the hotel and confirmed through staff that a man matching Pence’s description and an Asian man in his mid-20s had checked in on the 12th.

“Special Forces split into groups. Some stayed in the lobby while others went upstairs. One soldier said he was room service, then heard what he called panicked voices from inside. He’d obtained a master key, you know, those credit card-looking things that unlock doors, and burst in the room. Pence and the other guy were both wearing bathrobes. The Asian guy grabbed a silenced pistol from a night table and fired, but the shot went wide,” our source said.

Special Forces returned fire, killing the Asian man and grievously wounding former VP Pence.

Gasping for air with his hands clasped over a sucking chest wound, Pence reportedly apologized for having betrayed Donald J. Trump, saying with what he must have thought would be his last breath, “Tell Donald I’m sorry. They made me do it.”

“The dead guy and Pence were quickly taken from the hotel. After consulting Trump, Pence was airlifted to the hospital. As he fought for his life, Trump and his people began cooking up a cover story to avoid a media circus. It was generally known that Pence had heart trouble, and they went with the pacemaker story. If he died, they would have said he died due to surgical complications. After he was out of the woods, he got a telephone call in the hospital from Trump,” our source said.

Trump gave Pence an ultimatum: either sign a written confession naming his Deep State co-conspirators and agree to wear a monitoring anklet while JAG decides whether to send him before a military tribunal or have his crimes at once laid bare to the American public, including evidence of him cavorting with young men.

“An agreement was reached,” our source said. “Pence said the Asian guy was a bodyguard named Xao, but his identity couldn’t be confirmed. He had no fingerprints. He’d dipped his fingers in acid. No dental records, either—he had full implants. And a search of the National Facial Recognition Database gave no results,” our source said.

Hotel Staff were sworn to silence, as were several guests who witnessed the grisly scene, told that disclosure would violate the National Secrecy Act.

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I just got a GOP sponsored email stating that Pence is going to be attending the RNC summer retreat in CA on June 25.
Anyone taking bets that his appearance will be canceled at the last minute?


Folks This Website Is Parody

Jack Winsle

This is pure comedy.. wow I literally stumbled in this website searching Ben Shapiro and Israel on DuckDuckGo and honestly I haven’t stopped laughing since.. wow pure genius satire.. I mean you got the obvious Q folks who love this and then the regular conspiracy folk.. and you know most regular minded republicans who don’t believe in Adrenochrome still want to believe the shit about GITMO tribunals lol a comment section to boot (GENIOUS)


We all want to believe the stories here, I talked to a friend of mine that is an agent for DHS, he says that there is no truth to any of the stories.

Sandy Koufax

There is a video of Pence online from yesterday of him berating Biden’s handling of Israel. Is this the real Pence? It looks like Pence to me.

Josey Wales

This may be the only story ive read here that i may believe. 51/49


Anyone else looking forward to hearing who Pence’s puppet master was?


Come on sooner or later some one would talk. You expect a hotel full of people to stay silent because they were ”sworn to silence” how are all of your story’s not told by anyone else. No other under cover news sources will report any of these stories? Not a one has access to anyone at Gitmo to tell them unDer the same secrecy’s you’ve been sworn to?? Make it make sense. Make it be a little believable. Nothing would make the USA more happier but it has to have some merit. Not Cnn or MSN just one or two more some what credible sources.

All Senses Firing

Hotel guests and staff sworn to secrecy….no way that wouldn’t get out.

First of all Q said no deals traitors will pay!
Pence is supposedly guilty of crimes against young children, including murder I’ve heard/read about…..He needs to hang.
Sorry, but I’m skeptical of this being true.
I’m going with NO.


Did anyone see the Troy Smith video about Many top people and Mike Pence pedophile in Indiana If it is true this is the worst thing I have ever heard.


You are quite the writer!! Lol

Keith White

Pence said they made me do it. Who are they?

Ex - New Yorker

They” are all circumcised !

Last edited 2 years ago by Ex - New Yorker



Off subject for a minute: Everyone, find the photograph of Pelosi sitting next to Harris at the “state of the union”. Both have masks on. Look very closely at Pelosi’s face. That doesn’t look like a face of an 80 year old woman. I’ve seen her photo. This person looks more like mid to late 30’s. Or am I going crazy?

Ex - New Yorker

We are all going crazy!


Wow! ?


Wow! ?


Hey Michael, this doesn’t have anything to do with this article but thought you would find it interesting.

I recently watched a homemade video of attorney Lin Wood making a stump appearance for Kandiss Owens who is running for governor of Ga.

He asked these questions of the group. “Wheres Hillary and wheres Comey?” He also asked who is “playing” Biden?

You said that Trump thinks Biden is the real guy but Mr. Wood seems not to.
I thought you would find this interesting. Have a good one

Ex - New Yorker

Who datt: Kandiss Owens ???


This site should be named “The Really Good News”. I come here to bathe in excellent feelings. Thank you, Mr. Baxter, for sharing!!!


Yeah, I mean who needs Calgon when you’ve got Real Raw News??? 😉

Ex - New Yorker

 I want to believe that this is all true, I really do! … but if it ain’t  true, then Stephen King has really met his match! 

Alain Ross.

Hello! I take advantage of this first comment to thank you, Michael B., for your precise, detailed, concise articles….. it is articles like these that journalists all over the world should provide to all readers. Thank you, your articles are top notch, we must not forget that your source is exceptional, thank you to him from the bottom of my heart. All together we are victorious.

Hello ! je profite de ce premier commentaire pour vous remercier, Michael B., pour vos articles précis, détaillés, concis….. ce sont des articles comme ceux-là que les journalistes du monde entier devraient fournir à tous les lecteurs. Merci, vos articles sont top, il ne faut pas oublier aussi que votre source est exceptionnelle, merci à lui de tout cœur. Tous ensemble nous sommes victorieux.


D’accord, Alain!! 🙂


This is some movie! I feel like I am in the twilight zone


Does anyone else find it odd that with all the supremely trained special operators / retired military in this country – Pence is found with an Asian bodyguard?
So was some Asian country the real question mark behind Pence betraying our President and our country on that darkest of all days January 6, 2021?
Or was Xao just his favorite “bunk buddy“?

Last edited 2 years ago by tinydruid
Sandy Koufax

What the hell was Pence doing in the crap hole capital of the Confederacy? The airport is not a major hub, so he probably can’t get a direct flight to his final destination. I doubt his Asian companion lived in Richmond, VA either. Some sort of illicit transaction was taking place. I doubt Pence traveled to Richmond, VA just to hook up with a guy who erased his fingerprints.


This page doesn’t seem to be calculating visits and/or comments.


So where is Pence now?


Click on the 2 links above this if you’re having trouble getting the other 2 articles Mike Baxter published today 5/15/2021.

Peanut is my cat

I thought something was fishy about the pacemaker story. He leaves office and suddenly needs one? While it’s nice to hear these things on this site, I think we should take each story with a grain of salt. You never know who might be reading comments.


I’m not the first to comment but it says I am. What happened to the Gitmo tribunal schedule? Has this site been hacked?


Hope they hang him. Cant believe they would make deals with traitors.

Ex - New Yorker

Not only did he betray Trump, he also betrayed millions upon millions of American people who actually did vote for Trump, and by his misdeeds he opened the door so that a senile lunatic cheater could get in to the highest office of the land!

I agree with you:
No f mercy for traitors!


Hmmmm, very interesting. I want to know what happened to the real Pelosi. Camped out in the Capitol? Possibly afraid to come out “and play?”


Wow, Pence with a Chinese male honeypot claiming to be his bodyguard. Hope they get the whole story out of him but he was definitely vulnerable for sexual blackmail.Makes me think of Bidet’s constant Chinese agent by his side, who seems way too old for Creepy Joe’s taste.


These stories are never boring.
Pence has a very checkered past and needs to pay for his crimes.
Hopefully he will atone and help bring some DS players to justice.


i think that was his double that was shot. the real pence has already been executed.


This article appears on the website but I’m only able to access the upcoming and fauci articles through your Twitter links. I have used bravo, Firefox and Duckduckgo on smart phone and tablet, refreshed both usa and news pages. Those two just don’t show up.


Working fine now, thank goodness.


Hard to beleve this Is all going down behind closed doors it sucks and worry me all the ti.e If this is real.

al pohl

i’ll believe all this monkey business when i see proof. . .


We thought you like monkey business on HUFF& PUFF site….


It is difficult to celebrate this since Mike Pence stood before the nation for the past four years showing himself to be of such great character and a likable family man. You alluded to him being forced to betray Trump. If so, it is despicable what the corrupt powers of Washington are doing to people who go there to serve our nation. However, it was a choice he made, and life is about making choices. We the people don’t know all that he has done and I’m sure history will hopefully provide the truth. With that said, my praise goes to President Trump and those who carried out this takedown. One more of the Deep State down.


Pence’s “proclivities” including time in IN politics have been explained by Lin Wood’s whistle blower a while back.


Michael- did he sign up also there will not be -another -30 pence on TV……???ENOUGH OF THIS CIRCUS with doubles..

Last edited 2 years ago by sejmon

I’ve read about Pence years ago. Lots of “men of the cloth” or religious figures have provided good cover for their paedophilia. The first time I noticed Pence turn on Trump was early on when the “tapes” came out of an explicitly sexual nature. Then Pence plotted with Paul Ryan, Rod Rosenstein to get Trump out. Needless to say that plot failed. As far as the Asian guy, he could’ve been a deep cover Chinese agent since they’re infiltrated everywhere. Smuggling documents? Could be a range of things since China steals everything. “Q” says watch the wives. Wonder where Miss Karen is, I hear she’s a worse creep than hubby. Now that they have Pence, they better watch him like a hawk. He seems to be quite resourceful. And they better get information out of him quickly. Ive never liked Pence, its the eyes.



White Chosen One

eat shit and die, Pence.

Joenabel Peterson



Nice! Get Hussein next please!


yeah. the asian man was a body guard. sure.


He was a “combo” guard.


Can anyone say how many Pences there are? I have shown these reports to a very skeptical, (although Conservative) husband who is fed up with America’s situation, and I have since given up trying to enlighten anyone who seems receptive. People don’t seem to understand doubles, masks, etc. I am about done……

David Cartwright

Wow, this is quite a story. Honestly, I’m glad he’s alive not for his sake but hopefully he’s got a wealth of knowledge to take down more deep state opponents.

Justice For America

Hello Michael Baxter, thanks for the update about Pence. I have been wondering whatever happened with him. But you know the question everyone wants to ask? Where is Pence now? Also I am originally from Virginia, and I find it extremely strange that Pence was air lifted to Inova Fairfax Medical Campus in Falls Church, Va., when the best hospital in Virginia is in Richmond where Pence was shot, namely MCV, the Medical College of Virginia. What are your comments on this sir?


Perhaps the Falls Church hospital specializes in shootings where Asian hitmen without fingerprints are involved.


Somebody who witnessed it is going to talk. That’s just what people do lol. None the less, where is Pence now? And does his wife know he is and has been homosexual or is it bisexual?


Or possibly try-sexual! 😉


The funny part of the story for me is, Pence eluded Special Forces in the woods during the first attempt to capture him. Well written piece and very entertaining…


Sic semper tyrannis.


Still waiting for Obozo to be taken down. As for Soros, just snipe him as the terrorist he is. Get those two and a lot of dems will be heading for the hills.


Everyone seems to be totally ignoring the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, their money does a thousand times as much damage as Soros money does, would not be surprised to find Soros is owned by one or the other family.


Don’t forget the Bilderberg Gates and another couple I cant remember Billionaire families that are into evil Gothic stuff. Genocide Killing off population.


Benjamin De Rothschild, who oversaw the banking empire started by his father in 1953, died of a heart attack on Friday, Jan. 15, 2021, according to his company.
He was 57. 

Terminally deplorable

Commonwealth Hotel Richmond, Va.
$$$, Rated 4.5 out of 5, per Expedia $ 178/night

Last edited 2 years ago by Terminally deplorable
nunya biness

Good riddance to the pedophile traitor.