Military Apprehends Pelosi Doppelganger


U.S. military assets have fudged a covert mission to apprehend House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, arresting instead a Pelosi doppelganger donning a lifelike mask that mimicked every hideous detail of Pelosi’s face, right down to the most deeply engrained wrinkles.

A confidential source involved in Trump’s war on the Deep State told RRN that the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps on Monday opened a sealed indictment which Donald Trump and acting AG Jeffrey Rosen had authored toward the end of Trump’s term. Trump, our source said, had given JAG the document, with instructions to unseal it once the military had completed its investigation on Pelosi and corroborated a vast list of charges that include treason and sedition.

On Monday, May 3 JAG honcho Vice Adm. John G. Hannink coordinated the arrest with Marine Corps General Gary “Lurch” Thomas, and they picked, what our source called, a Marine reconnaissance squad for the operation.

“The Marines began surveillance on Pelosi’s San Francisco home on Tuesday. They used parabolic microphones and optical gear to keep tabs on her, and they followed her to and from her house for two days, keeping track of her schedule to make sure they’d grab her when no one else was around. Her husband was out of town on business for the week, so it was the perfect time,” our source said.

The Marines, he added, grabbed “Pelosi” whilst she stepped outside to check her mailbox Thursday evening. They zip tied her, gagged her, and tossed her into an unmarked van. Within minutes, as the van sped toward a clandestine safehouse, they realized they’d been duped.

“The woman looked like Pelosi, same face, same measurements, heck a nearly identical voice. But as she struggled, the Marines realized this woman, who apparently is much younger in reality than Pelosi is, had a prosthetic Pelosi mask that covered her entire head, hair and all. It was Hollywood perfection,” our source said.

Realistic masks are common in the film industry and are typically made of polyurethane and silicone.

The Pelosi imposter, our source said, carried duplicates of Pelosi’s drivers license and library card, which the Marines found when they frisked and searched her. She refused to answer questions, saying only that she was an actress hired by Pelosi.

“She refused to identify herself. I don’t think they’ve cut her loose yet. Trump wants answers,” our source said.

In closing, our source said he believes the real Nancy Pelosi was tipped off and vanished into the shadows, there to dwell while the military hunts an unknown number of carbon copies.

“The Deep State is taking drastic action to protect its own,” our source said. “They don’t want what happened to Hillary Clinton to happen to them.”

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Well deserved. Have a great weekend! (Although I’ll still be checking in…in case something major happens!)

Sharilyn Henry

Me too…plus I love reading all the comments. I often learn new and interesting information. I do this on any important videos or articles I watch and or read.

J Bill

You same. Rest easy sir.

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well deserved buddy…we are going plinking as well…

Sandy Koufax

I think we can count on something happening. A failed attempt to abduct the speaker of the house is going to have serious consequences.

Terminally deplorable

It means, the gloves are off.

Sandy Koufax

Anyone of any consequence is going to have numerous doubles, massive security and will constantly change locations. Any future abductions will meet massive resistance.

J Bill

LOL. Who’s gonna want to stand beside a DS conspirator? You?

They’re fresh out of friends.

Sandy Koufax

Pelosi has enormous wealth. Money is no object. She can hire thousands of Nancys.

Robert Dziok

Really think some actor or someone is going to want that GIG knowing she’s being hunted down for prosecution? How did that work out for the current imposter caught? Couldn’t pay someone enough to do it knowing the outcome.

J Bill

Massive resistance by who? And with who’s army? LOL

Are you on drugs?

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Sandy Koufax

The DOJ, FBI, CIA, Secret Service are all controlled by the Deep State. The DOJ could easily indict General Thomas. The FBI has paramilitary forces that could apprehend General Thomas in the same manner as the Marines tried to apprehend Pelosi.

Robert Dziok

Do you really think the Military (e.g. Marines, Special Ops, etc) would ever allow something like that to happen/stand from an illegitimate government they know and have all the evidence of being stolen in 2020? A government they are now having Military Tribunals on some of it’s members?


Impossible, the Military is using Law of War to apprended these criminals. If the Alphabet Boys want to apprehend they have to use due process which makes it harder. More still these guys are stationed on military installations civilians have no jurisdiction at these locations.

Robert Dziok

Gee, I wonder what will happen if they are stupid enough to go up against the Military (e.g. Marines, Special Ops, etc)?

Sandy Koufax

They already did. Advantage Pelosi.

J Bill

For sure. And now the DS is really in trouble!!!

Sandy Koufax

Right, and have nothing to lose. They will be sentenced to death anyway. They are very dangerous.

J Bill

I hear you.

Go down with guns blazing? You may be right, but hope not.

I hold a shred of hope that inside every demon, there was a good person at one time. Whose soul is held in another “state”.

Robert Dziok

They’ve always been very dangerous! As Q has posted at times “How do you capture a dangerous animal?”. This is not some recent revelation to them. The Military, President Trump, Q, Patriots use “Game Theory”, “Art of War” and more. Such has been anticipated long ago.


How you figure when military can’t get eight people apprehended?

Robert Dziok

Justly Hanging “Comrade Clinton” via Military Tribunal was not serious? What were those consequences? Run and hide? Really think such would not have been anticipated by Military etc and planned for? Who is going to stand up against the Military? That’s why there was infiltration and not invasion but is and has been exposed now. Military now trains to take out and get into deep bunkers. Looks like their multi million dollar hideaways are useless.

Sandy Koufax

So far they have apprehended losers who are no longer in power and had no future in government. They were expendable. Pelosi was the first person in power that has been reported on and she won this round.


I’m not buy Pelosi going out to get her mail. No way! Not that princess.


You’ve earned it. Have a good weekend!


enjoy your break!!


Enjoy your weekend!


Thanks Michael for these great reports. Pelosi obviously took it on the lam after hearing about Hillary. Someone needs to check Biden’s fingerprints. Bet Obama’s in Kenya claiming citizenship.

Robert Dziok

I heard/read not too long ago the US now has an agreement with Kenya to have troops there. Gee, what a coincidence! Looks like Hypocritical Globalist Controlled Trojan Horse Obama may not have the out he thinks he does.


The irony is Obama most probably isn’t Kenyon. His real father was Subud cult leader, Muhammad Subud. His mother, a subud cult slave. Ann Dunham was in Indonesia working at the subud headquarters. She brought Soebarkah through Hawaii on the 13th of August 1968 form Djakarta Indonesia. She annotated his name on his passport application as Barack Hussein Obama (Soebarkah). Barack has established roots in Honolulu and Chicago, two headquarter locations for the Subud cult.It is believed that Stanley Ann Dunham is also Loretta Fuddy, the woman who supplied Barack Hussein Obama’s forged birth certificate when pressed by the public to present it. The certificate was clearly forged because it shared the same signature as the passport application and even had the scrawled through words “Barack Hussein Obama (Soebarkah)”.


Have you considered Obamacare, and an Obamaphone to call for it? You’re fuckin’ nuts.


Can he borrow your Obamaphone?

Veronica Cougar

I notice you didn’t supply any information to prove it isn’t true, deep state tool.


Thank you for all you do to keep us informed. Have a blessed weekend.


This is interesting, Charlie Ward says Congress is all locked in so if she is there then can easily be taken. If that is another imposter then we don’t have to worry about her passing any more stimulus bills!

Mary Parry

The Biden imposter has been. signing orders that even if they are not legal are managing to allow criminals and COVID to multiply in the USA.


CW has been a boat full of fake info


I was wondering, not to make accusations or jump to conclusions but sites like have a list of people including podesta that have according to them already been “arrested and executed) it’s on their list of indictments, arrests and executions and I just wanted to hear what you had to say about that or get your opinion.

If you want a link to the site I can try and get that for you.

Enjoy your weekend, you deserve it

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Darie wy

I would love a link.


I’m not saying it’s legit or factual. I just wanted his opinion on it

Mary Parry

What about all of the Congressmen who are being held under the Whitehouse until their military Tribunals?Or is this disinformation?


Tarot by Janine, touted by Michael Jaco as the best tarot reader he has ever encountered, claims that this story is made up to get clicks. Which brings into question every single story on this site.


HAFT THE US GOVERNMENT IS GUILTY OF TREASON,SEDITION,AND MURDER,…there needs to be executions at GITMO everyday till they’ve all been hanged..INCLUDING ALL WHO WAS INVOLVED IN THE DEATH OF 900 people at ALPENA,MICH..durning OBAMAS RAIN OF TERROR ON AMERICAN PATRIOTS,and everyone who has OK’D the bring in of foreign military to kill americans,A VIOLATION OF THE MONROE DOCTRINE…


What’s the update on Pelosi’s doppelgänger? Where is the real Nancy?

Adam Coman Jr

As an ESL – kinda – I didn’t know what Doppelgänger is. I thought some sort of German retriever dog. Why would the army apprehend her dog?
Anyway, can’t wait to capture the real Nance, she is putrid and evil. Putrid Nancy

J Bill

I thought it was a car. Hey… wait! She is like a vehicle!

Just fill her with fuel (JD) and you can drive her all day.


“Here’s your replacement. Unbelievable is she? Cooperate with us, or you will certainly be replaced.”


…but enough about you and your mom

J Bill



ive always felt it was Rebecca from full house ( miz college fraudster her self. )playing Nancy.. and since she was away for 18 months gave her a great cover.


I went to check comey´s twitter, not a post since January – I couldn´t find!


Put the doppelgänger on trial then put her in jail. That will make the others look for cover! Run away and hide doppelgängers !!!!


That’s one mother that will have her day…
If they need a button ? pusher I’m available ?.


biden has 56 days remaining

Veronica Cougar

It’s only a matter of time, Pelosi. You should turn yourself in. Are you going to stay underground in a hole for the rest of your life? No narcissistic sociopath is capable of doing that. C’mon, man!

J Bill

Agree. You should turn yourself in.


I guess that you mean “Nancy Pelosi should turn herself in.” In my opinion, she should prove to the public that she can perform her duties as House Speaker by turning up on Capitol Hill as soon as possible. Failing that, this RRN report on the arrest of a Pelosi doppelganger will gain credit. Please know that RRN reports have been translated into other languages including Chinese. So, information from this website is being disseminated across the world with various kinds of implications. Oddly, despite the serious nature of this RRN information about the high crimes committed by prominent political figures, no one has come out with a categorical denial. Why?

J Bill

No, I wanted to see how she interpreted my question. But can’t now. Anyways…

Firstly, want to say that regular or informal speech (English US) is easily misinterpreted across different languages. There too many nuances, colloquial phrases, ‘slang’, or humor injected phrases, to learn in one lifetime. Of one translator.

English language in it’s complexity, is the most beautiful. And most easy to misinterpret. Especially mixed with appropriate, or inappropriate body language. Deliberately, or unintentionally. To send a coherent message, or one with a subliminal underlying signal or que.

That being said, to answer your question:

If it were myself “on the run”, facing the charges, my lack of a categorical denial is simple. The video evidence is readily available for all to see already. Even though the “evidence” held in state has not been perused, the guilty mind has already seen it, and will act accordingly (mens rea).

Basically speaking, everyone has become “spooked”.

J Bill

Besides that, the implications of no categorial denial could be enormous.
But before stretching it further, there would be no need for one.

Meaning, no telling how long institutions may have been compromised. That in itself being a whole other ball-of-wax too.

From there, orders could be meaningless and not worth the paper they’re printed on. Nor any more credible than their john henry.

(Or their darth vader, choe blow, or r2d2… depending where you’re from.)

It would be wise the hs turn up soon. For her sake and for all.


I have taken a close second look at your comment on Veronica Cougar’s statement. You said, “Agree. You should turn yourself in.” Allow me to guess again what you really mean and see if I’m right this time. As a student of the English language, I would say that you seem to be sarcastic. First, you certainly do not believe Pelosi would turn herself in under the circumstances described in the RRN report. So, I guess what you really mean is: “Agree you should turn yourself in if you were Pelosi, but would you under the circumstances?” But you of course don’t want to be this wordy. As to implications, I agree with you 100% that the implications of no categorical denial could be enormous. As you may be aware, in the RRN reports, certain past activities by Obama and the DNC leadership are referred to as criminal. In the RRN report of May 10, 2021, on James Comey, the Obama administration is referred to as Obama’s criminal regime. This information will soon reach millions of people — with enormous implications if no categorical denial comes from lawyers representing Obama and the DNC leadership. For instance, at least part of the public may begin to view this lack of a categorical denial as an admission of guilt.

J Bill

After asking me “how many children I’ve harmed, ” a typical projectionist behavioral response, it struck me as odd of this commenter. Being a curious person, kept it in mind. So, phrased a question to test the origin of what was being said. If they were paranoid and hiding an identity, she/he could feel threatened. Like a person of interest. Who would assume it was them being referred to, by a rephrased question. And not be aware, that I be simply agreeing with them by repeating their question in a literal sense.

They continued on to say in 5-6 different comments after, about the CIA, FBI, are forces to be “reckoned with” and “China coming from southern border…” ..? The comments were out of context, and not a reply to any commenter’s post directly. They were more inflammatory, with a tone resembling one to incite. That piqued my curiosity more.

Sorry, I was suspicious. Just some peculiar phrasing and unusual use of the language I observed. Assume if that were Pelosi, such a slip might indicate extreme pressure within.

To your question about Pelosi and whether she’d turn herself in. After doing the doppelganger trick, fear she might aggravate things. Implicating herself more, while giving credence to the reports at RRN and Michael’s sources.

Personally, think her to be stark raving mad. Who imagines herself to be an extremely sneaky person. Whatever she does next, will surely draw attention to herself in big way.

Will continue to think of this for a better answer.

J Bill

As well, it would be unfortunate if someone decides to “cut her loose.” Over the situation and it’s serious complicity. Agree, no categorical denial would appear as guilt.

Expecting a humbled response, from a collective consciousness of festering guilt, might be a long time coming.

Last edited 2 years ago by J Bill
Sandy Koufax

Pelosi will do anything to avoid being executed.

Terminally deplorable

You think?

J Bill

Any decision as to her fate is best left to DJT and his team.

If she was part of directing evil toward myself or family, it’s better she seek sympathy from Genghis Kahn than me.


Michael, can you please look into this? I totally would but know NO ONE in Intel.


There Is a lot going on, including all the recent activities in the South China Sea, but even more the investigations into Italy’s part in the election steal (and, yep, that has been steadily unraveling, and still is coming home to roost). The money, and the bribes is all being exposed.


I’m a bit unsure about this website. Is it a spoof site, like the Onion? Or a shared fiction-presented-as-fact website, like the SCP one?


This report on the U.S. military apprehending a Pelosi doppelganger sounds as if it is straight from a Hollywood action movie. However, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a very public figure who has to make her appearance on Capitol Hill every now and then. The source of information who provided Mr. Baxter with this intel seems to indicate that he or she intends to prove to the readers of RRN reports the degree of reliability of the information. For instance, according to this report, Pelosi has fled and vanished into the shadows. So, if from this moment onward, Pelosi never shows up on Capital Hill, we have to give credence not only to this report, but also the other reports we have read here. Of course, if on the other hand, Pelosi turns up on Capital Hill again, there is a problem with the information. Mr. Baxter’s source has set himself or herself up for a very severe test. Logically speaking, no one providing false information would do such a thing. Let’s wait and see.

J Bill

Words of wisdom. Thank you sir!!


For instance, according to this report, Pelosi has fled and vanished into the shadows.

I didn’t get that black and white conclusion from this report. In fact such singular kinds of reporting, coming only so far from one source, can have other intentions rather than taking it verbatim… letting those who are more peripherally involved, or even innocently involved (paid off), that they too could be held responsible w/ those giving the orders!

J Bill

Reaching the “holy grail” to this problem is like riding on a slow train. It will get there when it get’s there. It can’t be forced.

Military and DJT know what they are doing. The “cabal” or DS is dug in like a wood tick to human flesh. It’s difficult to pull out. To do it incorrectly can cause more problems. The wound takes time to heal properly after.

It’s a catch-22 situation. You can’t win for losing. Seek a balance.


I’m sorry, but that’s not correct. It would just be claimed that the Pelosi seen on Capital Hill is a doppleganger, or someone wearing a mask (which is better than any masks in the world). Don’t forget, Hillary Clinton was, according to this site, hanged some time ago. She’s been seen since and it’s been stated that it’s a doppleganger.


Assuming another Pelosi doppelganger turns up publicly on Capitol Hill, she should receive the same kind of treatment as was received by the first doppelganger. Otherwise, we have reason to doubt the reliability of this report. Basically, in my opinion, any public appearance by Pelosi or someone who looks like her ought to cast a cloud of doubt over this story. As to Hillary Clinton TV interviews, that is a different case where videos could have been manipulated to fool viewers. The details of the case against Hillary Clinton and her crimes have been laid out clearly here in the RRN reports. Yet, no lawyer representing her family has come out with a categorical denial and a statement demanding that RRN cease and desist from disseminating false information about her. Furthermore, none of the mainstream media reporters raised questions about her whereabouts and the serious allegations contained in the RRN reports during any of the recent White House press briefings, as if they had not heard anything about those serious allegations. Why? Because RRN may have very reliable sources of information, I guess. There are people who believe tales of Hillary Clinton’s execution by hanging are rumours. However, rumours are usually floated by unknown sources, not put down in black and white by a stubborn journalist who sticks out his neck and refuses to retract any of the allegations.


I guess it is too much to ask that they grab her on her way into Washington or while in session. I know, but one can dream right?


Pelosi admitting to Pence “coup de tat” upon Trump.


Library card? You’re joking, right?


Pooh…maybe next time.


In my reading of the comments some have asked “ Why not just walk onto the floor of Congress and grab her”.
Personally, I don’t think until the MSM is Compromised and Exposed it would be a good idea to execute public arrest. It would lead to a Media Blitz against Trump.

Last edited 2 years ago by Biblicalreality

The coup d’etat video has been removed.


Sorry, i keyed an incorrect word. It was redone below.


Fauci and Gates have got to be on the list. And Brennan should be giving the rope to hang the biggest…..from top down, including the major players at Justice agencies.

Today I saw the photo/s offered by Gen. McInerny of Obama w/ Fauci being given a tour of the Wuhan labs…..from allegedly 2015!


I appreciate your writings – but I want to ask that, though I understand your intent, to please strike the word hideous as pertains to her appearance. I believe the use of that one word in that context degrades your writing below the tabloid level. We should focus on the behavior, not the looks. I actually don’t find her appearance “hideous” but I do find her actions hideous and treasonous. If her actions were not so evil I would have no problems with her face – except for the eternally hyper-elevated eyebrows. Women get judged for looks much more than men. Instead – judge the character and actions… Thanks again for your writing – this is just something to keep in mind as more people, both male and female, are brought to justice.

J Bill

So far, it’s 1:1 female/male. With Abeda and Pelosi it’s 4:1.

But it’s not about gender here. She is hideous. So is Podi.


Agree – she is hideous – because of her actions.

Joe Lemos

So, let’s expose vital details of sensitive operations and just hope for he best, right? Unfortunately my instincts prevent me from buying this hook, line and sinker.
Should we expect an APB and await a follow-up?
Then who is the woman standing in congress assuming Pelosi’s identity?
It would be much easier, more efficient and effective to simply arrest the woman while she stands on the floor of Congress on nationwide television. But that will never happen because the “Right Reds” VS. the “Blue Lefts” WWF equivalent of a show is far too lucrative, controlling and mesmerizing. They are all on the same team. They love to put on side shows for you, where they point fingers, resort to name-calling and do absolutely ZERO for the American people, providing nothing more than lip-service as they continue with the entertainment but robbing everyone of their right to know truths, stealing; assets, financials, liberties, freedoms, dreams, peace and even right down to their God-given right to breathe freely.
They promote nothing but fear and division, meanwhile they all embrace the covid19 fraud to give it legitimacy in an effort to maintain the fear-inducing narrative, thus preserving control of the masses, which in turn feeds the division of the people. It’s a vicious and successful circle and indeed criminal. But when it starts to lose momentum, they simply roll out the race war weapon.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they are orchestrating all of the censorship, preventing civil debate and the sharing of relevant and important information relating to the efficacy and history of vaccines, masks and the professional opinions of doctors who DO NOT have a vested nor financial interest in this “covid19” PLANNEDdemic. But the sharing and public debate of covid19 is also not allowed. So I’m just supposed to accept the croakings of mainstream media and believe the hype that tells me that my children and I are diseased and need a vaccine. Lol, I do not consent now and never will. Anyone calling themselves a “Patriot” and wears a mask and even went so far to get a vaccine is only a “so-called patriot.”
July 4th 2021, will be the day that many will determine the credibility and worthiness of this site and its disseminations. However I must add that I do find your articles enjoyable.


Trump hasn’t been working with the Spec. Ops/highest military intelligence/NSA all this time, laying out their plan the whole time for the unawakened to finally begin to see, in order to prevent a civil war and deaths of the innocent, just to sabotage things, esp. w/ a still not awakened public in some big public display of power. As Mr. Baxter explained earlier…..there are still two forces vying for control in the background…’s that bigger battle going on/spiritual battle of Good vs Evil. The propagandist arm of the worldwide cabal must first be taken down as well. Any kind of open power play, all at once, would have headlines of “Trump tyrannical control” takes over….esp. while the cheating states’ election fraud is finally being exposed.

J Bill

True that.


I wonder who the corrupt POS is that tipped her off?


Are they planning to fight it out? Or just run and hide in China?

MAGA CountryBabe

Question? Am I missing something? Why would she have a library card and license on her when she is just checking the mail? And I thought Pelosi was already arrested and was on house arrest or on ankle monitor? I am becoming frustrated at the FAKE NEWS out there other than MSM. Who can we really believe?


When are the arrests going to be made of the Drive By Media executives?

J Bill

Not soon enough. The videos of top MSM brass acting like morons is nauseating.
Above it all, duping people, depose a president, then go home to laugh about it is unfathomable to me. There’s only one way to explain it:

No conscience. No empathy. No soul.

Basically non-humanoid.


Ugh this worries me! If Pelosi duped them, but about Soros, Rothchilds, etc?
This needs to be public knowledge. They can’t outsmart us all.


This person needs to be hung, for representing an elected official. Let it be known to all doppelganger’s this will happen to them when they are caught. I’m sure the trash cans would be full of facial mask of the swamp creatures….

Buzzy Zipwak

Who carries a drivers license or a library card to check the mail?


I cant imagine people this rich, entitled and arrogant not being surrounded by an entourage of bodyguards and servants 24-7 to perform pedestrian tasks like getting the mail, you know…


Makes me think about all of the phony drivers licenses that Obama had been found to have used in his younger years…..more proof of that questionable “citizenship”!


Not bad for Barry Hussein born in Kenya…


A woman with a purse….


This story stinks and something is not quite adding up. My Spidey sense tells me this could me misdirection. Just saying.


She was probably told to always carry them no matter what. For just this reason…

J Bill

Someone whose driveway is extremely long and has mailbox at the other end.




There seems to be a disconnect… Who in their right mind goes out to ‘check their mail’ while carrying their “credentials”?
The Marines, he added, grabbed “Pelosi” whilst she stepped outside to check her mailbox Thursday evening. They zip tied her, gagged her, and tossed her into an unmarked van. Within minutes, as the van sped toward a clandestine safehouse, they realized they’d been duped.”
“The Pelosi imposter, our source said, carried duplicates of Pelosi’s drivers license and library card, which the Marines found when they frisked and searched her….”

Joe Lemos

…and we can only pray that she was carrying her proof of vaccination card so the Marines can “feel safe”.


Don’t everyone hate on me. I am on your side but this is just my opinion. People talk about mask and body doubles. I don’t know about all that. Only way to pull that off is CGI Even in the movies, you can tell it’s not the actor but his body double. They proved this on a Mythbuster episode where Jamie and Adam had mask of each other and put them on and dressed and tried to imitate each others mannerisms. Even test subjects from far away could tell that it didn’t look right So who knows but I have my doubts that actors are portraying them. I mean this is real life, they can never make a mask or body double that exact and in detail to where you can’t tell if its the real them or not. Just saying

Terminally deplorable

Circular reference

J Bill

Check Mission Impossible ll. Masks removed, in full view, without a screen break. Just sayin.’


That’s a movie, I get how they did that. I’m talking real life in person in a “fake” mask. Lot harder to make it look real. Just saying

J Bill

I hear you.
Well, can’t tell the difference then. Now we got “fake” mask to contend with too. Great.


Think highest quality Hollyweird creative talent— much more involved to be able to really fool people like Military. Look for Vid that shows all the different qualities of masks demonstrated by an old time hi level Hollwood make-up artist.


You have that link?


Hey, Delta. Sometimes a mask is not a full mask where it’s just the eye holes and nostrils cut out. Sometimes the prosthetic can be really thin to ensure age spots end up in the right place. They could possibly use the actor’s real nose, lips, partial cheeks, etc. With the amount of foundation some women wear, blending of blush, fake lashes and brows, training in applying, wigs, etc., it’s as easy as Monday morning! OK…Monday mornings are not always the easiest.

See some of the videos that Wired put out that show a former spook explaining and showing how they used to trick people with masks. They changed one woman to an old man very convincingly.


Was that when she was MIA a couple of days, during the impeachment?

Ex - New Yorker


She refused to identify herself.

Dumb move, really dumb move!
Could Should be fatal ?


People employed to hide those who committed treason, fraud, abuse, murder, etc, etc, need to be held at GITMO for the duration, and also put on trial. That will discourage others from posing as covers.

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Terminally deplorable

Upvote for the correct a-umlaut in Doppelgänger

ä – ö – ü !
((only the Turks(Türken) can top this!))


Put her on trial and put her in jail! The rest will run like rabbits!


You would think this fudged covert mission is enough to cause Pelosi a heart attack at her age. I can’t even imagine experiencing something like that. Hopefully the next attempt doesn’t fail. Ok, please don’t think I’m crazy, but has anyone else noticed that the eyes on some of these avatars resemble pedo symbols?

J Bill

Heart attack? Her blood’s as thin as grape juice.

Joenabel Peterson

Pelosi and Reid authenticated Obama’s fake birth certificate although they knew his mission to destroy America. Can’t wait for Obama to get arrested. Hillary and Obama are protectors of the CIA agents who are conducting MK Ultra in the Philippines.

Ex - New Yorker


Obama  the boy from Kenya!

Official who OK’d Obama birth papers dies in crash

The Hawaiian health official who verified the authenticity of President Obama’s birth certificate died in a small plane crash.

The plane, carrying a pilot and eight passengers, went down Wednesday in the water a half mile off the Hawaiian island of Molokai, the Maui Fire Department said.
The lone fatality was Loretta Fuddy, who has served as state health director since January 2011. Tom Matsuda, the interim executive director of Hawaii’s health insurance exchange, confirmed Fuddy’s death.

I saw the video on you know what tube … keeps getting pulled down, but you could clearly see divers in one-piece black wet suit Scuba Dive Gear bobbing up and down and around her just before “she went under”

Fuddy, one more to chalk up on the Clinton body count list!


Yep..tying up loose ends just like the choir guy at Wright’s “church” killed execution style!!

J Bill

The date of the crash was December, 2013.

J Bill

The plane crash you describe happened December 2013.

J Bill

L Fuddy did.

Sandy Koufax

Pelosi has enormous wealth. She could hire an army of thousands of Nancys.

J Bill

Thousands of “Nancys”. LOL

Ok Nancy.

There aren’t enough people on this earth to find one remote resemblance.
If she could hire this “army” it’d cost $Billions. LOL

Sandy Koufax

The one they caught was wearing a mask. The military thought she was pelosi.


where is bill clinton

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Yes where is that sick traitorous pos?


“Mimicked every hideous detail of Pelosi’s face”! LOL…. I love it. They’ll find her.


Ok do I believe anything on this website is real, No, but i do believe this place has very creative writers that keep you interested with every sentence you read.


Philip K Dick!! Is that you!!??!!


Sleep with one eye open Michael!


And drive a car older than 2005


Why 2005?


Hope they keep the doppleganger in custody. Perhaps she was an imposter living in her house. Like the movie White Orchid. Seems intrigue!!


So the DS must be taking these reports seriously! Getting out of Dodge. Lately I’m feeling more and more like Alice….just passing by, following that white rabbit blindly, only to fall down the rabbit hole into all these many unimaginable worlds!

It’s a little surprising though that the military doesn’t mind having their “oopsies” exposed!


At least their honest. Learn from mistakes. I bet it won’t happen again.

J Bill

Agree. While gathering more intel.


Hiding in the shadows; life on the run; lost one of her doubles…
The previous panic has just hit the extreme level. Good.


And apparently Pence has come out of the shadows to speak at that recent religious forum! Hadn’t been public since he attended the Biden “inauguration”… claiming he had some heart procedure and has been recovering!


Her library card? really? Wow, who would’ve thunk Pelosi with a library card?


She probably meets with her cohorts at the library to do their scheming.


Its probably just to have a second ID since likely no credit card or bank card were given to the actress.

Terminally deplorable

We ID. She could use that card to prove minimum age when buying alcohol.


Did they check address on card to make sure it wasn’t a pizzeria?

J Bill

dem troll?


Thank you Michael Baxter. I look for you stories first. So if you take a break I will too lol. Hope they get her soon

Sandy Koufax

The mainstream media could run with this story. Marines attempted to abduct the speaker of the house. Biden could declare martial law and suspend habeas corpus.


Trump has trapped them (the Biden administration). If they declare Martial Law, they will divulge the entire war going on behind the scenes and they will have to admit they have lost control of the military, and the people will rise up against them, because the people will not suspect the military to be in error, but the people WILL suspect the lying stealing politicians to be the true criminals here. The Deep State and this administration does not want all that. Therefore, they stew in their anger and frustration of being outsmarted once again, by world’s greatest strategist. The Deep State and the Obama 3.0 admin know how to only commit their heinous acts and avoid being caught, but they don’t know how to outsmart the Donald.
Oh and by the way, ‘Martial Law’ requires that the ‘Martial’ part cooperates with the Commander in Chief; do you really think that the remaining Trump loyalist among the top brass of the Pentagon are going to become JB’s lapdog and hunt down DJT? JB can’t even get INSIDE the pentagon (assuming all of Michael’s stories are true)…

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Sandy Koufax

There could be Chinese military in south America that could easily come across the wide open southern border who would do Biden’s bidding.


They don’t have that far to go. The Chinese military are in Canada right across our border.

J Bill

There is doubt on it’s validity.

The Chinese tried to enter Canada on the guise of “training” with the Canadian military. Though the idea was toyed with by the PM, General Vance put an end to the idea immediately. Will try to find article then post it.


I think it’s BS. Being here I would say it’s more likely russian troops infiltrated. Then again there were more Chinese presence among us in the 2000-2010 than now – they seem to be keeping a lower profile or they just not here so much. Hard to tell with all this politically correct diverse leftyism race mixing and culture jamming.

J Bill

I still think Russia got US backs. Why?

They got “issues” with voices coming from somewhere inside the US.

Which could lead to a win-win situation.


I’ve expected outside participants to enter the fight all along and not just China aiding Biden. President Washington’s prophetic vision is recorded in the Library of Congress. Three perils of America were presented to him at Valley Forge before he made the controversial decision to cross the Delaware. Actually the vision is why he decided to cross the Delaware. We have already had the first two perils and I believe we are about to have the third and unfortunately, the third is the worst according to his vision. You can read about it on heart com dot org if you care to. Everybody who cares about this country and its future needs to prepare.

J Bill

Sure. With Osama BL leading the charge.


I think Trump has them smack dab to rights in the election fraud before, during and after. He previously said he caught THEM ALL! As far as a screw-up on Nancy, I’ll put my money on spec. Ops and Marines to get her.

J Bill


Joe Lemos

Unfortunately “assuming” sticks out like a sore thumb. I pray they are true as well.

Terminally deplorable

The power struggle within the military is probably not over by a long shot. Mark Milley sitting in at Biden’s SOU and Natl. Guard Chief Hokansen trotted out for an interview on TV recently is indicative to the public, that Biden still has military support.


Then they’d have to blow the fact of their DS covers and the big Mime show for all the world to see.

Sandy Koufax

They send in Chinese troops from the southern border.


They own all the CONUS western ports. Probably up into Canada too. How would you know if they brought troops in that way or not?


Or they could charge the doppelganger with conspiracy and in return for her cooperation use her as bait to reel in Pelosi.






They won’t believe it until the money stops coming. That is all they care about. “Free money”. They are selling their freedom.

J Bill

Declare martial law with who? He wasn`t allowed into the Pentagon.

MSM wouldn’t know what to do with truth if it was standing in front of them.


A darn shame it wasn’t the real Pelosi!! So looking forward to her actual arrest. Hopefully, the Military will hang on to the imposter for awhile. The mask is still a good grab though…when the info starts to go public , the whole world watching can witness what looks like Pelosi turn out not to be. That kind of reveal will freak the brainwashed out for sure and it will sink in how manipulated they have been for the past 4 1/2 years. I am way past caring what people who are addicted to the corporate controlled MSM will have to go through to come to terms with reality!!


Yes, hold on to her and put her to work! Let her draw out others. By doing so, maybe she can right any wrongs she may have commited taking on this terrible gig. But, she has to do a good job.

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J Bill

Stupid is as stupid does.

You can lead a horse to water, but can`t make him drink it.