Podesta Military Tribunal: Day 3 Guilty!


On Thursday, the Office of Military Commissions, Rear Adm. Crandall presiding, segued away from Podesta’s fascination with small children and focused instead on criminal actions he had taken against Donald J. Trump and his family.

Rear Adm. Crandall showed the three-officer, all-female panel statements of guilt Podesta had written and signed prior to the tribunal and before the military had rescinded a plea deal removing capital punishment from the table. One statement described how Podesta, Hillary Clinton, and then-DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile planned to extort Trump into dropping out of the 2016 presidential election. The plan, which was Podesta’s idea, involved kidnapping Trump’s youngest son, Barron, and threatening to “send him home in pieces” unless Trump followed the kidnapper’s demands.

To obfuscate their participation, Podesta suggested using a third party with no ties to the DNC to hire Chinese nationals to grab Barron Trump. At the time, Barron was 10 years old and typically in the company of his mother, Melania Trump. Tuesday and Friday afternoons were the exceptions. For 2 hours on those days, Barron left his mother’s side and travelled with a Secret Service detail to posh NYC toy stores like FAO Schwartz and Kidding Around, child-friendly places the SS had rigorously vetted.

“They learned the Trumps’ schedule. They intended to either pay off the Secret Service or create a distraction to kidnap young Barron. This ill-conceived plot was not carried out, but that’s not the point. Conspiracy to commit a crime is an actionable offense. The level of hubris is mindboggling,” Rear Adm. Crandall told the panel.

Moreover, he showed the panel an email Podesta had sent to Clinton and Brazile. “Difficult but doable. Will cost a lot, probably. But if we get ‘B’ then ‘D’ will have no choice,” the email read.

A reply from Brazile said, “Let’s do it.”

“Clinton and her minion, I mean the defendant, were publicly confident Hillary would win that election. Privately, they had an abundance of fear that Trump was going to win. So fearful they wanted to kidnap his son. A profusion of both arrogance and fear,” Rear Adm. Crandall said.

After a short recess, Rear Adm. Crandall focused on a Podesta-and-Clinton-hatched plot to assassinate President Donald J. Trump during his visit to Vatican City on May 23-24, 2017.

Podesta’s written confession told a horrific tale about hiring someone to murder Trump at the Apostolic Palace. In this case, the plan to kill Trump failed, but still a life was lost.

Rear Adm. Crandall read from Podesta’s confession: “It was both our idea to eliminate Trump because we knew Pence would be more agreeable to work with. Hillary had connections in the Vatican, and she asked me to contact a man I knew only as Vittore Mazzi. We wired him the equivalent of $2,500,000 and told him we didn’t want details, only results. He wrote back, cryptically, he would poison Trump’s dinner plate and make sure it was only Trump who got poisoned food. Since we were not expecting to hear back until the job was completed or network news announced Trump was dead, I didn’t check the email address he responded to until after the dinner was scheduled. If I’d checked earlier, I would’ve told him to find a different way to kill Trump, because we know, of course, that a food tester accompanies him on most domestic and all trips abroad. I learned shortly thereafter that someone besides Trump had eaten food from his plate and died. The administration covered it up because there isn’t supposed to be public knowledge that a president employs a food tester, and his administration was afraid public dissemination would damage public opinion of the Secret Service. That’s what I learned. And I can only assume they asked the Vatican to keep it under wraps.”

“The defendant was a pitiful schemer,” Rear Adm. Crandall said, addressing the panel. “It seems that when Clinton tasked you with planning these crimes, things always went awry. Your involvement is indisputable. Regardless the statements and emails, out of his own mouth he admitted to these crimes at Clinton’s trial. This commission could spend weeks or even months highlighting his expansive criminal career, but we have others to bring to justice.”

A tearful and sullen Podesta slouched in his chair. Beside him, his counsel, Trisha Anderson, stared at the screen of her MacBook and rapped at the keys. She slowly rose to her feet and with an acrimonious smirk on her face, asked to make a statement.

“I remind the commission that my client’s admissions of guilt were based on a good faith agreement. JAG has pulled a bait-and-switch on Mr. Podesta. Had he known he might receive capital punishment, he would not have cooperated. The U.S. military is subverting justice, and Mr. Podesta, by no means a picture-perfect man—who among us is?—is being railroaded. I ask that you ladies, you officers, consider JAG’s behavior before deciding Mr. Podesta’s outcome,” Trisha Anderson said.

Rear Adm. Crandall gave a brief review of the charges and reminded the panel that a military commission, unlike a civilian court, needed only a majority vote to convict. He also said the tribunal, again unlike a civilian trial, does not have a separate penalty phase and that judgment be rendered once a determination of guilt is reached. Without a moment’s hesitation, the panel announced it had reached a verdict, finding Podesta guilty on all charges. It recommended Podesta receive capital punishment for his grievous crimes.

“Ms. Anderson, does your client understand the verdict, and does he have a preference as to how this sentence will be carried out?” Rear Adm. Crandall asked.

Podesta broke down in tears, his shoulders heaving fitfully.

“You’re murdering him, you decide,” Trisha Anderson said.

“Very well. This commission decrees John Podesta will face capital punishment by firing squad, the act to be carried out on 1 June. This session of the military commission on tribunals is concluded,” Rear Adm. Crandall said.

As Podesta was helped to his feet and escorted from the tribunal chamber, his counsel said she would appeal the decision to anyone and everyone willing to listen.

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dennis ward

Is there a live execution channel we can subscribe to?


This is absolutely fascinating, but is there any source for any of this other than “just trust me bro?” The Q stuff was fascinating too, but the end of the day there wasn’t much to it.

I can understand wanting to believe. These are dark days. We may be seeing the end of the Republic. I grasp that people want hope. What if none of this is true?

joe blow

Head shots, both of them.

Kathy Petersen

I want to know if this piece of shit is indeed the father of Chester Bennington and if he had anything to do with his supposed suicide?


I Found this on your website here. SO THAT SUCKS!!!!!Disclaimer:Information on this website is for informational and educational and entertainment purposes. This website contains humor, parody, and satire. 


I Found this on your website here. SO THAT SUCKS!!!!!Disclaimer:Information on this website is for informational and educational and entertainment purposes. This website contains humor, parody, and satire. 


HRC just tweeted 6 hours ago. Doesn’t look like she hung. Why us this the only outlet reporting such huge news if its true?? Do you think Trump and Q and all involved want us to know the truth?

J Bill

Anybody can tweet anybody.

Cindy W.

You do realize the military (and law enforcement) can seize social media accounts, right?


Brazile, when is she going to be before the Military Tribunal?


They all know each other is a cold, hardcore piece of shit ONLY interested in money and power because they are such worthless little people. They have to lie, cheat, steal and murder without batting an eye to move ahead. These people are the subhumans that live in a cesspool. Hang them all without mercy!!!


Appeal away Ms Andersen. Military Tribunals are cut and dry.
ELIMINATE the chaff from the wheat. Tell your client to be thankful their not burning him, literally, at the stake.

Last edited 3 years ago by Mike

There is no appeal on military tribunal, is there?

Steve P



No. Apparently not.


When will Brazile be tried?

J miller

Is this true?

GreaterIdaho for Trump

Is that the same Trisha Anderson mentioned in Comey Rules, who was 3rd in the fbi before the russia, russia, russia scam fell apart?


“Clinton and her minion, I mean the defendant, ….” Nice jab, Rear Admiral! And, right in the middle of the trial. Nice one.


This is good to hear. Podesta is one of the most vile of HRC’s minions. He earned his death sentence.


I certainly hope that our military involved with handling these evil people have a strong relationship with Jesus Christ. Because once the demonically possessed evil ones are executed their demons will be seeking a new host to occupy.


I am told that to pray for the demons to be bound to the bones of the deceased is helpful too.


Michael – you may or may not know the answer to this question, but if you find out or happen to hear from your source when you communicate with them, can you let us know if Trump is going after Billl Gates, Fuachi, and even international figures like Klaus Schwab of the WEF? For crimes against humanity.


Sure is a lot of rumors going around right now. But they say the divorce was planned since March is hard to fit together any peices of info. It’s said to be over the Epstein relationship. Maybe he is already dead like they said and now info is trickling out.


My guess is Melinda knows he’s going down and has made a plea deal with the authorities. Since a wife can not be made to testify against her husband but an ex- wife can it fits the timing. While else would she walk away when he is poised to make billions off of the new vacines which she gets 50% as a spouse.

Sandy Koufax

Melinda is up to her neck in this. They can’t let her walk. She’d have to spend the rest of her life in prison. Not sure any of these people would prefer to spend the rest of their life in prison.


Walking to a gallows is different than walking into a prison cell. Those who choose prison are probably hoping they will get a pardon from someone, not likely but it is better than a final solution in their viewpoint.

I agree she is complicit. Many times the wives are more evil than the husband. Just look at the Bible, Ahab was actually scared of his queen Jezebel.

Sandy Koufax

Most are just afraid to be killed. It’s a natural instinct to fear death.


So relieved to hear Fauci’s on the list! I’m praying Gates is on that list because the whole world knows he’s guilty of crimes against humanity!


‘“You see, evil always contains the seeds of its own destruction. … No matter how grandiose, how well-planned, how apparently foolproof of an evil plan, the inherent sinfulness will by definition rebound upon its instigators. No matter how apparently successful it may seem upon the way, at the end it will wreck itself.”— Neil Gaiman

J Bill



Was Chester Bennington related to John Podesta? Someone said before that Chester was John’s son. They looked really like each other. Chester died an intriguing death. If he were really Podesta’s son, how could a father allow his son to be killed the same way Chester’s friend Chris died? Podesta does have a daughter by the name Megan, per wikipedia, right? She ok?


Micheal, Most likely should not print Donna Brazile, just say a DNC Chairwoman. That is if she is not already at Gitmo. No need to post this.



Sandy Koufax

Trisha Anderson should have had Podesta’s wife, daughter and friends testify over a zoom call to say what a great guy Podesta was to try and humanize him. Podesta could have just stated the same plea bargain argument to the judges and to greater effect than Anderson.

Sue K

No zoom calls, Sandy, no nothing; it’s over.

Every sane american

noone is going to lift a finger to even try to help him. I would say set his execution futher down the road. Make him live in constant fear of what the next minute brings, just like he did to so many others. coward deserves all that is coming to him


Imagine if it was his son grabbing,say, a slice of tomato from his father´s plate! God bless the selfless person tasting their food, another nameless Patriot whose sacrifice won´t be forgotten. It could happen to any family member.

Their intent was to kidnapp a child and only God knows if they didn´t attempted it…

I find hard to believe his lawyer,with all said previous experience in universal law, insisting in adress the Judges as if she was expecting death penalty crimes, given their nature and definition, could have another outcome than death!
Just because a plea deal was proposed, it doesn´t mean its accepted, as the standard sentence for crimes of such nature, is capital punishment, according to International law.

In my opinion, JUSTICE WAS DELIVERED,I hope it brings some comfort to the victims, as it will be a relief not having to worry about his existence anymore – the world will be a better place when he finally departs this earth.

As for his JUST sentence,

According to deathpenaltyinfo.org,, the death penalty information center where the description of every execution method can be found, as laws and methods used in each state,this is what I found

For execution by this method, the inmate is typically bound to a chair with leather straps across his waist and head, in front of an oval-shaped canvas wall. The chair is surrounded by sandbags to absorb the inmate’s blood. A black hood is pulled over the inmate’s head. A doctor locates the inmate’s heart with a stethoscope and pins a circular white cloth target over it. Standing in an enclosure 20 feet away, five shooters are armed with .30 caliber rifles loaded with single rounds. One of the shooters is given blank rounds. Each of the shooters aims his rifle through a slot in the canvas and fires at the inmate. [5] The prisoner dies as a result of blood loss caused by rupture of the heart or a large blood vessel, or tearing of the lungs. The person shot loses consciousness when shock causes a fall in the supply of blood to the brain. If the shooters miss the heart, by accident or intention, the prisoner bleeds to death slowly.”

It will be a relief,when it´s over.


I look forward to Donna Brazile’s Military Tribunal. Who are these people who think they are above the law? Nothing matters to evil but evil.


Well all the players of this sick game knew what was coming to them and they still kept going till the very end. Watch the funeral of the big ‘godfather’ George Bush senior. Barry Soetoro knew. Hillary and Bill knew. George junior knew.


Can I suggest not using the abbreviation SS for Secret Service. People of my generation and older associate that abbreviation with a Nazi organisation during WW2. The abbreviation that William Tompkins claimed Werner von Braun was wearing lightly visible on an arm band when he visited von Braun at NASA.


I too think of that when I see it and have to mentally correct myself to “secret service.”

Ralph Gizzip

I’ll wait until June1st to hear of Podesta’s demise before I put any stock in this story.

Last edited 3 years ago by Ralph Gizzip

anyone who even defend someone like that, you need to question ..


Why not be consistent and hang him like Hillary? That just seems odd.

Sandy Koufax

Death will come quicker from a firing squad.

Barry Warmkessel

I am worried about the damage done to JAG by not following thru with the plea deal agreement.

Steve P

They don’t have to honor a plea deal if the information they receive is already known to the military.

Sandy Koufax

The deal was a farce. Podesta has no rights.


I really wish this were public if true.No one ever believes what I tell them I’ve.They would only believe if I were actually there.I left Fox 8months ago cause they wouldn’t cancel traitors !ike Brazile.

J Bill

Times have changed.


Michael, love the longer articles, gives more detail and can’t get enough information on this. Haven’t watch fox source they went left a while back so I don’t know if she’s been on FOX recently but I notice Donna Brazile has not written on her website since 2/13/21. She at GITMO? Sounds like Pence and Barr are going to next. This is coming from General Mcinerney on Telegram Are you ready for arrests?
Listen closely.
Everything was planned to be this way.
Bill Barr betrayed us and we saw it coming.
Pedophile Mike Pence betrayed us.
Patriots in the intelligence agencies and Military have it all.

Michael, there are so many to be arrested and tried, are they taking them all to GITMO or taken to other places to help with the overload and help speed up the process?

Any more information on Comey or Abedin?


I was wondering how long would the president have to wait before eating his food to see if the “taster” dies? What if the poison doesn’t kill a person right away? Isn’t that possible? How would this be a reliable way ensuring the president isn’t being poisoned if there are poisons that might not kill you right away?


They probably have a list of known poisons and their effects.


I think since Trisha Anderson is going to blabb,( probably meeting paedo Joe at Camp David to plot) the “team” needs to snatch Obammer and Brennen in one swoop, preferably now.


They already have Brennen. It’s in a earlier piece.


he’s the worst – i would hope he’d be in custody.


A nice bonus would be Zuckerberg / Dorsey Tribunal


I was just wondering— if someone else always eats the food from the presidents plate first, how long does the president wait after his “taster” eats first, before eating the food on his plate. How can he be sure that the poison they use works right away?

Terminally deplorable

The food is probably cold once you are cleared to eat it. Trump would have done better going to town to grab a hamburger.


That’s probably one reason why he was fond of fast food while campaigning. Someone could dash over without giving any warning so pick up food that hadn’t been tampered.

Hal Brown

I was thinking the way to handle that would have been for Trump to stand up, take his plate over to the Pope, and take the Pope’s plate, with a grand flourish, and place his plate in front of the Pope. Trump could have handled that nicely. Something like, “here Mr. Pope, I have prayed over this plate to the Lord, and I would like you to have it with a special blessing”.

Last edited 3 years ago by Hal Brown

I can hardly wait to see Obama and Pelosi Schumer Judas Pence on the Tribunal for their crimes and Grand finale The Big Guy with crack head son.


The Tribunal is much more generous that I. If it were up to me, he’d be given 1/2 hour & then his demon-possessed body would be marched to the firing squad without benefit of a blindfold.

Kevin Miller

I think I would prefer using a wood chipper on him and mixing the remains with cow manure for fertilizer

Sue K

Believe me, Kevin, if that subhuman was used for fertilizer, nothing would grow. Not even a weed.

William Turner

I would be willing to pay $100 / month to see these military tribunals and executions on broadcast TV. Do you hear me ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, SKY or TRUMPTV ?

Mona Lisa



Don’t worry; the Emergency Alert System will carry it for free. Wait for the mainstream media blackout.


Why is the death sentence different? How do they decide?


The choice is offered. If they do not choose it is decided for them


Hey Podesta, who’s your daddy now!!!
Burn in hell for all eternity you P.O.S.

Betty H

My Thought! And it’s only my thought is that the firing squad to be assembled won’t be just for Podesta. There will be others dealt with at the same time. The 6/1 date gives them time for additional tribunals.


Great idea


makes sense!


Yes, crumb Comey was arrested too.


this rings true…line ’em up.. bang, bang straight to hell..

John A

Looks like Donna Brazile and Vittori Mazzi will be getting to know each other very soon now. Such a nice couple for spf to make their acquiantence.


Mike, do you know why Podesta’s sentence isn’t being carried out sooner? I’m just curious how those decisions are made. I, like many of us here, would love for the world to know what’s going on at GTMO, but I do trust there’s a good reason for the wait. It took many, many years for this justice to finally come, so it only makes sense (to me anyway!) that it will take some time before the military presents all the evidence to the public. And I do hope it’s the military, not Trump, making the announcement. Like featherjourney said: “Too many people are still brainwashed by the MSM to hate Trump”.


Like Comey had to watch Killery’s hanging to make him talk; Could it be the other sheduled traitors coming up at that time may need to watch Podesta’s death to get them to talk before they come before the tribunal ?


Yes, that does sound like a clever reason!

Last edited 3 years ago by Cricket
Sandy Koufax

Comey didn’t believe the video of the hanging so they showed him Hillary’s naked dead body in the morgue. His attorneys may argue that is punishment enough. LOL!


Probably have scheduled vacation time for the Gitmo Workers. BTW, all this Gitmo action make me recall how dems want to close down Gitmo, Obama and now Biden is promising it.


I imagine what’s been reported during this three-day trial is only a tiny portion of Podesta’s crimes that also points to a large network complicit in carrying them out. The attempted poisoning Trump at the Vatican is consistent with the presumed attempt on the President’s life a year later at the Turnberry golf resort in July 2018 that resulted in the death of secret service agent Nole Remagen I hope all those who’ve been involved in these treasonous attempts are brought to justice.


Whew! “Heavy lies the head that wears the crown.” Rather like being a Caesar, isn’t it? The game is extremely precarious at the top. I hope American citizens appreciate what this man and his family have sacrificed for this nation.
It’s a good thing Pres. Trump can afford his own security since he and his family will have to have protection for the rest of their lives – and I don’t mean just the Secret Service which is political and corrupt as the FBI and CIA.


Trump rightfully distrusts the Secret Service (look what they did to JFK) & even his most trusted head of security for years was dismissed in 2018, showing they can get to anyone with enough money or threats to their family. The ploy to kidnap Barron was exactly how they got Ross Perot to drop out. Hope Podesta’s firing squad takes their time & fires off a lot of rounds before getting to his vitals.


The Trumps at the Vatican… the ass-attempt explains the photo of Melania and Ivanka dressed in black and stone faces including pope. And, i recall a video of pope saying trump was plump, asked M what she feeds him. All strange comment image%3F1495628060 Trump is the only one smiling 😉


Francis probably pulled a “Pelosi,” leaving a double acting like him behind while he escaped. There was a massive dragnet of the Vatican with a stream of Mercedes buses about 2 months ago. The Jesuits are the deep state of Catholicism.




Can this decision be appealed? Who else is at GITMO besides Comey and some generals?

Sharilyn Henry

John Brennan (been there quite a while now…before Hillary) … also Huma Abedin…arrested Easter Sunday …same as Podesta. May be others, not sure. Others care to share?

Last edited 3 years ago by Sharilyn Henry
J Bill

J Comey.

Last edited 3 years ago by J Bill
J Bill

The 2 Generals Milley and Hokanson.


From what I gather, the only way a military tribunal’s decision can be changed is by the Commander in Chief of the military–the President.


this is true

Sue Grantham

There’s no appeal process for military tribunals. He will be shot on June 1.
I Thank God Almighty for moving the hearts that needed to be moved. Judgment Day Cometh and Right Soon. ?


I was wondering about that, being able to file an appeal. Different rules for Military tribunals. Thank you!


When a traitor comes before a Military Tribunal unlike coming before a US Civilian Courts where one has their Rights by law —It is not so for Military Court.. His lawyer had to know that automatically .her client had no rights– period.. It seems she was a lawyer for Gitmo detainees before this trial.


The young children whom have disappeared/ tortured/murdered do not get to appeal……they just disappear

so………He dont get no stinckn appeal