Pentagon Coup! Joint Chiefs Overthrown


Last month Real Raw News reported on a shocking incident at the Pentagon, the seat of America’s military might: The man who calls himself president, Joseph R. Biden, had visited the Pentagon under the pretense of conducting a surprise presidential inspection. His real impetus was to learn whether a rumor he had heard was true, that Donald J. Trump was in the building meeting secretly with Marine Corps General David H. Berger, which could explain why Pentagon police denied him access to the property. While RRN cannot confirm Trump’s presence, we can now authenticate earlier reports that pointed to a dramatic shift in power at the nation’s most fortified structure.

On April 14, two days before the Pentagon Protection Force turned away a shocked and confused Biden, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark A. Milley summoned the 7 other Joint Chiefs to the Pentagon for an emergency meeting, according to a confidential source involved in Trump’s mission to eliminate Deep State operatives throughout the nation.

Gen. Milley, our source said, lambasted his colleagues for allowing high-ranking officers from all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces to undermine Biden’s presidency. Gen. Milley said Biden was the democratically elected President of the United States, and that all armed forces personnel, from the lowest private to the highest general, had a patriotic duty to support and protect Democracy, Joseph Biden, and Kamala Harris.

“From what we know, he went off, ballistic-like. He was a cursing machine, swearing at and excoriating these highly decorated, lifelong members of our country’s military. He said he’d heard they were helping Trump do what he called ‘secret and illegal arrests’ of prominent active and retired politicians. He kept blasting them and told them he was going to recommend that Biden and Harris fire them,” our source said.

Gen. Milley reportedly offered the other Joint Chiefs of Staff a final chance to abandon their allegiance to Donald J. Trump and swear fealty to Joseph R. Biden and Kamala Harris.

Of all the Chiefs, only one leapt to his feet in support of Biden. Gen. Daniel R. Hokanson, Chief of the National Guard Bureau, denounced Donald Trump and told Gen. Milley that he and the National Guard would honor their oath to the Constitution He said they were prepared to defend Biden’s presidency with their lives, if necessary.

Our source said Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps David H. Berger, a longtime supporter of Donald Trump, passed Gen. Milley an envelope. The envelope held an arrest warrant issued by the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps. It named Gen. Milley as a traitor to America and its people.

“Except for you and this coward,” Gen. Berger said, pointing at Gen. Hokanson, “we all support this great nation and what it stands for, and we reject the forces of darkness destroying what our Founding Fathers worked so hard to codify. We stand for a nation, not a man. Why are you so eager to say Kamala Harris’s name in every sentence with Biden’s name? We know why.”

Gen. Milley, our source added, shredded the warrant, calling it a joke, and promised Gen. Berger he would hang for treasonous behavior.

“If anyone hangs, it won’t be me,” Gen. Berger reportedly said. “We’ve been expecting this for a long time.”

A dozen armed members of the Pentagon Protection Force entered the conference room and handcuffed Generals Milley and Hokanson.

In closing, our source said Milley and Hokanson have since been shipped to Guantanamo Bay, where they will ultimately answer to a military tribunal.

Asked if Donald J. Trump was at the Pentagon on April 16, our source replied: “I cannot say yes or not. I can tell that what’s happening now is a prelude to his reinauguration on Independence Day.”

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Shecky Greene Energy

Hello Michael. Unrelated to the aforementioned story, but of concern, can you confirm Simon Parkes report, from two weeks ago, that Royal Bank of Canada’s stock price plummeted two Friday’s ago, after hours?


I have knowledge from Simon Parkes( the QFS is now the only financial system on the Earth,the FED is done.


Can that be verified?


I heard this today

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Cleatus McGuilacutty

What makes Mr. Parks credible?
What makes these stories we are reading, credible…?
I admit, they are fascinating stories, great talent and imagination,..
But how do we know they are legit?
God I hope they are


For those of us who haven’t been flying around the galaxy with aliens, what is QFS?


Quantum financial system


Here is your save landing, then!

The Banks and Banksters have no more possibilities to allegedly “play around illegally” with our moneys or carry out money laundring execercises. (for their own pockets and their boss Mr Rothschild.)

“We The People” are starting to run the real show!
No more CBs (central banks). Wellbeing for All!

GESARA/NESARA is getting started, for planet Earth.
(209 countries that is).


I saw that post and could not find any evidence of that having happened on any of the several sites that post market data. It also did not make sense to me that it crashed “after hours,” because a price change only occurs as a result of market activity. It could have crashed just before closing or just after opening on Monday, but none of the exchanges I looked at showed any of that as fact. The niece of a friend of mine works at a high level within that bank and told my friend that nothing like that had happened.

I suggest that perhaps that might be an example of the kinds of phenomena that Gene Decode talks about regarding timelines splitting. A person on one timeline does not have the same experience as someone else on a different timeline. Perhaps Simon is on a different timeline than you or I are.

Shecky Greene Energy

Please elaborate as to what you mean by different timelines. Are you referencing Q, wherein Q drops posts years in advance of actual outcomes. I’m not trying to be argumentative with you. I’m being sincere in my questioning.


Quantum physics explains and allows for parallel universes. This has been spoken about for a very long time and many books have been written about it. From what I have learned, every time a decision is made or an action takes place, a different decision or action takes place in other parallel universes.

Gene Decode did an interview with Nicholas Veniamin on April 28, where he explains this. It begins around the 1 hour mark. The first hour is about the history of this planet and some of the non-terrestrial races that are players in this endgame for control of this planet. The military knows about this and I expect at least some of it will be revealed to the general public as part of this overall awakening to what’s been going on behind the scenes and where it’s taking us.

I don’t follow Q directly. I listen to what other people say he/it says and wait to see what actually shows up. From what Simon has said, Q makes predictions through the use of a superluminal computer that can calculate probabilities out to 6 months into the future, but I know that computers can only work with what input they are given and how they are programmed, no matter how fast they can process the data, so if something has been left out somehow, the results will be less then perfect. There have been some surprises along the way because of that.


This could very well true, look at what the fed did in 2008 they hide the mortgage crisis for a year straight ,they Instructed the credit rating agency’s to hide the default rating and hide the defaults numbers to keep the market upand tho sell more shitty mortgages to make more money, they went as far to hide such subprime loans in AAA rated traunches. Then it all caught up with them and almost killed our country….THANKS BUSH/OBAMA another gem from your admins…..there’s a reason why you should save 20% for a mortgage, it means you and the bank both have a lot to lose if it goes belly up…also proves you’re ur financially viable to save and pay bills on time….not just walk away bc you all the so sudden can’t make the payment on time, like so many did in 08-10 and walked away
Like I said they are probably hiding trying to figure their golden parachutes before rreporting

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Terminally deplorable

Simon Parkes appears to be a nice, trustworthy guy. However, he admitted to have some aliens in his bloodline. We are not privy to understand, what that entails, what his true capabilities are. If we had some kryptonite we might at least be able to test his weak spots.


Simon Parkes, to my knowledge, is going to be involved in using the MedBeds to heal all the Cabal sex trafficked children first, then for the rest of Humanity, the Cabal has been Poisoning & killing people all over the world for decades, using Big Pharma, poisoning our food, water, Air, Simon Parkes in the beginning was supposed to relocate to Arizona to set this up, I heard it changed, he will be relocating to Florida now, have not got any details after that was announced.


Remember, the Stock Market can be controlled, the Cabal has been controlling it for decades. Obama said Trump would need a Magic wand to bring the economy & stock market back on track, Trump did just that. So, Alan Greenspan got thrown into his job to play around & manipulate Interest Rates, Markets, etc. Trump manipulated the Stock Market to show Obama & the Cabal that he also knew the games they play with OUR money & how they control the world Economy. QFS has, or is still being implemented into our financial system, Trump & his Administration & white hats are bringing down criminals in banking & elsewhere, if it did fall, then the good guys are behind it.


Yes, this is true. It plummeted 64% after hours on a Friday. Several of us watched it happen.

Shecky Greene Energy

Are you a stock broker in Canada, or in the financial field? I immediately checked the last price for RBC that Friday, and the price had not moved from where it closed. Also, I looked at the daily chart, and not a hint of a massive dump in said chart. I did read last night, on Ann Buyington’s site, that RBC will be bought by another bank, but I haven’t read anything anywhere else about this sale.


I had the same experience as you did, so maybe Cadillactom and Simon are on another timeline and having different experiences than you and I are. Just one possibility.


Someone saw that RBC was bought by Scotia Bank… rumor RBC went bankrupt. Maybe the bankers stole all the money? I seen a video by an investor & he said stocks dropped from $65 to $33 Friday & back to normal Monday. He said computer glitch lol… or Scotia Bank got a good deal?


Have you done a web search on it?


People have seen that Scotia Bank bought out RBC… rumour RBC went bankrupt

Adam Coman Jr

One by one, step by step, day by day, we are approaching THE DAY OF RECKONING!!!!


Hallelujah ?


And “they” said it would NEVER happen!


Thank you for the update, Michael. Now I don’t have to refresh RRN every 3 seconds all afternoon and evening looking for updates. LOL


Thank you for the information!


Whats your telegram channel under?


I see you have telegram followers but no posts?

Ralph Benjamin Minor

when will you start posting …. i am new to all this but am intrigued to see what happens as we move forward…also i dont understand most of the things on all these websites…what do you think of ghost ezra on telegram and whiplash347 ? are they legit


I just seen that too, I joined and will wait for some great posts ??


What is your Twitter handle


How are the allowing you to stay on Twitter?


So not subject to their algorithm searches then. I’m sure if an actual person (demon) in their employ looked at your content, you’d be shut down in a hurry. Thank you for what you do!


Many of us got banned from twitter for phrases like: Stop the Steal, Election Fraud; and for Q related posts

Although it has been a huge test in patience, the satisfaction of seeing The Plan play out is so very wonderful!!


I proudly got booted from Twitter the same time our POTUS did. Not sure if it’s simply because I followed him or it could’ve been the # Stop the Steal. Might also have been my # Leave Twitter and # Leave Facebook posts. LOL.


add one more to that.


LOL!!! I do the same thing throughout day!


ahahahah same here

Kevin Miller

Hey Michael, how do we follow you on Facebook??


May God bless you for keeping us informed thank you


Mr. Baxter. I just remembered that Milley was present during the “speech” that biden gave in the U.S. Capitol the evening of April 28th, 2021. Would you ask your sources how it is that Milley attended this when he’d been arrested 2 weeks prior? Thank you.

Adam Coman Jr

I feel deflated now…..


As I said before im convinced that the real Joe Biden is probably dead. Lin Wood apparently agreed with me recently. The man posing as president is an actor wearing a latex mask like they’ve using in hollywood for years. Do a comparison with older pics of him and see for yourselves. If they can find a double for biden they can for milley and the other general.

Terminally deplorable

At least, the dementia of Joe Latex is real.


On another website they had a picture of an RGB mask. We know HW and McStain were executed, I think she was also. Then just before the election they said she died. When you follow the clues and do some research it all falls into place. Or if you cannot follow clues, you can at least tell something is not right. I still have an aunt that insists Michelle Obama is not a male. Even after seeing the pictures….

Sandy Koufax

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was replaced by Amy Coney Barrett who is under a sealed indictment. Why execute Ginsburg and replace her with another treasonous actor?


According to Robert Barnes, Trump got his supreme Court nominees from the federalist society which supports globalist corporate albeit conservative interests. Barrett is from a family of corporate execs so she supports their line. Also RDSteele pointed out she clerked for the Catholic justice that was murdered…forgot his Italian name…who covered for Vatican pedophilia. I think her adopting 2 Haitian kids looks suspicious.


It’s worse than that – she wore white shoes after Labor Day!


oh? what is the meaning of this? 🙂


Finally! Someone is speaking what I thought to be true also. If you look at video of JB before the 2016 election, and compare to now….it’s so obvious. People try to say that he’s had a face lift or two. No way does a face lift change the shape of your cranium. The back of his head is shaped completely different now. Eyes not the same. But Lord, if I say this to anyone in the real world, I am looked upon as a lunatic. So thank you for saying this —–we are watching actors.

Sandy Koufax

Biden was a compelling speaker before. He could hold an audience’s attention. Now he is a vacant drone reading from a script. They might be pumping him full of methamphetamines to compensate for his dementia or else an imposter is putting on an act of senility to evoke sympathy and cover for the personality change.

Hillary’s personality has also changed for the better now. She is much more sympathetic and cordial.


Darn those pesky little details!


I thought the same when I saw the SOU on April 28. Can’t be certain which channel I watched it on, maybe Epoch Times or one of their other channels, BUT…they did several closeups of General Milley, or at least his stand-in.
I remember at the time I was struck by how much younger, slimmer, and rested he looked. Something else that stood out was that mean grimace he always seemed to have, was missing. He did seem ill-at-ease and uncomfortable and was standing off to the left of the stage, almost in the shadows and outside of the bright lights.
Two older gentlemen in suits walked up to speak to him (their backs were to the camera the entire time) and as he spoke he was looking away and down and often.
The picture I am posting is of U.S. Marine Corps Master Gunnery Sergeant Scott H. Stalker, who became the Command Senior Enlisted Leader of United States Space Command on Aug. 28, 2020. This is the same guy that was fighting with Tucker about the pregnant pilot issue.
I am fairly certain this is the guy I saw standing in for General Milley at the SOU.
The oddest part of all this is, the first time I saw his picture during the Tucker spat, I thought he could be a double for General Milley!

So have a peek and see what you think. He is a bit plumper now BTW, that picture is a few years old…

Terminally deplorable

(2) President Joe Biden delivers his first State of the Union address – YouTube

Timestamp 50:02
Sitting in the 1st row of the rightmost section speaker’s view, that 4star ahole looks like Mark Milley to me despite his black face diaper. It just does not make sense to me to make a silicon face mask that ugly. Therefore I think, its the original.

Last edited 3 years ago by Terminally deplorable

That ain’t Milley. Froze the image and compared it to others of him online. Differences in the width and height of his eyes. Other subtle facial differences. Good manequin or robot.


Mr. Baxter. I did some research. I compared one “Stars and Stripes” photo of Milley (with mask) standing with Sen. Linsey Graham (with mask) date stamped that same evening at the Capitol Building (4-28-21) with Milley’s current Wikipedia photo (no mask) dated 9-26-19 (1 year 8 months ago). I observe the following differences between these 2 photos: eyebrows way too bushy in Stars & Stripes and lacking the significant “dog leg” downwards compared to Wiki photo, hairline thinner, jawline much fatter with “turkey neck” more developed, hair not buzz cut at sides, hair twice as gray. However, the unusual 3 forehead creases above right eye are correct in making an unusual jog upwards. The publication Stars and Stripes is not owned nor controlled by the U.S. military and service members frequently complain of lefty bias in the last 2 years. Most people do not change that much in under two years. Therefore, in this age of “Mission Impossible” latex masks and CGI, I would happily concede the likelihood that someone is standing in for a “departed” General Mark Milley. Cheers & MAGA

Roger Holmes

Absolutely love this hang them high!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you for all that you are doing and providing for the rest of us!


Why is it I can’t find you to follow on telegram or FB?

Also, thank you for keeping us informed. You’re helping to preserve my sanity in this movie we are living in! Please, please……be extra careful!

Last edited 3 years ago by Bev

He is under realrawnews not his name

Sara Baker

Please do keep us informed!


I just joined clouthub my user name is Aaron Keller @ Kelldoc please add me ot familiar with this site but I’d like to continue following you and Delta you guys have good info.


Mike, I sure appreciate your reporting on these tribunals. I think Gitmo is going to get a whole lot busier soon. Do u have any info on the published arrest of Obama in Hawaii in late February around the 28th? Is he currently at Gitmo yet?

Justice For America

Hello Michael Baxter:

Thank you sir for your courage and dedication for reporting real news to the world. I pray for your safety. Please keep us updated with what is now happening with the two Joint Chiefs (Milley and Hokanson) who have been shipped to GITMO.


Harold Huff

Mr Baxter can you see if there is anything on FBI agent Stephanie Hancock mysterious death ? Avid kayaker , swimmer , and body guard to Obama ! What did she know ? Or see ? Very athletic lady , drowns kayaking ? We don’t

David R

Hey Baxter if HRC is dead how is she still putting out podcasts on topics dating tp after her demise ?

AZ Patriot

All I can say is I sure hope your info is accurate. Been aware of the corruption since the early 70’s…


I so hope they recorded this on video, I would like to see the fear in these pos, before they go down!!


Oh Good Lord, let it be true.
In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

Last edited 3 years ago by Mike

Brilliant stuff. But how does all this tie in with depopulation by the deep state Fauchi and Gates?

Marilyn Llanos

Oh Lord God. please let this news be true that traitors Miley and Hokanson are now in Gitmo. I believed that Hillary was executed on April 26 only to be fact-checked that it was fake news. I pray the followers of Lucifer be gone on the face of earth.

al pohl

this is all BS, i saw general milley yesterday 5/6/21 on a briefing.

Ed Walker

Did you see him before or after he was arrested?

al pohl

think, i just gave you the date. i get the question but they talked about the rocket from china coming back into orbit. now unless they knew this over a month ago, it must be a current conference and they also mentioned something on the 1st of may that already pasted.

Last edited 3 years ago by al pohl
Ed Walker

Thanks for the clarification. Good observation. Mr. Baxter usually addresses these “after the fact” sightings; I hope he does so here as well.

Quentin Holt, Deplorable Thought Criminal

I very much hope that all of this is true, but I am not going to become excited unless and until 5 July and I have perceived solid evidence of the Donald’s restoration to the Oval Office. I am no longer like unto Peanuts with Lucy and the football.

Dawn Thorpe

Michael, when can we expect the trial for Gen Milley to begin? Thanks for your reporting.


As always, thank you, Michael. I believe this site is the only place we can find real news out there. Simply Nothing on any MSM channels. Stay safe, and please keep posting! Thank your source(s) for us. Obtaining and providing this information has to be dangerous!


Biden has 58 days remaining

Ralph Benjamin Minor

so i am new to this site and have been reading articles …how do we know all this is true? and please dont jump on me…. i know trump had the election stolen from hime

al pohl

Defense Sec. Lloyd Austin & Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley hold Pentagon briefing today 5/7/21 so this is all bullshit.

al pohl


Last edited 3 years ago by al pohl
Emily White

“I can tell that what’s happening now is a prelude to his reinauguration on Independence Day.” The day would certainly honor Trump’s reinauguration and that day would also make sense. But for the source to throw this out this bluntly sounds to me like a classified piece of info, a slip of the tongue or conjecture, with all due respect.

Tracy Dudley

Is this true?? Did this come from a legitimate source? I hope so!


Can you name a legitimate source,please?

J Bill

YT video on FOX news announced Government release of all classified info on UFO’s in June this year. Take note it wasn’t released on any other MSM.

Classified info on this site isn’t being released to MSM either. Guess why?

I’ve just named two legitimate sources. Both used by USA Military.

Rafael Cruz, MD

Well, not sure how true this is (or how reliable this source is- I just don’t know). However, this is what should be happening; that is, our military needs to take action to protect US Constitution and defend nation and its citizens by taking action against the Radical Left/ Corporatocrat RINOS, Terrorists- BLM & ANTIFA and Fascist CEOS.

Martial Law needs to be declared across nation and elections redone (or just arrest Biden/Harris and place the true President, Trump, back in office. Also, FBI/DOJ/CIA and all other woke (infiltrated) organizations need to be commandeered (with respect to duties) and agents arrested. Communist Control Act of 1954 needs to be revamped and re-enacted to rid our nation of the insurgency and insurrection in our nation.

So much to do…including getting rid of Commies in control of schools and other institutions.


I hope this us real. I find it hard to believe.

Kevin Miller

Sorry Michael, I know it’s off topic, If this doesn’t make your blood boil I don’t know what will

J Bill

If I remember correctly, SCOTUS Justice ACB was the one who signed a refusal to hear the application for voter audit there and elsewhere back in 2020. Info in Michael’s earlier article is on site here specifically on ACB`s refusal.

Elaine Farrell

Woo Hoo! I knew Milley was a problem. He always hung with Democrats,
at SOTU addresses.


Amazing story; Would love to see your authentication. How can you have this and not We The People? Time to post it out, and let us know that we are operating as a NEW Republic.

J Bill

What if you were to be suddenly made aware that the “NEW Republic” was always there, the same republic, and not new at all? That it’s under a “shadow” or interim controller only until a “grievance” is settled. But then you’d ask how?

Lots of info in the articles and comments. Lots of reading. Check YT for possible related videos. Lots of viewing there too. It’s a complicated puzzle with many sordid, and ugly pieces. Which some wouldn’t believe anyways. Keep an open mind.

Last edited 3 years ago by J Bill

Biden is a fraud. POTUS won.


No matter how many times people hear the words, “imminent” or “soon” or a plethora of others they still hang in there waiting for any number of things to happen, like mass arrests, Tribunals at Gitmo, hangings at Gitmo, etc…How many times now has Hillary been tried, convicted and hung? Same for Obama, the WHO chief, CDC, Comey, etc…Hillary must be the cat with 9 lives.

People are still listening to a few people who recently just popped onto the scene and have elevated them to “believable” status. Simon Parkes comes to mind. You know the fellow who has ongoing sexual relations with extraterrestrials by his own admission. Then there’s “Dr.” Charlie Ward. He’s no doctor. He’s a doctor about as much as fascist Fauchi. He’s a fraud. Same with Simon. Same with Streetfighter Patriot. Paid, controlled opposition. Same goes for Alex Jones (that’s not his real name), Ben Fulford, Corey Good, David Wilcock and hundreds more.

Every single one of these frauds claim that the Cabal, the Deep State, the Illuminati Families, whatever you call them, are going down as we speak. Lost all their money. Lost all their miles and miles of stolen gold hidden underground in DUMBS which is being restored to the people of Earth (SOON!!!) and we’ll all be billionaires overnight because of NESARA and GESARA. Yeah, I see that happening every day, don’t you? The QFS is online. Sure it is. The Cabal has no more power. Right.

Then why are they still poisoning our food and our water supply? Why are they still spraying our skies? Why are all the criminals at NASA still stealing our money to the tune of 53 million dollars every single day? Why isn’t the truth being told of the fraudulent moon landing? And the fraud called the ISS? And why aren’t all of those lying bastards, the ones who call themselves astronauts, in jail for their crimes against humanity? And for lying to the world, accepting awards and ticker-tape parades, being praised for their valor and courage when they are lying 100% about everything!!

Nikola Tesla discovered and provided free, wireless electricity for the entire world 100 years ago. Free Energy has been available for over 100 years. Where is it today? Why are cars still using gasoline to pollute our air? Tesla powered his car with no engine under the hood 100 years ago. Inventor Stan Meyers powered his car across the entire country on a few gallons of water a few decades ago using hydrolysis to separate the hydrogen and water and use the hydrogen as fuel. They killed him.

Why isn’t the fraud known as Fossil Fuels exposed? The term was coined by John D. Rockefeller at the turn of the century when he entered a board meeting. Oil doesn’t come from dinosaur bones and other fossils. It’s a naturally occurring, self-replenishing source.

Why isn’t the fraud known as Gravity exposed? Why hasn’t the true nature of our world, being flat and not a spinning globe, and human history finally been revealed to us? Why are people still homeless? Kids hungry and dying. Why are they still spending our tax dollars on the fake Mars b.s.? And why are things still happening which are horrible? Huh?

Border crisis comes to mind. All those kids being molested, raped, filthy conditions. Why are the Pedo rings still in operation worldwide? Why are the CV-19 shots still being rolled out, killing and maiming huge portions of those getting them? And, from what I’ve read, the worst is yet to come with what they call the shedding of the spike protein infecting the unvaxxed. Why is Big Pharma still murdering and torturing people with cancer when there are dozens of natural cures?

Why are the people still wearing face diapers? Why isn’t the truth being told of the huge lie of the supposed pandemic? That it’s a total fraud. Why is the MSM still considered to be honest journalists reporting the true news when the complete opposite is the truth?? Why aren’t they all in jail, too? Look around you. What do YOU see happening? Does it appear to you that the bad guys are all in jail? That they’ve lost power? George Soros is still above ground. Same goes for Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and all the other evil oligarchs controlling our world. Wake up, people!!


You forgot to add that the earth is flat, alien’s,911 conspiracy, Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, who shot JFK, Elvis is still alive

Last edited 3 years ago by Delta

Why did you change your first name? Why did you write the Capitol seige as Trump protesters when it was found out it was Antifa?
Did I miss an article?

Joenabel Peterson



make it so.

joe blow

The military high ranking officials were shown the facts / evidence on the election to gain there trust and to uphold the constitution.


They were the ones who picked Trump to run in the first place. They’ve had the facts. It’s been Military Intelligence (now under the white hats) that has worked with him all along. It’s all been in the plan. They’ve had the facts. The DS, under various descriptions, has been around for centuries. Pray for those who are now attempting to enter into this and fight such a Satanic worldwide cabal in order to restore rights and save the innocent. The DS has manipulated populations to now believe only in them and that “little people” can do nothing……why people like Gen. Flynn, Mike Lindell, Sidney Powell are asking people to work at local levels to get out the truth and take more control over their lives. As more is exposed the propaganda arm of the DS may have to take themselves down in order to block any and all info from being seen.

joe blow

Cool !

Angel Askew

Sweet Jesus, I need a stiff drink!

Patriot Citizen

Michael, why have you never once named your “source” in a single article? We get so upset when the MSM relies on anonymous sources. Yet you do so in every story? I’m confused.

Sandy Koufax

I would imagine that they would say you named your source anyway from this post. You should have used Susan Rice as the example.

Adam Coman Jr

Makes sense

J Bill

There are some extremely important points located in the comment sections of the various articles here. Check posts re: contract law on fraud, third party rights, UCMJ, etc. Some almost a dead give away to Michael’s pieces. Some even trying to discredit bonafide legal points. A virtual treasure trove of info.

Hal Brown

I am wondering how much Milley was paid or offered to support the DS and Biden and Harris? It is also interesting to note that Biden didn’t know about Milley’s arrest. And my guess is since the Generals had been planning the arrest for a long time, and General Berger said “we know why”, they knew exactly what Milley was offered, and Hokanson also.


 Melania Trump just posted on Telegram .. ‘Big news soon. Stay Ready’.  

Terminally deplorable

I guess, she is getting a new dog. So far, the news coming from the house of Trump news were underwhelming.




I can’t send a link from a Telegram posting.

Suggest you go to and join. It is a very informative platform where you can follow the like of Lin Woods, Sidney Powell, Patrick Byrnes and of course Melania Trump.

Mike M

No Ivanka, Powell, Byrne, or Melania’s accounts. Those are telegram fake accounts. Lin Wood and Donald Jr. are the only two confirmed one’s that are real out of the big names. All of the generals are bogus as well. Even the retired McInerney and Flynn accounts.

Carmen Ketcham

We the People must Assemble.


I KNEW Milkey was with the Deep State!! Good Job!!


If I recall Milli Vanilli was a fraud too 😉

Terminally deplorable

Sure, they could not sing, but 40 years ago, they were still better than 80% of what came afterwards. I only can shake the head about the music my kids are listening to.

Sandy Koufax

Right, but other singers working for the producer sang. The public wasn’t betrayed.


there was something mentioned somewhere else over a month ago and it was mentioned in this article. You have good resources Michael keep up the good work.

garis aris

Donald J Trump our great president, who loves this country and defends the Constitution, best president in a long time, along with Ronald Reagan.


God Bless You, Michael Baxter!!

GreaterIdaho for Trump

Is it because of military code 11.3, the anti-communist insurance policy of the cold war era, that the illegal /stolen election government can be legally attacked, through 11.3, and sent to tribunal? If you haven’t read fireman Mark Taylor’s book « Trump Prophecies «  it’s a good time to read it now.


Appreciate the tip, Idaho!


“once 11.3 verifies” ———>Nov 2017 comes to mind….

Daughter of the American Revolution

Go read page 777 of this:

11.3.1 … if that’s what it means… wow. Praying!


Remember that post from 2017 saying something about podesta arrest “once 1st marker verifies”?

Keith White

The last to fall victim to the American people by maybe our military will be the media such as CNN, MSNBC,and others conluding with the Democratic Party and assisting in deluding our CONSTITUTION and assisting in the overthrow of our President Donald Trump during his four year term


Until they deal STRONGLY with the Mainstream media, none of this will work!

J Bill

Watching the YT tapes of Charlie C of cnn hemorrhaging pure slime about their role in deposing the President DJ Trump made me vomit. Surprised Charlie hasn’t taken a leap yet. Hope those fk’g prics get GITMO too.


Gen. Milley said Biden was the democratically elected President of the United States, and that all armed forces personnel, from the lowest private to the highest general, had a patriotic duty to support and protect Democracy, Joseph Biden, and Kamala Harris.

So, with all of his so called defense of Democracy he isn’t aware that Harris is not eligible to be VP? One has to be eligible to be President in order to be VP for obvious reasons. To be President, under the Constitution, one must be a Natural Born Citizen, (both parents must be citizens of the U.S. at time of birth of the candidate) and Harris isn’t.


“Under the 14th Amendment’s Naturalization Clause and the Supreme Court case of United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 US. 649, anyone born on U.S. soil and subject to its jurisdiction is a natural born citizen, regardless of parental citizenship. This type of citizenship is referred to as birthright citizenship.”

According to Wikipedia, Kamala Harris was born in Oakland, CA on October 20, 1964. If that is true, she clearly qualifies as a natural born citizen. However, I am convinced that Barack Obama did not meet that criterion.

My own personal feelings about her have nothing to do with the facts or the law on this point.

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Wrong! And that’s due to the Founders mandate against dual loyalties….to different countries than the U.S. They’d already experienced what that can do.


And more than half congress is dual citizens….I wonder what flag is talking when they open their mouth,since they sworn allegiance to other nation besides US….

Sandy Koufax

Kamala wasn’t subject to US jurisdiction.

Ex - New Yorker

Obama the boy from Kenya!

Official who OK’d Obama birth papers dies in crash
The Hawaiian health official who verified the authenticity of President Obama’s birth certificate died in a small plane crash.

The plane, carrying a pilot and eight passengers, went down Wednesday in the water a half mile off the Hawaiian island of Molokai, the Maui Fire Department said.

The lone fatality was Loretta Fuddy, who has served as state health director since January 2011. Tom Matsuda, the interim executive director of Hawaii’s health insurance exchange, confirmed Fuddy’s death.

I saw the video on you know what tube … keeps getting pulled down, but you could clearly see divers in one-piece black wet suit Scuba Dive Gear bobbing up and down and around her just before “she went under”

Fuddy, one more to chalk up on the Clinton body count list!

J Bill

Not meaning to intrude.

The drowning/crash took place 11/12/13. It was reported as mysterious in Canada Free Press .com in 13/1/14. She was the lone fatality in the crash deemed mysterious by US Coast Guard, because of it’s seemingly deliberate choice of impossible locations to ditch. NTSB report is visible.

Goes on to verify as said above. Also, noting unusual personal money transactions after her processing of Obama birth certificate. An account showed large and unexplained money deposits. Initial article in Honolulu Star.

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I wouldn´t call it a coup,since the election fraud was the coup itself,that Supreme court traitors failed to enforce the Constitution,their only job, and,since “fraud viciates everything” and no civilian institution acts lawfully, these officers are the only ones defending the constitution,the nation and Americans from the real coup.President Trump won wihout doubt and,according to videos “a peaceful transition of power to the military” happened.

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Michael, just wondering if you have ever mentioned, or think of mentioning, to your source/s the sightings of the arrested persons after the fact and what he/she thought might be suspected. Thanks.


Well, I’ll give you one thing Mr. Baxter. You certainly know how to draw a great big line in the sand.
If everything you’ve written about turns out to be true, then thousands of people, myself included, owe you and the loyal followers here the apology of a lifetime.
If, however, this is all some grand troll of the many hopium addicts out there, you’re going to have to come up with one of the greatest convoluted lies of all time to get out of the 07/04/21 deadline you’ve set.


That July 4th date was NOT set by Michael as he said. And I have seen that date mentioned by several others on different sites.


Doubting, Thomas? Oh, wait….


If this is all true and I believe it is, It’s not going to be a cakewalk on July 4th or even maybe before then. Xiden got millions of votes and millions of people will not like what’s going to take place. I grew up hearing all the time, hope for the best and Prepare for the worst. I suggest everyone do the same, emphasis on PREPARE for the worst. In hurricane country we stock up and that includes weapons if you have them. I’m not advocating arming yourselves and go all vigilante but you do have a right to defend you and your family in your own home especially in most red states who value 2A. Download a hurricane preparedness list and multiply it by a factor of you pick the number. I’m glad this is happening; I just wish it wasn’t happening during hurricane season. My gut tells me the season is going to be quite active.


it will be very rough time for more than several weeks/months??…..even with temporally control by military..before VSG/ESG PDJT step in….


i have read that one should have enough for 10 days: food, water, medicines, pet food, pet medicines and cash.


Oh and gas.


Mr.Baxter…this is best news since 11/04/2020…

Bruce Black


Unfortunately For Your Story, I Just Watched General Milley Enter The Congressional Chamber On April 28th To Listen To Joe Biden Speak…

Tell Me Where I Am Going Wrong Here…

Are They That Good At Fabricating CGI At A Congressional Speech?

Thank You,



We should all remember that we as not privy to all that occurs in politics. For instance, It is possible that Milley’s insubordination and support for bidet was necessarily staged in order for the capture of all the black hats, making them feel as if they might get away with their treason. Just spit balling, here.


I think its very possible the millitary encharged since the “PEACEFUL TRANSITION TO THE MILITARY” ordering his full cooperation on their script,he already granted himself a place in hell when he chose his loyalty to the democracy intead of the Republic.


this makes my day. 🙂