Podesta Military Tribunal: Day 2


Update: Podesta Military Tribunal, Day 3 GUILTY!

On Wednesday afternoon Rear Adm. Crandall came out swinging.

“Not only did the defendant abuse innocent, unsuspecting children, but he took medication to carry out his macabre crimes,” Rear Adm. Crandall addressed the three-officer, all-female panel. “See, for much of his adult life, John Podesta has had erectile dysfunction. He admitted to this pre-trial, and you have before you copies of his written statements, with his signature in his handwriting. To remedy his ailment, Podesta did what many men do: He got a prescription for ED medication, in his case Cialis. Unlike most men, however, Podesta didn’t use this medication to have consensual sex with adult partners. He used it to terrorize adolescents. Let that sink in. John Podesta took erectile dysfunction medication to have sex with kids.”

“It’s hard for me to articulate this to you,” Rear Adm. Crandall said, still addressing the panel, “not because you fine officers are all female, but because of the nature of these crimes. I’d have the same difficulty talking to an all-male commission.”

According to Podesta’s statement, he grew weary of taking Cialis, which, he said, left him feeling lethargic and nauseous afterward. In August 2009, he was told of a “miracle remedy” that allegedly treated ailments from the common cold to pneumonia, from erectile dysfunction to stage 4 pancreatic cancer. The person who told Podesta about this cure was none other than William Jefferson Clinton, who, Podesta claimed, had self-administered it for nearly 30 years.

The cure involved a process whereby blood was drawn from the adrenal gland of young, frightened children. The younger and the more frightened, the better, Podesta had written in his statement to JAG. Several vacutainers of blood were taken from children, usually when they were in a state of unfathomable fear. Because the blood was drawn from a small gland above the kidneys, the jab was extremely painful.

“Podesta says the blood was spun through a centrifuge, then refrigerated and sent to an ‘underground’ laboratory in Switzerland, where it was blended with other chemicals and attenuated into a compound that, when injected, rejuvenated the recipient with newfound vim and vigor. He also says it never cured his ED. Mind you, there is no scientific evidence supporting the efficacy of this fairytale compound, but he says he and countless others have taken it to feel youthful, energetic, and, ummm, to extend life,” Rear Adm. Crandall said.

In his statement, Podesta said the pharmaceutical concoction, which he called adrenochrome-C9H9NO3CU7TI9CN5, was administered either by injection or, for greater efficiency, intravenously suspended in a saline solution. He wrote he had received a dozen infusions since 2009.

“This fiend says this product is being used by thousands of wealthy people, wealthy because, he says, it cost about $250,000 per injection or $425,000 per infusion. Let’s be clear: This is sickening and, if true, people who took this will eventually be brought to justice,” Rear Adm. Crandall said.

As he spoke, a handcuffed Podesta sat silently beside his attorney wit his elbows planted firmly on the desk. His head lowered, he avoided glancing at the three officers tasked with deciding his fate.

Rear Adm. Crandall said the prosecution would present its final evidence Thursday afternoon.

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Biden has 58 days remaining




Can’t wait! Thanks for being the ears for all who those devoted to taking OUR Country and the World back from its old evil establishment!


Anyone see the newest article yet? Day 3?
I keep checking and nothing is coming up.


Thanks for letting us know!


I was wondering, not to make accusations or jump to conclusions but sites like amg.com have a list of people including podesta that have according to them already been “arrested and executed) it’s on their list of indictments, arrests and executions and I just wanted to hear what you had to say about that or get your opinion.

If you want a link to the site I can try and get that for you


Although there is no conformations of this directly, I do tend to strongly believe M. Baxter’s information as I do see other things going on that place strong doubt in any of the usual MSM Narrative, and suggests there is a lot going on in the world outside of the DS control. The military is certainly not following the Fake Biden’s control. If that’s true (and it is), then this info is likely good.

We cannot know for sure, yet connecting the dots, Baxter’s take looks solid. He deserves a Thank You. So Thanks Michael!


shit show. not proven otherwise. shut up


From my research, just so its recorded of what a small research effort will provide the internet,
$1950 per mg. Minimum purchuse, 100mg. $200,000.
1000mg in a gram=$2,000,000
28 grams in an ounce? =$56,000,000 an ounce.

Ben Colder

So this is make believe its funny.wish it were true


Mr Baxter, Unless these demons are made a public example of, to put the fear of death in them, getting rid of a few swamp creatures wont make much difference. Other power hungry monsters will take their place. Please request your source to release videos of the witch being hung and others being served currently. Only that would bring closure to the families and kids suffered at their hands.


As our REAL, DULY ELECTED President, Donald J. Trump would say, “These people are sick!”

They are all well and truly deeply evil, and trace thousands of years back, to the Khazarian Mafia, who committed acts so horrific, crimes against humanity, and they ALL need to be brought down once and for all, and condemn their dark souls to hell, to be tortured for all eternity!!

Our Heavenly Father will see to this, keep praying everyone!! And thank you, Mr. Baxter for keeping us informed!! I truly appreciate your information!! God bless you and God bless President Trump and all Patriotic Christians!!



I work in a small retail store, yesterday a gentleman came in and said he was at a conference 3 weeks ago. The topic of that conference was getting the jab, there were 300 people in attendance. He is a chiropractor, my daughter and I live in different states and neither of our chiropractors ever wore masks. The whole medical profession is not corrupt, just the medical complexes and the doctors that work in them. People think their doctors are gods. My mother went to her doctor and was encouraged to get the jab. I asked the dr. if it was considered experimental, she looked like a deer in the headlights. Then proceeded to tell us how many of her colleagues had read the studies and got jabbed. She even give it to her kids. I then explained how life insurance companies are not paying out if someone dies from it. According to her there are no known deaths from it. She said if someone died from the vax it would be closely looked into. At that point I asked her if we would even be told thats what it was. She seemed sure that it would… my neighbor has less BS in his cow yard.

My concern is how do we non-vaxxers stay safe when those who have gotten the jab are all around us….


What help can these situations develop in Europe? Here they are starting to discriminate against the unvaccinated and this is expected to get worse in the fall. We are afraid.


please read the nuremberg document,there is a link to report forced vaccinations, workplaces demanding the vaccine or else…..it´s an international class action lawsuit – almost all europe suspends it and some nations keep blackmailing their citizens. Genocide.

Eliza Corbin

If he doesn’t die… there is no justice in the world


Are you the famous “taco stand in hawai” on molesta´s e-mails?


The Eucharist is known in Witchcraft as a dark ritual: Bread,is the body of Christ and Wine is the blood of Christ..and Leo Zagami shows the Pope and Vatican are Satanists..


no TACO for you on Tuesday..in the matter of fact for rest of your life……

Deborah Haver

So if Hillary us dead where is Bill?

Terminally deplorable

With his girlfriend.


God Bless Mel Gibson.
You all know why.

Ex - New Yorker

Traffic control truth outburst ?


William Wallace, the “Great Defender of Scotland” was executed for fighting to save his country against tyranny. He was hanged, disemboweled, beheaded, and quartered.
These monsters who have defiled children against God’s Will should suffer an even greater and more heinous punishment…

Dakota Wolf

This just made me feel sick reading this. I have no doubt it’s true sadly. I saw a pic of WJC awhile back, a year ago or so, I’m not really sure when but he looked so sick. I immediately thought he was going through A-C withdrawals but other people were saying he had Aides! I’m going with my pic in my head. Thank you for keeping us posted @Michael Baxter. Your articles really paint the pictures for me.


trump raided so many adrenochrome farms like the john of god one and more – and busted networks!! not MSM news tho. You can notice Depp is obvious, Madonna would be another – and when kissinger goes you’ll know for sure lol – prince phillip

punchy deniro – the dooshbag – you’ll see – he’s mad his supply is cut off

Kevin Miller

Funny you say that, for quite some time I have been using Bill Clinton as an example on using adrenochrome


Maybe off-topic but this is massive news. Note that thru International Law the death penalty can be applied to the guilty.


Patriots Unite

I just hope that justice is served to each and every one of these POS. They will stand before the Most High, but I pray the ability to inflict any more pain on these little ones is cut off literally. The public needs to be aware, and not blown off as some conspiracy theory, but reality and fact.


Michael, do you know if there are more tribunals going on at the same time? It seems at this rate it will take a very long time to get through them. Also, do you know if there’s any truth to reports of children being removed from tunnels beneath the White House?

Last edited 2 years ago by Jayne



How sure are you about your news? FB keeps tagging your news.

J Bill

You’re really on FB? I thought they were, like, done.
How sure are you about them? They sensor the truth.


Sad how everyone thinks of Switzerland is so pristine and “neutral”. Looks like their labs are in need of an Interpol raid……then their travel posters should be corrected! Nowadays, as Mel K says, all roads seem to lead to Switzerland.


ya switzerland could very well be the center of the satanic empire . but i don’t know that for sure

miffed citizen

Could well be. The Swiss are blessed wth a country of stunning beauty, but they are not particularly friendly to strangers. They, speak an odd language, an odd mix of old and new European languages, that nobody understands but them. ln Germany, they are known as ‘diebisches Bergvolk’, kleptomanic mountain people..


Vatican has swiss guards, uses swiss banks as nazis did in fact,all popes had agreements with the nazis and some were even part of Hitler youth like the pedovore Ratzinger. Some websites insist Criminals In Action have their super base below the lake and that they confirmed when a russian special vessel detected their activity. Not surprising if one remembers the japanese who were nazi allies had projects of underwater cities.

Last edited 2 years ago by kikas
J Bill

His name isn’t on the docket. But “heard” yours is.

Do you seriously think “Taco…” fools anyone??
Harvest time in GITMO… dem trolls too.
Standing room only!


And according to President Trump, he has every intention of collecting from the very top all the way down to the lowest participant… so perhaps Taco Tuesday may very well get a 1 way ticket to GITMO too…


Bye bye Skippy, good bye. Bye bye Skippy, don’t cry.

Dim Van Der Schaaf

I most certainly hope this is real??❤️




Wow…how do you think all this is being carried out??? Our military…


There was a flight on Monday from DC to GTMO that looks like it left someone down there. Tribunal began Tuesday. Same flight left it’s home base today, headed back to GTMO, and returning someone to DC. Flight PHA600.


Dude, there’s people left at Guantanamo airfield every trip. I really don’t want to get back into this but with the exception of Cuba’s main airfield, Jose Marti, Guantanamo represents almost all air traffic into the area.


oh, look at the clever troll! so clever….take you long to think that up? what a tower of intellect you are, you must be so proud…


Just an innocent question Mr. Baxter.
Why hasn’t your source offered any physical corroborating evidence other than their statements, or if they have why are you not publishing them?

The only reason they would be giving you this information is so you could disseminate it to the public. If they didn’t want this info released, I have no doubt they would have found your “source” and squashed them way before now.

A photo of Hillary, Podesta, Adedin, Brennan, or Comey sitting in a cell wearing Guantanamo white overalls would go a LONG way to dispelling doubts. The idea that they refuse to release physical evidence when they are freely releasing circumstantial evidence makes no sense. Is this supposed to be a “test of faith”?

I ask for purely honest reasons and mean no disrespect, but for those of us who remain unconvinced, the argument that “we’ll just have to sit around and wait for an indeterminate amount of time for the truth to be reveled” doesn’t hold much persuasive power.

I’d LOVE to believe everything you’ve written so far. I despise these satanic sodomites as much as anyone and would rejoice to find they had found some form of worldly justice, but as I’ve said before, a few stories on the internet aren’t enough to dispel all doubt.

Last edited 2 years ago by Thomas

So far the most compelling support to your articles (at least as far as I’m concerned) is the fact that the Bible clearly states that in the end days, the world will see evil and atrocities the likes of which have never been seen on earth before. I cannot think of anything better fitting that definition than an international cabal of satanic child sacrifice, pedophilia, global genocide, and eternal war.

J Bill

Don’t forget ‘democrat moral bankruptcy’ is a biggie.

And btw, who said China did anything wrong???


free tibet and your ass will follow


I am growing so weary of people demanding that Michael betray the trust of his sources – without a care for anyone else’s safety – merely to satisfy their own selfish and yes, lazy; curiosity.
Consider this; do you believe that the man who raised you, and the same one your mother told you to call father, is actually your father?


Yeah. My dad is my dad. I’m not sure what you’re getting at, but I’ll be the cruel bitch and let you know the Matrix ain’t real. All those movies you’ve seen aren’t real.
There is no Krull, Conan, Tron, Goonies, or ET.


Thank you. I totally agree with you. Sick & tired of people demanding proof, etc. Either believe or don’t believe…your choice. But quit demanding proof. Those of you doing that have no concern for the lives of others including Michael….


Do any of the people who request evidence here, asks CNN,FOX,AP,,Bloomberg for any evidence ? Someone mentioned credible sources,the other day,asking why this is not reported by credible sources.
I asked – can you please name a credible source, who are them – I really wanted to know the answer, but nobody replied.

Sandy Koufax

Hillary seems to have held up better through these proceedings than Podesta.


I think Hillary believed she was going to be rescued by her powerful cronies. After all, she said, I am HC and you can’t do this to me. Podesta knows better.

Terminally deplorable

She probably considered that a grave error, when she was hanged in suspended disbelief that nobody helped her,




They are the ones described by Stephen King in 2013 in his book “Dr. Sleep”!


hi Michael….I was wondering about Madeleine McCann? Will they be able to connect her disappearance to Podesta?


Mike, please allow this link, it exposes the Pence’s involvement in human trafficking: https://steverotter.com/deep-state-child-trafficking-and-mike-pence/


Thank you, Mike!


These people are sick. Like everyone, i was in disbelief when first hear of all this stuff but they don’t even hide it. Check out this new video – and KP has an audience of young kids!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPI-mRFEIH0
and how about this – https://www.allure.com/story/blood-skin-care-treatment
We are living in a world of evil


Elizabeth Bathory comes to mind. Just like another Hungarian nazi collaborator gozillionaire who worships satan by sacrificing people.


Follow link for some of the most fascinating and eye-opening truth you will ever see. Make America GREAT Again!:


America needs to see this and make it so. Who will Rise?!?


What’s your point? This site isn’t for every nutcase to push some stupid off topic agenda because of some 121 year old book. Oh, here, look at this, everybody thought Columbus would fall off the edge of the world. OH, here, Look at this, UFOs making crop circles. Starting to understand why some web sites which I don’t use (FB, TWTR, etc) have monitors and why print publications have editors.

I know Michael is busy but there are starting to be way too many hey look at this link and this link. You need to read this and this. I’ll decide what I need to see, read and follow and I’ll find it on my own thank you very much. Reminds me of some neighbor waiting in my driveway every day when I come home from work to tell me THEIR latest bad news or pushing THEIR agenda. It’s draining!


I am not too overly shocked by this I read a novel recently and something like this happened. At that time I really had a hard time dealing with it. Now I am just disgusted and hope these degenerates suffer beyond words.

J Bill

Welcome to The Club.


tom clancy? rainbow six?


Just watched a David Daleiden’ video on a connection with Planned parenthood and K. Harris.. Never realised how evil she is.


I have a gut feeling that Kamala Harris is suffering from some sort of paranoia. Initially after the election she remained in the Senate, never moved into the Vice President’s home and developed this nervous cackle. Now to top if off she sent in the FBI to get the video. Maybe she thinks her visit to Gitmo may be soon.

Just a thought.  

J Bill

Me neither. Had a hard time to think, “with a laugh like that, how can camel toe be so diabolical?” Then she set up a fund to bail out the BLM riot protestors. Call me naive too.


I have a very very hard time to believe that the described details in this new article are true. I just can’t believe a man can do such horrible things. He looses his status of man. Not even an animal would do that…

Last edited 2 years ago by Vincent

Vincent, its the demons in the people which come into them when the Satanists invite them. In the Bible, the devil promised fame power and riches to anyone who would worship them- and that’s what these people came into. But God will also give us those things to help us do good things. Sadly Christians are nortoriua for believing they are in sin if they end up wealthy or ask God for money to do good things because that’s what Deep State church leaders taught them. That’s why evil has been winning.


They are true and have been well known for several years now, sadly.

J Bill

Welcome to the world of politics Vincent. And strange bedfellows.


Do you believe the reports about what they have done with aborted babies?


Again, I have a hard time believing those stories, so horrible and disgusting they are ! Humans who do that dishonor themselves very much… So, yes I think it is still possible. We need proof in order to indict or condamn someone. I believe if the military tribunals have enough prooves, they will not condamn the accused for no reason. So yes I am open to believe those stories.


Vincent,have you ever heard about TED GUNDERSON former FBI chief who was murdered after exposing the satanic cult, the finders, dutroux case and many other important facts
The doctor who did his autopsy was also murdered. He was the one who first called out those symbols on their page, the triangle,the heart inside a heart,etc. You can read many documents available online for free. You can also read testimony from surviving victims so you can become aware about luciferians in the highest positions and their projects,evil is very real and we must be able to recognize it , in order to fight it and to protect our children from predators who select the lonely,the weak,the disabled those who cannot or have nobody to defend them.


They are true, sadly. Your choice to believe or not but they are true. Keep reading & researching…open your eyes to what you see. Some people are evil all the way through & these people are!!!


were you circumcised? that is the exact same trauma they have used for centuries to entrap people into EGO – and the ego is what makes this all possible. torture a kid for most of his childhood and viola you got mindcontrolled (every possible position of power) patsy.


No I am catholic. My parents had not me circumcised but baptised. So I could not talk about this trauma… Thank you anyway.

Last edited 2 years ago by Vincent

Now we all know what Q was talking about when he said “those who know can’t sleep.” The church has been asleep – must rise up in power and not be afraid to start using the authority and power to not only heal the sick and cast out demons, but also to curse the activities and evil powers of the wicked. The deep state infiltrated our churches and taught the Christians that Christians no longer have power and authority like the early believers did, in fact over 95% of churches in America refuse to teach ordinary believers how to heal the sick and cast out demons. Now we know why- we know the roots of this evil doctrine called cessationism. Evil prospers because good churches do nothing with the power and authority we’ve been given. Jesus cursed a fig tree because it did not produce fruit out of season, and said we would do this and more- how much more then should we be cursing the powers of darkness? He also said he gave us power to heal the sick and cast out demons and commanded us to cast out demons, heal the sick, cure the lepers and raise dead and said anyone who believes in him would do the same miracles he did and even greater – that with faith of a mustard seed we could say to a mountain throw yourself into the sea and it would obey us and nothing would be impossible for us! So in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazzareth, Yeshua Hamashiach I curse the powers, plans, and wealth of all wicked and corrupt people on this planet!!!! And I command all demonic beings to leave God’s planet now! Go where Jesus tells you to go! Leave now in the Name of Jesus Christ, Yeshua Hamashiach! Let faith rise up in your church!

Patriotic Truth

It is so obvious that this is a load of crap. Where’s this even coming from?

Sue Grantham

You should pick a different screen name.
Obviously you are not open to the truth. But you’ll absorb the bs the idiot box tells you, when in fact the media works for evil. Believe the evil. I choose to believe in God’s word: you shall reap what you sow.
It’s harvest time in GTMO, whether you choose to believe it is your choice.
Believe what you want but it doesn’t change the truth.


I have identified at least 2 trolls in these comments.

J Bill

Just 2??


Thank you Sue…well said.


is it you-Biden2024…?????

Sandy Koufax

It’s quite obvious that you are being controlled with compromising boudoir photos with underage participants.


find a bridge to live under.

J Bill

Uploaded from your computer? You a democrat?
Great! Harvest time in GITMO my friend.

Last edited 2 years ago by J Bill

It always confused me as to why so many children are trafficked until I realized that they are not just being abused by sick pedophiles but for what was just described and then killed, thus creating a demand for more. A rope is too humane for him. They should take him out in a boat and chum the water, cut off his bits and throw him to the sharks.

J Bill

Tie him to a rope. Throw him out back. Troll for sharks.


These people are SICK full of demons. What horrible things they do to other humans just like Hitler did during WW2. They play with the Devil they should meet the Devil.

Sue Grantham

Excellent response


They WII meet satan since they sold their soul to him…they will spend a very long time in his company.


and they will!


I hope the court brings up the highly suspicious death of Linkin Park’s lead singer Chester Bennington, Podesta’s son who looked exactly like him. Chester was investigating the hanging death of his friend Chris Cornell the year before which he knew was connected to child sex trafficking when in June 2017 Bennington was ritualistically “suicided” the same way, with a noose tied around a doorknob. Was this dad’s sacrifice to the Deep State or just his way to keep his son from finding out was he did?


right – dave mcgowan “strange stories from the canyon” shows some bizare connections of this cult and the entire music industry . the satanic influence is real, it’s disgusting and hopefully it’s disintegrating #FUsatan btw 🙂

Joenabel Peterson

Terrifying; however, a very informative article. Thanks Michael.

Eddie Dees

I read somewhere, I wish I could remember, that there were supposedly stadium size buildings in various locations in the Balkan States filled with tables where kids from all over were drained of their blood while being tortured. This went on 24-7 apparently. Don’t know of the validity of that but I tried to google it to no avail. I’m guessing based on what we’re learning it’s probably true.


google is your mistake. try duck duck go. google hides things like that.


Forget Google…you will never find any truths there…they censor so much. Use duckduckgo.


These people need to be put into an Atlas rocket. Hand cuffed to their seats and blasted off into outer space!


Did you know that Jesus tells us that the wicked will be cast into outter darkness? You will get your wish.

Last edited 2 years ago by tammytamb

How about strapped to the outside of the Atlas Rocket.

Mercedes E Vizcarra

These cabal have broken covenant with God … no mercy to Satanist.


Justicia terrenal senores

Just Gary

So what about this Lab in Switzerland. I wonder if we are or have taken it out Michael….????


Octapharma in US is advertising they buy young blood and plasma. You tuber ki-jenn has the video showing their ads and e-mails.


Interesting lead – I never heard before


Video was streamed 2 or 3 days ago, a celebrity is approaching people as far as I understood. Look at her other videos you will find a trove of good information, but I am sure you already know others as Gene decode,Blessed to teach,Mouthy Budha at bitchute,AMG news wher the lists and the clones -doubles-look alikes are exposed,as you also may find valuable information on Zeta talk….
Octapharm is an octopus trading blood and plasma. You can search for genetic herapy in switzerland,steam cells treatments – is shocking. We know they are farming humans for multiple purposes,among them cannibalism.Golden leaf fetuses….they need to be erradicated, as all family and their kind.

Last edited 2 years ago by kikas
Michael Drury

Until “We the People” actually see the tribunal footage, whenever it’s shown, you have to read some of this through a filter. Use critical thinking in everything we do, see or read. The executions should be shown in their entirety just like when Saddam Hussein was hung.


And there we have it… the evidence is real. We were NEVER conspiracy theorists. Adrenochrome… Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas told us the truth. How long has Hollywood known? That film is based on events in the 70’s!!!!!!


It goes way back to the Book of Enoch, and the First and Second Books of Adam and Eve. They detail, to some degree, the crimes against children committed way back then. It has never stopped, but it will.


Amen to that julia!!!


too late – you are a stigma now!