James Comey Sentenced to Death by Guillotine


On Friday, June 4, a military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay found former FBI Director James Comey guilty of treason and murder and sentenced him to death by guillotine, a symbolic gesture since Comey seemed to take perverse pleasure in the beheading of others.

The officers judging the military’s case against Comey reached a verdict shortly after Vice Adm. John G. Hannink of the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps finished grilling a former FBI official who testified that Comey had indeed committed unlawful atrocities against law-abiding American citizens.

First to testify was former FBI field supervisor Clifford Colvin, who from 2015-2017 worked under Comey on clandestine “beta tests” that involved abducting and executing vagrants, society’s discarded homeless population. Pressed by Vice Adm. Hannink, Colvin gave an impassioned description of how Comey’s private “hit team” sought out and targeted persons least likely to “have someone report them missing” and often held joint operations with the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Together, often during natural disasters, they would illicitly beguile the homeless into believing the federal government had sent them on a mission of mercy, to feed and shelter the hopeless and the forgotten. Colvin’s statement corroborated testimony given by Derrick White on day 1 of Comey’s tribunal.

“I deeply regret what I’ve done. I regret following unlawful orders. I own my actions, though, and am prepared to answer for my crimes. The directives came down from James Comey,” Colvin said.

“And James Comey had a hand in the murder of Derrick White’s father? And the others who went to the guillotine? How exactly were victims selected? Did Comey personally tell you who to target?” Vice Adm. Hannink asked.

“We were told to use our discretion, but only select homeless, vagabonds, drug addicts, those type of people. It’s not like James Comey gave us a list of names. We were told the operation was part of a psychological stress test to see how people reacted when faced with certain death by unconventional means,” Colvin explained.

“To what end?” Vice Adm. Hannink asked.

Colvin elaborated on his story, claiming that Comey’s endgame, had it succeeded, would have seen a nationwide roundup of patriots and militia members, all of whom would have been shipped to FEMA camps to await execution by guillotine. Colvin said the FBI and FEMA had “practiced” on countless homeless people dating back to Hurricane Katrina. In 2008, when Obama took office, the FBI began accelerating the program, sometimes executing as many as 50 homeless a week.

“Do you know for certain that Obama instructed Comey to carry out these instructions?” Vice Adm. Hannink asked.

“I cannot. My orders came from James Comey,” Colvin said.

Comey, who had sat silently through much of Colvin’s testimony, abruptly interrupted the witness, calling him a “bold-faced liar who was obviously paid to give false testimony.” Comey said he rebuked Colvin’s falsehoods and pleaded with the tribunal to discount “blatant lies” designed to wrongfully incriminate him.

But Colvin stood ground, leaping to his feet and pointing a rigid index finger in Comey’s direction. “At least I admit I deserve what fate comes my way. You are a sick man, Comey. You ordered me to order others to execute innocent people, for no other reason than to satisfy your perverse, sadistic mind.”

Vice Adm. Hannink dealt Comey a cataclysmic blow. He showed the tribunal 25 FBI internal memos, each bearing Comey’s initials, which directed regional supervisors to scour the streets of New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia, Austin, and Los Angeles for “volunteers” to participate in the agency’s guillotine program. Comey in several documents admonished subordinates for not meeting the FBI’s quota.

“Comey’s hands didn’t release the blades. He’s far too much a coward himself, so others did his dirty work. Yet he was sloppy enough to implicate himself with paperwork, which JAG found with little effort. He can deny whatever he wants, and witness testimony aside, these documents alone inculpate Comey in one of the greatest massacres against Americans. Let me be clear: per the Office of Military Commissions, Comey did not have to release the blades to be found guilty of mass murder. That he knowingly took part in these crimes, if you officers accept that, is evidence enough to convict. The ball, as they say, is in your court,” Vice Adm. Hannink finished.

Fifteen minutes later, the panel delivered its verdict—guilty on all counts, and a recommendation that Comey be executed the very way he had ordered the execution of so many others, the guillotine.

Vice Adm. Hannink said JAG had broad discretion in sentencing and agreed to putting Comey’s head on the chopping block, the sentence to be carried out no later than July 4, 2021.


(Thank you for your patience. I was in desperate need of a vacation. Although I hate CA politics, I love the scenery. I spent a week in Malibu and a few days in LA, where I was the only person walking the streets without a mask. I am now playing catch up, so please be patient as I try to get things out.)

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Michael, thanks a lot for all the info you’re putting out but is it all really true??! I’d LOVE to think so but how can one be sure? What are your sources? Why is no-one else reporting it??




This is hilarious. Death by guillotine? Right, and Bill C will get death by Pleiadean, vaporizing, death ray, and Obama will get death by bathing in hydrofluoric acid. I guess Biden will get death by squishing from a dropped storage container full of lead.


May many more heads roll after this traitor lose his…

Hal Brown

this one is for James Comey:

I got sacked at my job at the guillotine factory today, it is a cut throat business.


@MichaelBaxter – Please toss this loser – John Warosa
He is foul and nasty and has no business being on your EXCELLENT site.


America will be much safer without this man breathing. Great story Michael..


@MichaelBaxter – If no one has asked you to do this yet, can you please 86 “Bofa” – That TROLL has been a real thorn in our sides while you have been gone. Thank you and God Bless. I live 20 minutes from Malibu, shame I didn’t know you were here. I could have shown you a few spots the locals go to so you could avoid the tourists.


Anything that reflects poorly on me clearly is paid testimony. The arrogance of this POS. They forget that not everybody pays people for testimony. Some people believe in truth and and a clear conscience before death.

David Yanity

David Yanity: “Relax! It’s nothing to lose your head over.”

James Comey: …

David Yanity: “Too Soon?”

Michael Allen Kinney

Just glad you are back. Was kind of worried. Although many limbs have been severed. The Deep State still has some dangerous darts in their arsenal. And they are desperate.


When are they going to put a stop to Adam Schiff ‘s evil wicked corrupt ways? He is back with his evil wicked corrupt lies again. He was back in the news again today. Also Hillary and Bill Clinton was having dinner the other night in a restaurant and Hillary became very angry with Bill because he was spending to much time talking to some lady.


Did this happen in a hipster coffee shop?



Joseph B.

Enjoy time while U can. Hope U had a good time on vacation. My wife & I haven’t had a vacation in 8 yrs, since we have to take care of my Mother-In-Law. I can’t remember if U mentioned what they’re doing with the corpses.


I guess when he’s executed, he will “rest in pieces” ?


Great news!!! Evil doers need to be executed!!! Just wish it was faster and in the public eye so we all could feel vindicated. Even if Mike’s posts are not real. It somehow makes me feel better. Albeit hard to deny the missing persons in Washington and Hollywood. Or have they all just gone into hiding. Hard to deny the Truth dripping out about the deep state swamp. Wish that was going a bit faster as well.
”Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light”. General George Washington

John Warosa

It’s nice to see you took a vacation–I’m sure spinning a lot of snuff porn for your right-wing fiction site must take a toll on you, Michael.

David Yanity

Go play in traffic.

Ed Bob

You’d be the snuff porn addict John – 70 MILLION innocent babies, and counting.

Brian N Gimby

Hey Michael, Everyone needs a vacation and surly missed the articles.

Hal Brown

This one’s for James:

I got my dream job at a guillotine factory.I’ll beheading there shortly.


Oh my word! ?

Joseph G.

This Is the Truth:

Not a single person mentioned specifically in Michael Baxter’s articles of the past few months has demanded a retraction; neither a) the active-duty military personnel so far mentioned and quoted b) the named JAG officers presiding over the GITMO tribunals that have so far supposedly happened; and c) and as well as the people apparently arrested (and some executed). This is remarkable.

When a non-anonymous journalist quotes people or attributes some action to certain people- you’d better have your facts straight or you will face legal action. (note: Many trolls here (and on FB & Twitter) say the site is satire; but no, if you read the statement IN FULL it implies otherwise; and on top of that, Baxter has said many times in the comment sections that what he is writing is real and true.
* Active-Duty US Military People Quoted/Mentioned:
General David H. Berger – Commandant of the US Marines

General Glen D. VanHerck – Commander of United States Northern Command, and the North American Aerospace Defense Command
General James H. Dickenson – Commander of the United States Space Command
General James C. McConville – US Army Chief of Staff
Admiral Michael M. Gilday – Chief of US Naval Operations
General Richard D. Clarke – Commander of US Special Operations Command
Col. John Lynch – Marine Corps – Commanding Officer of the Marine Radar Regiment at Camp Lejeune
General Gary “Lurch” Thomas – US Marine Corps
Chief Master Sergeant Anthony Vance – US AF retired
* Active-Duty Guantanamo Bay US Navy JAG Personnel (Military Prosecutors/Judges), and Defense Counsel Quoted/Mentioned:
Vice Admiral John G. Hannink – Judge Advocate General of the US Navy
Rear Admiral Darse E. Crandall – Judge Advocate General of the US Navy
Trisha Anderson – Guantanomo Bay Defense Counsel (for Podesta)
David H. Anderson – Guantanomo Bay Defense Counsel (for Brennan)
* Other People Quoted/Mentioned:
Mike Pompeo
Erik Prince
Jeffrey Rosen – former Attorney General (replaced Bill Barr)
Merrick Garland – Current AG
Steve Bannon
Rudy Guiliani
Gov. Abbot
Gov. DeSantos
Roger Stone
Melinda Gates
Jake Sullivan – former Clinton Staffer – gave GITMO testimony
Bethany Greenbaum – former Clinton Foundation accountant – gave GITMO testimony
Bernard William Nussbaum – former WH Counsel for President Clinton – gave GITMO testimony
Stephen Duckworth – General Atomics Aeronautical Engineer
Grady Reynolds – a former NYPD officer that stole indictments from Trump for the DS
Jerry Donaldson – former Erik Prince employee that stole indictments from Trump for the DS

Clifford Colvin – former FBI Comey henchmen that carried out guillotine atrocities.
* People Alleged To Have Been Arrested & Sent to GITMO:
Hilary Clinton – Arrested March 2nd 2021 – Had a GITMO Trial April 8th to the 15th 2021 – Executed April 26th 2021 by Hanging
John Podesta – Arrested April 1st 2021 – Had a GITMO Trial May 4th to the 6th 2021 – Executed on June 1st 2021 by Firing Squad
Huma Abedin – Arrested April 1st 2021 – GITMO Trial June 7th 2021
John Brennan – Arrested March 25th 2021 – GITMO Trial May 24th 2021 – Executed on June 7th 2021 by Hanging
General Mark Milley – Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs – Arrested April 14th 2021 (released? tamed?)
General Daniel R. Hokason – Chief of US National Guard – Arrested April 14th 2021 (released? tamed?)
James Comey – Arrested April 20th 2021 – GITMO Trial June 3rd to the 4th 2021 – To Be Executed on July 4th 2021 by Guillotine
Amy Comey Barret – Placed under house arrest – May 15th 2021 – GITMO trial June 28th 2021
Bill Clinton – No Arrest Date Given – GITMO Trial June 14th 2021
John Boehner – No Arrest Date Given – GITMO Trial June 17th 2021
Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson – No Arrest Date Given – GITMO Trial June 21st 2021
Adam Schiff – Arrested on May 24th 2021
Dr. Deborah Birx – Arrested on May 26th 2021 – GITMO trial June 23rd 2021
William Barr – No Arrest Date Given – Trial June 17th 2021 (a non-GITMO location)
Kevin Spacey – No Arrest Date Given – Trial June 21st 2021 (tribunal location not yet known)
Craig Fugate (former FEMA Director) – No Arrest Date Given – GITMO trial June 29th 2021
Brock Long (former FEMA Director) – No Arrest Date Given – GITMO trial June 29th 2021
Susan Rice – No Arrest Date Given – GITMO Trial July 2nd 2021
Addressing Claims That Hilary And Others Were Apprehended & Executed Before Jan 2021- Before the Insurrection Act Was Signed by Trump:

The sites and commenters claiming that Hilary was hung 6 months ago, or 2 years ago etc- are all wrong 100%. I have been following EVERYTHING since Q time (Oct 28th 2017)- and only when Michael stated that she was arrested in early March 2021- did the timing finally feel right and the conditions perfect.

Reason Why: If the military is the one arresting people- they can only ever do that legally if the Insurrection Act was signed by a sitting president. I believe that Trump did secretly sign it in the last couple of weeks of his presidency (revealed from many credible sources, such as Lin Wood). Thus, the US military wasn’t arresting anybody until after Trump left. This created the most strategic and optimal trap.

(note: John McCain was tried and executed by the military in Aug 2018- but that could have been done via a process that did not involve the Insurrection Act (b/c John was a former soldier and not a civilian. John personally gave chemical weapons to ISIS in Syria and took selfies with them. Q: “We love phones; these people are stupid”).

Addressing Claims That Milley & Hokanson (Joint Chief Generals) Were Seen After Their ‘Arrest’:

Yes, we all know that Milley and Hokanson were arrested at the Pentagon and were seen afterwards (I acknowledged that in my list). However, they seem to be the only 2 people on the list that have been ‘seen’ in an official capacity after their supposed arrest; and out of all the people on the arrest list, those 2 are the only active military personnel, not to mention, Joint Chiefs (part of the leadership of the US military). So there could be an explanation, and if the explanation is plausible, then the fact that Milley and Hokanson were seen afterwards would do nothing to invalidate the main premise of my 1st comment: namely, why nobody mentioned has demanded retractions, esp the US military and JAG people who are active-duty (and the arrested people). It’s possible that they may have been arrested and then released under some kind of condition (def. with an ankle bracelet)- and perhaps there was a tactical reason for doing so. 1) Perhaps b/c they are part of the Joint Chiefs, the White Hats let them roam on a leash in order to confuse the Deep State; 2) to garner some protective optics that suggest that nothing is amiss at the leadership of the US military (at the Joint Chiefs level); 3) and perhaps they are making Milley stay at the Pentagon so that it won’t be ‘hit’. Many possibilities. I do believe that perhaps General Berger did not intend to arrest Milley and Hokanson on April 14th 2021, but had to be done so ahead of schedule because Milley called for that April 14th meeting and blasted the other Joint Chiefs and accused them of being treasonous. Moves, counter moves. (note: Hokanson was seen at a hearing after his ‘arrest’ and it was noteworthy that he looked very uncomfortable and didn’t appear to be enjoying what he was saying).


nobody believes this shit anyway. why bother suing a nobody who has a few hundred commenters? Even if this site got sued, I guarantee you the first defense would be sydney powell’s defense of “no reasonable person would believe this”…especially when the evidence about reptilian satanists are presented.


Dude’s got 1500 followers on twitter and gets about 8 replies. Probably a few hundred interactions. Not exactly someone worth suing


Feelin the heat B of A. ..??


the heat of what? your bad breath?


Now we’re getting touchy.Your True colors are coming out.


2 spooky for me

Joseph G.

Squinty: “Complete nonsense. The web is full of sites claiming any number of things about any number of people – nobody demands retractions or takes legal action because they know that these whacko sites aren’t taken seriously by anybody except devotees who are as whacko as the site itself”.

First Point:

You say the site is a tabloid, but that’s irrelevant- as Baxter has maintained the opposite:

Mike Baxter has made it clear that he is reporting the truth, and that his site is real and not “whacko”. Regardless if you disagree with that, he has in fact made that assertion (many times). Thus, Baxter has literally dug his own potential grave, and can be held legally accountable by all these active-duty military Generals and JAG judges, if he is propagating lies about the US military. Why would they care? See Point #2.

Second Point:

Squinty (aptly named)- is missing the overall context, which indeed makes this website a unique case.

It is a FACT that there was a frosty relationship between Biden & the US military when Biden assumed power. This has been well-established: everyone saw within days of his presidency, Biden ordering an investigation of the military ranks (looking for Trump loyalists and Q people), and Austin ordering a 100-day stand-down for all branches of the military (which was unprecedented). From Day 1, it was crystal clear that Biden did not trust the US military, and was worried that some coup against him may possibly be carried out (this sentiment was all over the MSM). Headlines literally said: “Q people within the military ranks in DC!”. Obviously Biden would feel this way, as we had almost 3 years of Q drops, loudly proclaiming that death is coming to all of these people via the unleashed US military.

Thus, considering the context, these Generals would have Baxter’s head in a vice- if what he was saying was not true and all bullshit. Baxter, in fact, would be guilty of stoking incredible division and conflict between the leaders of the branches of the US military and the sitting POTUS. Think about that? And this is not some vacuum, as we have had 3 years of Q drops proclaiming that hell is coming to the US Establishment (and much to the delight of a huge part of the world). So, if he was spewing lies and no war against the Deep State was actually underway via the US military, and the US military was at peace with Biden’s administration- they would be %^&% furious at Baxter for making millions of Americans believe that the leadership of the US military is carrying out some covert war against Biden’s presidency. You have to be nuts to believe that a) Biden and the Establishment would be okay with that, and b) the US military would be okay with that. Someone would have come a-knocking on his door long ago.

Q is our greatest, trusted Litmus test. Anyone that denounces Q is a shill and 100% full of shit. Q gave us almost 3 years of irrefutable ‘proofs’ that this war would be coming.


Ron Watkins is a larp

Joseph G.

Ron Watkins is the proven former admin of the Chans. A real guy. Thus, not a LARP.

Q is the star of the Chans; LARP criticism should be directed here.

However, sorry to break it to you, 3 years worth of drops proved irrefutably that Q is a team from US military intelligence, specifically, the Northern Virgina Batallion.

I’ll trust Team Q any day over the MSM.
Those that claim that Q made zero predictions are retarded beyond-belief.

First example: Q told and literally showed the world that Epstein’s Temple was the site of dungeon sex-trafficking and murder; and that PAIN would be incoming over it. This was March 2018.

Then on July 6th 2019, the MSM suddenly declared that Epstein, an untouchable intelligence honey-pot operative (Mossad & CIA)- was arrested. Shivers went up my spine.

Personally, the first prediction that proved that we are dealing with Military Intelligence was when Team Q stated on Nov 1st and 2nd that the NWO pyramid would be dismantled first in Saudi Arabia via a massive purge against Prince “Dopey” (Trump’s term). Dopey is Talal (Q’s early signatures referred to this arrest operation against Prince Talal as “Snow White”). Suddenly, on Nov 5th, the entire pro-Deep State elite of SA were rounded up, incarcerated, tortured, and some killed- thus freeing SA from the NWO. MBS loves Trump; Trump is a hero in SA.

See their Sword Dance on Youtube (May 2017); done before the Nov 5th 2017 operation.


You don’t have to be on the site – go away. We believers will stay thank you very much.


Good to have you back and well, your silence had me worried . thanks for keeping us up to date. I can’t wait to hear Nancy the devil, Osama Oh kaka, chucky, Ocasio the stup*id,Swalwell,etc. are arrested… OMG the list is long !!

Last edited 2 years ago by Sonia

I’m so glad you are back. I’ve been praying that you were okay.

D Herman

You’ve been in our prayers each day Michael. So happy to hear from our daughter, “Michael’s back and posting!” What a joy knowing you’re healthy and reporting to the “Patriots” again. Also, thank Joseph G for his fine compiling of active duty US Military people that gave quotes, and many others on his reply.

Alonzo Bynum

Thank you and welcome back. I appreciate all your hard work. You deserved a vacation. Let me be the first to say that I noticed since you were gone that there was no updates on other sites about this tribunal, unlike the other ones. They are taking your information almost word for word and acting as if they put the info out first. I for one believe your information and will say you are at the front of the line. Thank you bro.


I’m at peace?with knowing this is happening. These sick evil people are gone. The world is Enlightening


Unsure why there’s multiple methods of execution being reported in these articles. Growing more skeptical given they’re not all simply hung or shot; not shot, then hung, then decapitated, etc.

Hoping to not see the next “conviction,” described as a tarring and feathering.

Much as I am still in distress over the election results and desperately wish these stories were true, discrepancies like these throw a pretty large wrench in the spokes of this whole website.

Frances Rose

No Problem, Michael. I have heard from Monkey Werx that Gitmo has had an uptick in activity I am hoping that more of these traitors and murderers are getting their day in court. .


You realize that thousands of us were praying constantly for your safety and well-being.
I am glad you got a vacation.
I will continue to pray for your well-being and safety.
This is such a dirty business you are reporting.
We want to know.
We need to know.
But we want you to be safe while reporting.
God bless you. You are a needed part of P-DJT’s.
Be courageous and stay brave.

Much love and appreciation from the heart of our GREAT COUNTRY!!!

Jay Moore

Well deserved vacation sir!!

Steven Fishman

Marie Antoinette would be proud that we are using the guillotine again. When will Crash Test Dummy Biden be a head shorter?


Testing testing!

David Yanity

Welcome aboard, Observer!
(Assuming that you’re a new arrival to the site)


I’m glad you’re OK Michael I was actually afraid something happened to you God is with you and yes a vacation is good we love you we have President Trump and America is coming back to the people God bless you stay well


Thanks Michael ! I look forward to your reports. Hope the holiday took away some of your fatigue .


Glad you’re back


I read an article about the 14 million dollar ‘smart’ Guillotines from China that Obammy, Corney and FEMA ordered meant for Patriots which they have a camera below the head using face recognition to see the right “victim” is put on the plank before the blade goes down. They put in all the DS player faces in the memory so none of them get the chop if their side loses. Maybe the can omit Corney’s face from the built in “Do Not Chop” list.


lmao @ ‘smart’ Guillotines. Think they’ll have alexa do it? jfc

Terminally deplorable

Wait till you see Comey on the Joy Behar show with his head chopped off. You will eat more crows than you ever cared to shake a stick at.


i cannot wait!


Michael Baxter, Sir,
Would like to know if you are there, at Gitmo, to see these things actually happening? Or how do you know if these things are all truth? We would like to know for sure that people are being rewarded for their actions what ever that may be, not here say or bloated fantasies. Can you elaborate please?


When is John Brennan to face his Justice?


glad to have you back mike, hope your vacation was a good relief from all that’s going on these days


MB blocking certain IP addresses from commenting lmao. Snowflakes

David Yanity

Cry more.


why? i’m here. thought the right didn’t like cancel culture? lmao snowflake

David Yanity

When your father cums in your mouth, do you prefer to spit or swallow after you gargle? You strike me as being more of the cum swallowing type of faggot.

William Turner

Welcome back Michael. Your military tribunal stories are daily MUST-READS. Glad you had some R&R. We are waiting patiently for Huma’s story and more. Please stay safe.

buck fiden

I love your traitor Democrat snuff porn! Please don’t stop writing!! You’re a fantastic writer!!

Last edited 2 years ago by buck fiden

Mr. Baxter Welcome back. I haven’t been to California since 1973. Two days in San Francisco, then two weeks at Laguna Beach to visit friends, who bought a large sail boat to sail to New Zealand. They wanted me to buy into the trip, but I had a good job, and didn’t want to lose it.


I saw something somewhere and I can not remember where that Brennan had come up with some other delay of some sort and had been transferred to Gitmo. That does not surprise me at all that Brennan would chicken out after he was sentenced. I can not stand Brennan but I believe ultimately that bullies are cowards and I suspect that Brennan has enough sense to dread meeting his Creator.


Yay, welcome back, Michael. I look forward to your reporting each day.
God bless and keep you safe. ????


ughhh i keep having to comment so the comments will load


Don’t lose your Head worrying about Comey. Its only a “Matter”



Welcome back Michael. For those watching GITMO, this just posted this morning and is very unusual. I’ll be sure to watch and see what travels with that 737-800. This is very unusual. And yes, there has been a release from Biden to try and cover this as a flight for reporters to watch a trial of one of the known detainees there.

United #2578/N17229 (B738) has just filed a flight plan. It is scheduled to depart from Joint Base Andrews (ADW) at 10:35AM EDT Monday (14 Jun) heading for NAS Guantanamo Bay (NBW) for an estimated arrival at 01:43PM CDT Monday (14 Jun).



hopefully.. this flight…bring something very ” fruitious”..its about time……


Agreed, however, this one follows a quickly booked Delta 767-300 out of ATL Saturday morning that went on to Ft Bliss. I sure would like to know what that was all about…


Are these all airports? I tried to look them up – but I was only successful on a few. “WHINO COLIN SCOOB KEMPR WETRO DIW GFFFT WEAKK CARPX Y307 Y374 RUMFO SABRE VFR SOUTP6″

Ed Bob

No, they are ‘waypoints’ – points along a jet route ‘airway.’ Jets fly routes in the sky, like a highway.

Terminally deplorable

No, we dont want them.

Terminally deplorable

Good for 160 people. that is either a filling or evacuation operation


I would hope they keep somebody alive for confessions nationally and worldwide for the world to see. Videos of hidden Tribunals might be hard to convince a skeptical group of patriots. Who cares what demonRATS and brain dead Republicans think it’s time for disclosure and public arrests to convince the dumbed down world of a cabal of evil satanic bastards… These people alive really would help bring down the whole Federal Reserve slavery murderous system. THEN KILL THEM….!!!!


Are you allowed to be around other people? What you just said is sick!

Ed Bob

You Demoncrats are sick and shouldn’t be allowed around other people- 70 MILLION innocent babies you’ve killed, just to make face cream, many at 9 months old.


Glad you are back!

live oak

HAPPY BIRTHDAY President Trump! Have a perfect day with your lovely wife and beautiful family.
I miss you. We love you.

Last edited 2 years ago by live oak

Michael, could you please, ask your sources to hopefully clear up some questions that have been asked on here during your sabbatical. Pence was shot in the chest, yet Mike Pence speaks at the new Hampshire Republican Dinner in JuneGeneral Milley was arrested yet he delivers the Commencement Speech to Air Force Academy’s Class of 2021 on May26,2021 and Adam Schiff. talking live on MSNBC about current events in June. Just trying to understand it and make sense of it. Thanks.


Yes I completely agree! All your very VALID points NEED to be addressed & some form of evidence to back up Michael’s’ articles. It’s a fair point isn’t it?

Otherwise it’s just blind faith in his articles ( Though I am leaning toward them being true….. BUT WE NEED PROOF Michael )!!

Even many publications announce Huma Abedin has got a book coming out! But Michael has said that Huma has been arrested and awaiting her tribunal?????????

Give us evidence Michael please for God’s sake!!!

Rose the Second

Lindsey Graham questioned Brett Kavanaugh about military style tribunals during Kavanaugh’s hearing. He even discussed how non military can be tried in a military style tribunal. I saw it live on TV and was surprised. I saw it again later on you tube, but I am sure it has been deleted by now. Maybe look on Rumble for it.


Michael Baxter will never answer these questions, but since he won’t respond to this I’ll clear it up for you: Michael Baxter’s stories don’t match up with reality because they are complete fiction. All of these people are alive and free and just living their normal lives. And Michael Baxter is going to continue to tell you fictional stories about people getting arrested/imprisoned/executed, and you will continue to see those people show up at public events like nothing happened to them, and Michael Baxter will never address it. Maybe you should check out the “entertainment/satire” disclaimer on this site if you haven’t seen it.


Thank you for sharing your opinion but you know what they say about opinions and assholes. Since you didn’t write the articles, I’ll wait for the response of the author who wrote the articles. Had you read his articles thoroughly, you would know why he put out the “entertainment/satire” disclaimer” 

Last edited 2 years ago by Delta

Finally a breath of fresh air in the form of an actual true statement. This site is fan fiction for very ill people.


…for vey sick people….why you are here..ted……


I am fascinated by the never ending excuses and lack of knowledge. When will you all face the facts that Trump lost and is not in control of the military. I also watch television shows and movies that I know are fiction. It’s called entertainment.


You are free to leave the site. We have freedom to our thoughts and beliefs in spite of you trolls.


….and yet, here you are. You say it’s fan fiction but yet you can’t prove it either way.


I can point you to more than a dozen public appearances that Hillary Clinton has made since her “execution” over a month ago. That’s called proof to non-insane people


yep, saw those also. If you listen to them, she never said anything current. Last video I saw she was being interviewed saying she has been very busy and she just been to the presidential inauguration. Never anything current after her alleged arrest or hanging. Lot of those interviews are very short, as in edited from previous old interviews and they put a current time stamp on them. Making them seem new.


How do know what reality is? Reality could be actors, or media lies. For every individual right now “reality” is a very different thing.


No, there is one reality. People interpret it differently and they are not all correct. It’s like saying there are many genders when we know the right answer is two.


Justice! Who is he to decide who are the expendable?Late justice, but when it happens,is pure poetry.Thank you for erradicating another genocidal maniac.Nazis are sadists,they want to revive their crimes,they always document everything.They can´t resist.

Terminally deplorable

The expendables are the ones that have no gun in their hand when they die.