John Brennan Hanged at GITMO


The psychopath John Brennan is no more.

On Monday, June 7, Brennan shared Hillary Clinton’s macabre fate—death by hanging after a military tribunal convicted him of murder and treason. Unlike Clinton, who remained steadfastly silent until the very moment the noose was slipped around her neck, a loudmouthed Brennan cussed out the guards who offered him a last meal, which he declined, berated his MP escort to gallows, and rebuked the small assembly of military and civilian personnel who had gathered near the Windward Point Lighthouse to witness his death.

In fact, Brennan had scarcely shut his mouth in the weeks between conviction and execution, said a GITMO source speaking on condition of anonymity. He told Real Raw News that Brennan availed himself of every opportunity to express contempt at the U.S. military and the citizenry. Brennan spent much of his incarceration deriding Donald J. Trump, calling him society’s great mistake and a threat to national security. He said Trump ought to have been “aborted.”

His swaggering bravado, however, did not stop GITMO staff from escorting him to gallows early that morning. At precisely 8:00 a.m., he climbed atop the same apparatus that was used to execute Hillary Clinton less than two months prior. Shackled at the wrists and bound at the ankles, he stood on the trap door that would swing open beneath his feet when Vice Adm. John G. Hannink ordered the 5-man execution detail to push the circular red buttons affixed to the lattice framework.

Vice Adm. Hannink reminded the detail to press the buttons in synchronicity, after, and only after, he issued the ‘execute’ command. Only one button would trigger the ghoulish device, and no soldier would ever know if his button ended Brennan’s life.

“Your all pussies and cowards, especially you, Adm. Hannink. I don’t see the three cowardly officers who passed sentence on me here, either. Where are they? No stomach. Where’s Trump? I figured he ain’t got the testicular fortitude to watch his handiwork in action. He’s a fucking pussy, and you’re all cowards and liars for following him. Let’s get this over with. I ain’t scared of shit,” Brennan said, as an MP slipped the noose around his neck.

Vice Adm. Hannink approached the gallows and tilted his head to meet Brennan’s menacing stare.

“This is not about Donald J. Trump. This is about you and the actions you’ve taken in the name of evil. Trump just had the guts to get the ball rolling, but one way or another, with or without Trump, your fate was sealed the moment you participated in the murders of innocent civilians. Trump may have been the catalyst, but you’re here because, frankly, you’re one evil sonofabitch,” Vice Adm. Hannink said.

“Do your master’s bidding; I’ll see you and Trump in hell,” Brennan retorted.

The ‘execute’ command was given, and the door beneath Brennan’s feet swung downward. His neck snapped, and the rope was cut. Brennan’s lifeless body lie motionless on a patch of grass. A military physician felt for a pulse and declared Brennan dead.

“Today justice has been served,” Vice Adm. Hannink said to the assembly.

Brennan’s death, the latest Deep State casualty, was heralded as a moment of triumph among upper echelon brass involved in the Deep State purge.


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I guarantee he scared now ooorah

dennis richardson

John Brennan dwells below

dennis richardson

Donald Trump will not dwell in the same place as John Brennan


“Do your master’s bidding; I’ll see you and Trump in hell,” Brennan retorted.

Satan kept his inbred BRENNAN clueless to the very end, that POTUS Trump and Vice Adm. Hannink would not be joining him/Brennan in hell for the “family reunion.” hahaha-a-a-a!


Date 6/16/2021 Former CIA Director John Brennan said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Hallie Jackson Reports” that Russian President Vladimir Putin knew former President Donald Trump was an “amateur” who didn’t understand these issues at all.

Ed Bob

Rob_D is correct. YouTube has the 16 June video of ‘Brennan’ available. Masks, CGI, voice identical body doubles seem implausible, to me, but Hollywood capabilities, and the nefarious lack of conscience by the DS looms. What is the truth? At some point MB must offer an answer – his apparent sources should be able to respond appropriately. If not, MB has some real problems.

Hal Brown

This one is for James Comey:

I got sacked from my job at the guillotine factory today. It is a cut throat business.

Last edited 3 years ago by Hal Brown

All military trials for capital offenses require a minimum 12 person jury with an unanimous verdict. Three judge panels are NEVER used for capital offenses. Can you please explain this Mr. Baxter?


WE ARE AT WAR !!!! The military laws preside over it all.

buck fiden

It is I, the spelling Nazi, again!

You wrote:

“Your all pussies and cowards


As traitors are being executed, body doubles are replacing them. Will they be done away too?




Mr. Baxter, you have truly been a blessing for all Patriots who want to see justice prevail for all of these evil Deep State satanic pedophiles. I truly appreciate your hard work and dedication, and as a thank you, I made a modest donation. It’s not as much as I would like to give you, but I hope my contribution helps to grow Real Raw News. God bless you Good Sir!! ?????????




Good riddance. You should feel right at home in hell with your friends there too. The country is a much better place with you gone.


I want to thank all of the personell involved in bringing justice for the homeless and innocent. I have known since Jade Helm of the killings. I’ve also known about Seal Team Six since 2014?, I think 2014.
My blood has boiled and I’ve used to tell people but I was deemed straight jacket material. Everyone loved their treasonous politicians and Judicial members.
Finally today, I do not feel alone. THANK YOU, a burden has been lifted by reading this. All the years of cries and prayers for the innocent as the truth was mocked have come to peace. I thank our Father in Heaven for our Patriot Leaders for caring and self sacrificial service. God bless you all and may He keep you in all His ways. Glory to our God. Godspeed to the Constitution for the United States of America. May we be a God fearing Christian Nation at His return.


Thank you Ray, I’m so happy that you don’t feel alone anymore! You’re a good man. I think we can all feel a sense of not being alone anymore. God has always been beside us every step of the way, as long as the faith is still within us, we will be free.


Yeah he won’t be seeing either in hell, but he WILL see Hillary.

Eric Delahanty

Folks, this website is satire would you also believe in unicorns as well.


we believe what we want to believe, what´s your concern about other people´s beliefs?


Good!!! I still think a more appropriate execution for Brennan would have been a snake pit, much like the one Ragnar Lothbrok was thrown into on the “Vikings” series…


It would have been sad watching those poor snakes dying from the poison Brenan was.

al pohl

i’ll believe it when i see it. HEE HAW!


I thought his smug face looked more like he was constipated. What a despicable excuse for a human being!…a certifiable monster…


All I can say is……..YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Troy Blankenship

Justice carried out. May God have mercy on his soul.




As soon as I get my first paycheck I will be happy to donate to GFM. It’s the only time I haven’t rolled my eyes at the mention of a gofundme account. Truth gets you blacklisted anymore.


Brennen was one evil person. With Brennen’s death the world can breathed a breath of fresh air. Freedom for humanity is on the way.

Last edited 3 years ago by Sven

This is a fucking piece of remorseful, evil shit! He doesn’t even deserves the rope that killed him!


This is all fine but how do we know if it’s the truth

Ed Bob

We don’t.


Wow… I still couldn’t believe this is all happening- hot summer indeed- he has no remorse at all!


Burn in Hell you Communist Prick!


Joseph B.

POS Brennan, a CNN contributor, has not been seen for months. Not to mention other evil CNN contributors who were making routine appearances on the communists network. This includes Clapper & Comey. Until these bastards make an appearance, I continue to hold-out for America’s return.

MAGA CountryBabe

Was it all worth it Mr. Brennan? The hanging was the easy way out. Now the hard part comes. Going before GOD.

Irish Girl

So, what do you think the FF will be when AZ releases their audit results? DS isn’t going to take any of this happily.


will military act when truth come out ????

Sandy Koufax

The Arizona Audit will be the Deep State’s Gettysburg. Trump will send Merrick Garland home with his tail between his legs.


what a pugnacious arrogant evil pos…..that smugness about him….he probably was born a sweet little boy but something happened to him to make him a hate filled animal……


I was wondering the same thing. What happened to him? People aren’t born with the kind of hate he exuded.


A few questions for anybody who is interested:

What is the legal authority for Trump to become President in July or August (assuming he can demonstrate to the satisfaction of all that there was significant fraud in the 2020 Presidential election)? Please, don’t just say “the Constitution” or “the Insurrection Act”. Give me specific laws that revoke the certification of a Presidential election when/if significant fraud/error is detected and appoint one of the participants in the election President.

What is the legal authority for Trump to currently be ordering/directing the military, given that he is not now legally the President (whether you think he should be or one day will again be is not the point; at the moment he is not)?

What is the legal authority for the arrests, military tribunals and executions that are supposedly taking place? Again, please don’t just say “the Constitution” or “the Insurrection Act”. Give me specific laws that allow an ex-President to command/order such actions to take place and permit the military to act on such.

What evidence is there that any of the claims in Mr Baxter’s posts are true? Ignore how much you’d like them to be true or how much you think they should be true; what is the evidence that they ARE true?

Please, if your sole response to me is to insult and attack me, don’t bother. All of the above are questions that, if Mr Baxter’s claims are true, all of you should see as reasonable and answerable. Certainly, if Mr Baxter’s claims are true, all of them will have to be answered prior to Trump taking back the Presidency.


Why do you care so much whether we believe these articles or not ? I think you have mental problems.. i Bet you argue with your wife or girlfriend all the time.. she probably hates you and is cheating on your looney ass.. you are pathetic

Joseph G.


I already proved why it is all likely true; and I debunked your criticism.

Millions WW have known that this war was coming, since Oct 28th 2017- from Q; not Baxter.

Baxter is now confirming what Q said was coming all along.

We trust Q, and by recourse Baxter, as he echoes everything that Q has said.

Q earned our trust over the space of 3 years.


Q is a pig farmer lol. Ron Watkins and his dad are the people behind q on 8 Kun. You’ve been had by a pig farmer and his kid lmao

MAGA CountryBabe

And you are a sick TROLL. Please BaFoon go away.

J Bill

This just in: bofa’s an idiot. loao (laughing our asses off)


i am writing it! The Constitution!!! It is the law of the land! Nothing usurps it!

Last edited 3 years ago by Naknak
MAGA CountryBabe

We are talking about Brennan …..

Sandy Koufax

Why should you know?

Ed Bob

There you go again Squinty, putting homework on us. Dude, we don’t work for you. Go get your own answers and then comment.

A.I. Marvin

Thanks Brennan, still stupid after all these years.


This would be AWESOME if it was true ( I HOPE ) ! But what PROOF can you offer us that all this has taken place??? Fair question I feel! Because we only have your word for it !!


What proof do you have of any news you receive from any and all sources?

Last edited 3 years ago by CadillacTom

That’s a fair point I admit, but the astonishing information in Mr Baxter’s articles is of SUCH magnitude ( if true), that it deserves corroboration…don’t you think??

Ed Bob

Everyone in the world is thirsting for truth these days.

Johnny Lunchbucket

Anther win for the good guys. The reveal will be so glorious. The MSM will be shitting themselves having to explain all of these deaths and more importantly, themselves.

Joenabel Peterson

Brennan was one of those protectors of the CIA agents doing MK Ultra in the Philippines. Hillary was another one and Obama was sent to the Philippines by the CIA Operatives in the country after they killed 7, 350 Filipinos in Tacloban through Super Typhoon Yolanda to charm Noynoy Aquino into shutting up. The CIA funded the Oplan Wolverine/Exodus. One blue eyed U.S. Military was sent by the CIA to his death at the battle field.

Dennis Burton

Next !


Brennan will never rest in peace, for that is his chosen HELL…Next!


i didn’t think that nasty SOB would ever shut up!

Jill M



Wow! I thought they only say “I’ll see you in hell” in the movies. It’s hard to believe people like Brennan actually say that!


yes it is


even if (big IF) this stuff is happening, i think the dialogue is where Michael takessome creative license, for dramatic (entertainment) effect.

Joseph G.

Dr. Steve Pieczenik, Who Is Arguably Part of Team Q- Has Been Endorsing Real Raw News on His Twitter Feed:

Dr. Pieczenik has posted 4 articles of Baxter’s on his Twitter: 1) Podesta’s execution, 2) the Comey Trial Day 1, 3) the Comey Trial Day 2 (conviction), and 4) Brenna’s execution- without any commentary from himself; just posting the articles.

Dr P’s posting of these articles has confounded many of his Twitter followers; and tons of Twitter trolls keep hammering at him that the site is “satire” (no it is not; read the statement IN FULL). Dr. P will not say anything in response; but truly, he’s arguably one of the smartest men alive in the US military establishment.

His resume: US Army Intelligence/Founder of Delta Force; expert in coups (planned over a dozen in different countries); a psychiatrist; speaks 6 languages; was the actual basis of the Jack Ryan character in Tom Clancey’s books- and he co-wrote a few with him; expert at disino warfare and comms ops.

Prior to making this remarkable vid here, Steve P had not been seen on camera for over 2 decades. This posted video by Dr. P shows clearly that Steve was part of Q-time a year before Q had even appeared on the Chans: ‘Dr Steve Pieczenik – Counter Coup Underway In The US’ – Nov 1st 2016 (before the 2016 election):


that’s bad yo – piecznik is definitely on the darkhats side – imo ofc

Joseph G.

He is on the same side as Q and Trump.

Which side are you on? = Blackhats?


are you on kamala side ???

Sandy Koufax

Alex Jones rejected Steve Pieczenik and stopped having him as a guest on his show. They made a bet that if Steve Pieczenik was right, that Alex would hire him and pay him $200,000 per year, but if Steve Pieczenik was wrong, that he would never appear on Alex’s show again. I think Steve Pieczenik has been on once since that bet. If we start seeing Steve Pieczenik back on Alex Jones regularly, then I think that’s proof that something is happening.


I noticed that with Steve Pie, as well, and agree. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but still maintain some skepticism to all this, without any real receipts as of yet, only speculation and connecting the dots!


Well,… Bye!


what goes around comes around


lmao @ “Trump just had the guts to get the ball rolling, but one way or another, with or without Trump, your fate was sealed the moment you participated in the murders of innocent civilians.” jfc this reads like middle-school kid’s essay

Marvin Mac

I take it you haven’t graduated from middle school?


he flunked kindergarten 3 times because he couldn’t color between the lines.


where’s your blog mufuqr?


lemon party .org

Sandy Koufax

Who anointed you the arbiter of journalism? It’s a quote, dummy.


Gruesome, but there’s a spelling mistake. “You’re all” and not “your all.”

Outlandish Outlander

How about using the southern hospitality version, “Y’all?”

MAGA CountryBabe

Guess we will have to give him a D today grammar.


Again, nobody requested any lessons from you. Read the article, be thankful for the information and move on.Did you correct President Trump too?His misspelling had meaning. Use your nazi repression in your own home.


I wonder who he’ll be cursing in the lake of fire and molten sulphur. I hope all the victims are blessed and at peace! I never thought any of these criminals would get caught in my lifetime.


Thank you for the updates Michael and I hope you enjoyed Your vacation.

If this is how these Deep State People are, no wonder they are so indifferent and hostile to the Average American.

I do have a question: I have seen Gen. Milley around giving graduation speeches. If I’m being honest with you, I think that is the real Milley and not a body double.

Did Your source say if General Milley was sent to GITMO or they are letting him talk in public?

Cheers to you and All the best!

Joseph G.


“I do have a question: I have seen Gen. Milley around giving graduation speeches. If I’m being honest with you, I think that is the real Milley and not a body double.
Did Your source say if General Milley was sent to GITMO or they are letting him talk in public?”

I addressed this common question in my post above.


I dont believe anything I see anymore.
Unless I am standing right next to them studying their face for a latex mask or other strange defects I am not buying anything.
I question Trump online. I know every President has doubles do we really think they go away immediately after their time as president ends?
What this past year has ingrained into my mind and soul is unfortunately nothing we’ve been told or shown in our lives can be trusted as the truth and this breaks my heart.


I was blessed to witness the corruption in the DOJ first hand in the 80’s and I completely agree with you. They are even more corrupt now. If I didnt quit when I did I would have been killed I’m sure. I don’t believe anything the government or agencies say and the major corporations, big pharma and media are all complicit. It all has to burn down. God bless!


God what a miserable way to live. You know this is literally a mental illness, right? It’s called Capgras Syndrome, aka Imposter Syndrome. The irrational belief that people around you are being replaced with body doubles. If everyone you see is a fake body double, at what point will you start to question if your own friends and family members are also getting disappeared and replaced by imposters?

Last edited 3 years ago by wedge

That’s a good point. Also, surely these criminals have decade-long colleagues and family members (wife/husband, siblings, children, etc) that could point out that they’re not the real deal? I would think especially in the bedroom? ? Lol


If you didnt walk up to the good general and shake his hand and exchange pleasantries then how do you know it was him? Anybody can do CGI, holograms and totally realistic masks, body language and voice. Black whales that didn’t reflect sunlight and aircraft with no numbers “flew” into the twin towers in 2001. C’mon man…

Alan M

Every scumbag that participated in any and all unlawful activities no matter what level they worked in these Govt positions, FBI, DOJ, DHS, FEMA, Etc, I pray they get their day in Gitmo or its additional created Gitmo sub. You better believe when this news hits the fan they going to run like the cockroach they are..These scumbags have raped and pillaged the American people for many many years.