Hillary Clinton Kills from the Grave


Hillary Clinton is dead. William Jefferson Clinton is in military custody and currently answering to the Office of Military Commissions. Yet the Clinton body count is still racking up.

On June 12, former Emmy-winning journalist Christopher Sign met an untimely demise, dead of an apparent suicide. Sign was an American reporter for ABC15 TV and is widely known for breaking the national story of a 2016 secret tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch during the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server. The meeting heightened suspicion that Bill Clinton was illicitly lobbying on his wife’s behalf.

The veteran TV newsman and former college football player was found dead in his Hoover, Alabama residence early Saturday morning, after local authorities received an anonymous tip that led them to Sign’s corpse.

Although authorities have not yet released any details on Sign’s death, a source involved in Trump’s Deep State purge told Real Raw News that Christopher Sign was killed by a single gunshot wound to the back of his head, which would almost certainly exclude death by suicide.

Sign, our source said, was named on the Clintons’ infamous enemies list, a lengthy document highlighting persons who had information that could potentially incriminate Bill and Hillary in countless crimes against Americans. But with Hillary dead, and Bill involved in a military tribunal, why would Clinton co-conspirators bother to target Sign?

Our source provided some insight: “The Deep State is desperately trying to maintain the illusion that Bill and Hillary are alive and well and free. If that illusion were to collapse, the Deep State fears it will lose the stranglehold it has on 50% of the American public. Sign’s book, Secret on the Tarmac, dealt a heavy blow to the Clintons, and they almost immediately targeted him after it was published. There are two things not publicly known: Sign was working on a second book detailing the Clinton’s involvement in adrenochrome extraction from children, and he was scheduled to appear as a witness for the prosecution in Bill Clinton’s military tribunal. His death all but guarantees the book won’t see print, and well, we now know he’s not appearing at the tribunal.”

He added that two independent investigations into Sign’s “suicide” began almost immediately after authorities obfuscated the cause of death. Both Donald J. Trump and the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps have begun to probe the truth behind Christopher Sign’s death, and both believe foul play was involved.

Quoting our source, “Chelsea is still at large and following in her mother’s footsteps. She has many powerful allies who have yet to be taken down. Interestingly, Trump’s team and JAG almost immediately considered her a person of interest, and they think, and hope to prove, that she or her cohorts hired an assassin to eliminate Christopher Sign.”

If all information is correct, the Deep State still poses a clear and present danger to persons speaking negatively about Bill and Hillary. If indeed Sign was murdered, the Deep State is doing everything in its power to eliminate witnesses that could see Deep State alumni sent to the gallows or a firing squad.


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Thanks, RRN.




Where did DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ go after Seth Rich was murdered? Where did DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ go after Christopher Sign’s murder?…


Folks, I need some advice. My husband triumphantly showed me the news clip of Hillary commenting on Putin this morning. Said the voice is absolutely hers. How do you all handle stuff like that? If they don’t believe in cloning or doubles I don’t see that we have a lot of ammunition. Any comments?


R.I.P. Mir. Sign this is sad, hope his family is ok.

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Michael, thank you for all you do! I enjoy your site. And please would you always include the link for you GoFundMe page? I can only contribute small amounts at a time and often I forget it, so the reminder is great. I’ll go there now. God bless!

MT Osborne

What does it take to be approved for comments

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Jacob Dudley

Wow, all you do is write about fantasy executions of Trump’s “enemies” and spread misinformation under the guise of journalism, I can’t believe Google is factually labeling your content!

Such a shame, the grift was so much better when your fake news looked like real news but no one noticed, eh Michael?

You’re too ridiculous small fry to sue so far, but I can’t wait until it happens (trust me, it will, lol).


Get off the site then!


Isn’t it interesting that this news comes out the day BEFORE Clinton’s GITMO trial. Wow, I wonder if he’s in WITSEC. I just have a feeling. I hope so. Otherwise, so sad. They say Chelsea is on the run as well.


The clintons.are BEYOND EVIL…ALL OF THEM.


I am hoping he is in witness protection and this was an “Epstein”.


As I write this its the 15th. Any news on the Arizona audit? I cant find anything current.

Terminally deplorable

They just finished the first round in an endless loop.


go to azaudit streaming to watch live – 9 cameras are on 24/7

Johnny Lunchbucket

Please put a go fund me link on your website as I don’t do Facebook. I do Twitter just to piss off the lib’s under a pseudonym as I am a professional and don’t want to be cancelled by the ignorant left. If there are other ways to contribute please advise? Venmo perhaps???

unlabeled quality

btw. I recommend the move F/X, with Bryan Brown and Brian Dennehy. The deep state’s been doing fakery longer than you can imagine.

unlabeled quality

that should say ‘movie’, not ‘move’.

William Turner

Dear readers of RRN, please consider donating to Michael’s Go Fund Me page at the bottom of this article. Michael deserves our respect and appreciation for his work and his courage.


We will never know the full truth I’m sure. The local PD will rule it a suicide


Thank you Michael for the update……Chelsea ranks right up there with her parents!


Thank you! You are currently the only news I consider. You bring us hope with what seems to be rational and professional reporting. 1st donation sent and more will follow. You are a Godsend for us right now.

J Bill


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D. Ram



Anyway you slice it, I’m glad he will get what’s coming to him
He has earned it


thought about satanist Chelsea did this possible Lynch- another good guy gone… that’s sad! RIP!
they should also include Jarrett on the list- Hussein’s
partner in crime.


My guess is Slick Willey was already tried and possibly executed. Sign may have provided addidavit evidence months ago. Lets hope he did.



Hope he did too. God be with his lovely Family through this terrible loss! RIP Sign
Another Hero that will never be forgotten! Thank you for all you did.

Ed Bob

wedge, thomas, bofa and squinty appear to be opposition control. I’m not kidding. They post constantly, 24/7, as if a team is conducting the posts. They are clogging the posts on purpose, with worthless narratives often of trivial uselessness. Classic opposition control. This would in turn lend great evidence that MB is right on target..


I’m only here to learn more about the constitution from you


they are a good sign, it means all this is true.

But MB should also exercise caution because the extent of their 24/7 presence and their professionalism demonstrate without a doubt that they are not operating on a shoestring.

There is definitely money for contractors for this opposition control operation

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It’s rather amusing that you think three people posting every now and then is a “24/7 presence” and that we’re “not operating on a shoestring”. Such an imagination reeks of paranoia.


Every statement in your post is false.

J Bill

Every statement, in all your posts, are false.
Intended to disinform, misinform, while uninformed.

unlabeled quality

hey Ed. did you and everyone else forget the first rule about trolls?
well here it is. don’t. feed. the trolls.
if they’re here, they’re confirming the truth. (you know, flak and targets…).

some freakos insist on ice-skating uphill…


wonder how much they are being paid? i say ignore them.
they have no interest in seeking the truth.

MAGA CountryBabe

RIP Mr. Sign. I am sure they have all they need to send that POS WJC to death.


So much evil! The Clinton family can only be looked upon as a modern day mobsters using political influence to hide their crimes.

MAGA CountryBabe

We need to start referring to them as the CLINTON CRIME FAMILY. Hillarys father should be so proud.

Sandy Koufax

Sign had guts. Guts is enough.

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Ed Bob

Bofass must be CIA opposition control. No one can as stupid, or as dedicated, 24/7 to this site.


Ed Bob is a hell of a name.

MAGA CountryBabe

You really are a sick POS.


Thank you


I would not put it past Chelsea Clinton at all. She is as Satanic as her mother and fake father Bill.

Terminally deplorable

Check on Webb Rubell


Webster (Web) Hubbell


So tragic Christopher Sign’s death just two days before Bill Clinton’s trial, where he would have been a witness according to RRN, but you couldn’t ask for a more compelling confirmation of Michael Baxter’s reportage on this site. I hope they look real hard at Chelsea Clinton as a definite suspect in Sign’s murder. HRC’s (not Bill’s) Satanist daughter who writes “Children’s books”: At the very minimum, they should getting her for distributing political pornography to minors.


See, it’s just a little bit difficult for me to believe all this when multiple sources spotted the Clintons in an upper east side in late May dining with a bunch of NYC socialites including Sting’s wife.
I know everyone’s going to bust out with the rubber mask, hologram, and cgi excuse, but for freaking sakes people… is it really possible to put ALL these megalomaniacs, publicity whores, and celebrities under some kinda great gag order to keep them quiet about the fact their are dealing with clones, or drones, or rubber people, or computer images, or latex masks, or lizard people, or aliens, or cyborgs, or whatever-tha-hell?


It’s not really possible, no. And yet these dumb articles will just keep coming, until the narrative is every single Dem and Hollywood celebrity is dead and replaced by a double, and the military and everyone else knows about it all, and they just let unelected body doubles govern the country forever.

Last edited 2 years ago by wedge

The way these are written, the entire congress, supreme court, DOJ, and military are already rubber masks or cgi holograms.


and your are coming back here 24/7 for weeks, for something that is really not possible?

come on, nobody with a sound mind would do it, unless… all is true…

the DS is scared to loose control over the civilian world


Yeah, yeah, yeah. “Just wait and see!” “Everything will be known by Nov 10th. The Evil will be reveled by Nov 20th. All questions will be answered by Dec 15th. People will be held accountable by Jan 10th. All traitors will be punished by Feb 5th. No way this treason lasts past Mar 11th. The world changes forever Apr 7th. Historic changes coming May 20th…..”

Cry wolf again.


Michael Baxter himself has said multiple times that Trump will be re-inaugurated by August. Come September, when nothing has happened, he’ll have some new horseshit excuse for why it had to be postponed. And everyone will nod along and psych themselves up for the next REAL re-inauguation day coming in November or whatever.


Maybe Michael Baxter is actually Mike Lindell !!

MB took a vacation during the same time Lindell had a rally.

MB sells shit draped in patriotism.

My Pillow Guy sells shit draped in patriotism. Coincidence? I think not.


I just bought the family new pillows from Mike..usa made..a true patriot..great product!


August?! Sheitte, the last I heard was July. Guess I have to wait a little longer before they draw a new line on the sand and tell me to wait a little longer.


Now, as to the substance to of the story, “killed by a single gunshot wound to the back of his head, which would almost certainly exclude death by suicide.”
The local police happen to be investigating this murder as a suicide, just the same as all the other mysterious suicides that surround the Clintons.
Given the pattern of Clinton enemy’s committing suicide by physically impossible means would indicate the Clinton Suicide Squad has struck again.

Our main disconnect lies in the fact I believe Hillary is still giving the orders.


Thomas, the police only reported they were investigating the death as a suicide, they did not reveal any details about the cause of death. ““killed by a single gunshot wound to the back of his head” is an invention of Michael Baxter. The police are not clueless, they would not be assuming it was a suicide if that was actually true. Michael Baxter thinks you’re stupid, which is why he tells stupid lies about body doubles and shit. This is another baseless “anonymous sources tell me” lie that doesn’t make any sense in reality.


We’ve seen them be clueless before…


These people do practice necromancy, so actually, that could be happening!

MAGA CountryBabe

Go do your own research if you have such doubts. We shouldn’t have to do everything for you.

Ed Bob

Thomas, I’m assuming you are rational – not lib tard. . To an extent, I might agree. That vid had me wondering as well. Problem is, there is a massive Hollywood celeb non presence in media, which simply fuels the thought that this site is reporting truth. Most all of us just want the truth. One of many things that is certain is that the world elite, politicians, 3 letter agencies and celebs have gone stark raving satanic luciferian. Anyone can see that. Then we observe a massive election heist and we know no one was energized over Biden but crazy about Trump, etc etc. the list is endless of things that all point to this site making sense. I suppose if Trump’s not re-inaugurated by end of August, I’ll give up in this site and give you the win. But until then, I’d believe MB any day over NWO freaks at CNN.


That woman didn’t look like Hillary – must have been a hired double. She didn’t even look mean when she tried. Not enough mental intensity.

Rose the Second

I agree. The woman looked a lot younger. Somewhat similar, but just not Hillary.


When the stakes are as high as they are, they will stop at nothing to keep the people asleep. If they don’t, their necks will be the next ones in a noose.


lmao @ thinking of Trump trying to investigate anything other than adderall


Comey’s brother is attorney at Clinton Foundtn.. so could be Chelsea, Soros, Comey family hit


Oh, there is a reason to make a hit.
No bitterness there, right!
See how these people all have family members in the inner circle of their evil activities.

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J Bill

And his daughter is att for NYSD court? F*ck, nepotism/corruption takes on a new meaning.


Well yeah, there’s how many still working under her that are on their way to gitmo soon? They’ve got a lot of bodies to bury. They’re panicking. And what happens when you panic? You completely lose control. You start making bigger mistakes than if you’d kept your mouth shut.

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GreaterIdaho for Trump

Get chelsea. Wipe out the satanic bloodline. Stop the death of good Patriots! Isaiah 54:17 protection that no weapon formed against Patriots who love Israel will prosper. Help us Jesus.


Don’t know if she’ll get death, but they will put her away.


Locked up for life!


What will they do with her infant?

Sue Grantham

Chelsea married into the Soros family. She has been complicit for years.

Joseph G.

Dr. Steve Pieczenik, part of Team-Q, posted something on Twitter 2 days ago that implied that Soros is dead. (not saying this is true; but noteworthy that he posted it).

Taken to Tiero del Fuega?

His resume?:

US Army Intelligence/Founder of Delta Force; expert in coups (planned over a dozen in different countries); a psychiatrist; speaks 6 languages; was the actual basis of the Jack Ryan character in Tom Clancey’s books- and he co-wrote a few with him; expert at disino warfare and comms ops.

This posted video by Dr. P shows clearly that Steve was part of Q-time a year before Q had even appeared on the Chans: Youtube: ‘Dr Steve Pieczenik – Counter Coup Underway In The US’ – Nov 2nd 2016 (just before the 2016 election)


No, he’s part of Team Jones, never Team Q. Alex Jones is a mixed bag. Alex put out several people claiming to be Q insiders, all lies.


AJ is a mercenary. They shed a little truth mixed with fiction as it is the most effective. Further Dr. P was tight with him. Appreciate the information and whether true or not, consider that Michael, who is an obviously gifted writer, took the time to give us this information. The choice to believe it or not lies with the individual with the exception of that vitriolic group that love to stir up the pot with everyone who chooses to believe it. Given enough time all will be revealed!

Joseph G.

Dr. P aint so tight with him.

On his last 2 appearances, Dr P stated:

1) Trump is still president.
2) The military conducted a sting op on election night
3) Arrests are happening now even though Biden is in, and Trump will be back.

What did Alex say?

he ridiculed Steve, made him a bet, and showed clearly that he himself knows nothing about these ops if happening.

Clearly, Dr P is echoing Q stuff; the exact same stuff.

And clearly, Jones hates Q; he denounces Q every time he gets a chance.

Joseph G.


“No, he’s part of Team Jones, never Team Q. Alex Jones is a mixed bag. Alex put out several people claiming to be Q insiders, all lies”.


His last 2 appearances on Info Wars prove 100% that he is on the same Team as Q, whereas Alex is out in the dark and clueless. Pieczenik said that Trump is still president and that military ops are underway; whereas Jones ridiculed him and disagreed with him.

what kool aid were you drinking when watching those last 2 episodes?

Alex hates Q; he exposed himself long ago; and Q exposed him in Jan 2018 because Alex was lying to everybody that Q was in direct contact with him. It prompted Q to say loud and clear: “no outside comms”. Everyone knows that Q stated that because of Jones’ lies.

“Alex put out several people claiming to be Q insiders, all lies”.

You are fired man. Alex in Dec 2017 lied to the world and said that he was a Q insider. And still, you seem to think that Alex exposed supposed Q insiders? lol.

There are no Q insiders. Q only ever speaks to the Chans; no one else.

This Nov 2nd 2016 video posted by Dr. Pieczenik, proves that he is part of Team Q. How is it that he is saying the exact same things that Q would then say on the Chans over a year later?

Stay away from Jones; Bill Cooper exposed him as DS POS asset long ago.


good stuff.. on Soros ..this I hope is true!

Last edited 2 years ago by TP4

Her husband is Mark Medved or something like that and Jewish. Shalom.


Marc Mezvinsky. And it’s sad. That Soros relative is making the genuine, believing Jews look bad. Not all of them are evil.


Even when you finally win, you can’t win. All that cheering on for Hillary’s “execution” only to believe she can defy time and space and just murder more people anyways. What a fucking miserable nightmare world you people live in.

Last edited 2 years ago by wedge

If you don’t believe this stuff, what are you doing here? Just making an axe of yourself. These people believe, if you don’t, go find a group that agrees with you

MAGA CountryBabe

Wedge is lonely, just looking for attention. Maybe BoFa and Wedge should get together. lol


Oh! I actually thought they were all the same ONE! Is that not correct? About 4 or 5 aliasses? Someone named all of them earlier, and suddenly they ALL had an entire conversation on here without ANYONE replying to them–just the ONE to each other One!


wedge claims to be a video game producer, but that job must be a sinecure, because he/she/it spends one heck of a lot of time here. Maybe being a shill for the Deep State pays better.

If I were he/she/it, I’d produce a game that pokes fun at us and what he/she/it would call our conspiracy theories. That would keep him/her/it off RRN for awhile, but he/she/it knows that when the truth comes out and the Deep State is exposed, he/she/it will sink with the ship. He/she/it doesn’t have enough time to do it.

BTW, keeping up with the politically correct pronouns these days is a pain in the ass.

Jacob Dudley

No wedge, it’s her CLONE! Still out there and up to no good!

Or it’s CHELSEA! Because she was always real political and will avenge her mother’s death by killing…some guy!

Or it’s THE DEEP STATE! So that they can fool us into thinking HRC is REALLY ALIVE!

Or you’re right, these people live in constant fear of make-believe bogeymen that have never existed. I’d certainly hate to live in that fantasy world, luckily the real world just isn’t that scary. What I’ll never get is why they CHOOSE to live in that horrible world, the only reason I can see is because they love Trump so much they literally can’t handle that he lost the election and are having collective psychotic breaks (although I think many of them know deep down what they’re doing).


Chelsea absolutely is her mother’s daughter and is scorned about her parents being taken from her under President Trump and seeking revenge is nothing less we would expect from Clinton witch 2.0
They better find something on her and her Soros (I think she married a Soros) husband.
I don’t understand how people especially women who have children can hurt children.


The Clinton Foundation crimes, in which she is complicit . . .

J Bill

Exactly. Imagine mom & dad having to explain “…honey, you can’t ever go to Haiti…”


Rest in Peace Mr. Sign. Here’s hoping heaven greets him with much love.


Yes, he is a warrior for Jesus against evil.

buck fiden

“Peace sign.” Very good!

J Bill

Second that. May he Rest in Peace.


All what you said would be great! But what PROOF can you offer us that all this has taken place??? Fair question I feel!


None, same as every other article. The “anonymous insider” quotes are all fiction, he wasn’t working on a book about adrenochrome, he wasn’t about to fly to Gitmo to testify, this is more horseshit for people who want to believe that the Clintons are physics-defying supervillains.


Wedgie, facts were always scarce; you just didn’t know it. You were always your own editor; you just didn’t know it. As Werner Heisenberg once observed, there can be no transfer of information which is not also an act of judgment. All facts are derived from a Gaussian information scatter. You can only delineate the boundary at which uncertainty begins.


I understand where your coming from as I asked in the beginning and someone made a wonderful statement that made absolute sense to me.
What proof are you looking for?
A picture of them in tribunal, hanging, in a cell? Who would provide this for MB his source, I doubt if said source gave him such proof it he would ever receive anymore material.
I want these items of validation also however I go with my feelings for now and they tell me these stories make more sense to be true than not.
I find when someone is hanged or put to death usually we hear from them the next day or two online.
We get a report of HRC making a online appearance or interview. It’s deep states way of saying F You.
We are going to keep putting out those you kill to show public how articles like these are ridiculous.
I am not coming down on you at all. I say this because reading people’s comments can sound a different way than intended. I just ask keep open mind, you don’t have to believe 100% if you don’t feel them.


So to summarize, your proof that it’s real is:
-there is no proof it’s real
-just go with your ‘feelings’
-the obvious proof that these people are alive, such as appearing on live TV the day after their “execution,” is actually proof that they are dead (???)

Incredible logic, keep up the good work Lisa.

Last edited 2 years ago by wedge

The consistency and quality of the articles are published without any denial (besides the DS fact checkers) provide a very strong implication of truth over fiction.

Joseph G.

This Is the Truth:

Not a single person mentioned specifically in Michael Baxter’s articles of the past few months has demanded a retraction; neither a) the active-duty military personnel so far mentioned and quoted b) the named JAG officers presiding over the GITMO tribunals that have so far supposedly happened; and c) and as well as the people apparently arrested (and some executed). This is remarkable.

When a non-anonymous journalist quotes people or attributes some action to certain people- you’d better have your facts straight or you will face legal action. (note:
Many trolls here (and on FB & Twitter) say the site is satire; but no, if you read the statement IN FULL it implies otherwise; and on top of that, Baxter has said many times in the comment sections that what he is writing is real and true.
* Active-Duty US Military People Quoted/Mentioned:
General David H. Berger – Commandant of the US Marines

General Glen D. VanHerck – Commander of United States Northern Command, and the North American Aerospace Defense Command
General James H. Dickenson – Commander of the United States Space Command
General James C. McConville – US Army Chief of Staff
Admiral Michael M. Gilday – Chief of US Naval Operations
General Richard D. Clarke – Commander of US Special Operations Command
Col. John Lynch – Marine Corps – Commanding Officer of the Marine Radar Regiment at Camp Lejeune
General Gary “Lurch” Thomas – US Marine Corps
Chief Master Sergeant Anthony Vance – US AF retired
* Active-Duty Guantanamo Bay US Navy JAG Personnel (Military Prosecutors/Judges), and Defense Counsel Quoted/Mentioned:
Vice Admiral John G. Hannink – Judge Advocate General of the US Navy
Rear Admiral Darse E. Crandall – Judge Advocate General of the US Navy
Trisha Anderson – Guantanomo Bay Defense Counsel (for Podesta)
David H. Anderson – Guantanomo Bay Defense Counsel (for Brennan)
* Other People Quoted/Mentioned:
Mike Pompeo
Erik Prince
Jeffrey Rosen – former Attorney General (replaced Bill Barr)
Merrick Garland – Current AG
Steve Bannon
Rudy Guiliani
Gov. Abbot
Gov. DeSantos
Roger Stone
Melinda Gates
Jake Sullivan – former Clinton Staffer – gave GITMO testimony
Bethany Greenbaum – former Clinton Foundation accountant – gave GITMO testimony
Bernard William Nussbaum – former WH Counsel for President Clinton – gave GITMO testimony
Stephen Duckworth – General Atomics Aeronautical Engineer
Grady Reynolds – a former NYPD officer that stole indictments from Trump for the DS
Jerry Donaldson – former Erik Prince employee that stole indictments from Trump for the DS

Clifford Colvin – former FBI Comey henchmen that carried out guillotine atrocities.
* People Alleged To Have Been Arrested & Sent to GITMO:
Hilary Clinton – Arrested March 2nd 2021 – Had a GITMO Trial April 8th to the 15th 2021 – Executed April 26th 2021 by Hanging
John Podesta – Arrested April 1st 2021 – Had a GITMO Trial May 4th to the 6th 2021 – Executed on June 1st 2021 by Firing Squad
Huma Abedin – Arrested April 1st 2021 – GITMO Trial June 7th 2021
John Brennan – Arrested March 25th 2021 – GITMO Trial May 24th 2021 – Executed on June 7th 2021 by Hanging
General Mark Milley – Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs – Arrested April 14th 2021 (released? tamed?)
General Daniel R. Hokason – Chief of US National Guard – Arrested April 14th 2021 (released? tamed?)
James Comey – Arrested April 20th 2021 – GITMO Trial June 3rd to the 4th 2021 – To Be Executed on July 4th 2021 by Guillotine
Amy Comey Barret – Placed under house arrest – May 15th 2021 – GITMO trial June 28th 2021
Bill Clinton – No Arrest Date Given – GITMO Trial June 14th 2021
John Boehner – No Arrest Date Given – GITMO Trial June 17th 2021
Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson – No Arrest Date Given – GITMO Trial June 21st 2021
Adam Schiff – Arrested on May 24th 2021
Dr. Deborah Birx – Arrested on May 26th 2021 – GITMO trial June 23rd 2021
William Barr – No Arrest Date Given – Trial June 17th 2021 (a non-GITMO location)
Kevin Spacey – No Arrest Date Given – Trial June 21st 2021 (tribunal location not yet known)
Craig Fugate (former FEMA Director) – No Arrest Date Given – GITMO trial June 29th 2021
Brock Long (former FEMA Director) – No Arrest Date Given – GITMO trial June 29th 2021
Susan Rice – No Arrest Date Given – GITMO Trial July 2nd 2021
Addressing Claims That Hilary And Others Were Apprehended & Executed Before Jan 2021- Before the Insurrection Act Was Signed by Trump:

The sites and commenters claiming that Hilary was hung 6 months ago, or 2 years ago etc- are all wrong 100%. I have been following EVERYTHING since Q time (Oct 28th 2017)- and only when Michael stated that she was arrested in early March 2021- did the timing finally feel right and the conditions perfect.

Reason Why: If the military is the one arresting people- they can only ever do that legally if the Insurrection Act was signed by a sitting president. I believe that Trump did secretly sign it in the last couple of weeks of his presidency (revealed from many credible sources, such as Lin Wood). Thus, the US military wasn’t arresting anybody until after Trump left. This created the most strategic and optimal trap.

(note: John McCain was tried and executed by the military in Aug 2018- but that could have been done via a process that did not involve the Insurrection Act (b/c John was a former soldier and not a civilian. John personally gave chemical weapons to ISIS in Syria and took selfies with them. Q: “We love phones; these people are stupid”).

Addressing Claims That Milley & Hokanson (Joint Chief Generals) Were Seen After Their ‘Arrest’:

Yes, we all know that Milley and Hokanson were arrested at the Pentagon and were seen afterwards (I acknowledged that in my list). However, they seem to be the only 2 people on the list that have been ‘seen’ in an official capacity after their supposed arrest; and out of all the people on the arrest list, those 2 are the only active military personnel, not to mention, Joint Chiefs (part of the leadership of the US military). So there could be an explanation, and if the explanation is plausible, then the fact that Milley and Hokanson were seen afterwards would do nothing to invalidate the main premise of my 1st comment: namely, why nobody mentioned has demanded retractions, esp the US military and JAG people who are active-duty (and the arrested people).

It’s possible that they may have been arrested and then released under some kind of condition (def. with an ankle bracelet)- and perhaps there was a tactical reason for doing so. 1) Perhaps b/c they are part of the Joint Chiefs, the White Hats let them roam on a leash in order to confuse the Deep State; 2) to garner some protective optics that suggest that nothing is amiss at the leadership of the US military (at the Joint Chiefs level); 3) and perhaps they are making Milley stay at the Pentagon so that it won’t be ‘hit’. Many possibilities. I do believe that perhaps General Berger did not intend to arrest Milley and Hokanson on April 14th 2021, but had to be done so ahead of schedule because Milley called for that April 14th meeting and blasted the other Joint Chiefs and accused them of being treasonous. Moves, counter moves.

(note: Hokanson was seen at a hearing after his ‘arrest’ and it was noteworthy that he looked very uncomfortable and didn’t appear to be enjoying what he was saying).
Dr. Steve Pieczenik, Who Is Arguably Part of Team Q- Has Been Endorsing Real Raw News on His Twitter Feed:

Dr. Pieczenik has posted 4 articles of Baxter’s on his Twitter: 1) Podesta’s execution, 2) the Comey Trial Day 1, 3) the Comey Trial Day 2 (conviction), and 4) Brenna’s execution- without any commentary from himself; just posting the articles.

Dr P’s posting of these articles has confounded many of his Twitter followers; and tons of Twitter trolls keep hammering at him that the site is “satire” (no it is not; read the statement IN FULL). Dr. P will not say anything in response; but truly, he’s arguably one of the smartest men alive in the US military establishment.

His resume: US Army Intelligence/Founder of Delta Force; expert in coups (planned over a dozen in different countries); a psychiatrist; speaks 6 languages; was the actual basis of the Jack Ryan character in Tom Clancey’s books- and he co-wrote a few with him; expert at disino warfare and comms ops.
Prior to making this remarkable vid here, Steve P had not been seen on camera for over 2 decades. This posted video by Dr. P shows clearly that Steve was part of Q-time a year before Q had even appeared on the Chans: ‘Dr Steve Pieczenik – Counter Coup Underway In The US’ – Nov 1st 2016 (before the 2016 election).
How to Answer Follow-Up Shill Criticism (the Context is the Key).

Squinty: “Complete nonsense. The web is full of sites claiming any number of things about any number of people – nobody demands retractions or takes legal action because they know that these whacko sites aren’t taken seriously by anybody except devotees who are as whacko as the site itself”.

First Point:

You say the site is a tabloid, but that’s irrelevant- as Baxter has maintained the opposite:

Mike Baxter has made it clear that he is reporting the truth, and that his site is real and not “whacko”. Regardless if you disagree with that, he has in fact made that assertion (many times). Thus, Baxter has literally dug his own potential grave, and can be held legally accountable by all these active-duty military Generals and JAG judges, if he is propagating lies about the US military. Why would they care? See Point #2.

Second Point:

Squinty (aptly named)- is missing the overall context, which indeed makes this website a unique case.

It is a FACT that there was a frosty relationship between Biden & the US military when Biden assumed power. This has been well-established: everyone saw within days of his presidency, Biden ordering an investigation of the military ranks (looking for Trump loyalists and Q people), and Austin ordering a 100-day stand-down for all branches of the military (which was unprecedented). From Day 1, it was crystal clear that Biden did not trust the US military, and was worried that some coup against him may possibly be carried out (this sentiment was all over the MSM). Headlines literally said: “Q people within the military ranks in DC!”. Obviously Biden would feel this way, as we had almost 3 years of Q drops, loudly proclaiming that death is coming to all of these people via the unleashed US military.
Thus, considering the context, these Generals would have Baxter’s head in a vice- if what he was saying was not true and all bullshit.

Baxter, in fact, would be guilty of stoking incredible division and conflict between the leaders of the branches of the US military and the sitting POTUS. Think about that? And this is not some vacuum, as we have had 3 years of Q drops proclaiming that hell is coming to the US Establishment via the US military (and much to the delight of a huge part of the world). So, if he was spewing lies and no war against the Deep State was actually underway via the US military, and the US military was at peace with Biden’s administration- they would be %^&% furious at Baxter for making millions of Americans believe that the leadership of the US military is carrying out some covert war against Biden’s presidency. You have to be nuts to believe that a) Biden and the Establishment would be okay with that, and b) the US military would be okay with that.

Someone would have coming a-knocking on his door long ago.

Q is our greatest, trusted Litmus test. Anyone that denounces Q is a shill and 100% full of shit. Q gave us almost 3 years of irrefutable ‘proofs’ that this war would be coming.


Q hasn’t done shit, been correct on anything, and he accidentally outed himself on HBO lmao

Joseph G.

Thus, you have outed yourself as a shill.

Thank God we have Q; who earned our trust with his drops over the space of 3 years.


Q was fake, Joseph. All the Q “proofs” were meaningless shit like matching random numbers to timestamps. On the stuff Q actually promised you, the stuff that would actually matter, Q was wrong. Q said there was no way Trump could lose the election. Q promised you the election was safeguarded too, so “the Dems cheated” is not an excuse. Q lied to you, and then when he was dead wrong about the election, Q abandoned you and disappeared. Q was a larp and all the crap Q promised is never coming.

Joseph G.

oh fuk off. Q is far from fake.

Therefore, you are a paid shill.


Nobody is paying me to tell you the obvious truth that Q was liar who gave up and logged off when his lies blew up in his face. When are all of Q’s promises gonna come true, Joseph? in two months? I’ve heard that tune before.

Joseph G.

Sorry to break it to you, 3 years worth of drops proved irrefutably that Q is a team from US military intelligence, specifically, the Northern Virgina Batallion.
I’ll trust Team Q any day over the MSM.
Those that claim that Q made zero predictions are retarded beyond-belief.

First example: Q told and literally showed the world that Epstein’s Temple was the site of dungeon sex-trafficking and murder; and that PAIN would be incoming over it. This was March 2018.

Then on July 6th 2019, the MSM suddenly declared that Epstein, an untouchable intelligence honey-pot operative (Mossad & CIA)- was arrested. Shivers went up my spine.

Personally, the first prediction that proved that we are dealing with Military Intelligence was when Team Q stated on Nov 1st and 2nd that the NWO pyramid would be dismantled first in Saudi Arabia via a massive purge against Prince “Dopey” (Trump’s term). Dopey is Talal (Q’s early signatures referred to this arrest operation against Prince Talal as “Snow White”). Suddenly, on Nov 5th, the entire pro-Deep State elite of SA were rounded up, incarcerated, tortured, and some killed- thus freeing SA from the NWO. MBS loves Trump; Trump is a hero in SA.

See their Sword Dance on Youtube (May 2017); done before the Nov 5th 2017 operation.


Q: Future proves past


Agreed, Joseph. Great explanation. For those who continue to not like or agree with this site, or with Q, you won’t convince us, so just go find a place where you can find like minded people (main stream news?) and enjoy.

Most of us have been walking this walk, paying close attention to details, for years. If you don’t believe it, great, go find somethig you agree with instead of being a shill. You could be Chelsea for all we know.


@wedge (but also @bofag)
brainlet: the post

Q proved legitimacy countless times, (You) are just a shill and blatantly lying.

qanon.pub (start at the beginning!)


Then how did Q know the exact voting breakdown (D vs. R) in the last midterm election about two months before it happened? Yeah, it’s there; all you have to do is to look it up, and I’m not doing that for you.

That’s the one thing that brought my attention to Q. So far, I’ve heard none of your ilk address it, because they can’t.


No name death….

Jacob Dudley

He didn’t. He predicted a “red tsunami” and instead Democrats won the House. Then he said something like “We got all we needed” as explanation for being wrong.
Not a single Q dropping ever came true, that’s just fact. And where is he now? Why did he abandon you just when you need him most?
Maybe Q was really just “the friends we made along the way”?


He gave the exact numbers before the election, lying jackass. And we don’t need Q now; he (they) gave us all we needed to carry on.

Proudly Unaffiliated

Great summary and excellent points. Well done!


Just looked at Dr. P’s twitter & yes he does post articles from RRN

Jacob Dudley

This website is satire. Q isn’t real. You spend way too much time in fantasy internet land.


None of the people are suing for libel or asking for retractions, etc. There was an extensive analysis of this in the comments on the recent Brennan article.


Oh – he reposted it below – see Joseph G.

Jacob Dudley

You can’t sue over satire, which is what Michael Baxter’s disclaimer says this website contains.


I am so sorry for his wife and 3 children. True victim of those monsters !


Yes. They can take pride in his integrity and that he didn’t knuckle under to the threats but it’s small comfort to his grieving family. They will have to wait until some day when they are reunited in heaven.


It was an obvious ‘hit.’ The commiecrats are vicious and will retaliate years afterward.
The corrupt police – no doubt on the Dem payroll – are investigating it as a “suicide” even after the guy and his family received multiple death threats and he was shot in the back of the head.


Maybe similar bullet from Clinton’s Dept of Commerce
secretarys’ Brown’s bullet in the back of his head? Or Seth Rich? Care-less shooters, maybe!


The Clintons murdered my former boss and his wife around the same time as Brown. I spoke with a former Navy Seal months later and described what happened without giving any names. His immediate response was, “That was a HIT!”


It was an obvious ‘hit.’ The commiecrats are vicious and will retaliate years afterward.

The stupid police- no doubt on the Dem payroll – are investigating it as a “suicide” even after the guy and his family received multiple death threats.


i thought they were socialists or marxists

J Bill

no. but you’re communist.


So you can’t keep shit straight either homo

J Bill

bofa cross dresses. as karl and covergirl.


Triggered? Lmao all you talk about are satanic reptiles and cross dressing


Jacob Dudley

WTF are you talking about? Are you obsessed with “catching pedophiles” too, because you secretly are one?

J Bill

Whatever, you miserable pr… . Go play pac man.

Outlandish Outlander

You could see it in Chelsea eyes. She was just a wicked as her Mother.

Cliff Indiana

Past tense? She is still around!


I’d guess that they killed him as a lesson to their fellow Deep Stater’s. As in, “Keep quiet or you’ll get yours.”


They killed him on Sat just before he was due to testify at Bill Clinton’ tribunal which is today. The police are still treating it as a suicide. This is how vicious and massive the Deep State is and why Pres. Trump and the military have such a huge task. The roots of corruption are deep and wide.


That’s right, even in Birmingham, Alabama!! Deep and wide.

J Bill

??? He wasn’t a DS. To “keep quiet or…” one assumes you mean they are killing fellow DSer’s. Bad example.

Last edited 2 years ago by J Bill

No. Mr. Christopher Sign was NOT Deep State. He may be one of the last of the patriot dead. My point was that since Hillary is dead, and since evidence against Bill is likely vast & duplicative, I saw Mr. Christopher Sign’s assassination as so unnecessary tactically as to constitute a warning and perhaps performed as a demonstration. Perhaps the Deep State/Cabal thinks that they might “rise again” if enough of the small fry escape notice and keep their heads down and mouths shut. A murder done as if to say: “If Trump does not get you, we will get you.”

J Bill

Right. So if DS is doing what you say, then we can rest easy while they eliminate themselves one by one.


Michael, please be careful! Do you have security guards? I hope you do. Thank you for what you are doing!


If you read the Bible, declare Psalm 91 over you and your household.


I read it every day! It gives you God’s hedge of protection that we all need in these times of fighting evil.

J Bill

True. On top of that, a little self preparedness never hurt either.
So, “praise the Lord and pass the ammo!”


And Psalm 35, 121, and 109. These people don’t play nice!!


Psalms are a wonderful protection.
It’s really incredibly working.
Has to be prayed with faith and sincerity too though.

And also one have to exerce caution too, not only rely on the Invisible.


Michael, do you have any word on the Nancy Pelosi and if the good guys are still working to get her?

Jacob Dudley

You just told everyone your exact movements from your vacation last week, as well as where your brother owns property, plus a bunch of other personal details in yesterday’s comment section. You’re pretty sloppy if you’re actually trying to avoid “Deep State trackers”. I think it’s more likely you churn these out from your laptop in your 2-bedroom apartment- although your reader base loves to be grifted, so you picked the right audience. Should be able to afford that townhouse soon.

J Bill

Pretty sure he most probably is.

I bet “M4” means more to Michael than “M-exican 4 course dinner.” lol

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buck fiden

Both Donald J. Trump and the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps have began to probe

“have began”?


I guess humans aren’t allowed to make mistakes anymore in this world.
No worries Michael Baxter the majority of us are not so anal.

buck fiden

Baxter’s writing is excellent. He must have been in a hurry or made several edits. I’m not trying to be anal. Just correct.


In this situation, It’s seriously RUDE to
correct our Patriots gramma-! U-know the missing link! ?M.B is our protege from Evil!

Jill M

@buck fiden = Passive aggressive much; eh? lol

buck fiden= your name is not capitalized?!?
I’m just being; YOU a ‘twat’(British slang)for the lack; of better word; NOW? Well, how does it feel;Bucky??

Last edited 2 years ago by Jill M
Jacob Dudley

It’s actually terrible, he makes the characters say cartoon-level-villain phrases and embellishes details that no journalism student would even attempt (“‘I’m Hillary Clinton, you can’t do this to me’ she said in a witch’s cackle” is my favorite). Along with all the grammar and spelling errors, why would any real military source involved in the executions of the world’s most famous/powerful people go to THIS guy?

What’s more likely- Trump and the military are divulging their deepest secrets to some internet rando?
Or, some internet rando decides to makes up a bunch of stuff that he knows Trump supporters and QAnons would love to hear?

unlabeled quality

well, I sure as hell don’t see any of this being covered in ccpMSM, and with the aggressive trolls trying to ‘conTROLL’ the narrative, it further confirms that Mr. Baxter’s articles are the real deal.
suppression of truth doesn’t eliminate it. it confirms it.
also, there is no QANON. babu yaga is more real.


Hillary was the Queen of De-Nile.


speaking DEnile…main stream media has got to go down..theirs a article on Hillary and realrawnews mentioned… Yahoo main page

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Sue Grantham

We all had to deal with anal spellers and grammatical freaks. It reflects their inability to comprehend deeply


sup sue

Last edited 2 years ago by Bofa
J Bill

some serious editing work there bofa.

Robert Dziok

Looks like you’re gone from this site now. Gee, I wonder why? Sometimes you reap what you sow and you sure have done that as evidenced by your comments.

Jacob Dudley

Probably because he violated your safe space, snowflake. No echo chamber likes to hear about “facts” and “logic”.

Irish Girl

Lol! I love grammar and spelling – and Michael obviously does too. That’s painting with a pretty wide brush. I get what you’re saying…just hoping that writers can also think deeply. ?

Last edited 2 years ago by Irish Girl
Sharon Manning

I am a formidable speller and grammarian, but would NEVER publicly correct anyone. I might use it in a sentence later on just for teaching purposes. When patriots start to squabble, the DS wins again.

Irish Girl

Superb point!

buck fiden

English is my third language. Grammar is always a threat.

J Bill

Sue, what are your 1st & 2nd??? ?


I really dislike spelling and grammar police.
Do you feel better now?

buck fiden

I’m not a cop.


why the fuck would trump investigate anything that isn’t adderall ? lmao

why the fuck would the navy investigate this journalists death but not jamal khashoggi’s death? lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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J Bill

*update to bofa: you’re an idiot.


Update to bill: fuck off

J Bill

*re-update to bofa: you’re still an idiot.


What? No cross dressing this time? Did you take off your panties to post this?


Chill out dude.


That was my first thought when I heard of his death. I knew BC’s tribunal was coming up according to this website, and I surmised that he was going to be a witness against Clinton. Only a week until his tribunal? Can’t come fast enough. No more loss of life is needed.

Bill L.

The sooner the better. I knew our country was in serious trouble when BC got RE-ELECTED in ’96. The dark fog of evil will lift quite a bit when those 2 are gone, thankfully.

Last edited 2 years ago by Bill L.

elections been rigged a long time…way back.
if it was not for trump..we ..like in all of us..would be lined up for the guillotine…


rigged for along time – yes. all lined up for the guillotine?? no


Obama bought a tremendous amount of guillotines which Trump got rid of in his first term…after the goofball Biden took over he ordered more guillotines because they planned on using them and Obama was calling the shots so alot of heads would have rolled if Trump decided not to run at all…

Frances Rose

yes, patriot heads, christian heads.

Sue Grantham

That’s a sad FACT


it is a sad fact that the republican presidential candidate hasn’t won the popular vote in 32 years.

Terminally deplorable

That was when the rigging started.


Die already. Hell misses you


I died from a marijuana overdose in a fema camp

J Bill

marijuana overdose? yes.
died in fema camp? not yet… not yet.


Happened under Obama. My friend told me there were FEMA camps. I told him he was full of it. I was sent there and “forced” to do weed. I died there. I have a clone though so it’s all good

Last edited 2 years ago by Bofa

A sense of humor!


Really, I’ve never heard of anyone dying from marijuana overdose! I think your just brain dead from smoking to much marijuana!


We can only hope!

David Yanity

Boy, you have officially smoked yourself retarded. The only thing you need now is to be fitted for a Special Ed crash helmet and a slam pad for you to be able to ride the short bus to school without accidently hurting yourself.

Jacob Dudley

So much hate inside you, so sad.

J Bill

So much idiocy inside you.
Be tragic if it wasn’t your own fault.
So now it’s funny.


Does you mommy know your on the internet?


That’s because they were RINO, but on 2016 that all changed, and I don’t think there will be a Democrat party left to steal another election! There won’t be any of them left! Are you a legal American? You don’t the respect for yourself or America that a true educated American! I apologize if you are a legal American, it’s not your fault you were brainwashed by the CCP owned MSM propaganda and CCP indoctrination!


Interesting. If it was not for fixing the machines for his first election, Trump would have had the majority vote. Obama/Clinton used Hammer and Scorecard. (that is how Obama won his re-election). This time, he had 410 electorial colledge votes, per the Dominion server captured in Germany by Special Forces. It showed the true votes before changes. CIA and contractors were running the server and facility. Frankfort, if I recall correctly. And Trump even took CA! Biden took Oregon, Washington, NY, and I believe Mass plus two small New England states. Trump got the rest.

Jacob Dudley

Not a fact. Where are all these guillotines? Why have we never, ever heard of them? Wedge proved pretty convincingly that the mention of them in the ACA was because the entire medical treatment billing code system is included in the text of the ACA. There’s literally no other evidence that Obama “bought guillotines”. It’s just something someone made up on the internet that you’re choosing to believe uncritically. WAKE UP.

J Bill

Go away already. You’re an insult to everyone’s intelligence.

GreaterIdaho for Trump

But not quite rigged enough to mess up 2016. 2020 was a special piece of crap. When will Az results be out? Did Trump win 90% or more of the real vote once the fake non watermarked ballots are removed?



Sharon Manning

Fema has obtained thousands of biodegradable coffins (each holds two) and many guillotines and extra blades. Just watched actual video on Telegram


Do you remember where in Telegram?


Recently? Or during Obama years?

Buzzy Zipwak

Share the link please

Jacob Dudley

It’s not real, so she can’t. A better question would be, why not share the link in the first place? Such a bombshell should be easy to find anyway, right?

Jacob Dudley

And yet you don’t link to the video. I don’t think it’s real.


Yes but their witch daughter needs to be taken out or her whole life will be served as a vengeance to retaliate against Trump and she has sources. Hopefully they have her under strict surveillance.
I really need to hear Pelosi and Fauci have been apprehended. Soon, this week.
Happy Birthday Mr President Trump.


yes, look who she is married to… Sros spawn


pays well though!

J Bill

“the wages of sin is death.” enjoy it now while bofa still can!


Lick bofa while you still can!

Sharon Manning

Chelsea is a frequent diner at the cannibal restaurant.


There is a restaurant for cannibals? Where is that located?


8850 Washing Blvd LA 90232. web site is canniballa.com

William Turner

Cannibal Club is owned by Raven Chan, who is the sister of Priscilla Chan and wife of Mark Zuckerberg.

J Bill

Just keeps getting deeper and deeper…

Buzzy Zipwak

Watch Fall of the Cabal, it’s on Bitchute and other sites. At some point they reveal the location of Cannibal Restaurant


Saw a picture of Chelsea wearing same boot to hide her ankle bracelet as all the others, so they are watching here but they have their ways as we all know well.

J Bill

At AMG, there is a bunch of photos with ALL wearing 1 funny boot. Like they all broke a foot or something. Even canadian pm is in a photo there.


nice side by sides 🙂


Good to hear from you again Michael! Enjoy reading these articles.


that tribunal should be interesting


Oh boy! That would be wonderful!
And when you get news about the evil Huma Abedin, looking forward to that also!

D Herman

I hope and pray Michael Baxter you have taken extreme measures for your protection my good friend. You have got to be on DS’ hit list. We do not wish to read about your suicide, God forbid!

Irish Girl

I wonder if he heard the floor drop under Brennan?

Andrew Stevano