Slick Willie Tribunal Delayed Over “Compromised” Panelist


On Monday afternoon William Jefferson Clinton, dressed in a white jumpsuit and handcuffs, swaggered into GITMO’s south courtroom, and flashed a smile at the three-officer commission tasked with judging the Judge Advocate General’s case against him. In what can be described only as a surreal scenario, one panelist, a female Air Force captain, returned the smile and told Clinton “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Mr. President.”

Vice Adm. John G. Hannink, present to prosecute JAG’s case, looked at the officer—who we will call Captain Ashley Redding—in stunned silence. He then reprimanded her, asking why she had breached protocol by engaging the defendant in civil discourse.

Captain Redding looked at both Vice Adm. Hannink and the other two panelists with a furtive grin. Her face reddened, and she admitted she was once Clinton’s fan and had voted for him twice.

“I can’t help it. People love me,” Bill Clinton said.

Vice Adm. Hannink ordered Clinton’s MP escort to drag him back to his cell, then cleared the courtroom except for Captain Redding. He asked whether her warm greeting to Clinton was facetious or sarcastic, and she confessed that she had developed a fondness for Clinton long before she had joined the Armed Forces.

As with all commission volunteers, Cpt. Redding had been vigorously vetted prior to selection. She was one of 350 officers who had volunteered to judge the military’s evidence against Bill Clinton without bias, passion, or prejudice. In fact, JAG officials spent several hours interviewing her to ensure she could impartially adjudicate evidence.

Cpt. Redding told Vice Adm. Hannink that she had lied on a questionnaire and had deceived interviewers who had asked if she had personal feelings for Clinton, one way or another. She said her “childhood crush” would not hamper her sagacity to deliver fair judgment.

“I simply got lost in the moment at seeing him,” she told Vice Adm. Hannink. “I’d wanted to meet him all my life. But that won’t effect my ability to judge him fairly.”

Vice Adm. Hannink was not impressed. “You betrayed your oath to the U.S. military and to this court. You are dismissed and consider yourself lucky we won’t seek punitive action against you.”

He said that William Jefferson Clinton’s tribunal would begin in a few days, after he and JAG had correctly vetted a third member of the commission.

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this is such crap and full of wishful thinking. I wish it were true.

Bill L.

The picture above makes him look like he’s severely missing his daily ration of Adrenochrome.

Greg Rush

I love following this page even though it’s almost totally absurd.

Bridget Ashore

Are they sure about the vetting of the other 2 panelists ? Was Clinton smiling at all of them ?


My wife and I are looking forward to your next posting. We know that this is a civil war with enemies foreign attacking our country and other countries as well with cyber attacks on elections. It would be great to read about other arrests and the other tribunals as well.

Yes, information release is being carefully controlled and well managed. We appreciate what you are doing, Michael. We wait with great anticipation for the next article.


From Populist Press today…..headline:

BOMBSHELL: NSA Had Enough, Leaked MASSIVE Crimes FBI Committed

Buckle up, kids. The National Security Agency has agreed to produce records about the FBI’s illegal snooping on 16,000 Americans, according to a letter that I received from the NSA this afternoon, and that suggests a political fight between the two agencies.

The NSA replied to the exact same request Clevenger provided to the FBI where he received the response it would take the FBI decades to respond. Below is the NSA’s letter:

Check it out at listed full article link which apparently now is being overloaded!

Sandy Koufax

I don’t believe this airhead captain slipped through the vetting process without help from those who vetted her. Two members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff were relieved of duty. Corruption must run deep throughout the military. This outcome of this process is not the foregone conclusion that is being put forth on this forum.

The deep state is mounting an offensive to counteract the inevitable result of the Arizona audit. We could very well see another tactical nuclear strike like the one Comey initiated in Michigan. The evidence and the participants of this audit must be obliterated.

Last edited 3 years ago by Sandy Koufax

Dave @x22report expects a blackout that could shut down the internet…….too many things are coming to a boil and the DS doesn’t want the truth to come out……

……..but it will.??


For those wondering…GITMO (MUGM) has been quiet since this article was posted. Two days without any flights in or out but not this morning. Three birds heading that way, all booked this morning, one from Charleston (CHS) a supply plane (737-200 cargo) this one is normal but they got one last week too, one from Jacksonville (NIP not JAX Int) Naval Air base (737-800 passenger) and another from Atlanta Hartsfield (ATL) (Delta AIRBUS A319 passenger). All coming in this morning and none of them “normal” flights.

I am looking for real, tangible evidence that GITMO is in business. If this is not just that, I don’t know what is. I will continue to post GITMO flights into the latest articles Michael releases. Thanks.

Last edited 3 years ago by Bubblehead

Also of note: The Delta flight returns to Joint Base Andrews, NOT ATL. Very interesting.

Terminally deplorable

Picking up High Value Prisoners coming back from an Euopean pleasure trip?

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Alan M

Bubblehead, I look forward to your reports…


C’mon man! How bout an update. Inquiring minds want to know!


I agree !!!!!! His silence is deafening. Need a little inter action. What happened to John Bochner and William Barr ???

Last edited 3 years ago by Wayne

ACCORDING TO- TOM HENEGHAN-International Intel Expert on 06/16/2021..CHRISTOPHER WRAY- FBI director been arrested in his office by military……

Just Gary

why does article say “duly elected now inaugurated United States President Albert Gore Jr,”?


I do not understand either…he do not want say-PDJT ????….


Mentioning Gore like that just discounts the whole article for me. You just don’t drop something like that totally out of the blue without explanation.


I guess they forgot Gore was never President!


An inconvenient truth??

Sandy Koufax

Gore is the architect of the false climate change narrative designed to enslave mankind and is an ally of the deep state. Maybe someone hacked the website and changed the name to Gore.

Last edited 3 years ago by Sandy Koufax

al gore is on the adrenochrome crowd

Terminally deplorable

Al Gore invented that.


I just read his report. He is claiming Al Gore is now President? Sounds a bit crazy to me.

David Yanity

No offense sejmon, but after reading that article, I have no choice but to come to the conclusion that it’s nothing more than a bad joke at best. I’ve seen people that have smoked crack make more sense. A chimpanzee randomly banging away on a typewriter would have yielded better results than what that article’s author brought to the table.



Does this go along with rumors that FBI building in DC is boarded up and shut down?
Of course news says its being remodeled.


It is boarded up, all windows and entrance to building is blocked by razor wire.


someone in DC posted a list yesterday, even the cemetary is closed to visits,funeral services continue as scheduled.

Meredith Rodriguez

What is going to happen to Captain Redding? Something should, she admitted she lied. Not good!


Something big going on in Philadelphia at the secret Liberty Bell Bunker. Anyone have any intel on what may be going on?

Terminally deplorable

They are tearing up the original of the constitution.


I think the original is in the DuPont collection now.

David Yanity

Not bloody likely. But I do know that your mom wants you to come upstairs from the basement. She says your Hot Pockets are ready…fresh out of the microwave.

Sue Grantham



I was recently on a trip and took a small laptop with me which is not the one I normally use. I kept trying to post as joek, but this site would not accept my posts until they were approved. Those posts are all still hanging there in a non-approved state. Now that I’m back home, I’ll try to post what I wanted to say a few days ago.

One of my main thoughts concerns the age of the female USAF Captain assigned to the military tribunal for Clinton. I realize that my thoughts here have already been discussed to some degree on this board, particularly the issue of assigning a company-grade officer to a military tribunal dealing with a former president. That, in itself, is a huge question. However, I want to zero in on the age of this officer.

This Air Force Captain voted twice for Clinton. That means she voted in 1992. Backing off 18 or 21 years (whatever the voting age was then) means the Capt was born in or before 1971 or 1974. That would put her at a minimum about ages 47-50. That’s very old for a USAF Captain. An officer would normally serve as a Capt for about four to eleven years after being commissioned. (An officer would normally be commissioned a 2Lt in his/her early to mid 20’s.) About the 10 to 11 year point, the officer would normally get promoted to Major. Now there are exceptions to this. A person could have prior enlisted service, or could receive a direct commission as a doctor, lawyer, or chaplain, but people who enter service after say, 15-20 years as a doctor would almost certainly come in at a higher rank than Captain.

Given all this, age 47-50 is very old for a USAF Captain. It’s not impossible to be a Captain at this age, but extremely rare.

A second conclusion is that a 47-50 year old AF Captain does not fit the profile of the type of top performer likely to be selected to represent the USAF in this elite type of duty.


There were some comments similar to yours. Answers were:
Since her real name was replaced with an Actress Name for Security reasons, it’s possible that her rank was also changed and they did not mention her age.
Also, if Michael is extremely busy or away from his computer, sometimes it does take a while for comments to post. It’s happened to me and others. If you comment with a link to go to, leave off https:// for some reason most have had problems with the comment posting unless you do it that way. Hope this helps!!

Last edited 3 years ago by Jypsywoman
Ed Bob

I had the same thought. One explanation is ‘prior enlisted service.’ Many serve 10 or so yrs as enlisted before going to officer candidate school.


Every red blooded patriotic American wants justice for this stolen government. It goes beyond the usual cheating Dems do, it was treason pure and simple and all who played a part in it deserve to hang. Fake ballots, duplicated ballots, more votes than there are registered voters, and the Dems KNOW it was all fake. They KNOW they lost, but we want the truth to be out. We want even the idiots who supported Biden and actually voted for him to see the evidence. That does NOT mean that any of these stories are real. I hope to God they are as the alternative is a USA plunged into communism. The country will fall and short of the return of Christ, nothing will stop the wrath to come. Until these truths start being disseminated to the general public, (with confirmation as to the truthfulness of these stories), it is still entirely possible that this is a DS site wanting to lull us into passivity so we don’t rise up against the communists. If these stories are NOT true, then the US Military has failed us. If they are true, believe me, I will be the first to apologize then will grin ear to ear pop a bottle of champagne and just drink myself silly.


I think a lot of people feel the same, the Truth will come out, be patient, be prepared, stay a Patriot, and trust God!!

God Bless America, Our Military, our Patriots, President Trump, Michael B., and the countries that are behind us!

Ed Bob

There are many many of us who feel the same. I was there on Jan 6 – saw it all. There were THREE MILLION people there – packed one per square foot all the way back to Lincoln memorial and Washington monument – all were polite patriots. It was a setup entrapment scheme by the Federal Bureau of Entrapment. . Interesting note; not one black person in the entire crowd that I saw all day. Not one.

Georgia Peaches

As Herman Cain used to say, “They think we are stupid!”

Terminally deplorable

More hangings, please.


Speaking of evil people, I read an article recently claiming that Kamala Harris may in fact be a biological male named Kamal Aroush.

I’m not saying that I know this is true, but it’s at least worth investigating. Just do a Web search on “Kamal Aroush.” ?

Last edited 3 years ago by Sam

I saw that also, it makes you wonder for sure.

Terminally deplorable

And Michelle Obama (Michael LaVaughn Robinson) is a tranny.

Last edited 3 years ago by Terminally deplorable

Well, we all know that about Robinson. 🙂 But this is the first time I ever heard anything about Harris.


I even saw a clip today of Joan Rivers saying this. Not long after that comment, she “passed away”.


Yeah, Rick—Rivers was too honest for her own good! Sadly, she trusted those evil people!! 🙁

Georgia Peaches

Interesting! I never thought about that timing.


I believe it was about two months later.


Maybe that’s why Obama put her/him in there, cause Buydun sure didn’t want her and Obama likes men, so I hear!?!?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?


This would suggest that Willie Brown is gay


I thought Kameltoe was a call girl?


That certainly would not change the story!!!


Much like Michael Michell Obama? Depraved people!


Yes, and speaking of transsexuals, lots of evidence points to Venus and Serena Williams being biological males too. Just do a Web search on:

tennisdoping forumotion Serena

And then you should find the relevant thread on the Tennis Doping forum at Forumotion, which presents all the evidence. (I would just include a link here, but that would send this post into moderation. 😉 )

Last edited 3 years ago by Sam
Georgia Peaches

None of these women are good-looking, that’s for sure!

Joseph G.

On his Twitter, Dr. Steve Pieczenik, arguably part of Team Q- has now also posted the Slick Willie article, writing the words: “Hilary has been dead for months. Omega Over”.

Dr P has so far posted 6 articles of Baxter’s.

Dr. P also posted a video on Twitter a few days ago showing a Deep Fake video of Tom Cruise, cleaning the floor like a janitor, and looking 30 years younger. “This is how they fake it” – the tweet read.

His resume: US Army Intelligence/Founder of Delta Force; served 5 presidents; expert in coups (planned over a dozen in different countries); a psychiatrist with a PHd in International Relations; speaks 6 languages; was the actual basis of the Jack Ryan character in Tom Clancey’s books- expert at disino warfare and comms ops.
See his official bio here: stevepieczenik.cOm/about/bio/

This short remarkable ‘warning video’ by Dr. Pieczenik shows clearly that Steve was part of Team Q a year before Q had even appeared on the Chans, which was Oct 28th 2017: Youtbe: ‘Dr Steve Pieczenik – Counter Coup Underway In The US’ – Nov 2nd 2016 (before the 2016 election).




Thanks, will check it out.


Michael, so glad to have you back. It was bleak there for a while!

MAGA CountryBabe

He’s back? Could have fooled me…

Kevin Miller

Off the subject question: IF everything comes to fruition and we have 10 days of darkness while the financial institutions switch and communications are down, is there anyplace at all that we’ll be able to communicate with each other or family???


Have any pigeons?

No seriously, was in electronic communications for 40 years. They won’t intentionally knock down basic phones or cell phones. It would create too much calamity with no 911 service. Circuits may be quite busy but if you kept trying, you should be able to get through. AT&T has First Net, which prioritizes cell service for first responders by taking some service away from us if it is needed but the entire system shouldn’t be down. Think post hurricanes throughout the whole country. President Trump won’t win anyone over by putting the whole country in jeopardy to unnecessary health service and criminal risks. He’s smarter than that so I doubt he would do it.

Sue Grantham

IMO- the country will have cell service but no internet service. Remember when cell phones first came out- it was just a phone.

Ed Bob

No. That’s why you’ll need food and water. Even if you didn’t listen to the past 4 yrs warnings to stock up, 10 days won’t kill you. You’ll just be drinking from your toilet.

Irish Girl

Don’t forget cash.

Ed Bob

Go to or watch Hannity’s latest – amazing evidence FBI *PLANNED* and *LED* the entire 6 Jan assault, to entrap Trumpers and any opposition to Biden! Dear God, the satanic evil of these mother duckers is beyond belief.

MAGA CountryBabe

Thanks! Looking for more alternative news outlets. I swear we are in twenty days of darkness. Everybody out there seems to have went on vacation. Repeats and so sick of hearing about covid.


Grammar are went!


I think when we saw the busses and busses of antifa and BLM arriving for their great tyrannical revival meeting, we all KNEW! And we have KNOWN EVER SINCE!


I’m sorry that person should be fired. If that were any kind of military woman, knowing she felt this way, she should never have volunteered. I hope she at least got written up.

Chris Russ

Something is or going on or has in DC. A citizen reporter has been posting videos on telegram that shows nearly everything is closed in DC. The FBI building is boarded up, windows too, a chain across the entry stairs. No flags flying at the supreme court in the middle of the day. A fleet of charter buses in a lot sitting idle. DC is basically a ghost town with joggers.


Mike Jaco said the same thing. Trump: “Cutting off the hydra’s heads ahead of a sweeping mass of arrests.”


military moving inn..what I’ve read.

Chris Russ

Sooner the better.

Sue K

Yes, TP4; the military is being deployed to D.C.

MAGA CountryBabe

I used to watch the Senate hearings. All Hearings are in rooms I have never seen before.

Irish Girl

Lots of IP addresses offline…test run?


We have been having issues with Netflix and Disney+ just this past few days. So I was curious as to why also


There has to be a giant effort to get Pelosi. No second try yet??

Mostly Harmless

Tick, tock, my dear McGruff.
This farce has gone on long enough.
The king won’t return to the throne,
And you are all on your own.

The kingdom is assuredly burning,
And the hearts of the people are turning:
But they’ve all got no teeth,
So you’ll find here no relief;

Until it’s all been turned to ash,
And at last beneath the lash,
You awake with numbed surprise,
To the scene before your eyes.

David Yanity

Careful, shithead. We’ve already had to toss more than a few village idiots like you out on their asses as of very recently. Our level of tolerance for any amount of bullshit right now hovers at around zero.

Basically…If you fart and we smell it…YOU’RE GONE!

Mostly Harmless

“We”? “Our”?

You imagine a sense of community which does not exist. Who are those other people you think are your “friends”? Woman, thy name is Yanity.

You swallow these shabbily written tales and accept them as verbatim accounts, but *I’M* the idiot? Please.

Don’t get me wrong: I understand the DESIRE to see your foes vanquished. What you fail to grasp is that by SATISFYING YOURSELF that it is being done (despite ANY evidence to support that, bee-tee-dubs), you QUENCH the natural impulse to rise up and actually MAKE IT SO.

After the Communist Revolution, there was a program implemented called “Operation: Trust” whose aim was to pacify the groundswell of rebellion against the new communist regime until such time as they had amassed enough strength and stability to root them out thoroughly. This was accomplished by leaking assurances that THE MILITARY WERE SECRETLY SETTING THINGS ARIGHT. Sound familiar?

Once this little ploy had served its purpose, the loyalists to the Tsar (whose names had been patiently gathered in the intervening years) were rounded up and MURDERED. This occurred in 1926.

Communists are not particularly CREATIVE people. If a ploy has worked before, they see no reason not to use it again and again. Make no mistake, the Q movement in general, and this site in particular, are manifestations of the latest iteration of ‘Operation:Trust’.

Who’s the shithead now?


You are the shithead, why do you ask ?

Mostly Harmless

I shan’t overtax your onboard computational equipment with an in-depth explanation of the word “rhetorical”.

Instead, I shall opt for a retort that you will, no doubt, find more familiar to your usual fare:

“I know you are, but what am I?”

MAGA CountryBabe

I know the the difference between common sense and a GEEK NERD.

Mostly Harmless

The technological world that allows a witless bimbo to cast aspersions on a heroic truthteller from untold miles away was built on the backs of ‘GEEK NERDS’, dear heart. So “SMILE when you say that.”

Sue Grantham

Heroic truth teller????
Don’t forget to tuck and roll when you fall off your high horse ?

Mostly Harmless

My…high horse?


You thought I was labelling MYSELF with such high praise? Aw, that’s sweet. Nah, I wasn’t referring to anyone in particular, other than giving an example of a situation where technology permits things now that would have been impossible when I was a kid…a million years ago or so.

But your concern for my safety and well-being from a precipitous fall is duly noted. Thank you.



Mostly Harmless


If that is not by intention, then you have my SYMPATHY.

Ed Bob

Night terrors visit you much, Mostly Harmless?

Mostly Harmless

On the contrary, I sleep quite soundly: no doubt in large portion due to the “Mostly”. Very important distinction.

Thanks for asking.


Get your own site, We deplorables have grown weary of people like you and we are done with it. Go, Michael!

Mostly Harmless

I HAVE one. You’re not allowed in it. Don’t blame ME if you’ve chosen to hang out in the FOOD COURT at the mall, where absolutely ANYONE can stroll through your super-secret meetings and snigger as they pass.

MAGA CountryBabe

Davids right, sniff,sniff, Do you smell what I smell. I just bathed so it must be you.

Mostly Harmless

I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe you should have SOAKED longer? Like, next time, stay in there until your fingers are all prune-y?

Angel Askew

It’s a good thing we are in America and not Russia then, MH. The social structures have been dwindled down it is true. However, I do believe you are gravely underestimating a deep strong undercurrent of patriotism and self preservation from cowboys and indians that is yet to show itself.
You’re point is appreciated though.

Mostly Harmless

“God BLESS the child.”

Thank HEAVEN! An actual response to the SUBSTANCE of my post, rather than a kneejerk fury of xenophobia. Truly you are an Angel, askew or otherwise.

My concern is that, thus convinced that the problem is “already being handled”, the patriots (cowboys and indians alike) will never lift their buttinskis off the couch until the boys with the blue helmets are at the door to bundle them into the cattle cars. (Assuming the UN were used as the tool, though admittedly BLM and Antifa seem ready conscripts for such a force.)

Jefferson firmly believed that the citizenry should make, at the very LEAST, a show of force from time to time to assure their self-styled “representatives” that the people were watching and VIGILANT. We have fallen FAR from that, to the point where said ‘reps” return to their home precincts with a security detail who will aggressively REPRESS any vocal detractors (“Don’t Taze Me Bro”) without fear of reprisals from the “Sleeping Giant”.

To paraphrase Fox Mulder’s poster, I WANT to believe in the picture you paint: but the evidence suggests that the forest of Fangorn may be burned to ASHES ‘ere the Ents are aroused to fury. (Sorry to mix metaphors like that.)

All the same, thank you for your THOUGHTFUL response.

Mostly Harmless

Let me point to a supporting example for my concerns: I’m sure you’ve heard (if you’ve not been in a coma for the past few years) of “Drag-Queen Storytime”. A program foisted on families in TEXAS…TEXAS, for God’s sake…wherein some children were THRUST into the laps of wig-and-makeup-spackled DEVIANTS.

In the America that once existed, a working man who came home at the end of a hard day, only to be told by his wife that the WINGNUTS down at the school had made little Johnny sit in some pervert’s LAP? That man would have gathered up his friends and neighbors, and they’d have STRUNG UP the PERVERT, the TEACHER, and every member of the SCHOOL BOARD. And they’d have been ABSOLUTELY RIGHT to do so.

Now? What is the form of the righteous indignation that is unleashed in response to this disgusting behavior? A sternly-worded letter to the editor, which will not be published in the left-wing RAG of a newspaper, which supplies the printed variant of the propaganda spoon-fed to the populace by the hydra which has wrapped its tentacles around the very THROAT of the Republic?

Again, I would LOVE to believe as you do. But fairy tales died long ago, with the discovery that Santa’s handwriting looked very much like my father’s.

David Yanity

Ooh, it appears that I’ve struck a nerve.

BTW…The quality of your poetry SUCKS.
I’ve had the unfortunate experience of having to read the poetry of severely manic-depressive teenage goth girls…and even that was far better than the drivel you wrote.

Honestly…the Vogons could do better…and their poetry has been known to trigger grand mal seizures in otherwise normally healthy individuals.

Last edited 3 years ago by David Yanity
Mostly Harmless

I know…it is DREADFUL, isn’t it?

Still, if one cannot be the BEST at something, it is some small comfort to achieve a NEGATIVE superlative.

A pity I haven’t an airlock out of which to shove you in thanks.

Mostly Harmless

Since I’ve apparently got you strapped down in your poetry appreciation chair, I might as well favor you with the revisions I’ve made. Repairing the meter, replacing that awful forced and bastardized rhyme: that sort of thing. So now you’ll be able to give your feedback on the revisions you helped to inspire.

Here goes!

Tick tock, tick tock, my dear McGruff.
This farce has gone on long enough.
The king will not regain the throne,
And you are now all on your own.
The kingdom is brightly burning,
And people’s hearts now are turning:
But toothlessly they cry their grief,
And thus they find there no relief;
Until it’s all been turned to ash,
When at long last beneath the lash,
They wake to pain and numbed surprise,
To woeful scene ‘fore reddened eyes.
Alas, had they retained some force;
Some shadow of their former course:
They might perhaps have risen up;
And refused this sad and bitter cup.

I’m thinking I could rent a billboard in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and assault…er…SHARE my vision with passing motorists.

Whaddya think?

Last edited 3 years ago by Mostly Harmless
David Yanity

*reads poem*

Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings would be proud.

Sue Grantham

?you are AWESOME!♥️

David Yanity

Glad to be of service…again. 😉


buckle up…demacrap

Mostly Harmless

Without a doubt, the surest solution is to stick our fingers in our ears and call each other names.

That won’t play into our enemies’ hands AT ALL.


MAGA CountryBabe

Then quit baiting people.

Mostly Harmless

I just wrote a quick (and horrible) poem, intended to provoke a THINKING mind to consider the unpleasant possibility that we are NOT currently WINNING. I wasn’t the one who started calling names: Daddy always taught me not to start fights, but not to walk away from ’em either.

So YOU be civil, and I’LL be. Or, alternatively, you can cuss me out, and I’ll serve you back a helping of the same. My “widdle feewings” ain’t gonna be hurt either way, as I’m not some snowflake liberal, despite what your instincts for self-preservation might be trying to get you to believe.

David Yanity

Careful, your “widdle feewings” are showing…again.

It’s no threat to us because they, just like you, are…*drumroll*… mostly harmless.

Mostly Harmless

I enjoy a well-crafted barb, even if it is at my expense: art is appreciable in its own right.

Seldom has a drumroll led to a disappointment of the magnitude I now feel: and THAT is a feeling I will freely admit.

Why, with all that work, you must have mustered up quite an appetite: here, have a nice bowl of LEAD-FILLED PAINT CHIPS.

Ed Bob

Note the absolute evil – no desire for anything good in the world – it only wants everything for itself and suffering for others. All of them are truly worthy of death.

Mostly Harmless

You awaken in me a vague memory of a scene, though the work from which it is culled eludes me at the moment: in this scene is a man, reacting to another man who is speaking loudly and with great exposition to an otherwise empty room. He looks around, confused.

“Who are you talking to?”

You seem to be identifying ME with absolute evil. And though perhaps the root cause for doing so MIGHT be the indoctrination of the new DREADED status of assumed pronouns, it is equally to be seen that monsters prefer to dehumanize their prey prior to assault, by theating them as less than human. “*IT* only wants everything,” you say. How curious.

And “All of them are truly worthy of death”? REALLY? Do you honestly propose that anyone who questions the veracity of these preposterous tales is “worthy of death”? And you seek to label *ME* as ‘absolute evil’? Buddy, somebody needs to buy you a fuckin’ MIRROR.

Tell you what, sunshine. You think you’re capable of bringing me “death”? Then, in the words of Tom Bodett, “We’ll leave the light on for ya.”

Mostly Harmless

Whoopsie: that should be “treating”, not “theating”. Gracious, isn’t my spelling ATROCIOUS today?

MAGA CountryBabe

Wheres the button for long, drawn out , moronic replies? OH, wait I think I found it.

Mostly Harmless

It’s “Alt-F4” on most Windows PC’s. Go ahead, try it. I’ll wait.

Sue Grantham



Oh…I thought that was Jethro Bodine.

Mostly Harmless

Say, now: I won’t hear nary an unkind word ’bout my KINFOLK.


Wow do you have that much time on your hands to compose an idiotic attacking “poem”. Get a life!

Mostly Harmless

It saddens me to think that you felt my pathetic little doggerel was such a “masterwork” that it would take any more time to “compose” than your response did.

Seriously. It’s not that good. You know it, I know it, everybody knows it.


Wait, Judy, if Pelosi is actually in prison, she has all the time in the world (left to her) to write these crack-ups! I KNOW this person is Pelosi.

Mostly Harmless


I am Pelosi?!?

The old hag WISHES she possessed a Johnson this magnificent.

You might want to reduce the tension in your HATBAND, Kay. Millions of tiny grey sparks of life are being asphyxiated, apparently.

MAGA CountryBabe

BoFa under an alias?????

Mostly Harmless

When I was but a young sprout, my momma told me not to spend too much time in front of the TV.

“It’ll ROT your BRAIN!” she would invariably declare.

She’d probably fall over if she caught me reading this site, and for the same reason. If you spend enough time suspending your ability to think critically, you eventually start seeing conspiracies EVERYWHERE, like thinking that multiple entities who disagree with you might all be mere puppets of some great, unseen, SINISTER hand: when in actuality, the much simpler explanation is that the thing you’re so desperately defending (in this case, a website filled to the brim with PIFFLE) is perhaps WORTHY of the mockery it draws.

TL;DR version: No, sweetie. Whoever that is, it ain’t me.


Are you Sheldon from Big Bang Theory????

Mostly Harmless

Do the voices in your TV *OFTEN* talk to you?

There are reportedly medications that can help you ameliorate that.


O 4 ??? out LOUD!

Mostly Harmless

The final track in the first ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ album. A good one. Thanks for bringing it to mind.

J Bill

I was thinking “John Wilkins” maybe for the articulation, but missing the inevitable biblical quotes. MH left a scripting nuance up top I recognize from an earlier post, under another name. I’ll be back.

J Bill

the handle with the same unique script useage is YANKTON.
posted only once. i repled and upvoted it for “the sarcasm.”

Mostly Harmless

One surely must have indeed been YANKing a TON if their ‘expert syntactical analysis’ led them to believe that I am someone else. I have only ever posted to this site with THIS pseudonym.

They say “you’ll go blind that way”, but I’m not sure whether any studies have been done to determine if there is any correlation between COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT and self-gratification. This site would likely convince most reasonable researchers that a team of statisticians working AROUND THE CLOCK are warranted for such an endeavor.

J Bill

we like to think of them as a team of demonrat idiots.

Dean Vermite

Bill Clinton is not on trial and is not at GITMO.


Dean Termite.. go watch Commnst New Network…


tell me my you think that’s the case then?


..and you know this….. how? Because…… you said so?

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Who paid you to say that?

David Yanity

Careful, shithead. We’ve already had to toss more than a few village idiots like you out on their asses as of very recently. Our level of tolerance for any amount of bullshit right now hovers at around zero.

Basically…If you fart and we smell it…YOU’RE GONE!

Chris Russ

Please provide us with the proof of this claim.


I sure hope the military steps up these tribunals as I fear the American citizenry is a target for the weaponized FBI & DOJ. Apparently under the Biden regime his AG, Mr. GARLAND seems to be running with the insane fanatical idea that there is a “white supremacy”, “domestic terrorist, ” “immediate “problem. I took that as any Conservative, Christian, Trump supporter, essentially anyone NOT a lunatic lefty is at great RISK of being falsely arrested, imprisoned, assaulted, or murdered by our Government. If you’re interested in the real culprits (FBI OPERATIVES) on Jan. 6th, go to REVOLVERNEWS.COM


no shit.. they would love to exterminate 100M of us… hoping we’ll submit to kill shots.. but maybe just the libs are falling for that hat trick…sad, many gullible folks will die at the hands of mass murderers disguised as public health “GODS”.. sickening..


No need to fear……there’s no honor among thieves……


This reads like a cheap dime novel. But then all the stories here are just that. Cheap stories. This is what you call Hopium. Keep em hoping right up until you put shackles around their hands and feet. “Trump is coming back”. Yeah, right.


jebman, what you, and others classify as ‘Hopium’ indicates an inner desire to see this entire endeavor fail with a sinister leaning towards being gleeful if it indeed does. There is undoubtedly a division in our Country, and worldwide too, and your disposition clearly shows which side you are on. Many staunch conservatives, myself included, have dared to believe that we can take on, and defeat, this wicked satanic agenda. We are, and we will! Hilliary Clinton had to cancel her ‘firework display’ in 2016, so don’t be surprised when your’s get canceled too! WWG1WGA

Ed Bob

I think Jebman just feels angry – i do too. There’s a vid on YouTube of Brennan that aired yesterday where he discusses Putin and Trump.. so is RRN real? Is the YouTube vid real? I do not know. And I am angry as hell at this wicked satanic government that never gets it right anymore.


Just keep in mind how many body doubles the government has used over the years. It may look like them, but im willing to bet it isnt.


Angel, This is my answer to Jebman et al also….

Sue Grantham

I agree


They did the gait test knowing that there are doubles. Strike Force Trump does not make mistakes.


why isnt he discussing putin and BIDEN? Hmmmmmm

Sue Grantham

It was probably a video from when Trump was in office. The MSM is panicking about the tribunals and executions

Angel Askew

Yep. Monkey Werx confirms over 200 flights to Gitmo in the last few days. Only “medical” flights are leaving?…


After pronouncing them dead and writing down time and cause of the obit?

Sue Grantham

Jebman is projecting his fears of Trump returning. He and the liberal democrats are panicking over the declassified documents, Fauci being nailed for his deception of Americans, reports exonerating Trump, AZ audit reflecting fraud and the government employees are complicit in the fraud, judges nullifying Buydin Keystone pipeline shutdown, judges barring the racist farm loan forgiveness to people of color- but not whites, that Americans are aware that the FBI was actually complicit in the January Capital “attack”, that the democrats are now attacking each other, that Manchin is not going to agree with their actions against Americans, that the entire “secret” NWO plan is in plain sight now, that parents are standing up and denying, fighting and winning the local governments insidious plans across America regarding masks, unapproved shots and critical race theory.
The whole plan of the treasonous and seditious Democrats are unraveling at lightening speed and there’s no way to stop the righteous patriots from taking our country, rights and freedoms back.
The democrats are arrogant and ignorant, which allows the patriots to stomp a mud hole in them and their sinister evil plans.

J Bill

I know now what the GITMO barges are for: dems seeking a better life.

On a “pleasure cruise” of sorts…

Sue Grantham

???pleasure cruise ???


There are many islands waiting for them,worldwide

J Bill



Awesome, and there are plenty of articles to prove every word of what you’ve said without doing much research and they have no idea how much true knowledge you have in all that’s going on. Time will tell, the truth is coming out more and more every day.

David Yanity

Careful, shithead. We’ve already had to toss more than a few village idiots like you out on their asses as of very recently. Our level of tolerance for any amount of bullshit right now hovers at around zero.

Basically…If you fart and we smell it…YOU’RE GONE!

Sue Grantham


Phyllis Bonviso

What is troubling, how many more moles are in JAG?! Those two had this planned before he “swaggered” in – with his “smile’ to have the case extended – to possibly get him off (no pun intended)! Hopefully, the relieved her of her duties with a dishonorable discharge and then put her on the “watch” list. This was no mere “childish crush”, not buying it. Next!


Someone needs to check her bank account.


like the Chinese model.. the money is put in a “family member’s name”…give “Aunt Sally” a look up…


The vetting process must not be as vigorous as l assumed.


With some people, money talks, but the consequences are brutal

ann kennemer

sick!!!! chick!!!!


Confused right now… if the Admiral ordered the court cleared, who was there to hear what he said to the captain?? other than the admiral and the capt..

MAGA CountryBabe

Cleared of all nonessential personnel. I am sure there was court reporter of some kind to record everything. Even the hangings have to be witnessed and recorded. And whose to say, someone didn’t hand the notes off to an appropriate person. They want us informed to some level. But can’t be obvious about it.


I sure hope so..

Sue Grantham

Every single tribunal is filmed on analog video.

J Bill

hot mikes.


Mike obviously has the transcript and if you file a Right to Know Request, he has to turn it over. Mike is a well respected journalist and will provide proof if requested.

Sue Grantham

Freedom of information act


I am very glad that the Navy 3 star Admiral took quick action to address a compromised officer in the first few minutes. My wife and I are looking for further updates!

Chris Russ

How is it that Hitlary was on MSNBC today with the other creepy Joe? For the record I don’t watch the show I saw a clip on Gateway Pundit.

Sue Grantham

Search images for Theresa Barnwell. She’s been doing it since 2018


I tried to post a link to her page. I guess it’s not allowed

Sue Grantham

A simple DuckDuckGo search of the image will be sufficient


Don’t use google—-when looking for honest info,use .


I looked and found her days ago, found her, thank you very much, Sue,
and you are correct about her!

Sue Grantham

?. I appreciate you looking!

Terminally deplorable

This ignorant chick did obviously not bother or even mention that she was executed in April. These people are something else.

MAGA CountryBabe

Old recording rebooted on an updated show. Or it was scripted with Hillarys doubles doing what they have paid thousands to do.


he sure looks like murderer on the lowdown.. squinty eyes are the window to his dark soul.. gross….weird fucking hairdo.. what a POS..

Sue Grantham

Weird fucking hairdo ???


it’s true Sue…?wolfman Jack special


There’s your answer…..MSNBC

Sharae Watson

I am aghast! Could it be she crushes on murdering pedophiles in handcuffs? She needs psychological help!


she sounds like a slimy bitch.. all i can tell.. totally inappropriate.. why didn’t she offer to Lowinsky him…what a K*nt

Lydel Bertasz

Saw HRC on MSNBC yesterday commenting on Biden and Putin as compared with Trump and Putin. So was that CGI or what? Sure looked like her and the voice, too.


Clone or body double. They can do anything now with the technology we have


You can’t clone an adult human. It just isn’t possible. A doppelganger yeah maybe but clone. No way.

MAGA CountryBabe

How do you know? We are seeing things we have only dreamt of,that we said could or would never happen. We haven’t seen or heard even a fraction of whats out there. God has lifted the veil.


even if cloning humans were possible. How do you make a clone appear to be age correct. If the Clone was made at the earliest maybe year 2000 it would only be 20 years old today. They (the clone makers) would have to produce a clone of Hillery for example at the time of her birth. Or very shortly after. Hillary wasn’t historically significant until when? The late 80s? It’s very simple genetics and science. You can’t make an age appropriate replication of a human. As I stated earlier a doppelganger or a surgically altered person of near the age of the person being dopplegangered?. I just ask for common sense, that’s all..Theresa Barnwell is a Hillary look alike. And there could be more. But clones? No way. PS I read this page every day and hope it’s all true. I don’t doubt the validity of Mr. Baxter’s reporting. Just like to see some corroborating sources. Is that wrong?

Last edited 3 years ago by Okiefrommuskogee65
Sue Grantham

Incorrect regarding cloning. I agree that HRC does not have a clone. However, Theresa Barnwell has been her double since 9/11/18. Search DuckDuckGo for her image.

Last edited 3 years ago by Sue Grantham
Sue Grantham

Search images for Theresa Barnwell and tell me who she looks like


Don’t forget the masks that look exactly like a person! Once the mask is on the rest is a piece of cake!


yes, the masters of disguise in Hollywood can create any illusion possible.. they have been doing it for years….


Yup !

Sue Grantham

Absolutely ?

Sue Grantham

Especially when they have 3D printers ?

Joseph G.

Hilary could never have been arrested on 9/11 2016. You need a new theory.

While she was getting an infusion of fresh kid’s blood plasma, Barnwell was outside her apartment faking it- that’s true; but no arrest.

At that time, Obama and Comey the guillotine man- were running the nation.

The DS leadership did not commit legally provable insurrection against the USA until the election night of 2020.

The military acted against DS leadership, not pedos and traffickers- after POTUS left.

Legal and by-the-book.

Sue Grantham

She was arrested on 9/11/2018, not 2016.
You need to comprehend better

Joseph G.

No, you have your dates wrong. Listen loud and clear.

You keep telling everyone that

a) she was arrested after fainting at the 9/11 memorial in 2018 (where she twitched away and got chucked into an SUV roughly). You have said that repeatedly.

However, that did not happen in 2018, but 2016, before the election.
I saw it with my own eyes; that jerking and being hucked into that black SUV, where she then got taken to her apartment for a bllod transfusion from a kid, and her double walked around outside and hugged some kid for the press.

So you expect us to believe that Hilary fainted at the 911 memorial in 2016? and again in 2018? That’s statistically impossible.

It happened in 2016.

Joseph G.

Forget Barnwell for God’s sake.

It’s a simple Deep Fake video.

Dr. Steve P, part of Team Q- posted 3 days ago a Deep Fake of Tom Cruise cleaning the floors, like a janitor, looking like he did 30 years ago.

It’s special effects mostly. And a Deep Fake, actually, looks and performs better than Barnwell on VIDEO.


What about the Oct 2016 debate between Trump and cankles? Just wondering how they pulled that one off.

Sue Grantham

Theresa Barnwell started her gig as HRC on 9/11/2018.

Joseph G.

9/11 2016.

You keep saying that the event happened in 2018, but it was 2016. She fainted and at the 911 memorial in 2016, while Obama was still in control with Comey.

Get a new theory.

Sue Grantham

Why forget Barnwell? Reality too much for you? The inability to accept truth is a trait of democrats.


Easily, HRC. She should be put out of business!


msm = cia…They do voice also– remember when they did this voice crap to make Trump look bad?


Michael, is there nothing going on at gitmo or are you not allowed to report

MAGA CountryBabe

He’s resting from his vacation…lol.just kidding M.B.

Joseph G.

This Stuff Is the Truth – thank you Michael!

I spent weeks analyzing every detail in every article. It has the hallmarks of truth. Here’s my main reason why:

Not a single person mentioned specifically in Michael Baxter’s articles of the past few months has demanded a retraction, especially in terms of all the active-duty military personnel so far mentioned and quoted; the named JAG officers presiding over the GITMO tribunals that have so far supposedly happened; and as well as the people apparently arrested (and some executed). This is remarkable.

When a non-anonymous journalist quotes people or attributes some action to certain people- you’d better have your facts straight or you will face legal action. Many trolls say the site is satire; but no, if you read the statement in full it implies otherwise; and on top of that, Baxter has said many times in the comment sections that what he is writing is real and true.
* Active-Duty US Military People Quoted/Mentioned:
General David H. Berger – Commandant of the US Marines
General Glen D. VanHerck – Commander of United States Northern Command, and the North American Aerospace Defense Command
General James H. Dickenson – Commander of the United States Space Command
General James C. McConville – US Army Chief of Staff
Admiral Michael M. Gilday – Chief of US Naval Operations
General Richard D. Clarke – Commander of US Special Operations Command
Col. John Lynch – Marine Corps – Commanding Officer of the Marine Radar Regiment at Camp Lejeune
General Gary “Lurch” Thomas – US Marine Corps
Chief Master Sergeant Anthony Vance – US AF retired
* Active-Duty Guantanamo Bay US Navy JAG Personel (Military Prosecutors/Judges), and Defense Counsel Quoted/Mentioned:
Vice Admiral John G. Hannink – Judge Advocate Genera of the US Navy
Rear Admiral Darse E. Crandall – Judge Advocate General of the US Navy
Trisha Anderson – Guantanomo Bay Defense Counsel (for Podesta)
David H. Anderson – Guantanomo Bay Defense Counsel (for Brennan)
* Other People Quoted/Mentioned:
Mike Pompeo
Erik Prince
Jeffrey Rosen – former Attorney General (replaced Bill Barr)
Merrick Garland – Current AG
Steve Bannon
Rudy Guiliani
Gov. Abbot
Gov. DeSantos
Roger Stone
Melinda Gates
Jake Sullivan – former Clinton Staffer – gave GITMO testimony
Bethany Greenbaum – former Clinton Foundation accountant – gave GITMO testimony
Bernard William Nussbaum – former WH Counsel for President Clinton – gave GITMO testimony
Stephen Duckworth – General Atomics Aeronautical Engineer
Grady Reynolds – a former NYPD officer that stole indictments from Trump for the DS
Jerry Donaldson – former Erik Prince employee that stole indictments from Trump for the DS

Clifford Colvin – former Comey henchmen that carried out guillotine atrocities.
* People Alleged To Have Been Arrested & Sent to GITMO or Elsewhere (Tierra del Fuego & ??):
Hilary Clinton – Arrested March 2nd 2021 – Had a GITMO Trial April 8th to the 15th 2021 – Executed April 26th 2021 by Hanging
John Podesta – Arrested April 1st 2021 – Had a GITMO Trial May 4th to the 6th 2021 – Executed on June 1st 2021 by Firing Squad
Huma Abedin – Arrested April 1st 2021 – Trial June 7th 2021 (location unknown)
John Brennan – Arrested March 25th 2021 – GITMO Trial May 24th 2021 – Executed on June 7th 2021 by Hanging
General Mark Milley – Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs – Arrested April 14th 2021 (released? tamed?)
General Daniel R. Hokason – Chief of US National Guard – Arrested April 14th 2021 (released? tamed?)
James Comey – Arrested April 20th 2021 – GITMO Trial June 3rd 2021 – To Be Executed on July 4th 2021 by Guillotine.
Amy Comey Barret – Placed under house arrest – May 15th 2021 – GITMO trial June 28th 2021
Bill Clinton – No Arrest Date Given – GITMO Trial June 14th  2021 (delayed for a few days)
John Boehner – No Arrest Date Given – GITMO Trial June 17th 2021
Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson – No Arrest Date Given – GITMO Trial June 21st 2021
Adam Schiff – Arrested on May 24th 2021
Dr. Deborah Birx – Arrested on May 26th 2021 – GITMO trial June 23rd 2021
William Barr – No Arrest Date Given – Trial June 21st 2021 (a non-GITMO location)
Kevin Spacey – No Arrest Date Given – Trial June 23rd 2021 (Tierra del Fuego)
Craig Fugate (former FEMA Director) – No Arrest Date Given – Trial on June 29th 2021 (Tierra del Fuego)
Brock Long (former FEMA Director) – No Arrest Date Given – Trial on June 29th 2021 (Tierra del Fuego)

Susan Rice – No Arrest Date Given – Trial July 2nd 2021 (location unknown)

Samantha Power – No Arrest Date Given – Trial July 2nd 2021 (location unknown)

Mitt Romney – No Arrest Date Given – Trial July 2nd 2021 (unknown location)

George Soros – No Arrest Date Given – Trial July 5th 2021 (location unknown)

Jack Dorsey – No Arrest Date Given – GITMO Trial July 9th 2021  

Rex Tillerson – No Arrest Date Given – Trial July 17th 2021 (location unknown)

Warren Buffet – No Arrest Date Given – Trial July 19th 2021 (location unknown)
Addressing Claims That Hilary And Others Were Apprehended & Executed Before Jan 2021- Before the Insurrection Act Was Signed by Trump:

The sites and commenters claiming that Hilary was hung 6 months ago, or 2 years ago etc- are all wrong 100%. I have been following EVERYTHING since Q time (Oct 28th 2017)- and only when Michael stated that she was arrested in early March 2021- did the timing finally feel right and the conditions perfect.

Reason Why: If the military is the one arresting people- they can only ever do that legally if the Insurrection Act was signed by a sitting president. I believe that Trump did secretly sign it in the last couple of weeks of his presidency (revealed from many credible sources, such as Lin Wood). Thus, the US military wasn’t arresting anybody until after Trump left. This created the most strategic and optimal trap.

(note: John McCain was tried and executed by the military in Aug 2018- but that could have been done via a process that did not involve the Insurrection Act (b/c John was a former soldier and not a civilian. John personally gave chemical weapons to ISIS in Syria and took selfies with them. Q: “We love phones; these people are stupid”).

Addressing Claims That Milley & Hokanson (Joint Chief Generals) Were Seen After Their ‘Arrest’:

Yes, we all know that Milley and Hokanson were arrested at the Pentagon and were seen afterwards (I acknowledged that in my list). However, they seem to be the only 2 people on the list that have been ‘seen’ in an official capacity after their supposed arrest; and out of all the people on the arrest list, those 2 are the only active military personel. So there could be an explanation, and if the explanation is plausible, then the fact that Milley and Hokanson were seen afterwards would do nothing to invalidate the main premise of my 1st comment: namely, why nobody mentioned has demanded retractions, esp the US military and JAG people who are active-duty (and the arrested people).

I don’t think Milley or Hokanson have a body double or were CGI’d. It’s simply possible that they may have been arrested and then released under some kind of condition (def. with an ankle bracelet)- and perhaps there is a tactical reason for doing so. Perhaps b/c they are part of the Joint Chiefs, the White Hats let them roam on a leash in order to confuse the Deep State; or to garner some protective optics that suggest that nothing is amiss at the leadership of the US military (at the Joint Chiefs level). And perhaps they are making Milley stay at the Pentagon so that it won”t be ‘hit’. Many possibilities. I do believe that perhaps General Berger did not intend to arrest Milley and Hokanson on April 14th 2021, but had to be done so ahead of schedule because Milley called for that April 14th meeting and blasted the other Joint Chiefs and accused them of being treasonous. Moves, counter moves.

(note: Hokanson was seen at a hearing after his ‘arrest’ and it was noteworthy that he looked very uncomfortable and didn’t appear to be enjoying what he was saying).

Dr. Steve Pieczenik, Who Is Arguably Part of Team Q- Has Been Endorsing Real Raw News on His Twitter Feed; Dr. P asserted on InfoWars just before Trump left, and again in Feb 2021- that Trump will be back and that military ops are underway (much to Alex’s chagrin- as Alex hates Q and what Dr. P has been affirming is Q-time stuff):

Dr. Pieczenik has posted 5 articles of Baxter’s on his Twitter: 1) Podesta’s execution, 2) the Comey Trial Day 1, 3) the Comey Trial Day 2 (conviction), 4) Brennan’s execution, and 5) Military Tribunals (Revision 3)- without any commentary from himself; just posting the articles.

Dr P’s posting of these articles has confounded many of his Twitter followers; and tons of Twitter trolls keep hammering at him that the site is “satire” (no it is not; read the statement IN FULL). Dr. P will not say anything in response; but truly, he’s arguably one of the smartest men alive in the US military establishment. Dr. P also posted a video on twitter a few days ago showing a Deep Fake video of Tom Cruise, cleaning the floor like a janitor, and looking like he did 30 years ago. “This is how they fake it” – the tweet read.

His resume: US Army Intelligence/Founder of Delta Force; expert in coups (planned over a dozen in different countries); a psychiatrist; speaks 6 languages; was the actual basis of the Jack Ryan character in Tom Clancey’s books- and he co-wrote a few with him; expert at disino warfare and comms ops.

Prior to making this remarkable vid here, Steve P had not been seen on camera for over 2 decades. This short remarkable warning video by Dr. P shows clearly that Steve was part of Q-time a year before Q had even appeared on the Chans, which was Oct 28th 2017: ‘Dr Steve Pieczenik – Counter Coup Underway In The US’ – Nov 2nd 2016 (before the 2016 election).

Addressing Further Shill-Criticism:

Squinty: “Complete nonsense. The web is full of sites claiming any number of things about any number of people – nobody demands retractions or takes legal action because they know that these whacko sites aren’t taken seriously by anybody except devotees who are as whacko as the site itself”.

First Point:

You say the site is a tabloid, but that’s irrelevant- as Baxter has maintained the opposite:

Mike Baxter has made it clear that he is reporting the truth, and that his site is real and not “whacko”. Regardless if you disagree with that, he has in fact made that assertion (many times). Thus, Baxter has literally dug his own potential grave, and can be held legally accountable by all these active-duty military Generals and JAG judges, if he is propagating lies about the US military. Why would they care? See
Point #2.

Second Point:

Squinty (aptly named)- is missing the overall context, which indeed makes this website a unique case.

It is a FACT that there was a frosty relationship between Biden & the US military when Biden assumed power. This has been well-established: everyone saw within days of his presidency, Biden ordering an investigation of the military ranks (looking for Trump loyalists and Q people), and Austin ordering a 100-day stand-down for all branches of the military (which was unprecedented). From Day 1, it was crystal clear that Biden did not trust the US military, and was worried that some coup against him may possibly be carried out (this sentiment was all over the MSM). Headlines literally said: “Q people within the military ranks in DC!”. Obviously Biden would feel this way, as we had almost 3 years of Q drops, loudly proclaiming that death is coming to all of these people via the unleashed US military.
Thus, considering the context, these Generals would have Baxter’s head in a vice- if what he was saying was not true and all.

Baxter, in fact, would be guilty of stoking incredible division and conflict between the leaders of the branches of the US military and the sitting POTUS. Think about that? And this is not some vacuum, as we have had 3 years of Q drops proclaiming that hell is coming to the US Establishment via the US military (and much to the delight of a huge part of the world). So, if he was spewing lies and no war against the Deep State was actually underway via the US military, and the US military was at peace with Biden’s administration- they would be %^&% furious at Baxter for making millions of Americans believe that the leadership of the US military is carrying out some covert war against Biden’s presidency. You have to be nuts to believe that a) Biden and the Establishment would be okay with that, and b) the US military would be okay with that. Someone would have come a-knocking on his door long ago.

Q is our greatest, trusted Litmus test. Anyone that denounces Q is a shill and 100% full of deception. Q gave us almost 3 years of irrefutable ‘proofs’ that this war would be coming.

Detachment 1

You claim in your post that Dr. Pieczenik was Army Intel. I dont know. Perhaps.
But you also state that he is the founder of
Delta force. Correct name 1st. SFOD.
This is obviously not correct.
They were founded by Col. Charles Beckwith.
If you just made a grammatical error that’s fine. If you’re making this up I’m going to have to call bullshit on you.
I knew Col. Beckwith and I don’t think he would appreciate being the brunt of your joke.

Sue Grantham

Love that you research ♥️♥️
However, technically HRC was arrested 9/11/18 after attending the 9/11 memorial. If you remember, she “collapsed” at the SUV ( there’s video). Note the shorter baldish white SS agent crosses her path and advises her she’s arrested. She collapsed. This SS agent is the very same agent who handed out notes at Bush Sr funeral.
They drove Hillary to Chelsea’s apt. Then a shorter somewhat thinner Hillary walked out a-ok. I researched the image of this new Hillary. I found out that the look alike is Theresa Barnwell. Please do the image search.
Hillary according to died on 12/31/18.
I believe all that we’re being told now has already happened over the course of the last few years. I believe it’s being released now because it’s almost over now. I think it was to soften the blow for sleeper idiots and encourage patriots.

Joseph G.

Arrested by who? FBI? nope; DOJ? nope.

Military? Impossible until the Insurrection Act was signed.

Trump signed it in mid Jan 2021.


Federal Marshalls are a seperate LEO that works with the DOJ. They’ve been arresting Pedos all over the country the last few years. From what I understand they have arrested several thousand of them. I know they have arrested several hundred in neighboring NW Ohio, some from small towns.

If a person was arrested for any pedo charge and it involved international human trafficking or slavery then Inter-Pol could be involved and the Hague International Court.

MAGA CountryBabe

I heard he actually signed it in 2018 but it was revealed until 2020 by some Patriots. These arrests have been going on all thruout POTUS’S term. It had to be signed before 2021.

Joseph G.

U heard? From who? Show us your source?

I trust Lin Wood. He said it was signed 2021 mid January.

After the election fraud, we could see that an insurrection clearly was happening.

How do you sign the insurrection act in 2018, 2019, or 2020- when insurrection had taken place in the United States?

The election fraud and the sting operation carried out on that night established and insurrection.

J Bill

There were mutiple events. Some we’re probably not aware of yet.
Mulitple attempts on the life of President Trump and family, before and after the election. The “riot” and fake news around that. The MSM social media debacle with CNN officials caught on tape confessing to deposing the President, TW CEO cancelling the account of a sitting President and FB CEO admitting to it. Durham investigation wrapped up or near completion. Never mind the election and the audits. So many details of these in incidents and more yet to come. Difficult to download or put together completely. I trust all these souces and yours.

To say one insurrection Act was signed on it’s assumed date seems barely sufficient. “Imbroglio” doesn’t describe it. Military intervention is required at the outset.

Definitely, the waters are uncharted.


Additionally, if foreign interference occured during the primaries, the exec. order may have been triggered at the time.

J Bill

Ah, that’s it. So come November, he was “well prepared.” Makes perfect sense that way.


Joseph, I found the following info on a place called “sananda(dot)website”…I can’t vouch for it in any other way, but here it is.

President Trump invoked the Insurrection Act on Jan. 16, 2021…

“I have invoked the Insurrection Act of 1807 (Section 10 U.S. Code 13 251-255) to address the treasonous rebellion conducted by Democrat and Republican lawmakers, CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Agents, FBI, Department of Justice, CIA and others to dismantle the United States of America and its Constitution.
“These entities pose a direct threat to National Security. I will remain President indefinitely until all domestic enemies have been arrested.”

Sue Grantham

Excellent research!♥️

J Bill

Saw that one.

Also, within those articles a link to Mike Lindell’s video on the Election 2020 appeared, what happened exactly, why, and alternative explanations for what did. But can say this: we can all rest a little easier. Because the election was a complete hoax, and involved MASSIVE fraud.

Even while President Trump knew this, he even tried to “negotiate a compromise” to the fraud ocurring, but no one would submit and allow Trump the margin he’d already won. Then the machines were hacked. Throwing everything into complete pandemonium even further. Though watched it briefly, realized I may have to go back several times to absorb it all.

The numbers that were manipulated domestically is astounding in it’s own right. But as Trump was WINNING inspite of the domestic portion of the fraud, the foreign powers interfered, hacked the machines, throwing ALL voter numbers and their origins into complete disarray. Yet DJ Trump still tried to make it right.

In short, if the “domestic portion” of the fraud had gone on unnoticed, ie. no hacking, Biden might have won in some states, but would have lost on simple recount anyways. But the hackers panicked, threw everything even more out-of-whack, making their handiwork even more noticeable.

Leading to more voters appearing out-of-nowhere (dead, too young, from another state, aliens, no address, illegal votes early or late, etc, etc). Attempts to cover their tracks were made more visible. It’s embarrassing. Stupid. Pathetic. Childish. Evil.

The White House is under “castle lock” and the DC Corporation is over. Biden is making shows somewhere else.

God was watching this race.
His Hand came down for His final move.
Checkmate. Amen.
Now JAG and Military are taking out the trash.

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On a humorous note, one main “tip off” to the fraud, was the hacker’s flipping ENTIRE small Texas red towns in a last minute rush to overcorrect their mistakes in other parts of the country. Causing their small town (<10k) to be nearly entirely flipped (~90%).

Imagine REP residents getting up in the morning, checking in with each other, trying to find out who it was who flipped the entire town??

Another major discrepancy was noted in NE/ NH areas. Massive voter spikes were noted in REP towns switching suddenly to blue. Then adjacent communities of differing immigrant populations all showed the same 60/40 split blue/red across the board. A computer engineer (Dr. Shiva?) filed suit then after finding an error in the program algorithym. His suit is still open.

I’ll report back to this post occasionally after more info.

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excerpt from Mike Lindell’s Rumble video “Absolute Proof.”

Forensic Audit
Allied Security Operations Group (@ video 1:20; 00)
Antrim County Michigan
Revised Preliminary Summary, v2
Report Date 12/13/2020

” Forensic audit Dominion Voting Machines – we conclude that The Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results. The system intentionally generates an enormously high number of ballot errors. The electronic ballots are then transferred for adjudication. The intentional errors lead to bulk adjudication of ballots with no oversight, no transparency, and no audit trail allowed. This leads to voter or election fraud. Based on our study we conclude that The Dominion Voting System should not be used in Michigan. We further conclude that the results of Antrim County should not have been certified. ASOG “