Bill Gates Military Tribunal: Day 1


Vice Adm. John G. Hannink of the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps tore into Bill Gates at the start of a military tribunal that is expected to last several days. At 9:00 a.m. Monday morning, military police escorted Gates from GITMO’s Camp Delta detention block to the courtroom where Hannink and a 3-officer panel awaited Gates’ arrival. At Gates’ side was David Baluarte, an attorney who had once worked for the Center for Justice and International Law and in 2009 had lobbied for the release of Jihadists detained at Guantanamo Bay.

Vice Adm. Hannink’s first act consisted of linking Gates to Jeffrey Epstein and linking them to a child trafficking ring that Gates had run from a subterranean bunker beneath a ranch he had owned in Wyoming. He presented to the panel videos and images obtained from laptops and SD cards the military had seized during raids on several Gates-owned properties across the nation.

One disturbing video showed Gates and Epstein hatching plots on how to kidnap children from third-world nations and sell them to the highest bidders.

“El Salvador is ripe for the picking,” Bill Gates said on the video.

“No. The market for dark-skinned children is slim right now. Not even Hillary wants those. Caucasian or Caucasian-looking nets the most money,” Epstein said.

On the video, Bill Gates chuckled and smirked. “We should just get them here, like we’ve done before. It’s not like anyone can touch us. I’ve made sure we’re insulated.”

Vice Adm. Hannink addressed Gates’ lawyer: “Does your client have an answer for this?”

Gates leaned over and whispered in David Baluarte’s ear.

“It’s all roleplay. Yes, Bill and Jeffrey were friends. Jeffrey Epstein had many friends, and Bill was just one of them. And this video is nothing more than two men engaged in some roleplay that the military has exaggerated into some grand conspiracy to frame my client for crimes he never committed. Bill Gates is one of the smartest men on the planet. If he were planning to abduct children, do you really think he’d video tape his plans?” Baluarte said.

“Your client is also a narcissist and a megalomaniac,” Rear Adm. Hannink responded, and offered the panel a printout of a spreadsheet the military had obtained from one of Gates’ computers and subsequently deciphered.

The spreadsheet held 65 names. The 65 names belonged to children who had inexplicably gone missing while visiting national parks across the nation. Beside each name was a dollar amount, ranging from $250,000 to $3,000,000, and the age, hair and eye color of each child. The youngest was 4 at the presumed time of abduction.

David Baluarte objected: “It’s no secret that children have disappeared in the national park system. Mr. Gates is a humanitarian and has concern for child welfare, and do you really think my client, certainly no outdoor enthusiast, went traipsing around foreboding environments in search of children to steal.”

“If he was on some noble, humanitarian mission, then why the dollar assignment for each child? And, no, I certainly don’t think Gates himself went hiking around the Grand Tetons or Yosemite. But someone did on his behalf,” Vice Adm. Hannink said.

He pressed a button on a remote control in his hand and a large video screen lowered from a recessed opening in the ceiling. A moment later, Gates’ estranged ex-wife, Melinda, appeared on the screen, gave her name and relationship to the accused, and admitted that although she had received leniency in exchange for testimony, she would tell the truth and nothing but the truth.

A typically soft-spoken Gates suddenly arose from his chair and shook his shackled wrists at the screen.

“You gold-digging bitch,” Gates blurted. “You can’t believe anything this woman says.”

Vice Adm. Hannink instructed Baluarte to restrain his client, lest the military police do it for him.

“Melinda Ann French,” Vice Adm. Hannink said, addressing Melinda by her maiden name, “did you, on 14 August 2017, hear your former husband, Bill Gates, brag that he had had children abducted both in the U.S. and abroad?”

She replied in the affirmative. “And several other times,” she added.

“Did her overtly reveal this to you?” Vice Adm. Hannink asked.

“He did. He would laugh and grin and with that sinister giggle of his allude to the number of children he and his associates had abducted from their families,” she replied.

“And did he ever give a figure?”

“No, but it was clearly in the hundreds, if not thousands,” Melinda said.

“And you never thought to come forward with this information?” Vice Adm. Hannink said.

“I lived a prosperous life, a life he threatened to take if I ever divulged his secret life. He said he’d have me killed,” Melinda said.

“Weigh carefully what you’ve heard here today, for there’ll be more tomorrow,” Vice Adm. Hannink told the panel, and put the tribunal in recess until 10:00 a.m. Tuesday.

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Bill gates had a teen in his home and locked the doors and he was scared to death to say the least. He knew something wasn’t right and Bill had left the room, the boy thought of putting matches that were in the living room under all the furniture so if anything happened to him and if he could escape he could prove he was there. Now this kid was able to get out and told his story explaining how he had been living on the streets afraid after this happened. I was hoping that he would come foreword to testify or write a testimony or maybe Melinda would testify to this boy being there. This evil has to Stop. Every one of these criminals need to be euthanized


Is this an eyewitness report? Was the writer named (Michael Baxter) on site at Gitmo? Or is this article someone else’s testimony? More context would be helpful.


I’m so hoping all this news is true, but, where is any proof?? Seeing is believing, and not even one thing you can see. I’m sorry, I’m a sceptic. But, in my 70 years, I’ve learned you have to be. Anyone can say anything, but show us some proof, please. No pictures of the monumental arrests??? Hmmm


Mr. Baxter….IS BG…..ALIVE ?????


Where is day 2 or even day 3! Don’t leave us hanging!

Robert James

It will be good to get rid of Gates, but he’s one of the prominent rats. What about the Rockefellers, Rothchilds, and the rest? The Deep State Satanists? They have to be exterminated.


Where is Gates day two what the thunder is going on with the information

James Penney

Hey Michael, Can you look into Robert Kennedy Jr’s claim that Pfizer gave Trump a million dollars to not hire Kennedy to the Administration? He was going to get offered a job until Pfizer talked to trump Then Kennedy didn’t get the job and Trump got a million. Is that why he didn’t take a salary? He didn’t really need it after the million . I hope this isn’t true. Can you find out? I’m curious of what you know or find out. I don’t like negative stories about Trump. But I won’t ignore truth no matter who it involves. We have to be able to fully trust our leaders


Why would TRUMP take ONLY a million, is the question.
Funny James, they have tried everything under the sun to take TRUMP down. I have to say, he is as clean as a whistle

James Penney

Michael Baxter. You are quite a storyteller. I don’t know how you’ve managed to keep this BS going for so long. I believed you for about a day . That’s all it took for me to figure you for a fraud. I wonder if maybe you have a CIA affiliation? Spread Dis-information? I Hope as more people realize that there’s so many frauds out there telling lies that they will see you as one of them. Wake up people.. Please!


Do you ever get tired of trolling? You are becoming a bore.


Mr. Baxter..did Billy Gate…shitt so badly in the court room they are not after 4 days able deal with this beautie ..or he spilling beans BIG TIME ???? what is it ?????


Crickets…………………Please where is day 2,3, 4,? Please, at least post what’s happening or why we are not getting info, it’s been days Mr. Baxter, Sir….

john pennington

maybe gates is trying to make a deal or buy his way out of getting killed


This day dealt with the children, which is absolutely awful. I’m anxious to hear what JAG shares about Gates’ involvement in the so-called ‘vaccines’ and the fact they are designed to sterilize and kill in order to reduce the population.

I also want to learn why he bought so much farm land. I personally think it was to limit how many crops could be grown.

For someone who could birth a company like Microsoft, whose products are used by companies and people worldwide for the good; how could he become so horribly evil? He will soon have his chance to explain his actions to God.


Stay focused on the Election & Audits people, stop being distracted!!!
All these Tribunals etc are just a side show for us here at the moment, they were expected to begin with, and there will be more coming soon.
Just stay focused on the Auditing and results.
Do NOT let the Vultures, the Rats, the Trolls and the little pointy nosed Goblins mess with you – avoid their incessive questioning and slanderous personality get to you, they’re all inconsequential.


Amen – I totally agree with you


What is happening with Maricopa ? Nothing this week except three of them have Covid .


Where is Day 2? Everyone is waiting with baited breath!


Tribunal was delayed per Michael’s article Marines Defy Pentagon

Robert James

I wonder how the oblivious US population will be made to understand that all these obscene crimes actually happened and were perpetrated by people they admired?

That is going to be very interesting. Most of my friends and all of my family are clueless.


You need to stop the lies. The people are already misled by the govt. You add to the lies.


You need to stop crying and contribute to society. We don’t need no dead weight on our side. Shoo!


dead meat to be precise… s kip py…one of them…???


Be gone Demon, go listen to cnn for your daily dose of Bullshit.


All the activities described each day of these tribunals could take place in 10-20 minutes of actual court time. If the JAG is so overwhelmed with case loads, why are they breaking up the proceedings into such tiny increments and not just taking the whole day? With what has been presented here, they could prosecute 5-6 of these things a day if they put in a full day’s work.
The whole “day’s” procedure couldn’t have lasted more than 10 minutes based on what is written here. Why no urgency to finish it?

BTW, Bill and Hillary were looking rather fatigued after their long walk on the beach in the Hamptons the other day.

Last edited 2 years ago by Thomas

To borrow a line from Futurama, “It took an hour to write, I thought it would take an hour to read!”

Coincidentally the character was talking about screenplay dialogue he wrote for a tv show courtroom scene 😉

Last edited 2 years ago by Zane

So,..Oliver the truth be told, you like little boy’s? Shame on you.


It looked nothing like Hillary. She was covered head to toe. Hair was brown.. You are gullible. Hopefully you got the shot

Scott V. Smith

At Pelosi’s party with the democrat elite I saw the back of Schiff’s head. So, either it was a mask, a clone, or this is all a big ruse. Do you military guys get why this all becomes so difficult to know what, who to believe? I don’t believe one syllable of the MSM narrative. If this is disinformation I see it’s value. If I were Schiff, Comey or Gates and I read this I’d certainly consider what my future may hold for the crimes I KNEW I had committed. That said, after watching the Fall of the Cabal series, Mr. Gates is obviously the quintessential megalomaniacal villain and will deserve the judgement he gets.


I saw a video yesterday of someone coming down a hall at what looked to be the capitol building appearing very much like Schiff. As the person drew near the camera I immediately noticed the neck appeared shorter and thicker than I am accustomed to seeing and the bright light seemed to show facial make up. Probably just a coincidence?


yes…is not him..I noticed mostLy his E Y E S !!!!!! Is NOT ORIGINAL shifty …


Patriots, Friends, cabal minions,

More bad news for cabal:

Very interesting, simultaneous raids happening,in several locations, unsealed indictments

Meaning ongoing arrests, computers, documents, passports,guns seized —–> Youtube, Kip Simpson´s channel

Judicial Watch Channel – FBI orders deposition of Chigago mayor´s office Rep over racist interview policy;

New episode of

Devolution series at————> trusttheq DOT com


There, you can find the links for devolution series, part 1 to part 9 and Addendum series part 1

(This is one of the many websites posting MB articles with links to RRN)

For those interested, there´s also some reading material,the author´s analysis and considerations (that,in my opinion, should also mention the documented apreehension of the servers in Germany and Spain,(confirmed in interview in alternative news) and the documented interference of Italy, but, somehow,it´s very difficult to find people openly referencing Masonic obvious handwork) which doesn´t affect the merit of the author´s thesis or his lenghty research to inform the public about the military structure and in which conditions it´s activated,as below,per the author:

Joint chiefs of staff,

Functions of Department of Defense,

Homeland Defense ref. some publications

  • June 3rd, 2020 – Letter To Department Of Defense Regarding Insurrection Act
  • June 9th, 2020 – Letter to FBI, NG, CBP, DEA on Government surveillance of protesters
  • July 15th, 2020 – Congress must seize this chance to help demilitarize law enforcement
  • August 7th, 2020 – Trump and Barr used a loophole to deploy the National Guard to U.S. cities. It’s time to close it.
  •  Joint Publication 3-27 — Homeland Defense (HD).

Combatant Command and Combatant Commanders

Combatant Commands (COCOMs), also known as a unified combatant commands, are the highest possible echelon of military command and are overseen by what’s called the Unified Command Plan (UCP). Each UCP sets forth basic guidance to all unified Combatant Commanders by:

  • Establishing their missions, responsibilities, and force structure.
  • Delineating the general geographical area of responsibility for geographic Combatant Commanders.
  • Specifies functional responsibilities for functional combatant commanders.

What are the Combatant Commands and who are the Combatant Commanders?
There are 11 COCOMs in total; each falling into a category designated as geographical or functional.

  • Seven of the COCOMs are designated as geographical, meaning they are responsible for all operations, etc., within a clearly defined actual location on or above the Earth — such as “Africa” or “Space.” They call these geographical locations the “area of responsibility”. The Combatant Commanders of the geographical COCOMs are listed below
  • U.S. Northern Command
  • U.S. Southern Command
  • U.S. European Command
  • U.S. Africa Command
  • U.S. Central Command
  • U.S. Indo-Pacific Command
  • U.S. Space Command

Four of the COCOMs are designated as functional, meaning they are responsible for a clearly defined specific type of operation, etc., but across all geographical and spatial lines — for example, “cyber” or “special operations.” Operating worldwide across geographic boundaries allows the functional COCOMs to provide unique capabilities to the geographic COCOMs. The Combatant Commanders of the functional COCOMs are listed below

  • U.S. Special Operations Command
  • U.S. Cyber Command – General Nakasone is also head of the NSA
  • U.S. Strategic Command
  • U.S. Transportation Command

To assume the rank of a Combatant Commander, the four-star general is recommended by the Secretary of Defense, nominated for appointment by the President of the United States, confirmed by the Senate and commissioned— at the President’s order— by the Secretary of Defense. Of the 11 current Combatant Commanders, 10 of them were installed during Trump’s presidency. The only one who has been installed during Biden’s “presidency” is Admiral John C. Aquilino, Commander of the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command. It took me a moment to reconcile one of the commanders having been installed with Biden in office, but I came across this article (LINK IN WEBSITE) which put me at ease:

Knowing Admiral Aquilino oversaw General Charles Flynn’s promotion is important. The Secretary of the Army is in charge of promoting the Commander of the U.S. Army Pacific Command, but I can’t imagine he would promote somebody if the Combatant Commander wouldn’t agree with it. We know the Flynn family is full of patriots so I’m sold here that Admiral Aquilino is a patriot as well.

Why Understanding the Organizational Structure of COCOMs Matters
I believe the Combatant Commanders play an integral role in Devolution. These are the commanders of our armed forces— the very people Secretary of Defense Chris Miller would have briefed if plans of Devolution were to be implemented. I believe the specifics of the Devolution plan were carried out by Ezra Cohen Watnick and the Special Operation Forces (Devolution – Part 3) which have been tasked with carrying out the Mission Essential Functions (MEFs). I’ll address these MEFs in greater detail my next article, but for now I will focus on a very specific attribute of this command structure. The only other people who would need to know that Devolution had been implemented would be the Combatant Commanders, and it would only be when the operation moves into the next phase (the reveal), that these commanders would provide orders down their individual chains of command as needed.

Think of it in terms of running a business. Chris Miller would be the CEO and the Combatant Commanders would be the heads of their respective departments. If the business needs to implement major changes, the CEO wouldn’t broadcast their plans immediately to every employee from every department, would they? Instead, the CEO would privately inform the heads of each department. Once everything was in place for the smoothest transition possible, the heads of each department would disseminate information as needed to those within their departments required to implement the change. In our scenario, the “major change” would be the reveal that Trump implemented Devolution because the election was stolen via foreign interference.

Think about that for a moment. Nobody outside of the Combatant Commanders would need to know.
This means any “woke” garbage appearing to come from our military doesn’t matter. Outside of the Combatant Commanders, nobody knows Devolution is happening, and it will remain that way until the operation reaches the next phase.

Each COCOM commander is the ultimate provider of command for all of our armed forces “‘in the field’ (as in not the White House and not the Pentagon)” during “peace, war, and contingency operations.”

If Secretary of Defense Chris Miller was provided proof that a foreign adversary not only interfered with our election, but to such an extent that the outcome of that election had been altered, he would have been obligated to share that proof with each of the COCOM Commanders. They would have recognized that the incoming Biden “administration” was not legitimate, and the contingency plan, Devolution, would have been implemented.

Election SecurityThroughout the Devolution series I have shown you ways that Trump was “preparing the battlefield” in anticipation of foreign election interference by using executive powers. He issued numerous Executive Orders that are in play, but what was the military doing to “prepare the battlefield”?
I will do my best to show you here in chronological order.

May 8, 2018 – The military took key initiative at defending our United States elections by elevating Cybercom to Combatant Command.

The elevation of Cyber Command to a COCOM allows Cyber Command to report directly to the Secretary of Defense. Keep in mind that Cyber Command’s COCOM commander is General Nakasone and he is also the head of the NSA.

June 18, 2018 – President Trump directs the DoD to “immediately begin the process to establish Space Force as the 6th branch of the armed forces.” I point this out because I believe the Space Force played a complimentary role. I’ll elaborate some on that later.

July 23, 2018 – General Paul Nakasone (the head of the National Security Agency and U.S. Cyber Command) confirmed that he has set up a task force to counter Russian cyberthreats to the United States.

That article is so important for multiple reasons:

  • It points out that General Paul Nakasone is the head of both the NSA and the U.S. Cyber Command (this point will come up again later).
  • It discusses Russia meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election by breaching multiple political organizations, although at that time it was considered as “operating under the threshold level of war” because during the 2016 election, “election systems” were not yet in the category of critical infrastructure.
  • Nakasone said a cyberattack from another government on U.S. critical infrastructure would cross the threshold into war, “and we would certainly respond.” In 2017, they classified “election systems” as critical infrastructure.

This is a bombshell. General Nakasone is essentially saying that since “election systems” are now classified as critical infrastructure, a cyberattack on election systems moving forward would cross the threshold into war. Reminder that the entire Devolution theory is based on the United States being at war, allowing Trump to exercise specific war powers:

General Nakasone tells us in July of 2018 that they anticipate our adversaries will “try to penetrate such things as our critical infrastructure.” They were very clearly preparing for any foreign interference in our elections.

August 16, 2018 – The Wall Street Journal published an article titled “Trump, Seeking to Relax Rules on U.S. Cyberattacks, Reverses Obama Directive”. The article is behind a paywall but I’ll post screenshots of some of the highlights.

By removing some of the obstacles in PPD-20, Trump allowed the military to respond directly to election interference without having to cut through “red tape.” Not only did he elevate CyberCom to a COCOM to protect election infrastructure and eliminate the “middle men” in the military’s chain of command itself, but in PPD-20, he also untied their hands by eliminating the unnecessary layers of federal agencies required to approve any plan of action.

September 10, 2018 – The Council on Foreign Relations posted an article discussing Trump’s changes to PPD-20 with some interesting comments.

April 29, 2019 – It was reported that the aforementioned task force named “the Russian Small Group” would become permanent.

July 23, 2019 – General Nakasone announced that the NSA would was creating a Cybersecurity Directorate to better protect the country against cyberthreats from foreign adversaries.

September 7, 2019 – The NSA prepares to defend 2020 elections, drawing lessons from 2018.

December 20, 2019 – The United States Space Force is officially the 6th branch of the United States Armed Forces.

February 10, 2020 – The Department of Defense published an article titled “DOD Has Enduring Role in Election Defense.”

It’s important to remember that while they support their partners in federal agencies (DHS & FBI), the military also has a pulse on how many in those agencies have been corrupted. Knowing that is key. Remember that Dong Jingwei brought with him terabytes of data which included information on who was working for the CCP within our government and federal agencies. The military would know who they can share information with and whether they can share information at all. I suspect they didn’t share much information with corrupted agencies. Specific details about actual interference in our election would be highly classified, hence the “at the right classification level” comment from above.

August 8, 2020 – For 2020 Election, Threat is Bigger than Russia > U.S. Department of Defense > Defense Department News

December 9, 2020 – Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe announces Space Force will become the 18th member of the U.S. Intelligence community. Remember this is just three days prior to Ratcliffe joining president Trump in attending the Army – Navy football game. If you remember, from Devolution Part 8, the Army – Navy football game on December 12th is when I theorized that DNI Ratcliffe presented President Trump with the evidence of foreign interference.

“There is no strategic-level cyber capability without space”. Creating Space Force was necessary to give Cybercom and the NSA the maximum capabilities required to defend our election infrastructure. As usual, Trump and or military were forward-thinking as early as 2018 when they started the process to create Space Force.

Closing I have already shown you here how the very command structure of COCOMs allows for military action to be implemented entirely outside the purview of Congress, bureaucratic think tanks, and the corrupt media, indicating covert action is not only possible, it is highly probable, especially during a war in which our foreign adversary has infiltrated every level of our government.

General Nakasone said himself that a “cyberattack from another government on U.S. critical infrastructure would cross the threshold into war” and our election systems are in the category of critical infrastructure.

The Arizona forensic audit report is to be released in the coming week and once the audit exposes that the election was stolen from Trump, we will be facing a constitutional crisis; a crisis that I believe has already been met and defeated by Trump and the military.
As the Biden regime crumbles under the weight of utter incompetency and the obvious fraud that put him in office, Trump is coming back stronger than ever.
The entire world is awaiting his return.




Trump Statement: Our country has never been so diminished. It has reached an all time low!

I hope he’s talking about shrinkage.


I agree about the shrinkage, then again I also believe we need even more shrinkage when it comes to Mayors & City Officials and their un-elected managers of having too much power & control. When it comes down to County Officials being in control of Elections etc, that needs to change asap.


Homeland Defense publications is most likely around the time the real Joseph R. Biden died.


Thank you for all that information – stay on it. Trump will be back!

Andrew Stevano

Where’s Bill Gates Military Tribunal: Day 2? I thought it should be here by now. Can’t wait.


Yes, awaiting Bill Gates Military Tribunal: Day 2 as well. Please.

Andrew Stevano

Great question Oliver. I wish I could give a profound answer, but all it does is strengthen my faith that righteousness does prevail and satisfy personal intellectual curiosities about what went on and how the scum bags react when they realize the end is upon them.


Breaking! Judicial Watch has received emails connecting Fauci AND Gates to the Wuhan lab.

Also find AwakenWithJP – Bidens 17 Accomplishments – you might laugh, you might cry.

unlabeled quality

didn’t Fauci serve on the board of the Gates Foundation?


ScottyMar10 did a vid yesterday that connects the criminals and how they got there, who are behind the medical tyranny. Check it out


I think I read somewhere that Gates’ dad was good friends with Fauci – keeping their evil in the family. It must be in their “DNA”




I don’t need a link or proof! I believe it must be true! Hang them all!


HUGE News 6pm CST frankspeech and OAN.


Using Dominion voting machines in Georgia violated Georgia law. A Federal judge ruled on it Oct. 2020 and Raffensberger knew it.

Mike L showed a clip of Larry Elder saying Biden won fair and square. Cali voters should look into this. Time is short on Newsoms recall.


Somebody call 911
we got an Oliver Wendell Douglas shill for a 5150
Happening Right Now.
This is not a Drill ?????
hospital bed


Disturbing Skill / Troll Influfence–Take no Notice of this Psycho who patronizes
(treat in a way that is apparently kind or helpful but that betrays a feeling of superiority.) our Site owner, Michael Baxter

Chris Russ

I as much as most on here hope these articles are factual. Everyone needs certain things in life to be complete, four as a matter of fact. If you don’t have these four things you will have tremendous void in your life. One of the four is something to hope for. Right now many of us are hopeful.

The Gateway Pundit jut put out an article showing what seems to be Bill and Hillary walking on the beach in the Hamptons on their annual vacation. I can get on board with CGI, clones not so much.

I do hope huge changes are coming to save our country, it can’t happen soon enough.


Could be an old picture. If I’m not mistaken, isn’t that Huma behind Bill? Why would Huma be there if Clintons aren’t in power anymore?


Looks like secret service detail behind Bill .


Looked like a heffer to me


Welp it sounds like it’s time to abandon Gateway Pundit, they are clearly fake news if they think Bill and Hillary are alive and free, can’t trust anything they say anymore! ?

buck fiden

What synagogue do you attend? Rabbi Schlomo Shekelstein’s Congregation Harbay Kesef in Square Town? Only a serious Jew could produce sarcasm like you can! Mazel Tov!


We know that’s a fake picture because Those two can’t stand each other. They didn’t even live together at end of her life and his freedom. Don’t you people see the dems/ds desperation! Hell I see and smell the rotton stench of their evil scurrying around.


No, it is part of DS deception to make everyone think they get along now. They have reconciled and all is well. Wait and see, soon it will be revealed.


I find it strange Marc Elias left Perkins Coi International law firm. Marc hired GPS Fusion to create the phony Russia, Russia, Russia dossier. He filed many lawsuits to stop the Maricopa AZ audit. And now he’s gone.

I thought he would be at Gitmo representing Gates. Maybe he’s there in a another capacity. We can hope. (Durham)


This guy Marc represented the DNC and the Clinton Foundation.. Had Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election she would have started World War 3 to usher in the Great Reset.

Hillary skimmed some the uranium she sold to Russia. Built a dirty bomb and placed it overseas to fire on the U.S. and blame Russia. Millions would have died. Trump saved the world when he kicked her ass in 2016.

Candidate Trump’s October 2016 speech he told us that the Clintons were the head of the snake in the U.S. Marc Elias was her dirty lawyer.


Amazing information. That explains why Hillary fainted. Radiation poisoning!


Hillary built it herself ? Amazing , maybe she learned how to do from instructions on the internet . Pick your battles carefully so you can win some .


The chain on my bike fell off when I was 7 and I was able to put it back on. How hard could it be to build a nuclear bomb? It is super old technology.


Says the mental case who believes he’s the star of a 70’s television show. LOL!


Up vote for “Dave’s not here.” Brought back a lot of memories out of the cob webs


BEAUTIE….Elias knows what coming -DURHAM …rats leave T I T A N I C… for a -Gitmo ???


Somethings up for sure.


epitome of scum attorney…Perks Cooee.. office in Seattle.. long roots in Bill G.. crime family syndicate,,, i was a temp there 30 yrs ago.. had the quiet feel of evil.. dark wooden doors.. like a tomb

  • Dr Ryan N Cole: A Pathologist’s Summary Of What These Injections Do To Your Brain & Other Organs ( Micro Blood Clots Are Killers)  wwwDOTbitchuteDOTcom/video/Sjl0KqNIdNO2/
  • Did FDA really approve the Pfizer COVID vaccine? Wait. What? by Jon Rappoport. blog.nomorefakenewsDOTcom/2021/08/25/did-fda-really-approve-the-pfizer-covid-vaccine-wait-what/
Mark Heuer

Another trick from these wicked people, in the FDA letter it states, that it is just an approval for the continued use of these experimental jabs, so they are still EXPERIMENTAL.


and its looks like they have a plenty guinea pigs for their experimental vax… hmmm


Gottleeb..former FDA head.. now Pfizer board.. scum liar on Commie News Network.. paid professonal liars.


Amazing and factual information! Thank you for sharing your research.


The jab being used today is the EUA drug. The jab that was approved has not been manufactured yet. I didn’t look into it because I don’t do government drugs but the truth is out.

Two separate FDA letters. The approved drug has the same side effects as the EUA. We were able to see the FDA list of the approved jab. The same list the People compiled months ago.

The FDA hag, Woodcock or something like that is the same hag that approved fentynal and oxycodone. When those drugs were approved the majority of the panel rejected the approval. Back then the FDA had some Americans working there. BTW, FDA employees are not required to get the jab.

Approval of the opiates was the first step to controlling the masses with addiction. Myarmar did the same to weaken the citizenry. 60% of the males are addicted. Their military recently arrested their installed President and took control of the country.

Mike Lindell has a free addiction recovery network if anyone on here needs help.

buck fiden

Hey, Beavis… huh-huh. huh-huh. TrumpWon wrote that he “doesn’t do government drugs.”

Neither do I, butthead. huh-huh. huh-huh.

unlabeled quality

unless you’re addicted to fake news. Not even Lindell can help with that…


Chinese did the same with Opiods… Pearl S. Buck.. wrote about it.. The Good Earth.. neutralize the masses with addiction.. first step to total overthrow.. worked like a charm.. leaving behind charred remains of our once functioning manufacturing Middle class America..


Yes. The Jon Rappoport piece breaks it down really well, easily understood. Hopefully, this info can buy military a little time.

unlabeled quality

if it’s anything like the symptoms of graphene poisoning, then you may be on to something.


My opinion I don’t think anything will happen with Thump until Arizona announces and proves that there was fraud in our elections. Georgia is going through the court and is showing the illegal voting per Georgia law and I think they are making it illegal to use dominion voting machines In their election.


What if the Arizona audit does not show any fraud ? They continue to have difficulties with their report , late again and three of the Cyber Ninjas now have Covid . They have not done much to prove their credibility .

buck fiden

I share your skepticism. I am so livid I want to go downtown and burn down the State Crapitol, copper dome and all! More Lindell-type bullshit promises. However, I’ll keep the predator drone in the basement unless they vote to release the audit results when the next session of the state legislature convenes in January, 2022.


It showed frauds of many kinds. Mailed ballots were not creased, many were given sharpies which made the ballot illegal, many were xeroxed. Get a clue


Timing is everything. Keeping the deep state wondering/scrambling. Forcing the deep state to fire all of their ammo. Trump won and the People will prove it within the rule of law.


True. The US had nuclear weapons in 1941 but did not want the other side to know that they could bomb Japan until 1945. Trust the plan.


I think it will be done include looong expected DURHAM indictments by FRIDAY so fun can finally start -08/27-09/11/2021……..


I don’t know of a sure date but the fake news is preparing the criminals for Durham. I believe Durham hands his evidence off to JAGs if the crimes are treason, crimes against humanity, etc.

Don’t forget Allan Parrot who is working with a Seal Team Six family. He has decades of evidence to convict the cabal/deep state.

John S.

Hannick: “Melinda Ann French”, no wiggle room for defense, averting placement of Melinda in ‘spousal adhesion’ [status], testifying against husband.

Divorce needed to be finalized before tribunal [separation agreement different anamal].

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Gates were Divorced

Military Law is NOT the same Civil Law. Defendant loses all rights in military law.
Seems that Millitary Law does all MIlitary discovery.before arrests

Last edited 2 years ago by Zee

Correct! When you are tried by the military, you are stripped of all rights. You are presumed guilty and must prove that you are not. All statements made by the JAG are considered facts unless proven to be incorrect and agreed upon.
This is a war!


EO 13818 says We seize all of Gates assets too.

buck fiden

Everything Gates owns doesn’t even come close to the amount of spending on this one “infrastructure” bill that Nazi Piglosi is changing the House rules to pass easily.


I knew he was bad because he was horrible and stole technology. I just did not think he had gone this far. You have to be heartless to steal children from there parents. Does he keep a list of where those children have gone? A man who has children himself is just rotten to the core! Good bye murder. Hopeful he’ll will be a place where you see yourself with the children you sold. I just don’t have a bad enough name for you.


Xerox should be allowed to speak before BG is killed. He stole everything from them.


Collapse of America is being pushed into high gear.
New post by “Michael Jaco” on his Rumble channel @ michaelj5326 if you would like to have a listen…

Sissy lou

I hope they hang Gates, Biden, Fauci. Side by side.


What about Australia?


Seems they have the commie system working there–Very bad. Hope the resistance can stop it in time


zionist PM and her hubby in bed with Chyna


End of the month the truckers will be blocking highways and won’t be making any deliveries. They told the people to stock up. They are shutting down the country in protest.


full blow despotic of government in the AUSTRALIA…this week will be -general strike of -trucks drivers…..

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I wrote it for him a few weeks ago. Maxwell shows up via camera and more videos are shown. It’s really satisfying!


Lying Shill


Send it to Paulin, and shut him up.

buck fiden

I wanna see those ten thousand hours of kiddie snuff porn with Congressmen!


Maxwell is related to G8s mother.. she is a Maxwell


Relax, Ace. Do you think you could write it faster? Incidentally, we don’t know yet that Day 2 has arrived.


go b*tch on CNN & HUFF & PUFF……

Lucky star

Who do you think you are? Another entitled freaking jersey. Can’t wait? Don’t come back.


anybody remember several years ago there was a worker on G8s property who was busted for having tons of chld prn on his computer.. NO media coverage … totally silenced.. HE owns the media in this town.. and beyong.. MSNBC Micrsoft/NBC..that reveals alot about his current dirty deeds….. might have a hard time finding this about his “employee” at his home in Medina.. but i swear i read it and its true.


May these scammers FRY the deepest bowels of {{{{{{ HELL!!!!!! }}}}}}} I can think of one job I would really like to do right now…become their EXECUTIONER!!!!

buck fiden

Yeah, I can see you going “Full Otto” on them!

Gary Lee Taylor

Pearly gates or gates of hell
One day we all stand in front of one of them
He deserves what’s coming like the rest

Veronica Cougar

This site is so glitchy. I’m having a lot of trouble commenting. My phone keeps freezing, I keep getting booted. LISTEN TO ME, PLEASE. The full court press to get everyone stuck with the death jab IS ON. I am doing contact tracing right now. I am being forced to do it by my employer. I am 60 years old and disabled, no one will hire me if I get fired or quit, so unless you can come over and pay my bills, don’t judge. I talk to dying people all day long. Every single one of my new cases I have interviewed in the past 2 weeks has taken the Pfizer jab. 7 out of 10 are sick as dogs, the others are asymptomatic. If you have taken the death jab, buy L-Glutathione on Amazon, about $20 for a 30-day supply. It will push the spike proteins out of your body. The jabs also contain Polyethylene Glycol, which also cause massive inflammation in your body; the L-Glutathione will take care of that as well. Get some Ivermectin horse paste on Amazon, also about $20, and take it the moment you start having symptoms, it will kill that shit in a day or two. I have used it 3x successfully so far. Don’t listen to any Tard who tries to tell you it’s toxic; anything is toxic if you take too large of a dose. A quarter inch of the paste, once every two days, will do the job. NO MORE THAN THAT. You will think it’s a miracle when you get to the end of the first day after the first dose and you are feeling fine. One dose might be all you need. I want you all to live to hug and kiss your grandchildren. I have none; if I had married the men who asked, I would be dead or in jail. Kiss your sweet grandchildren for me, and LIVE to see all these Bastards dead and buried!!!

How much I miss writing to President Trump. I received an answer, twice. Framed and hanging on my wall. MY HERO!!!

Sandy Jim

Hire a lawyer to take action against your employer for you.

Or officially refuse your employers demand and file notice of an unjustified firing at the unemployment office they will likely back you and pay unemployment benefits …

Liqidate your savings and prepare to hunker down at home for a few months.

Or,….and this is my very special favorite choice…
if you really enjoy playing HARD BALL find a good lawyer who will take this on as a class action suit and find 5 collegues at work to sign on with this attorney.

This is how you can actually terrorize your employer.
No company likes to hire lawyers to litigate a Class Action Lawsuit for a number of obvious reasons. While you collect unemployment you can watch the Management Team devovle into terror and panic. Your lawyer will create the firestorm that they must walk thru, trust me it is educational, it is entertaining to watch and it is just plain fun. Been there and done this.

Last edited 2 years ago by Sandy Jim

Veronica Cougar
This is good advice – nothing to pay out of pocket if joining a class action legal case…


Find a constitutional lawyer, or try contacting one of Sidney Powell’s lawyers at:

defending the republic dot org

One of my dad’s colleagues reached out to them for a possible lawsuit of unlawful firings for refusing the vaccine / or being fired for the Employer decision to not accept any medical clearance notes.


Thanks for the info and I feel for your situation. Hope it’s all over very soon.

Also add Zinc 15 m only
Vit C and Magnesium both best in effervescent form
& Vit. D3


A dash of Clorox too .


Financial Assistance and Support Services for People with Disabilities

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Contact Project Veritas. They would love to hear your story. You can remain anonymous and they will protect you. They will cover your expenses. Thank you for your courage.


come live with us ..for free..your a good person!


You got his response? Terrific! Be proud!


Epstein like John of God owned human farms, to empregnate woman with his seed. Nygaard was another role play friend of theirs,apparently,as he also was making medical decisions for mankind without possessing any clinical knowlege,or medical degree….




Sandy Koufax

Vaxtards are going to start dropping like flies.


It’s true, I died ?

Sandy Koufax

Gates will experience the blue screen of death first hand, before too long.


And the whole world will rejoice!


Of course what the psychopaths say and what they do are often grossly divergent. I took that news to mean they would be pushing for vaxxx even harder. That’s why they spread it far and wide so quickly.

The crew has provided a lot of savvy discussion on the jabs, President Trump, dangers, strategy, etc. Like I said from the beginning, I am not going to get bent out of shape over the clot s hots. It’s out of my control, I’ve done everything I can to discourage people to get them and to do their own research, and it’s up to each of us to choose.

By Trump releasing the vaccines, he countered the cabal plans. The cabal was thus forced to spend TRILLIONS across the world creating the vaccines. Many of the vaccines are saline – – and thus FAKE. But also many are real and laced with mRNA and deadly compounds. That’s why they keep wanting you to take more and more vaccines. They are still producing the real mRNA, nano by-products of deadly additives, to insure sickness and death and biotechnology engineering control. In its first stages.

More wwwDOTstarshipearththebigpictureDOTcom/2021/08/24/aug-24-2021-did-you-hear-the-call-to-arms-videos/

Last edited 2 years ago by Zee

Many of the vaccines are saline – – and thus FAKE. But also many are real and laced with mRNA and deadly compounds. That’s why they keep wanting you to take more and more vaccines. They are still producing the real mRNA, nano by-products of deadly additives, to insure sickness and death and biotechnology engineering control. In its first stages.


Hey Zee, quick question, if many of the vaccines out there contain deadly mRNA and nanobots and junk, why is Trump telling his supporters to go out and get vaccinated? Isn’t he needlessly gambling with his innocent supporters’ lives?


Trump had no idea and said the choice is yours. He initially may have been duped like many of us. Trump is a person, not a diety.

American Living in Canada

At the very beginning of this horsesh!t, I wore plastic throw away gloves while grocery shopping for two trips, that’s it. When I heard you can make your own masks or wear a scarf.

I called this a bunch of crap, there has to be something else at play here.

I started my full awakening around 2008, 2001was when my alarm clock started beeping, getting louder, louder and LOUDER!

And here we are today…You’re right Tz, You’re not perfect… I’m not perfect.. 45th President Trump is not perfect, he may argue that statement.

All and all, he’s still perfect for the job of being a President of a Great Nation.. imho.


Again–it seems even more certain now that 80% of Vaxx’s were Saline Solution. heard this on Ebh radio. That meems 20% are likely in trouble.


Putting aside for a moment that Ebh radio is just making these numbers up – why is Trump telling everyone to go get the vaccine, Zee? Wouldn’t this mean that 20% of the people who listen to him will get poisoned? Why is he needlessly gambling with his supporters’ lives when could just as easily retract his endorsement, or at the very least say nothing about it rather than endorse it again?


I’m not talking about ‘initially’ here, I’m talking about 4 days ago:

He’s been endorsing it for 9 months now, he has never changed his position on this. Even if he was initially ‘duped’ he would surely know by now, right? And yet he keeps needlessly risking his supporters’ lives by telling them to go get it. Trump was not duped, he is just plainly pro-vaccine.


He also said MANY times that people do not have to take the vaxx. Lets imagine he tells people to NOT get the vaxx. Many
would go ballistic.


He also says, they have the right to refuse the vaccine


Zee is on the down slide of her BPD and her meds probably ran out yesterday. She gets her check on the 3rd so she will be fine in a few days.




You Shill, Crazy Nasty Troll need to go away for good

buck fiden

Be nice to Ollie or he won’t let you have your way with Arnold next time.


The plan was to get an FDA approved vax in 2034. Millions of people would have starved to death by then. Trump outsmarted them. We the People outsmarted them by refusing to comply.


Airbnb will begin housing 20,000 Afghan refugees globally starting Tuesday, founder and CEO Brian Chesky tweeted Tuesday.


The company will be hosting the refugees for free with the help of “NGOs, and partners [sic] orgs on the ground to support the most pressing needs,” Chesky said.

  • Airbnb has housed 75,000 displaced people since 2012 through its Open Homes initiative, according to its website.

~ Yahoo article

buck fiden

Lovely. They should house America’s homeless first. Or at least try to bring Americans trapped in Shitlamistan back home.


This is a way for the globalists to muck up American suburbs, like they have San Francisco, Detroit, Portland, et al.


It’s Globalist’s Agenda 21 now called Agenda 30 All the fire devastation is involved in this Agenda which is the most evil BS


Thank you, Jullou…


Today is Monday, Aug 24. I just saw shifty Schiff on Newsmax being interviewed on the steps of the Capital Building! If this is a double, what is his real name! I hope and pray his demise is true, and this IS A DOUBLE, Mr Baxter, can you give an answer about this? The man, double or not, makes me sick!


He was so busy today on National TV his double would need a double, but how many should get arrested ?


It’s Adam Schiff, Renie. Mr. Baxter will not answer you because he doesn’t read the comments past like 30 minutes after posting an article, but if he was here he’d just say the same old “that was a clone/double/CGI or whatever.” You are going to continue seeing Adam Schiff on tv and in Congress for years to come, because he’s alive & well and RRN is imaginary fan-fiction.


Don’t forget “deep state trickery”.


Liar Shill Zane

Michael Baxter DOES read and answer messages….


Those that you read here have been the actiual bodies –but if you see them today–they are either:
Body doubles
Old video situations

Tahoe Belle

Schiff’s eyes aren’t the same bug eyes. Sure he looks like him, it isn’t him IMO. Tom Shillue does a better job at imitating him.

Georgia Peaches

How many times does Michael Baxter have to be asked this question? Just because you saw it on Newsmax, does not make it legit. Either you believe this is CGI, body double etc. or you don’t.


Some people have zero comprehension.


Perhaps Renie is going through information overload. I’m sure there are others who are in the same situation he’s in. Hopefully, he’ll pick up the pace.


Lots of doubles out there. Schiff supposedly had 2 look a likes at his residences. Their gaits gave them away


Curious where did you hear this info? D you have link? Thanks


Project Veritas dropped their latest video. DHS official explains how the immigration system is designed for child sex trafficking. These people are sick!


I can’t believe how many evil people are on this planet..


Includes the Evil 18 Shills / Trolls at least here on RRNews on this site


Evil has existed since the world began. The devil himself started it all by going after God in heaven, them humanity on earth, then the Son of God. Satan never takes a day off.


Mr Death himself Sir Genocide about to meet the Devil he is so close too.
Long time coming for him justice will be bitter sweet. Time for a dirt nap Bill Hell awaits you. Can’t wait to see Pelosi Biden Harris and the puppet master OBUMER on trial that will be the shot heard round the world for sure Satan’s top dogs going down.


dirt nap Bill? NO ! Not good enough

No, bodies of all evil ones should be burned in the fire–CREMATION


Can I ask something? I truly believe all of these stories, tribunals and executions of these horrible criminals are 100% true but so many of my friends, even those awake, don’t believe this is a legitimate site and all of these stories are fake because they’re not perfectly written. I’m fascinated every day and this is one of my daily sites to check out. Can any of you verify that I’m correct and they’re all wrong? I am thankful to Michal Bartlett for taking this on………it’s just fascinating and oh so fun to see them all go down! Finally!


Your friends are correct there is no proof backing up the articles . You have to believe in clones , body doubles and CGI to accept any of this .




IF hills was alive, Michael would not be.

Besides, he would be getting sued by all these people by now.

Get a clue

Angel Askew

The best information doesn’t always come from the most eloquent or well read or polished. That’s why journalism is dead now. Use your own discernment just like every other place you get news from. Welcome to the RRN neighborhood bbq. Lol


Well said Thx Angel


I don’t bother anymore. When it hits the fan and they come to me for answers I may or may not help them. But, I do understand that the truth about the evils of the world is hard to take. Not everyone has the mental strength and stability for this irregular war.


I think RRNews and a few other sites are the preparation to get people ready to hear the whole of the evil. It’s had to be spoon fed in small doses But many people will find it too hard to take, if not prepared.

I also think the church goers will have the hardest time. Religions are cult thinking — by following earth think rules instead of their own hearts.. These cultized religious people will have to be able to learng the difference between goodness and real evil ––something the churches DO NOT TEACH.. Religion is not Spirituality.

Spirituality comes from the heart. But, Religions has trapped the mind to follow it’s rules only. There was a time when the Catholic church (ROME) did not allow you to read the bible on your own and only pray with the intercediary priest.

There are universal laws that Spiritual people intuit that is not taught in Religion. If Churches gave the truth– they would be empty.

As we proceed ever closer towards 5th Diamension.Space we will learn the truth about Life After Death that Heart Surgeons are now realizing and have written about NDE’s. This is scientifically proven truth that has been kept from religious teachings to keep one in slave mentality

Last edited 2 years ago by Zee

You won’t wanna hear it but the answer to this question is no, there is no verifying evidence for any of it. Michael Baxter has written probably around 200 articles by now and every single one of them is the same “an anonymous source told me” with nothing to back it up. He’s never once included photo or video evidence. Never once included any kind of document. Never has any of it been confirmed by another person at any outlet anywhere. It’s all fan-ficfion, and as Exile pointed out to believe in it you also have to buy into this comically absurd conspiracy theory that there are hundreds of people devoting their lives to faking all these “executed” people still being alive via clones or body doubles in masks.

Mark Heuer

These hopium podcasters use each others BS as “their source”. I noticed Charlie Ward now has a disclaimer at the beginning of his videos, yet other podcasters still use his BS as some kind of legitimate source. I can’t believe that there are so many that are falling for all this hopium BS, no discernment whatsoever.


Another TROLLING or just ignorant non believer?
Charlie ward gets some Military info. LIke a few also get Military info including our Michael Baxter.


Clever but lying TROLL / SHILL

Mark Heuer

Anybody that has an opposing view is either a troll or a shill, remember, when you point your finger at someone, there are three pointing back.


Prove me wrong, Zee! Please, show me any RRN article that has even the slightest bit of corroborating evidence that shows it’s not just a bunch of words from MB’s imagination. Literally anything more than “some anonymous source told me.”


Again. M Baxter would be getting sued for lies and has not been.

Besides, this site is involved with the military

buck fiden

You are fascinated by this site perhaps for two reasons: One, the stories Michael Baxter writes. And two, the comment section. People provide interesting theories and links. That’s a good secondary reason to at least lurk here. And beware: many African-Americans shine brightly in the dark here.


Troll / Shill
Racist remark?

African-Americans are are not trusting of Bull Sh-t Governent –They’ve learned along with their survival to be untrusting of Government. — they intuit untruth. They get it. LIke, they knew not to get the Jab.. They have the lowest jab #s by far.of anyone

Sandy Jim

Because we are at War , a war ongoing across the planet , MUCH MUST REMAIN HIDDEN.

See the video series free on bit chute called “The Fall of the Cabal” by Janet Ossebaard from the beginning one weekend.


Good helpful advice


“NOT PERFECTLY WRITTEN”? Try reading some Yahoo news articles to find some not perfectly written pieces! If you’re going by that standard nothing in MSM is believable, and they can afford editors.


Stay away from all MSM including– not trusting Foxy Fox news and Yahoo

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Georgia Peaches

His name is Michael Baxter, but, yes, I am in the same place with you and it can be very lonely sometimes.


Btw, Michael BAXTER not Bartlett.
We’re at WAR you must trust your own gut.
This site would not have so many people if it was NOT true.

And, the fact we have so many DISINFORMATION Trolls and Shills here tells you something, that this site is truth period. Otherwise these evil shills and trolls would not be here 24/7 for the DS.

Notice top Military names are being used and have been uised for a long time and all without any Military come back on Michael Baxter –That’s all you need.
But allow for dates to be a little off as WE ARE AT WAR and have to be VERY CAREFUL NOT TO GIVE EXACT DATA OUT.

Last edited 2 years ago by Zee

Michael Baxter?


Thank you for this report.
I especially appreciate the lack of quips, or insults toward the accused. They damn themselves by their own words and actions.
There is no need for further opinion.
Just the facts.
Just the facts.
Excellent report!!!


Lilke it

Joseph B.

All of a sudden “BING” ….& life is not so damn great is it Billy Boy!


At least we know who is here to dox Americans. I’ll keep this in mind. Thank you.


I think it’s time to put another list of TROLLS and SHILLS up for everyone to see and know –it’s more than 20 now sans Bofa whom Michael must have removed.

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