Kamala Harris Wants Candlelight Vigil for Fallen Taliban “Freedom Fighters”


Only hours after the bodies of 13 fallen American heroes were transferred to Dover Air Force Base in what the military calls a “dignified transfer,” the woman who often refers to herself as “President Harris” suggested to the State Department that America hold a candlelight vigil to memorialize “valiant” Taliban and ISIS “freedom fighters” who had sacrificed their lives defending their homeland and homogenized values.

Her statement shows the enormous disconnect between the illegitimate administration’s perception of reality and what’s really happening in the world.

Harris told Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, another Deep State stooge, that she was appalled at Donald Trump for his role in “assassinating” an indigenous population whose only crimes were safeguarding its borders against foreign intrusion and protecting its sovereignty from Donald J. Trump. She blamed Trump for the loss of American life in Afghanistan.

“If we left them alone, they’d have left us alone. Trump has done this to us,” Harris said, according to a source privy to the conversation.

Then Harris made a comment so out of touch with reality it bordered on the surreal.

“So what? Thirteen people who shouldn’t have been in Afghanistan in the first place got killed. We lost 13 people in 20 years, they’ve lost tens of thousands defending their principles,” Harris reportedly said.

She seemed truly clueless, bereft of rational thought or knowledge of the fact that over 2,400 American soldiers have perished in Afghanistan since 2001.

“We ought to hold a candlelight vigil to commemorate the sacrifice made by Taliban and ISIS freedom fighters. We could hold it at the National Mall, and I’m sure a million people or more would come to light candles in unity of their plight,” Harris told Blinken. “It would be the most significant commemorative service since the death of Martin Luther King in 1982,” Harris went on.

Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968, not in 1982.

Blinken, our source said, didn’t correct her and agreed that the Taliban’s overwhelming loss of life should be acknowledged not only by the United States but also by other “civilized, progressive nations that regard all lives, regardless of ideological beliefs, with equal respect.”

However, Blinken said “some Americans” might object to a candlelight vigil held so chronologically close to the Kabul airport attack.

“I’m sure that will be soon forgotten, and we can do it,” Harris replied. “We should make it happen soon.”

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This illegitimate government is a charade, compliments of China. The whole world is laughing at the US for allowing such a debacle.


Since China has made it public that they have joined forces with the Taliban, I don’t think Biden will attempt to protect any of our soldiers. Not sure what China has on Biden. But now that ISIS is claiming responsibility, it seems Biden got his nerve back and may endeavour to protect US soldiers. Biden is China’s puppet and a false regime.


Biden is on the take with the communist Chinese. And so is McConnell. So whether left or right, the commies are dictating.

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I can’t believe the military has not turfed her out. It is clear we are involved in a coup.


This hypocrite. They preach to us RE: diversity then laud the TALIBAN for their HOMOGENOUS values? They really are a waste of oxygen on this planet. Human lives are just pieces on a board. LOSERS.

Tim Riley

do you think maybe AOC and camel toe might be related? they are as smart as one another


I heard it was born a dude.


Kamala Harris’ New Crisis Alert: Buy Christmas Presents NOW

Leave it to Sista Girl, Bungling Biden’s Super Zero sidekick to explain the new crisis to Americans. While in Singapore, Kamala Harris declared it’s “time to start buying” toys.

*Kevin Jackson blacksphere dotnet

Out of her rabbit ass mind!

Sissy lou

I would like to believe a U.S. VP would never act in such a manner. But Biden and his administration are pure evil. Our soldiers who have gone before us fighting for our freedoms I’m sure are looking down and shaking their heads at the disgrace Biden has brought on to America.


Trump and military will be hanging you soon if they haven’t already. This is a movie and she is a stooge stand in for the real bitch who is at Guantanamo!! Wake up people. Think of the comments and be suit of all involved in this clown-filled “administration!” The White House is empty and is being held in Atlanta at Tyler Perry’s 80% studio mock-up of the WH!!


This administration needs to become tree ornaments


OMG! She is such a TRAITOR! Can hardly wait for her and her doubles to be picked up by OUR military! She calls herself President because the REAL Biden is Dead, done, Dee!

Sue Grantham

She needs to be HUNG!
I am beyond sick and tired of the bullshit treasonous cunt. Someone in the military needs to drop her off in Afghanistan without a parachute.

Catrina Dyer

Kamala your disgrace to the US, just as all Biden adm.
Your a killer ,and have blood on your hands of many innocent people.
Hope you get it trip to Guantanamo…SOON..

MAGA CountryBabe

Amen…and thankyou for keeping your comment respectful.

Julian Metter

I don’t doubt Harris is capable of this kind of statement however the story itself seems ungrounded to anything we can observe. Once again I’m concerned about the validity of these accounts.

MAGA CountryBabe

My first thought exactly. But then again, we are dealing with evil. And these people who know they will soon be arrested and don’t care.

Catrina Dyer

Kamala, your time is coming, to join your friends for a hanging party!!!!

Bee Bennett

She makes me sick. She is a disgrace to her gender and to her Country

MAGA CountryBabe

Some people are saying SHE is a HE. AMG.NEWS


She/ he is. Watch him/ her walking and that male neck


And this is their mindset, void of reality. I know that their time is coming. However, can it come sooner than later? Please? Like now?

When I think of all those who when in harms way since the Shot heard around the world up to now, and all those who paid the ultimate cost for our Constitution, there is only one answer/solution for these jokers. I include all members of federal, state, county, and city government folks from the executive branch, legislative, and judicial branches plus poll workers, Dominion employees, big tech supporters, SMS supporters, MSM supporters. All deserve the same fate.

MAGA CountryBabe

Well said TexasVet. And if you are a VET I thankyou for your service.


Someone just posted this on Gateway.. we are being “played”

About 30 000 mzlems who are being flown to America will serve as reenforcements for Antifa and released prisoners. The Biden regime will provide them with a kill list just like they provided the Taliban with a kill list This is what someone just posed on Gateway.. TRUE and terrifying.. makes sense..

they are preparing for war against Patriots and just flew in their army..

MAGA CountryBabe

I heard that a couple days ago. That is a scary thought. We’ve had reinforcements here already. I believe they are in every one of the mosques all over the USA. I been saying that for over ten years. Get prepared…stay prepared. God Bless you all.


I hope her execution gets botched and she suffers as they try and fix the guillotine ?

Jeffrey Main

Let’s just hope the jab she took kills her off soon.

MAGA CountryBabe

She didn’t take no jab because she knows whats in it.

buck fiden

I’ll hold a candlelight vigil for the dogs Zhou Biden left behind.


Are we all enjoying this movie…?! ?

MAGA CountryBabe

I don’t like scary movies. Maybe after this we can all sit down and watch something more funny or romantic.


She must have spent more time on her knees than studying in college! Complete imbecile!


Kamala Harris

(Boy)Whore of Babylon

Gary Lee Taylor

9/11 now known as a cabal job had little to do with invading Afghanistan
Oil regional control but mostly for the heroin
Like any previous invasion to control afganistan controls a third of the world’s heroin trade
Where there are drug dealers there are people traffickers
That is what trump was stopping
Organised heroin trade and tax funded child traffickers
How much heroin do big pharma use in there drugs?
Drugs that keep you hooked gives perpetual income for pharma
Stopping the misery
Bushes Clinton and Obama ran it
Trump stopped it
Biden is getting his ass whipped because its over
Cabal are losing and imploding
That’s my opinion

Angel Askew

My neighbor is now suggesting the large lithium caverns under those poppy fields is what China is all about over there.


I just heard that it was reported on Fox News.

Truth Liberty Freedom

Transgender people have a gender identity or gender expression that differs from the sex that they were assigned at birth.[1][2][3] Some transgender people who desire medical assistance to transition from one sex to another identify as transsexual.[4][5] Transgender, often shortened as trans, is also an umbrella term; in addition to including people whose gender identity is the opposite of their assigned sex (trans men and trans women), it may also include people who are non-binary or genderqueer.[2][6][7] Other definitions of transgender also include people who belong to a third gender, or else conceptualize transgender people as a third gender.[8][9] The term transgender may be defined very broadly to include cross-dressers.[10]
Being transgender is distinct from sexual orientation.[11] Transgender people may identify as heterosexual (straight), homosexual (gay or lesbian), bisexualasexual, or otherwise, or may decline to label their sexual orientation. The term transgender is also distinguished from intersex, a term that describes people born with physical sex characteristics “that do not fit typical binary notions of male or female bodies”.[12] The opposite of transgender is cisgender, which describes persons whose gender identity matches their assigned sex.[13]

Angel Askew

Never trust a fork tongued snake. Never will.

MAGA CountryBabe

Two Genders….MALE …..FEMALE. Always was and will forever be. Need to open up our mental institutions once more. What does this have to do with Kameltoe Harris?


So stick a candle in her was and light it!

Sandy Koufax

How many other people in the room overheard this conversation? Seems like it would be quite easy to determine who leaked the conversation and that person’s life isn’t worth a plug nickel.

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Sandy Koufax

Let’s have a daily candlelight vigil for every baby aborted that day.

Vince Sly

It’s shocking that anyone believes this.

MAGA CountryBabe

Its shocking you keep coming back.


Just another IO. Yeah, you guessed it.


Soooooo,you blame a PRIVATE citizen as an excuse for your dirty corrupt business dealings? I hope you burn in hill,MR.HARRIS or whoever you are!!!

Louie Louie

Why do I have no difficulty in accepting the probity of this report?

Lorrie Elwell



No wonder the Latino’s refer to her as K-mala, but, what should we expect from a California Democrat? About the same? Remembering Governor Nuisance.


Can anyone verify this?

MAGA CountryBabe

Yes, we will get that verification out to you right away.


Candlelight vigil my gallbladder! This disgusting piece of ‘humanity’ has no respect for our troops. WHY does she want to honor our enemies? I pray the families of our fallen are not emotionally harmed by her stupidity.

K H (Not Kamala)

I would go to light Kamala Harris on fire for my fellow warriors. #TillValhalla


Ha. She’s giving aid & comfort to the enemy. Doesn’t she realize (she does) NOBODY will show-up ~ except ISIS! The Camel should take it to the desert ~ and never come back…BEFORE it’s arrested by the military.


See the photo of Biden checking his watch as the bodies of our brave fallen soldiers arrive at Dover AFB, indicating a very unsympathetic fraudster president. But then how could he be sympathetic about our soldiers’ deaths when he, the fraudster, handed them over to the terrorists??!!

A leftist media script-reader covered for Biden’s lack of empathy by saying he was touching his rosary while thinking of his deceased son (What, a rosary ‘bracelet’ for a man??!!).

Note how the Satanic left uses God-like excuses when it is convenient for them to continue to fool their low-information minions.

MAGA CountryBabe

Makes me shudder every time one of the EVILDOERS refer to GOD. Blasphemy!

MAGA CountryBabe

On second thought, they are referring to their god, Satan. Not ours….

Tom Addison

Komi Harris is just that a communist! Nothing else needs to be said…..

johnny frog

“Insult” and “injury ” are the two words that spring to mind. The sooner this “thing” is removed from his position the better !


the left and communism always call revolutionaries freedom fighters; on the contrary, they are death fighters. Like Satan, who claimed to give us freedom and gave us death.
The left loves Islam, which is revolutionary too, because Islam is anti-Christian, like communism.


MLK died in 1982? I guess the media jumped the gun on that one!

live oak

How long do we have to wait for the biden administration, Milley, all the joint chiefs, Blinken, and, in short, every single person responsible for this catastrophic tragedy to be arrested and charged, for the military to take over, for President Trump to be in the WH? I read his latest statement from his “Save America” site.. He wants to get all our military arsenal, helicopters etc. back from the taliban, and we need him to do it if it’s going to be done.
I’ve had it. This just cannot go on. Arrest everybody in dc and sort it out later!!!!!


Sure arrest everybody , that’s the ticket . Trump is not going to be reinstated despite many scheduled reinstatement days . Even tomorrow.

MAGA CountryBabe

Want to bet?


Goodness yes . You are on! Terms and amounts ?

MAGA CountryBabe

I am sure many have…now they are going after all the doubles, I hope. Hope the money was worth it you twits.

buck fiden

I really hope Trump and the military come to the rescue before Kuntmala is innιggerated.

buck fiden

I am so mad at this nιgger-Towelhead mutt of a VP I can’t even shoot straight!


Can we put that terrorist bitch on a plane and drop her off in Afghanistan? Kameltoe don’t forget to take your burka, what an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE!!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!


ALL Democrat politicians, including Biden and Harris, should be flown to Afghanistan and put in place with NONE of their security personnel, and tell them no guns allowed for their defense, of course, since they are against guns! Then force the Democrats to go outside the perimeter, greet the Taliban unarmed and sing Kumbayah to them so they can have another “summer of luuuv.”
Let the Taliban take them while we dance in the streets.

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