Pfizer, the FDA, and Bribes Aplenty


On December 28, 2019, just as news of the Wuhan plague sank its teeth into American society, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla confronted then-FDA director Stephen Hahn with what he described as an intractable dilemma: Bourla lamented Pfizer’s “revenue loss,” a curious choice of words to describe a pharmaceutical manufacturer that netted $16.7 billion in 2019, the CEO of which earned $17mn in 2019 and $22mn in 2020–after the company’s Covid-19 vaccine hit the shelves. Those figures exclude the tens of millions of dollars Bourla gets in benefits, per diems and stock options, assets which, if added to his yearly salary, place him among the highest paid CEOs in the world.

Hahn, Bourla, and a gaggle of FDA and Pfizer officials held private talks to discuss Pfizer’s self-perceived financial woes. The meeting did not take place at Pfizer’s corporate headquarters in Manhattan. Nor did the conference happen at the FDA’s mammoth complex in Silver Springs, Maryland. This was unusual because official talks between the FDA and big pharma typically occur at one of those two locations, not a boardroom suite at the Hay-Adams Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Bourla had requested a clandestine gathering, having told Hahn that trade secrets would be analyzed and that Pfizer’s codified agreement with the FDA stipulated that Pfizer had authority to request covert discussions to prevent public dissemination of confidential information.  The FDA’s acceptance of those terms shows that it and big pharma share a matrimonial bedchamber.

At the meeting, Bourla divulged no trade secrets; rather, he bitched about how Pfizer had over the last decade missed out on “potentially billions of dollars” as many of its lucrative drugs lost patent protection and became available generically.

For reference: Per FDA statutes, a medication patent lasts 20 years from the date on which the application for the patent was filed in the United States, after which other pharmaceutical manufacturers may market the product using the name of its chemical ingredient. The painkiller Vicodin, for example, was patented by Abbott Laboratories in 1978; in 1999, the FDA granted manufacturers Mallinckrodt and Qualitest licenses to market the product, with a slice of the profits returned to the original patent holder—Abbott Laboratories. Despite the kickbacks, most big pharma file for patent extensions, which are often given. Today, more than 46 companies worldwide manufacture Vicodin under various labels, most notably hydrocodone/APAP. Patent protections apply even to vaccinations, although the FDA has power to lift patent restraints in times of national crisis or if the pharmacological mechanisms between two vaccines differ but produce a similar immunological response.

Bourla said he understood that Hahn was powerless to revise “unfair” patent protection programs, but he proposed a deal that would prove profitable for both Pfizer and the FDA.

He claimed to have “come into possession” of the Genome sequence for a highly transmissible respiratory infection that was ravaging Wuhan China and would undoubtedly infect America. In describing the virus, Bourla said, “It appears to be no more lethal than seasonal influenza. It seems to be airborne and spreads rapidly among infected populations. The symptoms may appear perilous, but based on our analysis, the average person has a 99.6% chance of full recovery.”

Bourla put forward an agenda: If the FDA approved Pfizer’s vaccine, which was already in the works, Pfizer would kick back 15% of profit over the next 36 months. “You can use that money to disperse research grants or for whatever you want,” Bourla told Hahn. “Truth be told, we probably don’t need a vaccine for this, but it’s important that you impress upon your peers, the CDC and people like Anthony Fauci, that a vaccine is necessary to ensure survival of the American people. The Trump administration must be made to believe this. The quicker we get this rolling, the faster we can distribute the vaccine, and people will feel safe.”

Bourla proposed a five-year vaccination plan, to include booster shots, to maximize profit. If society began to feel safe, a variation of the virus could be invented to frighten naïve people into demanding reformulated vaccinations, Bourla said.

In response, Hahn made a startling confession: one of Pfizer’s competitors had already pitched a similar plan to the FDA. Without naming the competitor, Hahn said emergency use authorization would have to be shared among “reputable” vaccine manufacturers, that “there would be a big enough slice of pie for everyone to enjoy.”

Hahn’s admission proves big pharma shares a collective mentality—profit before people.

“Factoring in global distribution earnings, I’d agree we all stand to profit. You can trickle out emergency use authorizations, but it’s important to us that we obtain full approval first, leaving it up to you and your people to determine when that happens,” Bourla said. “And we’ll make sure that we provide greater incentives than any competitors.”

Hahn said he’d take the matter under advisement.

And the rest is history.

The information in this article came from a former Pfizer executive.

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Wait, so did Bourla know it was genocide? This tells me he has had this in the works for a while, Gates liked to roll up on them when they are broke or still reeling from bankruptcy…..did he know it was designed to kill people? I want every last CEO held accountable. I work in this field. I want them tried for mass murder and genocide if they even had an inkling.

The Executioner

When are these guys going to be “extracted” by SOF’s, for trial?

Steve East

Should anyone be handed a salary so over the top …for no real reason other than criminality? Who on earth is worth $22 million pa?


Think how many people they have killed.


Well I have decided to do what Florida is doing if I get sick again.I will use hydroxoxychloroquine with zinc or ivermectin not a third shot. I have had it with shots that are experimental. No more! Time to give other drug companies a chance. The above two drugs are healing people all over the world except the country who created it. Something wrong with that picture.

Last edited 2 years ago by Katie

Greater incentives like 10 mil in your Cayman island account.

Hang them all publicly genocidal cretins.

Robert James

So Fauci gets the fast track to the gallows, I hope.


Just peachy.

Frances Rose

It always has been about profit, never, really, about saving lives. No profit in healthy people. Having said that, many are alive today because of cancer treatments etc. My Father is one of those grateful people, and the family is thankful every day that he is alive. A cure? Well, that is not allowed, no profit in it. I hope that changes.

Sissy lou

There are no nice words for this man. Execution is the only way
for such a vile person with hurt and hate against humanity.


Evidence is clear as Crystal. Crimes against humanity. Military Tribunal execution by firing squad,

Sojourner Truth

Bourla and Hahn need one-way tickets! I can feel God’s wrath!

Sissy lou

I like Joel, I listen to him often.


They both should hang for murder! Bourla and Hahn!

Catrina Dyer

Enjoy your one way trip to Guantanamo
Sorry ass Traitor…




I knew this covid 19 was a hoax from the very beginning, and there was plenty of evidence back in February / March 2020.People who were awake knew the deep state wanted Trump out by any means possible, and the scarf lady Birx made the mistake of saying Everybody that dies will be labeled as a covid death was the icing
on the cake.
Just hoping Trump has this evidence so he can get off his vaccine kick.

Lady Patriot

No one cares.


I do not doubt this – pharma is making big bucks off of medicines that we may not even need!

Gary Lee Taylor

Vicodin is heroin based
Where does heroin grow
The taliban are saying they will reduce poppy growing
Isn’t that what the USA were doing?
Or were they being used to steal the land to grow the heroin so pharma can have its profits?

buck fiden


Sissy lou

I have a friend in the national guard he was sent to Afghanistan for 1 year to guard the poppy fields. He was very frustrated over that. He didn’t mind going there it was his assignment that he hated.


A money mafia conspiracy. So what’s this gonna lead to? The spa? Barik is complicit as well.


Search on Duck Duck Go..

Craig Kelly – Introduction of Bill : No Requirement for Medical Treatment




buck fiden

None of this Aussie shit would have been necessary had the stupid Aussies not turn in their weapons after the False Flag Tasmanian “serial killer” event.


It won’t matter soon when the MED-BEDS come out,there won’t be a need for most pharmaceuticals so you will go bankrupt.


Read quick, but the missing piece is this: Bourla is also on the BoD of FDA. Can you believe that. I’m sure that’s not by accident! Suddenly everything revolves around them (supposedly bankrupt in 2018 or so) recovering profit, huh? At any cost, right?


White hats need to step it up a little faster

Keith A. Hoskins

All i want to know is , where do we fill out applications for GALLOS OPERATOR!!! U DIG


More proof of Medical tyranny!!

Don’t forget the obamunism aspect of the plandemic and handing over Americans and American military equipment to terrorists.


Question – just when does someone have too much money? To listen to these clowns, never! They are all bent out of shape because the patents ended on their big moneymakers, and now the products are becoming affordable for the good of the little guys. Patents are put in place in order to allow the pharmaceutical companies time to recoup their research expenses – not to gouge the consumers forever. One can only wonder how much they’re making on their tainted ‘vaccines’.


Whats beyond ridiculous is that this was known about… well before it Rolled out… and it was allowed to roll out. The military and any self accountable seated authorities should have nipped this bullshit in the bud, Not got in on the Take. First day they announced this silly shit was shortly after event 201 and project lockstep were made public… which should have got people Wondering wtf is this happening right after military excercises and corporate alignments via the business roundtable that reset corporations to be “responsible” (if this is responsible, go back to just existing for profits, cuz you “authorities” are Clowns!) in 2019. Every corporation that signed onto that 2019 business roundtable agreement to redefine business as stakeholder capitalism should see their wealth taken to pay for the deaths of everyone Else they duped with this Vaccine bullshit. Heres that list of corporations and their executives/boards that need to be held accountable.

Ed bob

Mr. Bourla, congratulations. Your son has been accepted to Yale university.
Mr. Hahn, your season tickets are available.
Mr. Bourla, sir, your table for two is ready.
Oh, forgive me Mr. Hahn, I didn’t realize it was you. Please proceed at any speed you like.
Why oh Mr. Bourla, your such a naughty boy. I promise never to tell your wife.
Mr. Bourla, sir, this is Tyson’s Bentley, your new GT V8 has is ready for delivery.
Mr. Hahn, this is Arlington Mercedes calling. Your 745e service is complete.
Great putt Mr. Bourla!
Good afternoon Mr. Hahn.
Please, let me take care of that Mr. Bourla.
Allow me, sir.
Thank you sir.
Good morning sir.
Be well sir.
Good one sir.
Well said sir.

We find detainee Bourla guilty as charged.
I sentence detainee Hahn to hang by the neck until dead.


Right… color me shocked. But reading this, if this is truly sourced from an ex Phizer peep. Damn. It’s so disgusting and further convicts my decisions, well not really but u know ? what disgusts greed. I feel for all the schmucks out there.


Why am I not surprised?


What a bunch of murdering satanic devil worshippers!!


New short article just now by Alex Berenson on Pfizer.
Pfizer is your friend – by Alex Berenson – Unreported Truths (substack)
From Alex’s long-time reporting of the virus and the vaccines, obviously being facetious when saying they are your friend.


the rothchilds OWN pfizer, the fda, the cdc, the who

roxytube .com/watch/how-our-medical-establishment-was-taken-over-and-weaponized-against-us_Kz6KfHgHY9l1D3D.html


Conspiracy to defraud the population of the world. Crimes against humanity. Unbelievable evil.


Michael, you certainly know who the bad guys are. My compliments to you on that.


Holy crap!


Hang them all from the highest Coconut tree ? at GITMO!!! This was all a SCAM & the objective was and is control over We The People!!!

Proudly Unaffiliated

The last contribution to humanity Pfizer made was Viagra, now off patent. It has been quite clear for some years now that Big Pharma had a failing business model so why not get everyone hooked on an unneeded/sickness inducing shot every 6 months or so. And Bill Gates can help out. THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK!


The CEO’s of all the major Pharma Corps are Jewish. Of course, they wouldn’t have collaborated on what to put in their “vaccines” now, would they? I’m wondering, are they also dual citizens? Do they have connections to Mossad?

buck fiden

Rabbi Shekelstein says we shouldn’t take the jab.

buck fiden

Why did Trump go along with the vaccine business?

Was he a naïf?
Was he duped?
Was he complicit (he’s DS after all?)
Was this all part of “The Plan”?
Or was Operation Warp Speed Trump’s way of neutralizing the DS’ five-year lockdown due to “lack of a vaccine during a pandemic”?

Last edited 2 years ago by buck fiden

He was president at time all presidents are forced into making decisions that can’t have a win for all solution so you do best you can to save as many as you can.

buck fiden

Wow. We get a double feature today from MB!


Rot in Hell You Disgusting Pieces of Garbage! Karma will not be so kind to you with what you have done.

buck fiden

It’s “Silver Spring, Maryland” not “Silver SpringS.”


it is not fair to the population that is being forced into these vaccines, powerful people know what is happening and do nothing about it, universities are forcing students to get vaccinated, not vaccines not classes, jobs, not vaccines not jobs,a lot of evil for power and money.

Bobbie Jo Fouts

Sonia, please realize people are not being forced. I know there is a lot of coercion, but that is not the same as holding a person down and shooting him/her up with the very deadly poison. I also realize people commonly think there is no alternative, so that they have to line up to be murdered! There are ALWAYS other options, even if they’re not desirable ones. Please remember that any school or business that demands a death jab to attend or work in is not worth your time or money. Colleges are seldom what they are cracked up to be now anyway. Legal council is a good idea. There are ways to make these abusive organizations pay for this abuse. Oh, I realize some people are literally being held down and jabbed. Deadly force in self defense is justified in these cases.


Until Trump acts Like the President he is supposed to be Instead of complaining and proving the election was stolen, then he is just as complicit in all this medical fraud cause not many patriots trust anything coming from any government anymore ( local, city, county, federal )


^ Look at who’s moaning and doing nothing to save our country. ^

Steve East

There can be no place in this world for those who hurt or kill others ,especially children … arrest them …all of them remembering that GSK was fined $ 3 Billion in 2012 for hurting ,killing and causing birth defects ,,,,YET the directors at that time were never held to account … the CEO at that time is now Head of covid at WHO , another is UK Chief Science officer in government !