Pfizer, the FDA, and Bribes Aplenty


On December 28, 2019, just as news of the Wuhan plague sank its teeth into American society, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla confronted then-FDA director Stephen Hahn with what he described as an intractable dilemma: Bourla lamented Pfizer’s “revenue loss,” a curious choice of words to describe a pharmaceutical manufacturer that netted $16.7 billion in 2019, the CEO of which earned $17mn in 2019 and $22mn in 2020–after the company’s Covid-19 vaccine hit the shelves. Those figures exclude the tens of millions of dollars Bourla gets in benefits, per diems and stock options, assets which, if added to his yearly salary, place him among the highest paid CEOs in the world.

Hahn, Bourla, and a gaggle of FDA and Pfizer officials held private talks to discuss Pfizer’s self-perceived financial woes. The meeting did not take place at Pfizer’s corporate headquarters in Manhattan. Nor did the conference happen at the FDA’s mammoth complex in Silver Springs, Maryland. This was unusual because official talks between the FDA and big pharma typically occur at one of those two locations, not a boardroom suite at the Hay-Adams Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Bourla had requested a clandestine gathering, having told Hahn that trade secrets would be analyzed and that Pfizer’s codified agreement with the FDA stipulated that Pfizer had authority to request covert discussions to prevent public dissemination of confidential information.  The FDA’s acceptance of those terms shows that it and big pharma share a matrimonial bedchamber.

At the meeting, Bourla divulged no trade secrets; rather, he bitched about how Pfizer had over the last decade missed out on “potentially billions of dollars” as many of its lucrative drugs lost patent protection and became available generically.

For reference: Per FDA statutes, a medication patent lasts 20 years from the date on which the application for the patent was filed in the United States, after which other pharmaceutical manufacturers may market the product using the name of its chemical ingredient. The painkiller Vicodin, for example, was patented by Abbott Laboratories in 1978; in 1999, the FDA granted manufacturers Mallinckrodt and Qualitest licenses to market the product, with a slice of the profits returned to the original patent holder—Abbott Laboratories. Despite the kickbacks, most big pharma file for patent extensions, which are often given. Today, more than 46 companies worldwide manufacture Vicodin under various labels, most notably hydrocodone/APAP. Patent protections apply even to vaccinations, although the FDA has power to lift patent restraints in times of national crisis or if the pharmacological mechanisms between two vaccines differ but produce a similar immunological response.

Bourla said he understood that Hahn was powerless to revise “unfair” patent protection programs, but he proposed a deal that would prove profitable for both Pfizer and the FDA.

He claimed to have “come into possession” of the Genome sequence for a highly transmissible respiratory infection that was ravaging Wuhan China and would undoubtedly infect America. In describing the virus, Bourla said, “It appears to be no more lethal than seasonal influenza. It seems to be airborne and spreads rapidly among infected populations. The symptoms may appear perilous, but based on our analysis, the average person has a 99.6% chance of full recovery.”

Bourla put forward an agenda: If the FDA approved Pfizer’s vaccine, which was already in the works, Pfizer would kick back 15% of profit over the next 36 months. “You can use that money to disperse research grants or for whatever you want,” Bourla told Hahn. “Truth be told, we probably don’t need a vaccine for this, but it’s important that you impress upon your peers, the CDC and people like Anthony Fauci, that a vaccine is necessary to ensure survival of the American people. The Trump administration must be made to believe this. The quicker we get this rolling, the faster we can distribute the vaccine, and people will feel safe.”

Bourla proposed a five-year vaccination plan, to include booster shots, to maximize profit. If society began to feel safe, a variation of the virus could be invented to frighten naïve people into demanding reformulated vaccinations, Bourla said.

In response, Hahn made a startling confession: one of Pfizer’s competitors had already pitched a similar plan to the FDA. Without naming the competitor, Hahn said emergency use authorization would have to be shared among “reputable” vaccine manufacturers, that “there would be a big enough slice of pie for everyone to enjoy.”

Hahn’s admission proves big pharma shares a collective mentality—profit before people.

“Factoring in global distribution earnings, I’d agree we all stand to profit. You can trickle out emergency use authorizations, but it’s important to us that we obtain full approval first, leaving it up to you and your people to determine when that happens,” Bourla said. “And we’ll make sure that we provide greater incentives than any competitors.”

Hahn said he’d take the matter under advisement.

And the rest is history.

The information in this article came from a former Pfizer executive.

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Color me shocked. Deceitful bastards. They shall have their part in The Lake of Fire !


well money is not the worst part of the plan.
money people have an history of securing the cheesy deals and leave us with peanuts, that’s something we , as humans, are used to.

What we are not used to, is have people rotting alive after medication, and see a great amount of them die.

I think it will be a shock to the great majority of people.

In my opinion, white hats should start to slowly prepare people for what is going to happen.

Side effects of the vaccines are going to trigger a huge amount of deaths and people will simply not be able to cope with it psychologically.

White hats should prepare them to what is going to happen.


Many physicians are coming forward to explain what will happen to those who’ve been vaccinated. Hopefully most people received the placebo.


I have heard that in the beginning rounds of the shot, that they did give people a placebo. It would have looked very bad, if people were keeling over in the first phase of the killshots


How can that be true…many severe injuries and deaths started occurring right away. Maybe a small percentage but certainly not a high percentage. Anyone know someone who has shared this % info? Sure would like to know. Thanks for sharing….any info appreciated.

Also one of the first RN was Tiffany LaShae Pontes Dover…shown on live TV Dec 18… fainted AFTER 17 minutes … no one has actually PUBLICLY seen AND HEAR from her since. I followed her story by several Podcasters for about 2 months…
I know some may think she is alive but NO ONE can prove it. People have posted her death certificates and Ancestry dot com shows she died in Dec of 2020.

Last edited 1 year ago by Sharilyn

My dad did Moderna. He is on Eloquis so it’s impossible to know. Thank God. But my heart is broken.

James Rink

i been told 16% to 30% of the vaccinated will be dying over the next 2 years beginning in sept when they turn on the 5g network.

Frances Rose

I have heard the same, broken hearted! Most all my family have had the jab.


Is it truly possible that people did receive a placebo? I’m sick in thinking that my friends will die soon.

Joseph G.

A small amount.

The shots are not designed to kill one right away. Though it has killed many that way.

They are supposed to eliminate one’s immune system by over 50 percent.

Deaths will happen in the winter.


I think that was the plan, and then they were supposed to blame the deaths on a “variant”, so weak minded people would again be frightened, and run for it also!


Those people made a choice, I am sure you tried to dissuade them. There is nothing more you can do, enjoy them while you can. I think everyone is having to deal with this also and you are not alone.


Also whats frightening is that so many are soooo gullible! I hope your friends are fine


If they got the placebo they are safer than if they got the vaccine which is seemingly designed to kill people later.


And if it didn’t work, they got a booster for ya too.
And,…if they didn’t work then they’ll try try again.


As a physician, I can say that many if not most of us have been silenced to the extent that, if there are white hats, they have left it far too long. So as these events allegedly unfold at Gitmo, there will be no return. No one believes it now any way and they have espoused the narrative to make people beleive the nonsense that unvaccinated are spreading disease. It is a sad time for all of us, especially those conned into the vax. All these alleged arrests and sentences will be moot.

It was never meant to get to this stage. That crook Biden stole the Pres seat, and Trump was warned of he tried to stop it, that nuclear war was imminent. The threat came from China..So Mr T was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Everything is still going according to plan so don’t stress. The head of the Cabal and all the top levels of the pyramid have been taken out a long time ago. Noone understands the position Mr T and the white hats have been in…They had to save over 2 million children from Dumbs all over the world , even under the White House for God’s sake. Many didn’t survive long enough to be saved and many will never be able to go above ground. This was an horrific job and I for one am more than grateful these evil things have been arrested . Trump has had more than 40 assassination attempts on his life since he was President. Just last week the first lady was delivered poison lipstick that would have killed her instantly had she put it to her lips. Lots of info in Bitchute right from the beginning. Don’t lose faith and keep your vibration high. We are all suffering at this time, but none more so than those poor children and the soldiers and civilians that had to save them, witnessing the horrors of the satanic ritual abuses they suffered. Much love from a Truckies Paradise ..??❤️


BULLSHIT! Name your source(s) for all this drivel. “It’s all over the internet” is not a source. Hearsay is not a source. MSM is not a source but nobody would hear anything you state here from the scumbags on MSM. Agree on the scamlection but not so much anything else.

Ed bob

As a medically educated professional, why are you not able to complete a coherent sentence structure or construct a clear thought?


Maybe the same reason only a pharmacist can read their handwriting. I’ve been told if it’s legible, it’s deemed to be fake.

Mostly Harmless

I do see two typos in H F’s comment: but it is otherwise entirely intelligible. Maybe you’re just an idiot?


Ed Bob’s not an idiot, the stupid comment kept bouncing back and forth between topics in between the poorly constructed sentences.
Silenced to the extent that if there are whitehats, they have left it far to long: wtf?
So explain the intelligence (the point) of his intelligible comment.

Frances Rose

I refuse to give up, too much going on behind the scenes, too many lives lost in the process of cleaning up not just the USA but the world. Thank God for DJT and the Alliance, if not for them, we would be taken over by now.

Frances Rose

I have heard there is a placebo. I wonder which vax it is.


I read that the jabs had about a 1/3 placebo partly because they could not roll out the vax fast enough for the demand they had scare-mongered sheeple into wanting and partly because it is supposed to be an experimental jab and therefor needed a “control” group, but they didn’t follow the groups separately so that aspect of the “tests” was completely falsified, but…. It also explains the double shot. If the first one doesn’t get you, the second one will…. And if that isn’t enough they are calling for a booster


I’d like to know more about how that was determined. My dad is on Eloquis (coincidentally, also took Pfizer despite my begging him not to) so he may escape the worst of if even if he didn’t get placebo, he is 85, and has an amazing immune system. My daughter is diabetic and I had to protect her. No way no how would I let her take something that killed all murine models during nonclin studies. I work in FDA submissions; this is a horror show in the making.


Not that the “white hats” haven’t tried to prepare people, so many people just will not listen, because they were raised Dumbacrats, follow explicitly in generation’s footsteps (just because they can’t or won’t think for themselves).


I suggest correction to “side effects” …this is for all Big Pharma meds…
“DIRECT EFFECTS” …Please get in the habit of saying it CORRECTLY. There is no such thing as a side effect on these meds that directly cause more ailments than they help.
Thanks…just wanted to share.

Last edited 1 year ago by Sharilyn

It’s a very good point. 


Whats beyond ridiculous is that this was known about… well before it Rolled out… and it was allowed to roll out. The military and any self accountable seated authorities should have nipped this bullshit in the bud, Not got in on the Take. First day they announced this silly shit was shortly after event 201 and project lockstep were made public… which should have got people Wondering wtf is this happening right after military excercises and corporate alignments via the business roundtable that reset corporations to be “responsible” (if this is responsible, go back to just existing for profits, cuz you “authorities” are Clowns!) in 2019. Every corporation that signed onto that 2019 business roundtable agreement to redefine business as stakeholder capitalism should see their wealth taken to pay for the deaths of everyone Else they duped with this Vaccine bullshit. Heres that list of corporations and their executives/boards that need to be held accountable.

Gary Lee Taylor

The best I’ve seen on any vax info
Netmostwanted on rumble
Hopefully Medbeds are not fantasy
Good luck


Custom (a channel on rumble) posted a great video about the jabs today. Anyone that sees it and still gets jabbed can’t be saved.


Are you possibly making reference to Hyper Baric Oxygen chambers? Dr Ted Fogarty of University of N. Dakota Med School is a big fan.

Gary Lee Taylor

No I’ve seen something on a medbed that uses light and harmonics
If you search medbeds on bichute might be something on there


So true. Wake Up everybody! Do consider not taking the jab. I have read that if you have pine needle tea, twice a day, the chemical in the needle will subdue the bacteria, and protect you. The Vax will transmit a bacteria that can greatly harm us, possibly kill us. Found this info on truth11 dot com

Instructions for making conifer needles. The needles are first collected and then washed. Put 5 dl of apple cider vinegar in 5 liters of water and wash these conifers in this solution and finally rinse the vinegar out of the needles with clean water. The excess can then be frozen. Always take the same ratio: 1 Pine needle and one Spruce needle and cut into 5 mm pieces. 1 teaspoon of these pieces is placed in a normal (1.5 dl) coffee cup. Then pour boiling water over and allow to simmer for at least 2 minutes. Strain the conifer needles off and drink the tea. You can add honey or sugar as a spice, etc. Adults can drink 2 cups at a time and three times a day.

1/10 of a quart (or 5 deciliters) of Apple Cider Vinegar
and 1 quart (or 5 liters) of water
equal number of Pine needles and Spruce needles

Last edited 1 year ago by TexasVet

Are people aware that hospitals, urgent care, nursing homes and clinics, are paid extra if it is a CoVid death? Many are falsifying records and death certificates for the extra money. Cuomo ordered them to do this in New York so New York would get the extra income. I am sure he siphoned a lot of that off.


His judgement day is coming soon to GITMO

Robert James

Nobel Laureate Dr. Luc Montagnair said ALL who received any variety of the injections will die within two years. Which includes most people I know.


>”If society began to feel safe, a variation of the virus could be invented to frighten naïve people into demanding reformulated vaccinations.”


The Protocols of the Elders of Zion rolls on……
CEO’s of Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca – all Jews.
What a cohenkidink.


Clif High says there are 17 variants to the bioweapon which equates to 17 booster shots, blaming the unvaccinated for the need for each booster as Doc HF stated above. If the first shot takes 5 years off your telomeres, 2nd shot 15 years off your telomeres, 3rd shot 20 years, most people won’t last past the 5th booster (@ every 6 mos) including children. Article says a vax plan of 5 years. Yep, that’s about all they will need.

Mr Reynard

I would rather see them swinging from Lamp Posts on Pennsylvanian Av …


We should start burning these demons now!


Thank you Michael for that update.

However that does not explain why they have put all that garbage in the vaccines.

If it was just about making money, that would be bad, but it’s still way better than what is currently happening : those vaccines have people “rotting alive”, like Dr Zelenko brilliantly explained.

Dr Zelenko’s cancer “accidentally” just resurfaced after he came out publicly with those claims.

We know those satanists are advocating to reduce the world population, and it seems that they will succeed because Trump and the Military will not be able to save everybody.

We are starting to consider preparing people to the shock of seeing an anormal number of deaths and to accept it, or let’s say to cope with it and be able to carry on with their life.

Last edited 1 year ago by forsaken

Well that’s to be expected and i imagine Pres. Trump and the military are willing to bare the fangs of the people when they have to explain why they allowed all of this to occur. Ultimately they will win but the cost will be astronomical. Its a repetition of history: we saved as many as we could but lost so much. But on the somewhat bright side a shocking thundercloud like this won’t be blown away so easily much less be forgotten for generations to come.


But everyone had a choice to be jabbed with experimental trash EXCEPT on the nations that are MANDATING and ENFORCING THE JABS. We need White hats help URGENT in those countries where satanic forces hijacked governments. The rest,who are not forced,have the opportunity to choose if they risk their lives or not.I have no pity for them,anymore. The few family members I had left also prefer to blindly follow the state. They choose, now, I didn´t, and I might be forced to be injected with that poison because the UNELECTED government in place cheated, stole their seat,and it´s composed of godless masonic pos against whom there is no defense. I have no choice and no defense,as million others like me.

Last edited 1 year ago by kikas

Kikas, why don’t you do what other right thinking Americans are doing to protect themselves against having to take the vaccine. Contact America’s Frontline Doctors and see what they have offered to millions of people as an alternative.

Susan Sloate

As a podcaster, we’ve already done THREE separate episodes about Covid CURES–hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin and inhaled budisamide (TALK JAM podcast). Our Ivermectin episode was pulled from Spotify, one of our outlets, for ‘violating their terms of service’, which they never explained. We talked about that on the air and encouraged our audience to listen to it.

It now has more than FOUR TIMES the downloads of any other episode, by far our most popular. I urge you to go to any podcast outlet and listen!

Alan M

Can you give some basic instructions how to find these episodes? I found lots of links to Talk Jam, looked around and no luck. More of a maze.

Bobbie Jo Fouts

kikas, remember you’re in the fight for your life against an evil, unlawful regime. I realize they want to make it where we can’t buy or sell without the jab, and that they want to put us in FEMA camps for refusing, but you will be in the right to refuse even with deadly force. In the end, you’ll have nothing to lose by realizing this. Sorry that I can’t reassure you that you’ll come out of this well. But, please remember that giving in will likely bring you even more suffering and death anyway.

Angel Askew

Stand for something or fall for anything. I’m leaving with my spirit in tact!


I bet they already have a name for their variant, sick mothers. They will all be COVID deaths,


I dread you are completely right about the millions of people who could die from the jab, during the coming months and years. It will be visible in the coming fall, when the cold weather puts the immune system into stress. The jabs make people loose 70 % of their antibody against viruses, bacteria. I hope this is not true as I am not a scientist but I dread it. In Israel, those who received the 3rd jab are dying. Yes this is not only about money. Bill Gates already said he was for the world depopulation. As a multibillionaire, he is insane and capable of implementing a devilish program which will kill people, without bombs or military. This will be all hidden and “sweet”. Are we in WW3 ? If people die in millions, we could say it is a world war.

I hate to say this, but highly reputable American doctors are saying that it’s highly likely more than 2 million lives have been lost to these kill shots already. I tried to warn as many as I could , and I was called a conspiracy theorist by my entire family, that I need psychiatric help. Yes, they are all awake to the poison jabs now, but they don’t want to know anything about Trump , Nesara Gesara or the truth of the Cabal. I don’t understand that sort of detachment to real life. It sickens me actually that my own family is still asleep by choice. Much love and let’s pray we all get through this .??❤️


This is very possible that 2 millions lives have been already lost by those vaccines worlwide as we only see the tip of the iceberg of all of this (one 10th of the total iceberg is out of water !). The thing is : for very old people who die from it, it is not visible or known that they actually doed from the vaccines. The people who called you a conspiracy theorist are not even aware of all the enormous lies we have been hearing for more than 18 months now and we are still hearing. I have turned off my TV so unbearable it is for me to hear the MS media enormous lies. If those people asked the good questions and made their own enquiry onto the gap between what the MS media and the governments say and reality, they would have, like us, not taken the jab. I have personally heard 3 testimonies of people who talked to me about 4 people who died directly from the jab and one of them was 25 years old and she died at the end of July 2021 2 hours after taking the Pfizer jab. We cannot trust people who say enormous lies and who blackmail people (‘no jab, no job’, or ‘no jab, no studies’). Those methods are communists or ‘bastard’ methods, not methods of people who wish to do good. Let’s hope this will end soon. I guess the return of Donald Trump could end up all this insanity. But this is already too late for the billions of people who already took the jab. I am dreaming to see all the corrupt politicians and media in jail and judged for those crimes against humanity. I hope this dream will come true. What we have been putting up for more than 18 months now is beyond what is bearable. It makes me think that during the 2 first world wars, the 4 years of World War I (1914-1918) and the 6 years of World War II (1939-1945) must have been very long-lasting for them. We cannot realize how much they suffered during those times and I do more and more by seeing that fake ‘covid-19 crisis’ is lasting and lasting, with no possibility to see its end.

Bobbie Jo Fouts

Vincent, many say and I believe we are in WW3. President Trump said that America has had the worst attack on it ever. My understanding is it is a biological and informational war, unlike any prior war.


Yes, I’d say we are in a world war, a spiritual war. Several reliable sources, including remote viewers, have seen over one billion people dying from the vaxx come winter. Not everyone who was vaxxed will die, but a good 70-80%. This has been planned for decades.

Bobbie Jo Fouts

forsaken, I believe all the ingredients were added to all vaccines (adjuvants) to purposely cause sickness for more profits. If you research the Flexner reports, know about the 1986 bill Reagan signed to make pharmaceutical companies not liable for any vaccine injuries, know how many vaccine injured people there really are, etc. you’ll see why this adds up.

Add to it that J. D. Rockefeller started the WHO, Amn. Cancer Society and that most health insurance companies are simply pharma spinoffs…well, is it any wonder that the last thing they want is wellness? We are now slaves to Obamacare. Hopefully, many people will wake up, and we will make positive change to freedom and health. Might as well see what good we can make of all this mess.


The ultimate goal, and Gates and Fauci were in agreement on this – is reduction of the world population. That is also why they are working to reduce the food supply! I believe they started in the 3rd world countries, Africa etc.


These ppl worship satan & they do his bidding. He is out to destroy & kill all that God Almighty has created – humanity, the animal kingdom & the earth. This is truly a war of good (God) vs. evil (satan). This isn’t just about money.


now we’re getting to the core of the plandemic……..I hope every single FDA employee, consultants and lobbyist hang from the tallest trees…..


I am incapable of understanding their desire for more money than they can ever hope to spend. My husband and I are not wealthy by any means—we earn enough to live in an average home, take care of all of our needs and some of our wants. And we are happy! Our wealth is in our relationships with Jesus Christ and our extended family and friends. The verse, “The love of money is the root of all evil,” is certainly true. I cannot even fathom what these evil ones hope to do with all that money!

Last edited 1 year ago by Patti

I think it’s more about the power that money brings them. With enough money you can influence entertainment, education, officials, politicians, policy, media, paramilitary organizations, nations, and the world for generations.

Yes, true wealth is in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Last edited 1 year ago by Y2KO

Exactly. It becomes a competition between the wealthy: who can have a bigger yacht, who can win over the other, etc. Once one is that wealthy then it’s not just about money. Remember the contests that went on at the Industrial Age between Rockefeller, Carnegie and JP Morgan.
It’s all about ‘winning.’

Last edited 1 year ago by Guest4579

I cannot even fathom what these evil ones hope to do with all that money!

Yeah. Exactly.

As my uncle used to say: “You’ll never see a Brinks truck following a hearse”…

Last edited 1 year ago by QBall59

Perhaps they are possessed of the illusion that if they cannot take it with them they do not have to go. If so they have a real surprise awaiting them.


hence adrenochrome use.


when you have a taste of power and the ability to decide whether a person lives or die. One of two things occur: 1. you feel absolute guilt and shame that you can even do this and do everything you can to correct it. 2. you realize you have this power to decide and won’t be punished for it. In turn you keep doing it like its a drug injected into your body, one dose wasnt enough you need more!


Like adrenochrome?


And booster shots.


Bingo!! and more of #2 seem to be happening

Jim Johannsson

Many of them advancing Satan’s agenda


True, and the higher up that Satanic ladder you go the evil sickness gets unbelievable worse!

Irish Girl

Agreed. And who is our spiritual adversary – with a mission to kill and destroy? This is not a new tactic, just a wider audience. Fear is a powerful motivator to manipulate.
That is why we need to be in tune with God – otherwise we, too may be deceived. Buckle up and hang with like minded! We need each other more than ever.

Proudly Unaffiliated

You cannot understand or imagine the pure evil we are facing precisely because you are a good person. Your decency has been weaponized to keep you blinded to the horrific reality that some are moving forward with. We see this everywhere in a population of good people.

Susan Banks

Well when they are arrested their bank accounts and assets go to the US. So it will actually come back to us little guys in the long run. The wealth that this Country will have in the end with all the Gold that was found, honey you will soon have money and those awesome relationships with Jesus Christ and your friends. SS is getting a huge raise!!! And President Trump got Nesara into place and the new Starlink Satellite!! We are ready! No more IRS, no more Electrical Bill, No more usuary tax, no more illegal taxes being charged to us, the list goes on. Nesara!

Lady Patriot

She can keep Jesus anywhere she wants.

Bobbie Jo Fouts

Patti, you seem to be a kind soul, Christ-like. I think this is why you don’t understand. It took me awhile to realize the reason they are that way is because Satanists (Luciferians) love to make money by making mankind suffer and die. It’s largely about power, too. These thoughts open my eyes as to why the medical field is the way it is (manage sickness, chemo to death, no health freedom), the courts are rigged, there is no lawful legal system anymore, false flags for wars that make the evil elite money, etc. It’s really a Satanist crime ring. I’m pretty sure the Bible states that Satan rules the earth; his Luciferians help him.


Hello Patti,
That money is their god!


As Trumps EO said, all assets will be claimed from all these pukes! They will get nothing but be a part of their own agenda, depopulation. But they never expected they would be included among the innocent victims! F them!

Esther M Painter

Well said!!!

MAGA CountryBabe

This has got to be the deathly, REVENGE OF THE NERDS. Bourla, Gates, Zuckerberg and the other freaks from Twitter and Google. Wouldn’t have gotten a wife if it wasn’t for their money.

Dave Strickland

What is to be understood about Pfizer bitching about profits is that, if report


gee another under the table deals, no shocker


In the book of Revelations, anywhere you see the word, “Sorceries”, in the greek it is the word for “Phamakia”, meaning the Drug sorceries, or drug companies. I am pretty sure I am right about this…worth checking out.


I believe it also said that they would not repent of their “phamakia.”


you are correct good job

Irish Girl

And the medical symbol of the serpent and seal goes back – I think – to Babylon.


I have heard the same…Rev 18:23 SAYS EXACTLY where we are at in time…note the last half of the verse. Pharmakeia is modern day term for sorceries..
Think witches brews…concoctions .. sorceress.

Linda Chambers

You are correct.

Dave Strickland

What is to be understood about Pfizer bitching about profits is that, if the multiple reports about covert military operations are true, the DS is running quickly out of money, in deep contrast to before, when funds were unlimited and the costs of DS financing were no object. I’m told the latest supply of Pfizer vaxxines include vials filled with plain water, saline solution, or any old rubbish, to save on expenditure, but so many lies are being told about this whole subject that each vaxx shot would have to be analysed individually.

Last edited 1 year ago by Dave Strickland

Only time I agree with being cheated out of the product they are producing if true. They can fill every vile with water for all care and collect their billions for selling a experimental therapy.


wow – Michael, Does Trump now know what he is dealing with and have a reason he is not able to confront the supposed “Vaxines” yet?

thanks for the article…


In the real world, would this be reported to the DEA or just the FDA? You do know that whistle blowers get 10% of any recovery.

Johnny Lunchbucket

Can’t collect 10% if you are dead from the Cabal, now can you Nimrod?


A real possibility.

Johnny Lunchbucket

Crimes Against Humanity or Nuremberg Code, take your pick you soulless bastards.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Lunchbucket
Sue Grantham

Let them all hang together! We the People are the guinea pigs for an enormous bankroll for the evil.
I will never comply, they as well as other 3 letter agencies hold ZERO credibility.


The experiments we are not aware of….like that Tuskghee experiment,deliberatly infecting populations…..They (big pharma) have been doing this for decades, without any supervision,regulations,nothing!

Bobbie Jo Fouts

Hey! I think they own the FDA, CDC, NIAIH, Congress, etc. Over 100 years of stealing, torturing and murdering. Great fun for the Luciferians. Used to be the pharma executives could go to jail for all the research fraud; now it’s just a business expense paid for by the Obamacare slaves.


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I feel like the elites got the placebo solution of the vaccine, while they reserve the gene altering “vaccine” for the rest of the population.


The other nagging question is…what kind of financial stake does Trump have in the vaccines?

Ed bob


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NIL you Nimrod.


Lisa Shaw, BBC journalist, died of the Astra Zeneca jab on May 28th and it has been confirmed that she died from it. I guess she was jabbed with the real deadly vaccine. But it is still possible that people in high power don’t take the jab. True criminals. I hope they will pay for their lies and crimes ! I am afflicted when I see all the evil thay are doing. Let’s hope God will end all of this very soon.


so will this former executive come forward to the public soon?


It was very obvious,when congress members were being pressed by their campaign investors and the corporations they are stockholders (unbelievable how promiscuous and the illegal conflict of interests) but,it became very obvious for the entire world to see when those pharma corps pressed them to refuse to allow global production of the vaccine other then their patents. Until lobbying and such conflicts of interest are illegal,and with visible punishment, the problem will continue, government officials should withold a period of,say,5 years before working privatly in the same market/area, also to avoid industrial trade of secrets and of coarse, former chiefs of entities who shoul verify the products,bought by the corporations producing the very same products,without any oversight,without any regulations,nothing!It´s unbelievable how long they got away with this.

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Now THIS, is a great article, and confirms what a lot of us knew all along. This is why HCQ, others, etc, were denounced, as there’s no money in those. With a high success rate like the seasonal flu, Big Pharma could literally use just a saline solution as a “so called” vaccine, and strategically douse select batches with “detrimental ingredients” for the sole purpose of the elitists agenda (sterilization, depopulation, etc).

Lorie Mena

I highly doubt Big Pharma would distribute a saline solution because they do not stand to profit from a healthy public. I’m the very least, they would prefer a Sick and Unhealthy population to have life-long dependency on pharmaceuticals!

Also, how do we know that they are not really rolling out their depopulation agenda? Much has been quoted and published about their real intentions.

As far as placebos being inter dispersed, one of the generals
made a statement that the military was taking some sort of control over the vaccine distribution. This would explain the blank paperwork in the box. I believe that there is real anger over this because not as many people were harmed by the Jab….and hence the push for a new “variant vaccine.”

Terminally deplorable

Health care is a racket.


The evil bastards turned every corporation into a racket for their own self serving desires.

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Wow. Another conspiracy theory proven true.

Russ C.

Honestly anyone with a half an ounce of intuition has already figured this out, but it’s very helpful to see it on print so we can share this with friends and family who think we’re all a bunch of conspiracy nuts!


an old article from 2010 on Pfizer corruption, their pockets are deep…


The 100% vax goal is an effort to remove the “Control Group”…Control Group = Non-Vax’d.

When they threaten us with no admission to markets for food, goods & services, it is just another attempt to instill the Fear Factor. Those on-the-fence will comply when absolutely terrified.

The end result is maybe 85% vax’d and a world population reduction near 50%…For these demons, that is a good start.


I am hoping we will be reading about their military tribunals and executions soon


I was thinking the same……..


This is one sick puppy. He was not admitted into a country, because he did not have a vaccine card. Then he makes a weak, in your face, comment that he was not vaccinated because he did not feel it was right for him to but in line

This is blatant PROFIT over people



Steve East

There can be no place in this world for those who hurt or kill others ,especially children … arrest them …all of them remembering that GSK was fined $ 3 Billion in 2012 for hurting ,killing and causing birth defects ,,,,YET the directors at that time were never held to account … the CEO at that time is now Head of covid at WHO , another is UK Chief Science officer in government !


Until Trump acts Like the President he is supposed to be Instead of complaining and proving the election was stolen, then he is just as complicit in all this medical fraud cause not many patriots trust anything coming from any government anymore ( local, city, county, federal )


^ Look at who’s moaning and doing nothing to save our country. ^


it is not fair to the population that is being forced into these vaccines, powerful people know what is happening and do nothing about it, universities are forcing students to get vaccinated, not vaccines not classes, jobs, not vaccines not jobs,a lot of evil for power and money.

Bobbie Jo Fouts

Sonia, please realize people are not being forced. I know there is a lot of coercion, but that is not the same as holding a person down and shooting him/her up with the very deadly poison. I also realize people commonly think there is no alternative, so that they have to line up to be murdered! There are ALWAYS other options, even if they’re not desirable ones. Please remember that any school or business that demands a death jab to attend or work in is not worth your time or money. Colleges are seldom what they are cracked up to be now anyway. Legal council is a good idea. There are ways to make these abusive organizations pay for this abuse. Oh, I realize some people are literally being held down and jabbed. Deadly force in self defense is justified in these cases.

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It’s “Silver Spring, Maryland” not “Silver SpringS.”


Rot in Hell You Disgusting Pieces of Garbage! Karma will not be so kind to you with what you have done.

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Wow. We get a double feature today from MB!

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Why did Trump go along with the vaccine business?

Was he a naïf?
Was he duped?
Was he complicit (he’s DS after all?)
Was this all part of “The Plan”?
Or was Operation Warp Speed Trump’s way of neutralizing the DS’ five-year lockdown due to “lack of a vaccine during a pandemic”?

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He was president at time all presidents are forced into making decisions that can’t have a win for all solution so you do best you can to save as many as you can.


The CEO’s of all the major Pharma Corps are Jewish. Of course, they wouldn’t have collaborated on what to put in their “vaccines” now, would they? I’m wondering, are they also dual citizens? Do they have connections to Mossad?

buck fiden

Rabbi Shekelstein says we shouldn’t take the jab.

The last contribution to humanity Pfizer made was Viagra, now off patent. It has been quite clear for some years now that Big Pharma had a failing business model so why not get everyone hooked on an unneeded/sickness inducing shot every 6 months or so. And Bill Gates can help out. THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK!


Hang them all from the highest Coconut tree ? at GITMO!!! This was all a SCAM & the objective was and is control over We The People!!!


Holy crap!


Michael, you certainly know who the bad guys are. My compliments to you on that.


Conspiracy to defraud the population of the world. Crimes against humanity. Unbelievable evil.


the rothchilds OWN pfizer, the fda, the cdc, the who

roxytube .com/watch/how-our-medical-establishment-was-taken-over-and-weaponized-against-us_Kz6KfHgHY9l1D3D.html


New short article just now by Alex Berenson on Pfizer.
Pfizer is your friend – by Alex Berenson – Unreported Truths (substack)
From Alex’s long-time reporting of the virus and the vaccines, obviously being facetious when saying they are your friend.


What a bunch of murdering satanic devil worshippers!!


Why am I not surprised?


Right… color me shocked. But reading this, if this is truly sourced from an ex Phizer peep. Damn. It’s so disgusting and further convicts my decisions, well not really but u know ? what disgusts greed. I feel for all the schmucks out there.

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We find detainee Bourla guilty as charged.
I sentence detainee Hahn to hang by the neck until dead.


Whats beyond ridiculous is that this was known about… well before it Rolled out… and it was allowed to roll out. The military and any self accountable seated authorities should have nipped this bullshit in the bud, Not got in on the Take. First day they announced this silly shit was shortly after event 201 and project lockstep were made public… which should have got people Wondering wtf is this happening right after military excercises and corporate alignments via the business roundtable that reset corporations to be “responsible” (if this is responsible, go back to just existing for profits, cuz you “authorities” are Clowns!) in 2019. Every corporation that signed onto that 2019 business roundtable agreement to redefine business as stakeholder capitalism should see their wealth taken to pay for the deaths of everyone Else they duped with this Vaccine bullshit. Heres that list of corporations and their executives/boards that need to be held accountable.


Question – just when does someone have too much money? To listen to these clowns, never! They are all bent out of shape because the patents ended on their big moneymakers, and now the products are becoming affordable for the good of the little guys. Patents are put in place in order to allow the pharmaceutical companies time to recoup their research expenses – not to gouge the consumers forever. One can only wonder how much they’re making on their tainted ‘vaccines’.


More proof of Medical tyranny!!

Don’t forget the obamunism aspect of the plandemic and handing over Americans and American military equipment to terrorists.

Keith A. Hoskins

All i want to know is , where do we fill out applications for GALLOS OPERATOR!!! U DIG


White hats need to step it up a little faster