Alec Baldwin Tried to Pimp His Pre-Teen Daughter, Ireland, in 2007


Donald J. Trump’s investigation into the Alec Baldwin shooting has unearthed a sickening morsel of information that had gone unreported for 14 years. In 2007, Alec Baldwin made headlines after a heated voicemail, sent to his daughter Ireland, became a matter of public record. On it, a maniacal Alec Baldwin called Ireland, who was 11 at the time, a “rude, thoughtless little pig” and every cruel name under the sun because, Alec would later claim, she had missed a scheduled phone call with him.

But Trump’s investigators, who are currently probing the Baldwin shooting and interviewing associates and friends of the family, accidentally stumbled upon the real reason Baldwin verbally eviscerated his young daughter.

Investigators on Monday spoke with actress Kim Bassinger, Baldwin’s estranged ex-wife and Ireland’s mother. They had hoped to learn whether Alec Baldwin had ever expressed a desire to murder someone in real life and not just in movies.

Bassinger, however, had something else to confess.

She told investigators that Baldwin cussed out their daughter because she refused to participate in a “daughter swapping” arrangement with other high-profile, Hollywood celebrities.

Bassinger told investigators that she had taken a vow of silence on the issue, to protect Alec and Ireland from media scrutiny, but now felt compelled to disclose the truth in the wake of the shooting of Halyna Hutchins, as it gave her an “enlightened perspective” as to who Alec Baldwin really is.

“So, of course I didn’t want Ireland, a little girl then, involved in this pervasive sickness that’s engulfed the industry. You know what Alec told me? ‘Everyone’s doing it,’ is what he said. I told him ‘hell no we wouldn’t go along with that’ and he still tried to pressure Ireland into visiting his friends. That’s what he called it,” Bassinger told investigators.

She added that sections of the infamous voicemail had been expunged, never made public. The complete recording, according to her, had Alec Baldwin saying, “You will listen to daddy, and you will play with his friends like a good, little girl.”

Bassinger said she regretted not having taken a tougher stance against Alec.

When investigators asked her for the names of celebrities with whom Alec wanted to swap daughters, Bassinger clammed up, saying she hoped Alec pays for his crimes, but that she would not incur the wrath of abhorrent celebrities still active in the “child swapping” industry.

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perhaps if you are going to ask for money because you work “hard” you should at least spell “hard” correctly, no? and.. this story is complete BS, no one is going to leave a voice message like what kim said he did, supposedly


All these Actors are Fake Ass POS living in their own disgusting satanic bubble. If this is so ‘normalized’ then maybe they Should be broadcasting these atrocities. Do it.. What are you afraid of if it’s so normal. Do it… Where are your balls. Oh that’s right, you have none, no morals, no desire to be human.. Just a satanic piece of shit.


This is why there is never and end to it. People acting tough in roles running scared in reality.


ALEX should pay for his crimes….
ALL THE filth in Hollywood who were involved in any way in. Child sex and human trafficking, torture, murder, sacrifice, satanic offerings of blood and human flesh should pay.


A father that wants to do things, [because everyone else is doing it].


More fine parenting in Hollywood. But hey, let them tell you how to vote and raise YOUR kids the “right” way.


Movies from Hollywood are a disappointment, as I recall. A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY TO MAKE AND WATCH.
EYES WIDE SHUT is a glimpse of how sick that culture is….


Just re-read the entire 191 page PDF that Lin Wood posted, back in January- former insider/whistleblower “johnheretohelp”, aka Ryan White, & I believe his real name is John McGreavy. Among page after page of horrific disclosure, is the Chief Justice Roberts’ “child swapping” mutually compromising blackmail filth witnessed & confirmed. There exist thousands upon thousands of video & photo/audio recordings of these slimy beasts torturing/raping/killing children as if they were completely used to & free to do- because they have been!! So, it should come as no real surprise to hear of yet another overrated, overpaid circus carney who’s involved in this evil ~ btw, his real name’s not even “Alec”~apparently Alex the Ass Hat didn’t have enough ‘star power’ ring to it for him.


These so called ‘stars..and totally sick in their souls.


They sold their souls at the first Satan worship.
They. Drank adenochrome… Sick..

Buck fiden

Pimp my ride, bitch! Nice ass!


Evil is as Evil does. Thats a special kind of twisted evil to elicit your baby girl into a den of wolves. WHO DOES THAT ??????? GO STRAIGHT TO HELL BALDWIN. DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT $200. This ENTIRE Child Sex Trafficking is BEHIND ALL THIS FUCKING EVIL RUN AMOK. THESE LUCIFERIANS ARE FUCKING TOAST. ITS GAME OVER SHIT EATING DEMONS. GAME FUCKING OVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Pope is a stage magician performing a simple trick of hypnosis—otherwise known as the bait and switch.

Open letter to a billion Catholics; cc to everyone else; here is the Pope verbatim by Jon Rappoport

Vatican News: “Press conference on the flight back from his Apostolic Journey in Southern Africa.”

Read these astounding words from Pope Francis:

“I would like to repeat what the Doctrine of the Church says about this: When we acknowledge international organisations and we recognise their capacity to give judgment, on a global scale – for example the international tribunal in The Hague, or the United Nations. If we consider ourselves humanity, when they make statements, our duty is to obey. It is true that not all things that appear just for the whole of humanity will also be so for our [Vatican] pockets, but we must obey international institutions. That is why the United Nations were created. That’s why international courts were created.”

Choose one of the following: The person making that statement is a) utterly naïve; b) a blind secular ideologue; c) surrendering his power and his Church to Earthly authority; d) combining his power and the power of his Church with elite Globalists; e) what?!?!

And don’t sidestep these choices with, “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.”

If those words of Jesus described His ultimate position, His surrender to the authorities and His Crucifixion would have no more meaning than a man paying his taxes, albeit with a great deal more pain.

I guess the days of a Pope concealing a broad secret agenda are over. Francis comes right out in the open, as if he were a city council member supporting the local shut down of a factory smokestack, in accordance with a UN climate-change policy.

Except that’s not who the Pope is.

He’s an Argentine Jesuit with “the keys to the Kingdom.”

And to you, his followers, he’s infallible.

Unless you decide otherwise.

This would be a good time to reassess his status in your eyes.

I keep hammering on this point: Jesus served God, not the State.

The institutions the Pope insists all Catholics must obey are the State, in its widest and most powerful form.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense that he would say Catholics should line up and take the COVID vaccine, even while acknowledging fetal tissue from abortions has been used in testing those vaccines.

What’s next? A Vatican treaty with Planned Parenthood?

The Pope has cast a long shadow on attempts to gain religious exemptions from vaccination. Obviously, he and his secular partners wanted to shrink that loophole.

The diabolical plan to stick a needle into 8 billion arms, delivering an experimental genetic treatment, whose documented effects have been catastrophic…that plan can’t achieve wide success if a billion of those people—Catholics—believe the shot is founded on a sin.

The planning for the (false) pandemic had to include Pope Francis. And he was agreeable. Remarkably so.

Let’s take one more step down the rabbit hole. The reference here is a May 2021 article at The Tablet: “Pope joins global [financial] elite to plan for world after COVID.”

An unpublicized conference, “Dreaming of a Better Restart,” had already been held at the time of publication. It was sponsored by the Vatican. It took up climate change, economic inequality, and hunger.

Then we have this from the Tablet article. Buckle up: “Prominent population control advocate and supporter of Chinese Communist Party president Xi Jinping, Professor Jeffrey Sachs, led the group discussion that followed. Sachs has extolled Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road initiative, that aims to extend CCP influence across Asia to Europe, as ‘one of the most important economic development initiatives in the history of contemporary economics’. He is a frequent collaborator with Bishop Sorondo, who in a February 2018 interview said, ‘right now, those who are best implementing the social doctrine of the Church are the Chinese’.”

“Rockefeller Foundation president Raj Shah was one of the leaders of the general discussion that followed. Along with its humanitarian projects, the Foundation has for years funded worldwide contraception programmes and abortion providers. Shah worked for USAID during the presidency of Barack Obama, and before that served in a range of leadership roles in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.”

If all that doesn’t make your head spin, I can’t help you.

This is your Church. This is your Pope.

They represent Jesus on Earth.

Well, actually, the Pope is a stage magician performing a simple trick of hypnosis—otherwise known as the bait and switch.

You’re sitting at home eating dinner with the family and the phone rings. You look at the screen. There is no number printed on it. You pick up.

A voice says, “Hello, friend. I want to tell you about a special offer. Jesus in a bottle. $49.95. If you order now, we’ll send you two. And you can move to China. Or wait a year and the Chinese system will come to you. But that’s not all. As a bonus, one absolutely free abortion for a member of your family. You’re Catholic, we’re the improved Catholic Church, so give me your card numbers and your future in all of Eternity.”



The Pope is almost certainly a Reptilian allied with Planet Nibiru. It’s likely that everyone in Vatican is. He explicitly warned Trump against sending Space Force to Nibiru, Michael Baxter exposed it all last year in this article:


I am aghast but the Catholics will be aghaster or aghastest.;


Good to know his opinion about obedience to International Law,his words are related to what happened in the International Court where Kevin Annet documented his luciferian crimes and the testimonials of hundreds of his victims, that information made possible the interruption of his 9th circle sacrifice last year, after his evasion from that arrest attempt in Switzerland …


Kim Bassinger won’t drop names and help rescue the children therefore she is part of the problem. She should go down as well.

Mr. Bill

When she gets to Gitmo she may change her mind!


Clone Biden met with the pope today to discuss Space Force. Why would the pope meet with a clone?


IDK…perhaps he didn’t.


The Pope, whos is almost certainly a leader (or at the very least an agent) of Planet Nibiru, is likely trying to work out a deal to align their forces with the Biden administration. This does not bode well, as we all know the Bien admin has very little power on their own without the US military’s support, but with the forces of Nibiru on their side they would be far more capable. Michael Baxter wrote about clashes between Trump and the Pope regarding Nibiru during Trump’s administration:

Hellava' Lot

Just saw K.T. McFarland talking about “Biden” meeting with the world leaders. She knows that is Arthur Roberts, not Biden. Why is she perpetuating the charade? All the talking heads are doing the same. They know better.

Mr. Bill

Clone Biden, clone pope.


Alec is a two face two bit Hollywood actor!!! May Bubba surprise him in the rear without any lube. No doubt in my mind that this goes on in Hollyweird Land!!!

Last edited 2 years ago by Otto
Hanging with matty

Well, someone has the full taped conversation…release that and let’s validate

MAGA CountryBabe

Another sick MFer.


Ireland is (or was for a long time) a lesbian; MOST of the time, and Milo Y (who has ‘abandoned sodomy’ in favor of the life God wants, when have you EVER heard of this in public? Courage!) will confirm: people who are gay are simply living in perpetual trauma in one way or another. It sounds like it might be the case here. Can you imagine having Alec Baldwin as a father??????? Boy does she look like mom fortunately.

Kelly Knauth Brown

Have we heard anything about Cuomo? Last night it was announced that he’s being arrested in a week. Apparently that’s how he’s going to go out of the public eye, even though we all know he was gagged last week and is probably singing or hung already. If anyone believes that the authorities would announce a high profile arrest a week in advance…you believe that narrative, there’s no hope for you.

I can assure them…it doesn’t work like that. You don’t give anyone a heads up.


Arrest warrant just went out in New York.


Sherriff’s office just had a news conference about it. Obviously no one told him that Cuomo was in Gitmo. Why weren’t the other charges handled this way so everyone can see? Maybe, just maybe there are no other charges!


From Law and Crime:


Kelly Knauth Brown

This is so disgusting. No wonder Alec Baldwin is a punchline to the Team America (creator’s of South Park) jokes. Kim Basinger was most likely afraid to speak us as it sounds like this is just everyday SICK Hollywood culture.

Sue Grantham

I knew it had to be more than missing a scheduled phone call in 2007!
He’s a child monster. He committed a hit on this woman because she was releasing a pedophile tell all movie, and he was going to protect himself and his fellow pedophiles. Reaping what he sowed.
Thank you again Michael


He had to know he was going to be in her film about Pedo’s and evil H.weird.


Sue, I just saw her recent post in social media just before her death, it was similar to what Bourdain said, something like “I have information to arrest Hillary Clinton”.

Then,HRC friend who always voted against measures to figh human trafficking shoots her.

That print screen of her post is being shared on twitter.


We just do not understand the level of evil there is.


Did anyone catch the video of Tom Hank’s CGI, mask wearing body double, clone that crashed a couple’s wedding on the beach by the Santa Monica Pier and talking with them for five minutes on Oct. 28, 2021?

Last edited 2 years ago by Delta

It was easy to see it was totally fake.


Again? Oh no!


Are you going to believe Mike or your lying eyes?

American Living in Canada

The scumbag media on the radio up here are laying it on super thick on how wonderful it is to have pos hanks at your wedding.

Mr. Bill

Here I am assuming Baldwin is already at Gitmo. I guess things just don’t happen that fast.


I remember that recording very well and I’ve had ZERO respect for that monster ever since. It sounds like Kim needs protection if she is ever going to tell what she knows.


Geez, this guy is really more sick in the head than I originally thought.

The blessed

This sicko is less than a cockroach.
Stright to Gitmo. Very soon


Well the Democrats and Hollywood Elites tried to pin on President Trump what they actually do, do and now they’re going to be exposed for it. Lifes a bitch isn’t it? Pride comes before the fall. Alec and the rest of them shouldn’t of opened the door now it’s show and tell time.




The dirtbag SHOULD pay for his crimes. He doesn’t deserve ANY of the kids he has. Let them al be adopted out and never seen again by him! I hope and pray Ireland forgets he ever exists. I wish and want Ireland to find a good, loving man and have many children, an inviolate marriage bed, and get many many friends to forget what an evil depraved human being she had for a so-called father. NO FATHER DOES THAT TO HIS KID.


who says “inviolate”?


People in the UK.


People with a well-developed vocabulary? Duh! Lol


Now you’ve gone and done it. You’ve triggered the one who’s favorite comment is lmaoooooo.
Now he’s digging under empty pizza boxes, trying to find the thesaurus aunt Mazie gave him for his birthday six years ago.


Mike and I have been talking a lot and we wanted to let everyone know that we will have a plan in place soon to deal with the trolls. When you donate to our fundraiser, you will be given a token code that will allow you to make a certain amount of posts. If you want to post more, you donate more and get more tokens to use to post. We all know that the trolls are in it for the money so them spending money will not go over well.
So go to the site today and donate to get those posting tokens! Don’t be silenced, give until it hurts!
Ted Moderator


Sounds like a good business plan to me.


Mike and I have been working on the donation structure as it relates to posting privileges and so far we have agreed on the following:
True Patriot $1000 and above= 5 posts per month
Pure Blood $800 to $999 = 4 posts per month
Researcher $700 to $799 = 3 posts per month
Storm Watchers $500 to $699 = 2 posts per month
Movie Watchers $100 to $499 = 1 moderated post per month
Anyone who donates under $100 per month will be allowed to read posts and some comments but we encourage you to donate and be a part of history!


Excellent, this will weed out the trolls and posers. Only true patriots will prevail!


I take it Red October is null and void come Sunday at midnight? Time to move the goal post, again. Anyone know what month it’s going to be this time?


noooooo…red october, as jay mentioned, is the return of Russell after a whopping 60 second ban


Soon. Storm is coming.


She clammed up? Why do they all do this? Even would rather die then tell who is orchestrating this great evil. If I knew, I would tell, and fork their wrath.


You’re completely fearless. Not everyone is like you. Some have kids to protect as well as Kim does. If you have kids, then you know why people are scared to talk. Hillary hated Trump to her dying day and tried to kidnap his kid, and bring him back in pieces to force him out of the 2016 race. That’s how evil Hillary is. This is how much people fear her. You and Donald Trump should team up and go after these depraved souls.


If Kim Bassinger had come forward back when it happened…..who would have believed her and who would have believed that much evil existed that a dad would do that…..???? Come on ya’ll, who would have thought of child trafficking or anything that evil. Thank you God we know now…….thank you Michael for informing US.



Mr. Bill

Who would she report this to that she is confident of?
That’s her out!


I can not wait til Hollyweird is taken down to its sick knees and then we kick them right in the face with a boot ! Sick Bastards !💩


are you gonna walk over there to kick the hollywood sign in the teeth?

Mr. Bill

I’m gonna go put some teeth on the sign for her to kick!


Disgusting pieces of filth all of these celebrities are. Hard to believe anyone looked up at them at all.


No Doubt about it!!! Called his daughter a Pig Whore and then whored her out!! AMMO UP!!! These loons will never change!!!


Alex is a cold blooded killer and a Pedophile at that. What a peace of work would do that to his own Daughter. I’m sure Hollywood is full of many more just like him and worse. God only knows how many Hollywood Celebs and Producers/Directors and even Sports stars have been involved in this kind of activity. How many have paid to murder someone to get their rush. Reminds me of the movie Hostile where rich famous paid to join a club where they could do whatever they wanted to another Human Being. Hollywood is full of this stuff BUT FOR REAL NOT CGI or Special Effects…. SICK SICK Demons!! Michael Jackson No good Guy Himself tried to warn people about this stuff How sinister and corrupt Hollywood is and the Music Industry. God Help Us All


Nuk Whorewood.

Smell the Coffee

Basinger should be waterboarded daily until she gives up all the names of the pedophiles she knows about. I always felt Basinger was weak; she just proved me correct. Arrest her too


How low can you go? For Baldwin, the bottom is apparently unattainable because he keeps going lower and lower. Satan has him totally possessed.

I’m an avid fan of RRN, but at the same time, the articles these last couple of days have been hard to read – especially the one about Peter Scolari. If it’s hard for me to read, as a writer myself, I’m sure it was even harder for Michael to write. The level of evil these articles revealed has opened my eyes to things I never knew before. For those like Hanks, Baldwin, Clinton, Cuomo and so many others who use the vilest of words to describe Donald Trump have failed to do an inward check. Thankfully several of them are now explaining their behavior to God, likely thinking they can talk their way into Heaven. They are in for a big surprise!

Question – when is Cuomo going to be executed? The last article about him said he was sentenced to death and an execution day is pending. On Newsmax tonight, Spicer & Company said they expect Cuomo to be arrested soon.

Keep up the good work Michael. Your job isn’t easy.

Terminally deplorable

Newsmax and GWP as well sound fishy. Have you ever heard of a case where it was announced days before it happened that someone was to be arrested? That is not how its been done.More likely, an unannounced squat team kicks in the frontdoor at 3 am, and that is all you hear about it.


Oh My God!!!! Whoa!! But judging from the photos of Ireland and her dad shown above, it looks like little Ireland turned out just the way her daddy wanted her to. They’re a little too close for comfort it seems. Sick, sick, sick!!!!


she would not incur the wrath of abhorrent celebrities still active in the “child swapping” industry.”

So, with the possibility of halting this demonic abuse of young children, Bassinger is more concerned of any fallout that could put her in an uncomfortable light…..


Matthew 18:6


weird. maybe jesus should’ve stopped him?


Jesus said that? Where?

Lucy Skywalker

The inset picture on the RHS at the top looks like two bodies not one, and makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. Am I alone in this?


You are very alone.


Stellar dad for sure.

Angel Askew

Guys, the abuse didn’t happen. It was a phone call message with expressed interest.
I bet anything this info was found in the divorce/child custody court records.
Submitted evidence as proof for sole custody and limited visitations but gag ordered to protect his career.
Kim took off with her baby and never looked back on that guy and quietly dug in to keep her and her daughter safe.

not today satan

Thank you for saying that. It seems some people don’t know how to read and automatically assumed that he did pass his daughter around and his abused wife allowed it. Clearly Kim didn’t allow it and divorced that POS before he could! Some of these people’s comments sound like they’re coming from bitter divorced men who may have been abusive themselves. Abusers love to blame victims.
Come at me, TROLLS!




You are Evil, .. RUSSELL,.
And should be censored.,
So watch your sorry self..

Angel Askew

Women are more easily targets, for sure. In past practice, We seem to be groomed for it worldwide for centuries.
But make no mistake, it goes both ways.


Excellent point!!! Nonetheless, she split and it ruined her career and he moved on, hardly seems fair I reckon – could she be a bitter x? Irregardless, I think I’ll take my chances on her word over his.


Thanks for your honesty.


Ive heard that those who follow air traffic said a private jet left from where Baldwin was located, to Gitmo I think it was a day or two ago. Kind of interesting!


Thats fine, but it just what I heard. I didnt say its fact.


There may be an Nda. Note, that just saying that you would know, does neither confirm or deny the possibility that Alex may be at GITMO… Now
I believe that is where he belongs..

David Yanity

Understood, BUT…don’t be surprised if/when your contact(s) tap you on the proverbial shoulder and give you the news about his change of address.


Toot it MB!! 🤗

Sue Grantham

You have a right to toot your own horn. Toot away 🎺🎺🤣


The report came out a day after the shooting, on two independent sites, that he was arrested by the local LEO’S and everyone was under a gag order. Nothing mentioned about Gitmo.


This is exactly what I had understood, perhaps there’s another shill out there shilling for an audience. Nothing should surprise us anymore.


He was seen in Vermont.


That’s just Hearsay, half-baked rumor…. And left leaning lies.
MOST of this audience hopes to hear news about Baldwin has been “detained” by Delta. FORCES.


What does that mean “daughter swapping” ? swapping parents / children, like in some TV shows, like “like “live my life” ? gang rape of children by adults ?

I heard in France several years ago of a school where parents loaned their children to their adult friends for rape. Parents also had relations with each other in front of the children. The children thought it was normal and were traumatized.
Moreover, we don’t sufficiently measure the consequences of the hypersexualization of society on children. Some are really obsessed.


“i heard”

“I think”

“I read”

” someone told me”

the most common phrases in a post on RRN

Last edited 2 years ago by Russell

Just wait
Chess game
Not the right time
Too much to do


WELL, I heard that you have been referred to as “Rotten Russell.
I Read, that many on RRN, have requested that you be banned. SOMEONE told me that you are a Troll.
I Think that you have been kicked off RRN in the last 24 hours.


On a different note… I just saw on news max that the NY post put an article out today 10/28 that Cuomo is going to be arrested… IMAGINE THAT!! They are now making cover stories to avoid telling the TRUTH that he has already been convicted.


Thank you for addressing my comment. ❤💕😍


Thank you for commenting. I was really puzzled.


Thanks for the update, Michael. Please keep us posted as to Cuomo’s execution. Don’t forget Huma and Barrett tribs, please.


I’d like to see them showing him with cuff’s on.


And hung….. Just what I read somewhere..

Big E

Such a relief to have one less Hollywood psychopath on the loose. Sadly, there’s still lots of work to be done, but it appears the white hats are doing it. Thank God…literally!

Last edited 2 years ago by Big E

Just when I think I´ve seen everything, a whole new sick world is exposed.

“Child swapping”.

They do deserve everything coming their way,and MORE.


The crazy ones forced 61 genders on our civilization, but they gave us only one group of sick PEDOS, although there seem to be so many out there… How about dividing thöse sickos into “child swapping pedos”, “torturing pedos, “adrenochrome addicted pedos”, “Hollywood pedos”, “Royal pedos”, “Clerical pedos”, “child sacrifice pedos”, “politician pedos” etc or should we refer to them simply as “rotten and evil assholes who don’t deserve living among humans”?


Sounds good,Judge! If only the punishment could fit the crime….It´s a shame they can be executed only once…
“Vows of silence”? Children cannot divorce from their parents.


One thing should be clear: all pedos have to be exposed and have to be punished – severely punished. Giving them capital punishment would have two advantages for society: 1. Special prevention (the executed perpetrator could never ever commit a crime against our children again); and 2. General prevention (potential pedos within politics, church, Hollywood, Royals, and other sick groups would resist more their perverted desire if they would know exactly what punishment awaits them for their pedo-crimes).

Last edited 2 years ago by Judge
Sue Grantham

Yes they can. Emancipation


I’m sure RRN sources are definitely reliable for child swapping

This is called “red meat” for the readers

Deneze Lujanen

Thats child abuse..he should be arrested..


Let the patriots wheels of justice take its course.

Incorrigible Skeptic

Nobody on this planet wants the patriot wheels of justice to turn!! I dread the thought myself, but if that wheel starts turning I’ll be at the head of the pack, and god help us all!!!!!!


So much for Nobody.
MAY THE TRIBUNALS convict and Hang the pedophiles All over the world.
Amirite ?