Chelsea Clinton Military Tribunal: Day I


Chelsea Clinton’s military tribunal started sluggishly on Tuesday as her attorney, Robert S. Harrison of the Clinton Foundation, delivered an hour-long opening sermon that portrayed his client a victim of overbearing, abusive parents who had systematically, psychologically manipulated an impressionable young girl beginning on her 12th birthday, not long after Bill was elected President of the United States.

In an impassioned soliloquy, Harrison claimed that Bill and Hillary had forcibly groomed their daughter to one day run the Clinton Foundation and become President of the United States.

“Chelsea was taught to respect the affluent, the rich, the powerful, and to shun the poor and the underprivileged. Her parents told her that only the wealthy deserved to live normal lives, and the poor were disposable, could be thrown away like a dirty rag. But a young Chelsea was strong-willed, and though impressionable, she didn’t just blindly accept her parents’ view of the world. Like most young teens, she sometimes disobeyed her parents, but unlike most teens, she endured harsh, unspeakable punishments,” Mr. Harrison said.

Thirteen-year-old Chelsea Clinton, he said, had befriended a young African American boy, the son of a low-level White House staffer. When her parents learned of her newfound friend, they berated their daughter for associating with minorities and demanded she dissolve the friendship immediately. But Chelsea rebelled, telling Bill and Hillary that the boy was her best friend and that she hoped to one day marry him.

“So, what did Bill and Hillary do? They punished her, harshly. They drove their 13-year-old daughter to the seediest part of D.C. and told her “If you want to be with them, see how they live, that’s what your life will be like,” before dropping her off and making her walk all the way home. A similar incident occurred a year later, for which Chelsea was locked in a closet for two days and given only water. She developed Stockholm Syndrome, came to sympathize, and to empathize with her parents’ opinion of the world. If anyone here is a victim, it’s Chelsea Clinton. I have 600 pages of incidents I can read—”

“Please don’t,” Rear Adm. Darse E. Crandall, who was prosecuting the case on behalf of the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, said from behind the prosecution table. “I get it; you aim to elicit sympathy from our esteemed officers. But here are the facts: We are not prosecuting a 13-, 14-, 15-, or 16-year-old Chelsea Clinton. We are prosecuting a 41-year-old woman who ran both alone and alongside her mother, running a child-trafficking ring that saw hundreds, if not thousands, of children passed around among their ‘friends’ or outright sold to highest bidders.”

Rear Adm. Crandall called his first witness, Chelsea’s squirrelly husband Marc Mezvinsky, to the stand. Appearing in person as opposed to on ZOOM, Mezvinsky laid foundation on his relationship and business dealings with the Clintons. Under oath, he testified that he had no knowledge of the Clintons’ criminal ventures when he first courted Clinton in 2005.

“I’ve known the family since 1993, but Chelsea and I didn’t formalize a relationship until 2005, and married in 2010. I had no knowledge of their criminal conduct until after that,” Mezvinsky said.

“Can you explain, Mr. Mezvinsky, how it is that you knew the Clintons for 12 years prior to marrying Chelsea yet you were oblivious to their criminal actions? That seems unlikely,” Rear Adm. Crandall said.

Mezvinsky elucidated on how the Clintons had craftily insulated themselves to such a degree that no one outside their inner circle had knowledge of their crimes. He admitted to his own naivety, saying he was so smitten with Chelsea that everything beyond the scope of their relationship “became a blur.”  The Clintons, he added, were masters of camouflage and concealment.

“Were they really so good at camouflage, Mr. Mezvinsky, or did you simply choose to not acknowledge reality?” Rear Adm. Crandall asked.

“A bit of both,” Mezvinsky admitted.

At that moment, Clinton’s lawyer asked the tribunal’s permission to take a phone call. He excused himself, leaving the chamber for five minutes, and upon returning, asked Rear Adm. Crandall to put the tribunal on recess until Wednesday morning. He claimed “new evidence has come to light” that would unequivocally exonerate his client.

“Only because we have other matters to deal with today as well. But this tribunal will tolerate no delays after this,” Rear Adm. Crandall said.

He put the trial on hiatus until Wednesday morning.

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It sounds like Clinton’s attorney is running this tribunal if he took a call and then stalled the proceedings until Wed. I despise weakness in military people .


Nobody can Own what They did. Pathetic.


Holy moly

kevin Mujica

She needs to suffer the same fate as her Satanic parents , no sympathy for this little spawn of Satan.


Chelsea is one smug little POS…she deserves the hangmans rope real tight around her neck!!!

MAGA CountryBabe

Looks like Chelsea wants to barf in Hitlarys mouth.


I went to Cook out . Like minded people. Talked about RRN MONKEY WERX AND ALEX JONES .I believe this site especially Coumo. My friends Dad lives in Bronx NY saw 18 wheelers beds stacked 3 high putting body bags in there .So for Chelsea
Karma is a Bitch

dennis ward

In the Peter Scolari trial you stated it was held at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean? Do you know of any other places the USMCJ may be holding other tribunals? Monkeywerx has speculated but nothing definitive has been told? With 1/2 million arrests thats a big court docket to handle.


There is supposedly a big base in Greenland giant facility mostly Underground. Sometimes a monkey Works will show flights coming from there and going to there.

dennis ward

Fruit of the poison tree!

The blessed

She did less than what her mom did but that doesnt mean that shes clean.
She could of stopped when her mom died. But she continued.
I have no pity for this child trafficking ugly biatch


Wonder why the military is giving Chelsea so much latitude to publicly wander around NY while she’s on trail for running an international criminal organization?


Honor system.


I do remember them boys
I however , don’t remember why they killed
Their parents can you enlighten me

Tee Fru

Tonnya, they were supposedly continually raped by their own father-they were terrified of him-knowing all we know now about the satanic elites, it could be true.


the sad part is the father was an Evil Diabolical Narcissist (didn’t know the mom) and these two boys are serving life in prison for destroying evil….sometimes life’s not appropriate…..two well schooled boys kill both mom and dad leads one to believe there’s something else going on here.

I read years ago that the DSM were contemplating adding EVIL to their list of mental disorders….never happened


She is just as evil as Mommy. How can you do what she did and think it is Ok ??? She should go to Mommy a dirt nap and Judgment from God for the most horrific crimes a Human can do to another. Worse yet Children. She should get a dose of Adrenochrome and Hang.


Former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Charged with Forcible Touching – Expected to be Arrested Next Week
Why is NY going to arrest a dead guy? That is very strange….


Maybe you could offer to bring them up to speed. Andrew can only be executed once..
On a lighter note, we could all appreciate a TV guide , of all the coming executions ,trials, Live, ..and in color of course.! With instant replay !
In. HD too!


I’m afraid they will all be pay per view with prices depending on the voracity of their crimes factored in with celebrity standing.


He was “smitten”,ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Angela James

So he claims that he did not know his mother-in-law was the head of a satanic cult, tortured, murdered and raped children, murdered a hundred people who could expose her, put a hit out on Trump, led a huge child trafficking ring, an instigated an outrageous presidential election fraud. Right……


Spot on!

Boss Lady

Isn’t he Soro’s nephew???


And his mother-in-law helped the Chinese overturn the 2020 election — yes she admitted to that suggestion — she said that on Rachel Madcow’s MSNBC program. That’s why Twatter purged me along with 70,000 people in the Twatterverse. Even when Hillary outs herself with evidence from her own mouth Jack Dorsey doesn’t like it when we expose the truth because we are normies and he is not a normie. He is beholden to the Chinese whom he gets in bed with every night of the week, and bows at their CCP shrine, going after everybody and anybody who dares criticize their beloved Deep State apparatus. That’s also why Trump and Mike Lindell and Sidney Powell and Lin Wood and Rudy Giuliani (and Michael Baxter was banned from Facebook for speaking the truth) were kicked off Facebook, Parler and Twitter — for speaking the truth. Mark and Jack and the other twat who argued with Dan Bongino at Parler all hate the truth — especially when it has evidence against Hillary — even when Hillary outs herself and Joe Biden outs himself over the voter fraud. We’re the little people targeted for vaccination extinction, and we’re not even supposed to protest, or resist, or fight the satanic paedophiles, or fight the Deep State sea slugs, or fight back the Big Tech electric eels, or insult the Rothschilian/Jesuit/Baphomet swamp, even though they deserved to be insulted and far worse than that for what they did to the kids. Nobody is stopping this chick from speaking her mind, and I can get very, very harsh against these overlords of evil. This is why I don’t hold back in calling them out, and I defend EVERYONE’S right to free speech. The First amendment covers ALL OF US.


wall of text

literally all i saw was the pillow guy’s name



Dave Strickland

The three young women/girls in the photographs look like totally different people. Will the real Chelsea Clinton stand up please.


To Michael Baxter. I’ve only posted here a very few times but every time I do, you take my posts down. They always say they’re waiting approval but NONE ever show up. I don’t write anything filthy, nothing threatening, not combative, no bad attitude and they’re always reasonable but still you take them down. Why? I’d really like to know. Please reply.


Thank you for your service Michael, and please, stay safe.

J Bill

Amen to that!

Judi Kay

I’ve had the same thing happen. I’d like to take part in these discussions but none of my comments have ever been approved. 🙁 I won’t post again until I see if this is approved. If it appears, I’ll continue reading and posting.

Irish Girl

You have definitely created a chatty community! Thank you.


Don’t post active hyperlinks!


I never have posted hyperlinks!

Irish Girl

Well – you are showing up now, so hopefully it’s all fixed.


Hi Maria, if you have a relevant link that you want to draw attention to, type out the link like this mybetterselfdotcom. this way you wont get caught in approval hell. Hope that helps.


Attornney Harrison’s hour-long opening sermon was thea-tricks.


Off topic, but I think the upcoming climate change conference would be an ideal time for the military to pick up LOTS of the deep state cable.


And be picking up doubles, clones, doppelgängers. May be not.


Somebody please grab Pelosi!


No matter how much plastic surgery Chelsea has, she can’t get rid of those Webb Hubbell genes.


And Jeffrey Dahmer’s parents were mean….no excuse.

As a full grown woman of 23 years now Chealsea could’ve stepped back from not plunged into the family business.

Next up….Cuomo!


Behind closed doors: medical research labs

by Jon Rappoport

During the past two years, I’ve made comments about what goes on in research labs. The lunatic “science,” the cruelty visited on humans and animals, who are the test subjects.

My work on this goes back to the 1980s, when I was writing my first book, AIDS INC. After reading renegade and leaked literature at that time, I made the following assessment:

To prove their hypotheses about germs causing diseases, researchers will first do anything to weaken animals, so it then seems injecting them with (purported) germs is infecting them and making them sick.

This “prep work” to weaken animals includes:

Destructive genetic modification;

The injection of toxic chemicals and drugs;

The removal of the animals’ immune systems;

The injection of toxic serums composed of material taken from other animal species;

Exposing the animals to high doses of radiation;

The grafting of material on to the animals from other species;

The caging and isolation of the animals for long periods, which produces great stress and immune-system suppression;

Drilling holes in animals and attaching restraints and sensors to them and inside them;

Berating the animals, treating them as objects;

Conducting research in unsanitary and unclean facilities.

And then, finally—issuing falsified records to support lies about outcomes, in order to prove pre-destined conclusions.

The entire catalog of torture is couched and concealed in dry technical language and euphemism. Medical journals describe NOTHING about the animals’ reactions to this brutal savagery. If they did, the researchers would be exposed as rank sadists, their work would be discredited, and eventually there would be a public uproar.

As for human test subjects, perhaps you’ve heard of the radiation experiments performed on patients in US hospitals during World War 2.

Bottom line: Scientists and government officials decided they needed to know how much radiation would kill a human. After all, workers at The Manhattan Project were trying to build an atomic bomb. They were being exposed to radiation.

So “terminally ill” patients were selected. Informed consent was out of the question. The unknowing patients were secretly injected with high doses of radioactive elements. Tissue samples were taken and analyzed. As it turned out, some of the patients were not terminal. They had been misdiagnosed, or doctors knew up front that they were relatively healthy. The whole study was highly classified, and few people knew of its existence.

From the Atomic Heritage Foundation’s 2017 report, Human Radiation Experiments, here are descriptions of two of the patients:

“Ebb Cade was the first test subject. Cade was a 53-year-old African American male who worked for an Oak Ridge construction company as a cement mixer. On March 24, 1945, he was involved in an auto accident, which caused fractures in his arm and leg. Documents from the time show that he was otherwise healthy. Over the next two weeks, he was given the codename HP-12, with HP standing for Human Product [!]. Dr. Friedell wrote to Dr. Hempelmann at Los Alamos that he had found a primary subject for the plutonium experiment.”

“On April 10, 1945, Dr. Joseph Howland administered a plutonium dose of 4.7 micrograms to Cade, who was awaiting a procedure to set his bones. From 1943-1945, the maximum possible body burden (MPBB) for plutonium had been 5 micrograms, based on limits adopted for radium. Based on animal experimentation, Langham and Friedell had recently concluded that because plutonium remained in the bone for longer than radium, the MPBB should actually be set at 1 microgram. Cade’s dose was nearly five times that limit.”

“Cade was not treated for his arm and leg injuries until April 15, five days after the injection, so that the doctors would be able to biopsy his bone samples. This included extracting 15 of his teeth, which were subsequently shipped to Wright Langham at Los Alamos. It is unclear if Cade suffered from legitimate tooth decay. Shortly after his bones had been set, Cade suddenly discharged himself from the hospital. He moved out of Tennessee and died of heart failure on April 13, 1953, 8 years after the Oak Ridge injection.”

“Another questionable case was CAL-2, a four-year old boy named Simeon Shaw suffering from terminal bone cancer. He was flown with his mother to the UCSF hospital in a US military plane from Australia, apparently under the advisement of a physician in Australia. He arrived in California in April 1946 and was admitted to the hospital. For some time, he was separated [from] his mother, who was only allowed visits periodically. Simeon received a plutonium injection at UCSF under the oversight of Joseph Hamilton and was discharged from the hospital within a month. The Shaws returned to Australia and no follow-ups were ever conducted. Simeon died eight months later.”

“The physicians involved [in the entire project] knew that the procedures had no therapeutic benefits and would be detrimental in the long run if the patients lived. Human experimentation was justified by the claim that the patients were terminally ill; however, this was not true in all cases. Repeated errors in diagnosis, procedure, documentation, and research were made, ultimately calling into question the efficacy of the experiments themselves.”

The doctors and bureaucrats didn’t even have the ethics or common sense to make their reports usable.

Nothing has changed. The COVID vaccines are injuring and killing huge numbers of people all over the world—and governments and media insist on covering up and twisting the facts about the largest grand experiment in human history.

From government leaders in scores of countries, down to decrepit pundits like Noam Chomsky, the word is out: the unvaccinated are lepers and must be isolated from the rest of society.

But sometimes the test subjects rebel and break out of their cages. When they do, they aren’t good little boys and girls.

Then they’re called insurrectionists and terrorists. But the truth is much simpler.

Living beings don’t like to be tortured.

Lucy Skywalker

Seems like this should be put up as a whole article.

Would Michael Baxter be open to that? Otherwise it seems a bit out of place in the comments section for Chelsea.


Zee just throws it up there and to see if it will stick.


This is the Truth about EVIL. Totally inhumane.
Possession by the Devil, most likely.
Maybe an exorcism before execution ?
What do you think. ?


Deep state will always lie and try to deceive. The lawyer made a call to ensure that the DS would falsify evidence. Deception is the tool used by the Devil.


Gloria O'Rourke

Thank you for the insight into what is going on in the Chelsea Clinton tribunal. I’m sure she won’t get off with a mere slap on the wrist. There’s too much evidence against her, and her husband especially being caught with the Haitian children in their car. Not to mention Chelsea’s RED SHOES. She has done unspeakable things to children. I appreciate the Real Raw News and look forward to more information coming out in the near future. God bless you all!WWG1WGA🙏🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


I find myself wondering why Mezvinsky chose to be in court rather than Zoom? I say he is both brave and crazy. I’m sure he’s trying to save his neck with JAG, but he also has to watch out for the “Clinton Underground”.


Yeah but he’s in the most secure facility in the world as far as we know, so he’s much safer there in Guantanamo then he would be out anywhere else.


He’s exactly where the military tribunal court wants him. With his in-person testimony, he is actually giving his account the same as Chelsea which means they can convict two during one trial. He may meet his fate right along side of his wife at the same time, in the same hour. A real two-for-one. Just wrap it all up already.


New evidence? ROTFLMAO!


good comparison….I knew their father….he walked in the room and the back of my hair would stand up…..a true darkness, but brilliant nonetheless.


Chelsea is a satanist and she had those children with her that were not hers when they picked her up and arrested her. So using her mother as an excuse and that she has Stockholm syndrome is no excuse. She’s an adult now no longer a victim. I would like to know what happened to Coumo. You still haven’t mentioned about his execution yet. David Zublick said he was executed at the same time of Hunter Biden’s execution. I would like to have verification on that through you. Seeing how I get my major Tribunal News from RRN. Thank you.

Dave Strickland

“An execution date is pending” – that is what ended Michael’s previous report on Cuomo a couple of weeks ago, which describes the tribunal’s verdict of his guilt.


Thank you Michael for keeping us informed you are truly appreciated……please stay safe. God bless you…


The prosecuters give these scumbags too much leeway – hang her butt and her little husband too. I have no sympathy for this little witch. How many children, Chelsea, have YOU hurt?????

MoJo Monkey

Marc Mezvinsky claiming that he knew nothing is implausible because he would not have been allowed to marry into the Clinton family unless he was connected and part of the NYC Jewish elite.
Insiders like Ben Fulford has said that Bill Clinton is a Rothschild, and Hillary is a Rockefeller. (Mark Zuckerberg is the grandson of David Rockefeller). At the upper levels they hide their true genealogy, even going so far as to have a spawn raised by a “cover” family.
Fulford’s sources are MI6 and Mossad. The secret genealogy of the elites is quite eye-opening. Recently Fulford wrote that his Mossad sources link Adolph Hitler’s grandmother as having a child with a Rothschild. Mossad also told him that Angela Merkel is Hitler’s granddaughter.


Families,…there are “more” that needs to be exposed from other countries. People not many have ever paid much attention towards that fly under the radar. Some have had a little exposure, but are still out there hiding and doing exactly what they always have done.

MoJo Monkey

Marc Mezvinsky claiming that he knew nothing is implausible because he would not have been allowed to marry into the Clinton family unless he was connected and part of the NYC Jewish elite.

Insiders like Ben Fulford has said that Bill Clinton is a Rothschild, and Hillary is a Rockefeller. (Mark Zuckerberg is the grandson of David Rockefeller). At the upper levels they hide their true genealogy, even going so far as to have a spawn raised by a “cover” family.

Fulford’s sources are MI6 and Mossad. The secret genealogy of the elites is quite eye-opening. Recently Fulford wrote that his Mossad sources link Adolph Hitler’s grandmother as having a child with a Rothschild. Mossad also told him that Angela Merkel is Hitler’s granddaughter.

Lucy Skywalker

“would not have been allowed to marry into the Clinton family unless he was connected …” Sounds absolutely correct. Plus the wedding cost thousands of $$ that had been raised for Haiti relief but was laundered instead.

Fulford is saying what many have been saying and providing suggestive evidence for, lots of pictures, for quite a time. Search out Telegram.

Dave Strickland

Benjamin Fulford’s sources go beyond MI6 and Mossad. I’ve followed him since he came on the scene in 2007. He was the first one to throw down a serious public challenge to the Deep State. I’ve been following the DS since 1971 (starting with the Bilderberg meeting of that year and Gary Allen’s eye-opening “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” book), so it was heartening to listen to him, but at first improbable because of the impression built up over years that the DS was invincible.

Last edited 2 years ago by Dave Strickland
Sandy Jim

It is good to know another gray beard on the boards here at RRN. Please contribute info more frequently if you please. WWG1WGA

Angel Askew

“Why Does He Do That? A look Into the minds of controlling men. By Lundy Bankroft

It outlines how as children we are forced to adopt the mindset of the victim or the abuser in order to survive.

As adults, we have the freedom and responsibility to choose outside role models we trust and respect and break toxic family patterns for good.

Permission is not needed.

This beta husband is a Soros snake planted on purpose. Hang his ass too.


You nailed it.


MB, the same people that poo-poo your articles can’t wait for CNN or The View to tell them what’s really going on.


Their time will also come and pass before Judgment.

Patriot Gal

Harrison is a shyster especially if he represents the Clinton Foundation. Maybe HE should have his own tribunal, too!


Boo Who Who, her Attorney wont drown anybody in a river of tears anytime soon around here, she’ll never find any sympathy from RRN Fans. lol


Like mother like daughter! Women without a moral compass!


Her “mother” was a witch psychopath killer. Bat poop Nuts. Moral compass is the least of it. Evil incarnate in a human body. A harpee.

Sandy Jim

The list is very long. And we have only just begun….

Rose Mary Abbott

And what did you expect them to say? That we are right and they are wrong? I’m surprised that you have any ass left to laugh off. That pitiful thing ran out a long time ago.

Rose Mary Abbott

Another reply I had made to the trolls.

Irish Girl

Sometimes I do, too – although I’ve been scolded recently.


Rose Marie, if you want to reply to the troll specifically, click the reply button under his post, then it will refer to his name, and you wont have to say to whom your’e referring.

Rose Mary Abbott

You just made up my mind to donate to Michael Baxter and I almost never donate money to political causes but you just convinced me.

Johnny Lunchbucket

Same here and I donated last evening to help out. A decent cause if there ever was one with all the Paytriiot’s out there shilling for money.

Michael, at least deserves something for his efforts.
Thanks you Michael.

Dr John

They were driving the children in the back, who they had just found stranded, alone and frightened on the road side, to get food and medical evaluation before presenting them to the police.

See it was ALL a misunderstanding.

They were even thinking of picking up some children’s books to calm them down along with some treats while there parents were being located. They themselves were doing to donate tens if not hundreds, no wait, thousands if not millions of dollars to rejoining the fine young angels with the terrified parents. True humanitarians, wonderful people, an example for all (sic).

Rose Mary Abbott

It’s so much better to worship pornographic children rapists who torture innocent children for their blood like a bunch of leeching vampires. It’s so much better to support killing all kinds of people with poison inoculations so they can be like a real sick version of Pinky and the Brain. Yes you are obviously better than everyone else. You are your own god. That’s it to the tee and no one worships you or even cares that you even exist. That’s why this is entertaining to your sick perverted wretched mind.

Rose Mary Abbott

I was replying to Russell the troll when I wrote this.


Hi rose


Thanks for the clarification, thought it was aimed at Chelsea — she deserves that invective as well. When I read about her arrest, I was shocked. was hoping she would see how evil her mother was, so she would take the kids and her husband an leave the country and start fresh, because Hillary could be so controlled and vile. Didn’t think she would follow in Hilly’s footsteps and be evil as she was and traffic kids, but the charges in the articles prove it.


harrison is stalling.


Robert S. Harrison paints a soap opera. Rear Adm. Darse E. Crandall’s retort “Please don’t,” is of Shakespeare quality.


More like an afternoon Drama.
To be continued “of course” painstakingly.

The Seeker

She had a tough upbringing, but it’s no excuse. She deserves a penalty and she needs to be punished. Let’s just hope no one else who grows up in a a deep state family ends up like this.

J Bill

Few people would agree her upbringing was tough. More like Ivy League with the best schools. And a silver spoon gagging her for 40 years. Yet never a word of tough times.

Complicit participation for not doing anything about the wrongs then, except to draft notes planning for her inevitable escape now. She made many choices. All bad.


Tough my ass! She was raised with a silver jammed up her entitled butt hole! No sympathy or sadness for Jr. Hitlerally. She can smoke turds with Satan just like her mummy and step daddy.

Sandy Jim

Well said !


Yeah if someone is really rebellious they could go totally the opposite way and be a really good good person and use their power and money to help people….. not this pile of dogshit.

Proudly Unaffiliated

She stands accused of running a child-trafficking ring. Her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, is beginning to testify. When does a bird sing?
#realrawnews #ChildTrafficking #ChelseaClinton #MarcMezvinsky #MilitaryTribunals #WhenDoesABirdSing

carolyn smith

well it is thursday – what happened yesterday???


My parents were also racist and respected the rich and affluent and I would never ever be an accessory to murder or traffick a CHILD to TORTURERS for cash. Come on, do better Harrison. This is military court and no TV will beam it from CNN for sympathy. She will never see the light of day at a MINIMUM and I suspect she will join her parents.


Oh the Clintons are racist…..that’s why! LOL. These people. They are really really ….evil. They don’t deserve to live. This is all a game of lies and deceit, deceit and lies. How much crime you commit depends on if you get caught, amirite? Kids are expendable as long as you get what you want, right Chels?


What you said really hit me.
“How much crime you commit depends on if you get caught”. !
Let this sink in. Imagine that she wasn’t in Gitmo, who would she be torturing right now ?


I like how they were prepared to whip out the poor me “I’m a victim” BS. It’s old and tired and we all know Chelsea knows child trafficking is WRONG. What BS