Military Convicts Chelsea Clinton


Marc Mezvinsky’s testimony resumed Thursday morning, and his remarks helped slam shut Chelsea Clinton’s proverbial coffin.

Rear Adm. Crandall opened the day by asking Mezvinsky about the 3 Haitian children who were passengers in Chelsea’s rented Mercedes at the time of her arrest.

“They were imported into the country some time ago; I don’t remember exactly when. They were meant to be gifts to a friend of the Clinton foundation,” Mezvinsky said.

“Interesting vernacular you have there. You use the word ‘imported’ as if they were a crate of microchips or lettuce. I think the words ‘abducted’ and ‘smuggled’ are more appropriate, don’t you? Who was this friend?” Rear Adm. Crandall asked.

Mezvinsky said he did not know. He claimed that he was to wait in the vehicle while Chelsea escorted the children to a hotel room in Rockport, Massachusetts. He also denied knowledge of the youngsters’ names, for Chelsea, like her mother, indecipherably scrambled proper names into anagrams to thwart attempts to track down smuggled children.

“Was it common for you and the defendant to personally deliver smuggled kids into the hands of pedophiles? You’re both high-profile people. Isn’t that a bit…risky and stupid?”

“It was rare, and she told me it was a special delivery. Besides, we had a get out of jail free card, like in the monopoly game,” Mezvinsky said.

“Get out of jail free card? Could you expand on that?” asked Rear Adm. Crandall.

“Say, for example, we got puled over by a state trooper, or even the feds, for whatever reason. They’d make one phone call and be told they’d have to release us, no questions asked,” Mezvinsky said.

“Are you suggesting, Mr. Mezvinsky, that local law enforcement and the intelligence agencies are subservient to the Clintons?” Rear Adm. Crandall asked.

“Absolutely,” Mezvinsky replied.

“It seems the Delta Force operators who arrested you didn’t honor that get out of jail free card you had,” Rear Adm. Crandall said.

“That was—unexpected,” Mezvinsky admitted.

Rear Adm. Crandall wanted to know if Hillary Chelsea Clinton knew the names of the thousands of children she and her family had sold to pedophiles, and the identities of the recipients.

“She does,” Mezvinsky said.

His admission caused Chelsea to launch into an inexorable rant against Mezvinsky, calling him a “spineless, sorry excuse of man, no backbone, no balls, piss-poor excuse of a husband. You keep your fucking mouth shut, that’s what you do, Marc.” Her outburst, Rear Adm. Crandall said, denoted a blatant contempt of courtroom civility, and he cautioned her to respect the court under threat of being gagged for the rest of the trial.

“During your testimony on Tuesday, Mr. Mezvinsky, you stated you were responsible for destroying evidence of Clinton crimes. But that’s not entirely true, is it? In your deposition, you told JAG you had screenshotted spreadsheets containing thousands of, how shall I put this, anagrammed names of both smuggled children and their intended recipients, including dollar amounts they were to be sold for. Is that correct?” Rear Adm. Crandall asked.

Mezvinsky nodded, saying he need “an insurance policy” against Clinton retaliation, in case they turned on him.

Rear Adm. Crandall approached the 3 officers tasked with judging the military’s evidence on Clinton. He laid on the table a ream of paper, saying the documents, regardless of muddled names, conclusively proved that Chelsea Clinton had authorized the selling of children who had been smuggled into the United States from countries such as Haiti, Columbia, and the Ukraine.

One recipient’s anagram–Tindus Komsovitz—appeared 11 times. Rear Adm. Crandall told the tribunal that U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command at Ft. Meade had rigorously scrutinized the database and deduced that “Tindus Komsovitz” was really Facebook Co-Founder Dustin Moskovitz, a longtime friend of the Clintons who had donated millions of dollars to Hillary Clinton’s election campaigns.

“I ask you, directly, Mr. Mezvinsky—did you and Chelsea Clinton sell children to Dustin Moskovitz?”

Rivulets of tears streamed down Mezvinsky’s face. “I’m sorry, yes, him and so, so many others.”

“And you’ll provide us the names you—” Rear Adm. Crandall started, but Chelsea rose to her feet and again lambasted her husband.

“You’ll keep your fucking mouth shut,” Clinton blurted, her voice a witch’s cackle.

Per Rear Adm. Crandall’s instructions, a pair of Marines gagged Clinton and dragged her from the chamber.

Rear Adm. Crandall asked the panel whether it had heard enough, and the officers unanimously found Chelsea Clinton guilty of all charges and recommended she be executed for crimes against humanity and for destroying the lives of countless families. Rear Adm. Crandall, however, admitted to quandary—could the U.S. military execute Clinton given the absence of evidence that she was guilty of murdering an American citizen or committing treason as stipulated under the Insurrection Act of 1812, the U.S. Constitution, or the Patriot Act.

Sentencing, Rear Adm. Crandall said, would commence “in days.”

“She will either be hanged or spend life at GITMO,” Rear Adm. Crandall said.

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Robert James

I hope videos of these executions are available one day.


Thank you for reporting, without your reporting we will not have idea what is going on, one of the factors that makes me to believe in your reporting is that if all these are false Hillary Clinton would have been scramming at every TV station, and calling RRN a conspiracy theorist that reports on her execution and execution others, so I guess the only reason she is not doing that is because she is no more, whoever they have is a double that can’t do much. All evil people need to be eradicated from this planet eearth.

Bee Bennett

So thankful that this evil one is arrested and definitely should be executed for Treason, Human Trafficking, and Crimes against Humanity. Her Mother left her to run the show, after Hilary was gone, and that was exactly what she was continuing to do. May Gods Justice be Swift to eradicate such evil from the planet. Life in prison is not cleaning up the Satanic that is most likely on Adrenochrome as well…
Thank You Micheal for the good news, there is hope


Nothing will happen .


The ending of this story sounds suspicious.
If she was convicted of crimes against humanity,
it should make do difference if the victims were
Americans or not.

This seems like a ploy to get her to rat out on
the obot and other high level scum,
to avoid being executed.


Hang her, she’s simply too dangerous to leave walking around on Earth. Let Satan decide whether or not he needs to do anything worse than hanging for her…

Robert James

So the murder of children who are not US citizens is different than of US children? Disgusting.
I’ll be reassured about Trump if and when his son-in-law Kushner is arrested.

Last edited 2 years ago by Robert James

Thank Michael

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J Bill

Good Morning Michael Baxter, Patriots, and commenters. A brief update from the Restored Republic report from November 1&2, 2021. 

Good news included in a cryptic message from President Donald J Trump

@ (G):


God Bless President Donald J Trump, US Military, Intel et al.
Michael Baxter and Patriots.


Great news! Thank you!


She should be hung. In prison, she can still “pray to the forces of darkness” and stir things up. She, like her mother, is a Satanist! If the dark side did not have power, we would not be in a war against them.


I am Patiently anticipating chelsea Clintons execution. It can be a necktie party, or the chop chopped block, or a firing squad… I am just checking in every day.
Either way, I know that we will not be disappointed.
Any suggestions.?

Lucky star

Her last word:” You can’t do this to me, I am Chelsea Clinton.”


Sheriff Grady Judd: Teen rescued, 102 arrested in Polk County human trafficking sting

Polk County, FL Sheriff arrests 102 in sex trafficking ring!!!

You can watch the video on YouTube channel: WFLA News Channel 8


This is amazing to cement it solid that the Clintons were nothing but slavers.
They never created anything for our country. Just took from, and every other country they could. Taking humans and selling them to the highest bidder.
They should tie a mil stone around her neck and cast her into the sea, for harming little ones.

Last edited 2 years ago by pamela



I wish I would have thought of that!!!

J Bill

Me too. Those words escaped me.
Deep down, it’s what I really wanted to say.

Deb S



People need to see all tribunals and executions. We can never let this happen again.


I’m sure that will happen if you ask him nicely. Oh except none of it is true.


Put your money where your mouth is. Prove that none of this is true. Ball’s in your court.


One has to believe in clones , CGI and body doubles for this to be true . Many don’t . How was the JFK Jr event yesterday in Dallas ? Who showed up ?


You are in denial, even JenSaki was arrested.
If we are Patiently waiting for Obamas arrest, we will be very happy..


Did you hear that JFK Jr forgot to show up in Dallas yesterday ? What happened ? Today is also supposed to be a big day, let’s see how much nothing happens .


Thank you for all the reports. I know if these people were able to shit you down it would have been done a long time ago.


No he has the disclaimer on his site . Parody , etc .


WE ARE HAVING FUN HERE. If you don’t want to play along, .. Then you can be censored… Pipe down… TROLL !


You can find a lot of satire and parody scrolling down the comments, If it was me I would put educational purposes in my disclaimer…
Somehow everyone that was called out for being…A PEDOPHILE or Lolita express frequent flyer or, Epsteins island habituée, none of them sued or defended themselves of the very public allegations,why is that?


The disclaimer .

Angela James

Michael, do you know if the head of the snake, Soros, is dead? He is still reported as being 91 years old. I’m wondering if he’s already had a Tribunal and then executed. I appreciate all of your articles so much.

Last edited 2 years ago by Angela James

What a piece of work the husband is a puppet for the Killer Clintons


Evil needs to be exterminated.

Hang the Witch Just like her Mother.

Sandy Koufax

Crandall should get medeival on Chelsea’s buttocks.


I get a visual of a horse whipping of chelsea Clinton…when I read that….

Mighty Mouse

“At first it was wonderful, blissful, serene. We were in love. We never fought. We did everything together. I got along smashingly with her parents, and she with mine.” Mezvinsky said.
Above is a quote from “day 2” of the trial. Does a 43 year old American man really talk like that? I am curious where Mr. Baxter gets his quotes from. Mezvinsky’s speech seems way too formal, and “smashing” is an old-fashioned British term, and I don’t think the Brits use it anymore.


Your opinion. The snobby elites from the New England area have their own lingo.


How appropriate, on Halloween Eve the child trafficking female pimp Chelsea Clinton gets convicted. There truly is a God.

unlabeled quality

either turn this filthy evil wretch over to the international court to be tried for crimes against humanity, or give her a rope so she can off herself. because spending the rest of your natural life in a cell with no visitors, or anything from the outside world, is a fate worse than death.

J Bill

I’m pretty sure she’s going to “walk the plank.” No worries!


This is exactly what would be fascinated to watch for someone like her.


Both deserve to be executed! He may have testified against her, but he helped her traffic children for years. NO DEALS!


SCUM & VILLANY…both of these two deserve punishment!!! As in the movie The Princess Bride…”To The Pain”…is what these criminals deserve!!! Cut off their feet…hands…nose…tongue and gouge out their eyes. Then…let them rot in prison!!!

Last edited 2 years ago by Otto

In the Bible, Romans 12:17-22.. It says. “do not exchange evil for evil”. Let us not become the evil we dispise
Hanging should be finalized.
Remove but do not torture…


For all the children these Evil said people molested…I totally prefer torture & then an eternity of fire, in the deepest bowels of Hell for these creeps!!! Just saying 😆😆😆


I understand… I just wanted to be careful not to become what we hate

Buck fiden

I thought the Bible said “Thou shalt not kill.” Period.

Dave Strickland

Thou shalt not murder; killing is sometimes the right thing to do. The difference is vital.


Spot on.


Thou shalt not murder

J Bill

find a better quote next time.

Deb S

imagine being mad at the bible


Dave Strickland

Be careful what you wish for. Longing for tormenting vengeance upon your enemies might be applied to you if ever you fall from God’s Grace.


It would be interesting to know whether Chelsea Clinton’s true daddy is concerned for his “little girl” being executed at GITMO for heinous crimes against humanity.


Googled it…and it looks like Webb Hubble is still alive. Im Sure he is laying low, so he doesn’t get Clintonized!!! 😆😆😆

Sue Grantham

The military is awesome. I am relieved that one less child monster is captured and will never be able to see a child, much less abduct them and sell them. Evil is overcome by good once again!🙏🇺🇸♥️


THANK YOU MICHAEL!!! Please continue on Birx , Cuomo, Barrett and Tillerson if you can.


Blown away. Marc stripped his wife down!!

Lorenz Manner

This piece of news is really awesome. I hope she will be hanged as her mother was because both swam in the same pool of iniquities. I’m also happy for the disclosure of other names that soon will be transferred to GITMO to take the consequences. Awesome.


Hows that “Get out of jail free card”, doing ya?? lol. Do not pass go! Do not collect $200.!!


And she said her husband was ” A sorry excuse for a man”?
She and her family are sorry excuses of human beings!!

Dave Strickland

I’m married to a foreign national. I imported her into my country to live there.


Well slavery is unconstitutional and that covers all human trafficking. So termination is appropriate.

joe blow

Her last meal will be an apple fed through the bars of her jail cell.

Sue Grantham

Or corn on the cob 🤣

Jim Johannsson

“TIndus Komsovitz” is really Dustin Moskovitz. Wow, it didn’t exactly take an Einstein to encode that one.

Last edited 2 years ago by Jim Johannsson

They are not known by their intelligence…..(in fact, it´s quite the opposite).

PAT is

Now she can meet the Demons she served. A dirt nap with mommy.


“In your deposition, you told JAG you had screenshotted spreadsheets containing thousands of, how shall I put this, anagrammed names of both smuggled children and their intended recipients, including dollar amounts they were to be sold for. Is that correct?” Rear Adm. Crandall asked. Mezvinsky nodded, saying he need “an insurance policy” against Clinton retaliation, in case they turned on him”.

Well, an “insurance policy” is only of value if it can be used to prove anything significant. This is only the case if this Mezvinsky guy is able to “retranslate” those anagrammed names back into the real names of both smuggled children and their intended recipients including the dollar amounts they were to be sold for. It should be easy to get this information out of both criminals, of Mezvinsky and Clinton, and prosecute the pedos who ordered those poor children and paid enormous amounts of money to satisfy their evil desire. GET THE REAL NAMES OF BOTH AND PROSECUTE ALL THOSE ASSHOLES INTO OBLIVION! If you don’t, nothing will change!


She’s a witch like her mother. This is not joking matter. She’ll be casting spells and incantations and dealing with the demonic if she lives. She’s destroyed countless lives and performed international human trafficking recieving $$$ for it too. I wonder if she’s filed this with the IRS? Ha!. Capital punishment!


No she didnt file because they are as corrupt as her. Same bed


“I ask you, directly, Mr. Mezvinsky—did you and Chelsea Clinton sell children to Dustin Moskovitz?”Rivulets of tears streamed down Mezvinsky’s face. “I’m sorry, yes, him and so, so many others.”

That means that Mr. Mezvinsky has confessed to being guilty of the same crime as his wife and should stand trial for that too.

Ed bob

Blacks vote democrat at 90% rate. Chelsea, Killary, Bill, Podesta, Brennan, Comey – all are all the result of America’s #1 enemy – the black race.

Last edited 2 years ago by Ed bob
Sue Grantham

They are enemies of the HUMAN race.


I have been waiting to hear this.
Thank you MICHAEL.
Justice is one step closer.

Rondelle Cagwin

Chelsea should be executed.
My question to real Raw news is why hasn’t the health department gone in and shut down all the McDonald’s and test the meat to see if there’s human DNA in it. If this is the case they should be included in this lawsuit against the cabal for serving human meat to the public without their knowledge. This is a vile vile crime against the American people. Everyone involved in the crime of selling human flesh to be eaten should be included in the Gitmo chain gang!


Probably because the health department is owned and controlled by evil just like many other things in this country and the world right now.


They should test it and publish the results. Ray Kroc’s widow will not like this.


They already did tests and it was proven that the percentage of human meat was higher than animal meats on certain products.
Recently several Mc.Donalds had to close doors worldwide as well as some meat markets. News were sanitised but the real reason behind it was the use of human meat.Maybe the results are still available online,they were, some time ago.

Last edited 2 years ago by kikas

Excellent news Michael!
Another dark being who will be put down anytime from now.
Great respect to Rear Adm. Crandall.
Justice has been served once again.
And there’s still more to come!!!

GreaterIdaho for Trump

The ´one call’ was mentioned in the Clinton era movie ´American Made ´ ´You should have taken the caddies boys’ scene.


Oh well,as depressing as learning and having all this betrayal revealed and described to me is today was Reformation Day! And if God’s portal of deliverance is still in fact open maybe they should start offering these condemned a Bible and a willing person to pray with before they get saluted by six Marines or do a short rope break dance or get a syringe of lovin’ spoonfuls or “garnished” chicken patties.


What a surprise. No one saw that coming.


If she kidnapped American kids, who are citizens, then handing them over knowing that they could be killed, wouldn’t that be murdering an American citizen?


the Military only proved that non-citizens kids have been traded, so it’s a hint the transcript is redacted : she is probably convicted for treason, and the crimes on kids are accessory to the treason count : i.e. kids are a payment or used as fuel for treason.

So even if the kid is not a US citizen, it’s still treason and then enough to see her hang.

But as the explanation of treason is still classified, we remain with that “quadrant’ thing

live oak

Thanks forsaken.


you are welcome my friend!

J Bill

I was worried some might “feel sorry” for the miserable witch. But it’s clear now:

any polls to determine the sentiments on her fate among the RRN crew would be highly one-sided.

Last edited 2 years ago by J Bill

compassion for a satanist witch selling kids and betraying his country and *****(classified stuff here)*** is not likely to occur here soon.

we save our ‘feel sorry’ feelings and heartbeats for the soldiers, the great Military, wounded or killed in the line of duty to make sure we keep our democracy, our rights, our habeas corpus


Beautifully put!

Sue Grantham



have not felt sorry for Chelsea since she called the guards in the WH “pigs” IIRC…..I thought the clintons were just bad grifters, but we’re finding out they are evil incarnate.

Sue Grantham

Regardless of citizenship, she/they committed crimes against humanity, which is a high crime and a death penalty is warranted

Jim Johannsson

Dustin Muskovitz must be heading for the hills about now.


Let me see if I get this,

So, because Ovomit pardoned all of them before leaving,they had to be caught in new crimes that were not included in his pardon, is that the reason for no evidence available of this high witch from satanic church sacrificing children in their dark altars? No evidence of treason,either?


you are right kikas, but I make the educated guess that the whole treason count is classified, of maybe under gag order.

So we are left only with the crime on non citizen kids, that’s enough for us to see her hang, but legally there is something missing and we understand it’s either the count that is classified or part of the docket that is still under seal or gag order.

At any rate you do not need a genius brain to understand kids were used for a broader corruption goal, and that goal was treason.


When they get all that “Art for Embassies”Crowd,half of them will be finally erradicated.
Ella Cruz was able to gather all the information from the world wide public investigation and some more, it´s on her website,names,pictures,events and the best is that anyone can look at their events,the guest lists,and we know positive Military has everything they need.


While they’re being forced to sacrifice maybe some pieces,they still hold the levers of power and are relentlessly destroying the USA internally and abroad like a locust plague.

Heather Duncan

strangle her to death please

J Bill

well said. and don’t feel alone. a few here might agree.

Last edited 2 years ago by J Bill