JAG Schedules Melinda Ann French’s Military Tribunal


War between Russia and the Ukraine will have no impact on the U.S. military’s efforts to seek justice against Deep Staters who have flouted the Constitution and for decades waged a different type of war against the God-fearing, law-abiding citizens of the United States, Rear Adm. Darse E. Crandall on Thursday morning told subordinates at a Judge Advocate Corps meeting.

He also scheduled the long-awaited military tribunal of Melinda Ann French, who on January 17 was arrested for participating in her late husband’s child trafficking ring and vaccination crimes, despite having testified against him under a conditional immunity agreement.

A JAG source who attended Rear Adm. Crandall’s briefing told Real Raw News that French’s military tribunal will take place on March 2, and include at least 6 witnesses willing to testify that French had more than a peripheral or tangential involvement in Gates’ crimes. Although unwilling to name the witnesses or discuss specific evidence, our source said a preponderance of testimony will clearly prove she abetted Gates in choosing and grooming young boys and girls most likely to command astronomical prices in the child sex trade market.

“Our findings contradict what Melinda French said under oath at Bill’s trial. She wasn’t just a mild-mannered bookkeeper, and she wasn’t coerced. French got hefty compensation, lived a life of unimaginable opulence. She was an active participant at meetings with Gates and Epstein. JAG will prove this a trial,” our source said.

Since her arrest, French has been a resident at Guantanamo Bay’s Camp Delta detainment camp, a maximum-security prison where Deep State captives are guarded by “White Hat” U.S. Army military police, U.S. Navy masters-at-arms, and a compliment of U.S. Marines who answer directly to Gen. David H. Berger.

French, our source said, has been a model prisoner. Quiet and reclusive, she rarely leaves her cell and spends her time reading books on female empowerment and self-aggrandizing autobiographies like Hillary Clinton’s What Happened?

“Even when offered exercise, she doesn’t go outside. She reads and sulks, and she’s maintained her innocence through the whole ordeal. No one should feel sorry for her. She had a chance to avoid prosecution, just had to tell the truth, but that was too much for her. Now she may face the same fate as Bill. We’ll find out on March 2,” our source said.

As an aside, we asked our source how JAG will respond if the criminal Biden administration tries to bring the United States into a foreign affair.

“What’s happening in Ukraine today is a tragedy. If the U.S. presidential election hadn’t been stolen, Putin never would’ve made his move. I’m not qualified to say who will do what if the administration escalates the crisis,” he said.

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Hi Mr Baxter, are there any updates to this story?

Mont Schroeder

Her/he’s neck looks already a bit stretched, is that thing a reincarnate of his ex old lady?

Mont Schroeder

I wonder if she was a a groaner, or a squealor in the sack?…………


very sad!


Melinda Gates… soon to reunite with Sicko Pedophile husband Bill and the rest of their evil Deep State Satanists Filthbag Demon buddies!! Good Riddance…

Gary Culver

For Biden to give away 35 Million Barrells of Oil at Our Most Desperate Time of Need Is Clearly TREASON and Unconstitutional. BIDEN Should Be Arrested For This Blatant Act of TREASON Against America! The Highest Authority In Our Military Should Arrest BIDEN and Take Him to GITMO To Await A Military Tribunal! He Must Be Stopped for CRIMES AGAINST AMERICA 🇺🇸

John .S

No doubt Melinda a freak-a zoid in the sack experiencing Bill’s deviance, knowing his capabilities.


Melinda has man parts.


Melinda is not who you think he/ she /it is. She was already hung in India several years ago along with the real Bill. Think about clones…


The real Melinda was hung 2012/13 in India along with the the real Bill. Families found out how they were experimenting on India’s children who had passed away. This he/she/it is a clone or actor of the deepest evil you can ever imagine…like so many of the other Its.


MB you plagiarized me in your most recent post!


Melinda is obviously a MAN.

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M. Baxter, “a compliment of U.S. Marines” : is it a new meaning of the word or is it instead of “complement” ?


Putin is a hero for our age There are reports of Russians targetting US bioweapon labs in Ukrainian territory and there is a possibility of Russians seizing ledgers and other materials related to Biden family and deep state money laundering and other criminal activities involving Ukraine. If that happens, they’ll hand that stuff over to the four winds just like they did all that stuff from the Climate-gate/East-Anglia scandal. Where is the down-side in any of that??

Jean Guillaumat

Had Trump been in full control, never would have Zelensky dared start this war again on Russia at the behest of the Cabal:
To the eventual anihilation of his ukrainian army.


“Police and intelligence agencies also need to take more action. For example, we have reliable eyewitness testimony from a member of Japan’s foreign ministry that Bill Gates was in Pakistan recently pushing vaccines. For years people have been sending me information that Gates had been executed or was dead. It seems Gates was trying to prevent us from sending military police to arrest him for mass murder by pretending to be dead.”
Benjamin Fulford

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By reading killary books she is building an insanity plea.


I’ve heard that Putin was part of the alliance. And he did talk to Trump to let him know that he would not be the one to start any war…but ukraine did first bomb Russia first, it was just not reported…Ukraine was trying to pull a false flag and get Russia to look like they started it…so Putin bombed them back, big time.
www dot bitchute dot com/video/zBe36CSVT6Qk/

Last edited 2 years ago by AmericanFaith

Thank you Michael…..all great news!

Rose Mary Abbott

I wonder if our war against the Deep State is going to be called the War of the Doppelgängers. Biden and Boris Johnson both are doppelgängers. Bill Gates, Bill and Hillary Clinton are now doppelgängers. Tom Hanks is a doppelgänger. Schiff is fake and so is William Barr. I hate this movie because it’s too complicated.


Love your comment. My thoughts, also!

Susan Sloate

Real Raw News is now the first news site I check in the mornings, just to be sure I haven’t missed anything. Appreciate your window on the world.

BTW, do you think that today’s action (war-like or not) is going to accelerate things in demolishing the Deep State? How much are they going to be hurt by what Putin is doing, and how much closer will we be to the end? Any thoughts, Michael?

Also btw–my son and his dad absolutely pooh-pooh EVERYTHING I mention from this site. Their reasoning is: “If it were true, we’d have heard about it on the news!”

Yeah… like THAT’s happening…


well check out… restorerupublic.co..daily reports


I think your son is onto something. Tell him I’m in agreement with him.


I thought Bill Gates was already hung?


Not just the USA, but these freemasonic criminals need to be rounded up world wide and taken down!


they are exposing them selves…we can see them now


Spoiler alert, she dies.

The white hats are slow walking this info…drip drip drip…when’s the flood gonna happen,,? Forget normies! They will have to wake up at that time….the rest of awakened humanity deserves to have this all outed NOW! Before its too late for us our children and grandchildren

Tee Fru

I concur-the normies may never wake up-we’ve gone through mental hell WAITING for the flood-start the the STORM!!

American Living in Canada

Yep, I have had a 3rd attempt against my well being.. 1st one starting July 1st 2020.

Hang in there.. just imagine the pain of the poor children that were waiting to be rescued. keeps things in perspective for me.


P.A.N.I.C. in DC. We’ve heard this acronym many times from CUE the meaning of is this: Patriots Are Now In Control in DC. May God Bless you abundantly my fellow American. Blessings,

Rob. L.

Both are doubleganger imo.


But they act and do the same things as the originals. Will they be arrested and executed?


Reading a Hillary Clinton book instead of committing to prayer and Bible reading while he/she must know a death sentence is likely imminent? Doesn’t she know Clinton was executed? The least thing one may say about these condemned is they appear to be remarkably insane.


She is reading Hillary’s books lol too bad she isnt’ finding God and asking for forgiveness on her horrific crimes, oh wait ,I forgot demons don’t like God.

John .S

Matters of Ukraine can flip on a dime, it can go in any direction.

Prepare folks, acquire nessesities now. Establish multiple plans, anything is possible.

Fuel vehicles, cap off home heating fuel tanks, test run your portable generator [get spare sparkplug].

Naysayers and non-believers: “you’re on your own”. Same went for those that ridiculed Noah when building the ark.

Writing on the wall, fasten seatbelts, possible rough ride ahead.


Nobody believed Noah until it started to rain.


It’s all good. Putin, Xi, and dozens of others are working with the White Hats to sink the Satanic deep state once and for all. Ukraine was a money laundering cesspool with a deep state installed government. Putin is pulling the plug on the Ukrainian crime syndicate! Always smart to have bottled water and a few weeks of canned goods on hand.


“Our findings contradict what Melinda French said under oath at Bill’s trial. She wasn’t just a mild-mannered bookkeeper, and she wasn’t coerced. French got hefty compensation, lived a life of unimaginable opulence. She was an active participant at meetings with Gates and Epstein. JAG will prove this a trial,” our source said.
So Melinda was not the humiliated, betrayed wife whose husband had sex with kids and traveled with Epstein and divorced him for not only those things, but engaging in human trafficking. She was in on it as a major player. A mother of three, no less.
Great work Michael, Thank you.

Tom M.

Yes Thank you Mike

Steve Johnson

I have a book recommendation for that thing aka Melinda Ann French. It’s titled ‘The Guilty Spouse’ by Thomas Fincham. 👍



Doing God’s work is NOT always an enjoyable walk! Weather you BELIEVE or not!

With her husband so far up the DS food chain!

Guessing now…

For nobody really knows for sure but her?

That her husband was involved with children, sex trafficking; that she and her sins would be discovered entwined together???

Normally birds of a feather, Flock together… yes?
You are known by the company that you keep… yes?

These people are living a life of “AN ILLUSION” I do believe!
Like Joe Walsh sang a song in the early 1980s…? Yes!

So… Someone, someone should but a Bible in each cell, of these prisoners.

Remember… What man cannot do… All Things Are Possible through Christ Jesus name; that whom will call upon his name shallbeSAVED!!

I pray they will do just that! Pray for your enemy’s always!

It may make a difference in their “ETERNAL DESTINATION” Heaven or Hell…

I’ll pray she finds JESUS Before her last breath is taken!

So she may come to the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ!!!

That in her salvation, her soul is forgiven and welcomed by Jesus into Heaven 💜 🙏 Amen 🙏 Amen 🙏

Rose Mary Abbott

I love that because satan is the total loser of everything in that kind of deal. Just like our Lord forgave the thief on the cross next to Him and said “This day will you be with me in Paradise”. Satan threw craps on that one. Our true war is not with humans but against satan and his demonic beings. Unfortunately he uses humans in his impossible effort to defeat God Almighty. We are having to protect ourselves from the demons inhabiting these people. They must repent if they want freedom from the demons. They must face themselves and God and totally give it up. The possessed man at the cemetery of Gadera only had to ask the Lord for help and those thousands of demons were out of there. Once you have made peace with God man can’t hurt you and neither can satan.


Our God is an awesome God, slow to anger, rich in compassion and his mercy endures forever. MG needs to simply profess Jesus Christ as her Lord and savior which could be easier said than done especially for people like her. The Lord is always saddened to lose one from the flock. Blessings,


So Bill Gates wife has been arrested? Haven’t seen this anywhere..


Prolly because you watch to much fake news.

chris russ

If she would have gotten there a bit earlier she possibly could have had a signed copy!

The world is in a tremendous mess and we need corrections now.


No argument there. We ALL need to do our part to clean up this mess, which is what we were doing before the Chinese flu started abounding and Paedodent Mushbrains stole the election.


Putin is fighting the cabal in Ukraine and the New World Order. What Dems hate, I love and right now, they hate Putin.




Things surely can changed quickly. Not too long ago, Russia was the Dems poster boy during the Russia collusion hoax.

Michael Corleone

Russia & Ukraine War is a DISTRACTION to cover up pedophile pResident Joe Biden’s crimes against humanity.

The Deep State is in a PANIC MODE because they are still propping up Bill Gates’s doppelganger.

It is good news JAG realized this scumbag Melinda also participated in child sex trafficking and vaccination crimes. Kudos to our patriotic military judges!

Michael Corleone


Freddy Benson

“i love fascism!”


Thats why you’re a Biden fan.

Freddy Benson

you love being wrong. why is that?

Rose Mary Abbott



why it did take soooooo loooooong to admit that…hmmmm


The DS is in PANIC mode and is rightly true but you know what else is in PANIC? Washington DC. PANIC is an acronym that means Patriots Are Now In Control in DC. Proof of that is the building of fence around the Capitol for the SOTU in March 1 and is imho, to trap the DS and its minions. It is similar to why the good guys allow the illegals to live in one central location in cities nationwide to facilitate arrests when the right time comes. Blessings,


What Happened?

Here’s “What Happened”: The Donald kicked your lying, thieving, rape-enabling, murdering, treasonous in-your-face criminal psychopathic ass.


Total agreement. Just add one more word: “sociopathic.”


Is it possible that Putin is with the white hats?


It’s not only possible, it’s probable.

Although I’m leery of his KGB background, to paraphrase W.C. Fields, “any man who hates globalists and bankers can’t be all bad”…

Rose Mary Abbott

That’s FUNNY!


Same here. And anybody who wants to protect the kids from these satanic paedophiles and LGBTQ pushers can’t be all bad, either.


From all I have heard he is.


Until he took back the ball, he was backing Trump. Now, he’s kicking their ass by destroying all the Deep States BioLabs in Ukraine.

Rose Mary Abbott

I never ever thought there would be a day when I would say “Yay Putin!”, but here it is.


Putin and Trump were both freemasons and part of the satanic cabal. But the most high is playing divide and conquer with the freemasons. So he has got guys like these two, turning on their own former handlers.
So right now, they are doing Gods work to take down the satanists.
The most high is ultimately in control and this is how he often plays his hand (aka divine intervention).


Nothing can stop divine intervention hard as the DS tries.


I’ve heard that he was part of the alliance. And he did talk to Trump to let him know that he would not be the one to start any war…but ukraine did first bomb Russia first, it was just not reported…Ukraine was trying to pull a false flag and get Russia to look like they started it…so Putin bombed them back, big time.
www dot bitchute dot com/video/zBe36CSVT6Qk/

Last edited 2 years ago by AmericanFaith

He outed the Rothschilds. He exposed the Illuminati’s plans. Lord Jacob Rothschild called him a traitor to the New World Order. He is working with Trump to take out the biolabs for the Chinese plague and save the kids from these paedophile tunnels running from under the Ukraine to under Sweden. Take all that in context with what’s been going on these past 4 years under Trump draining the swamp and taking down the bad guys, it makes sense that he is with the white hats. Putin is a fearless leader like Trump — Trump won’t be pushed around and he refused to let America be pushed around, anymore more than Putin won’t be pushed around and let Russia be pushed around.


” … JAG will prove this a trial,” our source said. Or at trial?


Castaic used to be a great place for fishing,but Lake Hughes is where everyone is going now🐟


I also went to Pyramid Lake and June Lake when I lived in So.Cal.


I have never been to June lake,I have been to Pyramid though


Some advice to the perp called Melinda Ann,
Who, if truth be known, is actually a man:
“It was seriously unwise
Your collusion to disguise,
So ‘fess up quick if you don’t wish to hang!”

Proudly Unaffiliated

After “Melinda” is hung for her many crimes, I wonder if they will reveal “her” actual gender. Good riddance in advance.


Who cares about the carcass? I care about her blackened heart.

Michael R Davis

Pretty certain that Gates and Melinda seeded disease into the nursing home or faked the diseases with murders, at the first nursing home (Life Care Center of Kirkland) to have large numbers of deaths (39) by March 11, 2020, located just a few miles from their opulent home outside Seattle. Many of the nurses and other employees were non-US-citizen Chinese commuting back and forth across the Canadian border.

Last edited 2 years ago by Michael R Davis

A company owned by Bill Gates pilot tested 5G antennas INSIDE the nursing home didn’t take long for covid to escalate. Radiation poisoning shows the exact symptoms of covid…..


Wait what? That’s not true at all dude, radiation poisoning causes nausea, headaches, dizziness, diarrhea, hair loss, etc. It’s not at all the same symptoms as a respiratory infection.

Last edited 2 years ago by Cole

There are other types of radiation, not just nuclear, doofus.

Rose Mary Abbott

Old COLE IS A 👹 TROLL so his opinion doesn’t count here.


Ive heard about this, in fact he did experiments elsewhere also.


I live a few blocks from the nursing home in Kirkland. Yep! most of their nurses are not American natives.

unlabeled quality

…and not a single goddamned word about it out of the corrupt media here in King County. The Seattle Times, Post-Intelligencer, MyNorthwest.com, etc…

all official ‘muhInslee’ media.
That’s not surprising, though.


A signal for it to begin, in their backyard so to speak.

Last edited 2 years ago by Rubus



WHY are those nasty books even at GITMO?! Doesn’t make sense! The only books allowed should be the Bible and Christian books on how to get saved.

Mr. Bill

If you can’t find a Bible I’msure there are plenty of Qur’ans laying around.

Sue Grantham

Excellent 👍♥️🙏🇺🇸


Has a gender check been done on her/him?

Proudly Unaffiliated

Do that after the hanging.

Last edited 2 years ago by Proudly Unaffiliated



Like when they showed Hillarys satan marked body to another pedo….


Yes,it was a stolen election and hopefully everone participating in the fraudulent election is executed


I’m NOT in favor of that, but I am in favor of prison time for many of them including these radicalized School Teachers and Transhumans going to prison for their part in grooming Children under cloak & dagger.


I respect that but It’s easy to escape from prison,look at the rumors of Epstein still being alive and living on an island somewhere,a lot of innocent lives have been taken because of the deep staters….they also branched out for years and years and others followed their beliefs and doing rituals in cities everywhere,im for death to rid the world of them

John Brown

We live in an actor based reality, as dallasgoldbug proved. I proved Epstein is out and about committing more fake murders, to drive advertising, with a fake police chase as David Dovi in Broward (where else) County FL.


Things sure got weird fast,I believe anything is possible at this point…we only know what they tell us and show us


How do we know that the White Hats didn’t spring him out of Gitmo ? Maybe they needed him so that this whole pedo ring will be taken down to the last pedo. I think he is kept under a very tight military guard. Just my opinion but…… who knows ?


I think you are probably correct. Wait and see,


You are right,how do we know….we only know what they tell us and show us,I’m hoping that Trump and Putin are working together taking care of the swamps and making Biden and the administration look like fools…and that these tribunals and executions are real


It’s a possibility. If the Deep State gets taken down because they have Epstein under lockdown, and Putin is aiming for Deep State targets in Ukraine (like those biolabs working with the Chinese virus put there since the Obama years) to save the kids in the tunnels running from Ukraine to Sweden, GO FOR IT. Just no innocent lives lost, please. 5 planes and a chopper went down earlier, and my friend in Europe watching the events unfolding is VERY concerned about other countries getting touched by this. Everybody is talking about Russia and Ukraine at war. It’s scary.


Maybe a Lobotomy could be used for the protection of civilians.


That would work if it was done by Drs that we could trust,we don’t even know who we can and can’t trust anymore

Rose Mary Abbott

I’m not in favor of ever letting any of them have any contact with anybody for anything else forever. I don’t want to pay for their food or lodging in any way. Solitary confinement for the rest of their lives 3000 feet below the surface of the earth or more. Totally forgotten about except by their torturers who would make them miserable until they finally die a horrible slow death. I think death by hanging is far more merciful and economical. They are all given time to think about it and get it right with God. I think my teeth would fall out if I saw one of them do that.


Well unless you are going to house a few prisoners, we do not have room for them all. Maybe you could take them in and reform them.


Execution is the way to go because there aren’t enough prisons in the World for all these treasonous crooks…

Mr. Bill

When you are dealing with a cancer it must be destroyed, it cannot be contained. If it’s not destroyed it will raise it’s ugly head again and be worse than before. We must act with the same determination as the enemy has had for the last 100 years




Convict and Hang the treasonous, pedo, bitch.

Phyllis Bonviso

I thought Trump signed off giving military full force and effect over the protection and safety of Americans and the military was running this country – now you are saying Biden is really running this country? Therefore, from where we stand, Russia, China, Iran, Iraq and United States/Biden, will invade Israel, start the Rapture, Tribulation and for the next 3 1/2 years, 1/3 of the earth will be burned, 1/3 of the sea will be filled with blood, the sky and moon will turn blood red, 1/2 of the worlds population will be dead, the rest will wish they were dead but cannot die but lets continue to go after the Deep Staters because it is the best use of our military at this time…you guys never make any sense to me

Proudly Unaffiliated

Thus far, with all the attempts to start wars coming from criminal Pretendant Bidan’s misadministration that have utterly failed, it appears that the command structure (the part of the military that actually conducts military actions) is controlled by the White Hats. But maybe there is a split in there, too.


Untrue, God made special concessions for the ignorant. You cannot see what stands before you because you have committed great sin and have refused to repent your sins before Jesus Christ.



Be patient…I know I know…it is taking a long time to round up these demonic treasonous crooks because there are so many of them and they are going down fighting…Rest assured, their days are numbered…Prayer is the best answer when frustration sets in…It works for me…Sincerely…


There is strength in numbers especially when we all pray to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Here is one acronym that we all should know, PANIC w/c stands for Patriots Are Now In Control. And who is the rock behind the Patriots, God is.


The bible has been heavily altered by the freemasons.
Look up Mark Alan King and his gematria findings.
The book of revelation was named as a ‘talmudic fraud added to the bible by fake jews’ (to paraphrase).
The purpose is to predictive program over 1 billion christians, into complacency.
Thankfully it wont happen!
There wont be an antichrist who will run the world for 3+ years, they wont round up and throw all christian into FEMA camps etc.
In reality the freemasons are going to end up in those camps instead. Their NWO plot has collapsed!

Rose Mary Abbott





This means Robin Williams will die a second time? That picture is not a woman compared to the 2013 photo. I wish Mr. Baxter would provide current images, but due to security purposes he’s only granted with what he has.

John Brown

Fwiw: Robin Williams was a demon possessed FTM. In am interview he said he was possessed when doing his act. Though, IMHO, he might not have been human at all and was just some sort of lizard bapomet.


There’s a photo of him and all the top known satanist, from a while back…I think I have a screen print of it…somewhere.


She should’ve chosen Comic books instead.


Better yet, the Bible.




She wore an upside down cross as did HRC & her spawn. We all know what that means. The Bible would be lost on them!


Amen and Amen!!!!

J Bill

“Sgt. Rock” is a good place for her to start.

Freddy Benson

“Sgt. Rock”


Comic books? Really? Not everybody has your taste, goober! Can you even imagine that, goober?


Dante’s Devine comedy would’ve been a good choice.


What a waste of the precious time she has left….