Putin to Trump: “Your Media Lies!. This is not an invasion”


Minutes before Russian cruise missiles struck targets in eastern Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin made an urgent call to Donald J. Trump, saying his military had launched a “controlled assault” on “terrorist” targets within the Ukraine, said a Mar-a-Lago source speaking under promise of anonymity.

Putin told Trump that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the West would do everything in their power to paint his “specialized military action” as an imperialistic full-scale invasion.

He purportedly told Trump targets included “terrorist” bioweapons facilities, including an Israeli-funded biolab in eastern Ukraine that was researching how to create and weaponize “airborne rabies.”

“Putin spoke to Trump again Thursday morning,” our source said.

“Your media is lying. This is not an invasion,” Putin reportedly said to Trump.

The West’s theatricality, Putin said, could easily be proven. He said there is no visually verifiable evidence of “massive explosions” throughout the Ukraine or of massive amphibious landings in Odessa or Mariupol.

There is at least some evidence to support Putin’s claims. An on-air Fox News anchor wearing a helmet and flak vest was in Kiev giving a live update. Suddenly, he seemed shocked to hear and see what he called a “huge explosion” somewhere in Kiev. However, viewers neither heard nor saw an explosion. The cameraman never panned away from the correspondent.

“This is all deception, President Trump. You have your Deep State, I have to battle mine,” Putin told Trump. There is no occupation.”

At this point, Real Raw News is making no claims as to whether Putin is or is not telling the complete truth. At the first stages of any conflict, propaganda abounds.

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Rosanne. Choate

Bet Putin’s one of the ” white hats” and his military.

terry jacks

NESARA and GESARA are ready for release. First, the hostilities have to end. NESARA /GESARA requirements were agreed to by all 209 countries that are part of it. Russia and China are allied with the USA for the take-down of the Deep State, CCP, Khazarian Mafia, child trafficking, and related international major league crimes. The final count in the USA is 500,000 indictments, the total for all countries is 2pt5 million arrests and indictments. Russia and Putin are taking down those bad guys in their AO, specifically around Kiev. We are getting closer to the end of the movie now. The White Hats are tearing up the bad guys, and the worst of the worst, Israel, is being saved for last.


There will be no Nesara , it’s not a law . Hostilities might never end , it’s not going to happen . Wait and see . Pay your income taxes.

Kathleen Ann

The photo you used here is old from 2015 – Could you explain that Michael?

comment image


Wow, a journalist using a stock photo. Who would have thought? 😄 It’s a very common practice.

Sandy Koufax

The Biden Regime is supporting Ukraine when President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is handing out guns to citizens. Biden must demand that Zelenskyy declare guns illegal and institute mandatory gun buybacks to end the hostilities, even though Zelenskyy didn’t sell the guns in the first place.

terry jacks

Don’t forget the Cars! Biden must start Cash-for-Clunkers in Ukraine to get those polluting Skodas and such off the streets. Think of the children. Never mind the clot shot requirements and boosters for the kids.


Go Get Em Putin & Take That Corrupt Installed Natzi Biden Obama Clinton Pelosi Romney Soros and the list goes on and on DeepState Money Laundering Crime Cult along with Claus Shwab world economic forum.And Burn It to the ground The offensive is on and you Evil scum bags are feelling the pain.

Buck fiden

Please, no more moving goalposts.

Get well.


That’s funny. Putin has a sense of humor. A KGB guy telling Trump our media lies. LMAO!! I like this guy.

Barbara Vadas

The media lied? Do they ever not lie?


So every picture, video, interview, is false? No one has died, there are no refugees or any bombings?


According to International Law Ukraine Is a Part Of Russia,
Meaning Russia Can Enter At Any Time…
Ukraine Is A Part Of Russia, Meaning Russia Can Enter At Any Time…
Ukraine is Not a separate country – It was not registered as such, it is a part of Russia, meaning Russia can enter at any time.
The Secretary-General of the United Nations has stated that Ukraine has not applied for border registration since 1991, so the state of Ukraine does not exist….
And we don’t know about it!!!
Under international law, the country simply has no officially recognized borders.
In order to solve this problem, Ukraine needs to complete the demarcation of borders with neighbouring countries and obtain the agreement of neighbouring countries, including Russia, on their common border. It is required to document everything and sign treaties with all neighbouring states. 


Just a little truth about the current Ukraine’s Crises – Do you still trust the F**king Main Stream Media?
The 2014 American Coup in Ukraine
“They Didn’t Hear What We Told Them. They Had Better Hear This Time.” — Vladimir Putin
It seems to me that this what is going on between Russia and Ukraine is a part of this global agenda “RESET”.
We have to have in mind that the all-western governments are only puppets of Globalists. These governments do not represent any national interests anymore.
They do, what the Masters of Universe” (International Banksters) want them to do.
They want to destroy American and Russian nationalistic tendencies.
Biden do not represent American Interests.
But there are still in Russia many Patriots on the TOP of Russian Government.
They will not cooperate with any Global RESET to create global government with global currency.
In Globalists/Communists/Zionists plans are many Agendas like: depopulation, destruction of nations states.
With military conflict USA and EU – Russia, they can destroy white people national states and at the same time the Communistic China will become leader or driving force in introduction of Global RESET – Global Communistic Totalitarian System.
Poles were drawn into WWII by “London” correctly, it would be “CITY OF LONDON” – the headquarters of the Zionists (Real Financiers World Center).
At that time, it was about destroying the economically strong Germans.
At that time, the Germany (National Socialism) was a big threat for Globalist/Zionists/Masons/International Bankers in implementing the so long planned takeover of world by implementing Global Dominance of Mankind due to controlled Money Supply, Controlled Mainstream Media, Military, Education System, and National Governments that was later turned into Corporations – currently called New World Order.
Poland was the perfect country to provoke a war, just like Ukraine is now!
Poland was the country with the highest percentage of Jews in the world, about 10%, who totally controlled Poland.
The Zionists – The International Jewish Congress On March 24, 1933, started/declared a war on Germany – this is a historical fact.
After WWII, Zionists / Globalists and Communists took over the power in the world: UN, World Bank, IMF, Bank of International Settlements (the so-called Bank of Central Banks).
Now it is about the destruction of Europe, the USA and Russia in the name of the so-called RESET. Then the Elite of Globalists/Communists/Zionists/Masons/International Bankers assume a dominant role in the implementation of NWO/RESET with the Global Totalitarian Laws.


he’s wiping out the Kazerian mafia also, they have been terrorizing Ukraine for decades !!


🎯 Flying over the target … 👍

Last edited 2 years ago by Pat

En tiempos de guerra la primera víctima es LA VERDAD

Ninguno de los contendientes va a hacer públicas sus verdaderas intenciones para dar pisstas al enemigo

Buck fiden

I’ll dar pisstas on you, spickie-chickie!


when is this LYING MEDIA going to GO DOWN ?


Bidon and the deep state are really pulling out all the stops to make america hate russia, i hope Putin gets all those bastards !!!!


I believe this is true because my Russian friend said that Ukraine is corrupt.


The Biden’s and 🇺🇦 Government Politicians and high officials stealing from the Ukrainian People and U.S Taxpayer.

Buck fiden

Nice flag.


My friend from Ukraine said the Russians were mean. She knows three people there.


Controlled demolition.

Above Reproach

Strategic strikes on underground sex trafficking molestation, and knocking out biological weapon manufacturing is what is going on, Biden is the
biggest idiot on the planet 🌎 ! Hay Putin be sure to knock out that fuel company that was paying millions to the pervert Hunter Biden.
these people make me sick . Don’t stop until every last creepy sick
bastard is having a permanent dirt nap.


I think Putin is lying to Trump when he says this is not an invasion. It absolutely is an invasion and he’s doing real damage in Ukraine and killing people. Bottom line: he wants his empire back and he’s on the march to take it. I don’t believe that Fox News is lying either. Those videos are often made by people in the neighborhood, people like you and me. I can’t continue to believe that nothing is real in this world. Bill Gates is out there at some conference running his mouth, but, wait, no, he’s gone. Now Hillary wants to run for President again, on the stage giving her rabble rouser speech, Chelsea has a new book coming out, but that’s not possible. Joe Biden was last reported to have had a stroke, yet he’s out there doing his President thing with a spring in his step. I wait for the day when the doppelgänger suddenly gets tired of doing impersonations and, one day, while at the press briefing just starts to peel the mask off in front of everyone. Wouldn’t that be wonderful ! Jig’s up, guys ! And he walks away from the podium, out the door, and is never seen again. That’s what I want to see.

Buck fiden

Zhou Biden’s invasion of America by commie chinks and spixicans is far more lethal and real.

Candy Gonyo

Wow, Putin called Trump instead of poopy pants joe? Trump should take that as a compliment. I personally trust Putin more than this fake administration.


Is the “Russia-Ukraine war” a Fake News story designed to deflect away from the US and Canadian Truckers Convoy 🤔.

Last edited 2 years ago by Angel

The trucker convoys are fizzling out, not even Fox News cares enough to cover them anymore. The US organizers took too long and missed their moment, their attempts at it so far have been pretty tiny and too pathetic to get much attention.


Something about the 🇨🇦 Convoy didn’t feel right . Research Pat King and his ties to others in 🇨🇦 Government and The Atlantic Group …
Just saying DIG deeper …

Buck fiden

They should have been more like the Million Nigger March, but the MSM wouldn’t cover the truckers.

Freddy Benson




Wag the Dog

Freddy Benson

mb is just trolling everyone now lmao

J Bill

Btc is falling from the sky like a lead albatross. Hope that helps….


Good, crypto sucks ass

Jean Guillaumat

Another country falls off the hands of the Cabal.
Next within 2 months: Macron, its Gauleiter in France.
Imposed by (another) stolen election.

Buck fiden

I hope Gauleiter kicks out all the sand niggers.

Bev Kungl

I just found out the following on Gab. Did you know the US owns several bioweapon labs in the Ukraine and most are along the border with Russia? Did you know that Russia and China went to the UN 4 months ago and asked the UN for the US/allies to be “checked and limited” in bio capabilities? Did you know they asked the UN to check biological warfare strength of the US and allies? Did you know that both China and Russia indirectly (and correctly) blamed the US for the C19 outbreak (Fauci) and are fearful the US and allies have more viruses (bioweapons) to release? If you know where the bio labs are in the Ukraine you will see that Putin is destroying them. These are his targets…not the Ukraine. If this is correct then I agree with what Putin is doing. These labs need to be wiped out. Of course the media is hyping everyone up and it’s all lies.


04/07/2014 UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon made a stunning statement, the distribution of which in Ukrainian media and the Internet is banned. The conflict between the two countries was discussed at the session of the UN Security Council. From this, the following conclusion was drawn:

Ukraine has not registered its borders since 12/25/1991. The UN has not registered the borders of Ukraine as a sovereign state.Therefore, it can be assumed that Russia is not committing any rights violations in relation to Ukraine.

According to the CIS Treaty, the territory of Ukraine is an administrative district of the USSR. Therefore, no one can be blamed for separatism and forcibly changing the borders of Ukraine. Under international law, the country simply has no officially recognized borders.

RR Today

Basically, now all Russia has to do is declare that this area is Russian and that everything that happens in this area is an internal matter of Russia.

Any interference will be seen as a measure against Russia. On this basis, they can annul the elections of May 25, 2014 and do what the people want!

According to the Budapest Memorandum and other agreements, Ukraine has no borders. The state of Ukraine does not exist (and has never existed!).

Last edited 2 years ago by Zee
Freddy Benson

Basically, now all Russia has to do is declare that this area is Russian and that everything that happens in this area is an internal matter of Russia.

“I declare bankruptcy!”
— michael scott

Last edited 2 years ago by Freddy Benson

Lol right? Like if Putin just declared ‘Ukraine is Russia now’ the Ukrainians would have to lay down arms and surrender and that would be the end of it? How is anybody this gullible and this clueless about how the world works. I hope scientists get the opportunity to study Zee’s brain someday.


“According to the Budapest Memorandum and other agreements, Ukraine has no borders.”

Zee, this is absolute fucking nonsense. It says no such thing, whatsoever. Have you ever even looked at the Budapest Memorandum or have any clue what it’s about? No of course you don’t, you just saw this on some dumbass blog and believed it, because you instantly believe every dumbass made up thing you read on the internet.

This is literally item one on the Budapest Memorandum:

1. The Russian Federation, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and The United States of America reaffirm their commitment to Ukraine, in accordance with the principles of the CSCE Final Act, to respect the independence and sovereignty and the existing borders of Ukraine.

Last edited 2 years ago by Cole

Putin went in to rid Ukraine of all the ds/mafia for the wh alliance .I saw video of Russian and Ukraine soldiers dancing together in celebration of ridding up the criminals.


So did I.

Gunny HiWay

Very interesting that a nationwide attack like this has caused LESS than 200 deaths.
Great Shooting Vlad!


You think there should be more deaths in 24 hours? Nice of you.


Selective shooting with surgical precision of the DS operatives embedded in Ukraine imho. 🙏🙏🙏

Buck fiden

The Russkies did obliterate all the bioweapons scientists on Kike Island.


I know who I would believe and it deffinately isnt the main stream media thats for sure


I dont know about a lot of this stuff im hearing or not but I heard somewhere that there is a lab in Ukraine that is working on weaponizing rabies by aerosolizing it. Would make a great target.

Freddy Benson

“i don’t know what i’m talking about but here’s some information i saw on facebook”


“And I believed it”


Love your work, Michael, this is stupendous!! Please keep it up!

Freddy Benson



I don’t give a Fuck what anyone says about you either,
The Media is lying about PUTIN invasion OF UKRAINE.
I am going to ask Michael Baxter. NOT to ban you.
I will stand behind you 100% on this..👍
Mr Douglass


I think hes being honest. Nato and the deep state want a war but they want Putin to initiate it so they can say he started it. Our media is lying. I dont think there ever was a Russian troop build up on the border.

Freddy Benson

there’s video of actual attacks

there’s video and osint of putin wearing the same clothes when he declares the attack and when the council convenes. lmao ya’ll dumb af


Time will tell. But it certainly seems like an “invasion” to the people in Ukraine.

The only serious sanctions though are the ones Biden put on the U.S. from the beginning…esp. with our energy independence along with supporting the foreign nations permitted through our borders….along with the massive poisoning by the medical community’s “agencies in charge”. Biden is now, in a time of world chaos, having to beg for energy from our known enemies….just like planned from the beginning. Thinks it’s a good thing that people have to pay $6.00 for gas…and going up now.

If Putin is calling Trump because he feels that there is still some kind of force loyal to T, we’d like to see some signs of that force beyond some arrests of those who don’t seem to have mattered so much since the people are still experiencing increasing suffering and fear for what’s next.


I seem to recall that Pat Travers rock performance where he sings “Boom Boom… Out go da lights” ;>)


Putin is taking away Joe & Hunters cash cow. It’s all about the money!!! 💰💰💰


PUTIN castrates BIDENS financial interests in corrupted Ukraine,
And biden slaps Putin on the wrist. !😏

Freddy Benson

false flag


Take it, Vladdy!!


On Wnd.com the drs. Cole and Molone say not to vax your children.
Go there and read what the have to say.


I just read a report in The Exposé, a reliable source of information, about how the US has a number of biolabs in the Ukraine close to the Russian border which are doing dangerous research, and that only the labs are under attack. The explosions are exactly where the labs are located. Pity links aren’t allowed here. It’s a fascinating article with maps and all. The researcher also stresses this is not an invasion, just as Putin claims.


I saw one video where a person claimed it “just a warehouse” – I’d bet it was exactly one of those targets you are talking about. This is indeed an amazing thing to watch play out.

Hellava' Lot

You can include a link by using “dot” rather than a period.

Kelly Brown

Vlad, Vlad, Vlad…you’re not telling Trump something he hasn’t said a billion times. It is Trump who coined the term “fake news”.

Last edited 2 years ago by Kelly Brown
Freddy Benson

that’s right! people aren’t dying on camera at all! they’re faking it !


Biden is wagging the dog.


For one, I believe Putin more than I believe in the media.


one site said the russian troops were active on tinder accidently giving away their positions b4 they were black out ,do you think they would be sleeping with the enemy? sounds like they are being protectors to me.

Freddy Benson

they should be on grindr

William Turner

This Goddamned shit show of entirely fake news has got to stop! People are fucking sick and tired of reading “may, or may not be true” – we have had enough already. Military should either step in, or all of us have to prepare for WW III

Last edited 2 years ago by William Turner

I heard there are two militaries. What one should step in?


Decisions, decisions……


Yes, a Deep State side and a good side. Trump is on the Deep State side.


Ruth you really need to get that eye of yours looked at
Its beginning to effect your hearing and comprehensive
That can get you banned and we don’t want that, now do we?


Neither….. If you can’t protect our southern border, you have no business sending any American to another border.


There is no “white hat military” William. There is one US military and it recognizes Joe Biden as commander in chief.


We are in WW3 without bombs etc. but with high tech info/cyber weapons imho.

unlabeled quality

catching the latest X22 report kinda confirms this, as well as my last comment from this morning.

Ukraine is the achilles’ heel of the DS.

Biden is trapped by it and connected to it, as well as anyone connected to him.

We may very likely be in the endgame.
If you connect this with the ongoing Durham investigation, and think back to all the Burisma and Hunter Biden garbage that’s been going on these past few years…

This article may have also confirmed, in its own way’, that Putin and Trump are working to clean out the Deep State:

“This is all deception, President Trump. You have your Deep State, I have to battle mine,” Putin told Trump”

Interesting times, eyes open, and stay frosty.

thanks, MB.

Last edited 2 years ago by unlabeled quality

Clearly Putin is referring to the Anunnaki nests.


Achilles heel which is akin to Napoleon’s Waterloo. God is good all the time, Amen. 🙏🙏🙏

Mont Schroeder

The media and richies are the same rotten cock suckers that started the Spanish American war, WW I, WW II, Korea, Vietnam, Dessert joke and Dessert storm. The media and greased off politicians are all a tyrant needs to start endless wars and get the little people to fight them………………when will it end?………..


It will end in God’s appointed time, keep the faith and trust in God alone. He has our back covered like a blanket. Blessings, 🙏🙏🙏


When everyone understands that the same Atheist Communists who destroyed Russia have never stopped and are now pulling ALL the strings to depopulate (C19 💉) and CONTROL ($$$$) The entire 🌎. These vermin ARE everywhere.
Look into a Bchute presentation called 3 Rabbis and 1 Book .


Common sense -IF D.C. scum we’re REALLY worried about Russia-why cap USA oil wells? And triple Russia’s oil $$income? “nato”= City of London banksters Bring ALL U.S. troops home-protect AMERICAN border

Big E

Didn’t Trump have anything to say in response?


Oh he will.


Yeah, he’ll say “take the vaccine”


Which side of ✡ is Trump on?
The Torah or The Talmud? If it is the Torah then it is a 👍 . If it is the Talmud it is a 👎🏻.
I venture to say that he is a Zionist so which is it OR is it neither? Zionism and Globalism go together.
Figure it out FOLKS … 🤔


I wonder who translates between Putin and Trump. That translator must be a HVT.

Freddy Benson

he said this wouldn’t have happened if he were in office. uh he tried to disarm ukraine to get dirt on biden. wonder why he’d do that


Yes and held in strict confidentiality. FOIA won’t cut it. Meanwhile, let us pray to God for this to end. 🙏🙏🙏


Leftists are basically a psychopathic cult, with no logic, and no sense of proportion; their emotionally-charged MO is projecting their lawlessness on their political enemy to cause wars.

Angel Askew

And that’s BEFORE the mad cow disease, cancer and VAIDS kicks in!


Sounds similar to Nazi Germany.


Facism disguised as socialism/liberalism. Make no mistake, history has proven without a doubt that the ideology is always a failure. The least we all can do is keep the faith and trust in God. Blessings,

Nicholette Purich

I knew I could smell a false flag with the Ukraine thing. Now what is it that they’re ALL trying to distract us from????


The Anunnaki invasion .


Mole people invasion.

Freddy Benson

people died for this false flag to be so convincing!


Name one.


The Biden admin. with help from the fake news, is distracting the people from The Durham report that came out a week ago which is damning to the DS controlled Democratic Party. Throw in the collapsing Covid narrative and the casualties of the PCR pandemic among others. Blessings,

Gregg Nickens

Biden #3 already has egg on his face. Before Biden and the MSM played their ‘Wag the Dog’ scenario out, Putin had already made peace with the Ukraine by declaring the Ukraine’s Independence. The seaports of Donetsk and Luhansk which the Khazerian mafia and NATO (NWO military) HAD are no longer under their control.

Putin did an end run around Biden, MSM, and the NWO……LOL


“Biden” is Trump’s puppet. Trump plans to come back in 2024 to save the day. He’s having “Biden” do the dirty work so he can’t look bad.




Kim Goguen


For a 3rd term?

Angel Askew

My understanding is DJT plans to return after Xiden crashes the economy but before we create civil war.


Just how will he do that ?

Angel Askew

Gee, ya know, it’s a mystery, really.

Freddy Benson

fuck off nazi

Dave Strickland

How can he come back if he’s never left?