Military Defies Biden Regime, Refuses to Deploy


The criminal Biden regime on 2 February announced it had deployed 2,000 soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division to Western Europe in response to Russian troops massing near the Ukrainian border. It posted to social media photographs of what appeared to be a company of battle-ready soldiers standing at attention while awaiting orders to board a military transport plane. But the photos are disingenuous, created entirely from Photoshop, Just like Obama’s birth certificate, a high-ranking military source told Real Raw News.

A week earlier, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, a Deep State asset, ordered Maj. Gen. Christopher Donahue, 82nd Airborne Division Commanding General, to ready his men for immediate deployment to Germany, to support NATO and United Nations peacekeeping operations under threat of Russian aggression. Paraphrasing a line spoken by Gene Hackman in Crimson Tide, Austin said, “There’s trouble in Russia, so we’re calling you, and you’re bringing with you the most lethal killing machine ever devised: The 82nd Airborne.”

Austin’s flippant attitude befuddled Maj. Gen. Donahue, our source said.

“Maj. Gen. Donahue told Austin his job is to protect America against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and that he didn’t recognize Biden as the President of the United States.”

Fort Bragg, home to the 82nd Airborne and part of the U.S. Special Operations community, is among the U.S. military installations currently controlled by “White Hats,” he added. It houses 54,000 military personnel and is one of the largest military bases in the world. Bragg’s senior leaders, including commanders of the XVII Airborne Corps, 1st Special Forces Command, and 75th Ranger Regiment, have denounced Biden and instead sworn to defend the U.S. Constitution.

“They’re not taking orders from an administration living in a soundstage dressed like the White House,” our source said. “The criminals posing as leaders would take a huge morale hit if the public found out what’s really going on, so they’re photoshopping old pictures and making CGI videos, you know, to give the appearance of authority. Make no mistake, we’ll defend our nation to the death, but we’ll not obey puppet leaders.”

Now, Biden’s at it again, today announcing plans to send an added 7,000 troops to Germany, a move that would significantly heighten the specter of a global conflict.  Our source, however, said commanding officers at Ft. Bragg, Ft. Campbell, and Joint Base Lewis-McChord had received no orders. Likewise, Marine Corps Camps Pendleton and Lejeune have gotten no mobilization demands.

“Maybe the administration has caught on those illegal orders are falling on deaf ears. I don’t know what units he plans to send, maybe some desk jockeys in the Chair Force, or just empty planes. There’s a huge charade going on right now,” our source said.

In closing, we asked our source to quantify the percentage of the nation’s active duty and reservists that identify as “White Hats.”

“Active and reserves? I can’t speak to the disposition of 2,000,000 troops, but I can tell you this, it’s the majority of soldiers who actually know how to fight,” he answered elusively.

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I believe every word of this…otherwise, why would biden say he is sending in BOARDER PATROL??????? What a complete incompetant moron!!!!! I hope boarder patrol say……LETS GO BRANDON!!!!!!!

Robert James

There may be some soldiers who would obey Biden, but I haven’t heard of any.


This is the best news I’ve read in a while. Thank you, Michael.

What struck me was that after reading the comment about “old pictures” and “CGI videos” is that all week I’ve had the strangest and strongest feeling that almost all the stories on Rumble are lies/bait/sensationalism concerning Russia/Ukraine because there’s more who care about lining their own pockets than helping America and Americans.

You’re restored my faith in the military. I’m ready to fight liars tooth and claw until every last one of them is exposed.


Thank you, Michael. This is the BEST and most encouraging story I’ve read in two years.

Robert James

Great News!

Kathleen Ann

Wow, Michael. Great news!

Sandy Koufax

The Biden Regime is supporting Ukraine when President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is handing out guns to citizens. Biden must demand that Zelenskyy declare guns illegal and institute mandatory gun buybacks to end the hostilities, even though Zelenskyy didn’t sell the guns in the first place.

Angel Askew

Good luck with that.


Blessing’s of 10,000 be upon them everyone.

Sojourner Truth

Hey Biden,
Good luck with the “chairforce”!


Love love love this!!!! Finally the white hat military is standing up to the 4th reich regime!! Maybe they’re gonna send in the dems that actually voted for them – won’t that be a grand site!! All 20,000 of them! haha!!

Crazy cat lady

I love this Military talk, “maybe some desk jockeys in the Chair Force, or just empty planes.” That was a great bitch slap to the puppet.


THANK YOU SO MUCH – great news!!!


To add crediblity to the Burn the BIOLABS theory.. President of Hungary refuses to allow NATO troops on Hungarian Soil.. this further validates the idea that Ukraine is DS den of bioweapons corruption and its “faux” leaders are complicit in DS Globalist pocket. I think Putin is a HERO for just the SINGULAR reason that the MEDIA hates him SO MUCH.. this is the BIG STAMP OF approval in my mind. The MEDIA IS THE REAL ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.. and ANYONE demonizing Putin at this moment is against the people and part of the “establishment”.. Tucker is the only one who praised Putin to the best of his ability considering the target it placed on him for doing so. He is absolutely right. Ukraine is NOT a democracy and totally corrupt. and we have NO idea what they have been doing to terrorize eastern territory breakaway republics for the past decade.. but PUTIN does and that is why he stood up for his people. He loves Russia and the Russian people and IS NOT A GLOBALIST and for that he is LEAPS and BOUNDS ahead of any of the criminal idiots in the WH. Tucker knows what is going on but cannot spill the beans but he gives us the “clues” to see the REAL PICTURE of what is going on.. PUTIN is not a PUPPET of GLOBALIST CABAL and they hate him just like the hate TRUMP for the same reason!

Angel Askew

Agreed and Amen!

Julio c vidal

well done, Patriots


Doubtful since this shit sack left behind 50 Afghan evacuees in order to fit his toyota truck trophy last August

Barbara Vadas

Hooray for the White Hats!! God Bless them!!

Buck fiden

The military should take out the Impostor-in-Chief.

Last edited 2 years ago by Buck fiden
Angel Askew

The next few weeks will be riveting.

Victoria Flood

Bingo! Yeah butt hole Biden has NO power over the 2 million military that know how to fight! And, Deepstate Lloyd Austin doesn’t dish out orders from a fake soundstage and set in Georgia. These fakes are only days away from their takedown and military tribunals in GITMO!!!


I can hardly wait when, in the future, i read in my great grandchildren’s history books about this time in our history. I will be able to tell them i lived during this time. It will be like kids in my day when some old person said they lived during the time of the Civil War. We were always in awe of that person.


What’s to bet all that combat equipment left behind in Afghanistan finds its way to Ukraine in some devious sabotage plot?


“… it’s the majority of soldiers who actually know how to fight,..”

This means men and women trained by the Marines, Army, and Special Forces, IMO.

Back in the old Army, we were often told you are an Infantry soldier first and foremost.

William Turner

Besides Ukraine being the #2 Bitcoin mining country in the world, there are a number of other criminal activities in Ukraine that need to be stopped. Let’s hope Putin can get the job done.

– Kazakhstan is where the Illuminati and Cabal are building the New World Order Headquarters called “Nur-Sultana”. Ground zero for Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum.  

– Jan 4 2022 OneWeb launched 36 satellites into orbit from Kazakhstan using Russia’s Soyuz-2.1 rocket. OneWeb satellite system can be weaponized to take out Starlink, or enhanced to work with StarLink – this is unclear.

– Biden and his son Hunter own multi-million dollar business investments and property in Ukraine – clearly Biden doesn’t want anyone to find his black tar heroin gold bars or underground dungeons with handcuff’s on the wall with bits of rotting flesh. You can find this story on Real Raw News – just search for Biden Compound.

Dave Strickland

And Biden is not even allowed in the Pentagon, and was turned away at gunpoint when he tried to get in the door. That tells you everything you need to know.

Kelly Knauth Brown

Besides me understanding that the media in it’s entirety has an overall agenda of distract, divide, and sit back and laugh at us in the matrix, and me remembering how they poisoned Yuschenko with dioxin in the 1990’s…an absolutely horrifying sight that made me realize Ukraine is not Kansas…my gut tells me Ukraine is a corrupt cesspool of world interests and Putin is giving Kiev and Odessa some tough love. I think Putin invading Ukraine validates all of RRN GITMO stories. Guarantee Putin has his own GITMO otherwise he’s be dead himself today. But he is absolutely untouchable.

Kelly Knauth Brown

Hold the line, boys.

Son of Ethan Allen.

Biden isn’t any bodies president.
Pharmakia of Revelation 18:23 Pls like & link (esp on Breitbart) this video thank you. Over 13,800 views.

Lone Ranger

Thanks Michael, this is out effing standing!!!!

Sandy Koufax

Joe Biden just received a call from the 1980’s asking for their foreign policy back because the cold war has been over for 30 years.

James McCandless Jr

Walk your post from flank to flank take no shit from any deep state rank! Especially Biden

Last edited 2 years ago by James McCandless Jr
Outlandish Outlander

This is huge… GINORMOUS!
Big X Infinity + 1. <<< Lets see how many people catch on to this. 😀
I’m proud of the 82nd Airborne command!


I pray this one is true!


Faith must precede seeing. See what the definition of faith is according to Holy Scriptures.


right on
White Hats stay HARD…

Angel Askew

God morning fellow truth seekers, here it is in a simple nut shell: NATO and USA want all of Europe to pay them for Russia’s oil and gas.


Americans must prepare to take back government. Dust off your civics books kids.
We let the kids drive the family car for too long.




Whens this charade going to end? Yank that old pervert Biden out of his ‘Play White House” , and deal with all of them now!


Trump purposely lost. Made sure of it. Won’t let Mike Lindell, Lin Wood, etc. help him reverse the election. I’ll tell you why. Trump is a member of a secret society called The Order of the Black Sun. Other societies came out of this Order, like Freemasons, Skulls &Bones, etc. Look how Trump designed his Trump Tower in NYC or look at his hand signals. Why does he push deadly vaccines or bring on the Plandemic? He was told by the Order that if he lost the 2020 election, they would make him Pindar of the Order, which is more powerful than the President. So, he allowed this, but then they changed their minds and said he was not worthy of that position. Trump wants to be reelected in 2024 to “save the day”, after having Biden do the dirty work. Trump is on the Deep State side of the Military. Trump made big money off the Plandemic and so did Jared Kushner. Kim Goguen has the truth.

David T

I call total BS. Trump did allow Lindell and others to rally and try to get the wheels in motion to investigate the operations of the stolen election. Mike Pence and other RINO’s who collaborated with Nutty Pelosi and others on and before Jan 6 2021 were against Trump winning. It’s not in Trump’s heart to purposefully lose to enrich himself. He was a US patriot 40 years ago. See a video of Trump from around 1987 where he is asked a bunch of Q’s about business, owning and managing apartments in NYC. He speaks out against his wealthy acquaintances who are scamming the system by lying on applications so they can live in subsidized housing. One person in the audience asks him if he will run for office some day, and Trump just smiles and kind of shrugs it off.


He didn’t purposely lose. The election was permitted to be stolen as a part of the sting operation. This has has all been planned, and is going according to plan.

Remember, “You are watching a movie.” Movies are acted out according to a pre-written script.

Many with Prophetic Word have said that Donald J. Trump is God’s man. God chooses who He will. God’s Will be done.

Sue Grantham

Praise God! Let Putin clean Ukraine’s clock from the DS money laundering, child and drug trafficking tunnels. Eradicate the evil.


That’s what X22report 2711b states that Putin has done.


Let me clarify……Putin has dealt with 7 of the 11 bioweapon buildings that the DS had built there under American auspices. Nothing was said about tunnels……also mentioned that Zelensky was co-operating with Trump and Putin. Zelensky was voted in by the people,not put in by the DS.


This is ironic, the Ukrainian Army & Militants have thrown down all their weapons and basically surrendered, but the Russians just told them to go home, the Russians are not after them even if they were fired on – They’re after the Deep State and their Operatives including the Vaccine & Virus makers, their Labs etc.


Meanwhile the Ukrainians Deep State part of their Government has been caught on Video burning millions of Documents the Russians would love to get their hands on as well as the White Hats.

Jan D Hunsinger



What I don’t understand is why trolls are on this site. I find it funny that they wait for news stories to come out and debunk them.😂 If I were the site admin, I would be keeping track of the posts and their tech info. I’m sure it would show the regulars are probably duplicating New user names to make it look like there several trolls. It’s probably just a couple of people using different names. Imagine all the time spent plotting and planning and all the hate poured into this activity. Sort of like that demonic possessed guy bragging about how he hacked into GiveSendGo & TruthSocial. Most sound minded people would just leave a site or not make any comments and especially wouldn’t keep continuing to harass people they personally don’t know. What a waste of time and energy, unless of course they were being paid by someone …I wonder if there is a law about harassing people online that could be applied to trolls 🤔

Last edited 2 years ago by Angel
Emma Lou

I totally agree with you Angel! Why don’t they find a hobby or job that will enrich their lives so they can grow and become better human beings. It seems like a pathetic life really!

Lucky Star

They do have pathetic life. Live off like a parasite


It is the right of every soldier to refuse an order that they don’t totally agree with. Amen.

Gregg Nickens

And the right of every citizen under the constitution to restore their government back to the way it was intended to be if it has been hijacked by traitors within and outside of the country.

Air man

Holly sh-t!!

Angel Askew

“maybe some desk jockeys from chair force”. LOL


Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.(?)


Which translates, ‘Kill them. The Lord knows those that are his own.’

Such was the advice of the commander leading the forces against the Deep Church (the abominable Albigensian heretics) in the early 13th century. Seems good to me.


“Go, soldiers,” barked Austin, “into Europe ye drop!”
And so they launched their brave mission with … Photoshop!
Real soldiers will die
For Truth, not a Lie,
So the heads of this hydra they’ll shortly lop.

Last edited 2 years ago by Timotheos
Gunny HiWay

25 year service record.
A pretty good rack to show for it.
196 combat missions in 5 theaters.
Brought every kid home alive and in one piece.

E-7 Ret.


It’s one thing to be ignorant of the term ‘White Hats’, but quite another to deny the very existence of those to whom the term applies, viz. those in the military, industry and government who actively seek to thwart the wiles of the Deep State’s “Black Hats”.


Guess you know the military better than the guy who served in the military for 25 years, is that it Timmy?

David T

You’re dumber than a hole with an ear of corn in it if you believe ANYONE led 196 combat missions in 5 different theaters of operation and never lost a single soldier. The rest of his posting is BS as well. Perhaps it’s your new fake postname?

Lucky Star

If he is a smart individual, he won’t spend most of his time down here spewing hatred, you name it he did it.

David T

Which branch? Which 5 theaters? How many combat missions in each theater?


COD for Xbox, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and PC.

Angel Askew


Sharon Manning

Thank you for your service.

David T

I’d take his postings with a bucket of salt.

Gregg Nickens

That’s because you’re under a NDA and gag orders.

Gunny HiWay

Well, they forgot their high heels and Tampons.
Also, they heard there were no private rooms for use as safe spaces to cry.
Worthless US military now.
All twinks and traitors.

E-7 Ret.


Better not give out too much details about the military. Commie foot soldiers may target them. That’s how commies operate.

Michael R Davis

This is sweet.
Putin is destroying everything the Bidens, Romneys, Kerrys, Pelosis worked for. What few Rothschilds, Rockefellers, 13 bloodline families, are still alive are surely weeping.

Vladimir Putin is making the world much safer, most likely with the assistance of Trump white hats providing superior satellite targeting, 3 U2 spy planes up over Ukraine, additional intelligence, incinerating all biologics, as he takes out New World Order illuminati Deep-State bioweapon labs, Adrenochrome factories, deadly JAB production plants, intelligence centers, taking out the treasonous Biden Regime future plans in Ukraine; freeing the Ukrainian people. GOD bless Putin.

The Biden Regime can do nothing to stop it, except lie. General Milley and SoD Austin are helpless, castrated military leaders. Mouthpiece Psaki is a complete joke.

This will be Biblical. GOD wins. We win. The entire Earth citizenry wins.

Angel Askew

Isn’t ironic how Biden, Romney, Kerry and Pelosi all have children that sit on the gas/oil boards for Ukraine??

Obama set this up years ago.

Sharon Manning

I read that Putin has called Trump three times in the last month.


He has,go to the new article


My question is… If the Military knows this is an actor, pretending to be The President of The Greatest Country on Earth, running his carnival from a Soundstage, Why on God’s Green Earth have they not stepped in?? What are they waiting for??
Can someone answer this??


Hopefully at the fake State of the Union Address, someone will pull his mask off.


That would be HUGE!! But not as huge as Epstein being hauled into Congress to expose the fact that Paedobrains and Paedobrains Jr. visited his island and not only had sex with, but criminally double-teamed some underage women there. The whole country and the world would have erupted and called for his arrest! Did I mention the fact that his brother purchased the island next door? with money his son provided from the dirty financial deals he is so good at. His wife (Paedobrain’s sister-in-law) must be livid if she knows this.

Last edited 2 years ago by Xena
Michael R Davis

Because the US Military is at war with a powerful enemy that still has a lot of teeth, a cyberwar, underground war, information war with 100% of the enemy owned FAKE News media betraying us, publishing disinformation, censoring anything that would educate us, awaken the unaware still sleeping millions, completely clueless still mesmerized by the FAKE news talking heads.

President Trump is trying to prevent civil war or nuking of cities both of which would kill millions of innocent Americans. We are winning, with a few battles still ahead. Neutralizing of Ukraine is a major win.

Sharon Manning

We have to remember that this nonsense has been going on for thousands of years. Trump had four years fighting uphill all the way and was swindled out his second term, else we would be farther along. It will happen, but we’re all so tired of it all….and impatient. It’s the human in us.

unlabeled quality

…something like the ‘club k’ missile system…

Gregg Nickens

1) He’s a jackal with no teeth. His U.S.A. Corporation is now defunct and bankrupt. 2) President Trump signed an E.O. in 2017 to freeze all assets of human traffickers worldwide when he first came into office. 3) The 42nd Congress Act of 1871 found America bankrupt after the Civil War. Our treasonous congress and senate at that time sold ‘we the people’ as chattel or collateral to what became the NWO (U.K. Royals, Central Bank – Rothchilds, Vatican). Birth Certificates (chattel/collateral) are bought and sold. Literally, our souls are bought and paid for on the open market. This is the Ultimate in Human Trafficking crimes.

People have to be awakened gradually to the reality that we all have been living in a very real matrix, and it’s much worse than anybody could have ever imagined. Cool water or Ice water. Some wont be able to handle it, especially the ones who supported the NWO agenda unknowingly.

It’s a pantomime to snap the brainwashed, rumplestiltskin deluded individuals out of their trance like state and into reality. The deep state NWO are satanists, therefore they desire chaos, anarchy, collateral damage, and anything that helps them keep their ill gotten gains and power. They Want Civil War but they aren’t going to get it. What they are going to get is the full wrath of God because he has stated through his prophets, Behold I Come. And God means business. It’s not the rapture However it will be a house cleaning the likes of which this world has never seen. Hallelujah.

Before Trump stepped away from office he handed over the power of government to the military initiating the Insurrection Act of 1807. He had an AG he was working with lining up Indictments which he took with him. This was coordinated with Jon Durham. The military had the QFS running a parallel program alongside of the presidential election and caught the Biden regime red handed. This allowed Trump to enact said Insurrection Act of 1871.

The infiltration of NWO members into the 7 mountains of influence in every nation is the reason why the white hat alliance can’t give the NWO a heads up as to every move they make without causing millions of unnecessary deaths.

Lucy Skywalker

That’s a tremendous reply, right on. Would you care to explain the Seven Mountains too, to help people grasp the magnitude of the task at hand, and why it has to take time?

I can see how those of us awake are ALL learning more and more what “hold the line” really means – transforming and strengthening the depths of awareness and committment of each, and how to carry out that committment into daily practice.


The seven mountains represent the seven adult film stars that Trump had to sleep with to achieve the status of “Clear”.



Gregg Nickens

Lucy the 7 mountains or spheres of influence are the:
1) Politics – government
2) Corporate – business, economy, finance
3) Education
4) Arts – entertainment, celebration, sports
5) Family
6) Religion
7) Arts

Every one of these mountains of influence has been infiltrated in every one of the nations by NWO cabalist satanists.

America and Israel are the last bastions of freedom. Satan desires to move forward the timeline in which he brings in the AC. Ole’ Scratch forgot one major obstacle, God Almighty.

Stand strong for the LORD, and he will reward…..

unlabeled quality

the seven mountains of influence, based on my initial search relates to all aspects of our lives.
the major seven are:
family, religion, education, art, business, politics, and media

the DS has infiltrated and entrenched themselves in those.
of course, it takes a little game theory to effectively counter their moves.

it’s another reason why information, and truth is scarce. because whatever WE know, the DS would know, too.

and in war, whoever has the most information and deception wins.


I don’t think the DS knows our playbook but we know theirs as CUE assures us. That alone is a very great advantage. And we are at least 5 steps ahead of this chess game. Blessings,


I still say if Trump had signed the Insurrection act he would let everyone know and flaunt what he could do with it. I can’t find any proof he signed it . The last one was in 94 by Bush for the LA riots .

Gunny HiWay

They are waiting for their new sparkly, red High Heels, a box of Tampons and safe rooms to cry.
All traitors and twinks.
E-7 Ret.


One word. Anunnaki.


There are still a lot of “normies” listening to the fake news being spouted……Trump would rather take the time to let them see what’s really going on than use unnecessary force and have anyone needlessly killed. Things are moving along–albeit slowly–but progress is being made.


They’re not waiting for anything, it’s fake Bella. Joe Biden is President. And he’s in the White House, and the military recognizes him as Commander in Chief. Michael Baxter is a Q wannabe who makes up fake stories for donation money. Don’t be one of these suckers waiting years and years for his fake larping to materialize in the real world.

Gregg Nickens

Joe Hiden’ is the resident jackal soon to become the 3rd and last resident jackal in the WH. And the last of the WH before it’s destroyed due to the satanic tunnels and dumbs underneath. Devolution….yeah baby


Let go and let God be God. He is front and center in all this battle mankind is waging. Keep the faith and trust in him and lastly , pray be patient.


Because the military is controlling the actor to expose the corrupted parts of our nation. This is what Q means when he says “You are watching a movie.” The stakes are the very existence of the United States as a free nation, so they are holding nothing back.


The military is the “actor”. It is called a sting operation.


“Maj. Gen. Donahue told Austin his job is to protect America against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and that he didn’t recognize Biden as the President of the United States.””
Tell him, Maj. Gen. Donahue!
Terrific article, thank you! You’re on a roll!