State of Real Raw News


It’s no secret that Real Raw News has suffered a lot of down time of late. Understandably, this has disappointed our readers, and, of course, the persons who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure valuable information reaches readers interested in our content.

Over the last 3 months Real Raw News has been the target of relentless denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks that have originated both from within the United States and abroad, with the majority of attacks coming from IP addresses linked to U.S. government institutions and their associates.

In attempts to thwart these malicious attacks, Real Raw News has repeatedly changed servers—using hosting in and out of the country—but it’s been fairly easy for those who wish to see us die to trace our IP and bombard us with DDOS attacks. We’ve noticed a direct causality between the frequency of attacks and the content we publish; typically, they occur when we report on military tribunals or convictions.

This leads us to believe we’re hitting the mark, so to speak, and causing much consternation to Deep State players eager to see this site shuttered. Nonetheless, our goal stays solid: To present truths that the Deep State and liberal elite want kept away from public view. The people behind Real Raw News—and it’s more than just Michael—have made a commitment to exposing governmental corruption, regardless the cost.  And we press forward that mission.

Over the last 72 hours we’ve taken additional steps to secure the website from intrusion. We don’t want to outline these steps because it would aid our opponents in finding new methods to attack us.

We want to thank our readers and supporters, and we greatly appreciate your patience. We have a backlog of work to publish, which we’ll be efforting over the next few days.

Again, thank you for your support.

RRN is an independent publisher that relies on reader support. We fight for truth and freedom of the press in an oppressed society. We use GiveSendGo, a Christian-based fundraising company, through which to collect donations. Every dollar helps.
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Thank you for your works.

Kevin Kai Drake

I knew when you guys went down all that week, you were being attacked by those in power who do not want the masses to know what is happening at Gitmo. I send you articles out to many and tell many but at first it is hard for many to believe that this war is real and victories on both sides and loses are occurring. I will be able to send you an offering soon to say thanks for your work and I vote Real RAW News as the Gold Standard for Journalism and say your organization has, courage and honor and truth as a 3 fold cord to make it strong and will be proven right. Thank you for all your work Michael.


Thank you for all that you do! We appreciate your hard work and hope you are able to secure your site and hope you all stay safe,
God Bless you.


Love your reports, keep them coming..

Eve Bright

I miss RRN for few days during their absence releasing new articles. I always share in my Facebook messenger to my friends who are patriot. I’m glad you are back! I shared this article too, and asked my friends to read the comment on the bottom. It put smile of those trolls following the baited line. They are hungry so they follow the baited line. Now that they grabbed the baited line, they cannot unwind themselves . A lot of trollers following the baited line➡️ “REAL RAW NEWS!” Good JOB RRN! Will you put another baited line and hook some more trollers? Love it!

Tim J Riley

it’s hard to find someone that tells the truth and make sure we are well informed of what is really happening to our country and how it is being protected from criminals like the ones that really do hurt our country, and I want to just say thank you for doing so

Henry Cartwright

Keep up the great w or kit is allowing us to have hope. Having been in the military twice I really respect their commitment.

question everything

A teacher asked her 6th grade class how many of them were Biden/Harris fans. Not really knowing what a Biden/Harris fan is, but wanting to be liked by the teacher, all of the kids raised their hands except for Little Johnny. The teacher asked Little Johnny why he has decided to be different again. Little Johnny said, “Because I’m not Biden/Harris fan.” The teacher asked, “why aren’t you a fan of Biden/Harris?” Johnny said, “Because I’m a Republican.” The teacher asked him why he’s a Republican. Little Johnny answered, “Well my Mom’s a Republican and my Dad’s a Republican, so I’m a Republican.”
Annoyed by this answer, the teacher asked, “If your mom was a moron and your dad was an idiot, what would that make you ??”
With a Big smile Little Johnny replied “That would make me a Biden/Harris fan.”


I pretty much thought this sight was attacked again……I pray the Father’s hedge of protection to surround you and all who work tirelessly to get the truth out. Thank you and many blessings. I listen to X22, and he said all the 3 letter agencies have been listening in on our social medias to collect and pull down and use against many of us the things where truth is being told……’s a sign to us that we are hitting the target, or these sights would not be attached so hard.


Much appreciation for all you and staff are doing.


We came to Stand in Peace and Freedom, they came with gun’s and threat’s. You are doing good works, we Stand with You. Blessing’s be Unto the FREE.


Michael and Co., you’re doing great.

CON CONservative DEMocrat

Thank you for the update. I was worried. Thank goodness you’ve thwarted their efforts.


Thank you for reports , look forward to see which rat will be hung next . WE know Pence was replaced when his plane changed to sam 239 , so is sam 239 that we will see arrested .


THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for this update. You answered several questions.


I’ll Say Damn Good To See You Again ! Worried that you’d gotten burned out & needed a well deserved break .Good to see you all back in the saddle & riding into the Sunset with Marlboro Man Tom Selleck …………. Keep It Up …… I am praying that all articles 100+ % TRUE ! Traitors must be punished. I had a saboteur aboard my LST-1195 in 1973 -74 & The Master of Masters caught him in the Starboard Steering Gear Machinery Room attempting more sabotage ! I heard that the fish were well fed that night after the interrogation. I was once honored with being knocked out by the worlds top martial artist ( & the assassin hired by the 3 letter agency aboard ) I would not want to have been the saboteur that night ,as the wrong decision to become a traitor came to its conclusion. If you haven’t seen The Destroyer movie , 1980’s w Joel Grey as The Master of Masters . See it . Joel Precisely captured the real Master of Masters whom trained The Seal Team aboard LST-1195 when he wasn’t used for his primary purpose. He’s NOT a Myth.

Terminally deplorable

From my frog perspective, MB makes sense.

dr.Tolnai Valéria

Thank you for your work. I write about Hungary and Europe.


Americans are SICK of the Deep State and are going to take them down. WE THE PEOPLE ARE MORE POWERFUL!


Don’t worry too much , there is no deep state .


I knew you might be getting attacked and was pulling for you the whole time! Those goons in the alphabet agencies are trying to shut down the truth about them. The liars will be brought down. God will be victorious! He will bring justice! I can’t give much because of my employment transition since last summer but I just gave $10.


I had figured the govt did this. many of us need to pray for you guys!



Michael Chiang

Keep up the priceless work! We are all behind you.


mike we thank you and we thank our military THE BEST IN THE WORLD,WWG1WGA


go to major geeks .com
there is a program that can blacklist ips that are dangerous.
ill try and find you the link.


I try to keep an open mind. I also read the articles and then research the content, but I also know the content could have been researched first for the creation of the article. What I find extremely interesting is what happens after an article on this site comes out. The MSM seems to indirectly discredit an article. For example, after an execution of an individual, that individual seems to have an interview with the MSM, or the MSM references their activity, even if that individual hasn’t been in the media for months. It seems to mostly happen with the big players like Clinton, Schiff, Newsom, and Podesta. Most recently, Dick Cheney was said to be at Capitol Hill. Why would they make a point to bring that up? Maybe it’s just a coincidence?


Cheyney was there with his daughter to recognize the year anniversary of the Jan 6 insurrection. Clinton, Schiff and Newsome are in the news all the time. Schiff and Newsome happen to still be holding offices as always and are giving news conferences and interviews. Clinton just trolled Trump with a new hat about missing documents, it was on Twitter. She may run for office again They are still around.

K. Toth

So glad you are back!

Lorenz Manner

A great thank you to you Michael. Your pieces of news give us more hope and strengthen our belief that something happens in the background. You will be reworded for the truth that you bring into the light.


Lol ‘you will be reworded’


COAL will be rewarded for working with the Deep State,
Like exile, j buffer, ted, and others on the list…😶


Thank you for pushing on even when it looks bleak to try. It is more appreciated than you know.

Heather Duncan

I love hearing about the secret tribunals and executions. real raws news is the only site that reports that. We know they are going on, we have seen the physical expansion of GITMO that Trump authorized, we know your reports must be true. Thanks !!!


Wasn’t that to facilitate the 39 aging existent prisoners that need more and more assistance and room as they age and develop further health problems ? Biden still wants to close it .


The actor doesn’t even know what it is, much less where to find it.


Michael, Prayers have been ongoing for your safety and all the other people who help in this website, to bring us the news that no one else will. Bless you 🙏🙏


The best reporting around!!! No doubt we need to PURGE the DEEP STATE!!! (CIA/FBI/IRS/NSA/IRS and any other related DEMOCRAT NAZI SOCIALIST agency!!!


Are you doing ok, Otto? You didn’t mention impalement at all in this post 🤔


Maybe the new code word for. Impalement is Purge. !
You must have really missed Otto these past few days…


I noticed that too . We do care .


To the Team at RRN,

I’m going to offer a prayer for your Website and the team. If you and your team are acting in good faith, and I believe you are even if I still have my doubts about some of the articles being 100% true (Not attacking you, but being honest with my perspective on RRN), then the Lord will help you and your team as the DS continues it’s attacks.

Heavenly Father,

I lift up to you this Website and the team that produce these articles. Father, if Real Raw News is acting in good faith to bring us information that Mainstream Media won’t, then I pray that You will help them in getting funding and protection from the Cyber Attacks they get relentlessly. That You will give them all the wisdom, knowledge, understanding, discernment, and discretion is how to handle these attacks. Help them to get their website hosts protected and thank You for that victory!

In Jesus Name,



I would like to thank MB and his team for all the good info you’ve provided us.

Ernst 27



Thank you for your tireless dedication to this cause, Mr. Baxter. I appreciate your efforts to keep us informed and up to date regarding everything Deep State. 👍🏻❤️


YES!!! The Best News Site Online is BACK!!!

Buck fiden

Everything MB writes on RRN is true.

Rose Mary Abbott



I won’t . If I’m ignored I know I’m over the target .

Victoria Flood

Dear Father God our hope dwells entirely in you. We are facing a vicious and organized enemy who relentlessly attacks your people. We cry out to you on the bank of the Red Sea. If you don’t deliver us, then we die. But you yourself are between us and Pharaoh’s murderous army. While you caused the water to form walls on either side of your people, as we follow your instructions, you commanded the sea to close upon all your enemies and none survived. We look to you now for an even greater miracle of your deliverance. We thank you and praise you in extreme joy! We are watching the destruction of the wicked now and give you all the credit. Amen and amen! In

Rose Mary Abbott



If I showed this sight to anyone they would think I am crazy.
Why do you followers think this stuff is true?
Have you been shown any proof?
I’m serious.


All good points that will be ignored or rationalized to the point of evangelical zeal. Wait and see.

Rose Mary Abbott



Just try me . I won’t .

Rob William

Sight == site?


Nope RRN has never shown any proof. It’s pure hopium for the most gullible people on the internet. People believe it because they are qanon dead-enders who refuse to accept that they devoted the past 4 years of their lives to a big ol’ larp.


Thank you for all you do for the patriotic cause. I can’t imagine the hours of work and the attacks you have endured. I can only conclude you are on the mark and making the Deep State nervous. They only attack those who are a danger to them and that would be Real Raw News.The truth is their enemy.

David Agosta

As I’ve wrote before, if RRN is fake and Michael Baxter, a self-delusional kook, why does the deep state keep trying to shut this site down?

I hate it, when RRN goes down temporarily. But, as Romans 8:28 proves, it’s signs the end is near and our promised victories come to pass.

Keep fight Michael and RRN. Real Patriots, the Anons and the Ekklesia support and pray for you.

Last edited 2 years ago by David Agosta

My guess is that there is someone or a group that does not like these false stories getting out on this site and the web. Just more fake news.

Rose Mary Abbott



Didn’t you try the surety bonds too ?


Most of them never go away. It’s like it’s their job. Hmmmmm.

Julio Antonio Laguna

When I couldn’t get RRN, I knew the hammer was pounding on that nerve! Mr. Baxter, RRN, thank you for all you do!


Thank You MB and company, So glad you’re back up.

Deplorable Freedomfighter

Keep up the great work Michael!


So happy you are up and running again, Mr. Baxter. With the void you left in my daily information fix, I felt like someone had kicked me in the stomach. You give us hope that good will prevail over evil. God Bless!

Sue Grantham

You are an extraordinary person. Thank you for all your efforts in enlightening everyone. ♥️🙏🇺🇸


Welcome back-I missed RRN. I checked Twitter and read what the problem was. I knew I just to be patient.


Someone is over the target – LOL.


Super happy to see you back up, love the content.