Biden Admin Begs Trump for Nuclear Command Codes


Multiple sources have told Real Raw News that representatives for Joseph R. Biden telephoned Mar-a-Lago to “beg” for the nation’s nuclear command codes after similar requests to military “White Hat” commanders went unanswered.

As RRN reported last month, neither Biden—assuming he is still really alive—nor his subordinates can access the launch codes. That is because the U.S. military was given absolute authority when President Donald J. Trump signed the insurrection act when it became obvious that Biden had stolen the election.

On 9 March, as Russian President Vladimir Putin shelled U.N.-funded bioweapon labs in Ukraine, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and other administration officials made numerous frantic calls to the office of Marine Corps General David H. Berger, pleading for access to the command codes safeguarding the country’s strategic nuclear arsenal. But those calls, which ran a gamut from polite requests to beseeching annoyances to headstrong threats.

An adjunct for Gen. Berger told Real Raw News that call started pouring into their office a few days after the illegitimate Biden administration and its Western allies labeled Putin the world’s vilest villain. The first call, however, came not from the criminal Lloyd Austin but from the equally despicable Anthony Blinken, Biden’s secretary of state.

“We need ‘the football’ now. Putin’s gone mad, and you must surrender the codes to the proper authorities at once or face charge of treason,” Blinken reportedly said to Gen. Berger’s secretary after the general refused to take the call.

The ‘football’ is a colloquial term used to describe what was once a bulbous satchel holding a large electronic transmitter. As time passed and technology improved, the ‘football’ shrank to where it is now indistinguishable from an attaché case, but it still supplies the same function: allowing a legitimate Commander-in-Chief, which Biden is not, to authorize launch of nuclear weapons. Contrary to trendy belief, the president himself does not carry the ‘football.’ Rather, it is handcuffed to the wrist of a president’s war officers, a rotating cadre of military aides whose work schedule is described by a top-secret rota. When Trump signed the insurrection act and gave provisional control of the government to the military, Gen. Berger assumed control of the football and has been personally responsible for deciding who carries it and when.

The criminal Biden regime has not been too pleased.

“Blinken called five times, demanding to speak with Gen. Berger, and with each call got more indignant. The calls never got past his assistants, because the general does not recognize Biden as the legitimate president of the United States. After Blinken, Lloyd Austin started calling, and finally Kamala Harris. No calls from Biden though. They all said they needed the codes in case Vladimir Putin was planning a preemptive strike on the country,” our source said.

In her last message to Gen. Berger’s office, on 12 March, Harris left a message: “You know, those codes are ours, not yours, and you need to give President Biden the codes right now or else. We must have those codes, so give them to us right now.”

“Harris’s menacing, cackling laugh followed her words. There’s something truly wrong with that woman,” our source in Gen. Berger’s office said.

Dissatisfied with the military’s response, Biden’s emissaries began hammering Trump’s Mar-a-Lago command team with an incessant barrage of calls, condemning him for unlawfully stealing the ‘football’ and the hardware needed to reprogram it. But none of the calls reached Trump’s ears. People such as Stephen K. Bannon and Dan Scavino intercepted the calls, saying Trump was too preoccupied to entertain Deep State theatrics, a Mar-a-Lago source told Real Raw News.

“The same cast of characters that tried to get the military to give up the codes started slamming the Mar-a-Lago command center with calls. They said thinks like ‘Trump better hand over the codes before he gets in deeper trouble than he’s already in’ and other similar statements. And each time they were told that Trump and the military don’t recognize Biden as having authority to demand anything, especially codes to the nukes,” our source said.

He said in closing that the consensus at Mar-a-Lago is that the Biden regime wants the codes to start a nuclear war.

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Doesn’t the President when he leaves office have to turn over the football to the people who carry it then and the codes are changed?


Don’t they change the Codes when the President leaves office?

Last edited 2 years ago by Katie

Wnd has an article on military Covid results on esp pilots. Go and read the article. Michael I hope you are printing off the Covid articles for future needs.


Know the level of the people telling them to give the shot to pilots and others in the military. It does not take a genus to figure out who they are.


That isn’t how it works.

Just A Girl

What I’m understanding from this and other articles, is that the clear message given here is that Biden does NOT have the codes, to relax and be assured. It’s not important who called, or what was said (or the misspellings)


So when are the people of the USA going to see the End or anything proof of all this?


Well, therein lies a problem.


Biden shouldn’t have codes for a Bathroom let alone NUKES

Last edited 2 years ago by Mark
Rob William

Isn’t Fauci already dead at GTMO?


Treason…the audacity never peaks. Steal our country and demand nukes to blow up any that opposed you. Such bad demons.


“Waaaa Trump….please give us the nuclear codes so we can protect all our illegal investments in the Ukraine from Putin’s army – waaaaaah…PRETTY PLEASE! We won’t impeach you no more we promise!”
“You know, those codes are ours, not yours, and you need to give President Biden the codes right now or else. We must have those codes, so give them to us right now.” cackle, cackle, cackle
Giving those two anything that serious is like giving a kid the keys to a candy store!
Keep hanging up on them DJT.


The Veruca Salt regime. I want the football nooooooooow.

question everything

“A nation run by bankers will always be in debt.
A government run by warmongers will never know peace.
And if these elements run the media, we’ll never know the truth.”
This was a meme I read. I disagree with that last line, though, but only because my source of Truth is not the media.

question everything

25% of liberals are on medication for mental illness. That’s scary. That means 75% are running around untreated!


Well…PedoJoe thinks Putin invaded Russia…sooooo….no codes for you idiot

Kelly Knauth Brown

What if the nuclear codes don’t even exist and that’s what makes one chosen to carry the “football”? Like inside the box is just “MAY JAH LOOK”.

Kelly Knauth Brown

They’d rather the world burn than be found out. Remember, nukes are like space…and Trump knows. It’s all about consciousness and belief.

Sandy Koufax

Looks like The Gateway Pundit has news I would have expected to read here first

EXCLUSIVE: DOD Operative Don Berlin Set Up President Trump for Sedition With Tainted Election Dossier — Who Paid This Guy?


John .S

Where’s Fauci?

WTF… awaiting Saint Patrick’s Day cheer via Fauci’s perp-walk.

No reason to hoist a cold Guinness Stout in toasting St. Patrick who rid the snakes from Ireland while #1 snake Fauci allegedly remains at large.

‘Reckoning’, enough already, bring it on, time is of the essence, people are dying from vaccine.

Attention White Hats, it’s time to save face, stop wagging the dog. The Checkmate maneuver is there, pull that move now.

Must bring vaccine hoax to abrupt end, WTF pull that plug.

American Living in Canada


Epstein Didnt Kill Himself

They must be literally shitting themselves ATM.
Say goodbye to those shady assets! lol


All of this is fun an games until you think about what the deep state other countries have access to. Not to include CIA an other crazy sick minded people have access to. Question is how many countries hate our freedoms of religion, speech, rights to be armed. Does anyone trust the communist china, russia, or any other haters like north korea, iran ? How many bio labs around the world did china say over 300? Did they ever find all of the missing nuclear suitcase bombs that came up missing an no longer was talked about? Big question is who is with us an who is against us ? Also, who is a deep state double agent or countries? Worse mistake ever is to under estimate your enemies? Something doesn’t feel right with all of this an everyone needs to pray up before everything gets real very quickly. Communist, radical muslim, an crazy north korea all are for freedom of speech, religion, an humanity ! We better pray this movie of life ends like where hoping as peacefully. Question an research everything then ask the big questions. None of this is adding up to me other than a possible set up for trouble trusting past enemies as friends now! Just keeping it real we need to pray now like never before. Think about it with a clear mind if crazy deep state wants the nuclear codes. Then what are they thinking about doing with it ? ( Georgia Guide Stone for New World Order that’s located in Georgia! Look at the number 1 thing they want on there 10 commandments list ! ) 🤔🙏🙏🙏

Last edited 2 years ago by Mikee

Berger and Trump should NOT give those codes to Brandon.

Last edited 2 years ago by Alex
Ruth Ann Maloney

No F**** way they should get the Football! NO WAY!!! Can’t the fake Biden be arrested for impersonating a President? Hang tough, Berger! WTP are right behind you!!! WWG1WGA


Yes there is a long history of fake presidents being arrested , get on with it .

John .S

Eight-Hundred Million Dollars for Ukraine must not go through. It must be stopped by whatever means nessasary.

Enough is enough, the hammer must drop now, today, post haste.

WTF, ‘established known criminals’ at large pulling off a $800M heist, in plain sight.

Guys that pulled off the Lufthansa Heist would dream of pulling off a $800M job, RIP Jimmy Burke.


As RRN is under constant attack this site may likely be down again very shortly.Even my typing of text here’s being delayed and the buffering indicator took at least half a minute to complete loading the page.Please attend to this matter beforehand if you’re able to do so Michael.


Can we finish this exercise already? If folks aren’t awake yet, they never will wake. Send them to Ukraine like they want.

Paula Lusby

Thanks Michael for the news it’s hilarious but true. Biden is the last person that should have codes for nuclear Anything

Doktor Zaius

Maybe Fraudski will throw the fake POTUS Biden the BASEBALL.




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David Lawn

When will you be able to “come clean” about the people you have – necessarily for their safety and for the needs of the Plan – protected, and tell us about that need?


“Soon”, David. It will all be real “soon” 🙃


Baxter you are quickly becoming a Legend. One day there will be a Documentary on your good works. I pray I live that long. The true patriot club, “White Hats” really needs to be expanded. We are called to cutoff the communist Congress from getting our money. Article 1 Section 9 is the answer. A Per Capita tax. The 16th Amendment is Treason The Law that never was, on sale at Amazon. Please share with President Donald Trump that if our young people were educated to not volunteer to be taxed by the IRS at their work place America could overcome this communism set forth in 1913 1917 by Congress and then President Woodrow Wilson. “A Progressive” Look here on the outside of the game 20 years, on the inside ? years. But we got to start someplace to get our Christians out of slavery by Judeah. The Banker backed income tax is nothing but a merry go ’round of slavery. To me the test of time bears out truth. Only been 100 years plus change since Communism in America? 1913-1917 Now we are all slaves because we unknowingly signed up at work under intimidation to be taxed for life by the New World Order? Sounds like insanity to me. Long live the Legend of Irwin Schiff.
The Wealth of any Nation is in the dream of Freedom from taxation on their Production Slavery is being taxed on your production, period. To hell with being a slave to Klaus!

Angel Askew

I whole heartedly agree!
Employers have to be shown what that would look like otherwise they won’t hire until they awaken too.


Nuclear weapons are not real!
Michael Baxter, you are undermining your credibility, by continuing to push the lie of nukes on your viewers!


….what? Have you never heard of WW2, John? Hiroshima? Nagasaki? Did the US fake the flattening of whole Japanese cities with CGI or something all the way back in 1945?


me, the biggest threat is the pipeline to our pockets. We don’t even
know when we gave the IRS permission to tax the life out of
our productivity. Our production is the basis of the power of the
banks. The paper money they counterfeit is based on our production.
We go in to a workplace we signup for a job, we are told we won’t get
a paycheck unless we fill out the income tax form allowing the IRS to
tax us. I say bullshit!!!!!!!! Freedom from taxation should be taught
in our schools. Our children need to be set free. See the trouble is
our congress has a pipeline to our pockets and they abuse it. Forget
arguing, cut them off today. We need to educate our young people just
entering the workforce that signing up to be taxed by the IRS is not
a prerequisite for a pay check. This is where we as parents are
failing our children, our family and America. See the Communists took
America in 1913-1917 with Woodrow Wilson “the progressive”
Pay back is a bitch, and it’s here folks.


Lol based on the terrible formatting I would guess that they probably didn’t come here and write out all this nonsense themselves, but rather just copy/pasted it from some chain email or something


I watched a video on youtube done in 1954? where some ufos turned off all the nukes in the World within 30 seconds of each other. Documented very well showing ufos hovering over the nuke missile launch sites. Here and there. Crazy how they turned them off here and there within 30 seconds of each other. Please if anyone has a copy, please publish it. I want a copy, but youtube took it down, I think. It just convinced me there ain’t gonna be any kind of nuke war for this dispensation of time.


At this stage, I no longer know whether the plausible but highly improbable reports on RRN are true, and designed to keep the small minority of still-sane Patriots informed of the “Truth”, or whether ‘we’ are as insane & delusional as the Majority & Mainstream news insist that we are. Minority Reports like this one, supposedly based on private conversations between Trump & his team, with Putin or the incumbent ‘Administration’ team, are improbable. But then, are we really to believe the daily dose of C-19 ‘cases’, reported by MSM, based on ‘positive’ tests (or on nothing at all) are ‘real’? They’re still at it. If the tests are both inherently unreliable and also manipulated, how can any logical person accept MSM ‘news’ as credible? I don’t like this movie anymore. It’s very long. Generations. Long. And it separates us now from our near & dear. Daily. I pray we can soon awake from this bad dream. 


How much longer will you contunue to wait before realizing it is the latter and that MB is just endlessly stringing you along with fake promises?


This is a genuine question btw, I am honestly curious about this. If, hypothetically, the truth is the latter, how long do you see yourself continuing to hang on to that delusion? How many more times can Michael Baxter write another “Trump will reveal everything VERY SOON!” article and you’ll buy into it? He’s already done this like 7 times with none of them coming true at all. What is the number where you’ll finally feel open to accepting that you’re chasing after a “soon” that will never arrive because it just isn’t reality?


You will see . Trump will return. He had to loose in order to win . Big league.


Yeah I’ll see “soon”, right? Right? 🙃


Each year, the Great Pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch that he thinks is the most sincere. He’s gotta pick this one. He’s got to. I don’t see how a pumpkin patch can be more sincere than this one. You can look around and there’s not a sign of hypocrisy. Nothing but sincerity as far as the eye can see.

Angel Askew

MSM is paid liars.
Cv19 and the jabs were man made and the beginning of WW3.
If you took the jab you are a prisoner of war whether DJT returns or not.

Sheila Tan

The White Hats’ movie is beautifully coming to an end step by step, as the Deep State cabal and puppets are drowning in the quicksand of their own destruction. A big thank you to President Donald J. Trump and the Military Patriots for saving America and the World.



Bev Kungl

I just listened to a video about this. All I can say is thank God Trump never gave those monsters the code. I heard that he didn’t give him the codes when he stepped down as president. Only Col. Berger and Trump have the code.


He never stepped down. he never conceded, he never gave it up. China Joe won the corporation, the Don won the republic. Big difference. That means just like in the Civil War (Lincoln and Davis), there are two presidents (Trump and the Chinese paedophilic incestmongering traitor). Even prophet Kim Clement said this.


Xena, he doesn’t have to concede, it’s a formality. If that were true no losing candidate would ever concede..How did Biden appoint a SC justice among the usual other presidential duties. Plus a new bonus, Trump doesn’t fly on AF 1.


Nobody cares about your opinion


I’ve heard .

Bev Kungl

He had to step down because of a rigged election…I never said he conceded…you really have to stop putting words into my mouth.


They said thinks (sic) like ‘Trump better hand over the codes…” A good & interesting article. DESERVES a good & careful edit, preferably before publication. Never too late, though. There are several earlier ‘typos’, etc. This was just the last.


The typos are minor compared to the importance of the info. We all make mistakes.


like little bully children!~!!!! That’s a knee slapper!

GreaterIdaho for Trump

President Trump. Please rescue baby Cyrus of Boise. He has your same name. He has no voice at all. He is Ammon Bundy’s bff’s grandson and yet another victim of CPS and the filthy judges of the ada county courthouse. Oh that you would lock down the ada county courthouse and rush all filthy judges there out the back door and onto lolita express for a free ride to gitmo. There are no clean judges in that satans lair. Such a white hat operation would smack the deep state right where it needs to be hit. Please watch the video of 20 cops used to steal a baby from his mother’s arms on newsfeed for Idaho and get more white hat help for Cyrus and all cps victims everywhere.


Tell Biden f**k you!!!

Carol Sims

He will continue with his concoctions of pandemics that will swamp us unless we get out of the way and refuse to dance to his music and the crappy notorious keeping space. Wearing masks are more dangerous because when breathing IN, POLUTION goes straight into the bodies. Put Fauci on a geurny, strapped down and given EVERY Injection he and the MSM kept telling us was SAFE. He earned the DISHONER OF DEATH – TRAITOR, PEDO, ETC.

Victoria Flood

I like it that nobody at Mar A Lago takes the wacked “Biden administration’s” phone calls except the switchboard because they know that it is illegitimate. They are protecting Americans and the world from nuclear war!

David T


Hang traitors by the nalls

Another demtard failure


Went to a antique store yesterday, my welfare dependent liberal friend who said Biden can’t do anything about the gas prices it is all controlled by Opec. I told her we were energy independent under Trump. She saw a sign that said “If I agree with you then we both will be wrong”

Bill Thompson

biden is in a coma or has died per rrn


Huge if true 🙃


Hi Michael, what do you think about Kim Goguen saying Trump is dead. I don’t believe it, but what are your thoughts on her?


Devolution in play

Country Girl

Due to the fact that the present so called Biden administration is the most criminal, ignorant, and totally narcissistic group of people alive, no doubt they would think the codes should be handed over to them. A nuclear war would be the answer to cover their rotten, underhanded past and aide in bringing about a one world government. And they are definitely arrogant enough to make demands and threats. That is one lmao group of idiots.


Therefore destroying all evidence of their crimes so they will never be prosecuted. GO GET THEM, PUTIN!!

Daughter of the American Revolution

“totally narcissistic group of people alive” BINGO!!! We have been manipulated, lied to/gaslit by the satanic freak Rats for too long! The koolaid-drinking tv watchers are their enablers. Biggest lowlifes in history enabled by the laziest most pathetic lot ever.

Last edited 2 years ago by Daughter of the American Revolution

For sure.


Sorry, not true.


Wait, I have more dementia than Ted. Sometimes I forget.


I defer to Ted .


No one cares what you say


I’m learning to live with it .