Putin Updates Trump on Ukraine Cleansing


The mainstream media yesterday went abuzz when Russian leader Vladimir Putin said he had the might and will to put Western governments “in their place,” but instead of framing the statement in proper context, news agencies across the world again accused Putin of threatening nuclear war—a cataclysmic calamity Putin has told President Trump he will not instigate.

As reported previously, they—Putin and Trump—have had several telephone conversations on which Putin outlined his true goals—destroying Western-funded bioweapon labs and “crushing” pedophile rings—and updated Trump on military progress. On a Wednesday evening call he repeated his mission statement and said the criminal Biden regime was mischaracterizing and distorting his statements, and often omitting key translations, to further paint him as a maniacal madman hell bent on conquest and world domination, a Mar-a-Lago source told Real Raw News.

“Like many world leaders, Putin doesn’t see Biden as the rightful president of the U.S. That’s why he won’t talk to him—only Trump. Putin’s said several times he won’t be the one to trigger a nuclear Armageddon, but Team Biden wants the world to believe he’ll do just that. At least according to Putin, he’s been ridding the Ukraine of what he’s called Western ‘pestilence,’ and won’t stop until he’s absolutely certain all biological research centers and storage facilities are accounted for and wiped out, and he’s destroyed all the pedophile dens across Ukraine. That and he’s still hunting down Western bio scientists in hiding,” our source said

As of Putin’s last update, the Russian military had tracked down and “eliminated” 7 of 19 bioweapon engineers, and Spetznas had freed over 5,000 child trafficking victims.

“This is a mission that must be done, President Trump. These scum must be stopped,” Putin reportedly told Trump. “You do believe me, don’t you, President Trump.”

“My inclination is believing the opposite of whatever craziness the Deep State says,” Trump replied.

Moreover, our source said Putin’s kindness toward American children has cemented Trump’s belief that Putin’s mission, at least in part, is righteous and just. Five American children who had been imprisoned in Ukrainian child trafficking camps have returned home, reunited with their families. Additionally, Putin has given Trump irrefutable evidence that Russian forces had selectively targeted bioweapon storage buildings while taking great pains to avoid causing civilian casualties. That evidence is said to include photographs and videos that the MSM refuses to air.

Although Putin claimed he has no interest in harming Americans—unless they’ve taken up arms on behalf of Zelenskyy—the same does not apply to the criminal regimes of Joseph Biden and Boris Johnson.

“Putin told Trump point blank he’d issued a ‘kill-on-sight’ edict for members of the U.S. and U.K. administrations. If any of them are spotted in Russia or Ukraine—it’s open season,” our source said.

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I’m so upset……News Max says 15,000 of Putin’s troops have died…….I know I saw how many have died on here but can’t find it. So disappointed in that News Media, I thought (That’s what I get for thinking) that they were part of the good guys. WRONG. Liars liars……..

Gary Peter Carlson

Trump has a Reptilian soul (Lizard) Putin was replaced 2 years & 2 months ago by Trump with a person with a Lizard soul. The people they are going after have Draconian souls (way more evil) and need to be taken out https://icheckyoursoul.com/ | Soul Reports, Spiritual Facts & Wanderers

Stinky Perfume

They have to destroy bioweapons labs, no time to take over MSM? MSM has been maybe the main control switch for the world hasn’t it? Steering thoughts?

The Executioner

What’s up Michael?
Shilling for the Deep State?

You wrote, “Putin told Trump point blank he’d issued a ‘kill-on-sight’ edict for members of the U.S. and U.K. administrations. If any of them are spotted in Russia or Ukraine—it’s open season.”

But, the Russian Defense Minister Igor Konashenkov warned on Saturday of plans by the Azov battalion in Ukraine to stage false flag events against US diplomats.

Why are you trying to blame Putin for these planned attacks against US diplomats?


I saw a mushroom cloud on one of the news shows and since only Russia has those Then Who set it off. That is the nice thing to have a cloud that only nuclear has that shape of A nuclear bomb with the mushroom cloud.


The Season was Open long before it was started.
Now just some clean up details.
Justice will be served, not denied.

Canada calling

My thinking is Putin must do the clensing of American funded Biolabs in a Russian neighbour. Firstly for that reason. 2nd, if the Trump team did it MSM would say Trump is just covering his Country’s tracks …… Letting Putin do also lets him provide the proof to the Nuremberg Courts on Biden and his crime team, and Trump is an aems length away.

Last edited 2 years ago by Canada calling
E. Grogan

First time in my life that Russian/U.S. presidents have each other’s backs – I’m 67 y.o. and remember “duck and cover”.

Angela Nell

The hunters become the hunted.


I don’t understand the strategy of not announcing some of this. If children have been imprisoned and some were rescued, why would this not be a good idea to let the public know what is going on? Maybe there is a strategy to get to the real head of this, so we have to wait. I guess that is all I can come up with.


Maybe because it didn’t happen and it really is an all out war over there . Eventually the truth will come out as the war continues .

Just A Girl

I’d certainly pay a go fund me site to buy Biden and Harris a plane ticket to Ukraine! and if enough funds were raised we could fill up that 747.

Sandy Koufax

Ukraine was just a head fake. The mainstream media is already in transition back to medical tyranny with another booster and more lockdowns.


There was a comment a few articles back about how someone visited Arnold Schwarzenegger’s trailer and caught him in the middle of an indecent act with a male who appeared to be underage. He said to the shocked person (paraphrasing), “Nobody’s perfect.”
Now I come across a public address today by the same actor to the Russian people telling him this severe action against the biolabs and paedophile rings Putin is taking is wrong, He claims it is not true; he is not denazifying Ukraine, he is not fighting the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis, etc. He tells the Russian people Putin is wrong for what he is doing because he is attacking “a brother or sister,” “a school a hospital, a home.”
He is siding with Graham, Hannity and Ukraine Joe that what Putin is doing is wrong.

Which tells me somebody has something to hide.

fb dot watch mesQ5yi26XaQ forward slash

MAGA CountryBabe

Joe and Graham maybe, but Hannity is just playing his part in this ongoing saga. all will be revealed. Hannity loves God, he shall not be lumped in with the other two.


Hannity is a treasonous, lying pawn of the pharmaceutical cartels—go to Hell Hannity!!!


Are these sources unaware that Putin is a benevolent ET playing a role and is a white hat working directly with the alliance or is this story just written as theatre for the unawakened?


Putin is no darling, in spite of saving the children—if he is. What about all the civilians he is killing, even the people standing in the bread line, including the non-combatant American ?

question everything

You don’t know Putin did that, you only know that is what the media is saying. There are reports from the locals that it is Ukraine continuing its attacks on Kharkiv, Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts, and saying that it is Russia.


“Putin told Trump point blank he’d issued a ‘kill-on-sight’ edict for members of the U.S. and U.K. administrations. If any of them are spotted in Russia or Ukraine—it’s open season,” our source said.

Does that include Kamala Harris?

question everything

I can’t see any reason to exclude her, can you?




“Open Season” on terrorists…Go get ’em, kid


Open season on treasonous pedophiles!!! Finally!!!

Buck fiden

MB’s upgrade from Commodore64 to TRS-80 isn’t working that well. S-L-O-W !!!


I like this Putin guy.


Anyone find it interesting that when Trump was office the DS players wouldn’t stop voicing. “Russia,Russia,Russia”,but now that Putin has destroyed the biolabs,killed the engineers,decimated the pedo camps and set children free…..the DS wants a nuclear war to shut him up?

Desperation is fun to watch.


Well well the truth is coming out and the MSM who are part of the Trafficking issue. Most of the CEO’s and higher up staff are all Pedophiles and use Adrenochrome and are well aware how it is obtained. Abduction and murder of children from all over the World mostly 3rd world countries where children are almost impossible to track who and where they came from. And do not think for a second that our current leaders are not involved Politicians Doctors Lawyers Judges Senators Governors and a lot of Hollywood elite buy sell and use Adrenochrome and know well how it is obtained. Gods Wrath will be harsh and swift for them. Read your Bible and get close to GOD that is our ONLY hope.


An American who grew up in Ukraine with Russian family members still living in Russia explained this situation on a call-in talk show: Ukraine is a country full of corruption and violence. And Russia gives a percentage of their oil revenue to Ukraine, but Ukraine wants a larger percentage.

Now, connect the dots to how Xiden shut down our oil production and we are buying it from Russia now. This added more chaos to the long-going feud because of the increased revenue from America paying for Russian oil. I bet that’s the main reason Xiden shut down our production, knowing that it could cause a war there.


Xiden turned off our oil production to ramp up hostility between Ukraine and Russia: Russia is getting more oil revenue from the U.S. and Ukraine wants a bigger cut. Xiden and his ilk knew that this would ramp up the anger factor and that war could break out.

unlabeled quality

people seem to have forgotten about the fact that the Obama regime funded Neo Nazis in Ukraine to foment a coup in 2014…
the same year the whole Ferguson, MO false-flag and murderous Israel went on a rampage….

but not a peep out of the legacy DS media about it.

*fake surprise face*


“Putin told Trump point blank he’d issued a ‘kill-on-sight’ edict for members of the U.S. and U.K. administrations. If any of them are spotted in Russia or Ukraine—it’s open season,” our source said.”
This is revenge for what Lindsey Graham and Sean Hannity have said about taking Putin out, calling him a ” war criminal.” And Graham says in is on record and is doubling down and egging the Russian people on to get rid of Putin.
Be careful, Lindsey….

Michael R Davis

Do them both on Hannity live. Good riddance to traitors, and the whole world can celebrate with the reruns.


Take’m out Putin !!!

You have 99% of the Worlds People that will stick up for you.


Quick! Get the plane warmed up for a democratic convention!!


The Cleansing of Ukraine continues.
So , the LIBERATION of the SWAMP
Is somewhat a success.
Kameltoe Harris is shooting her mouth off in
The borders of Ukraine must be protected, with your TAXPAYER
Money, but not a dime to protect your borders in the US


Somebody needs to gag that witch with a plastic nob!



Don Reed

It is very easy identifying foreign & domestic enemies in this Ukraine purging by exposing the bad guys supporting Ukraine,sending “Aid” (recovering their confiscated money) & bad mouthing Russia while trying to start WW III !!

Last edited 2 years ago by Don Reed

The BS propaganda against Putin is spreading like wild fire in the USA. After Zelenskyy’s video call to Congress, just about every politician is sympathetic to Ukraine and wants to intervene in a war with Putin. This tells me the majority are guilty of involvement with the criminal mafia in Ukraine. By wanting war they hope to hide their corruption.

Bill Thompson

yeah that’s it. putin invades another country and if anyone supports the invaded country they must be hiding something. great mental gymnastics boomers!

question everything

Just to let you know, dude, no matter how hard you attempt to belittle or shame this generation, you are only showing your own foolish childishness. We are not and never will be ashamed of when we were born.

add elder

Thank you Mr. Baxter for keeping us up informed.


LOVE that last paragraph!

Kelly Knauth Brown

People treat you how you make them feel…so seeing Geraldo and all these establisment people stoke WWIII tells me they are all affected by Putin’s promise to rid the world of Satanic influence and Deep State filth.


Open season on Fake Criminal Biden in Russia. Go Putin Go.
FJB & Fauci & Trudeau & Marcon.


Michael, I want to thank you for providing these updates on the situation in Ukraine. I can only hope that Trump’s definition of “soon” regarding the big reveal of what’s been going on here in the USA is indeed SOON!!!! My sense is that it may be as far off as May, but I don’t think he can wait much longer than that.


May? May the day never come!

J Bill

Cheers to Russian President Vladimir Putin and our own President Donald J Trump, for all your good work!

Thanks Michael!


Okay, there’s definitely something wrong with this site again because, anytime you log in your the first person to post. Then after posting things start to come up on screen again. Not sure if this is a local issue or mainstream issue. It’s strange either way.


All posts are now reviewed and approved by our partners in India and China. If you see a delay, it is just under review.

unlabeled quality

there’s a lot of postings by trolls as of late, so that doesn’t help. it’s not just you.

Last edited 2 years ago by unlabeled quality
Hang traitors by the nalls

Amother demtard failure

Trenton Rizza

Whatever you think about Ukraine, I hope China is having second thoughts about Taiwan

question everything

Who is going to flush out the bio-labs infesting the USA?

question everything


question everything



Bet we will never see this on lying msm. Thank you for all of your efforts, Mr. Baxter. It always helps put the pieces together when I read your articles. Now, is it true that Tony Fauci is in witness protection, maybe in GITMO? That would really make us happy.


rather he be in GITMO.


I sent you something funny


My hope is that Putin and President Trump are communicating together and doing exactly what Putin claims to be doing. If this is all true, then it’s a good thing and I believe it to be the will of God as there are many countries that want nothing to do with the NWO. As in the past, I believe God is in this and puts leaders of nations together for a common purpose in order to free the children, destroy the bioweapon labs, the bioweapon storage areas and capture the Western Bio scientists as stated in the article. Putin at this point in time has become to the U.S. as an ally as history reminds us that the U.S. has allies with Japan, England, Vietnam and other countries we’ve warred with. Good can come from these relationships as I believe most countries don’t want to go to war and avoid it at great costs and would be happy to live in peace with their neighbors no matter how near or far, we are in distance to each other. If you look at this whole thing, it’s all been perpetrated by the DS, the cabal, the greedy wicked evil ones that want worldwide universal domination and from the looks of it, we’re not having it. We’re all in it to the end as we’ve already been exhibiting Victories at every turn. There is no need to fear or feel depressed even though we may be battle weary. We need to feel encouraged and secure in knowing that people all around the world are standing up and fighting for the same things which is Freedom, Justice, Liberty, the right to make our own decisions about what we put into our bodies, the way we raise our kids and their education plus a whole lot more of what these evil forces of darkness have been trying to destroy. Bottom line is we win because we have and are still coming together in one accord for the same cause. We are “fully unified”, as stated in Acts 1:14

Bill Thompson

big boomer energy right here


Trump said he doesn’t talk to him .


Happy St. Patty’s Day Everybody <3


Happy St Patty’s day and Happy exposure day from MSM of Hunters laptop ☘


Mr. Baxter, I have a question that may also be on the minds of many other Trumpers and I wonder if you would consider passing it along to your Mar a Lago sources? I receive about three dozen e-mails per week “ostensibly” from the President asking for money. I donated a thousand dollars to him (or to what I assumed was him) during the campaign and since then they (whoever “they” are) have never stopped asking. And, the quantity of e-mails has doubled in the last 2 months. Are these requests “for real?” This is a return e-mail address from one from the last hour: Donald J. Trump <reply-fef81571716c0d-10_HTML-4963839-526002658-6030@email.donaldjtrump.com>

Sorry to be a bother, Mr. Baxter.


That plane needs repair


MB obviously won’t answer this, but yes Trump constantly sends emails to his supporters asking for money. It’s just what he does. He knows you guys are suckers who will just keep sending him money even though he claims to be a billionaire 🤷‍♂️


So Putin says “kill on sight” the customers? What a way to “kill” demand for airborne rabies, adrenochrome, and pedophiles. Looks like Joe Biden and Boris Johnson are in a tight spot? The faux Biden Admin threatening for the Nuke code football? You think Klaus is getting any sleep? I sure as hell don’t want to work for him. I guess I have one thing in common with Trump, Putin and common sense? Go to hell you Nazi Judah Klaus. I know you are reading this. Give up while you are still alive. Our Marines are coming for you. Stab, Stab, in the middle of the night. Klaus are you paranoid? Paranoia will destroy you. Afraid of hanging at Gitmo?

Susan Sloate

Are we sure this was all Putin’s idea? Did Trump have anything to do with helping make up Putin’s mind to clean up Ukraine?


Good point. It may have weighed in the balance of whether or not he was going to force the election issue or step away.

Jan D Hunsinger

All these people are capable of independent thought, Susan.

Bill Thompson

precovid: china/russia bad!

during covid: china bad!

now: china/russia good! they are helping crush the deep state!

lol have fun with dictators and fake news

Last edited 2 years ago by Bill Thompson

Putin is cleaning its own house. He’s aware of this at the start of the fall of Soviet Union maybe 20 years ago.

Buck fiden

Soviets were great experts at “cleaning house.” Stalin sent an assassin to Mexico City who took out his rival Trotsky (a Jew) with an ice pick to the back of his skull.

Later, the Soviets had a De-Stalinization campaign.

After Brezhnev, there was a series of very short-lived regimes: Andropov (year and a half), Chernenko (one year). Pizza Hut’s Gorbachev lasted six years, Yeltsin was there for eight.

Last edited 2 years ago by Buck fiden

You should take time to listen to Putin being interviewed by different journalist. He is so much intelligent than all the members of Congress. He’s brilliant and fascinating and funny guy.


Da, this is truth.

Buck fiden

I want to see AOC and Putin play a game of chess together.


I don’t think so, I think Putin has had this plan implemented for years, they just needed the exposure first so that Putin had a good excuse to start raiding the bastards.

Carol Sims

Both of them have a conscience. Some things are better left unsaid! Really, this is NOT for us to judge. We also have consciences. Sad that so many still have NONE.


Anything is possible when it comes to rescuing the children.


Don’t forget that Steven Seagal is good friends with Putin—he can probably take a lot of credit for getting the DS bad guys & rescuing the children!!


I’d nominate Putin for the Nobel Prize, but unfortunately it’s just a fake deep state award they hand out to hacks like Obama.


Yea, in the first week of his fake “Presidency”!

Dave Strickland

I have learned to regard the MSM as poison to my understanding of events. In today’s BBC headlines on Ukraine, Putin is now said to be under pressure and seeking a way to save face. This is a seasoned journalist’s (John Humphreys) assessment about a national leader who is the one applying and sustaining the pressure, and at his own pace!

Last edited 2 years ago by Dave Strickland

Well that makes you wonder , doesn’t it ?


M.B. , I think there’s another glitch in the software. The reason, why I say that is because there’s no previous comments from others before you post something. It’s like there deleted at first.