Putin Puts American “Mercenaries” in Ukraine on Blast


On Monday afternoon the Russian president and Donald J. Trump shared yet another telephone call on which Putin expressed disappointment that American “mercenaries” in Ukraine are fighting on behalf of Volodymyr Zelenskyy and, by proxy, the bioterrorists, child traffickers, and pedophiles under his protection, said a Mar-a-Lago-source familiar with Trump and Putin’s conversation.

Putin shared with Trump a March 5 intelligence assessment that put the number of American paramilitary forces in Ukraine at approximately 575. He would not say how exactly the FSB, Russia’s Federal Security Service, arrived at that figure but claimed to have irrefutable evidence that they were committing atrocities against Russian forces.

When Trump asked Putin to expound on at least some evidence, the Russian president said four men, obviously American, were killed in battle while attempting to thwart Russian soldiers from isolating and eliminating an Israeli bioweapon engineer who had been holed up in a Kyiv townhouse.

“According to Putin, and I’m only relaying what he told Trump, not attesting to the veracity of his statements, his men entered the building and were heading up the stairs to the apartment of the bioweapon guy when they were ambushed from behind. Three Russians fell almost immediately, and the rest whirled around and returned fire. In all, six Russians and four Americans died, and Putin’s target got away,” our source said.

“President Trump, I understand these men have been tricked by Joseph Biden into defending the criminal Zelenskyy. I have no wish to harm Americans, but they cannot be running around wild or interfere with our sensitive operation. I know your military respects you, and you speak for them, so perhaps you–,” Putin reportedly began.

“President Putin, if they’re ex-military or law enforcement, you’re right, they don’t really know what’s going on over there. They were told you’re an invading force. I can’t speak for them. This is a huge problem, I get it. I understand you must do what you have to do,” Trump said.

Then Putin dropped another bombshell, saying his military had captured two American mercenaries who were in the midst of rigging explosives to the front and rear vehicles of a “peacekeeping” convoy tasked with delivering food, water, and medical supplies to both Russian troops and displaced Ukrainians caught in the crossfire. When interrogated, the mercenaries, who had no identification, refused to identify themselves or declare an allegiance, but said they were “freedom fighters” and “patriots.”

“These men, I can have them executed; they are saboteurs,” Putin said.

“How can you be sure they’re American?” Trump asked.

“President Trump, we know they are. Europeans do not speak with deep American southern accents,” Putin said.

“If true, President Putin, they’re not freedom fighters. They’re not patriots. I can’t speak for them, and if I could, I would in a big way, but I can’t stop ex-military from doing whatever they’re doing, even if it’s very wrong. I can tell you this: Our active duty won’t enter the conflict illegally. That’s all I can say on that matter,” Trump replied. “I can’t speak for all of NATO, but it’s a safe bet they won’t fight unless Americans do.”

In closing, Putin thanked Trump for his time and said he hoped for a swift end to the conflict, but put the onus on Zelenskyy to make peace a reality.

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zelenskyy has to go bye bye…..he;s deep state evil.


Good luck trying to extricate him from the embassy in the next country over. He’s there shivering like a scared little boy. .


I am ashamed of our stupid deep state! The theft of our tax money to support their demonic activity has to stop!


It will, but only if we fight back. If we do not fight back, it will just continue.


“President Putin, if they’re ex-military or law enforcement, you’re right, they don’t really know what’s going on over there. They were told you’re an invading force. I can’t speak for them. This is a huge problem, I get it. I understand you must do what you have to do,” Trump said.”



“If true, President Putin, they’re not freedom fighters. They’re not patriots.“

That’s truth right there! The true freedom fighters and patriots wouldn’t be in Ukraine fighting for Zelensky in the first place because they don’t listen to or allow themselves to be fooled by the democratic leaders.

American Living in Canada

I believe President Putin and President Trump are the megaphones for all the Patriots’ around the world.

God Bless them…Keep on rollin.. & keep on truckin.


I don’t care who they are if they are in the way of wiping out evil – TAKE THEM OUT!

Ed Prida

Every time I defend Ukraine you delete my messages….are you a Russian spy and communist? The Russian troops are using the Soviet Flags on the tanks and artillery…We have to be with Ukraine! Putin is a new Stalin, dictator!

Ed Prida

I’m with Ukraine. If I can fight against Russian Force until death, he is a new Stalin. Putin wants to take Europe!I


Patriots dont care about Ukraine and wouldnt fight for them while our own country is going to hell in a hand basket. Secondly Patriots would listen to Trump. This whole article has many suspect things.

Dave Strickland

The most telling thing about this and similar recent reports is that Putin is making a point of talking with Trump, but cold-shouldering Biden. Tells you everything you need to know: no diplomatic moves being made on the Ukraine issue by the US Administration – they are being frozen out!


Yup many other sites have articles/interviews with US retired military saying they feel they must do something to help Ukraine. They do not realize they are being brainwashed by the fake propaganda news to think Poor Ukraine. It was also said that if they do go to Ukraine and fight, they are not part of their military, so are considered mercenaries, so must really think hard of what they planned to do.


I’m just here for the executions🤣


They are probably some antifa fools. The media here calls everyone Nazis except for the real Nazis. God bless the actual efforts of the actual patriots! Russian ones included 😊

Oh and I just watched a video on bitchute called “and we know” which showed a lot of videos of honest Ukrainian citizens which told what was really going on over there, from what they have seen God bless them and their children.❤️

Last edited 2 years ago by Hope
Rob S

I cannot help but according to RRN reports to respect President Putin. I wonder if any of us receive the truth of the matters though?



Bill Thompson

Thank God Trump and Putin are working together on rounding up these scum bags!

Deplorable Freedomfighter

I know they can go over and help to join the fight but they have to go through the Embassies to get proper paper work to go over to join the Ukrainian military but they have to bring their own equipment with them. I say whoever goes over there to help a Corrupt Govt is One VERY STUPID and does no Research what they are getting into so in my opinion. They are stupid…. Sorry they deserve to get killed or captured just saying…. Why would you get involved any ways for a corrupt govt is seriously stupid especially when so much stuff coming out is a blantant Lie….



Steve Johnson

May God cast blessings from Heaven above upon ALL of the patriots throughout the world fighting the necessary fight to rid our planet of absolute evil so that it may NEVER affect humanity ever again! 💪🇺🇸

Mont Schroeder

I wonder if Qball59 was a “WEF” graduate?………….




Below is a link for Russian live stream news if anyone care to watch…exposing all of the lies of our MSM that they broadcast 24/7…MB; if I am breaking some type of rule here, please let me know…Sincerely



Russian news mimics MSM. All programmed by Putin .

David T

Wow, you had to jump on that one with both feet at the speed of light, didn’t you? Something in it you’re afraid of apparently. It’s called THE TRUTH.

Maybe you missed it but Putin is horribly vilified by the MSM almost as bad as Trump was. But in your delusional “logic” you believe that Putin would have Russian media mimic the MSM? Wow, I’d like to hear your explanation for this fuzzy logic.


Yes yes yes !!!! He tells them what to say . Just like the cabal tells our MSM what to say .


Just in, Congressional leaders propose/ approve $14 billion dollar Ukraine aid. Guess who gets the bulk of the aid? Another laundering effort in progress. St. Joseph terror of demons pray for us.

David T

Yep, imagine that. Create a problem where there was not one, then send billions to a corrupt government overseas, and the US politician coordinating and promoting that, gets a nice fat kickback offshore and out of the purview of the IRS and the American public.


These corrupt politicians spend our money like water and we have no say in the matter…and they call America a democracy…I can’t tell…We need to get rid of everyone of them…Congress and the Senate…they are worthless parasites and thats’ all they are…All of them…

Jesus can’t get here fast enough…I am truly sick and tired of this system we are living in…I know I know…it could be worse, but it could also be a lot better…They think of any damn reason for giving out aid and as you say money laundering…”Our money”



Prayers for the continued safety of all true patriots fighting these horrid beings. Bless and keep them safe 🙏


I Stand With Putin, and finding the Bio Laboratories and destruction
Of the child trafficking rings, and liberation of 1600 plus children.
And the corruption and money laundering, bribes and pay offs of political


There are no 1600 children . There will be no official announcement and that is PR gold . Why? Reports just in that a childrens and maternity hospital in Mariupol has been bombed . Why are there so many refugees ? It is real , no bio labs or pedophile hunt .

David T


David T

Nunn Lugar 2010

David T

National Pulse June 17 2010

David T



yeah the children’s hospital was attacked by the Ukes. not the Ruskies.

Ruth Ann Maloney

The “American” mercenaries attaching bombs to that convoy are NOT patriots. Execute them!


Throw them in with the paedos and traffickers. The sex peddlers are escaping into the corrdidors with the good guys.


You go Putin! We the people need kindness. Thanks MB! Don’t forget our true USA 🇺🇸 President Donald Trump.


Mercenaries may be able to fight but they never did have connecting brain cells. More of a MK’d machine.
AND…what’s up with the israelie scientist..hmmmm Save israel for last!

Last edited 2 years ago by AMy
Susan Sloate

For ANYONE who doubts the veracity of Michael’s reporting, consider this:


Oh, really?

According to China (CHINA!), the US has 26 biolabs in Ukraine ALONE. (Okay, as of now they have 26 large holes in the ground… )

Please look at this article. THE GATEWAY PUNDIT is PROVING that what Michael says is true!!

And TGP is a LOT more mainstream these days.

In fact, I was told today that Rochelle Walensky, head of the CDC, is now FURIOUSLY backpedaling on everything that she originally hyped about the efficacy of the Covid vaccine. And when she was asked WHERE she got the original information on how effective it was, she replied, “I saw it on CNN.”

You can’t make this stuff up…

Last edited 2 years ago by Susan Sloate

Yes you can. The Anunnaki and Steven Seagal come to mind, don’t they?

David T



You don’t believe the Anunnaki story line ? MB wrote it.

David T

My comment to you has nothing to do with articles or postings. I’m simply describing you.


R u the one censoring our comments? if so, it will boomerang on you.


So is MSM. ABC talked about the biolabs last night.


Didn’t a prior article state that the American military was not going to go to Ukraine?


Michael, can I ask you why my comment to QBall was taken down? There was nothing inappropriate about it. It said waiting for approval, then gone.


I’ve experienced the same treatment from time to time, even in comments that don’t contain links. As far as I can see, anything awaiting approval is simply ditched.

If there’s something important to contribute, it might be a good idea to copy and paste variations on the original comment to identify what is causing this strange behaviour.

Lucil le

Yes never saw mine again after waiting for approval?


I did that and they still get censored out. Not right. maybe removing the algos will help fix that.


The only time that happens to me is when I type the name of a previously banned troll. Be careful with names like “B o f a”, “R u s s e l l”, “D e b”, or variants thereof.


Many of mine as well. Can you change the algos, please?

Sue Grantham

Deep State went into the Hills Have Eyes territory’s and paid off a bunch of banjo playing inbreds. If you’re against Putin you’re condoning the evil. It’s just that simple. ♥️🙏🇺🇸


If any of you remember up in North Dakota when the Natives tried to stop the Oil Pipeline from going under a river in the western part of the State, the Oil Company had hired Mercenary’s as well. They were armed to the teeth and the Natives had even captured one of them that was armed and run him down into the water where he eventually surrendered and later released, so yeah I believe this story a 100%. Anyway, I’m not all that well versed with the subject an all, but I do remember they did have fully automatic weapons with 30 round magazines plain as day.
So to sum it all up, those Mercenary’s are imo enemy combatants for hire that share no allegiance to anyone, other than for a pile of cash who pays them.


Who paid the mercenaries transportation to go?


Good point, many expenses.

Truth Liberty Freedom

if “we have it all” and Trump still has the “codes” and is still “Commander in Chief’ then ALL of this could have been avoided…ALL OF IT—- it appears we have a faction running the “show” behind the curtain that has no concern of the innocent lives and is running this op on pure ego now and for quite some time and that’s not what a white hat would do— Equafinality! They are all guilty of crimes against humanity at this time every single one of them need to be held accountable

David T

Ok, so how could ALL OF IT have been avoided? Please explain and cite your sources.


Yeah, do tell.


Mercs don’t belong to any country. Smoke em Vlad.



I ain’t working for Klaus Schwab, how about you? Isn’t that what Putin said?


People in Europe insist he is working for Schwabby boy.



Michael R Davis

Big bucks mercenary terrorists, same low-life mercenary scum murdering for profit that joined Daesh ISIS and Al Qaeda and Al Nusra, even though they were once Americans. Supporting child traffickers, child predators, biowarfare engineers, execute them.


They censor again!!

Air man


Jan D Hunsinger

Thank you, MB! Praying Zelensky surrendersand Putin gets all the mad scientists and children!


Right . From Gitmo?


It’s the Deep State side of the American Military that is over there. Just sick! Same people in the Military doing the chem trails. Attacking innocent people.


The chemtrails having been getting intense since FJB got in…

Gregg Nickens

That’s good, Putin can exercise ‘population control’ on them. Something the Deep State had intended for all of humanity.


FJB. Where is the globalist criminal Fauci?

David T

I’d bet he’s been nabbed or is in hiding a la Cheney. Oh well, his time will come.


And we do have some really stupid people in our country,they are called Democrats



Lucky Star

And republican as well. People on both sides are stupid dumbass people


And how.

Dave Strickland

In case people read your comment, I’ll let them know you’re repeating lines from a 1970s song by the folk singer Melanie. But you’re not a girl.

Andi Kay

❤ it! Thanks for the memory. 😄


Time will tell if all these Deep State RATS pay for their crimes. The sooner the better!!!


Clamp traps or sticky traps or compartment traps, take your pick, as long as we get them.

Maria Regina

I would not be surprised if active or retired FBI and CIA units are fighting with their Antifa friends in Ukraine. These criminal thugs, hired and trained under Obama and Biden, need to be stripped of their US citizenship and then tried and hung, or better yet, shot as the criminal mercenaries they are.

Last edited 2 years ago by Maria Regina
Gregg Nickens

Saw a podcast from a man in Seattle reporting that Antifa picked a fight with a local biker gang. Two Antifa members hijacked a police lieutenants speech complaining that the police weren’t protecting them and Antifa members were being killed while chasing said lieutenant to his car and surrounding it.

When the shoe’s on the other foot, Antifa cries police police please help. This is what John Lennon would call, ‘Instant Karma’.


How about running over them with tanks like the Uke tank ran over the civvie car?

Buck fiden

Too many phone calls. Not enough Gitmo executions.


They should sell shirts and bumper stickers that say
Gitmo:I’m just here for the executions….

Gregg Nickens

OR “Gitmo, retirement home for NWO cabalists”


😅here’s another,the deep staters went to Gitmo and all I got was a lousy tee shirt


Good morning MB,

Its’ time for some new hanging news…You got anything in the pipeline that you can share soon…



Michael, thanks for reporting truth. My son and I pray for you and your family. God bless you all.


Micheal, can you elaborate anything about Huma Weiner/Abedin by any chance?

Gregg Nickens

Just don’t ever use the word “alleged” in your reporting, it’s a keyword used by the deep state.




Thank you for that. And sorry for bugging you about the site being down. I literally had difficulty toggling in. HATE CENSORSHIP WITH A PASSION.

Buck fiden


That’s a word leftists/commies/progressives overuse. “Thanks for ‘sharing’.”


These mercenaries are there for no reason other than to shoot Russians!!! I think Putin has the right to deal with them any way he chooses!!! I would not want to be them!!!!

Last edited 2 years ago by Scoop....

In large, the question is – Who hired them and for exactly what purpose? The objectives of the Scientists are clear, and they are a clear and present danger to the Public at large and in fact a danger to the Worlds populations given the new knowledge making them Genocidal Maniacs to say the least. So, were they hired for distraction purpose’s or protection, or “both”. Then again with the large amount that were sent there, what other purpose do they serve? Personally myself, they are there to be a distraction and escalation, and a prelude to war. A Video I watched on Bitchute had shown dignitarys and those with large amounts of cash were being led out of the Country while News Reporters were watching and recording, so that tells me they do in fact want an escalation, especially when the common man was forced to pick a gun and go fight when all he wants to do is stay home or leave the Country, but if he tries to leave – the Ukrainian Army has orders to shoot them dead while trying to flee.


Prayers for President Putin and the Russian soldiers who lost their precious lives fighting for all of humanity…God speed President Putin…Sincerely


Yes, amen to that.


its clear..putin ,Jing and trump…war on pedo thank u


I believe, its a possibility thats not yet clear to any extent.


Trump and Putin fighting the paedos? Yes. Not sure about Xi since he lied to the world about the China virus, and refused Trump’s help in assisting those in China who got sick.


Do we want them back?

Lucy Skywalker

Ship’em to Gitmo


No, sabouters and mercs without identification and refusing to acknowledge their mission are equvilant to terrorists and pirates. Hang them in place and leave them as a calling card to others.

Andi Kay

Absolutely. Terrorists and pirates — exactly right!

Last edited 2 years ago by Andi Kay

Shark food. Jaws will thank you.


Nope. I hope they dispose of them right there.
Trump can’t give his outright permission for that but I hope Putin understood what he was trying to say.


Oh, I’m quite certain Putin was able to read between the lines…

Lucil le

Listen to Putin’s answers on the question by an American Karen journalist.
He subtly pounced on her arrogance big time.
Putin is genius. Remember Trump said that too recently.

Buck fiden

Since they support Nazis, they should be the subjects of the Nazis’ medical “experiments.”


No Patriots would sabotage food for those in need. Just more deep state tricks trying to make it look like Trump’s supporters are rogue and killing innocent people. They always stick to same playbook, reverse deflection. Blame others for their crimes.





Lucil le

America’s involvement is reason why Putin is cleaning Ukraine’s backyard.