Fauci Military Tribunal: Day 1


GITMO, April 18, 2022. 1100 hours EST.

Enemy combatant Deep State Dr. Anthony Fauci sat alone at the defense table, hands folded like a nested pigeon on a pile of printed notes. He sat bone still except for his spectacled eyes, which moved slowly over the high-ceilinged courtroom from one object to another, as if seeking an avenue of escape, or just contemplating his predicament in silent bewilderment.

“Are you with us, detainee Anthony Stephen Fauci? Don’t mean to disturb your meditation, but we need to get started,” said Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall. “We’re happy to have you with us today.”

“It’s Dr. Fauci,” Fauci corrected him.

“Not anymore.”

Fauci stood accused of myriad crimes: Mass medical malpractice, treason, seditious conspiracy, murder, attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, bribery, money laundering, and falsifying government reports. His trembling fingers fiddled with the papers laid out before him.

“These aren’t my crimes. I don’t acknowledge these charges, or recognize the authority of this court. I know who put me here, and they’ll answer for this, as will you, and you, and you.” Fauci pointed fingers at Vice Adm. Crandall and the three officers who had yet to hear JAG’s evidence against him. The Deep State doctor went on a tirade about Donald J. Trump and Senator Rand Paul, accusing them of subverting science and prosecuting the innocent for no reason other than to satisfy personal vendettas. “I will admit to nothing except my innocence. I’ve saved millions–billions of lives. You people taking orders from Trump or whomever will…”

Fauci talking was like a barrel rolling downhill. Once started, his speech gained momentum, tumbling out faster and faster, bouncing and looping out of control. It needed some abrupt external force to stop it. Vice Adm. Crandall was that force.

“You must govern your passions, detainee Fauci, or we’ll do it for you—with a gag and shackles,” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

Fauci finally closed his mouth.

The first exhibits entered into evidence were the same emails that helped convict Fauci’s co-conspirator, the late Francis Collins. In short, the email chain was a lengthy back and forth between the despicable duo, in which they discussed murdering physicians and health officials who advocated for ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine over potentially lethal vaccines.

“It’s interesting. Did you know, detainee Fauci, that your friend Francis tried to absolve himself of liability by blaming it all on you. What a great friend he must have been,” said Vice Adm. Crandall.

After a brief recess, Vice Adm. Crandall introduced a witness for the prosecution, an infectious disease expert and one of Fauci’s former associates at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

RRN was asked not to reveal the witness’ name at this time, so we shall refer to him as “witness Sam” and omit his name from quoted dialogue. We’ve also used ellipsis to conceal testimony that could betray his identity.

Appearing on ZOOM, witness Sam stated for the record his name and credentials, and admitted he’d been granted prosecutorial immunity in exchange for his testimony.

“Despite your agreement with the Office of Military Commissions and JAG, do you hereby swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God,” Vice Adm. Crandall asked.

Witness Sam assented.

“Do you recognize your former employer in this tribunal chamber today?”

“I do.”

“Will you identify him?” Vice Adm. Crandall asked.

“Dr. Anthony Fauci, grey haired man in orange jumpsuit sitting at that table.”

When asked how long he had worked under Fauci, witness Sam said he had been at the NIADS since 19…

“Twenty…. Is it safe to assume, then, that you know the defendant reasonably well, professionally and personally?” Vice Adm. Crandall asked.

“Very well,” witness Sam replied.

Behind the defense table, Fauci glared menacingly at the viewscreen.

“Let me ask you this: Based on your initial deposition. Did you have a conversation with the defendant on December 11, 2020, two days after the FDA gave Pfizer emergency use authorization on its Covid-19 vaccination?” asked Vice Adm. Crandall.

“I did. Many of us did.”

“And what was the nature of that conversation,” said Vice Adm. Crandall.

“He told me not to take the vaccine,” witness Sam said.

“Did he tell you why?” Vice Adm. Crandall pressed.

“He said it caused cardiac arrest in an alarming number of trial participants; it caused male infertility; it was causing pregnant women to spontaneously abort; and could potentially cause Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. He said that information wasn’t being made public,” witness Sam said.

Vice Adm. Crandall wanted to know why witness Sam, a physician having taken the Hippocratic Oath, had not made Fauci’s comments a matter of public record. Witness Sam said he was bound by confidentiality agreements, and he feared losing his lucrative job.

“This man is a liar!” Fauci shouted. “I never said that, and he knows it.”

Vice Adm. Crandall ordered Fauci to restrain his outburst, but Fauci would have none of it. He hollered and screamed and claimed he’d been “set up.” The admiral had GITMO security escort Fauci from the courtroom.

He then put the tribunal in recess until Tuesday morning.

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terry jacks

Burn i Hell, Fauci.

Last edited 2 years ago by terry jacks

It just came out for a law suit saying that the cdc did not have the authority to issue the mandate for the travel industry! Wonder if the president has the authority to issue a mandate for shots for the military especially due to the vax injury which he he knew about before the told us to that the shots. Biden does not have the authority to issue an unsafe mandate to the military when the knew the vaccine was causing harm to people who took it and in the military if you can’t do you job then they will let them go. Biden has effected a permanent job lost for people and so has the cdc.

Stinky Perfume

This is odd. The witness can’t be named or known and to get a trial they need this guy to get immunity with his own compliance with Fauci, hiding out identity to keep a high paying job? I’m not content that this is the only way to go and wondering who is controlling the ranks of WHO because they are vaccinating to this day. Fauci sounds like he is believing the science like they all claim. This witness is going to blow that away. The side effects are the inconsistent part where the general population is required to be guinea pigs for an experiment. Now which is it, an experiment or a genocide plan? Seems to me there is someone above Fauci. Seems like Fauci knew it was an experiment but had higher order and Fauci did not seem to mind letting other people die off in the experiment but not his own associates he didn’t want to die, so they get warned. But really, could Fauci have turned this around and cancelled the vax? I think he was answering to someone above himself, so who would that be? It makes no sense Fauci has this much power. Fauci does not sound, or look like he can be in charge of a world.


If somebody would be so nice and make this public. I mean really public. Like public public. We could all move on with our lives in stead of this lunatic insane asylum we live in at the moment.


And otherwise can we please stop with this website for hopium addicts. What good does it do to have secret tribunals and verdicts?


It is Public, you found this site didn’t you?


Using Satan’s prayer in Government.





Oh to be a fly on the courtroom wall…


Please sir Michael Baxter I’d like some more reporting on the Fauci trial which resumed early this morning.


Did JAG trial Fauci today? i can’t wait to see him be convicted and executed.


You won’t.

Just Me

WTH is your problem, I guess you are ok with the millions of lives this evil weasel has destroyed and the torture of puppies, for what? it had no real benefits to humans. What you prefer to see this evil POS walk freely? I have family members and friends who listened to his lies about Covid and took the poison shot I after beg them not to be Lab Rats.


I think you misunderstood Just Me.


Shouldn’t this shit show be over by now. Shouldn’t the FDA and the CDC all be arrested.
None of this makes any sense because that little cockroach is arrested and still everything hums along.

Debate Judge

Vice Adm. Crandall introduced a witness for the prosecution, an infectious disease expert and one of Fauci’s former associates at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Debate Judge: First person who came to mind was Dr. Judy Mikovits.

Cindy W.

She wouldn’t been having conversations with Fauci in 2020. Not a chance.

John .S

Attention Real Raw News….

Myself never utilize emojis, whereas herein utilized a semicolon and right side parentheses which emphasizes a wink of the eye, and a cartoon emoji was substituted to my dislike.

Ben M

A tremendous thank you for your continual encouragement demonstrating that there still remains justice in our nation.
You may have answered this question in the past. What do you say to patriots who see so-called sightings in public, of the criminals that have been convicted and executed through tribunals and they quickly assume that the execution articles are false?
One thing that Encourages me to believe that these executions are true, are the many names that are provided across the various executions. Names of witnesses who testify regarding the specific trials. You never hear of these named witnesses being questioned in public. You never hear of them suing or denying that they had any part in providing testimony or otherwise as related to these trials.
And of course, there is the likelihood of body doubles being used to impersonate the executed criminals.
But I would love to hear your thoughts on how best to help other Patriots avoid concluding that realrawnews is fake news. They got continue to bless you and protect you.

Ben M

I meant: may God continue to bless you and protect you.


Fauci surely is a pissed off enemy combatant at his tribunal. Not a good look. You catch more flies with honey……

Sojourner Truth

Orange becomes Dr. Fauci, the Dr. Jekyll of our day. He is a serial killer on steroids who has harmed humanity greatly and robbed us of so much, even of having descendants.

Crazy cat lady

Very recently a Covid Czar, Dr. Ashish Jha.stated that small children should be wearing mask. Usually, it’s Faucci that makes these statements. However, he’s indisposed at the moment and hopefully forever.


Now we can all clearly see, by God’s grace today, the despicable monsters running the US government today. Fauci is right up there at the top of the demonics list.


It’s Tuesday, but who’s counting? 😁


Go to Wnd there are law suits going forward plus there are documents going on what the knew and when they knew it. I think people are going to be in big trouble for example do not vax you children for the get permanent damage of their heart. I hope you military will watch this for remember that Joe does not have the authority to tell the military what to do from a medical standpoint and the generals have followed the wrong person regarding the HEALTH on the military. Joe was stupid to “make them take the shots. The heads of the military did not stand up for the men against a president who is physically and mentally gone to be leading our troups. Lawsuits are starting. Go to Wnd and read it. Remember that Joe over stepped his authority which is the bases of the lawsuit for you.

Last edited 2 years ago by Katie
Dave F

Biden is NOT The President. He’s The Resident. Not for much longer though.




Biden is dead. Clones, doubles, etc. out there.

Dave F

Yes, I believe he is dead also, but WHATEVER that is playing him is just The Resident. No True Patriot should EVER call him President.


When #44 was in the WH, lots of TRULY top-level loyal armed forces personnel were ‘swapped out’ for ‘wannabes’ wearing the uniform that were really ‘sleeper agents’ for the DS–ready to sabotage things at the right moment at the right time at the behest of their overlords. The “No Jab. No Job/Get court martialed.” edict was the rule of the day for the U.S. Armed Forces EXCEPT the Marines led by General Berger who basically told them “Not on my watch!” per RRN. The Marines are the ones ‘draining the swamp’ right now per RRN. Please be thankful they did not get the jab or else we wouldn’t have a fighting chance out of this mess unless there was Divine Intervention by The Almighty along with whatever additional help He is giving us through them and other whitehats worldwide wherever they may be.

Robert James

Fauci is detestable. A guillotine should be waiting outside the courtroom.

Crazy cat lady

It will make him a lot shorter.

Dave F

Day 2 of this scumbags tribunal. We hopefully learn the date when the world is free of this POS.


Poor Poor lil Tony, I only wish they would let this be live on pay-per-view I would pay 100 bucks to watch that little prick dance on the end of a rope


1. Word “CORONA”: For every letter take the number of it’s place in the Alphabet and add up all. The sum will be 666. 2. The meaning of name “COVID 19? : C=certification O= of V:vaccination ID: indentification. The number 19: look in the Alphabet: 1= A, 9= I. Together AI (artificial intelligence). Shocking is it not?


Thank you crico.. The truth is right in front of our eyes… and THEY thought we could be fooled!


Fauci and Gates set it up to try to control the food population by using the pcr test to kill many animals so they can’t be sold and then eaten. American farmers need to innovate and do their own fertilizer supply chain. Block out the Communist government held railroads and bankrupt Blackrock and Vanguard’s hold on the supply chain. Who is managing the farm land that Bill Gates bought? He is dead. What has been done with the $48 Billion he made from the farmland investment?


That money was given to the families of former slaves as pay for the work they did in the 1700’s and 1800’s. The land has also been divided up between the families that made claims for their 40 acres. Do your research.

John .S

There’s a *Slim possibly Fauci gets a Life Sentence.

Fauci *could have later value.

Keywords: *Slim & *Could.

Many want death, in actually doing him a favor, whereas he’s a key holder for other doors, yet not seen.

John .S

Good chance Fauci does a slip of the lip, tossing someone under the bus.

No doubt he’s under duress, and hopefully implicates someone that’s not on the radar.

Control Freaks [power trippers & authoritarians] most vulnerable when lacking control, especially high functioning individuals.

Tribunal is a psy-op, and Fauci is the laboratory rat. Maybe a new clinical term comes from this called: ‘Fauci Syndrome’ or renaming, rebranding prior terminology.

Stockholm Syndrome was renamed by woman named Patty in 1974.


I still think that the execution methods used on these monsters is too humane.

They should be taken 5 miles out to sea with a life jacket and plenty of bloody chum and let the sharks do the rest.

Just Me

Once they find this little weasel fake doctor guilty of the murders he committed through his lies and fake vaccines, I hope they put his head in a cage and let the sandflies eat him up alive the same way he torture those puppies to death.

Just Me

Some A-hole gave me a negative, I guess this A-hole thinks that the little corrupted weasel does not deserved to pay for his crimes. This country has a bunch of sick people who supports evil and the deaths of millions who took this clot shot then to died.

Afshin Nejat

Even saying that these events did transpire as described, including in all of the previous articles, and even including a generous amount of events implied by these to have taken place in the wider field unreported here due to lack of information or lack of space. It still reveals a situation so gruesome, sick and absurd that it begs belief. This isn’t a “rotten apple in the bunch” sort of thing even by a remote long shot. The nature of power in this world has been revealed in history and clarified in thought to be very wicked. One doesn’t simply wake up one day and scrub it out. There are implications. The DS concept is very facile compared to the necessary depth of depravity and evil which is married to the power that controls these monstrosities. And so I will say it again: Hitler and Patton have something in common. Guess what it is? They were both right. Anyone who disagrees with this is simply suffering from the consequeces of the fact that it is true. When the technocommies aligned with the Vatican and Crown entities (and this includes a lot of Talmudic Ziojews it just so happens, such as Zelensky and I’ll spare you the long list of rather major names which directly tie into all this DS business), they were going for the soul. They’ve always been doing that. Now they have technological and methodological knowhow. All the power of Prometheus given to the hands of Epimethean troglodytes. That’s the world that this Trump/Putin vs. Xi/Deep State business is playing out. There is a way to attempt to put all that to bed without directly destroying it, but “only the penitent man shall pass”.


We did it! At the RRN March for Freedom in Philadelphia last Sunday, we demanded via Facebook Messenger that the illegal and unconstitutional mask mandate be lifted. We reminded the Florida Supreme Court that Fauci has been captured and will soon be executed. As a direct result of our demands, we got the mandate lifted and restored our freedom. I have a few interviews with local news outlets today and will break this story wide open!

Michael R Davis

Lying coward. Slither back into your hole.


Are you saying that the mask mandate is still in effect?

David T

Have you ever been professionally evaluated to see how many personality disorders are chasing each other around in that noggin of yours? I can count at least 3 from what I read in your posts.

John .S

Never underestimate anyone, neither their potential, acquaintances and affiliations.

Tide is changing via Social Media, and Control Freaks are loosing their handle surpressing public opinion, especially trying to muzzle & criminalize speakers at public forms i.e., Parents against CRT.

The power is upon We the People, case in point:
Myself single handedly had a mobile Police Dept illuminated billboard flashing: “See Something – Say Something”, which creates a stool pigeon culture, that was placed in strip mall parking lot in my vicinity.

As disgruntled, spoke to police brass that said: “better get used to it”, adding a chuckle, one gave me a sinister sneer.

Myself then spoke to all mall merchants, informing them I’m producing a YouTube hit piece video on them, in posting their phone numbers, and web page links via their allowance of that stool pigeon billboard in parking lot.

Merchants had a serious WTF, when I approched them, especially when mentioning negative call flood, and boycott campaign on their establishment. Told them: “don’t construe my promise as the threat”.

PoPo [detectives] came knocking, assuring me that Stool Pigeon Language will be changed to: “Lock and Secure Your Vehicle”.

We the People administer our public servants, not the other way around, though many clueless to that, afraid to take a stand.

God Bless America.

John .S

PS. Well done Ted 😉 patriotism comes in many shapes and forms. Don’t trust local news outlets, they use snippets blowing language out of context.

Myself clicked the positive icon for your well crafted script.

Dave Strickland

“Remember, I’m not Fauci, I’m Doctor Fauci. I doctor the truth about Covid19 and everything else virus-related.”

David T

Good post! Let me add to it: Well “Doctor”, maybe you will find your senses and the Real Raw Truth when you “doctor” on the noose-end of a short rope!

Lorenz Manner

Proverbs 11:10 .. .. and when the wicked perish there are shouts of joy.
Let this bastard eat the fruit of his deeds.

Dave P.

Ohhhhhh, does this Fauci look like he is 82 years old????? He was born in December of 1940!!!!!

Looks so young, ah heck he takes Adrenochrome just like Nancy Pelo. Lately we have been seeing a lot of 80 year olds + looking like they are only 60 years old or younger. WTF?????

Chris Russ

Except Diane Feinstein, she must be allergic to adrenachrome.

David T

She looks like a deranged owl.


Even owls don’t look that bad.

Dave P.

Is it possible they may have a double hanging on the 28th of April???? Lynch and Fauci together??? That would be something indeed.

i am willing to bet Fauci’s LAWYER was paid well in advance etc. before he got arrested, and now told Fauci Cannot make it, I’m taking an easter vacation, and turned his phone off to all of Fauci calls.

I don’t think there is anyone on Earth that wants to represent Fauci especially after what he did to the Beagles that we all saw.

Please do not hang Fauci. Stick his head into a glass container and lock his body down on the gurney, and put in all the flies inside that glass container just like he did to the beagles. and let those flies eat his face, his ears, his eyes, and up inside his nose and inside his mouth to bits till he dies.

Now that is called JUSTICE.


What can we do to help our loved ones who innocently took these shots? I’ve been praying so much for them & that somehow they will be healthy & live long, normal lives.

Dave P.

There is nothing anybody can do. Once you take those shots, your immune system gets slowly destroyed giving you AIDS, and your blood thickens so much it causes heart attacks, strokes, damages your internal organs with its strong nano knives etc. Add Graphene Oxide, and nano chips to that mix, you really become a walking time bomb.

Basically taking just one Vaxx shot, you just sentenced yourself and signed your own death warrant.

Its been known that aspirin, thins the blood, ok, but once you thin the blood, now those nano knives begin to cut up your vascular system leading to internal bleeding. If you don’t take the aspirin, you blood thickens up leading to the clots which will kill you. Either way you will die. No way out of the mess, except maybe getting a full complete blood transfusion 2-3 times very early (after the shot) before the damage begins.

I am hearing and reading on the side, that the blood transfusion is the only one that might save your life. Cannot verify it, but seeing a lot of posts on it. Early reports show most of the nano razors and chips, Graphene etc., are gone from your system. Keep in mind blood transfusions are very expensive.


After my dad got his 2nd Modurna Shot, he got 2 brain clots and 2 strokes. They did brain surgery and installed a permanent tube draining from his brain. He had a blood transfusion. He’s been alive for several months, but is confused, a zombie, and his blood sugar is not under control. He can barely walk. He went from driving his truck, walking and caring for his big dog, dressing and bathing himself, paying his bills, etc. to losing his dog and truck. Had to move in to the nursing home in which he is deteriorating bit by bit. His Dr. has disappeared.


The fiat currency scam is coming to an end. Back in 2019, China missed a payment to the banking cabal. Their response was to switch on 10,000+ 5G towers in Wuhan. Quite likely, 8,000,000+ people were killed–they are no longer cell phone subscribers as reported by truther Jennifer Zeng back then.

In January 2020, the USA missed a payment to the banking cabal. Their response was likely to kill NBA star Kobe Bryant and everyone else on the helicopter with him one day near the end of that month. Prior research revealed this may have been the ‘go code’ broadcasted worldwide by the MSM to go ahead with the Plandemic which was officially declared by the UN WHO on 3-11-2020, the 9th anniversary of the Fukushima disaster. On 3-13-2020, President Trump declared a National Emergency to deal with this problem.

It is now 2+ years later and quite possibly nearly 800 million people worldwide are now dead–their demise downplayed or hidden by the MSM at the behest of their DS overlords. It is because of money that motivates evil people to do evil things to get more money or in this case kill lots and lots of people to ‘balance the books’. Please see 1st Timothy 6:10 in a King James Bible–it says it better than I ever could and has stood the test of time since 1611 when it was translated that way into the English language. To quote it in this post may trigger moderation which I want to avoid. The tribunals and subsequent executions reported by RRN attest to the validity and veracity of this Bible passage. The condemned did what they did ultimately for money paid to them by their DS masters and to avoid shame, loss of position, and death if they don’t do their bidding otherwise.

Last edited 2 years ago by IsThisFairUse2
Michael R Davis

There seems to be a large percentage who received a harmless placebo, another large percentage who received seasonal influenza vaccine shots. Whether the same persons also received harmless boosters seems possible, but unknown. Then, I do not personally know a single person who died from covid, died from the deadly JABs, or received heart damage or other serious side-effects from the deadly JAB. I do know quite a few elderly people (over 80) who foolishly volunteered for the JABs ignoring my warnings, but seem to be just fine, some a whole year gone by getting JABs early. Placebos, or delayed reactions? There are rumors of the new Medbed technology curing people, and light therapy also being used.

Last edited 2 years ago by Michael R Davis

If you have been praying, then I say let it go and allow God to do His work. His work may not be your work or what you want, but His will shall be done.

Know that we are going through a collective, individual, and planetary awakening of biblical proportions. Taking the jab of their own free will may be part of that person’s awakening process. They may have a lesson they must learn that they did not learn before. Clearly, it’s a hard lesson–one folks like you and I already learned in previous lifetimes.

As an example:

I have family that took the jabs, too.

My father had an awakening experience shortly after taking a single jab and started meditating and seriously looking after his health.

My mother took two jabs and woke up big time to governmental and medical corruption–I’ve proud of her as she was a major “sheeple” before.

My brother took two jabs, a booster, and is still confused and trying to convince my mother to take the booster. He apparently has not learned his soul lessons that he needs to learn, but he is also serving as a teacher for my mother’s awakening (as am I on the opposite end of the spectrum).


If they took the jab, they are already spiritually dead. Also keep in mind that because it changes your DNA that they are no longer children of God and will go to hell when they physically die soon.


Medical doctors who are aware of these poisonous lethal injections are treating their vaxxed patients with Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, since nothing else is working. (See Dr. Elizabeth Eads on Rumble or BitChute). The kill-shots are full of pathogens, graphine, but worse, they use an HIV delivery mechanism which hacks into your genetic code, rewriting it permanently to generate spike proteins and other problems. The spike protein generation ‘sheds’ to other humans, making them sick, although they have not been jabbed nor had their DNA actually hacked by the shots. The shots work somewhat like ant killer whereby some of the ants take the bait and return to the farm where they infect and sicken / kill others in the colony. Basically you are toast once you’ve gotten to the booster shot phase (3rd shot). This is what the doctors are finding: the probability of death from fast moving cancers or strokes or heart attacks goes up exponentially after the first two jabs. The first and second shots are bad enough; many people are dying from those alone. Undertakers working at funeral homes have posted photos of younger people who have died after getting the injections and their blood is so coagulated and thick it pulls out of the arteries like fish guts or meat gristle. Very ugly. (See Dr. Jane Ruby on BitChute or Rumble). Anyone who was remotely involved in the planning, organization, financing, cover up of this genocide should be condemed and have their heads chopped off in a guillotine and their bodies taken out to sea and dumped for the sharks to have. The executions should be documented and shown to the public in clear 1080p video to provide as a deterrent to anyone, group or global cabal who believes they will get away with it.

Last edited 2 years ago by Analyst

Thank you Michael for your good work. Could you please correct some grammar?

Missing question mark:
“Despite your agreement with the Office of Military Commissions and JAG, do you hereby swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God[?]” Vice Adm. Crandall asked.

Missing question mark:
“And what was the nature of that conversation[?]” said Vice Adm. Crandall.



This is so sweet! Would love to see his smug face as his world crumbles under his arrogant butt!


Thank you Michael. Your writing always puts the reader into the time and place of an event.

Oh, yes, the world’s people will sing and dance in the streets when Anthony Fauci is executed for injuring and murdering millions of innocent humans.

john sonn

After the hopefully brief end game is played out there will be a lot of fodder from which many great novels will be written. Like how MB came to be in such a trusted position that he could post tantalizing nuggets to a relatively small number of people who were persistent enough that once they smelled a rat could follow the trail until they found a believable resource. The clues to this web for me have included several websites and videos like the original “From JFK to 911 everything is a rich man’s trick”, “Loose Change”, “Rose Rambles”, and without question “Real Raw News” and MB of course! Some resources are now gone because they were taken out. Great stories will be created from this event. One of the resources I have enjoyed is the comment section of this and other sites. I recently watched the Sequel from everything is a rich man’s trick. I was unaware that James, of James Red Pills America is a pastor. In the video it talks about the Ronald Reagan shooting by J. Hinkley. But it is stated that Reagan actually died and was replaced by a clone. And that Hinkley was tied in with mideast oil and Bush Sr. Lots of interesting stuff and why I have to watch 2-3 times to actually get all of the story line. The video also talks about “free energy”, “teleportation”, and other concepts that seem to defy believability. The problem is that all of these concepts are not just mentioned in that single video but also many others. It is sort of like the analogy about me having a tail. If a friend of mind greets me and says, “hey John what’s with the tail?” I can blow his comment off. but if another friend does the same I will start to wonder a bit and if a third does the same- at that point I am going to start looking for my tail. Things seem to be moving faster now and it is about time. God bless us all!


Thanks for your post on this documentary. I couldn’t continue with it because of the BS about Francis Bacon or whoever it was being reincarnated so many times. It just seemed like hogwash that he was reborn as so many famous people.


MMMMMMMM The mysterious witness, Now what could make someone become so unhinged ? A spouse maybe ? After all she was close by in the same hotel where Fauchi was picked up in the underground parking area. I’ll go with that. Same ol rederick ” It wasn’t me, I’ll getchu my pretty and your little dog too”

Dave P.

Naw, it was somebody that worked with Fauci for over 20 years and it started some time in around late 1990’s Lucrative position?? Well that seems it is either a no 2 or 3 position but in the vaccine research division.

Let me tell you something. FAUCI IS NOT A CERTIFIED VIROLOGIST OR A VACCINE RESEARCHER. He is only certified in the blood department. That is it. Collins and Walensky have more ranking and knowledge etc. because Collins is a certified Virologist as well as Walensky. However Fauci held the DIRECTORS POSITION, he was the boss over Collins and Walensky.


I 👃noticed that too….he probably wanted to look good for his upcoming execution and had a nose job🤥

Lesko Brandon

I heard Tom hanks didn’t throw out the first pitch in cleaveland today… hmm….


I am delighted to read that ‘Dr’ Fauci is on Trial, in a no-BS Court.

Kelly Brown

So many admirable doctors have come forward discussing people being made HIV positive…


Fauci resembles a rodent, now he resembles a cornered rat.


Hey Michael. How are you doing? I see Vice Admiral shot Fauci’s former title down real quick. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


welp, hes guilty. anybody that does outburst lies.

the guilty ones always do that. hes dead.

Bev Kungl

Not so high and mighty now…are you Fauci? It looks good on you. I hope you and all the rest of the monsters including the CEO of Pfizer suffer immensely in hell. You went forward with the deadly shots knowing what you knew and coerced millions of people to take them and because of it millions of people from around the world have died because of you. Let the blood of those people be on your hands. I’m so angry. I wish I could be there when you are executed. As for the other doctor…he is just as bad because he knew the truth and he kept it to himself when he could have saved millions…how very disgusting he is.

Dave P.

I am betting that the witness already agreed to a term of imprisonment once Biden is removed in exchange for his testimony and keeps his pension. I think the sentence is a light one otherwise he will not take the deal offered to him. Like 5 or 7 years maybe and possible early release for good behavior. Any person who knew or was around Fauci, who gets such offer would be very stupid to not take it and just let it all out, and tell the truth and be done with it, and not face the rope.

Michael R Davis

No, this guy willingly assisted in the murder of millions for profit. His deal will be in private a bullet behind the ear or a poison needle, instead of public hanging and his disgrace known far and wide to family and friends.


“Its Dr Fauci”, he responded.
Not anymore!
Love it. He should have said, the soon to be “Late Dr Fauci!”