Putin Executes American, British Mercenaries working for Zelenskyy

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A Mar-a-Lago source speaking under condition of anonymity told Real Raw News that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the execution of American and British soldiers-of-fortune who had answered Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s international call to arms.

Our source, who is in almost daily contact with President Trump, said the 45th President of the United States learned of the slayings on a Saturday evening call with the Russian leader. According to Putin, the Russian military had captured and slain six British and two American nationals who were trying to plant explosives along a main supply route (MSR) stretching from southern Russia to the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, where Putin has waged war on an infestation of pedophile camps.

“Putin told Trump the mercs were chipping away at frozen ground and planning to booby trap the route with ordnance,” our source said.

Putin claimed the “terrorists” were laying camouflaged L9 anti-tank bar mines and No. 6 anti-personnel mines—U.K. weapons–when Russian Special forces caught them by surprise. Spetznas shot and killed two Brits standing guard and ordered the others to drop their weapons and drop to their knees. The Spetznas team leader purportedly spoke some English. He did not immediately execute the rest because Vladimir Putin had left standing orders to interrogate all foreign nationals.

“At least from what Putin said to President Trump, the ‘prisoners of war’ refused to identify themselves. They were dressed in battle fatigues, carrying captured Russian weapons except for the mines, and had British or American accents. They had radios tuned to a frequency used by the Ukrainian army. They’d only say they were independent operators not working for any government,” our source said.

The Spetznas transmitted images of the prisoners to the FSB, Russia’s Federal Security Service, which confirmed the identity of one captive, a former British SAS operative of international fame.

That person was 62-year-old Steven Billy Mitchell, better known as Andy McNab, who came into public prominence in 1993 when he published a book entitled Bravo Two Zero containing an account of a hotly disputed military mission in which he had taken part with the Special Air Service (SAS) during the Persian Gulf War, for which he had been awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal. Bravo Two Zero is also the eponym of a 1999 U.K. mini-series starring actor Sean Bean as McNab.

“Since they would not talk, I ordered their death,” Putin reportedly told Trump on the call. “As I told you last time, I have no wish to harm Americans, but they here trying to stop us from killing these filthy pedophiles. Yes, I understand maybe they don’t really know why they are here, but that makes no difference. Their weapons would’ve killed many of my people. I cannot tolerate this. United States, United Kingdom, German paramilitary coming here to fight for Zelenskyy—it’s not acceptable.”

“President Putin, I understand your position, and would do the same thing. You have no choice, really, and these really bad pedophiles, we have to stop them, in the States and in Russia, for the children,” Trump replied.

“Since they not talk and declare any loyalty, I sent word back to have them shot. Now they are gone, gone and dead,” Putin told Trump, adding that his forces would hunt down and exterminate any and all foreign mercenaries fighting Zelenskyy’s battles.

This incident marks the second time Russian forces have captured and killed American mercenaries in Ukraine.

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Johnny Harrison

Great job maybe Hunter Biden is get caught up over in Ukraine


I’m British and I say “Good!”. Thanks President Putin for eliminating these mercenaries. They were on the wrong side of history. They took their blood money, they paid the price. It’s a big, big swamp. Thanks for helping us clean it out.


They’ll talk in hell

Lesko Brandon

It sickens me that the home town of Ronald Reagan is flying the Ukraine flag in support of them. Ronald Reagan is turning over in his grave ….


This is the kind of satire I like to read. Makes my day.

Sheep herder

When the US uses them they are called freedom fighters or Contractors. Anyone else is labeled a terrorist. That is the power of the CIA media machine. 911 was a staged event and every war since then has been illegal


The man has to protect his country and the children, whatever it takes. 🇺🇸Good job.

question everything

Got your ears on?

Rob William

Thanks for sharing.

question everything

Thank you, Rob, for confirming that I wasn’t sharing in vain.

Rob William

$2.4 Billion already sent to Ukraine and we don’t we even know whether Ukraine will be able to hold Russia off. There is no way to track that money. There has to be better auditing and tracking. They are saying that they cannot hold off Russia in Mariupol unless they get more weapons!

J Bill

As mercenaries do not apply to the Geneva Convention, nor have to abide by it, then they shouldn’t be there. Or face consequences.

Dave Strickland

In a truthful world: UK Daily Mail front page headline: “Andy McNab Executed by Putin!!”
In the actual world, same date: UK Daily Mail front page headline: “Record Fee Paid for Ronaldo Soccer Move”

Last edited 2 years ago by Dave Strickland
Rob William

Is UK daily mail a good news website?


Well Putin did warn them almost 3 weeks ago that any outside persons joining the Uks in this theater, would be considered enemies.

Rob William

Putin is an enemy of America.


Well Putin did warn them almost 3 weeks ago that any outside persons joining the Uks in this theater, would be considered combats, and would be considered enemies.

Last edited 2 years ago by jafo2U

disregard this post. I can’t figure out how to delete it.


Whatever people may call him, the dude is cleaning the house, period.
All evil people have to be terminated.

Dave Strickland

I was born in the UK but fully support Putin’s decision to execute these soldiers of misfortune. And for commenters on here who have previously mis-read my statements as utterances from a bleeding heart, I regard Putin’s decision as 100% right though these mercenaries “may not have known why they were in Ukraine” and had not actually caused loss or damage to life or property.

Rob William

Are you a Russian?

Dave P.

What is going on with Fauci, that is what we all want to know. We are not worried about the mercenaries getting executed in Ukraine. Those mercenaries have no business being there in the first place. Actually I think Fauci is more important to know what is going on with his trial.


Go to the website called The Rumor Mill News Reading Room and read the article by Max Maganificent about Juan O Savin. I totally agree with him.

Freddy Benson

go to the website twisted truth dot net and read about steven segall


There is also a Wattpad story about their romance and fight with the Anunnaki.

Rob William


Air man

What ever happened to MP?

Dave P.

What is going on with Fauci, that is what we all want to know. We are not worried about the mercenaries getting executed in Ukraine. They have no business being there in the first place


This morning I had a working breakfast with Congressman Jefferson Van Drew of New Jersey where we discussed America sending money to Ukraine. I showed the Congressman this site and the evidence presented by Mike provided by unnamed and anonymous sources and Mr Van Drew was floored. I was also amazed that the Congressman was not even aware of this site and the wealth of vetted information we enjoy daily. Congressman Van Drew said he would discuss this with his peers and work to stop any more funding from going to Ukraine.
Congressman Van Drew also reached out to his friend Ted Cruz during our meeting and Mr Cruz also took some interest in the information and said that they were aware of Mike B but could not comment on the details.
big things are happening thanks to people of action. Don’t forget to contact your representatives and discuss the real issues and show them the information we have here at RRN!

Chris Russ

You are obsessed.

Freddy Benson

at least he’s doing something. do you want your tax dollars going to a pedo? if not, demand your local congressman and senators do something. they can stop the flow of tax dollars to a pedo but only if they know about it!

David T

How about you do something and lead the way. Tell us who your congressperson is and when you’re going to meet with them.

Freddy Benson

i already called/emailed. they have no idea what i’m talking about

i sent the link and they just laughed.

J Bill

don’t identify yourself as a troll next time.

Freddy Benson

i’m a concerned citizen. my tax dollars are going to a pedo. aren’t you worried your tax dollars are going to a pedo? because if you’re not doing something about it, you’re ok with it

David T

Where did you meet for breakfast? Who picked up the tab? Given your history of posts claiming to be part of the admin team at RRN (which MB has soundly denounced) and your posts taking a fairly extreme left of center position, I have serious doubts about the veracity of your story that you met with VanDrew, curiously now a Republican as of 2020, which prior years he was a Democrat. Van Drew is nearly 70 years old, and 2 years ago finally switched from Democrat to Republican. Did he tell you why? Is he actually a RINO? Or, is he trying to appeal to voters who are abandoning the corrupt communist democrat party, only to get into office to continue to push a leftist agenda? Your “story” raises far more questions than it even begins to answer.

Freddy Benson

have you called your reps? if not, you’re complicit in sending tax dollars to a pedo. i guess you’re ok with that

Rob William

People needs pedometers to really know how much they are walking every day. Doctors recommend 10,000 steps.


That is an odd question but it demonstrates your lack of understanding. We met at the Mays Landing Dinner and I picked up the tab. I had the Western Omelette and he had the Lox and Onion Omelette. We both had coffee and water. Total was about $29.00 and I left $35.00 ($20, $10, and $5). Not sure why you wanted to know who paid but since I invited him, I paid for breakfast.
We discussed the subject as stated, I didn’t ask about the insanity you put in your post but feel free to reach out to him at his office just like I did. The internet has information that can help you find the answers to your questions and not just spread rumors.

Rob William

You are a really gullible fellow. First you completely believe in RRN stories and then you are skeptical about Ted’s meeting. Of course, both of them are fictions! Ted also wrote a nice imaginative response about the breakfast 😀😀😀

Dave P.

Jefferson is a well known switch hitter. If you not know what that is, go find out. Checkhis background. Have a nice day


Sadly enough people usually are lovers of their self! An will do anything for only their sick minded selfs! The things are like killing, stealing , destroying, anything for their needs. All of which are from their father Satan who they serve. Their needs are the love of money, unholy sex, over eating, physical an verbal abuse towards others an their self! Basically, anything you put before your Heavenly Father is who or what you love most instead of him. The question is if we really think about it an look internally do we have any rights to judge anyone else? Have we loved something over spending quality time with Jesus in the word (holy bible)an our prayer time? Who or what is first in your life can easily be determined by the subject matter of what you talk about most ! ( Lifestyle, work, sports, hobby, other things for ourself over spending time with Jesus! ) Unless, we bring him with us for those things to show an share his love for others first over ourself with grace an mercy from Jesus! There once was a bracelet that was popular that had “wwjd” it made a difference because not only did people asked about what did it mean . But , they lived the life of ” What Would Jesus Do” in everything they did ! We are truly our worst enemy with our words, an action! “Love Jesus, Love Family, Love Friends, Love your neighbors, Love Your Enemy, an then your self! ” First read an apply John 3:16 in your life, then pray the Lords prayer an think about what your praying, read an keep God’s ten commandments in your life, know where your at in our times by reading revelation end times . The biggest problems I see now days is people are comfortable with calling their self as a sinner. But ,they forget to act like their Our Heavenly Father kid an not sin after asking for forgiveness of those past sin through his Jesus Christ ! The reason is mainly they have religion an not a true relationship with our heavenly father in heaven! That’s why they continue to sin an choose to serve Satan by those actions an not Our Heavenly Father through his son Jesus Christ! I pray this finds everyone in peace an love in Jesus Christ today an always! Pray for me as I pray for y’all, love y’all ! ❤️🙏❤️

Last edited 2 years ago by Mikee

His” Son “Jesus Christ is what I meant to say ! P.s., A side note there’s some good Christian movies out there from what I hear such as “The Mulligan” if anyone is interested in seeing a Christian back movie at the Theatre ! Positive things in is positive things out ! Instead of garbage in causing garbage out! Just curious has anyone else heard anything about ” The Mulligan” ! Thumbs up or down, if you have seen it or heard anything about it !

Last edited 2 years ago by Mikee
Rob William

Check the movie “The man from earth”.

John .S

Those two American Mercenaries won’t be renewing their Soldier of Fortune magazine subscription.

Lorenz Manner

Hmm .. if you are on the bad side you’ll suffer the consequences. Before you join the “game” you have to know the rules. Good riddance boys.


Money is the root of all Evil. Fight for a Corrupt Child Trafficking Country. Monsters are real who rape, torture kill God’s Children. Try to defend them is evil .


It’s the love of money, not just money. You are welcome.


It’s the love of money, not the money itself, that is the root of all evil.

Rob William

Capitalism is based on “love for money”. It itself is not bad because it creates energy to do more and better. The bad thing is losing the moral compass for gaining money.


Thank you President Putin for burning human trash by any name and origin.


I am American and i completely approve. I donnt consider them to be loyal americans. They are traitorous self serving grifting whores. They are on their own.
If they have no loyalty to america we have no loyalty to them. All dual citizens should have their American citizenships revoked and they should be forcibly expatriated.


“They” could have chosen different, but they didn’t.
Now “they” know for sure.
,,,,every last one !

Freddy Benson



I sure would’ve preferred that captured rats had given up their employers . Mercs work for money & someone financed their travels & arranged for them to be supplied with needed items they requested to carry out , mission they were assigned. Puppet Masters must be found & they must be dealt with in an efficient manner. Saboteur that was on my LST-1195 was interrogated by The Master of Masters that found him trying to destroy the steering gear for starboard shaft. That saboteur , would’ve given up his own mother under The Master of Masters Interrogation & I hope & Pray that The Current Master of Masters is working with My Commander In Chief Donald John Trump , whom is still legitimate Potus for all White Hats , Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

Rob William

Master and the Master of Master!


Tim Ballard posted this on social media today,he rescues trafficked children:
Spent Easter Sunday praying in a church in Ukraine. People have been asking what O.U.R. and the Nazarene Fund are doing to help the vulnerable children and orphans in this war-torn land. Can’t wait to tell you. There is much to tell when the time is right. Please continue praying for these people—for these children.

Freddy Benson

“when the time is right”

seems like a theme

David T

Only to delusional people.

Freddy Benson

easy to say wait for the right time for five years while raking in donations from the gullible lmao


Boots on the ground in Ukraine links. Some overlap but still interesting. You can copy & paste articles in Russian and put them in a translator if you wish:

t dot me/s/ vladlentatarsky

voenhronika dot ru

en dot topwar dot ru

southfront dot org

t dot me / asbmil

t dot me / s / smotrim_ru

t dot me / s /Sladkov_plus

t dot me /s / anna_news


When i took iraq back in 03’. We had out biggest fights with mercenaries our own gov put there to slow us down. No kidding. The one guy ill never forget had long red hair. He was from california. He said hed be home before we were. And they all had stacks of sadam dinars on them. Stacks. Anyways. Look up the battle for karbala gap. We had to retake the first bridge into iraq. They killed everybody we left to hold it down. Long story short. 36hr fire fight. My company vs a brigade. We lost nobody. Roughly 30-1 odds. Worst sand storm ever too.

Freddy Benson

you took iraq? damn

Rob William

Russia is bombing civilians – they just bombed a steel plant, which was sheltering civilians. See the crying moms and kids of TV, it’s so heart wrenching. I will suggest everyone to go and check before supporting Putin. He is killing innocents and no one can do anything about it!

David T

Delusional MSM troll.

J Bill

you’re wacko.

joe blow

They either knew they were fighting for the Deep State Nazi’s or they were plain ole stupid. Like they always say ‘The stupid shall be punished’


Putin is doing what should be done to clean the filth and rescue the kids.

Buck fiden

I’d like to execute some Americans myself. They’re called “Democrats.”


Yes but everything should be taken care of as decently and orderly as possible though.They must be made to face and realize why their lives are forfeit.

Rob William

There are more registered democrats than Republicans. Killing opposition is the way of Putin and not normal Democracies.

J Bill

Although babies, young children, foreign terrorists, central american drug dealers, and mercs make up the bulk of the dnc, they still can’t vote.

Freddy Benson

nothing like waking up to fascism on rrn. same old shit different day

David T

Then why are you here? I laugh at you and your skewed interpretation of what fascism actually is. Liberal/communists like to throw the f word at patriots to try to shame them out of supporting their country. People are waking up to the deceptive bs games that people like you are playing.

David T

Here’s Dave’s auto detailing tips for you OWD. Turtle Wax Hybrid solutions, Ceramic wet wax gray bottle yellow label. Wash, rinse, spray the wet wax on one section at a time, wipe with small microfiber rag, buff lightly with dry towel. Done in 30 minutes. No hard application, buffing, white residue, etc.


Ya know, many of the IED’s that injured our troops in the middle east may have also been strategically placed by high quality professional mercenaries. hmmmm! This story makes me wonder if USA mercs placed them.

GreaterIdaho for Trump

Maybe the only movie that Sean Bean lives through. So sad, but don’t mess with the winepress of Gods Wrath.


interesting on how many actually support the war.

unfortunately on how many support putton and i hope they don’t support xi?
peng especially after what he did to peng shuai, she disappeared. im guessing dead.

oh well, good thing i went back to being neutral, lol.

mercenaries are “paid soldiers” to get tasked to do anything no matter the side. they just do it for money. they don’t care what is done, they just get told to do it and get paid, no matter the cost. even if its worth there life. they do it anyway to just get paid.

you can hire anybody to di t. even assassin’s do it. as long you pay them well and don’t screw them over. they do it.

seems both sides are at each other throats.

i know people are making jokes about vlad the impaler. but keep in mind. when people joke about resurrection leaders coming back from the dead. all of them have one thing in common: they hate the gov’ts. when sargon, vlad, joan of arc, genghis khan, suiliman the magnicficient and many others. the gov’t fuck no matter who owns it.

the gods will have there vengeance too. even the giants are coming. dragsons came back recently. greek gods are here too.

so Ragnarök is coming.

so if your not wake by this time when the veil lifts. you better not get in there way when the dead arise.

Freddy Benson


“dragsons came back recently”

“so if your not wake”

Rob William



Thank you Michael for your fantastic articles. Please consider correcting some grammar:

Missing word [are]:

“Since they would not talk, I ordered their death,” Putin reportedly told Trump on the call. “As I told you last time, I have no wish to harm Americans, but they [are] here trying to stop us from killing these filthy pedophiles.”

Missing word [did]:

“Since they [did] not talk and declare any loyalty, I sent word back to have them shot. Now they are gone, gone and dead,” Putin told Trump, adding that his forces would hunt down and exterminate any and all foreign mercenaries fighting Zelenskyy’s battles.”


Freddy Benson

lmao just donate


Mike has two people working for him part time to fix the grammar. Maybe he should hire a 3rd.


from hero to pedo protecting zero ,play stupid games/ death is your stupid prize putin is not to be f**ked with do they get it now?

Last edited 2 years ago by tripledare

You go Putin! As it’s been said over and over, things are not as they seem. The media still condemning Putin very much as they have done and still do with President Trump. The media trying to make Putin out to be a murdering monster when actually he’s a fellow Patriot from afar doing his part in draining the swamp. One has to understand that anyone who is trying to make our world better is going to be condemned by those that are the real criminals doing their evil best to kill us all. Why would anyone think that Putin doesn’t understand what’s going on in the world as he is not a stupid man. The DS and their puppets have all tried their level best to convince us, to brainwash us over many years and years via many U.S. presidents, administrations and world media players that leaders like Putin and President Trump are the evil ones, but I believe that many know different…many know the TRUTH and you can’t fool us anymore. Also, for those that are Christians, remember, God chose Donald Trump to do God’s will in the earth and now here recently, has chosen Putin as well. Oh, how the DS hates this as Putin destroys the very things that they’ve created in order to destroy us and continue their filthy business of trafficking children for all sorts of vile reasons. President Trump continues to expose while Putin continues to take down the evil ones in a different way, both doing the same. They are both riding the earth of the “filth and scum”, as Putin would say. They are both purging the evil from the face of the earth, as per the orders of God himself. So, in saying that, God has His hand on President Trump and Putin. God is protecting them and nothing or no one can touch or destroy them. This will continue until God says different.

Freddy Benson

maria, you should call your local congressman and demand tax dollars stop going to ukraine to support a pedo.demand they bring this to a vote on the house floor while cspan airs it to the entire world. demand accountability!
i already asked and they have no idea what i’m talking about.

David T

Lead the way with your advice Freddy Spread, or stfu.


There’s no way to know what people disguised as soldiers from other countries are being told and they believe.
Look at MSM and governments, pushing Putin is the bad guy. They are doing to Putin what they did and still do to President Trump.

Freddy Benson

look at everything! it’s all lies!

lisa, you should call your local congressman and demand tax dollars stop going to ukraine to support a pedo.demand they bring this to a vote on the house floor while cspan airs it to the entire world. demand accountability!
i already asked and they have no idea what i’m talking about.

David T

Lead the way with your advice Freddy Spread or stfu.

Proudly Unaffiliated

The nazi Azov battalion is trapped and surrounded and will be starved out and should be destroyed. Putin and Russian military forces are trying to minimize collateral damage to innocent Ukrainian civilians, but these Guardians of the Pedophiles are using them as human shields. Any and all pedophiles and Guardians of the Pedophiles need to be brought to justice at minimal cost to innocents. It matters not what their nationality is or what fighting force they are aligned with.

Freddy Benson

you should call your local congressman and demand tax dollars stop going to ukraine to support a pedo.demand they bring this to a vote on the house floor while cspan airs it to the entire world. demand accountability!

David T

Freddy Spread, Lead the way with your advice and post your results here. Otherwise, stfu.


Bravo, well said!

Bev Kungl

Bravo to Putin for taking a stand against mercenaries. I hope they think twice before they stick their noses in other country’s business. He is a no nonsense leader.

Freddy Benson

hell yeah bev! move to russia!


Nobody needs to go to Russia when making a true statement about Putin! Nobody! Not Bev. Not YOU and nobody else. Believe it, or not, but the truth doesn’t ask for this stupid consequence!


Yep, what ever it takes, for human goodness and for the children
And get that dog Zelenskyy

Freddy Benson

you should call your local congressman and demand tax dollars stop going to ukraine to support a pedo.demand they bring this to a vote on the house floor while cspan airs it to the entire world. demand accountability!
i already asked and they have no idea what i’m talking about.

David T

This is something like the 8th time you’ve posted this drivel. Heed your own advice, take the lead and do what you’re telling others to do, and post your results here, like who you spoke with, when you spoke, what you talked about and that type of thing. If you’re not willing to do that, then stfu.


Nice AIRSOFT RIFLES in the “Stock Photo”

J Bill


Those are Kalashnikovs, you imposter dummy.


With “two” Suppressors.

David T

Airsoft have orange tips, these do not. DF.


It is not likely that the ‘Americans’ were real Americans. It is much more likely that they were second generation radicalized Islamic imports.


PLAY WITH THE DEVIL PAY WITH YOUR SOUL. Anyone taking up arms to fight for Zelensky that Criminal corrupt dictator should know the reaper is coming for them. Zelensky will get his to at some point. All those non combatant Ukraine people are dying because of him. He does not care.


All those non combatant Ukraine people are dying because of him. He does not care.”
That’s what I’ve been telling my friend, Pat. She has friends on the ground in Ukraine and they are telling her the opposite. Therefore, she says Putin is the bad guy killing the Ukrainians, and not the Ukrainians/Neo-Nazis/Azov/Banderites killing their own people. She is telling me that is fake news. The Russians are blasting maternity hospitals and schools and apartment buildings. The Russians are seizing that power plant in Zaporozhzhya. The Russians are tearing up Mariupol, not the Ukrainians.
If so, then why have the US Globalist/CIA/EU/NATO coalition forces been egging Russia on to start war with them for 8 years?
Why was Yanukovych, a duly elected president, opposed?
Why was Maidan Square ablaze?
Why did McStain, Graham, Klobuchar and Yovanovitch travel to Ukraine during the New Year’s holiday in 2017 and stand shoulder to shoulder with Poroshenko the prosecutor firer, promising the Ukrainians help from D.C. to get them arms in going to war with Russia at the time of PDJT’s election victory?
If I’m not mistaken, this is in violation of the Logan Act of 1799 on their parts.


they use dummies to video propaganda, all the MSM is painting incorrect news so of course, those who are not awake will be scared. But people use your head, the MSM write and video FAKE war zones. The only hospital blown up was a bioweapons lab and they removed all they could before destroying it. This war is a surgical strike against the head of the snake. Those nazis were always good at propaganda. The number of children already rescued is un freaking believable. Do not give in to propaganda. Most Ukrainians are aware of what is going on but some are not awake the same as here.


Since these types of mines are obsolete and difficult if not impossible to find, this confirms one of my greatest fears. They must have access to time travel and are taking munitions moments before they were said to have been destroyed. I hope Donald J Trump uses his military knowledge to protect us all.

Rob William


David T


David T



has anyone of you read The Real Anthony Fauci? Comments?…