Putin: Zelenskyy Sheltering Child Traffickers


Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday made another telephone call to Donald J. Trump. On it, he said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is sheltering three child trafficking kingpins for whom the Russian Military has issued arrest warrants, according to a Mar-a-Lago source privy to the Trump-Putin conversations.

Putin admitted that ridding Ukraine of “filth and scum” has been an arduous task, and that although his forces had eliminated hundreds of child traffickers and freed tens of thousands of imprisoned children, some vermin had slipped through the cracks—into Zelenskyy’s warm, welcoming arms. Putin called Zelenskyy an “unclean spirit” who had sold his soul to Western criminal governments for boatloads of cash.

According to Putin, Zelenskyy is currently harboring three fugitives, all Ukrainian nationals, who are collectively responsible for kidnapping, imprisoning, and torturing countless children, most of whom had been abducted in the dead of night from their homes along the Russian-Ukrainian border.  The FSB, Russia’s Federal Security Service, had pieced together the traffickers’ identities through thousands of interviews with the abductees.

“Putin told President Trump all these kids would’ve been sold into sex slavery. He said he’s determined to get the filthy bastards no matter what it takes. What he said to Trump—he’s going to keep hammering on until Zelenskyy hands them over. Putin also said there’s still trafficking camps around Donetsk he wants to destroy,” our source said.

He added that President Trump is personally responsible for bringing home 100 American children and reuniting them with their families.

“You’re doing a really great thing, and Zelenskyy’s a very bad guy. A lot of people thought he was a good guy, but he’s not. What I’ve seen, what I’ve seen is so bad, because I wish I could help more but right now I have a lot going at home, fixing problems. We do what we must,” Trump reportedly told Putin.

Putin also addressed the sinking of the Moskva. He said it was targeted symbolically because it drew first blood when it shelled and obliterated an Israeli bioweapon lab on Snake Island, a land mass that belonged to Ukraine, located in the Black Sea.

“When Trump asked if there were nukes on the ship, Putin wouldn’t answer, said it was classified,” our source said. “But he also said no Russian nuclear weapons are in Ukrainian hands.”

In closing, Putin wished Trump & family a happy Easter and pined for a future free of strife and war.

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Swingin Door

Your comments would make another great GTA Theme Meme Scheme Dream for some Steam.
Soo thats the news for today for all the little ppl that dont take any part in the work that gets it done.

Last edited 2 years ago by Swingin Door

How does Putin know this? Does he know who the traffickers are?

Last edited 2 years ago by Katie
Debate Judge

Make “No Child Trafficking in Ukraine” a Russia-Ukraine peace deal item, if it isn’t already.
Report it in Epoch Times newspaper. Every day, list of peace deal items with columns Accepted by Russia, Accepted by Ukraine, Reason for Delay.
Other items probably would be
1) Neutral Ukraine in Ukraine constitution
2) No biological weapons research labs in Ukraine
3) No attacks on separatist regions
= = =
Also report in Epoch Times newspapers the number of US children caught up in Ukraine Child Trafficking and the number of Russian children, etc.


Now we understand why Putin entered Ukraine it was not to get back the Soviet Union. It was to have an excuse to go into Ukraine in the first place to not have to people leave Ukraine in the first place so he could catch them. Under stand it sounds like there were more Russian children stolen than American in the first place. There are two sides of every story. But how did men get there to do it in the first place? There is a lot to this story than meets the eye so to speak. But why kill civilians and dogs actually I understand the dogs but why the apartment’s. There are old people in those apartments. Does Putin believe they are hiding out in those apartments? There are children in those apartments as well as women. I now am understanding the why but why the apartments and is there a better way to seek them out. He killing those men because he thinks he has found a ring on men who steal children. Reason he is going east.

Afshin Nejat

There was once a man who lived on the land, somewhere between here and there. He’d frolick and leap, and steal people’s sheep, and did so with nary a care. He challenged any and all to meet him and fight if they’d dare. Except these “sheep” were people’s children. Patton was right.

I always get an aesthetic rendition of “Trump on the phone”. His hair is seen from behind, 45 degrees from top, right side. Is that what you imagine when you write these stories?


JUSTICE Will Be Done.


Both Putin & Trump have children & grandchildren. That should be enough as far as their viewpoints on child sex slavery and trafficking go. They are both vehemently opposed and willing, ready and able to wipe it out for good as they are both presently doing.

Last edited 2 years ago by Joanna

Hillary Clinton has grandchildren. Does that mean she is against child trafficking?

J Bill

No. But it means she got hung for child trafficking, among other acts of treason.


But isn’t she a parent and grandmother?

Michael R Davis

Hillary Clinton dines on children.
Hillary Clinton tortures children and drinks their blood for the Adrenochrome.
Hillary Clinton carves the faces off living children while they are alive and laughs, sickening many New York cops.
Maybe she was planning on eating her grandchildren and JAG saved their lives.
Now the Medusa is past tense.


Couldn’t have said it better myself. JAG did save their lives.



unlabeled quality

what changed my name?
Michael R Davis

Last edited 2 years ago by unlabeled quality
Michael R Davis

Maybe I figured it out


Funny, how people praise putin, xi and etc. yet fail to see there alliances are destroying there own countries, lol.

america, europe and nato are no different either.

even africa has a shitty gov’t alliance.

humans in general are shitty people.

plus, religion group[s hate each other. shows you how much hate this world has for each other. too bad, no one realizes they been played.

no matter who you support of human leaders: stalin, hitler, mao, biden, trump, macron, le pen, zelenskyy, putin, xi, trump, D.U.M.P, secret space force, greys, E.TS, reptilians, clintons and many more.

you all been played.

the norse gods, greek gods, egyptian gods and etc will have there vengence on you guys for mocking them and such.


Thanks, I needed a good laugh.


You won’t be laughing when Zeus fries your ass with a lightning bolt. #soon


lol, nope. not how that works. you can’t wish me dead cause you can’t handle it.



Relax bro, wasn’t directed at you, I was addressing goofy goober.

How does it work though, if not lightning and stuff? How will these many deities of antiquity exact their vengeance?


my bad. i didn’t see the reply name, lol.

i assumed it was me. oops. lol.

too bad there’s not a way to delete that comment i made. oh well.

but, yes he may use lighting bolts. i know he has other abilities though. but, i can’t remember what else he uses.

he could do what he did to that one guy who stole fire and such.

but, alot of these gods are really powerful.


you think this is funny?


Well said.

Freddy Benson

so true


thank you. i been doing tons of thinking.

i realized i failed to understood alot of it. my early yrs i was a fool to support any side.

then i realized.

i missed the messages and signals.

then it hit me. its all just a game to them. think of it like chess and checkers.

were pawns and there the kings and queens and etc.

but, they failed to understand pawns can rebel anytime they want if only united.

once, they do. its over for them.

took me yrs to understood this. many on here even don’t realize its all just one big game.

all these leaders are false leaders. no true leader. everybody being used.

there puppets. elites, alliances, gov’ts, military and etc. you name it. all one big game. were in the hunger games.

survival of the strongest.

its like the predators abducting the strongest warriors to face off in any terrain and see who lives. if they do, they live. if they don’t they die.

J Bill

everything was going good chris. then you started talking to “scammer extraordinaire’ and biggest nit wit here, freddee, son of ben.

Rob William

So as per you, what’s the solution?

Rob William

When I think about it, you seem to be correct!

  1. Humanity (includes stupid sheep and awake/aware)
  2. Orion group (evil MF)

There is no in-between!

Everything happening right now is THEATRE to wake up the sheep so your comment is really revealing how ignorant you are because everything you mentioned is from the ORION playbook which is what we are cleaning up.

If you are Category 2 and not pureblood you will be used and abused in the end anyway, so there’s that.


Zelensky is a homosexual pervert comedian. Now he’s President of Ukraine.


Apart from his comedy acts, dancing talents, and TV series about a teacher-turned-accidental-president, the video I saw shows him as a drag queen with someone singing, “Dance, dance for me, baby. In the middle right now…”


I’m sure he’s very much concerned with your disapproval of his acting career right now.

Rob William

He has shown extreme courage to take on one of the strongest countries in the world and is still fighting to win! He will be blessed by Zeus!

Tim Levin DC

Who’s he sheltering, Atty. Kim Picazio?


Looked up map & pics of Donetsk public artwork: a lot of serpents there.


It will take a long time to eradicate the darkness. However,
it will be accomplished by we the people who see the light. Every SINGLE entity who commits crimes against humanity must be evaporated… because they FESTER.


Don’t forget to file your taxes DEAD LINE today so we can can give the government more money to continue on with the NWO. And I thought our tax payer dollars would help build new roads and bridges. Hmm?


I have heard several people here say that that the IRS is part of the now defunct USA Inc. and has no authority over us. So we don’t have to pay our taxes after all! Just refuse!

Last edited 2 years ago by Wedge

That is the truth! They have no authority over us! We continue to comply out of fear. ITS all a game. FEAR is the only facade left to control the masses to depopulate the human race. Unfortunately many will drown with in the snake infested waters. Some will come afloat only to remark: THAT WAS A DEEP STATE I WAS. 😪


That was some deep state taxes…Still paying in house?

Rob William

Don’t pay taxes and the grim reaper IRS will surely evaporate us!


I actually found a way out.

Rob William

No one can refuse to file taxes, not even RRN gods Donald Trump & Putin. IRS seems to be real grim reaper god of gods!


What???A bill? Give it up. To continue paying the elites? Fear of Shanghai?


IRS to be gone soon. Just as the allopathic and fiat system are doomed. Watch the swift. Follow the Schumann Resonance. It’s all collapsing and the new earth will be.

Rob William

Taxes have to given long before filing them – otherwise give taxes + interest + penalty on them.

Rob William

When will you be evaporated?


If enough of us just STOP. Only the deepest of the deepest demons will evaporate. I as the deepest love will be eternal.

Gary Lee Taylor

Sick of the pedos
If there is any justice they will die a painful death

Rob William

Do you have a pedometer?


You don’t provoke Putin with biolabs and children in boxes to invade a foreign country and then leave all that material on the border with the aggressor country. It just doesn’t make any sense. This whole thing about biolabs and children is nothing more than a big pill of shit.

Rob William

Do you think so? I think you may be correct!


Taking into account that these calls have not taken place and that it is all a lie, in the very remote case that what RRW publishes is true, someone has told Putin that his brutal, treacherous and unjustified invasion has already killed 300 children and has converted hundreds of thousands of them into refugees? Has anyone told this fucking lunatic? Fortunately, what RRW publishes is nothing more than fog.


Tell that to the 35,000 unnamed and unverified children who have been recovered from child trafficking tunnels in Ukraine. And also tell that to the 1000 children that Trump personally reunited with their families who wish to remain anonymous. What more proof could you possibly want?
I also heard that the EBS will be activated soon.



Rob William

EBS is god!

Rob William

You have opened my eyes!

Rob William

People in Ukraine are getting massacred and here is MB spreading debasing misinformation about the brave people of Ukraine. This is the real sin and MB is behaving like a soulless being. Many people here show violent and tyrannical behavior in the name God – what a shame.


You should have been at the RRN March for Freedom in Philadelphia yesterday. We made the Mayor resign and he has turned himself in for tribunal at GITMO. We also had a Ukrainian flag burning and everyone we spoke with was on our side and wanted Putin to win and expose the child trafficking for world to see.


Poor TrumpWon has been in jail for a while since he threatened a school board member.
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Miami-Dade police arrested a 37-year-old man Monday on accusations that he threatened to burn down his son’s private, Jewish school.
According to Mark Polyakov’s arrest report, his son was expelled from Scheck Hillel Community School last week over comments Polyakov made on a chat involving other parents that was named “No More Masks Hillel.”
Police said Polyakov posted several messages on the chat, including “You should of told that board member go f*** yourself. We will leave and burn Hillel down to the ground. That’s why their rankings have steadily gone down! What’s his name? This board member.”
According to the arrest report, Polyakov also posted a photo of the school’s athletic field and wrote, “I want to burn this school to the f***in ground! This is what they are doing outside, forcing f***in masks (in) 80 degrees. You can’t be nice. Gets you nowhere.”


Zelensky is part of the Jewish Cabal that wants to create and rule the One World Government. Yes, part of the controlled News Media, the controlled Central Banks, the controlled Big Pharma. Yes, it’s all One Big Happy Family.


Becoming clearer by the day. No wonder Natty Rothschild is telling Happy Guy Zelensky not to lose Ukraine, because that is the flagship post of the NWO, and the Rothschilds are petrified of losing their Illuminati post; because that means they lose favour with Lucifer. Ergo, God wins yet again!
The Khazarians have never forgiven Russia for kicking them out when they refused to stop doing those perfidious acts of crime and terror and satanic paedophilia, And they never will.
Even though they chose a religion on the king’s order to stop the lawlessness — out of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, they chose Judaism– they still determined not to follow the Torah but the Babylonian Talmud.
There are two talmuds — one is the Jewish Talmud which is not the inspired Word of God, and the Babylonian Talmud, which is far more evil, and DEFINITELY not the inspired Word of God.
They only converted for show without real repentance….acting and living in the traditions of Jewish ways of life but refusing to follow the ways of the Master in living holy and resisting sin. Sin was their normality as is breathing for them because they follow Lucifer, not God.
I hate that these false Khazars are making the real Jewish people look bad because they do NOT do these nefarious acts of brutality and hatred that the Khazars have been doing against innocent people since the tenth century in the Khaganate.
The Khaganate is located in the region which is southern Russia today, north of Georgia, Azerbaijan and Syria, above the Black Sea and Caspian Seas and the Azov waters. Rostov-on-Don is in the western part where Russia kisses Ukraine. These lying cheating, stealing, Lucifer-loving, child-hating fakers have the temerity to tell the world to never criticize them, never tell them to stop their illegality, never to point out their flaws and errors, never to reveal their superiority complexes, never to condemn their financial dirtiness, never to expose their crimes, and they shame everybody who does so by playing the Holocaust card:
“Don’t you dare tell us we are wrong.”
“We suffered during the Holocaust.”
“6,000,000 of us died because of Hitler.”
“Shame on you for telling us off after what we went through.”
“Hitler put us in the ovens and put us in the camps because of who we were.”
“We came to the Promised Land which is our birthright, not yours.”
“Don’t you dare tell us God will punish us for our sins according to the Torah.”
“Who are you to teach me who I am, and what I should and should not do?”
“Don’t you dare tell us it is written in Deuteronomy He will bless us for our obedience and discipline us for our transgressions.”
“Don’t tell me what the Old Testament says; God will NEVER do that to us, because we are the Chosen People. You are in the wrong, not us!”
So they migrated to Europe after the Russian ruler tossed them out for refusing to stop their evil ways, even as converted Jews (which is a major slap in the face to anyone who was/is an authentic Jew and makes the real Jewish believers look bad); infiltrated themselves amongst all strata of society but never stopping their evil sacrifices; messed around with the establishment of America; started the Russian revolution; killing the Romanov clan; and now they want to rule the world as has been their eternal goal. And that’s just for starters.
I love the Jewish people, I love Israel. I love Jewish history. I love God’s word, I love Israel’s Messiah, but not these dirty nasty, evil, filthy lying, stealing, child-hating swamp creatures pretending to be jews but who are in reality Lucifer-lovers. Sorry not sorry.
Normal Jewish people are righteous, or try to be, and they do NOT do these things against children, especially. Jesus Christ from Nazareth is their Messiah and he died for their sins, too. not only ours. Salvation is free and humans are free, and even though not everyone will be saved, Jesus will save anyone who calls on His name, Jew or Gentile or otherwise.


Yeah sure. Trump asking Putin where he keeps his nukes. Yeah right. And Santa came yesterday dressed as the Easter bunny.


But we know for a fact that Trump has all of our nuclear codes and never turned them over to Biden. Maybe Trump will swap with Putin?


Thank you puttin for saving the children thank you for blowing up the bio labs and protecting all of us


These conversations would make a good movie if only there was a decent director to do it.


If in fact all this is true then it makes 100% sense why the MSM and the LEFT are HELL bent on making PUTIN look like a Monster Another Bin Laden or Hitler when IF TRUE the stories he is telling Trump Is why they hate him and Trump so much because The Left and MSM along with Hollywood and some sports figures including Music industry are deeply involved in all this. Pedophiles Drugs Adreno Chrome Kidnapping Abductions etc. It is worse than 99% of the people know.


Pat this is just a pinhead of the crap going on in the world and people are too stupid and asleep to care. They have been brainwashed by malevolent ETs and the elites for hundreds of years. Our entire modern system is a Luciferian slavery deal designed to keep us sick and stupid. We have been brainwashed, controlled, and manipulated while the elites get their privileges by selling out their fellow humans. Glad you are waking up near the end sister but it’s way worse than you can possibly imagine. You don’t have enough evil in you to begin to imagine the horrors of what this fight was really all about. Thank goodness you are here now but what you need to hold onto right now is hope, we have won but the movie has to play out to awaken the masses. Be grateful that we are almost through it. See a bright future because it IS brighter than you can possibly imagine. So close to the finish line!


Remember what Putin did to those responsible for running the bioweapons facilities that were in process of WMD creation once he seized them? And what do you suppose he will do to those responsible for child torture,sacrifice,and flesh peddling? Re:the people that decided to become subhuman engaging themselves in those activities for profit and pleasure?


Bless these men and keep them safe. 🙏 for Shanghai


In LA-differences, puzzle pieces. Meza Likza Puzzelz
Solar Warden: 2082
Do not doubt. Arrest and apprehend. Utilize ALL FORMS and SOURCES
Evidence is evidence!
Frequencies match through chain lightning alters slightly, as do individual frequencies. Never forget, the OLDEST, STILL, PROTECTS THE YOUNGEST SOULS, in this Garden!!! Donnie, do what Wi do BROTHER!!👊


Come on, people. Trump deceived us. He now refuses to meet with Dr. Bryan Ardis, who discovered snake venom in COVID, the shots, Remdesiver, our drinking water, and drugs. Trump read us the snake poem more than once. Trump said his blood IS the vaccine. That means he’s a reptilian. Trump uses Satanic hand signals. Trump designed his Trump Tower after a Masonic Hall. I believe Trump died and that’s his clone out there. Kim Goguen says he’s a member of the Order of the Black Sun and that he got prostate cancer and eventually died from it. The Military said Trump signed the Insurrection Act and that he’s not immune to it=(Michael said on here.) Notice how all the alternative news people have disappeared now that Dr. Ardis announced his findings? They’ve disappeared from ‘Before It’s News’. Their lies never come true…

David T

Go away troll.


We have to believe it until it is true. Do your research.


I don’t understand your post. Why would the alternative news people disappear just because of the snake venom findings?


yeah that doesn’t make sense about the news people disappearing. smh


Have seen the hand signals with Trump. Not sure. I hope he’s on our side. If not, it’s a very good double they have of him doing the rallys.


If you don’t believe a chiropractor, who can you believe?

Jan D Hunsinger

Michael you worked your tushie off today. Thank you.


Don’t forget to thank the 2 kids who work for Mike part time.


Zelenzkyy is nothing more than comedian that plays the piano with his penus. IMPALE his ass!!!

J Bill

He also dances with his men-in-tights group on youtube. Yes, impale the lunatic.


Sounds like you’re very knowledgeable about this, do you watch a lot of men dancing in tights on youtube Bill?


Perhaps “carpet bombing” was too strong because Russian Airforce was not involved but the damage to buildings has been extensive and way more than sending the military in to grab some bad guys. That what I meant. If Trump used this method LA and Hollywood would be dust, maybe that would be good?


War is hell! Not much they can do when the nazis use civilians as human shields and those nazis murder them if those shields try to get out of the line of fire. Nazis are even killing their own if they try to surrender. Russia is giving them hours to surrender before they go into an area. Collateral damage sucks but they had eight years to stop killing Russia speaking Ukrainians before Putin decided to act. Where was the deep state media from 2014 to now when the nazis were slaughtering thousands of Russian speaking Ukrainians in eastern Ukraine?

Check out Intel Slava on telegram. A lot is in Russian but it’s a different perspective than the deep state media. Started a month ago as nothing to 371,000 subscribers today. Twitter just banned them for telling the truth as they ban everybody who tells the truth.


All? I mean, some kids are just lil A holes. Ehem, sorry.


I really hope the worldwide operation to clean out the cabal members destroying humanity can be sped up. I know that these articles inspire many but if Potus & Commander In Chief Donald John Trump asked for all conservative patriots whether they’re Veterans or civilians , to join the clean up ops …. he’d have one heck of a large force & we could take out the trash enmasse’ ! We must have already identified the 99 % of scum involved. It’s long past due to finish the job. We appreciate what has been done so far but the only way to fully awaken the sleepers in society is to loudly show that Traitorous behavior , such as attempting to destroy the human race , will not be tolerated. Showing a few videos of traitors being tried & executed would get a few scum to turn themselves in & seek a deal for testimony helping eliminate the less than 1 % that probably remain unidentified. It should be time for Potus Trump to be fully revealed on Centerstage again since that is what is needed now. We need a responsible C.I.C. at Centerstage now. I personally pray for Creator God To Place DJT as the 1st reigning monarch of The United States. He’s already sacrificed enough that it should be a well deserved reward & all we need is a true Sovereign Government ; Monarch’s sworn in allegiance to The Eternal Sovereign are the best government. I believe C.I.C. Trump is best pick for the role & for anyone arguing with me I’ll say ” Your Fired ! ” ……… Cordially , Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

Freddy Benson


David T

Feel better now?


In the western days, they use to put a bounty on their heads, people needed the money back then, imagine how that would be? Times have changed..


Are you serious? That’s amazing.


More like running from the Law!


The carpet bombing by the Russians makes the killing so many civilians makes the story about saving the children a bit suspect. You would think the Russians could be more precise and send in units to get the Child Trafficers without destroying so many buildings innocent civilians. But not being privy to all the information its impossible to know what is best. I hope Putin has his intelligence in good shape to release to the world on this issue. This reminds me of the cartoon of Yosemite Sam going after a fly with two shot guns. This issue is complex!

Last edited 2 years ago by Scott

” Carpet Bombing ? ” where did you get that info ? Quit watching main stream media which is all lies. There is no carpet bombing & never has been as it was not necessary. Civilian losses have been kept minimal and it’s usually scum like the Nazi Battalion that shoot innocent civilians just to keep their terror campaign going. The Azov Battalion hopes that DS from U.S. can pull their butts outta the fire & DS in U.S. is placing BS like ” Carpet Bombing ” out as propaganda with Ppl like you believing it. Russia had most of what is now called Ukraine under their control as it used to be known as The State of Georgia , in the former Soviet Union. Now there is still a significant part of Ukraine citizens speaking Russian & considering themselves Russian. President Putin would never Carpet Bomb his own Russians & that is what he considers the people now in Ukraine.


Probably YouTube

Carol Sims

Not by the Russians! Ukrainians are killing their OWN PEOPLE and blaming the Russians. The “hospital that was “bombed” years ago and shown over and over daily, just as the other scenes is to CONVINCE the sleepy sheeple that the guilty party is Russian. That “hospital as well as others were harboring evil and deadly things. ALL the people should NOT bear the burden putting on the big show by Ukraine. TURN OFF YOUR IDIOT BOXES AND MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS. They have been Brainwashing us since we were youngsters watching the movies.


I am truly amazed at the ignorance of MOST PEOPLE about the truth concerning Zelensky and Ukraine! You tube after you tube video of purely fake news is all over and sheeple keep cheering on Ukraine?!?! The videos are from different times and locations other than Ukraine! People just continue to accept each one! And we wonder why the idiotic sheeple don’t wake up?! Hmmm! Again, unless you take over the media, sheeple remain sheeple.. it will not change! Wake the idiots up now! Zelensky, a former actor, and Ukraine receive slightly over 1billion annually to pump oil and gas through Ukraine! How did Zelensky become so rich.. I’m gonna’ go out on a limb and say Russian oil!! If I can research this, surely the idiot sheeple can!!


You can’t wake them up, Bob. They’re a lost cause. They will never realize main stream media= deep state media. To them, xiden won the election, the clot shot is a vaccine, and Putin is a war criminal for defending Russian-speaking Ukrainians after being targeted by nazis for the last eight years.

David T

Well put. I will add that there is a fairly significant segment of the US population that has pulled back from the MSM/DS narrative and are realizing that they’ve been played. I’m concerned that the election fraudsters and Dominion voting “systems” have gotten such a foothold that they will electronically overcome the voting trends that should see the Dems/DS get annihilated at the mid-terms.


Do what I do.

Download and watch truther clips at 3x inside VideoLAN.

Save time and learn more about how the world REALLY works.

Better than the stuff put out by the MSM–more compelling too
when the ‘pregnant pauses’ are squashed flat at 3x playback speed.

Downloaded and watched this:


in under 30 minutes with a custom-made version with ‘smart English subtitles’–using them only when the the speaker is NOT speaking English and the material isn’t already previously subtitled in English before this documentary was produced. For those who are deaf or hard of hearing, the official version at the link above is fully subtitled beginning to end.

By the same director


English subtitled version


Both documentaries document and expose the Plandemic for what it REALLY is in the end–that information is saved/revealed near the end of both documentaries.

Freddy Benson

Share this with your local officials and tell us their response! We can’t have tax dollars going to a pedo!

David T

Sounds great, you need to lead the way. Tell everyone on here who your local officials are and what their contact info is. We’ll back you up on this one. Ready, set, GO!

Freddy Benson

don’t defend pedos! time is of the essence. tell your congressman you don’t want your tax dollars going to a pedo!!

ask they bring this up on the house floor for confirmation and they can immediately vote to stop sending money to ukraine!

Freddy Benson

my local congressman’s office responded today and have no idea what i’m talking about.


Sheeple are kinda like those that danced and pranced around to a golden calf, no?

The look on their faces when they saw Moses,


Quoting BiBi Netyanyahu: “Trump is Our Golden Calf! We will continue taking all the money from America until they are bankrupt!” “We will cut the property into different areas and sell to the highest bidder. There will no longer be an America.” He intends to force every one of us to become SLAVES to all of them because we are worthless.” I have been considering sending this quote and including others. Our President is already very angry because BiBi made the effort to wish Biden SUCCESS. Knowing this should be the icing on the cake because we have been freely giving Israel BILLIONS. They are supposed to keep us informed about terrorists. He LOST the election, but continues trying to regain his power. He and his third wife should be in PRISON FOR STEALING the money that was meant for all the people.


I’m sure he is sheltering the traffickers. Like Biden and the rest of them, they earn lots of income for trafficking children. I hope he realizes his end is near as in, military tribunal.

Jan D Hunsinger

Good report. lt makes me absolutely sick that even patriots are mindlessly siding with Ukraine. l know they don’t have access to “alternative news” always. But l wish more people would automatically distrust mainstream media.


I would not place the sheeple that think they are patriots in the same category as true patriots. Patriots get informed since in dire times & under battle conditions it is really necessary to be able to tell the White Hats from the Black Hats. Anyone that calls themselves a patriot & still watches , reads or listens to major media is a loser & not included on my ship. Patriots need reliable brothers standing on either side of them & sheeple don’t qualify even if they call themselves patriots.




I am noticing the stories are coming out at a faster pace drip drip FLOOD! GOD ALWAYS WINS

Nicholette Purich

To every thing there is a season, a time to be born, a time to die, a time to sow and a time to reap what you have sown. Two great tricks the devil has pulled over humanity: the lie that the devil doesn’t exist, no angels or demons. And the lie that someone else can atone for your sins. Both are falsehoods. The devil is the father of lies. Good and evil are real. Angels and demons exist. All humans are on the karmic wheel for lack of a better term, it’s just how the soul evolves. You were never supposed to come here and get it right the first time, that’s not possible. We learn through failure, there is no greater teacher than failure.


Learn thru failure ? Sounds like weightlifting advice & most intelligent people do not need failure to learn. If raised properly & taught by a God Fearing Couple as Parents , it is possible to learn easier from the mistakes learned by previous generations . The best families always have traditions where the youngn’s are told the mistakes of the past by their ancestors & then told why those mistakes are no longer tolerated in the family now. I have had the distinct honor of meeting those type parents & families after I came back from Navy service. If I had their family traditions in my own birth family , I would have gladly traded all the pain I endured for a chance to have been raised by a family that didn’t just mouth allegiance to God on Easter & Christmas. I love listening to wisdom & 1st person that truly inspired me was Dr. John Warwick Montgomery. The man whom invited me to search for The Ark , in my youth. Wish I had had the funds to go since all members had to fund the expenses out of their own pocket on those treks. Always seek wisdom & try to really listen to others whom already made the mistakes Long Long Ago & Rectified The Situation ……….


what happened to Melinda Ann French’s Military Tribunal trial date
Which was last March?
Any news about that?


Thanks for all your work and happy Resurrection Day!

Freddy Benson

Why is Kevin cline going to die for what Melinda knew? Seems important

Jan D Hunsinger

l figure both Lynch and Fauci outrank her for priority.


Thanks, Michael.


So is Kevin a straight up homo and was he really sleeping with Bill Gates?

David T

Wow, can’t say I’m surprised though. Gates had an evil presence to him.


Very evil. I feel sorry for the original Melinda. If he really killed her….


Do you know if he took her place as just an actor as he’s is supposedly still married to Phoebe Cates or if he is just another member of HAMBLA? (Hollywood American Man/Boy Love Association)


I know, right? Phoebe Cates is gorgeous but I remember rumors from years ago that he was gay gay gay. They have marriages of convenience…. but I cannot speak to the truth of this. He must be wearing a mask because as Melinda, s/he doesn’t look 74.


So uh how did JAG and the Marine Corp utterly fail to notice this when they arrested her? Her arrest article makes absolutely no mention of this and talk about it as if it was Melinda Ann French.


Yes, did she cough it up?


I was just wondering the same thing.


She was supposed to have a trial March 2nd. Maybe she is being held to give some other people up. She is not the original M French. She is a double. Actually He is a double. Ugly woman because it is a MAN!!!


Mr. Putin, when your efforts prove true, you’ll go down in history as one of the greatest liberators in world. Many Americans see your intentions. Release all info you have on the criminal mob running our criminal government institutions. Given solid evidence … we”ll take care of the rest.


The White Hats are working on the situation already. They have the intel. It will get done.

Jan D Hunsinger

No. the mainstream media is still too powerful.


how long will they keep this war criminal alive, if it was 1945 they would have given the neo-nazi khazar a rope not money


Zelensky is a comedian … and he’s playing the biggest joke of his career.

Joe Jamison

Mr Putin….take the handsaw to Zelensky’s office and finish him there, after the first few cuts he will reveal the scum hideout.


You want Mr. Z to piss his pants?!

Jan D Hunsinger

This may come as a shock to you. Putin himself is not wandering around with a saw on the battle field.


How do you KNOW that, Jan? Are you in Ukraine and seeing for yourself who is and isn’t wanting around the streets and what they are holding in their hands? Well are you??

Freddy Benson

They must be protected and this should be all over the news!!!!!!

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Freddy Benson

Happy Easter owd!

Jan D Hunsinger

What news, Freddy…The one that is the propaganda arm of the satanic cabal doing all the child trafficking? How exactly would that work?

Freddy Benson

Broadcast it on every channel and the ebs! Tell you local officials! Make them demand we stop sending tax dollars to Ukraine!

Sue Grantham

♥️ Putin!♥️🙏🇺🇸


FJB & Zelensky


FVZ! That’s a good one!




I like this weekend, lots of news and so many things happening. now it is moving at a good pace. Thanks Michael for all the news and updates.


I wonder who these trafficking kingpins are….Obama,Obiden,and Oharris…..


Oh, they do, Michael. They do. Volodymyr is Khazarian as well, he hates Putin!!.


Yes,I bet they are,It sounds like there will be a story on their tribunals and executions soon

Freddy Benson

of course. he needs stories/donations but has to string it out a bit

Jan D Hunsinger

No….Foreigners….Everything isn’t the US.

GreaterIdaho for Trump

May God’s Will Be Done in these troubled times. May God bless and protect all white hats from where ever they are from and give them all a very blessed Resurrection Sunday!


Let us be willing to leave everything in God’s hands then we will see God’s hands in everything to include but not limited to protecting the white hats and defeating all evil. Happy Easter.


He needs executed along with all men and women who think its okay.