Military Denies Fauci’s Request for Tribunal Extension


The U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps on Friday denied a request from Deep State Dr. Fauci to delay his highly anticipated tribunal for one week, a JAG source told Real Raw News. Fauci made the request after learning that his lawyer, Michael B. DeSanctis of the megafirm Jenner & Block, would not be attending the tribunal because he and his family had decided suddenly to travel abroad for the Easter holiday and would not return home for at least a week.

DeSanctis is no stranger to GITMO. In 2007, he defended enemy combatant David Hicks, an Australian who had attended Al Qaeda’s Al Farouq training camp in Afghanistan and met with Osama Bin Laden during 2001.

Although DeSanctis has experience in criminal law, his biography on Jenner & Block’s webpage lists his specialties as real estate law, patent law, and intellectual property, so it’s unclear why Fauci, with no shortage of options, had hired a pavid attorney whose current workload is more befitting a paralegal than a lawyer who once stood toe-to-toe with the Office of Military Commissions.

“DeSanctis ghosted Fauci, there’s no other explanation,” our source said. “I highly doubt he picked the last minute to take a trip. He probably knew he was over his head and would get shredded. The guy even stopped returning Fauci’s phone calls.”

Fauci, he added, had written JAG a letter requesting a 7-day continuance to hire a new attorney, but Vice Adm. Crandall summarily refused the appeal, saying Fauci had more than sufficient time to procure proper counsel.

A military tribunal is unlike a conventional trial in that the defendant, stripped of American citizenship, is called a “detainee” or “enemy combatant” and has few rights. The presence of a defense attorney is more of a courtesy than a requirement.

“The people brought to Guantanamo Bay—their guilt beyond reasonable doubt is established long before they arrive here,” our source said.

Fauci’s trial is set to commence Monday, April 18, at 11:00 a.m.

As an aside, I wish all readers and their friends and family a happy Easter. Thank you for your readership and support.

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Oh here it is I found the source on CNN.


The warlock named Faucilike Newsom,
Put hexes and hoaxes—a twosome,
He conjured disease,
The court isn’t pleased,
When he hangs ’twill be twitchingly gruesome.


Fauci, the antithesis of Natural Selection,
Pusued small boys with an erection.
Hanging’s much too quick,
For that demonic little prick.
More fitting would be lethal injection!


wood chipper

mark k

I’m thinking bringing him to a slow boil.

Johnny Lunchbucket

I like it. Great little haiku like poem. The effing bastard needs to be exterminate like the little rat bastard that he is. Lacks a soul and certainly a spawn of Satan.


A limerick

Rebecca E. Smith

LOL Love that.


Happy Easter Micheal 🙏🏼 and thank you for helping keep us on an even keel while we negotiate these rocky times…… every bit of news is welcome

Proudly Unaffiliated

And thanks to MB for adding a new word to my vocabulary, “pavid,” which I initially thought was a misspelling of “paid.” Nice touch. 🙂

Jan D Hunsinger

l agree :). l love adding to my vocabulary. Pavid = timid, fearful.


I like that, too.

Ruth Ann Maloney

Me too! Never heard the word before. I like it! Thank you MB! And Happy Easter to you and yours! And all the nice people who post here.

Samantha Whitson

Same to you Ruth Ann~ & thank you! There certainly are a lot of nice people on here, & it’s good of you to recognize that~ considering how much undeserved attention the negative ones get. =)

Deneze C Lujanen

yes you will always get a bad apple in a bunch and you toss that one in the garbage…Happy Easter, Michael..

Yep, just like at 8kun; the enemy is watching as well.

Won’t help them! We know, God wins; we all know, including them!

Thank you for reporting the news, Michael. Happy Easter/Ishtar. 🙂

God bless in Jesus name.


Thank you Michael for bringing us the truth. Happy Ressurection Sunday ‼️✝️‼️ Jesus is alive n soon shall return for His Bride 🙏✝️🙏


Just hope this will all be over sooner than we think. All of us have had enough but these postings certainly help. Thank you sir.

Laura G.

Very cool that it contains the same letters as “vapid” (an inance, insipid person lacking character)

Laura G.

inane, not inance. Sorry.

Rebecca E. Smith



What a Glorious Resurrection Sunday!! The gates of hell will not prevail. The snare you set for The Most Highs people you will certainly fall into! Great is Thy Faithfulness. Goodbye Fauci!


I find it strangely odd how these godless degenerates want to celebrate religious holidays.


Because they use Jesus to form their pagan holidays. We “were” blinded.


Only MSM won’t report any of this. Great news but the sheep need to hear it.


fauci is a TRAITOR along with many other nazi’s!


If Fauci’s looking for “sympathy”, he can find it in the dictionary between “shit” and “syphilis”…

Freddy Benson

Also susceptible. Rrn readers are susceptible to fake news lmaoooo

J Bill

Also ‘shithead’. For boomer trolls with IQ’s equal to their shoe size.


Jill seems sad on an important pagan holiday


Says the cross dresser


nothing fake here ..troll

Freddy Benson

What’s real here?

Robert Dziok

Don’t comprehend English? Don’t have.rational/logical thought process? Oh, that’s right, your only a Traitor Troll In Meltdown Mode over the TRUTH the Military gets out via MB/RRN.

Rose Mary Abbott

Trolls are susceptible to suffering the same fate as their deep state masters. They need to shut up and learn about their future. Perhaps they can learn of a way to not be hung. I’ll give you 1 big hint. Contrition.

Freddy Benson

Sup zee


Too late, I’m already hung 😉

Robert Dziok

“No Atheists in a Foxhole” as the saying goes. Remember your words when your time in this life is over and it’s time to face GOD by yourself for how you lived.


so true Robert !

Robert Dziok

And your RATIONALE for making such a BS claim is? Actually, RRN readers are very adept at decerning TRUTH and the propaganda, lies and deception of Traitor Trolls such as yourself. This is demonstrated all the time in their posted comments. That is why Traitor Trolls are in Meltdown Mode now as well as because of the TRUTH the Military gets out via MB/RRN.


If it comes out MB is writing fake stories he will for ever be done in journalism. On other hand he can just make up a new name, after all who is MB can anyone prove his existence now.
All we can do is trust what feels right to us, until truth comes out.
My intuition says some of this is truth while some is told to be embellished.if I’m wrong it’s all BS and were all being taken in by a fraud.


He could always get a job at CNN or any MSM, although one has to be brain dead stupid and/or evil to be a propagandist for those fake news networks.

Robert Dziok

It should be clear from MB articles and his own comments to, it is not his moral, ethical or otherwise character to ever do something like that.

Robert Dziok

MB uses his real name at his donation site. RRN has been posting articles on Military Arrests, Tribunals and Executions for over a year now. NO Military Tribunal Prosecutor/Officer or Defense Attorney has ever spoken out against reference to themselves in any RRN articles. These are career high level Military NO nonsense individuals who would never allow such to continue if false. Especially since it involves matters of National Security. MB has stated his sources are people in day to day contact with President Trump and the Military. MB has stated he stands by his articles and sources and any disclaimer is only on the advice of legal for protection. MB has stated he reports what he is given. As such some is likely transcript in part or whole of tribunals in some form. MB and his so have been under attack from day one by Satanic Globalists, Deep State, Traitor Trolls, etc spewing propaganda, lies and deception while increasing the volume and devious means of attack.

Ron Burgundy

Bro, none of the real life people mentioned in his articles want to go through the trouble of trying to track him down and sue him. This is like internet equivalent of the National Enquirer. Most people don’t bother getting upset about it because they know 99% of people recognize it as fiction.

By the way, some of the real people that MB uses in his articles HAVE come out and said it’s false, but you’re leaving that out of course.


If you really thought RRN fans were susceptible to fake news you wouldn’t waste time coming to this site and participating. You would feel compassion and go about your business. Yet here you are.


two opposable thumbs up,QBall


Good one.

Lorenz Manner

Fauci is already done. His time to “get a swing” come closer and closer. For what he did, he deserves the consequences. Good riddance.

Jan D Hunsinger

l don’t think he’s even the original. This is the current version.


Notice they keep the mask on. Makes it harder to pick out differences.

Country Girl

What a stupid statement!! His DNA and every possible biological test to make sure they have the original has been completed and proven. You can sure come up with a lot of hot air. Either get on this pot or get off! You’re never in the negative and never in the positive. They may have even had Crocodile Dunne come test him.


The problem is that Fauci has made thousands of videos to be viewed in the future so the public won’t know he’s long gone after this. It is vitally important that not only is he arrested and executed but that this is widely known and reported and all his crimes exposed to the entire world. I think we are long past the time that these arrests and trials must be kept out of the mainstream media. The pretense that these people are still walking around is ridiculous. It is essential that the heads of the media companies get arrested, tried and executed as well. None of these crimes could go on and on without the propaganda machines working non-stop. The media people, the pharmaceutical people, the doctors, the public agency people are much harder to replace with doubles. They must all be arrested ASAP and brought to Gitmo and it must be reported on every news source to the entire world.

The problem is that Fauci has made thousands of videos to be viewed in the future so the public won’t know he’s long gone after this.

Some good news in that regard: Fauci was not holding up newspapers with “today’s” date on them. The only “evidence” that he is still alive (from those videos) is that he says that it’s some made-up date in them, which [they] hope to broadcast on or after that date arrives.

One “proof-of-life” requirement (e.g., when negotiating with hostage-takers) is to have the hostage hold up today’s paper and take a photo, so that the loved one has proof that the hostage was alive on that date.

Fauci can’t prove this, using the footage that has been taken.

Then again, [they] might be able to CGI-in a newspaper but they would still have to wait until after the newspaper comes out since they’d need to have matching headlines, and not “just” the masthead showing the paper’s name and date.

And, to the rest of your comment: they, and those who reported lies knowingly, are all going down.

The awesome part is, the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” was given to many media outlets, some time ago. Their silence on reporting anything about this, will be evidence in their trial.


The big problem is that nothing will change in the minds of the public who rely on the mainstream media combine for information. In the case of the mainstream media (CBS NBC ABC CNN.MSNBC FOX TIME NEWSWEEK NY TIMES WASHPO. HUFPO etc., 90% of what they spoon feed their viewers/ readers is fake news propaganda. The big change and turning point for the direction of America will happen when the plug is pulled on the mainstream media, (without which, this monumental HOAX: the fake pandemic, would never have flown.) Tens of thousands of businesses were closed unnecessarily over a virus with a survival rate o 99.96% across all age groups – a vital statistic the mainstream media deliberately concealed from the Americanl public. For that, these people in the mainstream media should hang. No mercy.


Even w/Fauci off the planet, they will continue w/their lockdowns, scare tactics, and anti-American values. When will it end?


Not until all cable news is censored, all trolls censored and left wing thoughts are banned and those people who are socialist communists practicing their false democrat hate speech in America need to be put on domestic terrorist watch lists. All blm leaders need to be rounded up and put in a gulag and giving equal treatment that J6ers got. No lawyers and no trials until years later.


Yet just a couple of days ago his face was all over TV telling everyone beware of new variants.


Go back to sleep.


Was Fauci’s appearance/interview on ABC the day after his arrest taped?? When I told someone about his arrest, she said it wasn’t possible because he was on ABC Sunday morning. She assumed his appearance was live.

Jan D Hunsinger

Yep. Some people fail to read.

Anthony C

Michael, there was some video I saw a long time ago on YouTube (of course they deleted it) in which there was a document that was found before this plandemic started and it said that it would run until 2025. It was some kind of “projected simulation” of some kind. It’s kind of like event 201. I think it was in 2018 that it was found but I’m not positive.


YT has been deleting a lot of things, including controversial issues of childbearing and the legalization issues of incest and paedophilia. They want to popularize the validity (NOT) of abortion and MAPs (minor attracted persons) but they don’t want us to see previous episodes where this was rebuked, condemned and cautioned against on American television…. and I KNOW these episodes and movies exist from seeing them before.
One Youtuber, finally had the episodes from a soap in November 1985 that I was looking for on one of the above subject matters; I sincerely thanked the person for uploading them, which is the right thing to do. And while I was in the middle of enjoying the long-lost episodes, that person, (she or he or them, IDK) set their channel to private and I lost the access. Haven’t been able to find another 1985 uploader for those clips since.

Xena, you might want to look into the “youtube-dl” software, if you’re on desktop (I’m on Linux; I know it works on Mac and Windows as well).

Not sure whether there’s a phone version. If you’re on phone (or on desktop, and prefer the web interface), these two sites work for almost everything I want to download:

First, https :// distillvideo . com/, which can get almost everything.

The videos that can’t get, I use https :// thedownvideo . com/rumble-video-downloader

(I think it’s mostly Rumble I use for the latter? Not certain, don’t use it often; anyway, with both of those you should be covered.)

Archive often, and offline.

A neat aspect of the youtube-dl software: if you go to a YouTube channel, click the “Videos” link, and then run youtube-dl on that, it’ll download that entire channel. I’ve done that for “extended knowledge” channels, like JonLevi (mud floods, plasma storms) and Godgevlamste (crater Earth).

Hope this helps!

Samantha Whitson

I believe I saw that as well Anthony~ it was a partial transcript of one of their diabolical meetings at which they even handed out stuffed toy depictions of a C19 virus cell as party favors! Absolute arrogance in believing no one would ever look behind the wizard’s curtain. That’s the thing about living a lie~ it can only ever be temporary, & requires constant feeding & support.
Truth, as we know, stands on its own~ with or without us. It doesn’t require approval or agreement to exist~ it is still the truth. We then choose to stand…or not.

Lorie Mena

About a year ago was when I first saw a schedule of a rollout for Covid variant events. They were listed by the month and the names of the variants went right down the Greek alphabet. The P[l]andemic is slated to end on March
31, 2025, according to the schedule.

It was quickly “debunked” by the fact-checkers. However as the Covid variants came about, they were almost exactly as this schedule implied. It seems that the Cabal must continue this course because they are running out of options and time to implement their world agenda.

It’s nice to know others on this site have seen the Covid variant schedule ending in 2025 as well.

As Q has told us—Learn to archive everything offline. You never know when you’ll be needing it, especially to enlighten the sleeping ones.

Dave F

Thank you Michael Baxter for all you do. Soon the whole country and the world will know the truth. I just don’t know if they will be able to handle it.

Ron Burgundy

Any minute now…

Dave F

The Deep State has been doing this gradually over hundreds of years, so it would go unnoticed. It’s not going to be fixed overnight. Ron. I question if you would have the same attitude if this news was coming from the MSM.

Nicholette Purich

If you look closely, I bet somewhere on the screen it states that it was recorded. During the democrat debates a couple years ago, Biden’s entire speech was pre-recorded, in the upper left-hand corner of the screen it goes from saying “live” to “recorded”…It’s just I don’t think many people look…


proof of Biden’s shenanigans, to put it mildly.

Michael R Davis

Watched the video replay numerous times of Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC Thursday the 14th with Fauci. There was a blue line around his head not quite always keeping synchronized, convincing me it was CGI controlling a pre-recorded video. Andrea really did not interact with Fauci, speaking without interruption.


People are clueless how tell lie vision works


Tell everyone how it works

Jan D Hunsinger

And she assumed it was the original Fauci. You will NOT wake up the sheeple yet. They are literally mind controlled to believe onl things they see on Mainstream Media.

Samantha Whitson

Exactly. It will require some undeniable truths- presented in familiar format- of such a shocking nature as to override that programming. I doubt it can happen any other way. Even then it will need to be repeated, proven & “fact checked” before they digest it fully.


His masked face actor was and has been for months

Outlandish Outlander

Fauci has been recorded in many recordings already. One such recording even showed a date in August of 2023. So, the Deep State is going to make it look like closet pedophile is still around even though he has personally been removed and stored in a safe place awaiting the righteous judgment of his Military Tribunal.

Jan D Hunsinger

He or one of his doubles.

Terminally deplorable

There are more Fauci variants than virus variants.


Now that is truly funny.

Jan D Hunsinger

Are you too stupid to realize he makes videos in advance? Yesterday’s story outlined how some of the EVIDENCE against him will be a video for TV ranting and raving that a new horrible variant has emerged and masks, lockdowns, and boosters are needed. The date of the VIDEO to be used as EVIDENCE is AUGUST, 2023!!!! And are you still oblivious to the use of doubles/actors/masks????


Are you too STUPID to realize that wasn’t in yesterday’s story at all? That was in the story about Fauci’s arrest which was posted 7 days ago. That’s called a WEEK. Not YESTERDAY. Are you so STUPID that you don’t know what YESTERDAY means, Jan?

Freddy Benson

Jan, tell him about your satanic ritual abuse counseling you do which helps your reading comprehension

Rose Mary Abbott

He might be new here. I’m glad he is starting to learn.

Anthony C

Happy resurrection day to all. This is my Easter present to all of you. If you all want to know what their future plans are for Humanity look at this site. It’s from a company called “Numsquare: and they are located in France. I checked to see if it was real business, and it is. The site that found it is called The Philosopher’s Stone.

But you can go to Numsquare directly if you wish and see it there. The imagery is shocking. It’s actually got a needle/ injection going into a right hand! Straight out of Revelation(s) 13 folks! In fact this whole article proves this whole so called pandemic is of course a fraud. This obviously wasn’t for the public, but it was only for the employees. The Philosopher’s Stone just acquired it somehow. The whole idea is to have the 5G grid, the digital currency, and the vaccine all in one. Now anyone with a thinking brain would have to wonder what does this vaccine have in it to link it with 5G? Graphine Oxide of course.


I don’t suppose that was from the recording of him pontificating next to a calendar that displayed a date in 2023, was it? Hmm??

Rose Mary Abbott

Most of the time the Deep State runs their doubles or clones out right after the execution takes place. They mostly show up in the “news”. Bill and Hillary both showed up on the news from California saying Bill had gotten sick and was being released from the hospital that day. This is a bit different. They need him alive too bad to drop him into oblivion. There’s a reason for him to prerecord all those interviews. They knew he would be caught is my guess. They didn’t even bother to provide their faithful little soldier a lawyer. You trolls had better look out. They won’t do anything at all to help get you out of trouble. Not you sir, I mean trolls in general.

Last edited 9 months ago by Rose Mary Abbott
Robert Dziok

Ever hear of high tech CGI, Deep Fakes, Doubles and Masks? People still watch Corrupt Satanic Globalist Controlled MSM?


And he will continue to be on TV long after he is executed.


Thank You for your continued work while this long slow moving journey proceeds . I hope that all the proceedings can be released in a few years so any people thinking that they’ll reestablish the criminal enterprises in absence of competition will be deterred at the inception of such thoughts by remembering what has happened under military supervision. I wish all the active people in his operation whether they are military or civilian , the best that life has to offer. I’ll see everybody at lakeside when we all gather at my Heavenly Mansion. I have fresh fish fry almost every night & can report to friends of Randy Rhoads that he made it there . He sent me the finished composition of ” Dee ” from Heaven & it was fantastic ! I’ll ask him to play it again when we all meet . Cordially , Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

CONservative DEMocrat

In Heaven, even fish don’t struggle for their life, suffer while being sacrificed for a petty and brutally selfish human craving or die. Your thinking of a life ordered around your hedonism on earth. Just remember; when your heaven includes the living hell of any other creature… might be the devil, or an agent thereof.

Diana Barahona

Are you a member of the Democratic Party, or do you vote or donate money and time to the party?


Look up Kat Kerr – especially every Wednesday on Elijah Streams for over a year now. The Heavenly Father has been revealing with thousands of sessions over many years what Heaven is like. You can enjoy your favorite foods. Heaven’s food is made out of light. No living thing is killed for meat or fish. In fact, animals, trees, flowers, pets can talk. Everything is alive !!!


No one wants Fauci to experience “living” hell. We want to send him to his maker for that determination. But thanks for playing.


Happy Easter Mike!

David T

A military tribunal is unlike a conventional trial in that the defendant, stripped of American citizenship, is called a “detainee” or “enemy combatant” and has few rights. The presence of a defense attorney is more of a courtesy than a requirement.”

You seemed confused recently about the “rights” of the criminal defendant. Hope this clears things up for you.


Happy Easter to Michael Baxter and everyone!

David T

Happy Easter to you Michael Baxter!


Let the noose on the loose.




I just love hearing about Fauci being in a military tribunal! We will see justice prevail.


This one should be televised…. first. I want to see this Murder go down in court then hang.


Absolutely should be televised, especially for those who lost family members and were unable to be at their bedside and give them a proper burial.

Freddy Benson

They all should be public. Ask your local congressman why it’s not public!

Jan D Hunsinger

He doesn’t know or have any control over it traitor/satanist.

Freddy Benson

Ah but he can make the news to public by asking, while on cspan, why this isn’t public

Rose Mary Abbott

They will be very public when it is the right time to do so. When? When it’s time. No more and no less. You gotta wait for it just like the rest of us. Of course we might just see you dealing with a tribunal for cooperating with the enemy. In that case you might not want to hear the word “SOON”.

Freddy Benson

#SOON (for five years)

Terminally deplorable

on a short rope.

Jan D Hunsinger

lt’s not about what you or l want.


It won’t be. None of them will be cause they’re not real 😴


Happy Easter Patriots.
FK YOU Fauci, enjoy your Execution. I’ll enjoy reading about it later.

Big E

..and a happy Easter to you MB. God Bless You every day in every way. Let the holy spirit dwell within you and God’s angelic army protect you.


This is one trial that should be public. For all the pain and suffering of the people of the world that have died or family members who have died due to his insanity or satanism. Mob of effected people should line up and inject him with Pziser and Moderna until his crooks.

Last edited 9 months ago by Steve

Especially considering we’re probably not even contending with an actual virus. I marvel at how quickly YouTube purged all video explanations that just recently shed light on “covid” symptoms as venom poisoning…and how other so-called “alternative” hosts immediately dismissed the notion in spite of reasonable evidence. Further investigation reveals a number of older videos retained by YouTube suggesting that venom could be a treatment for “covid”. Hmmm…

Last edited 9 months ago by jimbo
Julie Martin

YouTUbe needs to be hung!!!

Freddy Benson

Yes it should be public! Bring this to your local congressman and ask why this isn’t public!

Jan D Hunsinger

Oh that’s a good idea….Go to your local satanic controlled pedophile congressman and ask him why the satanic pedophiles above him aren’t making this public.

Freddy Benson


Even better – ask while televised on CSPAN or when invited on tv or hell just bring it up on Twitter!

Last edited 9 months ago by Freddy Benson
Rose Mary Abbott

I figure Nancy Pelosi is his congressman. Perfect description of her Jan!

Jan D Hunsinger

Too many would become hysterical. Now is not the time.


You misspelled brought in the last part with quotation marks. Just thought I’d let you know before someone comes on here trying to invalidate the whole thing on one misspelled word

K. C.

Fauci new variant is called the neck stretch.


Yup, & it is also called the neck snapping variant!


I like the stretch version better, takes longer.

Kelly Ann

Happy Easter and Thank you for your Patriotic dedication to keeping all of us informed accurately.
God Bless you and yours at all times…
Much respect from Minnesota…


Christ is King! He is risen! Praise the Lord for ever and ever!


He is risen indeed, Alleluia !


Thank you and Happy Easter!


Ghosted Fauci, lol. Who can blame him?


Happy Easter to you and your family, Michael. Thanks for your continued hard work.


We are approaching the trial of the millennium.. the trial that, according to prophet of God Mark Taylor, will be made public, with the detainee, ‘muttering and stuttering’ – the trial of the black homosexual communist-muzzie anti-Christ traitor himself, Barry Sotorro, aka Barrack Hussein Obama, aka, The Kenyan, aka son of communist agitator Frank Marshall Davis, the adulterous lover of common street whore mother of Obama, Anne Dunham. When the trial is made public, there will be blood in the streets. Blacks simply will not tolerate justice served to anyone who is black. And the justice served up to Barry will be wrath of God biblical – likely/hopefully live broadcast for the entire world to view. The riots will be brief, as the white hot rage of the righteous shoves back at the narcissistic black constituency that has been America’s enemy for 200 years.

Last edited 9 months ago by EdBob
Freddy Benson

EdBoob is racist and a constitutional scholar!


Wow. I only wish they would make it public. I don’t post here. I’m more of a wallflower and like to gauge responses without getting involved in the pissing contests that sometime erupt, but you’re adroit observation really capsulizes where we are as a society. Well done and well said.

unlabeled quality

what difference is someone’s sexual orientation if this person is known to predate on children? a pedo-rapist is a pedo-rapist, and need to be put down as such. period.

second, Obama’s not black. He’s not even American.
third, you’re generalizing, assuming ALL blacks support Obama and the Demon/Crat party. I’m fairly certain they don’t.

you reek of troll.

unlabeled quality

well, my comment got ghosted…
in case it doesn’t show up, here’s the tl:dr/gttp version.

not all blacks like/liked obama or biden.
and someone’s sexual orientation doesn’t change the fact that they’re a pedo-rapist…
how about we start calling out pedo-rapists and traffickers/slavers based on the fact that they’re evil nasty pedo-rapists who need to be put down? (I miss using bold text).

Last edited 9 months ago by unlabeled quality
Lilian Aquino


Rose Mary Abbott

Many in the Black Community have awakened to the evil of the Communist Democratic Party. They recognized the ability to get a decent job when President Donald J Trump was in front giving the orders. They also saw that he cared about their educations. Race blaming is not right because they voted for President Donald J Trump in unprecedented numbers. We are in the circumstances we are in because of fraudulent elections, not lack of support from the minorities.


Happy Easter! Hang the treasonous bastard.

Freddy Benson

Jesus would be so proud!

Jan D Hunsinger

ls Satan proud of you?

Freddy Benson


Julie Martin

Don;t feed the trolls!

Rose Mary Abbott

You believe that Jesus wants people to die by the millions before their time? Why do you want to support murdering millions of innocent people in the world?

Rich F

I can’t feel bad for him at all. awesome news and thank you and have a happy Easter


Me neither.

Jan D Hunsinger

He is Risen!


He is truly risen … Alleluia !

Lucky Star

😂😂😂The trio dumb dumb trolls CIA/FBI/NSA operatives here should become Fauci’s lawyer since they like to questions with dumbs shit questions over here….. a perfect timing for them to defend this M#$%f#$% and ask JAG why theydetained their beloved kill doctor..

Jan D Hunsinger

Thank you for informing us of news this Holiday weekend.

Freddy Benson

Hurray for trials where no lawyer is needed and the verdict is already guilty before they appear!


Idiot. Military Courts aren’t incompetent like civilian courts. They only bring the guilty to trial.

Freddy Benson

Then why is there a trial? 🤣

Terminally deplorable

Valid question. It could be a show trial like the Nazis did under their killer judge Roland Freissler, but there is no publicity about it. So, no show.


So gitmo is filled with Nazis? Seems legit

J Bill

so idiots like u can see how Justice works.

Freddy Benson

So boomers like you get hopium 🤣


Except we can’t see it. No one can. It’s an invisible show trial for nobody 🤷‍♂️

Rose Mary Abbott

In order to gain any information possible. To explain to the world exactly what happened. To get rid of evil without them being able to escape. The trial isn’t there for them, it’s there for us, so that we can understand what they did and if possible, why they did it.

Jan D Hunsinger

There is a process and it is not automatic. But the rules are very different.

Michael R Davis

Freddy loves the trials in which the guilty can get off with a large bribe to the Judge for a slap on the hand, or a ridiculous tiny fine, or confusing the trial with racial, homophobic, feminist nonsense, or permission to buy a juror or two. Or a guaranteed appeal to another bought court, and ten years to finally win by attrition. Freddy loves the kangaroo courts of the defunct, bankrupt, dissolved DC Corporation.

Freddy Benson

Michael is a fascist!

Jan D Hunsinger

Nope. But you are a satanist.

Freddy Benson

Don’t be so sad on a pagan holiday!


You’re the fascist, satanist.

Freddy Benson

Which trial did I lead where no defense was offered and a guilty verdict was already rendered? 😂

Dave F

Spoken like a true Fascist Liberal.. You must like Fascist then Freddy, because you’re on hear an awful lot. Don’t you Fascist Liberals have elections to rig?

Lilian Aquino

So right. We are soo happy that these trials are swift, superseding the bs courts, plagued with astronomically paid lawyers, whom sold their souls long time ago, plus presiding judges of the likes of pedo lover Ketanji B Jackson. Hurray!! Sooner than later, genocide fauci will meet his god, sa-tan.


Happy Easter Michael .. thanks for your work!

Michael R Davis

“A military tribunal is unlike a conventional trial in that the defendant, stripped of American citizenship, is called a “detainee” or “enemy combatant” and has few rights. The presence of a defense attorney is more of a courtesy than a requirement.”

Military JAG (Judge Advocate General) courts are separate from the defunct bankrupt DC Corporation corrupt, bribetaking civilian Judiciary courts, fully Constitutional, lawful and ongoing under the UCMJ. (Uniform Code of Military Justice) Justice will be served outside the US with no interference from the corrupt, un-Constitutional Civilian Judicial system. Stolen elections and foreign interference in our elections are not allowed by our Constitution and the US Military will act accordingly under the Insurrection Act, the NDAA, (National Defense Authorization Act) Patriot Act, Executive Order 13818, and several other National Security laws still in effect. 

Yes, the military can prosecute civilians for Treason and Crimes Against Humanity. After 911, Congress passed the Authorization of Use of Military Force, War on Terrorism, on September 14, 2001, became law on September 18, 2001, (Law of Armed Conflict) and is still in effect. We are at war with the satanic globalists.

American citizens who collaborate with the enemy can be considered “enemy combatants”. (Johnson vs Eisenstrager (339 US 763 1950))

There is no constitutional right to collaborate with the enemy against the American government, and American citizens can be prosecuted by the US Military as “enemy combatants”. (Hamdi vs Rumsfeld (03-6696 6-28-2004))

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Who is the enemy fauci aided?

Michael R Davis

Depopulation globalists? Profit seeking vaccine manufacturers and himself, no matter how much harm is done to innocent people, children, and the unborn? Corrupt politicians? The greedy military industrial complex and pharmaceutical medical cartel? Murderous doctors, nurses, hospitals, nursing homes willing to kill for profit, discarding their Hippocratic Oaths?

Freddy Benson

So people you make up who belong to groups you don’t like?

Rose Mary Abbott

Depopulation globalist- Bill Gates
Profit seeking vaccine manufacturers- Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson
Corrupted politicians- Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Bush, Bush, Clinton, Romney, Cheney etc….
Greedy Military industry- Milley

That ought to do you for a while.

unlabeled quality

target hit, flak spotted.

unlabeled quality

as well as helped declare a medical tyranny to subvert the US Constitution. subversion, at a minimum, and definitely treason and crimes against humanity.
and the fact this poophole is connected to all manners of people who rape, traffick, and murder children.
yeah. this is why it’s not a good idea to respond to trolls.
they know. it’s just they don’t care.


Likely, the enemy referred to is what is called the deep state (of hell), and the deep church (of hell), all over the world in various forms, who war with all kinds of physical, spiritual, and often hidden weapons against all forms of legitimate life and freedoms, against God, and especially against man the creation of God, and now worse, against children and future generations. For example, perverted education (schools, churches, books, media, programs), abortion, eugenics, murders, unjust wars, usury and unjust taxation, stolen elections, tyrannical leadership, and so many other injustices, agendas, and oppression – and especially cover it up with fraud, lies, and deceit – all those who “love and live a lie.” (Rev 22:15)

Very sobering how many “elites” are so deceived by the devil to think they will win, rule and enslave the world, and be the only ones alive on earth, but are destroying themselves now and forever, unless they repent here on earth while they still have time before their death.

If they don’t, they’ll be cast in the lake of fire. (Rev 20:10-15)

The real enemy is the devil, the father of lies (John 8:44) the thief that these people knowingly or unknowingly work for, who “came into the world to kill steal and destroy.” (John 10:10) But Jesus came to establish a kingdom that we may have life and have it abundantly. And his yoke is sweet and his burden light.


China for one. He also aided and abetted in the murder of the American people with these dangerous vases and accepted bribes to do so.

Freddy Benson

Vases are dangerous now? Damn

Rose Mary Abbott

Communist China in paying China for gain of function research. It was illegal to do so at the time he did it. This is just a small part but it’s enough to answer your question.


Happy Easter MB!


Lol,the rat was too busy killing people and didn’t realize that he hired a Real Estate Attorney….what an idiot,karma🙏🏻


I dont think this has much to do with religion, …. BUT GODDAMM this is good news for an easter Sunday!!!


Pagans would be proud of you celebrating their holiday!


My opinion is that with these holidays it’s what you believe and what your intent is behind those beliefs and actions are that matters.


Hang that mf’r and then come get the imposter.


Oops.. too late…they already got the stand in too.


I pray :pray: to our TRUE LORD and Savior Jesus Christ… Our TRUE and only risen LORD who saved us from all sin through his death and resurrection!
Happy Easter to all!


Mr. Baxter: The buzz on the patriot street is that the big day is getting closer, perhaps very close. So, it might be timely for us to look at ourselves. Historians know that the success of the French Revolution was undercut by their own “committee” (having been infiltrated by the Catholic Church), and we Trumpers understand that our current national calamity traces back to that subversion. I offer these notes I made last November to the White Hat working group that makes up the persona of Mr. Baxter: November 27, 2021 Mel K on the Rodriguez show attacks RRN (although not by name).Speaking of arrests and executions, states: “There’s no validation in that.” “We took a direction way more towards facts and truth…there is so much that is provable that is backed up by actual facts and evidence.” [and] “take back the country ourselves…nobody’s going to save the day.” And then 2 days later: Nov 29, 2021 on Charlie Ward show when asked about the recent flap over a telecon by Lin Wood & Gen. Flynn: Mel K says, “I know those guys. The truther community…really needs to stay out of it. People are under a lot of stress…people who know the truth..are on the edge…stay in your lane…black hat operation infiltrating the highest level of the patriot movement…

As you know, Mel K RARELY introduces factual support in line with her narrative, yet she demanded it of RRN. With her and others, it is usually the same litany, the same generalizations over and over. And with her, the body language, the compulsive interruptions, the fascial expressions rebounding from austere to manic and back again worry me. People that are the same over and over (like Mel K and Flynn) make me deeply suspicious. Now is the time to worry about what comes AFTER, lest we lose (quoting Lincoln) “the last best hope of Earth.” WWG1WGA

Jan D Hunsinger

You kinda did Juan O Saven lol. l listen to a range of people and don’t throw away any. l see who says what and who agrees on what. Many are terrified of RRN because it’s not on Mainstream media and they are scared of ridicule. Many are confused by the “disclaimer” saying this is “entertainment, etc. l know it is for legal protection just like it says.

Freddy Benson

All the q adjacent people agreeing on something just means they found a new way to get donations lmao


Some very sound principles for living one’s life in this post.


Oh wow the buzz on the street is that the big reveal day is going to happen #soon? That’s fantastic! Surely this time it’s different from every day for the past 5 years when you guys also believed it’s going to happen #soon!! 🙃


hate to say it but you’ve got a point.


hopefully soon klaus schwab will get a turn


Happy smile on my face…….When I read this…


For the love of god and country, please let this be properly released to the press.

Jan D Hunsinger

What press? The one run by the Deep State? That press? Please get some informed person to give you a tutorial on reality. l can’t believe you think that’s an intelligent plan.


“the press” lol -there is no “press” in the sense you’re thinking of as a trusted, unbiased, factually reporting, non politicized. non polarized commercially driven arm of for the purpose of controlling what the masses think for the agenda of the puppetmaster owners of these outlets. No talking head or script reader on “the news” is going to be reporting anything that subverts the official narrative or gives hope to the people or might potentially wake the sleepers.


This all sound fabulous but is this the real Fauci? Even if he is the genuine the elites will find away to make him perpetually exist. Even televised executions will not awaken the sleepers. Eventually the ‘sleeping sheep’ will indefinitely go to sleep. zzz. And who is left? The ones who are awake and will rebuild our new world!

J Bill

Nah. When fauci the nazi doctor’s neck slips into the rope his ass is grass. Televised executions will be a bonus. People who want to sleep will sleep.

And all the people who tried to decieve will be decieved, and find that People of faith will be the only ones left standing.


Unfortunately the jabbed sleepers shall never be awakened. They will pass away from the shock of reality.


Have you ever pondered that all you need is the lot number on the vial? Could the nurse or pharmacist inject saline instead of the the real so called vaccine? Don’t think this is not happening. Those who want to save lives can and indeed switch it up to save lives.

Freddy Benson

We already died from the shot remember?


Enter your own higher dimensional frequency and you will remember.

Freddy Benson

Put it on TV Jill! Lmaooooooo

Jan D Hunsinger

And we will still win!


Gloating serves no spiritual purpose. Live in the moment. Where there’s bad there is good. An opposite always exists.


Once we enter into the higher vibrational frequency… will be no hatred or fear.

Freddy Benson

Win what? Mark of the year?



Lucky Star

Your life is cheap according to these cabal


You bring us all SO much HOPE and COMFORT and we GREATLY appreciate all that you and your family must be enduring for us to be more “in the know”.
May God and his power angels, PROTECT YOU from all anxiety and give you PEACE, JOY and NEVER-ENDING HEALTH!
We love you!

Rose Mary Abbott



Just “EXTEND ” the length of his rope! His case is and open and shut case!

Terminally deplorable

A short rope makes him suffocate instead of snapping his neck. Slow suffocation is appropriate.


Jesus approves!

Proudly Unaffiliated

And Happy Easter to Dark Lord Fauci. May your final days find you withering in pain and agony just before you are sent straight to Hell. #HangFauci #HangDarkLordFauci


Jesus is proud of you!


Make sure Fraudci is wearing a mask when he hangs!

Terminally deplorable



Why not? If he could…and he was trying to get us to wear two, three, etc… Why not force him to wear a whole boxful of masks from now until his last breath.


Like he’d love to have done to us…make him wear a whole entire box of masks.


I think he should be quadruple jabbed with the real juice and then wait a few weeks before he is executed. Then he can get a taste of his own medicine.


But the real jab has snake venom. Don’t you want a hanging?

keyless fob

Great news again from MB this trial should be made public so all the people can see what these evil people did

Lucinda Benson

Happy Easter to you! Christ Arose!