Military Sentences Alec Baldwin to Death


The military tribunal of depraved actor Alec Baldwin was over almost as soon as it began.

On Monday, May 16, a handcuffed and haggard Baldwin entered Guantanamo Bay’s south courtroom to defend himself against charges of child molestation involving young teens including his own daughter, Ireland. Baldwin last October became the subject of a military investigation after President Donald J. Trump’s personal probe into whether he had intentionally shot and killed Halyna Hutches yielded inconclusive results. However, Trump’s investigators uncovered info linking Baldwin, an Adrenochrome junkie, to reprehensible and barbarous crimes against defenseless children. Besides abusing Ireland, Baldwin tried to cajole her to take part in a “daughter swapping” ring with other Hollywood elitists. Trump handed his findings to the Office of Military Commissions (OMC), which spent six months corroborating Trump’s data and ferreting out the sinister details of Baldwin’s criminal maleficence.

OMC officers on May 1 arrested Baldwin at his home in East Hampton, New York and shipped him to Guantanamo Bay to await a military tribunal.

No sooner had he entered the courtroom on Monday than he began lobbing obscenities at both Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall and a female paralegal who was scrutinizing paperwork at the prosecutor’s table.

“F*** all you mother******, you and Trump,” Baldwin spat. His crazy eyes flashed open as he gawked at the female officer. “I see you there, honey.” He waggled his tongue at her. “The law wouldn’t indict me because I’m innocent, so you and Humpy Dumpty Trump are witch-hunting me because he has an ax to grind. Well, f*** all of you.”

“Another outburst and you’ll be gagged,” Vice Adm. Crandall said, his voice thick with exasperation.

Baldwin drew his thumb and index finger across his lips in a zippering gesture, ostensibly mocking the court.

Vice Adm. Crandall orated a brief opening statement, then swiftly called his first witness. It was Baldwin’s daughter Ireland, appearing on ZOOM. When Baldwin saw her face, he hopped from his chair and started shouting at the screen: “You disgusting, little lying piggy, you’ll pay for this, you and your mother,” Baldwin hissed.

GITMO security shackled Baldwin’s legs and gagged his mouth.

“Maybe now you’ll be more civil,” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

Ireland gave a tearful testimony. She spent 45 minutes describing how her father had begun molesting and raping her on her 10th Birthday. Baldwin, she said, would frequently receive adrenochrome infusions that sent him spiraling into a sexual frenzy targeting any young female in his field of vision. She said her father fed her Rohypnol, more commonly known as the “date rape” drug, which in high doses causes amnesia, loss of inhibitions, and loss of consciousness.

“When he was doing it to me, I didn’t know. And when he was done, I couldn’t remember,” Ireland said. “It was systemic. My mother knew, but she had kept quiet to protect the family name. After a while, he didn’t bother with the drug. When I was 11, he said he wanted me to ‘play with’ a friend of his who was a doctor with a daughter around my age. The implication was that this doctor would be raping me while my father raped his daughter, in the same bed, in the same room. That’s when I ran, and my mother sheltered me. Only later did I learn that the doctor was Dr. McCoy L. Moretz and his actress-daughter Chloe Grace, both were into the scene.”

Vice Admiral Crandall asked: “Other than your words, do you have other evidence to support your claims of molestation and abuse?”

“The images I’ve given you,” she replied. “I found these years later in my father’s private room. It seems he liked to take pictures.”

Vice Adm. Crandall showed the panel digital images and polaroid pictures of a naked Alec Baldwin flopping atop obviously underage girls, all of whom, Ireland assumed, Alec had drugged before penetrating them.

“He once told me he liked to give girls medicine,” Ireland said.

Vice Adm. Crandall said that JAG had identified the other women, but none was willing to testify against Baldwin. Even so, the panel tasked with weighing JAG’s evidence found Ireland’s testimony compelling enough to deliver a swift verdict of guilty, recommending that Baldwin, a sexual predator, be hanged for his ‘unforgivable’ sins.

“So be it,” Vice Adm. Crandall uttered. “Sentence to be carried out on 1 June.”

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It’s June 2. News on Baldwin available ??


How was the Hangin???


So is it Done??


What a day this has been !
The court of Public Opinion has found Amber Heard guilty of
DEFAMATION and the Jury had awarded Johnny Depp
8,350,000 from her!
She is Broke, bankrupt.
June 1st is a expensive day for actors,…
Now let see how Alex spent his …


This is the greatest screen role Baldwin’s ever been given to play today.A one time stage gig in a limited intimate setting.Will Baldwin give his greatest performance? I wonder if he’ll have a great soliloquy? Can he deliver in this clutch situation?


At least one less major Adrenochrome junkie today ?

Hope Ireland feels safer now.

Robert James

God has a plan for him. And everyone else.

Last edited 2 years ago by Robert James

Big Day tomorrow Alec. Enjoy the moment..


I truly pray to God Almighty that RRN is TRUTH and not some fictional account of things WE MAGA people WANT to see happen to these pedos/satanist etc. Madonna, Gaga, Baldwin, Chuck Schumer, Schiff, etc etc etc EVIL ALL!

Jack Davis


Information on this website is for informational and educational and entertainment purposes. This website contains humor, parody, and satire. We have included this disclaimer for our protection, on the advice on legal counsel.


Hey Baldwin… Tick, tock, Tick, tock… Blah, Ha, Ha. MAGA


Alex Baldwin will be Executed at Gitmo on June First.
If the execution is video taped and sent to several media outlets…
there will be NO doubt that the EVIL Bastard has Paid for his crimes.
Many Hollywood actors directors and so FORTH involved in the Industry
Really NEED to be TRIED and brought to JUSTICE.


In four days Alex will be dead. This is his very bad karma for “accidentally” killing that young woman on the movie set.

mary pascucci


Kelly Brown

I really hope people will stop worshipping celebrities.


On Twitter, w/o any mention of a change of status, AB announced the passing of his mother, per MSM. Ponder that.


Wonder what his new wife thinks about Alex Baldwin. Now that she is married to him. Where his new twins, girls? Or boys? Can’t remember?

Last edited 2 years ago by Katie

Baldwin was and is a real disgusting lowlife dirtbag… Bad enough that he was a sicko pedophile on adrenochrome.. but doing these sick depraved evil things to his daughter… He is a Repulsive Despicable POS… I’m sure that’s not all he was involved in… Good Riddance to this Vile Lowlife.


I wonder if Stephen Tyler is also now facing justice for his pedo crimes?

Tim Levin DC

Thank you, US military – no more insufferable SNL monologues.

Gregg Nickens

Should you choose to accept this mission, the cell phone you are holding now will self destruct in 2 – 1 BOOM!!!!!

Mr. Crandall, we won’t be needing that noose sir. No head will hold him now …..

trust nothing

What does it matter. Baldwin will have a double to take his place and nobody will know anything ever happened. Just like Gavin Newsom and all the rest of the bad guys/gals that have been taken out. Not a thing will change.


It’s unbelievable that people would enjoy harming children like this. As humans, we are capable of such depravity towards our fellow mankind.


I’m so glad to see that loathsome, narcissist, pedo finally get his just desserts. I wish I could be there to see him meet his end.


I wonder if we will hear anything regarding any of the other boys?


Now those girls he raped will start to sleep well and better on the night of June 1st.
Who will be the next sex offender to be hanged?


I am convinced that Halyna H was murdered because she was about to release a book she wrote exposing Hollywood elites and sports figures including politicians whom were involved in Child trafficking and Abductions for sex slaves and adrenochrome many kids were murdered those that could not be traced from other third world country’s. Let JUSTICE REIGN


Baldwin used his thumb and index finger to zip his lips. It is also the sign of Satan worship. Symbols will bring them all down.


Hasta la vista, bastard!

Heather Duncan

alec is also a murderer


My husband keeps saying this isnt right. If people like Baldwin molested and raped his daughter it’s to be seen and tried in a court of law not for military to get involved. I sort of agree here, why is Alex’s case military but Gislain Maxwell is seen by a court. Seems it should be opposite. GM is involved in trafficked children through out different country’s where military should get involved in because of names like Prince Andrew..Is it because Alex used Andrenechrome? It’s only reason I can see because it’s illegal to use it as the ways of getting it are by ways of bleeding out children usually trafficked.
Anyone have intelligent reason to why military should be involved in AB case. Don’t get me wrong if this is true he needs to hang.

Charlotte Cain

The Fake News is making a huge effort to keep these monsters alive. I am glad the earth is rid of them.

Me me

Sorry. Grain of salt.


Now you know why he was so outspoken about donald trump.


I felt so sorry for Ireland even years ago when a recording of Alec revealed how verbally abusive he was to her. I hope Ireland will heal from all the scars he’s given her. So good to see that Alec will finally meet a fraction of justice. The rest is up to God.


Would like to meet Vice Admiral Crandall one of these days and shake his hand in gratitude for cleverly and graciously dealing with all these low life perverts, murderers and demon spawn, like Baldwin, both Clintons, Gates and Obama there @ Gitmo. Gitmo is our tax dollars at work for the good of the USA.


“My mother knew, but she had kept quiet to protect the family name.”

She knew and still allowed it to happen.. can’t get much sicker than that.


Never forget that abused wives are also afraid to step up against powerful violent men who abuse them and their kids. That’s terror. Don’t think it did not happen with Kim and Ireland just because they are Hollywood’s elite. Wealth is no buffer against violence, but it is a good tool for escape, and that’s what they had to do. Expose the secret societies for child rape and incest, they will go after those who do. Freemasons will kill anyone who exposes their secrets — look what happened to Captain Morgan and Joseph Smith for exposing their secret signs, tokens and hand signals. This is no Sunday brunch crowd after church, killers exist in those ranks. The military black hats do the same things — look what happened to Patton. Looking over your shoulder, tracking every call and hiding is very stressful. Kim and Ireland finally escaped, and now Ireland is free.

Lorenz Manner

Unbelievable for an actor to behave and act like that. Now he has to take the consequences. As human being we can say that he is a real dross, a criminal father without love for his daughter. Now we get rid of him wishing him Good Riddance.


This is a little to easy for me.
So now a daughters testimony in front of the military panel of 3 has the right to hang a man.
Probable might have happened, but death sentence with no defense mouth still gagged.
Gag a guy drag him into a court room to be judged by three military people picked by who? No defense, “gagged”!
Hope none of us get on the bad side of this new way to judge, convict with Death as an only outcome. Wow is all I’m going to say.
Hope they don’t start taking innocent people and doing this kind of justice, “J6rs” might ring a bell.
If this is true we might start asking ourselves where are we going with this.
I once heard something along the lines of, “Let him without Sin cast the First stone”.

Ron Burgundy

Relax, it’s obviously made up. This is just jerk-off material for people who get off imagining the people they resent getting tortured and killed. The Navy hasn’t actually executed anyone since before the Civil War, and capital cases in the military (which are super rare to begin with) are legitimate federal criminal trials, not whatever this BS is.


This is what the people here want. This is what makes them donate.


They aren’t going to release any classified parts, or that which causes harm to innocent witnesses by exposing them or the whole days trial. Do you really think it took 5 minutes? Try using logic. They get all the facts and present them and then the witnesses verify it, unlike civilian courts, were it drags on for 10 years and justice is never served. ie: Cosby. Surely you don’t believe that one witness, a daughter can have him hanged, without all the facts.


Simple explanation.
The justice system is broken, the courts are corrupt, the judges are bought-off freemasons and secret society members who will not hesitate to defend their fellow craft brothers for heinous crimes including treason, if it means they get favorable judicial treatment and to hell with the righteous minions who do not engage in criminal activity. Look at how the SCOTUS, of all the courts in the land, gave the American People and President Trump a big FUCK YOU to hearing the Texas case regarding the election theft of 2020 and refused even to administer justice on the matter which is their legal and sworn duty to perform. That’s treason if I ever saw it, and dereliction of duty to boot.
Trump must have been floored and crushed when he heard this. Especially when it happened time and time again in 82 courts cases after the fact.
We the People were sickened by this whole sham of electoral process and judicial remedy and usurpation of the Presidency in 2020-21. This is not Cuba, or Nicaragua, or the Dominican Republic, or Venezuela. THEY have banana republics, not us.
So now, we have the White Hat military who will gather intel, evidence, witnesses, materials receipt, etc. and have a 100% conviction rate on the deep state traitors without corruption or subversion in its ranks. As we have seen with WJC’s tribunal, the compromises are swiftly dealt with.
There is a reason Trump invoked the Insurrection At and enacted other PEADS. He saw this coming and fought like a lion to save America. No way in hell is he letting this happen without a fight, along with being targeted for assassination 64 times as of late.
Now that we have this paedophilic, incestmongering, lying, cheating, demented, degenerate traitor in the White House surrendering American sovereignty to the W.H.O. for pandemics, which is really a license to do KGB-style surveillance on the American populace in connection with his taking orders from Chairman Xi and the NWO, at whose shrine he prays even more fervently than the one at his local parish, we have to fight back even harder AND NEVER STOP FIGHTING.
Remember the Freemasons do their dirty deeds against innocent people because they worship Baal and not God, despite having Christians in its ranks. No Christian has the right to be a member of a secret society that reviles God’s name and glorifies the enemy, even if they make it look to elegant and seductive and harmless to do in their books, teachings, doctrines and monitors. They also make a mockery of the Lord’s Table at the 33rd degree level when the newest inductees at that rank participate in that blasphemous mockery of Biblical sacraments and ordinances. And no amount of good works in the community, donating to children’s hospitals (which can never be condemned because they are innocent kids who need help) and having celebratory get togethers will prettify their disgusting abominations with women and children behind closed doors.
Chief Justice John Roberts, friend of Jeffrey Epstein, member of a secret group that abuses kids and has repeatedly interfered with the rollout of NESARA GESARA is part of Freemasonry itself for the judiciary branch, make no mistake. There are photographs online showing this proof. THE FACT THAT HE ADOPTED HIS KIDS ILLEGALLY AND GOT BLACKMAILED BY OBAMA OVER IT AND GAVE HIS VOTE ON OBAMACARE UNDER DURESS TO SHUT HIM UP IS ONLY THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG.
Satan tried to usurp God’s throne and got kicked out of heaven for it. Spiritual war began in heaven before man and woman sinned and humanity went down the tubes in Eden. They worship Lucifer as their god, and not God Almighty. They hate this Christian President (and his own family members) who is exposing the human trafficking cartels in Syria, Ukraine and other places (think about how loudly they protested that and the worried looks on their faces when they found out, because they hate having their money messed with since their profit from it), chasing down the dirty dogs who set St. John’s Church across the street from the White House on fire to destroy DNA evidence of child trafficking, and is locking up the perps and saving the kids alongside President Putin, who also opposes the NWO and their secret society ranks.
Putin’s enemies in D.C. are not shy about expressing their hatred and intentions of revenge on the nightly news and online and livestreaming platforms against him for denazifying Ukraine, seizing Biden’s and McCain’s properties and interests, taking out the biolabs and saving the kids from child sex traffickers who travel through Poland, Slovakia and end up in the United States. They want his head, and are calling for him to be branded as a war criminal, taken to the Hague for a tribunal, and are still calling on the Russian people to find a traitor to take him out, publicly stating so on live television.
They are rejoicing as we speak that they are sending Biden to Geneva and serve up America’s sovereignty on a silver platter to Tedros and Klaus Schwab, as if the damage done with China stealing the election with Hillary’s direct hand in it (as exposed by Hillary’s own mouth on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC news program) were not enough treason against American taxpayers.
When secret society members like the Freemasons, the Shriners, the Jesters and the Illuminati do these detestable acts along with P2 and other occultic organizations throughout the world seeking Trump’s life, according to their teachings that they will be free from sin.
God has different teachings and different plans for these filth and scum.


The youtuber called the ‘Ashkenazi Christian’, who comes from a jewish family filled with freemasons, often spoke about how the children of freemasons are abused from a very young age, by their own elders.
I dont see eye to eye with everything she says, but her youtube channel is a solid expose on how the satanists operate.


What a creep. Good riddance.

Billy Bob

Vegetarian shitbag.


President Trump should get the honors!
Throw the lever and listen to Alec scream!!!
Looking forward to June!!!!!!


I hope they swept up Dr. Moretz. I bet Chloe herself is a victim. So many go on to become abusers.


True. But some people don’t believe that to be the case.
GHWB raped his own sons; there is a reason why W had [pain that was deeper than the kind cause by losing two family members in a year. And of the two sons, one can surmise that W chose not to follow that way and hurt his daughters. Jeb, OTOH, look suspicious to me as he hurried up the steps of the plane of Special Mission 41 at GHWB’s funeral proceedings, holding his little granddaughter’s hand and not his wife’s hand. Columba was there, but could not be seen near Jeb. What was the rush for him and the granddaughter, when there were so many other adults there for her?


Since when does the military hold court over child molesters ? I thought they only have jurisdiction over things that concern the country/government. I may be wording that wrong but hopefully you get the gist of what I am trying to say..

Ron Burgundy

The military has jurisdiction over people subject to the UCMJ. Alec Baldwin is not one of them, but you’re not supposed to think too hard about it.


They are enemy combatants not civilians so they are subject to military law and tribunals. But the trolls want you not to think too hard about that fact.


Thank you for being an honorable man, Oliver. If you care about protecting your kid, you’re not that bad. On Hilaria’s Instagram, she and Alec are being the happy family playing with the kids. After reading about what he did to Ireland, Kim, Halyna and other people’s kids, I fear for the six he has with Hilaria, as well as Hilaria herself. He may have abused them, too.

J Bill

I have to contradict you if you insist on interfering in this post.

OWD is a fkg pig, among the worst here if not the one. So I’ll call bullshit on all of them until he/she realizes the behavior is not acceptable. ANd undeserving of respect which you garnish him with.

Trying to project your imaginary credibility on a losing cause doesn’t work here.
But keep trying to protect the trolls.

It’s becoming of you.


Gaybill,you sound like you are her parent..are you even American as here in America OWD has the right to his own opinions and political beliefs even though you don’t agree with him,it’s called freedom of speech,stick to calling the members that don’t agree with fags and whores as you have been doing but don’t reprimand other members because they get along with others that you don’t like,Zena should be able to communicate with whomever the fuck she wants to communicate with without you bullying her,I hope that you enjoy the rest of your miserable day😜


Thank you, Stacy.


gaybill is triggered lmaooooooooooooooo


To do those hideous vile crimes against children,and one being his own child. Hang high Alex you piece of shit. Is William Baldwin involved as well?

Rob William

All Baldwins are involved.


No. And definitely not Steven the born-again one, if he tried to stop Alec from committing these depredations.

Ron Burgundy

William Baldwin is actually a clone.

Gary Lee Taylor

Evil knows no bounds
These people are sick

Rob William

Sick means they need medical help?


Only after the execution


Extremely sick.


Year ago these demented beings were put in insane asylums. Now they are just actors.


Insane asylums are too good for incest abusers, they deserve hard core jail time in the supermax facilities for life. In California, incest has been on the law books since 1872 — looks like ALEC FORGOT ABOUT THAT. In New York, the prison sentences range 10-25 years. And he forgot about that, too. Bloody arrogant snake!!

J Bill

True. Labelling someone “sick” would imply there’s a treatment available. For some their is.

Unfortunately, the treatment has to be accepted for it to work. If there even is a treatment for it.


It’s “For some “THERE” is.” you’re welcome 😉


Yes, Alex is into adrenochrome as are many other evil pedo Hwood friends of his. His wife is pg with their 6th or 7th child? I guess he does like to “fool around.” He’s the pig…a satanic pig at that!!

Rob William

Adrenochrome = C₉H₉NO₃

Albert Downing

Does ANY body KNOW anyone that’s ACTUALLY ! DIED !! from the “vaccines”………?

Last edited 2 years ago by Albert Downing
Michael R Davis

Nope, not one single person who died from the deadly JAB vaccine.
Not one single person who died from the ‘covid’ virus.
I know several dozen who claimed they had ‘covid’ and recovered.
Looked like the ordinary ‘flu’ to me.