Military Hangs Tom Vilsack


Biden’s former secretary of agriculture, Tom Vilsack, met his demise last Monday when the Office of Military Commissions hanged him to death for having committed treason against the United States of America.

As is typical for Guantanamo Bay executions, Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall and a cadre of White Hat brass were present to oversee the execution of a man who had become an expendable pawn on the Deep State’s chess board.  He fell on his sword, not once implicating Joseph R. Biden or Barack “Hussein” Obama in the wanton destruction of our nation’s food supply.  And like all Deep State convicts, he refused to repent seconds before the hangman flipped the switch that sent Vilsack dropping to his doom.

GITMO sources familiar with Vilsack’s death told Real Raw News that Vice Adm. Crandall, who has a history of making witty quips at unrepentant Deep Staters, was uncharacteristically somber in the moments leading up to the execution, even as Vilsack, when asked if he had last words or wished to give a statement of contrition, said, “I only answer to one man, the president of the United States, Joseph Biden.”

“Admiral Crandall is mystified by their devotion to the Deep State apparatus. Is it devotion or fear or a mix? Even facing death, they say they’ve done nothing wrong, that they were following lawful orders.  Between active investigations and persons currently in custody—a lot of more Deep State will soon go down. I think the admiral expected some of these criminals to open up to save their own lives, but that isn’t happening. Even Anita Hill, though she seemed to have found some hope in religion, took one for the team, so to speak. You’d think confession would be cathartic, but they’d rather live and die in perdition,” our source said.

Note: I apologize for absence. I had a family emergency the pulled me away from home for several days. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be publishing 3 pieces a day until I’m caught up with what information I currently have. Thank you all for your patience.


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Go and answer to Joseph Biden in hell, you sob Deep State Demon.

Jerry Miller

If true, YES!!! When are we going full stream? When will the military start to round up al the local scum promoting globalism- deep state antics? Im here at Sandy Hook- CT CT MURPHY is pounding the globalist agenda knowing full well all was faked by the Bolsheviks. When will this louse be escorted to GITMO?


Sounds like some of them are loyal to their god, the rebel angel, lucy/fer. Lucy in the sky with diamonds. They even sing about it and we the sheeple keep buying their satanic music. When will we ever learn?

Debate Judge

Banned.Video Channel: The American Journal
Video: “Massive Train Derailment Destroys Several Tons of Vital Fertilizer”
Date of Video Release: 5/24/2022

Derailment was in Canada (Fort Macleod).
“Forever chemicals’ may have polluted 20m acres of US cropland, study says.
“London crews clear fire at east London chicken processing plant”

So food problems continue.


I hope you’re okay, Michael, and that all is well. May our Creator bless you immensely in all ways. ✨♥️✨

Bill graham

Seems now fewer incidents of fires in ag/food mfg


Those people have been brainwashed. The Deep State attacks generation after generation of minds.


Admiral Darcy, If you are reading this please have a clear conscience. You are doing Gods will these are his enemies. He says so in Luke 19:27.
You are making the world safer for babies and children.

dennis ward

Demons don’t repent Michael, just like that scum bag Alec Baldwin


Okay guys I feel very discouraged. I just now saw this dude receiving a plane full of baby formula from Europe. It looked exactly like him😢

Afshin Nejat

Within individuals start at the feet, with organizations of individuals, start at the head.

Afshin Nejat

At least they’re claiming to do one thing right. Start at the head. Whether things are as they claim remains to be seen.

Planet Warrior


Planet Warrior

Right – uh-huh – okay real raw BS. Wake up people this is BS!

buck fiden

Hope everything is OK, MB.

Stinky Perfume

your comment and the 4 after mine, show but mine, it’s stuck on red “waiting for approval”


Did anyone tell mb tom ballsack was on CSPAN?

Samantha Whitson

Sure hope all is well/better/improving for your family Michael~ praying God’s peace and comfort for all involved. His Word reminds that we can turn to Him in all matters, yet from personal experience, I know it’s not always so easy to fully engage in our faith during times of unrest or crisis. The work you do here is important, but not as important as your family, or your committment to God. Appreciate the update, may your efforts continue to be blessed, protected and multiplied- in Jesus’ name.🎚


Thank you, Mr. Baxter, I pray all is well with you and your family.
Are these clones that are being executed or the real people?

Stinky Perfume

Think about the disclaimer, the site is a parody. Someone does seem like a powerful mind reader of thoughts to the nature of what these characters actually think or it’s exactly what they thought. There’s computers I heard of at MILABS that can do it also. I wonder about the clones all the time and no relief in sight. Lying to people seems part of life and they explain that in the site UNIFYDTV they have said it’s just plain necessary. I still don’t get it, but can’t quite form a question. Clones to me are like lies, but I’ve heard a quote from Trump some said they heard that he realized evil was going to be replaced by people trained and qualified for a long time to replace and do the same job. But, they just don’t want to say it’s not the same person.


Another one bites the dust. Good riddance ~ can’t wait for the Earth 🌎 to be rid of these evil 👿 doers ~ the sooner, the better. God has waited long enough to exact His vengeance on them.


Sorry to tell Mr. Vilsack, but his redeemer Joe, is one of Hell’s biggest demons.

Last edited 2 years ago by Joanna

We understand; family comes first.

Pat Nelson

Michael, hope your family emergency came out positive. Thank you for all you do. Without your info we would be basically blind as to things going on in the background. My thanks is not appreciation enough. I wish more would join in instead of criticizing you.


Pat – you’re absolutely correct. I noticed the Anita Hill/Loretta Lynch issue and didn’t even recognize him for his family issues and for all of his efforts in getting this information to us. This is one of my go-to websites for the most up-to-date info. Thanks for the polite reminder.

Linda G.

The answer is that all have families. They are afraid of retaliation by the DS.


That is why they don’t dare say ovomit’s or HC’s name

Brother Rigamortis

Drip, Drip, Drip, then the flood. We are getting close to these corrupt Kabal Mafia globalist elitists all coming to justice. The Military has them x-rayed (See through it all Intell, optics) and as the Military is taken down their complete system one by one Piece by Piece. I do believe soon the Tribunals and Gitmo as well as other Military Bases on Islands will soon be swamped with executions and hangings as they will be bringing hundreds of these corrupt politicians, Mafia, Kabal, Nazi, World Global leaders to their demise (There End to Fate). Soon the Military Tribunal camps will have a sign saying maximum occupancy is full, 🙂 and for sure they will be full. Execute, tag Em-N-Bag-Em. They can Run but they cannot hide. These corrupt people are screwed, and Justice is chasing them down and they know it.


5000 military, 500 police officers, 24/7 armed fighter jets enforcing a no fly zone protecting wef davos crowd this week. Think “the military has them x-rayed?”

Sandy Koufax

The outcome of the 2021 statewide election in Virginia proves that Trump’s COVID shot is deadly. Democrats had complete control of the statewide government in Virginia going into the election. Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General. House of Delegates and Senate. Republicans managed to win control of all of these except the Senate because State Senators are elected on even numbered years. The 2000 lb elephant in the room is Trump’s COVID shot. Democrat and Independent voters are far more likely to take Trump’s COVID shot than Republican voters. The moronic, maggot millennials that love Joe Biden are particularly susceptible to the adverse effects of Trump’s COVID shot.




Nothing better than this kind of news to begin a whole new week!


i agree, anal


Thanks Michael for the article. I pray your emergency was not too serious. I think this could be an exciting time for us Patriots in the next month or so. God bless.


I think you meant Loretta Lynch, Michael, not Anita Hill. She supposedly found Jesus right before she was executed but as you said, refused to come clean. Mind boggling to all of us. I think leftism is their religion and they believe in it 100%.


Michael, Thanks for the update on your delay. I pray your family situation works out to a satisfactory resolve. Sure enjoy your news as it’s always like a breath of fresh air knowing that justice, though hidden, is running it’s course as truth disinfects.


Glad you’re back, MB !!

Hope ALL is well with family now. Prayers !!

Thanks for keeping us posted.

Looking forward to reading more about Anita Hill’s case.

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Dont even give them one last chance to repent! They ALL deserve what thy get!


hope your family is good

Jan D Hunsinger

lt is weird…..DS peoples actions.

Dr. G

Thank you Michael for the update. Praying all is well with you and your family. No worries, we patiently wait while you catch up.

Last edited 2 years ago by Dr. G



you people in the comments are funny, always telling others how to kneel.

what if i were to tell you, thats not how life works?

you shouldnt expect others to kneel or repent

good thing i prefer to believe in gods.

you humans are funny bunch.


Anyone ever see the Robin William’s movie “Jacob The Liar”? Does it remind you of anything?

Rob William

This is it! Better to live in reality and make best of it than hoping and believing in something improbable to be true.


Thank you for what you do.


Michael family always comes first. we thank you for all your hard work.

Rob William

@MB hopefully everything is fine with you personally.

Rebecca E. Smith

Sorry to hear about your family emergency MB. I hope all is well now. I have missed hearing from you. Thank you for bringing us this information. It’s extremely comforting to know that something good is happening.


Anita Hill? You mean Loretta Lynch?


I never get tired of saying “Bye Felicia”…


So glad you are back, always a concern for your safety for the work you are doing to keep us informed with the Truth


thx michael

Above Reproach

What a stupid idiot that guy must have been, President Joe Biden ?
He’s not the Country’s President he is China’s useful idiot, a criminal a
Sick puppet hanging on Obama controlled string, he has been the biggest
Pile of dog sh—T ! This Country has ever known,. I say Hang them All.


Great news Michael, family comes first, God bless on your journey..

Kelly Brown

What do ya’ll think of this Buffalo, NY shooting? (Rhetorical…)


should i still be scared? are imaginary men coming to my door?


Another false flag, carry on and fight.


lmao everything’s a false flag

Kelly Brown

B.O. is still here. And his influence.