The Monkeypox Agenda


Following a story that Monkeypox has arrived in the United States, the criminal Biden regime last week placed an order for millions of doses of a quasi-vaccine that allegedly protects against the virus. Monkeypox, however, has no clinically effective vaccine, and governments in East Africa, where cases occasionally arise, inject family members of confirmed victims with a genetically modified smallpox vaccination.

Four days ahead of the purchase, Deep State dark lord Barack “Hussein” Obama made a clandestine trip to the World Health Organization’s Geneva Headquarters, where he held private discussions with globalist and WHO kingpin Tedros Adhanom, according to military sources who shadowed Obama from his Massachusetts mansion to Boston-Logan International airport. There, Obama and an entourage of 7-10 unknown persons boarded a chartered 777-300 bound for Switzerland.

“We know he touched down in Geneva and we know he arrived at the WHO. I can’t disclose how we know this because it would compromise our ability to gather intelligence. We don’t factually know what Obama and Adhanom talked about, but the White Hats don’t believe it’s a coincidence that his visit predated the Monkeypox vaccine order by a few days at a time when the WHO is once again inciting panic in the population. Obama’s presence there paved the way for Biden’s visit, which is happening right now. It’s our belief that since their Covid scheme failed, they’re in the middle of manufacturing another fake pandemic,” our source said.

Moreover, the military believes Biden is ceding U.S. sovereignty in matters involving pandemic authority to the WHO, a move that would theoretically allow it to dictate pandemic restrictions like lockdowns and mask and vaccination mandates on U.S. soil.

“A few days before leaving for Geneva, Biden sent the WHO extensive amendments without an official statement or a single press conference. The amendments grant the WHO unilateral authority over U.S. health care. Technically, this is an illegal and unenforceable, since Biden himself has no authority. The sheeple of the country would likely abide in the WHO’s decisions, but God-fearing patriots along with the White Hats would not. The Biden cabal and the WHO seem to be of the opinion that pandemics, real or not, can be avoided if the WHO has greater global authority. As Biden now tries to gift the U.S. to the WHO, his boss, Obama, is back home taking trips to the CDC headquarters in Atlanta,” our source said.

A CDC informant privy to talks between Obama and Rochelle Walensky, he added, confirmed the military’s worst suspicions—Obama is still the shot caller.  The despicable duo spoke 12 hours on topics that included how to persuade Americans to happily accept new vaccinations for a new disease. Their turpitude soared to new heights, with Walensky opining that preventing the spread of Monkeypox would necessitate PPE beyond masks and latex gloves. She suggested, absurdly, that family members living in the same household of a Monkeypox victim must self-quarantine for 21 days and wander their own home caparisoned in 4 mil plastic sheeting to avoid Monkey Pox spores.

“The Deep State isn’t forging this obliquely; they’re plodding straight ahead, it seems,” our source said.

In closing, we asked our source why the military tail had not arrested Obama while following his caravan to the airport.

“For one, the numbers weren’t on our side. Two, the people who make arrest decisions are above my paygrade.”

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Donna Miller

You know that there are pictures of the WHO Director running around in a pair of women’s HOT PANTS and some skimpy little women’s top…. Just saying,does this set forth someone who should be running a organization such as the WHO?


Lets shove a monkey virus up the NWO ass.


He does not have any authority to do squat with a vaccine and is The Who person a doctor? Remember The Who was thrown out of the US. We do not want him back. It was during the lung auto lung machine.

Truth Liberty Freedom

We The People demand that the military take these fuckers down once and for all – crimes against humanity – no deals no mercy for them take them down now today all of them

Steve Merkel

Fools me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.


It is becoming clear monkeypox is the next plandemic. The Zetas earlier stated a pandemic is planned, and more recent ZetaTalk explains part of the monkeypox agenda: It appears the COVID vaxxed are not dying fast enough for the Satanic elite, and a new (scary virus) pandemic is necessary for lockdowns and control of the populace.

“…Many vaccines have been developed with live virus, assuming the immune system will keep the vaccination process in check. But those vaccinated for Covid-19 with the Pfizer vaccine, and especially those being boosted, will have a weakened and exhausted immune system due to the constant production of spike proteins. Thus, as doctors are warning that ADE – a type of Aids – will allow those who have been vaccinated to develop full blown Monkeypox when they are vaccinated for Monkeypox or a virus from the same family. Just what the frightened elite wanted to reestablish lockdowns.


That is because he is older he doesn’t have the energy for a word fight with the public.

Ruth Ann Maloney

Some of you are just too funny! Monkey-pox comments had me RFLOL!

Catfish S550




Billy Bob

Torpedo & Tsunami is the best cure for monkeydoo.

Billy Bob

Whatever shitstain touches turns into shit anyways. How can corrupt foreigners with broken English would persuade Americans to do anything? It would be on par with Big Daddy Don to persuade dems to build the wall. US seems to have run out of domestic geese to do the job.

J Bill

mexico was going to pay for the wall. what happened?

Kevin Kai Drake

Night of the Museum had a monkey slapping the night shift security guard so it sounds very similiar Brandon or is it BroUnden? I will literally drive in an RV accross the country with my flashlight on your chest.

Gregg Nickens

Inspector Clouseau, “Yes he does look like a Minkeypox, especially the way he is holding his hands to help his organ grinder”.

Lone Ranger

May I suggest to the gentleman that said to arrest Obama was above his pay grade request a promotion.

John .S

Predicting full blown shoot-em up situation for next wave of lockdowns.

Recommend enforcement agents to think wisely [not as subservient drones], and protect their personal interests first.

No doubt, next wave of lockdowns will be ugly, total SHTF, no mercy shown.

J Bill

if you think they’re going to lock down anyone over something which already has a vaccine, you have read rrn far too long


Biden is running out of American people money to steal. And send it over seas in a bank account over there.

Last edited 2 years ago by Katie


Stinky Perfume

Elon Musk took a stab at disclosure or to cause change. “The real president of USA is who writes for the teleprompters”. It’s long been said that when MSM television don’t have these to read, the news will not be control by the Black Hats. When different stations contradict each other all over the place, then people will realize they don’t know fake from real news. Obviously which news people rely on is their thoughts and stored in a massive data base, every last thought. The ones in at least some control are working at that level.

Stinky Perfume

How many Anunnaki are gone now? How many left to go?

Last edited 2 years ago by Stinky Perfume
J Bill

69 according to sources

Layd Hermann

NOT wearing another PPE anything, ever again.

John .S

Suggest acquiring non medical type PPE, such as Kevlar Vest [body armor], much available via internet, money well spent.

Recommend attaining vest while available, averting backorder delays.

When tyranical pandemic order following agents roll the streets, as highly possible, and shoot-em up time erupts, Kevlar Vests could be the difference of life or death.

Adage: those that hesitates is lost. In SHTF senerio: those that hesitates is doomed.



It is PAST TIME to stop that damn obammer…And all those that pledge allegiance to him & his devils. Get ripossible. & that man he’s supposed to be married to in any way possibe.


I thought Obama had been killed. Is this a look alike or clone?




Lolll 😂🤣🤣🤣😂All I can do
Is laugh at this crazy, nutty, completely deranged-Satanic-Communist Gov with their puppeteer Biden and his “handler” Mr. Obummer – the ex-Manchurian candidate.

Please….these people are beyond sickening and cruel to their fellow humans/citizens.

Arrest these MFers already!!!

Deneze C Lujanen

they wont fool me again..i hope the white hats arrest all these asses who think they can fool us again with fake monkey pox /vaccines..

Country Girl

I thought Obama had been shot in the back of the head and was enjoying the warm conditions of hell. Evidently some of these other informers are putting out false information. Is he dead or not??


I agree Country Girl! Which is it?


I think that we have a large number of Patriotic Armed Americans who will be glad to welcome the WHO as they try to poison Americans… AGAIN! We have lost millions of lives from the previous “jabs”! Are we going to give the Federal government and WHO another chance to murder us. DOES ANYONE HAVE EYES AND EARS and BRAINS? Or are we so brain dead that we do not care what happens to us?


I should think not Julie! I am not too proud to say, fool me once…..


When Are We Going To Hang This Murdering CockSuckers For their Crimes To Humanity! Stop The Fucking FEAR PORN!!!! SHINGLES IS THE RESULT OF THE JAB THAT THEY NOW RENAMED MONKEYPOX


I was under the impression that Barry O’ took two bullets to the back of the head, year and a half ago, maybe two years.


It was not reported here that he was executed.

buck fiden

Two fucking god damned communist niggers are selling out the world to pure evil.


This guy isn’t even a medical dr. And now he sure acts like one.

virginia hicks

I thought BHO had already been executed??


So did I; I left that question somewhere on here. Whatever.


There are no monkeypox in East Africa. Very inaccurate reporting and this makes me question the validity of this site.


O is dead and Biteme is either dead or in a coma as I understand.




Tell whoever’s pay grade it is, to hang Obama NOW! Along with the rest. Our stupid loved ones are dying and risking the lives of our grandkids.


Year 2003, 71 cases, no moralities. Source is the cdc itself

Last edited 2 years ago by naknaksdad
James McCandless Jr

Truck crashed escaped Monkeys are from a lab

James McCandless Jr

Just reviewing Yuri Bezmenov videos to see how far along communist have gone. Only ad CCP Chinese communist party’s financed WEF to the invasion!

Climate Scientist To Congress 2/28/17: Increased CO2 Causing “Remarkable Greening Of Planet Earth”

Yuri Bezmenov (Importance of Religion)” on YouTube

Watch “Yuri Bezmenov – The Art of Subversion and Demoralization.flv” on YouTube

James McCandless Jr

Vanity never ceases to amaze me !

I Love how their vanity run amuck identifies each and every public servant “WEF” agent of the CCP that has accepted bribes from foreign adversaries ! In a attempt to aid the Chinese communist party to destroy the U.S.A. from within !

CommittingTreason against the Sovereignty of the United States! Just makes it easier for our Judicial system as well as our Military to find them & confiscate their assets !

Pretty good when their assets are forfeit and utilized to prosecute their treason! A law that was commonly used in Oregon “the forfeit of property & assets in the commission of a felony!

Now the worm has turned! Chinese communist party needs to pay “Trillions in Reparations as well as charged for Biological Warfare for ,Weapons released on the United States! As well as U.S. citizens and public servants complicit !

U.S Companies secretly owned by China!

Ingram micro, The Cloud, Motorola , Waldorf, Smithfield farms and many more

The Question is? What public servants are selling out our Great Nation

? What U.S. public servants have accepted bribes from China?

What public servants and their relatives have become rich taking kickbacks and Commingling our tax dollars ?

Watch “Congressman Armstrong discusses banning China from buying more U.S. farmland” on YouTube

Chinese communist General purchased 200 square miles in Texas next to U.S. airforce base! The CCP Chinese communist party is in the process of finishing a runway capable of handling military aircraft

.Source :

Watch “TX Leg passes bill blocking a wind farm from going up on a ranch owned by a former Chinese official” on YouTubeWatch “Biden admits China thinks it will ‘own America’ by 2035” on YouTube

Watch “Here’s Why China makes all batteries & Owns American Car Companies Now” on YouTube

Larry Fink CEO of Black Rock Financial Group Buying all of the Real Estate


On one hand, I have a hard time believing that anyone would be gullible enough to fall for the monkey pox hoax, on top of the Covid fiasco. On the other hand, as Larry Elder used to say, ten percent of the population think that Elvis is still alive. That example might be a bit dated, but it makes the point. Sheep really are stupid, and there are always predators like Obama and his buddies in the DS that are more than willing to shear them (or make lamb stew). This will be a good test for the sheeple, to see if they’re so conditioned to comply that they will accept this utter BS from the WHO and whoever is playing Biden this week.

Terminally deplorable

I will not get vaxxed anymore after the covid scam. That is largely over for me. However, i dont know, if it is correct, that no effective vaxx against m-pox exists. Recently, someone compared monkey pox against shingles and [pointed to some similarities in the expression of the illness. There is a vaxx for shingles on the market -shingrix-, which is recommended for older people that lose their ability to fight the skin infection. Shingles are painful and avoidable. I took it years ago. Still alive and kicking.


Another scam by tedros adhanom. This animal Must be executed by the Military Commission. This evil crook has made tens of millions $$$ bribe from his friend in china. Hang him today!

Last edited 2 years ago by Patriot

I pray you and the reason for your emergency are doing well. Thank you for all you do.


There we go again. Another election approaching and the demonRats monkeying around with our rights. No covid produces monkeypox.


Look for Brandon to use this as an excuse to postpone or cancel the midterms.

Angel Askew

Today, they are using the machines from 2020 election.


and i’m sure you’ll only complain about results where your preferred candidate didn’t win. much like MTG claimed 2020 was fraudulent but her win was legit


Well, they do what they can, its what they’ve always done anyway. All for Izreal ya know. Thats why all our Politicians blow Jewz because all the money Democrits give away to them, they get a little kickback without the taxpayers knowing about it.

Nicholette Purich

I’m curious to know why you delete ALL my comments??? Does the truth hurt?


MB didn’t delete your comment. The comments have been taking a few minutes to show up. They will show up. I don’t know why this is happening, but it is.

Don Reed

Mayor Pete never screwed a monkey, however, it’s been said he kissed a Cockatoo !!


Looking forward to the day when all these criminals are rounded up and brought to justice for genocide!

Sandy Koufax

Moronic Maggot Millennials already chomping at the bit to take Obama’s new shot.

Angel Askew

Blackrock and Vanguard own the manufacturer. It’s smallpox vaxx with a twist of myocarditis on steroids.


Blackrock and Vanguard own near 80% of everything it seems.