Bickering White Hats Look to DeSantis for Hope


President Donald J. Trump’s reluctance to embrace immediate “broad, public mass arrests” has caused a loyalty shift among White Hat commanders who feel Trump is more interested in playing politics than saving the United States before it’s too late, according to a source in Gen. David H. Berger’s office who gave Real Raw News a summary of Friday’s meeting.

At least two White Hat leaders, he added, have called for a “vote of no confidence” in Trump’s leadership as they instead eye Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as a potential civilian counterpart. Those persons, U.S. Army Major Gen. Richard E. Angle and Col. J.D. Keirsey, whose station among White Hats RRN discussed in an earlier article, cited DeSantis’ attack on Disney’s pedophile cabal and racial hypocrisy as evidence he has the temerity and gusto to lead the charge. Many White Hats believe that mass public arrests will backfire without the support of a conservative politician who commands respect from most of the population and is adherent to the U.S. Constitution.

Gen. Angle and Col. Keirsey admitted to Gen. Berger that they had sidestepped the chain-of-command by speaking to DeSantis behind his back, a decision of necessity. Their insubordination, they said, was a byproduct of Gen. Berger’s unwavering and sometimes questionable loyalty to President Trump.

As RRN reported last week, President Trump said his support for mass arrests was contingent on midterm election results. He has said sweeping arrests may not be needed if the Deep State suffers a crushing midterm defeat, a position Gen. Berger endorsed.

Gen. Berger, our source said, admonished Gen. Angle and Col. Keirsey, calling their rebelliousness a repudiation of his leadership skills.

“With respect, sir, our job is saving this country. How long have we waited? We can’t twiddle our thumbs until 2024, or even November. Our nation is falling apart before our eyes. Trump’s malaise has cost us time we don’t have. He has squandered opportunities,” Col. Keirsey said.

“But you agree we can’t act on our own, that we need the backing of civilian politician?”

“We agree that would be a more acceptable solution,” Gen. Angle chimed in. “The United States is not a stratocracy, and we’d prefer to avoid that label.

“But DeSantis?” Gen. Berger asked incredulously, and requested the outcome of their conversation with Florida’s governor.

Per our source, DeSantis was receptive to the idea but said his fidelity to Floridians might prevent greater national ambitions, as he wages an arduous battle against the Deep State in his home state. Moreover, he implied he didn’t want to create enmity between he and Trump.

“He agrees with us but, like most politicians, fears possible fallout. He didn’t say no, and said he’d get back with us in a week. I told him we haven’t much time and can’t wait indefinitely for an answer,” Gen. Angle said.

In closing, our source said White Hat leadership consists of more than three officers. All told, 12 generals, admirals, and colonels participate in decisions, but we have been asked at this time to shield their identities and opinions. We can say, though, that roughly half favor sweeping arrests, with or without political support.

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E. Grogan

1) Trump, as president, is the Commander-in-Chief; as such, ALL military are under him. He knows more than we do, that’s why he’s in charge. Generals need to follow his lead. We don’t need mutiny at this point. Also, are the general who want DeSantis part of deep state cabal?
2) Trump knows more than we do, he needs to be the one in charge making decisions.
3) There have been a few things DeSantis has done that make me not trust him entirely.

Afshin Nejat

Get the balance right then go


Trump is dead. Sorry, but he died of prostate cancer, which spread into his organs. So, they can no longer get his approval. Watch today’s REAL news at and find out.


Times a ticking. This waiting




1st and foremost Trump won rhe 2020 election he IS the Commander in Chief. I like the Governor of Florida but thats it he is the Governor of Florida and wants to be just that. Dont desert thetrue POTUS. He knows what he is doing.
🙏 for Trump the military and We the Peopme to stay the course. God Bless America MAGA


Whatever the best decision for our country, the people of our country and the world to rid us of these deep state operatives is the way to go. How ever long that takes as long as it’s happening is all ok. Timing and pay-out/action is everything. We’re in a war and we as the people can’t know everything. Plus this smells of trailers within the military. All should be on a united front. Transparent behavior. Intuitive discernment is needed.


I like DeSantis. Still a Trump fan, but willing to support whatever coup is necessary to remove Deep State from control. I think it’s time for action…all anybody does any more is talk. I also respect and support the Governor of Texas for bussing all the illegals to Washington DC. Biden asked for them – let him have them!

Mark Heisler

Trump said his support for mass arrests was contingent on midterm election results. He has said sweeping arrests may not be needed if the Deep State suffers a crushing midterm defeat,
What? the hell! Their guilty of Voter Fraud’ you don’t think they will cheat to try to win?, You think they’re just going to say let’s not cheat let’s sit back and we won’t get arrested, we’ll keep planning false flags everywhere and we’ll keep this going forever, soon enough we’ll get everybody jabed don’t worry, come on this does not sound like Trump would say that, I mean you have the evidence last time they cheated why would you want to wait until they cheat and win and then you think everybody is going to just be happy but yet you’re afraid to make wide arrest, just because you got the proof that they cheated which 2,000 Mules’ says it all, nothing’s happening, what about this time they cheat and you have evidence what’s the difference,


I hope DeSantis, who is being touted as the next savior for this country, is strong enough or highly verbal enough to efficiently communicate & satisfy the American people. We are spoiled now after having a genius /master in the WH for the past 5 years.

Last edited 1 year ago by Joanna

White hats you are doing a great job however politics is a game of timing and doing things at the right time. You have a much easier time in the military for you just have to follow the orders.

Stinky Perfume

Why can’t they wait until November? What’s up with that? What happens that they can’t wait?

How do they know about time up?

Mass sweeping public events sounds nice but can I question if they can just do the mass sweeping arrests without the public parade? It’s important to contain heavy hitter criminals. Or is it more important to show who is boss to the criminals? I don’t see where it’s ever going to work because they go malaise without adrenochrome don’t they?

Trump said sweeping arrests may not be needed if the Deep State suffers a crushing midterm defeat. What’s up with that not needed part?


well Desantis went along with lockdowns so you can’t call him constitutional , can you? But I dont’ see us making it til midterms.


People are tired of the Democrat canbal . But you have to do this the right way and I agree with Trump you have to do this over time. You can not hurry his plan.

Last edited 1 year ago by Katie
Bev Kungl

I don’t think they are bickering. I’m quite sure they are frustrated because the taking down of the scumbags isn’t going fast enough…which it isn’t. The scumbags that they have taken down have now been replaced by clones etc who are still doing the damage the originals were doing.

caroll eversole

desantis looks awesome, but you better take into consideration he is hooked right into the world economic forum. that is where all the black hats reside. he could be and probably is a trojan horse.


DeSantis is too timid and non verbal to ever satisfy Americans. He is a decent speaker. But after the country has had he best, it is hard to go backwards. DJT Sr. 2024 & Donald Trump Jr. 2028.

Last edited 1 year ago by Joanna

It will be a huge mistake to have another corrupt election in a corrup system. DJT should act now, or American is lost, Patriots are tired of this shit show. Mass arrest now,Putin save his country in 3 months, and here we are waiting for almost 2 years.


Putting our trust in Desantis is like putting our trust in the j00$!


Whose collecting all the interest on the principle of the ambassador Leo Wanta Reagan-Mitterand protocal funds they have been laundering through Ukraine???

Last edited 1 year ago by aimee

Fuck DJT. He signed the act into law that is causing children to be jabbed with the poison. He has innocent lives on his head.


Mark Alan King has done real gematria research, that suggests Trump is a wicked man and is deliberately making this process go at a snails pace, to allow the satanist freemasons to cause as much damage as possible.


Treason, sedition, insurrection, abuse of power and election fraud charges should NOT be contingent upon the outcome of an election, let alone an election using electronic voting machines. If this is the dialogue taking place at the ‘white hat’ level, I have serious doubts about their ability to clean this up permanently. The OTHER HALF of this deep state takedown involves the problem of weather control on a national and global scale, and identifying which people and which satellites are controlling the weather. Identifying the command and control uplink and downlink channels to these low-Earth-orbit weather satellites must also be tracked down. Space based satellites are utilizing microwave RF power to manipulate moisture in the Jet Stream and to create on-demand high pressure to block low pressure systems, thereby controlling not only weather but fresh water supply (drought) food supply & demand ratios – food prices and of course fresh water availability. The chemtrail aerosols are sprayed high above incoming moisture fields and frontal systems to create a capping inversion layer, trapping heat and preventing the precipitation process. The particulate being sprayed dries out the atmosphere – sponging up watervapor in the air. As a result of this the Dew Point and RH drop SIGNIFICANTLY after being sprayed into the atmosphere. Worse yet, Wall Street is involved. Look up weather futures and weather derivatives. Also see


It is time for mass arrests. It is time to end the shit show.


He (Trump) has said sweeping arrests may not be needed if the Deep State suffers a crushing midterm defeat, a position Gen. Berger endorsed.
This statement makes me nervous. Contingent on the midterms? How about arresting on treason alone?
Please Mr President remember your 1st state of the union address. We are behind you 100%. We the people love our USA! We the people want to make it better and MAGA🇺🇲 & KAG🇺🇲
God bless the USA
God bless Donald J Trump #45


Then you face resistance from the people. I worn you strongly to following the plan! He is a general for a reason. Follow the plan! It has worked well so far and who is telling you to jump from the plan?


If these people have created Treason is that even a question at all? If they’ve all been compromised with Epstein and the Federal Reserve Bank is that even a question? Only arrest them if we win the midterms? What kind of bullshit statement is that? Very suspect use of words by geniuses entrusted with taking back our Republic.


Trump has three weaknesses. The stock market preservation, his appreciation for Hispanics, which all developers have, and his legacy concerns which all older men have. Personally, I believe Main Street is the economic power house of America for 90% of Americans, that Hispanics use low wages to scramble to the bottom when employed in construction, as they make it easy for developers to make millions, and being female, know from experience that ‘legacy’ is a myth. Every 100 years, every 1000 years, every 10,000 years is another story. Only Christ gets to have legacy. He earned it after all.


Trump doesn’t care much about his legacy – a legacy that mainstream media will spin to their liking. Trump didn’t have to run as President; he already had it all and decided he wanted to give something back to the country – mainly our freedoms by eradicating the Deep State vermin. As for the stock market: it has no connection to the actual state of the ecomomy – its rigged and the Plunge Protection Team has been propping up the markets FOR 25 YEARS which had nothing to do with Trump.


We can’t wait until midterms! People are suffering now and more are killed daily. Take out the msm. The arrests would need to happen regardless! The committed treason. I thought trump turned power over to the military. Stop letting the bad guys continue their reign of terror upon us.


Mid terms won’t fix anything.


Are they getting us ready for something big to coming? we have never been told the truth about the Queen; we are still waiting for market to crash the list goes on. is a big shake up about trump coming, we were told that one arrest will send shock waves around the world as you can see. No one is doing a damn thing to stop the destruction of America.


Nothing is coming, people like Michael Baxter just like to make up stories on the internet


Baxter is hoping for a lucrative book or screenplay offer. Marvel comics make take him up on it.


Well time is runing short. There’s less than 90 days left in the 22 months, to over turn the election. They have the evidence.
Don’t get me wrong I voted for Trump twice and would probably vote for him again. I bought the coins, what I could afford. But I’m wondering what’s going on, I thought there was a plan. so if the military’s not prive to it then there must not be one. I hear his little girl was name as a future world leader by the WEF a NWO org. So did he make a deal or what? Did he become a member to the 33 degree handshake club?
They have the beast system up and running that they supposedly converted for good.
I guess we’ll have to wait until September but I feel it’s point less to vote in the midterms when the vote just going to be screwed.


They don’t have the evidence man. They completely gave up on fighting the election results in court over a year ago.

Sonny Mac

The White Hats better get there asses together!! I love Trump but if he is going to play politics instead of saving our country. Then he has to go!!! DeSantis will be our man! It’s time to act NOW! We might not have a country left if we don’t!


Just imagine what would happen if just the fake news media was taken down. And the truth came out. Everything would change. yes, and arrest would be made.


YES, YES, it is time to come together, and DeSantis is the leader we need, I wish I could move to Florida and make it my life’s work to support Ron, but now it looks like he will be our new world leader and he has my vote…

Thomas Balistreri

My inclination for DeSantis’ leadership has continued to grow these last two years….at the expense of my displaced feelings about DJT’s judgement, etc.,

Last edited 1 year ago by Thomas Balistreri

Better let’s see what’s coming. Things are tightening and heating up. November will be the beginning of deep crap all over the world.


Nothing is coming 😴

The h

It’s time to make these mass arrest this country can’t take much more of this ds shit

Sandy Koufax

Those who took Trump’s COVID Shot are no longer human. Their immune systems are compromised. The prions have penetrated their blood brain barrier and impaired their high level brain function to some extent. Most have been transformed into timid and docile creatures, but some have been turned into raging psychopaths.


Lol cool zombie movie plot bro

Jack Lee

It’s a big mistake to show disloyalty to President Trump like this. We have to wait, until he calls it. I don’t like it either, but never would I rebel like those (soon to be fired, need to be) commanders did.

Don’t forget some generals rebelled against George Washington as well. They were dismissed.


Too much damage. The illegals are flooding Florida. I moved here 4 years ago. Never heard Spanish. Now mot public places I go I hear only Spanish. Unless we get them out enmasse we have lost out country. I left Calif fir the same reason. No place left to go.

Michael R Davis

GOD brought the locusts, (illegal aliens) pestilence (diseases, deadly JABs, depopulation gurus) in, GOD will drive them out when He is done with them. They will flee in terror.

13 If I shut up heaven that there be no rain, or if I command the locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people;

14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. (2 Chronicles 7:)

Sandy Koufax

Illegal aliens aren’t compelled to take Trump’s COVID Shot. They will replace the native Trump COVID Shot addicts as they die off.


If this side waits till the midterms, it means accepting the 2020 election results. Its called utter defeat! (not matter, how many times one writes: we know everything).


It’s already over bro. There is no election overturn coming. MB just makes up stories in the internet so you’ll send him money.


Whether by threat against family or self, or other manipulation, here’s the story of how DJT folded on the truth being exposed.


Trump’s executive skills are subpar. This is not the first blunder and if he is kept on there will be many more. Not firing thousands of treasonists in the Federal Government when he had the chance was a blunder. Hiring and relying on Jared and Ivanka was a blunder and they undermined every step he made. Too many to enumerate. He is not qualified any longer. His heart is right but his actions are damaging. He spent his first 3 years trying to win the approval of the Dems and never fully took the reins of the Presidency. I live in Florida. DeSantis has been stellar.


He always sucked

Thomas Balistreri

Indeed, Viv….he’s had many chances since to redeem himself…if to be believed, this latest blunder (waiting for mid-term wipeout of Dems) will be (or should be) the final straw for many….seems like he’s always had one foot on the establishment side/one foot on the MAGA side…I trust his heart, (mostly) but trust his judgement very little…it seems he still trusts all of the systems and processes that have been corrupted at every level in gov’t in U.S.—-after all the BS they put him through since ’15, how can he still be as trusting of the corrupted institutions trying to destroy him, and be extension, the U.S.???? Something stinks in Demark… DJT unable to grasp the depravity of our enemies and is just plain naive…??? Begs the question, eh?


Trump took the Deep State’s bait by “rolling out the vaccines in record time” but in fact those poison shots were lined up ready to go well in advance of Trump’s involvement but he apparently didn’t know it. He was set up by the Deep State and he continues to take credit for those poisonous shots which is exactly what the Deep State planners anticipated. He could have admitted he got tricked but I think his ego may have gotten in the way. Trump had initially told the country about the success of Hydroxychloroquine etc. but then flipped and began shilling for the killer shots. He’s accepted plenty of pharmaceutical money for his campaigns. Not sure where this is all headed but none of it looks good. Here in the communist occupied State of CA, voting continues in the June primary on electronic voting machines. We won’t be participating in this ongoing election farce where rigged voting machines and counterfeit paper ballots decide our fate. Time to pack and move already.


Hope something is done soon or we won’t be a 1776 constitutional country by the end of summer the way these deep staters are ripping things apart now.


The hell with corrupt mid term.. how could Trump even go that many lives are being ruined and loss..I’ll take my chance with your Civil War…… stop the bullshit… Plan.. quit sitting on your thumbs and get it done NOW


The vast majority of the American people want and immediately need sweeping arrests. We The People have command over the military, president or no president in command. Trump is still the Prez. The real Biden is long gone, by natural means, @ Walter Reed Med Ctr., imo. A fake doppelganger is the one under “house arrest” in Delaware.

Last edited 1 year ago by Joanna

Mike said Biden is alive and in his basement in Delaware hiding.


Not under house arrest either 🤷‍♂️


He is this weekend.

Russ C

From my perspective, which I know, its limited, I see many people who were very optimistic about wrongs being righted, and many deal staters taken off the board, have turned to malaise. This doesn’t mean we don’t love and respect DJT. It does mean however that our faith and resolve to stand up for our rights is waning. Sure its because too many people, the vast majority I believe don’t get their information by digging deal into the Internet as do all of us here. JMOFWIW!


The sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament…

Chris W.

On a more upbeat note, for any of those who don’t know of Jason Shurka (@ Unifyd), check out his interview with Dr. Michael’s where they discuss her EE System. Seems like a promising technology for those in need of something alternative to what the medical profession has to offer, or has reach a dead end with their treatment protocols.

Andres R

We the people who put our trust in our President Donald Trump. We no longer trust him.

Now President Donald Trump wants to play politics. He forgot his position to the people.

While we the people are suffering and innocent people are dying because of black hats.

But President Donald Trump. He doesn’t care.

He doesn’t care about the rising rent, he doesn’t care about the rising food shortages in the supermarkets. He doesn’t care about rising gas prices.

He doesn’t care about the lack of food in the stores. The lack of baby formula does not worry him. The disaster this country is going through does not worry him.
The implementation of socialism seen in all agencies and companies does not worry him.

If President Donald Trump cared about what the people are going through. He would have already given instructions to do a massive clean up and end the corruption of this fake government in one fell swoop.

But No. President Donald Trump doesn’t care about any of this. He and his entire family live and sleep in peace. Nothing worries him. Let him have a lawsuit here and a lawsuit there. That’s not going to solve our problems.

We, the people, cannot wait until November. You have to act now, not later. By November this country will be a second Venezuela. You do not know socialism, you do not know communism.

Between now and November we are going to lose the battle. Either you do it or someone else does it. But we, the people, are tired, frustrated and we have no one to trust.

President Donald Trump, you have strayed from God’s plan. This is not your battle, this fight is between good and evil. And you are deviating from the plan.

francis mcanarney

So since Trump invoked the Insurrection Act of 1807 and only he or a military authority can revoke this act, how can the legal authority to transfer this act to DeSantis even be viable? Sounds like the White Hats are unravelling themselves.

Ron Burgundy

President Trump didn’t “invoke” the Insurrection Act. Literally nothing written on RRN makes even the slightest sense from a legal perspective.


Lol yeah it’s nonsense, there are no rules, MB just makes shit up as he goes because he doesn’t know where to take this endless meandering story