Gen. Berger to White Hats: “Stand Down!”


Real Raw News has received more information on the final minutes of a White Hat convocation that took place in General David H. Berger’s office Friday morning. As reported yesterday, White Hats favoring a ‘let’s wait and see’ approach in matters involving sweeping Deep State arrests have quibbled with those preferring an immediate takedown of roughly 75% of Congress. The 12 officers tasked with deciding whom to arrest and when, 11 of whom Gen. Berger personally handpicked, are split down the middle on either side of the argument, according to a source in Gen. Berger’s office.

The 12th officer, Gen. Berger himself, was handpicked by President Trump to lead the White Hats to victory over the Deep State—a fact Gen. Berger reminded them of near the conclusion of Friday’s meeting.

“This isn’t a democracy,” Gen. Berger told the council. “The military doesn’t work on democracy—we work on a unified chain-of-command. Some of you have forgotten that principle. President Trump assigned me this responsibility. You advise; I make final decisions. If any one of you want my job, you have two options: go ask Trump, or pick up a pugil stick.”

Pugil sticks are padded poles the military uses for martial training.

“Without President Trump, we wouldn’t have the authority to make any arrests. We owe him trust, and our patience. If he feels public arrests should wait until the midterm results are in, I side with him, regardless of our empowerment,” Gen. Berger continued.

He was apparently addressing Major Gen. Richard E. Angle and Col. J.D. Keirsey, both of whom have made cacophonous outcries for broad and immediate war against the Deep State. Others on the council, our source said, share their opinion but have been less vocal.

“I appreciate your input, gentlemen, but you will stand down. Our job is capturing traitors, not having them among us,” Gen. Berger said.

He went on to say that 60 years of Deep State damage could not be undone overnight—or in week, month, or year. The Deep State had become so enmeshed in the political arena that determining where the corruption began and ended was an intractable dilemma, he added, and endorsed methodic, systematic engagement over rash action.

“The Deep State phalanx will fall. It’s only a matter of time,” Gen. Berger said.

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Tracy Reinert

“All’s fair in love & war.” ~~ Shakespeare

Rob William

Real Raw News has received more information on the final minutes of a White Hat convocation that took place in General David H. Berger’s office Friday morning. As reported yesterday, White Hats favoring a ‘let’s wait and see’ approach in matters involving sweeping Deep State arrests have quibbled with those preferring an immediate takedown of roughly 75% of Congress. The 12 officers tasked with deciding whom to arrest and when, 11 of whom Gen. Berger personally handpicked, are split down the middle on either side of the argument, according to a source in Gen. Berger’s office.

On one side are those who feel the public should not have to wait until after the upcoming midterm elections to be told of arrests. Those officers have reportedly taken issue with the presence of officers with a more ‘hardline’ approach to the arrests, and have requested that certain agents be removed from the convocation and placed under a different commander.

Those officers have reportedly been unsuccessful in their efforts to have the ‘softliners’ removed from the convocation, and Gen. Berger has reportedly made it clear that he will not remove the officers he personally handpicked to represent the White Hats, according to a source in Gen. Berger’s office.

As we reported yesterday, there are roughly 50 White Hats on the side of a ‘let’s wait and see’ approach in the matter of sweeping Deep State arrests. It is also believed that the majority of the White Hats have not been informed of the final decision.

As reported yesterday, those who prefer a ‘let’s wait and see’ approach were informed of the final decision by a Lt. Col. in Gen. Berger’s office Friday afternoon. The Lt. Col. informed the White Hats that Gen. Berger would be taking his decision into consideration when he made his decision to arrest members of Congress.

A source in Gen. Berger’s office told Raw that the White Hats are currently going over the list of arrests that have been decided upon, and that there are a number of those on the list that were not known to the White Hats.

Those officers on the ‘let’s wait and see’ side are scheduled to meet with the Lt. Col. again Friday afternoon to review the list of arrests that have been decided upon, and are expected to make their case for arrests of additional members of Congress.

As the convocation ended, the Lt. Col. informed the White Hats that Gen. Berger would be taking his decision into consideration when he made his decision to arrest members of Congress.

“I am a reasonable man,” the Lt. Col. said, according to a source in Gen. Berger’s office.

“I am the reasonable man,” Gen. Berger interjected. “I want you to know that.”

The Lt. Col. then confirmed the decision to arrest members of Congress had been made, according to a source in Gen. Berger’s office.

A source in Gen. Berger’s office also said that the Lt. Col. was instructed not to comment on the matter to the White Hats, and that Gen. Berger has made it clear that he will make the decision on who is arrested and when based on the ‘let’s wait and see’ approach.

Gen. Berger, according to sources in his office, has also told the Lt. Col. that he will make a decision on arrests within 24 hours.

Sources in Gen. Berger’s office have told Raw that a number of officers who were not involved in the decision making process have been lobbying to have the Lt. Col. removed from the decision making process, and that those officers were told that they would not be allowed to speak at the convocation.

The Lt. Col. is reportedly still in his office, waiting for Gen. Berger to make a decision on the matter.

“The White Hats have been told to let the Lt. Col. make the decision,” a source in Gen. Berger’s office told Raw. “The Lt. Col. has been told not to comment on the matter to the White Hats.

Tracy Reinert

I believe our real President would like to be certain that the people are with him.


I know that it is so hard, unbelievably hard to be patient and let the white hats do what they do so well. But, they are the best of the best. We have to have faith and believe in their efforts and decisions on how to proceed. They are the muscle, and the people are the backbone. Without our support, they would have a bigger task than already exists in capturing these scum bags. The people are working in tandem with the white hats. Helping others to see the truth and bring the world back to some state of normalcy.


I now believe this is correct given how Os won in Pa and the liberal DA in San Fran was recalled. We the People must take back our nation, not one man.

Debate Judge

(“Get Vaccinated.” – Joe Biden)
(“I’m proud of Warp Speed” – Donald Trump)
(“I received my vaccination. … I encourage all Marines and their families to get the shot…” – General David H. Berger on Twitter

“Surveillance is being revolutionized, transformed from over the skin surveillance to under the skin surveillance.” – Yuval Noah Harari


Trump hired Berger, so they are in this together to BRING DOWN OUR COUNTRY to bring in the Satanic New World Order by bringing back Trump as the Antichrist to “save America”. Trump used the Military to bring out the bioweapon shots through Operation Warp Speed. Trump deceived us so we would vote for him. He is a member of the Order of the Black Sun from which Freemasonry, Skulls and Bones, and etc. came out of. I know that Generals are Satanists because my relative was a lieutenant colonel and a Christian and could not be promoted up in rank unless he joined the Freemasons and became a Satanist. He was asked to join the Masons and he refused, so he had to retire as a lieutenant colonel.

Last edited 2 years ago by Ruth

General Berger is a enemy combatant. He has no rights. His stand down is equivalent to treason




Good word; Phalanx


Pick up the pugil stick, he is an old man with a diving badge…BIG WHOOP! How about fisticuffs old man? I am COMBATIVES IV and INSTRUCTOR! Also COUNTER TERRORISM II….THERE IS NO WHITE HAT OPERATIONS, you people are drinking up the HOPIUM waiting on what exactly? Washington D.C. is a FOREIGN NATION. 3 stars represent your true rulers. The Bank of England, the Crown, and the Vatican. The senators and congressmen of that shithole are FOREIGN AGENTS working on sovereign soil. B.A.R. British Accreditation Registry.



FAKE NEWS. Michael Baxter will hang from a tree in the revolution. Lying fraud.


I think this is disinformation for the Deep State. I believe Michael is reporting what he is told, but some things they want the enemy to see, to confuse and not let them know their true plans. You never let the enemy know the truth, The arrests yes, but discord among the ranks, never…This is perfectly orchestrated..


Disagree. They brought out the bioweapon shots through Operation Warp Speed. They killed my parents.


And they want us to believe the military is in control?? What happened to the plan that was in the making years ago? The military should have been greeting Biden and his losers at his “Inaguration”


Their plan was to deceive us into believing Trump and follow him. Take his shots and get tracked and be controlled. It failed.


Prayers for their good judgment, safety and success.

Above Reproach

You say a matter of time. Actually how dare you say it’s a matter of time.
The very reason you have a position of authority is the salvation of the citizens that make this country great. You must do the painful job of riding the American people of a terrain. The unlawful election of a criminal into
a position of political power is Treason, and should be dealt with swiftly
and with great prejudice. The people of this Country deserve Justice.
The greatest insult to the American Way of life has occurred,
Find them, charge them, and Hang them for all to see. Do It Now…

joe blow

As much as we all want this to happen, those generals don’t have ALL the intel nor do they know the entire plan or what sting operations are in progress.

Last edited 2 years ago by joe blow
Charles Bryant

I watched “Saving Private Ryan” tonight — commemorating the D-Day invasion. Tyranny was ultimately defeated then, but seventy-seven years later we face it again.


I thought the white hat generals picked Trump…not the other way around.


It makes sense that if you’re trying to find all the DSers (inside and out of their pyramid of operations) you would want to keep your moves quiet and thorough. Especially if you are working your way from the top down and the bottom up. If you move too quickly you could loose too many in the middle. It’s probably the biggest sting operation in this planet’s history!

James D Boley

Wait wait wait…this bullshit is gone on way too long.


Be reminded that we are in a fog of war where things are not as clear like we want it. Moves and countermoves.


Now we’re getting somewhere. Sure it hurts. Berger wants it too. But DJT, who chose him, is guiding the way. He’s not sleeping at the wheel. He’s very active.
It’s happening. Almost there.
(Just wait till we shift into the next phase. You all storing food and water? Would be a good idea.)


We’ve heard this all along. No proof.


This is why the man made it to US General status. “Without President Trump, we wouldn’t have the authority to make any arrests. We owe him trust, and our patience”. He is correct. This is all the proof we need to know that Trump did indeed sign the Insurrection Act in 2019 as the rumours and innuendos have been telling us all along.


If patriotic military are reticent to reclaim the nation as the Founders envisioned it, then We the People must do OUR duty irrespective of some ‘superior’–albeit friendly–force.

The only way around infiltration is to NOT form a group. Lone Wolves Of America.


One of the drawbacks to keeping it a secret that these cretins have been executed according to adjudication by a military tribunal, is that they maintain a public life wherein they can pontificate such as this: “Hillary Clinton made her stance well-known on Twitter the other day when she tweeted: “No one actually needs an AR-15.”

Just imagine all the dimwits who will be influenced by remarks such as this, especially during this period of contentious opinions.

Elisa Orozco

Our job is capturing traitors, not having them among us,” Gen. Berger said.


Thank you General Berger for your loyalty to the Lord and his kingdom.


75% of Congress! Shocking. This, according to our US military is how many deep state politicians have to be taken out of circulation and basically incarcerated for life or publicly hung. There are plenty from my state of CA that make up that 75%. .

Jose Ramirez

Trump have the time machine. He knows what will happen. And Americans need to feel the pain to wake up. Very soon the gas price will be $10.00 .

Stinky Perfume

What does regardless of empowerment mean? Putin is ready to roll. This news on clearly states that Trump was lagging behind on believing or understand the Annunaki.  

Does Gen Berger mean authority or “empowerment” or permissions? Did Trump say to hold off? Trump did say posted here by Baxter, “Soon USA will get a day of reckoning like Ukraine”.  What is soon?

July? August? Patti Brassard on bitchute or rumble FEISIG, claims she/he’s on the Trump advisory team. He claims it’s July or August, or the whole thing then just ends the earth. We all get sorted out to other realms, depending on our density scores.

Maybe the military like letting Russia go first, they seem to be more aware and trained of Annunaki abilities. 

Trump is saying, reported on RRN, that USA get’s a day of reckoning like Ukraine did. The bad places in USA are castle areas, Hollywood and connected Getty Museum, all the ports but San Pedro is the one emptied and ready.

Who is going to missile strike and where in this reckoning in USA?

I know the Port of LA at San Pedro has been closed entirely of hundreds of daily customers and dozens of cargo boats coming and going daily and all those ships and security, trucks, fishing boats and huge fish market eateries, and take outs, with dozens of restaurants, expensive to cheap. Tour boats, trains, movies, coffee shops, farmer’s market,even local churches, and all the dozens of homeless tents in the streets all gone since homeless shelters burnt out. The biggest one was right at the port’s post office, a block long giant that handled all the decrepit aging addicts. Another was small and new, all empty.

No nothing left, no navy Battleship IOWA tours, although the giant ship sits there.No maritime museum, Port police station don’t seem operative anymore, it was huge with jails. All real estate is closed, lawyers offices closed. There’s 3 ports here Wilmington, San Pedro, and Long Beach. The little business that get’s through is over at the Long Beach port across the bridge.

Those remaining Union members want to strike for more pay, but they won’t let the cargo ships in, so that’s why there’s no pay. It’s all closed so, a strike will be unseen and worthless.

No jobs in San Pedro except 2 grocery stores and 1 Family Dollar and some mechanics and gas stations and Home Depot a handful of local tiny stores, most are closed now.

Gang members not out there, in San Pedro, unless they have cars, addicts laid up on fentanyl in the streets for hours in one spot, on bus benches, are cleared. No ice cream man, no food trucks, Pizza and subway don’t seem open but they don’t board up like the rest. No dogs being walked, no cargo trains, no big rigs coming and going like it once was a port here. There’s nobody to do nothing with except gangs racing through in cars, jump out of cars or drive by shootings,or tossing firecrackers.

Private parties still happen, as they try and fill the void, and they escalate to violence. Drag racers out there nightly. The police will only chase them in cars not get out or pull them over. That takes a dozen back ups.

What’s left here is seriously agitated drag racing nightly, the senior high rises and the HUD projects and everyone hides inside 24/7 as if covid lockdown is still going on.

A cut off ankle bracelet winds up in my front yard. 1 person is down at the port, 1 that’s all, and gets real nervous when I walk through as close as I can look. I didn’t see anyone else around but 2 empty police cars, appear abandoned as a deterrent, there’s nothing inside where they parked. It’s all fenced off. No vehicles parked otherwise in several dozen long acres of what once was busy with hundreds to thousands a day.

They always warn and clear people out first before a missile strike..But Azovstal was people hiding underground like over 1000 of them. It don’t look great to have this cleared enough for demolition with Trump saying what is posted on RRN.

I’m figuring it’s cleared for a missile strike but there’s Seattle or Portland also corrupt, the refineries were always suspicious. but since Trump said it’s coming to USA like what happened in Ukraine. San Pedro, Seattle, or Portland shipping ports is one guess. There’s noisy military helicopters in the the skies daily up and down the coastline. But SP port is super cleared, except for thousands of HUD project people and senior high rises. Nobody dares walk their dog or ride a bike or stoll a baby. They were tossing flashbangers at babies in strollers in drive by attacks, and they watch the crime on the local websites.

6:06 2022 1.20 PM I’m just back in from investigating the thundering noise for 20 minutes at the Port of LA taking over the air waves.Nobody can hear the bus go by it’s so loud. Sure enough it’s the military helicopters, the HUGE ones with all the extra helicopter blades, doing nothing else but hovering over the empty port. Battleship IOWA and the empty fish market. What could it be about?


So, how many elections have to be stolen before the military gets off of their laurels and steps up to make a meaningful change?


I think this whole thing is a PSYOP over us. Trump is making so many ridiculous bullshit moves, it’s pathetic. We are so fucked.

Last edited 2 years ago by SpecimenP

Let’s put some words to this game TRUTH TRUMPS EVERYTHING – and the truth was that Great Generation that had to deal with WWII should have waylaid Hitler so he would not have any off/springs (kids) that got a step up as rulers in areas of this world. His ‘Not-See’ blood trickled here and there and keeps going. This bloodline should be extinguished forever; maybe USA Great Military of today can do the job right this time and take back The Republic of America for all those that worked like slaves to exist.
Iroquois Maxim (c.1700 – 1800)
In our every deliberation we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next SEVEN GENERATIONS.

Linda R

I wonder if there has also been discussion of mass arrests – or at least meaningful arrests – of traitors within the military complex. This would cause less public consternation (think freaking out) than would mass arrests of people in the public eye. There have to be many people within the military complex – those who approve and run bioweapons sites – those who forced ‘vaccination’ (think chemical experimentation) on soldiers who were lied to and felt they had no choice but to take them… etc. The white hats would know better who those people are that have flagrantly overstepped their bounds and violated laws that have caused – directly or indirectly – many thousands of deaths. And Mr. Trump – if he is being considered our legal president – could approve such actions. Something to think about…

James McCandless Jr

Today is the original D-Day memorial day
D-Day is observed in the U.S. in memory of the Normandy landings in France on June 6, 1944, in which American soldiers and other Allied forces fought to end World War II in Europe.

Country Girl

I pray he’s right on when he says, “the Deep State phalanx will fall.” Trump has shown himself to be the best President ever, even though we are anxious to clean house of these criminals. The Scripture says, “be anxious for nothing” and also to “wait on God.” Our greatest weapon as individuals is praying for the White Hats to move in God’s timing. I love President Trump and thankful for what he’s done and pray regarding his leadership in this major mess our country is in. I’m one of those people who wants everything done yesterday. However, when my husband starts a project that I’m anxious to get completed, he takes his time measuring, sketching out his plans, and when the job’s completed, it’s beautiful. I believe and trust in God and believe He placed Trump in command.


This situation weighs much more heavily on my trust than my patience. I have no confidence that there really are white hats, just some hope. We’ll see.

george friend

Changing my vote. I believe Gen. Berger is compromised. I believe Trump is compromised.


If this is true, then any more casualties of this war at any lever is on Berger

Mike R

If in fact this is all true as written, then I surmise this. Trump wants the public to clearly identify between now and the elections the tools and devices that the deep state are using to cheat in these elections. With 2000 mules we all see how the ballots are stuffed. With late night shenanigans and dominion cheats it is all out there to see now. If they try and pull this again they will be outed in a hurry. Trump and the military will then have full cause to end the charade.

If they don’t and we have a sort of free and fair election that Republicans rule the day. Then Trump and the team can see there is overwhelming support for a new direction and not have the fear of mass lefty uprisings. Just the few hired hands will cause trouble and get no support.

At the end of the day however, I think it won’t matter. They are doing everything they can to create mass gun violence to justify strict gun laws and seizures. They know that the law abiding people will only go so far before acting up especially on this issue. We also already know that they plan to mass riot when Scotus makes a Roe decision. There will be military in the streets one way or another this summer.


Again why do you keep deleting questions people ask? All I asked was is Trump in charge or as your article states the Military has the authority to make the arrests. Which is it? As a writer who uses a Christian GIVESENDGO donation service why won’t you answer another Christians question? With all this fake news we deserve clarification if the stories are to be believed or trusted by your blog. Is that so bad you keep deleting me?

Rebecca E. Smith

There is soooo much happening behind the scenes. It’s not just about corrupt politicians, judges, and congressmen. This truly is a spiritual war with a depopulation and control agenda. Natzis survived after World War II and regrouped in Ukraine. Putin has been taking them out. The Quantum Financial System is nearly ready for release. That’s an exciting thing. There is the horrible sexual content being taught in elementary schools. There are Satanist performing human sacrifices. There are children having unspeakable things done to them in the dumbs beneath us. Trump/military has to look at all of this. It all has to be taken down or they will just regroup as before. The Quantum Military Computer is actually making the timing decisions. The White Hats are in control and we are going to be okay. Trust the plan. And keep the energy high. Don’t put more negativity into it. Everyone be sure to watch 2000 Mules in theaters now for insights into the complex systems involved in the 2020 election fraud.


I’m resigned to what God is going to do. I don’t know if Trump is right or wrong. I don’t have sufficient information to make that call. However since this idea was presented I have had a chance to absorb it. If this is the way that God is leading Trump I don’t have sufficient information to make the call from my armchair.

It’s really rough out there & it’s obvious the deep state is as close as your next door neighbor or even your spouse and/or children in some cases. I see massive progress & massive winning because I’m also aware that deep state scare tactics are mostly just scare tactics.

I’m going to further step up my praying because it’s the only place where I have any real power in this fight. What I post online as a keyboard warrior is small compared to the power of prayer.

If this is the way Trumps going then I’ll support it (setting my personal fears aside) & continue to give myself totally to fighting with the weapons I have at hand. Thanks to the ministries of Kat Kerr & Dr. Francis Myles & a few others I not only have a very large army of Host of Heaven (heaven’s army) at my command & I also have a powerful ministry of over 45 years of Spiritual Warfare & I’m just going to continue supporting Trump’s decision.

Trump looks to be at his weakest right now which probably means he’s stronger at this point than he’s ever been. He may well be right about his purposes in letting the DS be further exposed & destroyed through the mid-terms. Water relentlessly crashing into rock ultimately destroys the rock but the water is unharmed. If we keep up the relentless pressure through the next six months & put all we’ve got into supporting Trump we stand a much greater chance of victory that if we continue to blow off steam about his latest decision.

It may well be that we’ve created a ton of work by destroying so much of the deep state. Everything we’ve been destroying are the deep state systems that have been raping us at will for decades. That’s created huge number of disasters that were needed but also now need to be cleaned up & new systems built to replace them. What we need the most now is the greatest push we can provide to move the entire operation forward in a relatively unified direction.

I don’t like these decisions of Trumps but I’m finished griping & calling it stupid. It looks stupid from where I sit but I can only believe that Trump knows things I don’t or has been so effectively blackmailed that he can’t make the moves without a credible threat that’s much worse than waiting till more of their power has been destroyed.

I have to allow for that possibility as much as I hate the current situation. What I do know is that God is not troubled by this development & he may have a plan that overrides Trumps. Therefore I’m going to put all my focus on what is the most powerful thing I can do is engage in as much spiritual warfare as possible to help bring the Devil to his knees so that this goes quickly & smoothly & effectively as possible.

I would encourage anyone who loves to bash the trolls here to consider not posting to them at all. That’s one thing you can do to shut them up. Also consider completely ignoring those who are too stupid to avoid feeding the trolls as well.

They only remain to discourage people because you engage them. Therefore I think we must also ignore those feeding the trolls so that the only engagement they get is with trolls. Might just as well leave the people that waste their time here on low value targets to continue to waste their time. After all it’s their time &, whether they want to or not, they will ultimately give account to God what they’ve done with it.

Crazy cat lady

We have a shitload of illegals coming to all parts of the US. This calls for immediate action.


Thinkwashing. 😉

george friend

Remove 70% of Congress and see the USA get it’s wings back? Uh, yeah. Do that!

Fire boy

Maybe the citizenry should move on our own volition??

John .S

Clearly and conspicuously White Hats failure to act has triggered Chattanooga shooting and fire at another food processing plant.

White Hats, alleged White Hats again dropped the ball, and are continuously dropping the ball. WTF are they waiting for? Round up treasonous politicos now.

Litmus test of how politicos vote on gun legislation is irrelevant, also vote tally of alleged midterm election insignificant. False hopes being cast upon We the People, it’s a psy-op.

How much longer Berger will allow charade to continue, as America in a tailspin, crash & burn near. aving serious doubt on Burger pulling America out of tailspin.

Positive outlook diminished via Beger’s inaction. [Wolf in sheep’s clothing?]

Apparently we’re being played, believing WEF is calling the shots.

Gut feeling United Nation’s blue helmet forces will be rolling out on us. Star Trek: “we are the Borg, prepare to be assimilated”.

Alleged white hat habitual inaction causing me and many to believe we are being played.

It’s time, lock them up now, putting brakes on Deep State. Berger must act now, proving his worth, else be deemed as Deep State player in journals of history.

No doubt Chattanooga incident, and recent food processing plant fire could have been averted if politicos were apprehended prior.

Berger [Nero] fiddles, as America [Rome] burns, it’s in plain sight, only a fool will think different.

Last edited 2 years ago by John .S

Mr. Navaro was shackled and cuffed in an airport in front of hundreds of people. And that is on a fake indictment. With a million indictments to go on, what seems to be the hold up. Too many easy targets for any bickering. Just go get the bastards.


This reads more like a sitcom than anything I would expect from a competent military. Not buying it…

buck fiden

Today’s D-Day. The Zhou Biden Régime MUST GO!

Rob William

Why today?


The Deep State is becoming very desperate with the destruction of Food Processing Plants and Murderous Rampage’s at Our Schools and Public Gathering’s and it’s going to get Worse! Just how long, After a Provable 2020 Presidential Election Cycle Fiasco is President Trump prepared to wait! Our Supreme Court is a Joke at Defending Our Constitution and the Complete Judiciary is a Farce! 75% of Congress is Corrupt, So Again, Just how Long Do We Continue to “Sit on Our Hand’s” as Christian Veteran’s?


I made a post that somehow got moderated.

To avoid delay, I posted it here:

https ://
https ://

An earlier such moderated post (with a new tiny edit at the bottom) that is likely related to the above is here:

https ://
https ://

Please read both of them. They both wouldn’t post here due to moderation for some reason or other. Thanks. 🙂

buck fiden

The greatest thing I can say about MB and RRN is that he almost NEVER “moderates” the comments here. I’m living proof that the First Amendment Lives!

God (or whomever you believe in) Bless MB and RRN !

Rob William

No one wants to read comments by going to another site.


https ://


Michael Baxter: “Please understand this website gets thousands of comments a day, many of which happen during hours of sleep.
If I wake to 1000 comments, it’s simply impossible for me to moderate them all, and many are just mass purged, dispassionately.
To answer your question. The military is in charge, but chooses to defer certain issues to Trump.

Keep in mind, there are literally tens of thousands of angry comments on this website.”


As of this post (6-7-2022 01:47 UTC [London, England Time]) someone apparently read one or both externally stored posts then upvoted them to cancel out a downvote someone made after I made the post in question.

Long ago, someone posted a positive post here about the second external post which is a detailed historical and informative overview into the ‘secret’ of DS power. Unfortunately, I don’t have the URL on hand to post it here as verification of this and I will leave it at that. Perhaps the RRN user who made that post (or the recent upvoter mentioned above) could reply to this one as proof on my behalf.