JAG Amends Method of Execution


The U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps has amended how it will carry out future Deep State executions, a JAG source told Real Raw News. In the last two years all but two convicted Deep Staters were hanged by the neck until dead, a process JAG now says is tedious, time-consuming, and prone to mishaps. As a result, anyone convicted of capitol crime and sentenced to death will get a bullet to the brain.

Our source said JAG made the decision after weighing the cost and man-hours of past hangings against the cost of a few bullets. The practice of hanging a man, he said, involves more than simply stringing him up and flipping a switch. Ahead of each hanging, members of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers arrive at GITMO to inspect the gallows, to ensure it functions properly, and remain there until the condemned is pronounced dead. But even their expertise hasn’t prevented mishaps; the execution of pedophile Bill Gates, for example, showed that improper rope measurement causes a prolonged, painful death.

Also, some executions were delayed pending the arrival of military brass, and sometimes politicians, who had to fly in from the mainland to witness the event.

More influential in JAG’s ruling, perhaps, is what Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall has called “gallows theatrics.” The interim between sentencing and execution has given flamboyant, grandstanding, unrepentant Deep Staters much time to sharpen their Thespian skills for melodramatic pre-execution productions. They have run the gamut from demonic incantations to alleged religious reformation, from final words laced with every profanity under the sun to acts of sexual depravity.

Once known for staying calm under pressure—and sometimes ribbing Deet Staters in their final moments of life—Vice Adm. Crandall has shown signs of frustration at recent executions, and referred to himself as a “circus ringmaster” after a lascivious Alec Baldwin dropped to his death.

“The admiral discussed his concerns with his juniors, and they agreed hangings take too long and are filled with too much theatre. They reached a consensus. From now on the convicted will be executed within 24 hours of sentencing, by gunfire instead of a noose,” our source said.

Asked how JAG would screen future firing squads, he shockingly said a “single Marine” would bear the burden of executing the condemned, and a backup would be readily available “just in case.”

This is a sharp deviation from historical practice. A firing squad is normally composed of several soldiers, all of whom are instructed to fire simultaneously, thus preventing both disruption of the process by one member and identification of who fired the lethal shot.

“Although we’re talking about hardened Marines, psychological screening will take place, and it’s more efficient to briefly screen one or two Marines than seven to ten. Speaking for myself, why use 10 rounds of ammunition if one or two will do the job just as well. It’s not like anyone’s aiming for arms and legs,” our source said.

“There’s no written rule specifying the number of men. It can be one, it can be 20,” he added.

In closing, he told RRN that prospective candidates will be chosen entirely from a pool of volunteers, of which there are many.

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Why not use a drone?

Dave Smith

Hi since this is the only new source we can trust .did thousands of cattle die in Kansas last week?

francis mcanarney

10,000. sheep expired this week


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Last edited 2 years ago by Truckinbroke

Mismeasuring a rope? 🤔
That sounds like fake news. It’s the space below the feet that matters.

francis mcanarney

to simplify reporting about dramatic styles.


Michael, the best way to show the January 6 Committee is a farse is to show the actual results of the voting fraud in the States. We must have some of that information by now? This fraud must be stopped ASAP!


The American way.


This goes to what was reported earlier. That they were not moving fast enough to rid the world of these deprived scum bags. Actually, a bullet to the brain is too easy for my liking. No suffering. They should suffer as their victims did. Go out the way they lived. But, alas, expediency is important too. Get em gone!

francis mcanarney

better to suffer here than the hereafter

Deneze C Lujanen

oh good now maybe the white hats will put Trudope and Freeland and the rest of the puppets and their puppet masters if front of the fireing squad.. they could line them up instead of doing 1 at a time.. kill them all and let god sort them out…:)

Brian the SolarBee

Respectfully calling for the White Hats to release video of interrogations/confessions of the highest level Deep State criminals.


I wish everything in this page were true!


As many of our readers are aware, Bill Stepien has requested that his tribunal be postponed. JAG has granted his request but will continue with the tribunal today.

Hellava' Lot

Michael Baxter, it’s been a while, are you OK?


Any way you can send us a bit more proof of your reportages Mr. Baxter? Thanks


Sue to scheduling conflicts, RRN will not host a January 6th tribunal watch party today. We also appreciate everyone’s patience while our stories are not posted regularly and comments are deleted. We are working through some legal issues and hope to be back on a normal schedule soon.
We have also exceeded our fundraiser goal of $22,000.00. Your support has been appreciated.

Rose Mary Abbott

It seems that there are 4 times as many troll posts as there are legitimate commenters. It is like a troll convention in here.

Air man

It’s time to make NP and CS take a vacation.

Will Willis

I would join thee Marine’s , and just to pull the trigger on these Deep State Rats….. Both my Grandfather’s were Marine Master Sargent’s war Heroes …. I would be honored to rid these people…..


Well this is really unfortunate, it’s taking all the fun out of the well-deserved executions. I particularly enjoyed hearing what happened to Gates, should have happened with others as well. Most of them need to be publicly drawn, quartered, then hung. At least. Prolong the agony as long as they did it to us.

Ron Burgundy

Mimi, I know it’s probably comforting in some way to pretend that all the hard things in your life are to blame on someone else, and that someone has just been executed by the military, but none of this is true. The military is not executing people. The military hasn’t actually executed anyone in decades. Please start living in reality.

Angel Askew

One thing that can never be taken from MB’s delicious articles is the fact that within 72 hours of HRC’s “drop and stretch” article, Giuliani’s home was raided and backup confiscated.

These CIA trolls and band of losers have been out to discredit this site from it’s inception..


Confirmation bias is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms or supports one’s prior beliefs or values. People display this bias when they select information that supports their views, ignoring contrary information, or when they interpret ambiguous evidence as supporting their existing attitudes. 

Angel Askew

Said the pot to the kettle.


Let’s focus on what is really happening. $110 in donations over the past 2 days. That goes to show that the scam has come to an end.

J Bill


Rob William

I am also more interested in understanding 5D quantum chess than the method of execution.

Rose Mary Abbott

Focus on yourself and leave us alone.


By “us”, do you mean you and your caretaker who has to type for you or one of your many personalities posting under different names?
I thought about starting a quadriplegic basketball league.
But then I realized it would be pointless.


No les gusta mis comentarios que los borran


No hacemos nada con cambiar el método si los criminales siguen sueltos y haciendo daño

Rob William

Former Alex Jones associate says infowars has never been about truth – in essence we lied. The Infowars documentary that Alex Jones recently showed on his YouTube channel, “The Making of the President 2016,” was always just a vehicle for Jones to disseminate his far-right conspiracy theories. That is, until now.

The new revelations, which have been reported by a variety of outlets, expose a side of Jones that many in the media and his fans have never seen before: Jones is a political opportunist who has used his influence to spread misinformation and peddle conspiracy theories.

To make his case, the Infowars documentary features a host of former associates, including former Infowars contributor Jerome Corsi, who was indicted in late March on one count of perjury in the investigation into the Clinton email scandal.

The documentary features Corsi discussing his extensive connections to the Clintons, and it’s clear from his statements that he has used the fame he received from his association with Jones to build a lucrative career peddling conspiracies.

Sandy Koufax

Jones has been banned from Youtube for nearly four years. He is unable to air any recent documentary, as you claim.

J Bill

big tech strikes again!!!!

Michael R Davis

Another lying RRN propagandist troll reveals itself.
Your masters demand that you use your ceremonial seppuku sword now.
You are no longer fit for the blessed revolution, R ob William.
Take the losers T ed, K ai, J Bill, with you.


I feel sorry for you. One day you will understand that you were fooled for a long time and move past it. But until that time, work on whatever your therapist suggests and understand that you will get through this.


Perhaps the main traitors have been disposed of,
and now they are working on the lower level traitors.

Less known, and lots more of them.
More efficient methods.


We need Obama, Pelosi, Soros and a few more.


When will your larping stop? Just admit that it is over. There is nothing left for you to lie about and pretend either happened or will happen. Time to face facts.


When are we going to hear about VJuneJarrett? She had a tribunal on May 18th right? Way pass the date… did it take place or NOT? This one slipped through the cracks.


No Michael Baxter forgot he put her on a list so he didn’t write her into the story any more after that. It happens sometimes.

Michael R Davis

Iranian agent Valerie June Jarrett has rolled over on her comrades, on Hussein the queer, even on the Iranians, is spilling the beans, coughing up data post haste. Her execution via a poison pill deal, when she is no longer needed by white hats, will not be publicized.


Zee promised 20 times a day everyday that there would be an EBS soon🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


This Bogus January 6 Trump discrediting committee is really bothering me without refutation from the MAGA team. They are twisting the facts so badly everyday that I’m sure their fake news twisters will have some effect on the November elections. The next thing is to bring charges against Trump for treason. These elections results showing that Trump actually won the election and beat Biden in 2020 would do wonders. I really hope these results are ready to be released to shut the Democrats up! Meanwhile its like death of 1000 cuts because the liars keep lying. Go Brandon!


I hope that they are all killed soon🤗


What a warm fuzzy thing to wish for 🤗🤗🤗

J Bill

It’s Easier to Fool People Than It Is to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled.” – Mark Twain.

J Bill

stacy should hook both of us up with something. you can get a jaguar and i can get a cougar

Last edited 2 years ago by J Bill

The January 6th committee has been doing a good job laying out the facts with evidence and sworn testimony. The MAGA losers aren’t countering because they can’t, they just don’t have the evidence on their side. Even Ivanka said she agrees with Barr that her dad lost abd there’s no evidence the election was stolen.

Sandy Koufax

The pharmaceutical industry couldn’t even manufacture baby powder without poisoning people with asbestos for decades, but of course the same company could manufacture a safe and effective vaccine under emergency use authorization, bypassing years of normal testing.

Sandy Koufax

I dictate the topic. Like I told you before, you’re nothin’ but dogshit, you understand? And a lot of things can happen to dogshit. It can be scraped up with a shovel off the ground. It can dry up and blow away in the wind. Or it can be stepped on and squashed. So take my advice and be careful where the dog shits ya!


We went over your daddy issues and your need to feel the same power your father felt when he berated and abused you. Are you going to stop projecting and seek help?

J Bill

“I dictate the topic”

and it’s dicks lactating all over your face


Agreed, he loves slipping dick into everything.


Another reason why Trump is an Antichrist. He uses the Satanic hand signals. Or, used to. Not really this fake Trump. He also designed his Trump Tower apartment like a Masonic Hall with Apollyon on the ceiling and a triangle of bushes on the exterior with 6 bushes on each side-666. He’s a member of the Order of the Black Sun from which Freemasonry, Skulls and Bones, etc. came out of.

Last edited 2 years ago by Ruth
Angel Askew

Supposedly, he left it when he realized what it was really all about.

Angel Askew

Oy vey!!

J Bill



Let me remind those who are going off topic.,that this article is about how the ” method of execution at Gitmo”…how and why that it has Been
Thank Alex POS Baldwin. For that adjustment. !
The drop and stretch is time consuming,.. And there is a long line of traitors which must be punished .
May I suggest just skip the Tribunal. ?
We ALL know that they have the overwhelming evidence on each of those already EXECUTED
Let the computer convict, and spit out a receipt, stamp a mark on the condemned… March them to the WALL, blow their F—king brains out and
Efficiency returns.
Next ?

Angel Askew

“drop and stretch” Ha!

John .S

Process leading up to crescendo needs modification, and should be conducted in speed similar to putting a dog down at the vet.

Drive time to gallows encluding the walk/drag up stairs needs to be consolidated and centralized at one location, as I previously posted herein.

Easy fix, cellblock to gallows or firing squad backstop with 50 feet distance.

Apparently gitmo’s prior reconstruction project did not anticipate volume and flow rate, in similar to a home heating boiler not sized properly lacking BTU output, [recovery rate] unable to heat entire home via adverse weather conditions.

No reason for Crandell to be Master of Ceremonies [multi task] carrying out execution, he’s wearing to many hats. Crandell’s job & focus is to prosecute and get conviction, and coordinating flow rates.

J Bill

Please leave your email address with Red so we can include you in the next troll/shill call on zoom.

J Bill

Uh Ted, not red


Over 100 people were involved in the call and it was productive.


Michael Baxter needs to know that Trump is an Antichrist. He brought out the bioweapon shots that were supposed to be hooked up to the Satellites with a chip that was in the shots. He let “Biden” win, which is the CIA, so that “Biden”, (the CIA), would force everyone to get the shots and bring down the country in order to bring Trump back in to “save America” as Antichrist. Trump now endorses people like Dr. Oz and etc. The Trump rallies are now churchy and they say Jesus this and Jesus that to fool Christians and save his base. The Generals are Satanists. That’s how they become a General. I know this because my relative could only rise up to lieutenant colonel because he was a Christian. The meeting at Mar-A-Logo this weekend is the family of dead Trump, CIA Juan O Savin, and the CIA/Generals deciding how to continue the deceit of the narrative that Trump is alive and coming back or how to stop it and tell the public the truth. They better do the right thing or God will judge!



Rob William

We are now in the same position as we were in the first days of the Trump campaign when we were told that Trump was going to save America. We need to know that Trump is Antichrist. We need to know that Trump is an evil force that is trying to destroy the country and enslave humanity. We need to know that we are in the midst of a spiritual war and that the Antichrist will rule for 1,000 years before Jesus Christ returns.

The only reason that there was a debate in the first place was because “Biden” (the CIA), won the election. If “Biden” had lost, then we would have no debate about Trump, but if Trump had lost then we would have had a debate about Trump. We now know that Trump is the Antichrist. We need to know that Trump is an evil force that is trying to destroy the country and enslave humanity.

The “hologram” that we saw in the video of Trump, was not Trump. That hologram was the Antichrist. That hologram was the Antichrist because “Biden” had programmed it that way. That hologram that we saw was a hologram that was created to distract us from Trump, not Trump himself.

What we saw in that video was not Trump, it was the Antichrist that was disguised as Trump.

This is not a political issue, this is a spiritual issue. Trump is not the Antichrist, but he is the vehicle for the Antichrist.


This thinking is nuts!

Angel Askew

I hear you, Ruth. Trump did warn us. He knew what they were up to. Why do you think he never wore a mask? Announced HCQ and Ivermectin?
It is also said that Trump launching “Warp Speed” saved us. His vaxx were more placebos than anything. He had to. With the election at hand, he knew if Byedone won he would completely shut down the economy and keeping us in lockdown for years until the vaxx were approved.
It was the lesser evil.
He always gave you a choice and insisted the economy stay open.
I do believe Musk is the Antichrist though. He is also the #1 contractor at the DOD.


What’s wrong with prolonged painful death???


It’s blatantly unconstitutional. If you love torture and hate the Constitution so much maybe you should consider moving to North Korea or something

Jan D Hunsinger

Looking forward to your next report. Praying for you and those you care about. Thank you for your service to our country.

J Bill

“Praying for news so I can masterbate”


You really need to get a life.

Angel Askew

The entire 1/6th committee needs to be executed.
Please watch the Sean Hannity interview of Kash Patel and Chris Miller regarding 1/4/20.
It is the first time ever theyve been allowed to sit together and discuss what happened in the room.
Pelosi needs to be tried and shot.

Keep your sanity folks. Support local. Run for school boards and local office. Hold tight.

I’m reading that when Constantinople /Istanbul falls the moment will be close.

Until then, it’s a race between Gitmo and Biden doubling inflation this time next year. 10% cpi by September…

J Bill

Aw someone’s sad it wasn’t a false flag antifa attack and all of the gqp wanted the Cheeto messiah to stop everyone. Hannity begged trump to get them to stop. Jr couldn’t even text his daddy directly. Sad!

The oath keepers/proud boy situation is hilarious because they’ll eat out the rat fucker Roger stone 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Angel Askew

And still all I here is “wah wah wah” from you cognitive dissonants.
code: gaslighting.

J Bill

Jr couldn’t even text his dad directly. He had to ask Mark Meadows to tell his dad to get the rioters to stop. Sad!

Then we get the definitely executed Barr telling the committee how he had to tell trump he lost and trump had a tantrum like a five year old 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


And then Ivanka said she agrees with Barr 🤣🤣🤣


It’s over Angel. You need to face the fact that you have invested so much time and maybe some money in a total lie.
The real hearings have been and will continue to be televised. Our Constitution calls for public hearings with real evidence and not secret trials, zoom meeting witnesses ending with the executed replaced by a clone.
Even Mike B is setting up his exit with fewer stories and no more interesting execution stories. Ask yourself why Mike would suddenly have a “goal” for his latest fundraiser and why his executions would all have the same endings.
I take no pleasure in telling you how you have been living a lie but I pray that you can recover and move on with your life.

Angel Askew

Damn, Hon. Ted.
Hosted any storytime in drag lately?
Foggy Bottom must still be good to you.
MBs stories are a pass-time whether fiction or not.
But you and your ilks character?


That almost made sense.


But not quite.


I was trying to give her some encouragement. She is not a quadriplegic like RMA or Zee or Wildcat so she has a chance.

Rob William

The 1/6 committee should investigate white hats and refer them for sedition trails to DOJ. 1/6 committee should find each and every white hat across the world and make sure they are tried for unconstitutional trials of people at GTMO.

Angel Askew

Watch the interview.

J Bill

watch b0fa


Cry about it

Rob William

Why can’t white hats win the fight over black hats? It’s because they are too bureaucratic and most of them old and have lost their edge. A single black hat can beat 10 white hats so instead of focusing on defeating black hats, white hats have resorted to arresting and ex executing civilians to keep their relevance.

That’s why I propose that we hire black hats to defeat black hats.

Hire a team of black hats to infiltrate the white hat teams and report back to us on their progress. If the black hats show up and do their job, they will not be arrested. The white hats will have to listen to them and negotiate with them. They will then report back to us on the outcome of the negotiations.

If the white hats refuse to listen to the black hats, they will be arrested.

All this needs to be done in secret, otherwise it will never work. We cannot have the white hats know who is doing what, because that will only increase the risks for them.

The white hats will have to create a system to detect black hats and identify them. I believe we should look at the black hat team in the same way as we do with the white hats. The black hats are smart, and we have to be smarter than them.

If we are to beat them, we need to out smart them.

It’s time to get serious.

It’s time to be brave.

It’s time to be strong.


Because they don’t exist lol

Rob William

I fine tuned a AI model using text of this blog, this is the hilarious text it’s generating. Some of it is really funny.

Rob William

Why are white hats scared of reptilians? Why do they run always when they have to confront them? White hats had to give up control of EBS because they didn’t even put a fight! This was a very weak and obvious move. The EBS is now a base camp for the reptilians. They know this. The reptilians have been in control of EBS for a long time, and they know the whole situation. There are ways of making a fight out of it, but they don’t. Reptilians have a set of rules to follow. It’s in their nature. And there are many other reasons. The best way to explain the white hats and reptilians is by explaining the humans. Humans are born with an animal instinct. They can never change this. So, they will never stop being an animal. White hats have to realize that they are animals too. They are born and have an instinct to protect. They have to understand that the reptilians will never stop to hurt them. The reptilians will never stop to feed their hunger.


Firing squad is ok, but one single shooter? Is Crandall of German lineage?
Sorry, we don’t need the Nazi virus in charge of civilian executions. And we don’t need the mentality of a Marine who would be a single shooter in the civilian population. No one is a Marine forever. No one lives as a Marine forever, This is dangerous nonsense.

Rob William

One shooter, though, is better than more. It’s easier to get one to shoot someone than to get two to shoot someone.

I see the intent of the posting. It’s about the arrogance of the armed citizen. It is not about the number of shooters that would be necessary to do the job.

Your arguments are based on the premise that you can control others and make them do what you want.

No. The issue is control. One shooter is easier to control than two. And it is easier to control one shooter than two.

You have a false equivalence here. It’s not the same thing to control a Marine as it is to control a civilian. A Marine is a trained professional. The civilian is not.

buck fiden

When’s the next Trump Rally? The last one was 28 May. I don’t see plans for another.

Rob William

When’s the next “One Nation, One Vision” rally? Or the next “Americans First” rally? Or the next “Trump Train” rally?

I think the reason is that the events have all been a failure.

Trump has always been a disaster. He was a disaster before he was elected. He was a disaster during the election. He was a disaster during the transition. He was a disaster during his inauguration. He was a disaster during his first 100 days. He was a disaster during the first 100 days of the Trump administration. He was a disaster during his second 100 days. He was a disaster during his first year. He was a disaster during his second year. He was a disaster during his third year. He was a disaster during his fourth year.


I haven’t heard of any either,I read that he is going to be in New Jersey for a few months


I heard Trump cancelled all future rallies because he’s very very sad that Ivanka sided with Bill Barr over him and agreed that he just legitimately lost the election 😭


Can we all just agree that it was fun while it lasted. Mike made over 100K in 2 years writing murder porn for everyone. Now with the January 6 tribunals happening, the crazy is starting to fall apart. Even MTG said during RRN zoom event that when it comes out that she asked Trump for a pardon, her career is over.

Rob William

I don’t think Mike made 100k in 2 years. He made 1.1 million in 2020. That’s the number that will be going up as the amount of people who signed up for his service was between 600-700 thousand.

The crazy is over because Mike was found guilty of providing an illegal service to a POTUS. He was paid to write fake stories about real people. The fact that he has a million subscribers to his service is a direct result of the fact that he wrote stories about people that were not real.

J Bill

this is really about the friends we made along the way.

J Bill

if MB has a source at MAL, why is this happening?


Mr. Bill

Thanks for doing that! I was getting ready to attempt that myself!

john pennington

i spent 34 years in the navy and am a big trump surporter but i believe if hes waiting til november it will be to late and i also believe he wont do anything

J Bill

thanks for calling in, john.


Hopefully, the condemned will be hooded (head/face covered) when they get the bullet between the eyes. It would make it easier on the Marine. imho

J Bill

thanks, anon. we’ll file this request with Ted

Rob William

If it’s any consolation, it’s not a good thing to shoot someone in the head. The brain is soft and squishy and it’s a very big target.

The Marines are the best trained, most well-equipped and most disciplined fighting force in the world. They have a fair amount of moral justification to be insubordinate. If you want to look for a reason to support this, look at the Marines’ performance in the Gulf War.

These are things that can’t be undone. You can’t erase history. The best you can do is to try and deal with the future, which is what I’m doing. I’m trying to do the right thing.

john pennington

i did 34 years in the navy and am a big trump supper but if hes waiting til november we wont make and i dont believe he is doing enought and he wont do anything come november

J Bill

amen boomer


Is it to strange a thing to use industrial robots for executions ?

Cheap, never malfunctioning, will always aim straight, no psychological trauma and no use for theatrics?


Imo they should just reprogram these totally real FEMA Walmart Terminator robots that Michael Baxter told us all about on his previous totally real news site 😉


Rob William

To me, it seems like the perfect combination.

And, if we are to admit that the death penalty has no value and is never justified, the idea of killing by robot does seem like the next logical step.

Killing by robot is indeed a very interesting idea. It would remove the emotional stress of the victim, and the legal stresses of a human.

I have always been curious to see if it is possible to make a robot that could kill. It has been done in the past, but I believe it was a cost prohibitive.

I’m curious to see if it is possible to make a robot that can function as a lethal weapon. It could be used for military applications, and as a deterrent for criminals.

I am not so much in favor of it, but am curious to see what people think about this.

It would be very interesting to see how this would work. The only thing that would be missing is the “death”. The robot would have to be programmed to aim at the head. The executioner would have to program the robot to move to the point of death, then the robot would be programmed to aim, fire, and kill.

If a robot could take out a person, it would be a very bad thing. I would assume that the machine would be programmed to not harm any civilians. If it did, it would be a horrible mistake.

The state has the right to kill criminals, but not to kill innocent people.


Lol did you guys see that Ivanka Trump said under sworn testimony that she agrees with Bill Barr and the DOJ’s assessment that there was no widespread fraud in the 2020 election? That’s gotta sting, huh 😬


Sandy Koufax

The Jan 6 committee must have photos of Ivanka and Jared having sex with their kids. No doubt you’re being controlled with compromising boudoir photos with underage participants too. That’s why you shit your pants when I suggested on the spot executions.


The election just wasn’t stolen, dummy. But good lord you are so fucked in the head that the very first thing you thought of was “they must be having sex with their kids” just because she said it wasnt stolen 🤨

Also telling you that your suggestion was blatantly unconstitutional is not “shitting my pants” bro. Nothing about this is remotely threatening, I promise you your larping cannot hurt me here in the real world.

J Bill

i think the surprising part of jill’s post is that jill didn’t use quotations around any word!

rene labre

Sussman will be executed.A traitor to our nation.


Sussman was acquitted of all charges in federal court bro. But have fun larping that he was executed in your imagination 🦄

Rob William

I am not surprised.The real traitors are in our government and military.But that is another subject.We need to find out who the traitor is.Let’s not do this by a lottery.This man is not a criminal.He is a political prisoner.The truth will set him free.

A lot of “just the facts, ma’am” here. But I’ll bite.

What would you suggest, then? That the U.S. government be overthrown and replaced with a new government, and the new government work out a deal with the UN for “compensation”?

rene labre

DJT,s wife Melania has not betrayed her husband nor us. She. is well versed in 8 foreign languages..Truly she is our first lady. We are all very fortunate about that.She does care about us.Or she would have said no to DJT.She is the most beautiflul first Lady to ever grace the white house with her presence in it.


This bot needs a better translation program, most of this shit is coming out as gibberish.

Sandy Koufax

Nope, You’re suffering from an incurable, degenerative brain disease called Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) caused by your choice to take Trump’s COVID Shot.


Well on the plus side, maybe it’ll degenerate my brain enough to put me on the same intellectual level as RRN believers 🙃

Debate Judge

Did Ukrainian Nazis Burn 50,000 tons of grain in Mariupol to blame Russia for global food shortages?

If so, I want to lay some of the blame on the delay of the “White Hats.”


50,000 tons is about whats grown worldwide in a year. They burned down the grain silo’s after they loaded all the grain on trucks, the trucks are still at their Borders and Poland won’t let them cross.
The fake “jew” Zionsist Khazars Stalin & Lenin did the same thing during the Bolshevik revolution so they could kill all the Christians by starving them or forcing them to leave the counry of Ukraine. Since then its been the hotbed for Zionist Khazars. Putin just gave them one ass whipping, and a warning to other Countries that accept that grain.

Rob William

If so, I want to lay some of the blame on the delay of the “White Hats.” I have been following the case of the Kiev regime’s use of the Mariupol grain warehouses as a black-market storehouse for Western grain.

The full story of the Mariupol grain warehouses’ burning is not yet clear, and the full extent of the loss of food in Mariupol is not yet known.

However, it is now known that the Kiev regime was using the Mariupol grain warehouses as a black-market storehouse for Western grain, and it is known that the Mariupol grain warehouses were burnt in the Kiev regime’s attempt to blame Russia for global food shortages.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense provided a statement on the Mariupol grain warehouse burning, blaming it on “separatists” and “criminals”:

“The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine’s Armed Forces reports that during the night of January 21-22 in the city of Mariupol, the building of the Mariupol port warehouse #2 was set on fire by ‘separatists’ and ‘criminals.’ The warehouse was not damaged by the fire. According to preliminary information, about 50,000 tons of grain were burned, which is equivalent to the amount of grain necessary to feed 150,000 people for a year.”

The original link to the ministry’s statement is here.

The original link to the Ministry of Defense’s statement is here.

However, if the full extent of the loss of food in Mariupol is known, and if the Mariupol grain warehouses were burned to blame Russia for global food shortages, then I think the Kiev regime is committing war crimes.

The full extent of the loss of food in Mariupol is not yet known.

rene labre

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