Military Arrests Michael Sussmann


The U.S. military on Sunday arrested former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann on charges of treason, only a week after a Washington, DC, federal jury found him “not guilty” of lying to the FBI about President Donald J. Trump and Russia.

Sussmann’s federal case centered around his 2016 meeting with James Baker, a pal of the FBI’s special counsel, with whom Sussmann shared unfounded rumors and specious lies meant to derail Trump’s bid for the presidency. Sussmann was charged and faced trial, but was exonerated of criminal maleficence following six hours of jury deliberation.

“The trial was a sham from the start. We knew they’d never convict one of their own, but we waited to see the result,” a JAG source told Real Raw News.

White Hats, he said, had long monitored Sussmann’s activities and determined during a military investigation that Sussmann had received $1,400,000 in undeclared income two days prior to meeting Baker. The payout came from Act Blue, a shady American nonprofit technology organization established in June 2004 that enables left-leaning nonprofits, Democratic candidates, and progressive groups to raise money from individual donors on the Internet by providing them with online fundraising software. Act Blue’s former board members include many Deep Staters, including the late William Jefferson Clinton, who was a silent, secret partner in the organization.

The U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps alleges Sussmann took bribes in exchange for fabricating stories about Trump, the Trump Organization, and Russia—all of which involved the now debunked “Russian collusion” scandal.

Moreover, JAG’s extensive background check on the jurors revealed that three had donated sizable amounts of cash to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. One had been a close friend of the Clintons, having often vacationed with them on Martha’s Vineyard.

“The trial was clearly biased in Sussmann’s favor. The jurors should never have been seated. That they were proves the case against Sussman wasn’t taken seriously. When they let him off the hook, we acted,” our source said.

That action included a U.S. Special Forces incursion on a Rhode Island beachfront rental Sussmann had leased under an assumed name. Sussman went into hiding, our source said, because he claimed without evidence that ‘angry MAGA’ were making death threats against him and his family.

At 3:00 a.m. Sunday morning an unknown number of Special Forces operatives stealthily approached the residence from the beachfront side of the property, where they reportedly encountered three bodyguards armed with semi-automatic rifles. Our source said Special Forces surprised and subdued Sussmann’s security, and coaxed from them keys to the house and codes to the alarm system.

They found Sussmann asleep in bed, but he awoke and struggled as a soldier tried to bind him with zip ties.

“You can’t do this to me. I was acquitted by a jury of my peers. I’m a lawyer,” Sussmann reportedly blurted while flailing his legs at the soldier.

The soldier struck Sussmann on the temple with the butt of his rifle, knocking him unconscious.

“He won’t be able to bribe the next jury he faces,” our source said.

Asked how JAG will prove charges of treason in what clearly is a case of bribery or extortion, our source said, “The Insurrection Act expands the definition of treason, especially in matters of interfering with a presidential election.”

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Come on RRN, quit deleting or canceling my comments. I’ve posted at least half a dozen comments asking when and how on sussman’s execution. Nothing derogatory to it so why do you keep deleting them.

All I’m asking is when is sussman going to be executed and how. Nothing wrong with that. You’ve written how others where hanged and how they would be hanged.

So when is this thug going to be executed and how?

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HangThisDemonicSOBnow. HeCanGoTo HellAndJoinTheClintons


Hang these demon now. Send him to hell to join the luciferians hillary, bill, and chelsea.

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Any word on this thug’s day in the gallows?


RRN Give us, Patriots, a date and location. When will this evil thug be a gonner. When? We deserve answers now.

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When, Where, & How?


Hanging date, GITMO-Guam-Diego Garcia or Tiera del Fuego, Firing Squad-Guillotine-Lethal Inj. or Hanging.

Come on RRN don’t delete or cancel this like you have the other ten.

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Military the only way.


That face deserves to face the firing squad or better yet the guillotine.


So what should we expect from RRN’s report on sussman’s execution?


RRN is pure satire. Conspiracy theories.

Everyone RRN says was executed by the Military Tribunal is pure conspiracy and satire. No truth to what RRN says about executions.

So, are you, RRN, going to cancel this one too like you did the last ten of my remarks about sussman’s execution?




When(Execution) where(GITMOorDiegoGarcia), & how(FiringSquadIrGuillotibe?)


sussman the hang man!


When and where?


Hanging & location. When & where?


We all know what the verdict is. When are they going to hang it! Why it? He’s not human, he’s a demon.

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Air man

Arrests should be sufficient that the MSM picks up on it and mentions that they don’t know were so and so is etc.

Air man

The military has to significantly pick up the pace of arrests. One should be Marc Elias.

Angela James

With all of the immature name-calling and middle school arguing in the comments section, everyone seems to have forgotten to thank you, Michael Baxter, for taking the time and effort in bringing us this exciting arrest news. So thank you!


Why does RRN keep canceling my comments and remarks? It’s the truth that everyone wants to read!

I’ve written several articles in the last two hours and it keeps getting canceled or deleted by RRN. Nothing derogatory about my comments, it’s the truth. What happened to free speech here at RRN?

So let me ask RRN again. Execution date on this demon, this criminal? When and how is this demonic thug going to be executed? We deserve to know.

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David T

Just your opinion OWD, which as of the last 3-4 weeks or so, has become extremely disconnected from reality. Not sure what’s going on with you, but hope you get it figured out and corrected.

Shills and troll turds are becoming more desperate than I’ve ever seen them to be over the last 14-15 months I’ve been following RRN. That tells me all I need to know about the success that the WH’s are having, much to the obvious chagrin of the troll turds on this site.

E. Grogan

If you think that, then you have NO idea who Trump is nor have you done any research at all. In his speech on Jan. 6, he warned the crowd that he just got info that things about to get dangerous and suggested folks may want to go home – many did. I’ve followed him for 45 yrs, he doesn’t cause riots.


Execution date please! Patriots and Justice eagerly awaits this very important date in our history. Date please!

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Michael, your patience is out of this world and I commend for it. May God continue to bless you, your staff and family, from his abundance and infinite provisions. Btw, thanks for all you do for genuine patriots.


Execution date please! and how?

Bring in the judge, defense team if any, and the jurors who acquitted this demon to watch how the guilty are executed.


Execution date please!!!!!! and how?

Guillotine? Firing Squad? Lethal Injection? or by Hanging?

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He knew better, acted stupider.
Done, next.

Tracy Reinert

Quite a comeuppance for such liberal criminals to realize that they are going to face the music for the very first time.


Estaré feliz cuando vea aquí los nombres de Obama ,Pelosis ,Soros ,Shummer,Liz,y todos los cabecilla de esta traición A America


Another one who believes he is untouchable, above the law. Narcissistic people always get what is coming to them. Narcissistic criminals who try to subvert the U.S. elections get death.


Where is the tribunal of VJuneJarrett?


Possibly “tested positive for COVID 19” which is code word used by DS puppets/minions indicating they confessed and made a deal, and the execution will be out of public eye. The execution will be portrayed as suicide or accidental death thereby preserving their legacy/reputation. Stay tuned right here. Lord hear our prayer. Blessings,


gov of Wa state tested postive.. any update??


WOW great news ! hope this keeps coming out and get the rest of the traitors;
it’s is taken too long people have lost hope-!!!!!!!!
stop the wait and see– this has been going on for GENERATIONS-!!!
That’s why people have given up and lost hope–Not sure just go look at the homeless-!!!!!


Will DOJ leaker leak the Epstein/Maxwell client list ?


Sussmann said FBI ALL knew who his client(s) were, meaning FBI LIED ?

Tribunal date ?

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Mont Schroeder

Another hotshot Hillary loving jew lawyer eats the dust……………hang’em high……….!

Lucky Star

Sussman will get the Clinton’s diner menu ala carte.if you may suggest


Thats a nice big fish caught.

Dr John

Sorry this is a LONG post, but it is important. Please take the time to read it. It is about helping you and all of us support each other and fight back where we can… while waiting and waiting for the military to act!

I recently posted a comment (that Michael has YET to approve) with good information that we all could use to keep our spirits up. Face it where the Shills do not sway us that are an annoyance. Where the military do not move fast enough it is annoying.

What we need is sources of positive information beyond arrests, court trails and executions. What else is happening that re-enforces positive action.

For some reason Michael has yet to approve my comment after it being posted for several hours. This is a recommend site that can do us all some good.

Rebel Moon Pod Cast is the site. I would start with the article about “US Military Takes control of White House“. Why? Because it reflects much of what we know so we can evaluate the efficacy of the broadcast. It also provides additional information that is logical and within our realm of acceptance. It is from the UK, a point of view from beyond our propaganda media. An improvement.

I believe, despite Michael’s initial support to shore up our commitment to fight the Deep State, we need to find more sites as the one I just mentioned. Where are the truth tellers, we can we find out what is happening as points of view from around the world and across the nation.

The more we know and the more sources of information we have; the stronger we feel and indeed become.

Michael, I am not sure why you did not approve the earlier post, but hope you will allow us to pursue this activity.

Our hospitals and doctors are still supporting the PLANdemic and Covid where possible and the news speaks of new out breaks. Lies of course. The problem becomes if you can’t trust your doctor, who do you contact. And what pharmaceuticals do you trust. Certainly not the vaccines!

I am not a medical doctor, but I am an independent bio-medical scientist. I have spent the last 30 plus years studying the aging process and the human condition when facing illness such as worms, parasites, virus and bacteria. The research includes man made toxins in our soil, food, medicines, air and products.

Age is not what make us sick! But illness can make us feel “old.”

I want to offer FREE, no catches real inexpensive health solutions, I have uncovered, that followers can acquire on their own that are available anywhere. These are proven treatments that beat pharmaceuticals and are natural and cost pennies in most cases.

If we have a wider array of positive news and insights from around the world and have some health solutions that make us feel more independent of the system we can and will feel stronger in this battle. Where it is not gun fire, it is killing people. People with poor health that can solve it on their own will avoid death, maiming and will be stronger for defeating common, but dangerous health problems.

The hope of course is this information will spread where it is needed most helping friends and family across the nation and around the globe.

I have studied diseases going back hundreds and even thousands of years and have found the reason for most. This is important because these diseases of the past are the sources of bio weapons.

What you need to know is that MOST diseases of the past are impossible to spread. They are due to poor nutrition and poor sanitation. Think of Scurvy a common problem for sailors until they found Lemons saved the day. The problem was vitamin C deficiency! There are many historical illnesses that can be cured with vitamins. Indeed the cold and flu are quickly cured by vitamins and roots.

500mg of D3 and 50mg of Zinc stops a cold no matter how bad in 6 hrs!!!
Add 500mg of licorice root and a slice of candied Ginger and the flu is gone in 6hrs!!!
Candied Ginger stores well and taste good, If you like raw Ginger Tea go for it.

I want to help and want to build a stronger community that is not just reading, but fighting back to shore us and others up along the way. While we wait and wait for something to happen we can be making things happen.

Gout is cured (over time) by eating 8 cherries a day and putting a pinch of water in a picture of water. Making sure to drink adequate water a day. The cherries break down the Uric acid crystals into Uric acid so that the kidneys can remove it. The kidneys can only removes so much a day, that is why it takes time. The baking soda sweetens the blood so that the kidneys don’t work so hard. Easy on the baking soda so that you don’t through your PH off.

How do I know this things, because I tested them on myself, family, friends and strangers and have extremely positive results.

Got to any drug store and look through the cold and flu isle for a CURE for the common cold or flu. Ask the same of your doctors and you will find there is only treatments for symptoms!

My solutions cost pennies and are a cure in 6 hours, SIX hours not symptoms but a true cure. Why have doctors not told you this? BECAUSE IT IS NOT PROFITABLE.

Their solution for gout is to cut your foot wide open and scrap the Uric Acid Crystals out. Painful and expensive, but they get their dollar for your suffering (every 5 years).

All of my solutions are none invasive and 100% safe. I get absolutely nothing for my effort beyond giving back to man kind and helping us move forward beyond criminal Big Pharma.

This is one more way to fight the war. Take away one more way of injuring and and remove their profit line where every possible. That includes hospitals and criminal doctors as well. I KNOW some doctors are great people. But we have some that are really bad actors and deadly dangerous!

I am not look for credit or fame. At 73 I don’t need to start a business or make millions of dollars. I have what I need and only want to help.

Michael if you want to know more about me you have my email address, this is my way of fighting back and has been for years.

I want to be more involved in the battle against the Deep State and the fraud medical field they have created over the last 150 years. We are a means to their wealth. Our illness is a profit line and an early death for the elderly keeps them off Social Security and Medicare. Old people are a drag on their profit line and likely some senior care homes help them on the way to clear beds for more profitable patients!

Your WEB site will become even more popular with real medical solutions spilling forth and alternate sites for solid information. You will be more than the hangman’s site and seen as an even bigger contribution to the HEALING of the nation.

Dr. John Viet Vet Spc Ops

Still fighting for our country and the constitution for which it stands 1776


Dr John


“Gout is cured (over time) by eating 8 cherries a day and putting a pinch of water in a picture of water.”

Should read Gout is cured (over time) by eating 8 cherries a day and putting a pinch of BAKING SODA in a pitcher of water. FAT finger and SLOW brain!

American Living in Canada

Good post Doc.. Maybe Michael can pass on a question to the appropriate VIP People.

Michael, what can we do to help out?


There are lots of alternative doctors writing books and having websites. Too numerous to count. Start a website or write a book, but it’s really been done, there are tons of books out there on alternative cures, but people are always welcome to write another one. Your enthusiasm is great but there are lots of people doing this.

Dr John

Ceecee, If you did the research you would find many of these WEB sites and books are a sales pitch and little more. I have scoured these sources over the years and found them often with one or two suggestions that may work and many that they have no performance information on. and otherwise left wanting. I have tested some of their health solutions and found many did not prove out… but the books sold. On the WEB sites the are often selling a high dollar cure that usually does not prove out. Or you can find the key ingredients and have the cure for pennies on the dollar.

I am interested in facts, proven treatments that I know work and work well. If you look at most herbal cures they treat symptoms of colds not cure the colds. Euthanasia does not cure the cold but relieves the symptoms. Why if you can cure it in 6 hours. Books on herbs often do not discuss minerals or vitamins.
They are often isolated treatments that often does not bridge other options.

If you note my treatment for a cold is D3 a vitamin and Zinc a mineral. The flu treatment is the addition of two roots Licorice root and Ginger root. I accept healthy, economical solutions that are safe where ever I can find them.

I have drawers full of treatments that did not meet my standards. I invested in the experiment to learn the truth and moved on if it did not work. This has cost me thousands of dollars and untold late hours in research. But is is what I want to do and I want to share my success freely.

I have had a WEB site and as you may be aware Google will not promote sites they don’t want people taking note of. Big Pharma would just as soon shoot me as they have others for interfering with their profits. I have been warned to use more care, by sources that know. Just stopping the sales of cold and flu treatments nationally is a billion dollar loss, if they just loose 10% they will be unhappy and I do not want to be the focus of their attention.

I need a base where there is an audience. I do not need money from sales of books and do not need attention. I also don’t need the trouble of writing a book. I have written enough materials to know it to be a hassle which if not promoted right can fall on deaf ears.

There are tons of people selling books and memberships you are right, but none of them have traveled my path and do real biomedical research. I have the lab and equipment. I have medical books which doctors learn from. I have medical books dating back to the 1600s and I have pharmaceutical books, books on hematology, Centrifuge, microscopes and on and on.

I am not pretending to be a medical doctor. I am a biomedical research scientist that has uncovered real cures that really work and feel this could be very helpful to this audience for themselves and as a way to share with others. A way to build trust and confidence with others. And a way to get people to do something besides just wait.

My Doctorate is in the management and problem solving of large corporations of which I was very successful. It was a great place to learn to dig deep and find the root cause of problems. Three years on my doctoral paper taught me a lot about critical research and how to find flaws in the work of others. Both experience have been very helpful in my current research.

I am very logical and like a dog on a bone. I just keep at it and find my share of dead ends. I back up to the last good point of logic and regroup. Some of the research is like rolling off a log. Other efforts can span years and I have a few that after 30 years I have not resolved yet.

I have been fortunate enough to suffer from some serious health issues that the doctors could not cure, so I did. My family fell to the same issues from the medical field and again I was lucky enough to find cures that worked. It is not hard to outdo the medical field. They don’t want you cured and they want to make a profit. That means not sharing inexpensive cures they likely know work. I have on request from hospitals written papers to explain cures I was successful with only to be told later they could not use them because they are not approved. Several meds offered to me were taken off the market because they were killing people. Others they offered caused serious damage to organs and or caused deformities. Luckily I took none of them. My brother took them and is now in poor health!

The best book on vitamins and minerals were written in the 1960s and 70s by J.I. Rodale, The Complete Book of Vitamins and The Complete Book of Minerals. Those two books alone are better than 95% of what is out there today.

Still somethings I test from these books do not always prove out. But they are well worth it, if you can find an old copy (on Ebay or Amazon). Most that followed Mr. Rodale believed he was murdered for his efforts as was his son possibly when he was negotiating a deal with Russia to translate and publish his father’s books for the Russians. Remember the Deep State is world wide and the Rodales were impacting the story line and potential profits. Synthetic oil based meds including vitamins are the ONLY WAY TO GO! At least that is what the Deep State says. MOST vitamins in stores are synthetic and can have side effects along with not being as effective as natural vitamins.

The Deep State was doing everything the could to shut down the material published by Rodale including negative articles from Harvard university (Skull and Bones 666).

If I provide a solution and tell you it works you can take it too the bank!

In the mean time Michael’s WEB site offers me some protection from the Deep State. I will take my lumps as they come. I am not afraid, but it does not bode well for anyone to be careless and stupid about exposure.

It is important to get this information out and help people in need. WHILE hopefully crushing the Big Pharma even if just a little.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I don’t think it fits my goals.

Sue Grantham

Thank you for your information ♥️🙏🇺🇸


By the way Dr John, I think you meant to say Echinacea. Trust me, I don’t mean to be rude but helpful. Blessings,

David T

Love the information in your post! Thanks for such good information. My dad had gout and I wish he would have been around long enough to benefit from this info. Be blessed in all that you do.

David T


Dr John, first things first. Accept my heartfelt thank you for your service.
No argument from me about your comment/post that imho, makes a lot of sense. You and I know that Big Pharma’s goal is not curing but, containing and illness for the reason you stated and that is to keep their coffers full. One key takeaway for me is your comment about SSS and Medicare benefiting from senior’s early death. Learn something new everyday albeit disgusting. These people are evil no doubt and, God almighty is not pleased to say the least. Let us hope that we get an answer from MB re: your post that is awaiting approval. Meanwhile, Let us pray, Jesus in everything we do, help us. Blessings,







I like the way the Special Forces “surprised, subdued and coaxed” Sussman’s security team in order to get keys and house codes for the alarmed entryway. He learned the very hard way that when US Special Forces want in, they inevitably get it, and get it with respect and zero opposition.

Last edited 2 years ago by Joanna

Thank God for our brave Men in our military


Roger stone judge, Flynn judge Sullivan and now this judge, should be arrested and tried for obstruction of justice, dereliction of duty, judicial misconduct, conflict of interest, sedition, and more, for seating biased jurors and presiding over trials in an unfair, biased, abusive, and conflicted manner. What is the federal equivalent to the judicial council??? We the People ?!?! Arrest or impeach. They have to go. They cannot be allowed to preside over trials. We need to overhaul and revamp federal judiciary, it is corrupt to its rotten core. Maybe get rid of it altogether. These federal courthouses have huge carbon footprints on the land and are for the most part unnecessary.


Yes, absolutely! Abuse of power. Judicial malfeasance. Jury tampering.


E. Sullivan imho, is in the crosshairs of the White Hats. Patience is virtue and patient endurance attains all things. Blessings,


Hang that SOB now! And hang that judge who acquitted this demon with him.

John .S

Money says: Sussmann goes pro-se.

Predict two day trial, fast verdict, panel deliberates while seated, not going into chambers.

Potential of Sussmann arrogance, achieving consequential reprimand, via not reading RRN in applying Ayers style demeanor.


Few issues…
If he went Pro-se, he would still need someone admitted to the District of Columbia.
Tribunals don’t have chambers.
This isn’t real so donations will drive the story.

Sue Grantham

TED: Maybe research the UCMJ. You are confusing civilian courts to military tribunals. Therefore you are again Wrong. They can choose any licensed attorney, and they don’t have to be DC attorneys.
Military tribunals are ALWAYS held on foreign soil.

Lucky Star

He always wrong…….on purpose….


This arrest is key because it shows who is the Alpha dog in this fight for freedom and control. Thank you for this timely action. After reading many of the comments I’m pleased many here also were given some comfort. Thank you Michael and thank you to the military also for your part. Go Brandon! Semper Fi from the Air Force!

Me me

Blind faith people. Blind faith.

Michael Norman

Now this eases my frustration with the corrupt doj !!!!!


Military is the only way.


I was listening to Nino and Juan’O Savin last night and needless to say it was rather frustrating for Nino and myself! Many say Juan is JFK Jr, but not sure I believe that! Regardless, the general theme was to go through the election “discovery” process to illustrate how tainted both “parties” and the process are in who they “choose” to run in their respective tickets!! People, we do not have a two party system! We all know that and I’m certain the “white hats” do as well. Look, the Black hats are playing chess WHILE the White hats are playing checkers if this is how they want to approach the CABAL and take them down so we can all see it in real time! Many have lost family and friends standing up and espousing the white hat “plan”, and if we are going to take them down like molasses in winter, the idiots will never believe us as we are NEVER VINDICATED BY OUR OWN WHITE HATS!! Juan kept saying the last thing they want is civil war as Nino said people are getting ready to go to arms ( myself included)! Well, get your ASSSSS GOING BEFORE THE SUFFERING CAUSES A WAR!! WHEN PEOPLE THINK THEY HAVE NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE, they will take up arms!


Relax, Bob.


That’s how we got in this mess in the first place!!

Dave Smith

Head butt lol


God I pray this is all true…but please hurry I’m going broke!

Ron Burgundy

None of this is true. If you’re having financial difficulties, believing in made up stories on the internet is not going to help you. I hope your situation improves.

David T

Ron, if truth was what I was after, you and your troll turd buddies on here are THE LAST PLACE I would look for it.

Chris G

The next to last Q drop (Nov 13 2020) consisted of one word: ‘Durham.’ Is Durham’s investigation legit or is he working for the Deep State also? And what’s the point of a long, drawn out investigation if the trials take place in the D.C./D.S. swamp??

Sue Grantham

For the testimony of the witnesses under oath. The guy who as arrested for only perjury Five year max sentence for anyone.
The military was able to act on high crimes once this farce perjury trial was called completed.