Military Heightens Protection on Trump Amid Assassination Chatter


The White Hat partition of the U.S. military has strengthened security on President Donald J. Trump, his family, and Trump-owned properties, sources in Gen. David H. Berger’s office told Real Raw News.

The sources familiar with the security arrangements said that Gen. Berger authorized the move after JAG told him that a person currently imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay offered to share details on how the Deep State plans to assassinate President Donald J. Trump ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

Real Raw News was not given the detainee’s name but was told he is a former state department staffer who served under Obama and, for a brief time, the current illegitimate president, Joseph Biden. The person in question was purportedly arrested in February and has been held without trial, for reasons our sources were unwilling to share. He—sources said the detainee is a male—wanted freedom in exchange for supplying info on the Deep State’s agenda.

“He had the audacity to demand ten million in diamonds and safe transport to South America, and said he’d supply info once he was safe. He said his terms were non-negotiable. Naturally, we didn’t entertain his request and would’ve dismissed it as nonsense. But he shared tidbits of knowledge he really shouldn’t have,” our source said.

The detainee, who has been in solitary confinement since April, knew of the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago, even though he’s had no access to newspapers or periodicals that discuss current events. More alarming, he claimed to have classified data on several Trump-owned properties, including Trump Towers in New York City, the Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey, and the Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago. The Deep State, he said, knows that Trump’s 26th floor office in Trump Tower has a secret elevator that ascends to a rooftop helipad (NYC banned rooftop helipads after 9/11) and descends to a remote parking garage, where an armored limo is always on standby to whisk Trump away if necessary. In addition, the detainee said he and his colleagues had penetrated Trump’s defenses and could “take him anytime we want.”

Gen. Berger, our source said, called the detainee’s threats bloated bluster, but nevertheless made Trump aware of what the Deep State stooge had threatened.

“Trump told Gen. Berger the guy—and Trump knows who he is—was spitting out a mix of half-truths and common knowledge. Trump suggested a GITMO guard might be feeding the detainee information,” our source said.

“They’ve tried assassinating me before, and they failed big time,” Trump reportedly told Gen. Berger.

As an aside, some alternative news outlets have said that Trump survived as many as 15 assassination attempts, though Real Raw News has empirical evidence on only one failed attempt on President Trump’s life.

“It’s probably bullshit, Mr. President, but the Deep State grows more desperate every day to get you out of the picture. If they can’t wrongfully imprison you, and we’ll make damn sure that never happens, they just might come for you again, or your family. I can’t take that risk,” Gen. Berger said to Trump.

When Berger laid out his ideas on improving security, Trump countered that Mar-a-Lago had been reinforced in the aftermath of the FBI’s unconstitutional occupation of his private property, and said he disdained having his homes resemble a military encampment.

General Berger, however, pressed the issue: “With all due respect, Mr. President, now is not the time to relax our guard. I assure you, we will use discretion and respect the privacy of you, your guests, and your family. But, please, let me do what I must, if only as a precautionary measure in these perilous times. The prisoner is probably yanking our chain, but the Deep State’s animosity toward you and their willingness to go to great lengths to make you go away, so to say, can’t be ignored.”

In the end, Trump acquiesced, asking the general to ensure the safety of his family. Trump also said, “If the prisoner really does know something, I’m sure the guys at GITMO can get it from him.”

Citing operational security, our sources would not elaborate on exactly what deterrents were employed to protect the Trump family, saying only that the Deep State would be unable to pierce the military’s “impregnable bubble” surrounding the Trumps.

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Keith White

In regards to 9-11 I pray for the fallen.
In the media why is it they never bring up or tell the truth to the American people about Bush and Cheney involvement in 9-11.


Doing so would prove that the Federal Guberment is a syndicated racket of Organized Crime. They all, meaning every Politician knows that if they can get selected, er Elected then they can become rich and hide in a safe haven from prosecution where court delays equal denial of crime to get swept under the rug.
Ever noticed just how privileged our Politicians have become? How they write Law to protect themselves and restrict the population of their natural freedoms? They consider us a hindrance to their motives, and its “get out of the way here we come” & “do as we say or else”, and, “you cant protect yourselves because we dont want you armed with anything, and we’ll prove it to you”, now thats progress and progressive aggression & repressive towards We The People.
Bush & Cheney are “both” Clowns living in a Clown World completely out of touch with reality.

Debra Rudolph

I’m not sure I trust this General. Too eager to change President Trumps security that has been doing a great job as of date. See if Bergers family or Berger himself have been compromised.

John .S

NY Gov. Hochul just declared Polio state of emergency in NY.

“On polio, we simply cannot roll the dice,” State Health Commissioner Dr. Mary T. Bassett said, warning of the risk of the paralytic disease among those unvaccinated. “Do not wait to vaccinate,” she urged.

Last edited 1 year ago by John .S

Sounds serious


A few well worded flyers should resolve the issue.

Angel Askew

Hochuls law to arrest people without cause and detain them in FEMA camps without limits got cancelled by the courts and a brave attorney.
This is her plan B to depopulate.


The best way to spread polio, as they know is through the homeless. Didn’t polio, along with other diseases virtually stopped in America and around the world after toilets were in every home. Wasn’t polio already in serious decline when the polio shots were first administered?

Angel Askew

Don’t look for remedies in America. Seek the Amazon, El Salvador, Poland anywhere but here.


Seems to me, theres a lot more phony diseases to get spread around. Maybe we should build a wall around New Yoke and let them keep it all to themselves.
You know they’ll never quit with their fake bullshit, they need a new one every week or so or whenever theres a serious Selection, er Election coming and thats where they want you hiding under your bed in your house again so they can rig another Selection/Election to suit themselves.

Jose Ramirez

Gitmo have traitors too. They should find the traitor or the traitors in Gitmo… and we still waiting for November,, what a joke!!!!


Spoiler: you’ll be waiting after November too, nothing is coming

Angel Askew

You’ve put SO much effort into being lame. I hope you broadcast your lame ness loudly when the red wave crashes your beach party in November.


Lol there won’t be a red wave.

Here’s what I think will happen in November:
-Republicans will probably retake the House, they’re in a good position to do so thanks to gerrymandering
-it won’t be a red wave, they’ll take it with a fairly small majority
-they will fail to take the Senate because the current GOP Senate candidates like Dr Oz are dogshit
-with just the House they can’t do much and will probably spend all their time making petty revenge commitees to harass officials like AG Garland and Christopher Wray

Here’s what I KNOW will happen in November:
-there will be no White Hat reveal or whatever, because as always, everything MB promises you is bullshit
-MB will move the goalposts yet again and say that the big reveal will happen after some other event, yet again. He’ll probably say it won’t happen until after Trump getting reelected in 2024

Last edited 1 year ago by Biggs
Dr. G

Like I said to friends in the beginning. A lot is happening, but it is not like they are going to tell us and let the enemy know their plans as well. Chill out…big stuff is going on and has been…they just cannot announce it all to the world yet.

Angel Askew

DJT just arrive in DC unannounced.
Happy Monday!


The MSM is having a Field Day with this:

Donald Trump’s Surprise visit to Washington DC sparks arrest speculation

Donald Trump, still in golf shoes, flies unannounced to DC, But WHY?

Trump makes mystery visit to DC

Trump news live: Trump spotted arriving in Washington DC as book claims he refused to leave White House

Happy Monday : D

Angel Askew

The bottom dwellers have nothing to feed off of. Lol! 🌊


Let’s Keep it That Way ; )


It was yesterday 🐧6 showed him getting off of his jet on his YouTube


Please protect our future President but do not let my solders get hurt either. Thank you for being a leader of my soldiers.


I think you meant to say past President 🙃

Angel Askew

Both. With a hiccup in between.
That would be you. You’re the hiccup.




Yes now that they have removed the queen’s stand in and there claiming Lundun bridges has fallen. The next stage of clean up will start. Hopefully this will be the time the truth will be reported out to the unbelievers.

Angel Askew



They’ll change its/our/any/their history again & again to suit their needs. They’ve done the same shit for a thousand years.


Someone tell Trump that just because “would-be assassins” failed once doesn’t mean they won’t fail again! That was an arrogant statement!! He owes it to his family and this country to take every possible precaution and then some!

Thomas Blow

White Hats: HOW SERIOUS is it to the Movement if Trump is eliminated? What is your plan if that happens? Remember, when they eliminated Lincoln they also tried to eliminate his cabinet; expect also on DeSantis, etc.
IF it is a significant SETBACK to THE PLAN, you should realize the more DELAY the more opportunities for Trump et al to be eliminated. This message should be a WAKE-UP CALL to ACT.
In the meantime, how about cancelling the rallies, since it is OBVIOUS that one could be turned into a mushroom cloud.


They can’t stop the rallies because that’s how they fundraise and pass along secret information. Proud Boys and Oathkeepers provide security for the events so everyone is well vetted. Phone data is captured while people are there so any chatter about plots to harm 45 and dealt with quickly.


God bless our military and their task in protecting our rightful President. God is using President Trump to liberate our country and the world of this nasty infiltration of cabal or evil mafia. In the end God wins. This is our liberation.

Gary Lee Taylor

Information extraction
I’m sure the guys at gitmo can do that
The Queen is dead
The Vatican defunct
Only Brandon

Jerry Miller

Throughout history it is the communist yid who do these deeds- If they try, I hope the WH’s arrest the person and their family members- I pray for TRUMP and all those protecting our freedoms daily. I hope you all do as well.

Nukkin Futz

Wow, they must’ve smashed the fooking waterboard over this deep stateshitpit dildo’s head to get him to squeal, or only gave him dog food to eat, instead of prison slop for 6 months…,plus he’s in deeplock confinement…


“Make him an offer he cannot refuse”~Vitto Corleone~

Darcy Guello

The “secret elevator” is no longer secret. Why did that info get approved for publication?


Maybe it is a trap.



Lone Ranger

If, as I believe, that Pres. Trump is an appointed and anointed of Almighty God for these times, Satan himself couldn’t destroy him! Has the real president been done in from anything yet so far? No! Doesn’t that seem peculiar to anyone? Does one really think a few pissants from the deep state is going to overrule Almighty God!? I got a bridge to sell ya!!!!!

J Bill

“Does one really think a few pissants from the deep state is going to overrule Almighty God!?”



Thomas Blow

“If the prisoner really does know something, I’m sure the guys at GITMO can get it from him.” Non-uniformed enemy combatants have NO rights. This is solved using OLD technology. As stated in The Guns of Navarone, “Geben sie uns Scopolamine!”

Rob William

Navy says Classified UFO videos would ‘harm national security’ if released. Are they talking about Anunnaki from Nibiru?


Absolutely 🦎


Michael tell the military they better do something soon before it all goes to hell…

Rob William

MB is the boss of military?


Mike only writes what he is told. It does not go both ways.



doug miller

I know this is far out, but if you have paid attention to strange traffic goings on in this day when the QRS-11 chip allows external controllers to take over the driving of cars…. there have been a rash of 95MPH in residential neighbourhoods crashes – the one of Anne Heche being the most publicised – and we all know Putin’s former chauffeur was a victim of that form of assassination a few years ago.  

Well, with the rash of such accidents, if one searches for them, one is given to wonder if the DS is having people practice the taking control of cars in mind of its involvement in a more serious assassination attempt on Trump.

I have no specific underlying rationale, just a hunch as a rash of such accidents is highly unusual….and handfulls of them at 95 MPH of all things.


You mean like when Trump supposedly grabbed the wheel? Deep State Projection much?!? They accuse us of what we are innocent of BUT WHAT THEY THEMSELVES ARE BLOOD FUILTY OF DOING.



Anthony Gregory

Where was the voter protection?

Wayne Hatton

The Gestapo called it, “Intensified Interrogation.” They’ll get it out if he has anything.

buck fiden

>> Real Raw News was not given the detainee’s name but was told he is a former state department staffer who served under Obama and, for a brief time, the current illegitimate president, Joseph Biden.



Waterboarding the detainee. Is what Gitmo is known start the interrogation. END IT WHEN the POS. Sings.
The deep state would do it to our Patriots.. Don’t wimp out on us now !

Julio Antonio Laguna

Thank you, Mr. Baxter. Heavenly Father, please protect President Trump, his loved ones and those protecting him.

Rob William

Oh my underground devil please protect Trump because he loves you and has become a false prophet and your messenger.

Angel Askew

You brought this on yourselves by stealing the election.
We, The People, want the man to have the fair one. He won.
Bitch ass hoes make drama.
Sore losers.
And have the nerve to still defend Biden.
Useless ingrates.

J Bill

lmao cope and seethe, jack

Tim Levin DC



Waterboard the POS until he talks. After what these scum have done to billions of people, they deserve everything and anything they get … NO MERCY

Jessie B. DeBerry

BTW, really, 1 attempt? Did you mean 1 a day?
Thanks for being the only news to get REAL news to us even if misinformation is necessary. God Bless and God’s Speed!

Jessie B. DeBerry

Or Trump can put an end to ALL this Bullshit now with starting the reveal. I REALLY/TRULY believe NOTHING will wake the remaining willfully sleeping.


The reveal will never come because all this bullshit is a larp

Tracy Reinert

I recall Jesus saying something curious to the effect of, if they kill me, 10,000 will rise up in My place. Same here~~ this movement is far larger than just our rightful President Trump.

Sue Grantham


Robert Gregory Boensch

President Trump Said their Coming after Us.
Not Him.
Please Cabal come visit me again.

Robert Gregory Boensch.

Your are always a loser And YOUR ticket has been punched.

A Comman Man has the Power over You and your Party.
Turn your self in .or we will let the DOGS loose again.

“Robert Gregory Boensch”

Sue Grantham

I got your six 👍♥️🇺🇸

Robert Gregory Boensch

thank you Sue.
It’s a very Big six to cover.
search my name.
” “.
Bing -Yahoo.
It shows around 1,950,000,000 to up wards of 2,250,000,000 search results.
When in war go all out with all of the data points.
I have Been there and seen what i talk about.
Everything is going to be exposed.
See, read and find the truth.
And most importantly Share with others.

and use the simplest weapon to take out our enemy.

Be safe My Brothers and Sisters.

“Robert Gregory Boensch”.
DOB 08-16-1958
To the Michigan Cabal make sure you have me as your target.
and do not kill any more innocent witnesses.
I AM ______ for You.

Carol A Fowler

If they assassinated Trump, there would almost definitely be civil war.


Pray God that does not happen.


No there wouldn’t. You vastly overestimate how many Americans would want to give up their comfortable lives to go gun down their neighbors and/or die in the street.


The plane that I am watch take off looks like a bald eagle for it has white head as it takes off. It looks like a bald eagle. Wow!

Last edited 1 year ago by Katie

I am watch?


Lol wut


Think of all words that have watch in them? How about adding ing? goes with present tense, am. So if you know English you would figure it out in a micro second. Lol and wut goes well with dim wit.

Angel Askew



Afshin Nejat

Guess what today is? PNAC day!!

Dr John

MB, you only know of one. Attacks (threats) on Trump to name a few:

Air Force One was attacked by a missile about the time Hawaii went under the threat of a missile attack.

An attempt was made on his life at his Scottish golf club where one man died.

He was whisked off an auditorium stage at a political speaking engagement due to a possible threat. It was recorded and on-line.

He was threatened at a public open air political rally causing security to close in on him as protection.

That is just a few off the top of my head. I have no doubt he has received numerous threats via mail, email and phone, Twitter, etc.

It I remember correctly, there were to attempts to break into the White House and or shots fired at the White House. An assumption he was the intended target.

And we have numerous political assassinations (false impeachments and law suits) and threats of arrest (we know where that would lead).

You have to ask yourself, how many more were thwarted due to the security surrounding him.

Fifteen potential attacks actually seems low under the current environment. Binging at war, the leader is often a YUGE target for the enemy. The evil we are fighting will stop at nothing to avoid their destruction and demise.

WE are the enemy they fight and our focus is our country, freedom and Trump the man/team that brought us all together. President Trump is a national hero and a huge threat to the enemy since he represents US! And all over our power to take back the nation. Once awakened we will no go back to sleep.

Some of us have known for a long time (1963) that we were in trouble, but lacked a leader(s) to stand beside. Now we do. We do not intend you to take the risk alone. We do not intend you to die alone without our support. Many of us are combat hardened, experienced warriors ready to stand at your side Mr. President and General Berger.

We are an amazing and powerful force that shows absolute control. We know better than to fall into false battles. We are here for President Trump, the military and our country when and if needed. We are not afraid. The enemy should be and it is obvious they now shake in fear!

Viet Vet Spc Ops, still fighting for our country and constitution.

Elisa Orozco

Thank you, Dr. John, for both your service and your continued loyalty to our country and our constitution. May God keep all our loyal veterans and active military safe and in His Love and Light. Much love and gratitude from the Calif. desert!


America is not allowed to choose their President any longer under the new communist Marxist leadership of the very fake Biden & Co. The Deep State apparatus, chooses him/her for us from now on and it is non-negotiable.


Not unless we fight back to take back our country. AND WE WILL.

Doc John

If they were to take out Trump it would probably spark a bloodbath not seen since the civil war.

Last edited 1 year ago by Doc John
buck fiden

That should have occurred on 1/20/2021.


People don’t have it in them, if Trumd died there’d be no civil war either.

Just Me

How can this prisoner who has no access to newspaper, tv know all of this? Has to be one of the guards feeding him information, a inside job.


Remember who visited GITMO a couple of weeks back? Unannounced? Anybody wonder who he spoke to while there?


Gov DeSantis. I never trusted him.


His decisions are Trump-like. I like him.


Research DeSantis harder.
Ask yourself why he is not going after the paedophiles more aggressively — and some of them are in Disney’s backyards.
Ask yourself why is he not doing anything about the tunnels in Florida where young people are trafficked for sex.
Ask yourself why he is not calling out high-level child sex offenders.
Ask yourself why Steve Scalise was shot in 2017 after he helped President Trump with two bills to stop human trafficking.
Ask yourself why Rep. Walorski was killed in a car crash the same week as Anne Heche was killed in a car crash, and both were working together to expose and stop human trafficking.
Ask yourself why did we not hear anything from DeSantis about stopping child pornography networks in Florida?
Ask yourself why DeSantis did not condemn Biden’s overturning President Trump’s Operation Talon which arrests paedophile networks and child sex cartels?
Ask yourself why did DeSantis not open an investigation in Florida, or help investigate with Bradley Edwards (who worked in 2009 with Trump to put Epstein away) on why Jeffrey Epstein was “found dead” in his cell? or if he is alive, why did the deep State let him go free during the storming of the Capitol Building on J6, according to RRN’s article which also mentions Joe and Hunter Biden spending time on Epstein Island double-teaming underage women there, and Trump offering a multimillion reward for Epstein’s capture?
Ask yourself why DeSantis is not working with other governors in different states to help stop sex trafficking of women and girls.
Ask yourself what DeSantis is doing to help finish the wall to stop the paedophile networks, and human sex smugglers use boats too to get to his state from Mexico — what is he doing to stop them from bringing in kids here and raping them?
Ask yourself why did DeSantis not question or rebuke or condemn or criticize Biden on why his SCOTUS pick, the child sex offender-loving black woman, was so lenient on child sex traffickers and paedophiles and ignoring the pain and humiliation of the sex crime victims during sentencing?
Ask yourself why did DeSantis is Nancy Pelosi not
I contacted Henry McMaster, Ron DeSantis, Gavin Newsom’s doppleganger, Kathy Hochul, Lindsey Graham, Tim Scott, Gregg Abbott, Kari Lake, Karrin Robson, Kirsten Gillibrand, Chucky Schumer, Glenn Young and Alex Padilla about what they are doing with specificity to stop child sex trafficking.
Only Walorski, Scalise, AG Sessions (quietly) and Trump truly were doing something of value to stop child sex trafficking.
Walorski and Heche were killed for it.
Scalise was shot for it.
Trump has been targeted 64 times for assassination for it and is still standing, thank God.

Angela James

Ask yourself why DeSantis was the first governor to completely go against the CDC and deep state Covid narrative and open his state fully shortly after the lockdown. Ask yourself why DeSantis strongly opposed and refused to subject his state to mask mandates and vaccine passports. No way is he Cabal.

Marsha Hodgson

Besides rogue guards & other staff, as I suggested quite a while back I truly hope that all of the prisoners & staff at Gitmo, etal. are scanned to insure their bodies have not been ‘upgraded’ with blackOps spy tech –much of it nano scale– that allows them to pass along, and receive, both audio & visual info…especially in real time. I wouldn’t be surprised to find they even have ways to send/receive texts. There’s all manner of embedded tech these days, so checking the lenses of their eyes, for example, is warranted.

Michael R Davis

Most of the Deep-State trolls are missing today.
Maybe out getting marching orders from their masters?

Lucky Star

Maybe….they scolded by their master fuc!@$$ useless trolls can’t sway away anyone here 🤣🤣🤣 paid for nothing


They got paid a small amount by the day and even smaller amounts for making posts (and replies to said posts) all to undercut the truthers who post here and cast Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt into their minds by upvoting each other to appear ‘legitimate’ and ‘authentic’ as a ploy. This was done to try to make the truthers here question RRN as an (apparently) approved ‘information leak’ that JAG uses to get word out about (some of) their activities to ‘drain the swamp’.

As I posted time and time again in the past, the only way to make them ‘go away’ is to simply ignore them and not interact with them at all. Then they cannot be paid by the post and paying them by the day is a waste of resources for the DS. So either the DS gave up and stopped paying them or Michael Baxter (thankfully) figured out a way to block them (for good?).

The MSM, in complete control of the paymasters (for now), is being used now to cover up the Presidential Election 2020 steal and keep ‘the masses’ asleep and distracted with their lies about the ongoing battle between Good and Evil where the world and everyone in it is at stake….


Weird, you forget to include your 145 links to random bullshit in this post!


Hey Alek! I’m here, I just didn’t feel like getting in here on Sunday. Definitely #soooooon bro 😉


David Axelrod should be hung anyways

buck fiden

卐 hanged 卐


He should be shot in the back of the head while he’s escorted to the guillotine and then they accidentally chop his head off For good measure


Oh he’s hung alright 😉


Did he send you a naked picture?


Are the Gitmo guards allowed to talk with the detainees?


I hope Our President Trump is keeping VERY close tabs on his nephew and his “buddies”. Kushna’ and his pals should be trusted about as far as I can throw The Wailing Wall.

May God protect you, Sir.


Jared was removed and replaced


Lol replaced by what?

Elisa Orozco

Who is his ‘nephew’??? What about his hate-filled niece, the bitter, obese daughter of his late brother? Perhaps you are suggesting that she is a ‘nephew’ and not a niece??? Have you noticed that in recent weeks, Jared Kushner, the son-in-law has made a reappearance? He even has a new book out!!! Very confusing…………..

Son of Ethan Allen

If the indictment allegedly on Trump is enforced, and Trump is taken into custody they will take him out that way. Trump must never be allowed to be taken into their custody.

Michael R Davis

That is all fake crap theatre and disinformation.
They cannot get to him as just verified by General Berger.
Who would try to break through Navy Seals and other Special Forces to try to arrest him?


Deep State traitors like the one at Mar-a-Lago and the one that downed the chopper. But we won’t let that happen if we wage war, too. Eph. 6.


I doubt Trump will ever see any jail time, but I hope he does get indicted/arrested at some point just so you can see there are no Navy Seals or Special Forces or whatever protecting him, lol


Truthers say he will be going to jail and that’s when everything is supposed to be exposed,but………who knows….until everything is revealed we only know what they tell us and show us…which is NOTHING


At all cost. Isaiah 54:17


At ALL costs.

Son of Ethan Allen

God’s defenses can not be penetrated.

Lucky Star

Ask Adam and Eve then what was actually happened in the Garden of God!!!

Susan Banks

I heard a very different interpretation of Adam and Eve. Adam is really supposed to be Atom. Traditions of back when changed it along the years as well as the word Jehovah and Yahweh. These were all created after the Bible came out. So from an atom comes a Cell. (Please refer to Bill Donahue on YouTube. He really has made me think. But, he says Tithing has nothing to do with money. God wants the left side of our Brain. The 10% we us to analyze everything. He wants the left side to move over to the right side where it is the creative side of your brain. We should be focusing on our Pineal Gland which drips Melatonin naturally through our Body. It’s amazing how all the Pastors have the Cadillacs and the Big Houses!! We have been paying for his toys!! Please go find Bill and listen to what he has to say. People would of never stopped going to organized religion buildings if they knew what TITHING MEANT!!


Hmm. Adam is a Hebrew name meaning son of earth. Simple. The rest of your post is too “creative “.


In an attempt to keep track of the tribunals and the status of the accused, I’ve created the following list as reported by Real Raw News (the list is 57 and growing):

Hilary Clinton
Former Secretary of State

John Brennan
Former CIA Director

Huma Abedin
Hilary Clinton’s Advisor

John Podesta
Hilary Clinton’s Campaign Manager
Firing Squad

Liz Cheney
U.S. Rep. (Wyoming)

Amy Coney Barrett
Supreme Court Justice

James Comey
Former FBI Director

William Barr
Former Attorney General

Donald Rumsfeld
Former Secretary of Defense

Mark A. Milley
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Daniel R Hokanson
Chief of the National Guard Bureau

Deborah Birx
White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator
Firing Squad

Adam Schiff
U.S. Rep. (California)
Firing Squad

Susan Rice
Former Secretary of State

Tom Hanks

William J. Clinton
Former President
Life at Gitmo – Poisoned while imprisoned

Bill Gates
Gates Foundation

Hunter Biden
Attorney, Businessman

Colin Powell
Former Secretary of State

Chelsea Clinton
Clinton Foundation

Andrew Cuomo
Former Governor (NY)

Peter Scolari

Marc Mezvinsky
Chelsea’s Husband

Mike Donilon
Biden Adviser

George W. Bush
Former President

Richard B. Cheney
Former Vice President

Gavin Newsom
Governor (California)

Melinda Ann French – Gates
Gates Foundation
Pending Execution

Anita Dunn
Biden Advisor

Francis Collins
Former NIH Director

Sonia Sotomayor
Former Supreme Court Justice

Patricia L. Conrad
Asst. to NIH Director

Loretta Lynch
Former Attorney General

Anthony Fauci
NIH Director

David Axelrod
Obama Strategist

Tom Vilsack
Former Secretary of Agriculture

William Charles Ayers
Marxist Activist
25-Years at Gitmo

Alec Baldwin

Valerie June Jarrett
Obama Advisor

Jennifer Brigid O’Malley Dillon
White House Deputy Chief of Staff

Michael Sussman
Former Clinton Campaign Lawyer

Rita Wilson

Kevin Spacey

Chris Fugate
Former FEMA Director

Brock Long
Former FEMA Director

Samantha Power
Administrator of the US Agency for International Development

Mitt Romney
U.S. Senator (Utah)

George Soros

Jack Dorsey
Former Twitter CEO

Rex Tillerson
Former Secretary of State

Warren Buffet
CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

Denis McDonough
Secretary of Veteran Affairs

Avril Haines
Director National Intelligence

Paul Pelosi
Life at Gitmo

Brian Stelter
Former CNN Host of “Reliable Sources”

Lt. Gen. Maria B. Barrett
U.S. Army Cyber Command

Ronald W. Pontius
Civilian Deputy to the Commanding General of U.S. Army Cyber Command


And thousands more to come🇺🇲


MB will probably get bored of writing this stuff and move on to something else before he gets anywhere close to #1000


Yea that could happen,but if this is really happening he will probably get a job as a journalist/writer who will be paid well,and the stories have been boring lately because they aren’t about the EXECUTIONS,hes gotta be bored already….im here to read about traitors hanging from the gallows 🤣 how are you doing though? I hope that you are doing well😁


Good work, Patriot Painter!

John .S

#23 ?

Andrew Stevano

For many of these a conclusion was never reported. I would like to know what happened to Judge Amy Barrett.

Afshin Nejat

Why not go the extra mile and put a link for each one? By the way, it’s PNAC day!!!



buck fiden

OK. Now go back and put in the dates.




UPDATE: It was later determined by JAG/OMC that Mezvinsky did not admit to his full involvement. His sentence was amended, and he was hanged to death 17 days later. I have ceased reporting on each and every hanging because they are all very similar.
Mark has been removed from this mortal coil…..
Bill and Melinda Gates are dead…..
Intel says Bill and Melinda Gates were in India in 2013 giving children vaccinations and many died, or were left paralyzed, because of the Gates vaccine. People who had their children die by this “vaccine” hanged Bill and Melinda Gates at the same time in July of 2013. They both died.
I believe Rita Wilson was executed along with Tom Hanks


Two corrections:

1) Marc Mezvinsky was hanged after evidence came to light that he had lied to JAG by greatly understating his role in the Clintons’ child sex trafficking crimes.

2) I am not aware of MB ever reporting that George Soros had been arrested. The most reliable info I have on him is that he died of natural causes in July 2020.


QBall59 – Thanks for your comment. I hadn’t heard about Mezvinsky’s “amended” sentence. I’ll correct the list accordingly. The arrest and detention of George Soros was reported on by Real Raw News as having occurred on July 5, 2022, but now that report seems to be missing?


Does anyone know what happened to Marina Abramovic or Klaus Scab-Schwab? I thought they were captured by white hats last year.


Absolutely awesome list. What a great job. Thanks for sharing.

Angela James

Thank you! I was trying to keep a list from Mr. Baxter’s articles but missed some. I was actually going to ask him to write a complete list in his next article, starting with Hillary, that he has reported on.


Was hoping to see the female Pelosi on the list too. Not yet it seems.

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Barry Williamz

I personally believe that trump not only has really good protection but also has supernatural protection from God. His angels are there to thwart the enemy.
We must pray daily .




If he didn’t, he certainly wouldn’t be here now 👍


That we will.


100% agree. The six winged, indomitable, impenetrable, undefeated, Seraphim Angel nation, from the Spiritual planets, are the ones tasked with protecting President Trump these days.


Agree, very nice.

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LONG LIVE president TRUMP !

John .S

*He* and *February*, LoL. Was born at night, though not last night.

Flip a coin, Valerie Jarrett or Avril Haines?


well, Avril appears to actually be a he. I could see he/she doing something like that from the way she acted when they arrested him.


If not Axelrod, then Jarrett/

John .S

Holly came from Miami FLA, hitch-hiked her way across the USA…, said hey: “take a walk on the wild side”, and the colored girls go….


Michael hasn’t spoken of Avril Haines tribunal…..only that she’s been arrested. Any update on her?

John .S

Don’t have a crystal ball, though here’s some other info connecting some dots. Suspect vid won’t be up for long.


Yeah they let her go, said it was all a big misunderstanding