Military to Trump: Apologize for Operation Warp Speed or You’re on Your Own


When USMC General David H. Berger declared President Donald J. Trump a protectorate of the U.S. military and, consequently, shored up security on several Trump-owned properties, officers on his council proffered a scathing rebuke of Gen. Berger’s motives and methods, saying, in fact, that Trump’s reluctance to apologize for heralding Operation Warp Speed constituted a “breach of trust” among soldiers and citizens across the nation.

As reported in June, a divide has formed between council members who are fiercely loyal to Trump and those who want Ron DeSantis to helm the country in 2024. Trump’s most outspoken critics, U.S. Army Major Gen. Richard E. Angle and Col. J.D. Keirsey, have said Trump must publicly apologize for creating and perpetuating Operation Warp Speed if he expects unified military support. At a White Hat meeting earlier this month, they argued that Warp Speed had sickened or killed more Americans than all combined wars our nation had fought.

The White Hat partition of the U.S. military has conducted several studies, some of which are still ongoing, on vaccine casualties. One study showed that 450 pregnant women—servicemembers and dependents—spontaneously aborted within 14 days of having received a Covid shot. Of the 450, 63 soon developed incurable neuropathies, 41 were stricken with myocarditis, 23 suffered partial paralysis, 4 were left quadriplegic, and 8 died of heart attacks. In short, 30% of those who lost their children also died or suffered fates worse than death.

The studies were not limited to only servicemembers and dependents. One examined how many Americans the CDC claimed died of Covid during the week of March 16, 2022. According to the criminal CDC, 1,292 persons perished from Covid that week. A military investigation, however, revealed that 850 of the 1,292 died within 10 days of getting a first or second booster shot. In all, the CDC claims that 1.05m Americans have died of Covid. The military attributes 90.3 percent of fatalities to vaccines, not the sickness.

Major Gen. Richard E. Angle and Col. J.D. Keirsey brought these studies to Gen. Berger’s attention at last week’s meeting.

“Trump to this day touts Warp Speed as one his greatest accomplishments,” Gen. Angle told Gen. Berger, “even as people are still lining up left and right to get jabbed in the arm. And the latest batch of boosters haven’t even been tested on humans. Trump has boasted about getting boosted, while the vaccines kill people every day. This must stop. He must abandon his prideful stance and come clean with America. If not, how can we support him?”

“Trump’s base is fractured,” Col. Keirsey chimed in, citing an informal military poll suggesting that 30% of MAGA that voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020 would not vote for him in 2024 owing to his refusing to admit he’d been tricked into supporting Warp Speed. “Our polls show most MAGA would forgive Trump if he admits he got duped, made a mistake, one he’d not make again. If he humbles himself, says that Fauci, Birx, Hahn, and Azar craftily fooled him, we, and MAGA, can forgive him. If he won’t, he’s damaged goods.”

Gen. Berger, who has been a feverish advocate of Donald Trump, reminded his council that the U.S. military was not a democracy, but said he would bring the matter to Trump’s attention.

The military aside, many media pundits and allies of President Trump have called on him to renounce Warp Speed. These people include Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, Matt Gaetz, and Jim Jordan, as well as a few senators and states’ governors. Media personality Alex Jones has made fiery videos calling for Trump’s apology, and, according to Mar-a-Lago sources, Stephen K. Bannon has encouraged Trump to confess he’d been played “like a fiddle.”

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Trump’s part of the Deep State. The father of vaccines, father-in-law to the man who owned the 666 building which made the RFID chips for humans, All his children converted to Judaisim. And There’s a bigger problem now apart from the vaccine that’s killing millions around the word, and that is 750 food plants heve gone up in flames and animals around the world are being slaughtered, a 60,000 herd of cattle was posioned in India last week, did you hear of that on the news? Has Trump mentioned the coming famine? Our Military are no better, they are not putting Americans or the Republic first.


I am 110% ANTI VAX

However, I just read something a cruise-line update which said:

“If asked for documentation while in port, the vaccines approved and accepted by the World Health Organization (WHO) or by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are:

Johnson & Johnson
AstraZeneca / Covishield

Any passenger who has received one dose of vaccine (other than Johnson & Johnson) will not be considered fully vaccinated.”

So this means that people who have had the J&J (hopefully) won’t be as expected to submit to a lifetime of constant boosters/re-vaccinations, etc, because the J&J was touted as a “one and done” shot.

Again, I say: NNNNothing is ever worth getting any of them!!! Ugh I shudder to think of anyone making any excuse to get any of them…

However I just thought it was really interesting, the difference.


I know this won’t sound nice, but I think it’s a plan to warp-speed us away from Corrupt Big Pharma and it’s Brownshirt AMA after this, a hard lesson.

Good health takes work. USA has become soft. Too few want to eat right, pray, learn to garden, exercise, pay a naturopath to teach them about God’s medicine or practice some courage by telling their boss “No, this is not only unconstitutional, but it also brazenly defies the Nuremberg Code.”

The whole thing is a metaphorical vaccine. Historically vaccines have always killed some and the adverse effects were always downplayed. They were never perfect. Improved hygiene, living standards and education over the the span of time vaccines were first put into practice are probably more responsible for the brief gains we achieved in longevity and infectious disease control. This was quickly replaced with cancer and autoimmune disorders.

Yet, despite all this, God bless us all through this hard lesson.


Trump said in the beginning his vaccine is HCQ. Fauci concluded in his research and studies that HCQ is basically a vaccine, on the NIH website in a white paper,. If I read it, why haven’t you? There are no excuses for not knowing this information. Just got to research before you decide to hang someone like many have already decided to do with Trump right here in this thread. Wake up sheep, stop blaming others for what you have no knowledge. And shame on you for not researching and think for yourselves before you leap to judgement of someone else!


Anyone who says Trump’s ego is in the way should take a good long look in the mirror! Your idiot ego is what wants you to blame a politician who you do not know to tell you what to put in your body. People who took that shot, and there are millions, are sheep – who line up just like they did with Jim Jones and take the koolaid because they blindly trusted someone. There was a time you voted for someone because they aligned with your values. Now shepple vote for someone because they didn’t like their opponent’s tweets! They are the majority who took the jab. The one who support Trump who took the jab support him for the wrong reasons – otherwise they wouldn’t make their own personal health decisions based on those he made for himself. Do you get it yet???? Stop following others off the cliff and then blame the guy in front of you! President or not – do you really make your life decisions based on what a politician or even a President has told you? Stop looking for a scapegoat to blame!


Why would anyone listen to any “politician” or someone they do not know and trust personally about what they should put into their body? Has the past few years taught you nothing about the importance of learning to think for yourselves and stop believing everything you are told, especially when it comes to your health? People did not even research the ingredients or the testing (or lack thereof) that was done for this jab. They just stepped right up out of fear! If Trump told you to jump off a cliff, would you? The vax is the cliff – people were STUPID! Maybe learning the importance of discernment and stop listening to other people to make life decisions for you is a lesson needing learned, maybe that’s the war! Maybe that is what needs to be learned at “warp speed”! For God sake, stop blaming ANYONE who told you they did something for themselves and you listened without researching and did it too! So sick of the f’ing blame game! Wake up and THINK FOR YOUR SELF! Stop drinking the stupid koolaid!


A 3rd party truther made this (attributed) version with a nice BGM behind it

[odysee dot com]/@ThomasCSLape:d/Military-To-Trump:a

Source BGM (full version)

[youtube dot com]/watch?v=-F-QJgC3lI8


If I were Trump, I’d apologize for the sake of this country putting pride on the backburner. I say he wanted to get the remedy to the masses asap. How could he have known of the toxic composition of the jab? He’s not a scientist so his hands were tied to the good intent of scientific criminals. Do not agree however with his jab encouragement after the program had been rolled out for a good while incurring anomalies. That’s still beyond me.


And who is the CommanderIn-Chief?

Thomas Blow

Benjamin Fulford has come out on Before Its news in an interview with David Rodriguez and said the vaccine approval by Trump was done by a Black hat double.
Personally I thought this Trump endorsement of the vaccine was out of character for a person whose son was injured by vaccines.
This claim by Fulford needs discussion and investigation.

Susan Banks

Go find Derek Johnson on YT. He knows Military Law and he will explain to you everything that Trump is doing, and why he’s doing it!

Jeremy R Feit

MrTruthbomb, Patel Patriot, Clif High, X22 Dave and others have explained why Trump had to advocate the vax, because the alternative would’ve been many millions more deaths. Remember what happened when Trump truthed about Ivermectin. In time, all will be revealed, not only who really won in 2020, but what Fauci and company did. In the meantime, Trump is playing his role.

Terry Jacks

What I would like to know is, when will NESARA be released?

Last edited 1 year ago by Terry Jacks

There’s pride and then there’s silly human pride!! Silly human pride will get in your way every time!!

Rose Mary Abbott

I know that there are newer stories to discuss, but this one PISSES ME THE HELL OFF! These guys have not put in the work that President Trump and General Berger have done to bring down the Deep State. They are lazy Johnny come lately a and their guy DeSantis doesn’t have near what it takes to do what President Trump has already accomplished. Quit trying to steal the thunder that belongs to the guy that GOD chose to lead this movement! We are not following these guys ANYWHERE! I’m not! NO SIR! I will stay true to the plan I have already chosen. I know President Trump is awesome! I know NOTHING ABOUT THESE GUYS BUT THEY ARE LAZY LAZY LAZY! It’s like that guy Herrari trying to tell God he can make a man better than God did. All God had to say was GET YOUR OWN DIRT! They need to do the work and THEY HAVE NOT! THEY NEED TO MAKE THEIR OWN MOVEMENT FROM SCRATCH! Lazy bums! That’s what I think.

Robert Gregory Boensch

Thanks for your TRUTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

look at this post below

2016 Fake News
2020 Fake covid
2020 Fake Election results
2021 Fake President
2021 Fake Government
2022 We Need real Military Action

Oath or no oath Each American has a responsibly to share the TRUTH.


My sister in Christ, patient endurance attains all things. We have God on our side and, in my humble opinion that is all we need to know. As St Padre Pio tells us, pray, hope and, don’t worry. Blessings,


I think Jared and Ivanka moving into the WhiteHouse disenfranchised him with his base. They are both Israel First Chabbad Lubbavitch members. They immediately usurped MAGA and turned into MIGA.
He also campaigned on draining the swamp and then set about filling his cabinet with swamp creatures.
I understand he loves Ivanka but most Americans did not appreciate the neopotism, it made him look weak, most people reluctantly accepted it because everyone was being so terrible to him they thought he may need someone he could trust explicitly for back channel communications. But those two grifting opportunists made him look bad. He was refusing a salary, i think Jared walked away with a 2 billion deal from Saudi Arabia (Israel). She set herself up business wise.
Steve Bannon would be better.

Last edited 1 year ago by aimee

You all need to read Ken Paxton is fighting for the military regarding the military and the Covid shot to stop the mandates for the military


You know Texas has the largest post in the world militarily that is.


ok Don’t get boosted period for I believe that the shots are giving you covid. Remember it was not Trump that forced the military too get the shot. Trump warp speed was finished under Biden not Trump. You have to under stand is Trump’s warp speed was asking the physicians to create a shot and then he was not in office any longer. It was Biden who created a
mandate for the military to take the shot and split the military in two. Now what you have been through the coast guard is going through. Watch the coast guard who has also been told they have to take the shot or they can leave their job. Biden is still putting out mandates even though he has been told by the Supreme Court he can’t do that.

Robert Gregory Boensch

Our Father created DNA and we were formed from it.
This DNA has a built in restore point just like a computer.
It can get corrupted naturally and return to this restore point.
But when Satan hijacks this .
all bets are gone.

Terry Jacks

The Covid-19 virus does not exist. The CDC could not prove it’s existence in a law suite in Federal Court. The shots are the killers, and they will kill you unless you are lucky enough to get a benign shot of saline.

Terry Jacks

Let me remind the Trump doubters that the US Military developed the Plan that President Trump is following, which is to free the US and the World, and expose and destroy the evil ones that did it. So far, it is going very well. Thank God for President Trump and the US Military. Without them, we would be in very sorry shape with a very bleak future, Hillary would be the president via cheating, and our Govt would be raking us and out wallets over the coals.


The U.S. Military aka Q, developed The Plan with assist from a Quantum Computer that can look ahead at least ten years. It is imho why Q says thus; we hear all, see all and know all. If it gets any better, I can’t stand it. God is good all the time and God wins all the time. Blessings,

Robert Gregory Boensch

Spot on

God is good all the time and God wins all the time. Blessings,

A Godly person knows our Heavenly Father

Robert Gregory Boensch

Spot on

Terry Jacks

Let me remind you that the US Military developed the Plan that President Trump is following, which is to free the US and the World, and expose and destroy the evil ones that did it. So far, it is going very well. Thank God for President Trump and the US Military. Without them, we would be goners.

Last edited 1 year ago by Terry Jacks
Terry Jacks

Remember everyone that Q+ and the Military told us 2 years ago that we are watching a movie. The displays and repeats are for those who are still asleep, or not fully awakened yet. All of this will be good in the end. And remember, you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

Robert Gregory Boensch

I Wok up when I was 6-7 years old in the 1960’s on Good Friday in a Catholic Church.
The passion Play that Wasn’t.
It’s all MK ultra Mind Control.
after you learn this and The Federal Government searches you out and hires you to go to work for them.
and after the 3 – 4 request I finally agreed to go through training.
Everything is a covert operation and they train you to be dumb
and keep you at an arms length until they want to activate you.
Interesting Interview for the next level of Deployment.

A wise Boy sees their Plan and Turns the Tables on Them.

And This Brings Us To This Days Job.

Working as a Lone Wolf collecting Data Of the corruption in this Country.
And the State of Michigan.
I have A very large collection of Data Than can be Used for the Clean Up operation.
Any Body can take me Out any time.
My Address is 177 s Delano Rd. 48703
It has been Fun most of this Time to serve My Heavenly Father.

So maybe this is close to the End Time for Me

Robert Gregory Boensch
DOB 1958-08-16

Full Disclosure
Time is Now



Jerry Miller

He came out and said that the “vaccine” was the only way to stop the deep states efforts to shut down the world with fear- (THEY) had plans to carry this nonsense out for years- starve people, destroy all economies and drive more to drink-suicide etc. TRUST THE PLAN!

Angel Askew

This is my understanding also.

Stinky Perfume

Point is “we’re in a galactic AI ascension machine called the matrix”. Say the online heavy hitters. The promise given was graduates to the 5th can’t get into the 5th without usually schooling first in the 4th. It’s said to be fairly short in the 4th, with its two suns to prove it, which have occasionally been seen for several years already in a few pics with people, is said to be a quicker and more obvious creative thought kick back results to learn how to behave in 5th (heaven) with.

I can quote Jane Ruby on Stew Peters show. “They know exactly who they are giving what injection to”. They know what’s the molecules in which vials at a higher level, and people’s angels can step in and save the person when an injustice happens. This doesn’t mean they can get jabbed or poison themselves on purpose to challenge the system.

I hear some people have to find another 3rd density hell like we have now, including Trump or his soul… to go through all over again. I guess to appreciate harmony, to get into heaven the 5th, seems to be a soul score is the goal. It’s bright, or occluded and I guess is measured. Certain things people think to try and do are blocked by the machine, AI sets up to force ascension, you can only go one way forward it’s all or nothing, what appears to be going on.

Try don’t mean nothing. “There’s just do”. My guess is he needs to apologize for being a body double. So does Biden. I think they hijacked Trump for operation warp speed, would be something about another 3rd density earth.

But the situation of people needing to be lied to exists I guess if they themselves, lied when they weren’t supposed to lie somewhere. Trump image at least, lied about the fires in California just saying it’s the fault of CA gov, for not clearing brush while all along it was DEW caused fires and manipulated weather causing floods. Secret space program doing it, to herd people into big cities.

The doubles can work or get arrested to make a story look complete, but, it’s not what happened. Trump went after someone in the deepest underground I think. I don’t know why or if it killed him but I think it’s just a body double we are seeing.

Warp Speed could be what they got the body double to do. The body double, might have been used alternately before Trump was completely gone…When Trump was alive I heard him say “we have a cure, it’s hydroxychloroquine”. I noticed he could not keep saying that.

Warp speed with the wicked jab part of the jabs, is for killing all they could kill out of who they wanted to kill or just sicken that way. Trump or his body double proved how mean, nasty, stupid or ignorant or wicked, pop-up walk in testers, hospitals, docs, and pharma, really is with showing the warp speed to the paychecks. It’s my guess that Warp Speed Exposed Greed.

Terry Jacks

WARP SPEED is a great accomplishment. It kept people safe indoors while the Military raided strongholds and rounded up the suspects. Trump conducted a STING on the Deep State and is currently taking them all diwn.


WARP SPEED is a great accomplishment, indeed. It revealed the dumbasses who would let this shit be injected in their bodies. ffs

Terry Jacks

Mostly Democrats and Leftists obeyed and got their Jabs. Conservatives didn’t fall for it.


I have discussed this with all my pals who read RRN and every one said the same thing: this is disinformation designed to get the DS to react.



Terry Jacks

Stop with the fcking bullshit against Trump. You’re as bad as the Deep State.


YES Trump must come out and tell the people we all been played-!!
ad stop the madness—-lock up the dam traitors and then tell us all about it.
do you not have info on them going back 50+ years? we have all gone through hell we dont need a learning point…to many brainwashed—and it will take years for them. good try you did get some of us a wake up..Pray.


Well it seems that General Burk is being called on the carpet for lance corpal for the passing a baby over the wall. It was on newsmax when that General said it was not that person and was proven wrong on TV. Basically his mouth got ahead of his brain. What he said is being called fake news. What is going on with the marine corp?


What I heard about that baby event is the babies were sick and the father was trying to get into the airport to get the to the Swiss clinic to be seen by a doctor. He waited at the gate and the marines brought the babies back to him. Now that was a great story with a happy ending.


Yes, he needs to explain his accountability in Warp Speed

Jerry Miller

People, all glory and all our hopes rest in JESUS Christ.. GOD won, don’t lose sight. This world is going to hell- FACT. Hang tight and rest with JC.


More optics going on here. If he apologizes than we know if this is true. I wont hold my breath waiting for Trumps apology. Disinformation is needed.


He won’t apologize, and it isn’t true, but you’ll just keep waiting for it anyways


Did you hear that Exxon was told to sell oil to China?


the US government under Biden is fascist. what would you expect?

Angel Askew



Michael, can you get hold of the military intelligence from the Q team? I hear there is a very good reason why he had to keep pretending otherwise and I trust my contacts on this but I think most people would appreciate a reported update if you can get to them. I heard the Quantum consciousness recommended this approach for the least number of casualties. I know intel is hard to publicly declare in an official capacity but if you could get that, I think it would help the patriots tremendously.

Unfortunately, there will always be well-meaning fools who don’t think for themselves. harsh, but it is more about the times we live in I think. We are so programmed to follow orders (well some are) and independent thought is not always available as a result.

Big Ed

He is trump I’m the only one who could have done this by myself because I’m the greatest of the best there’s nobody better than me you know what trump go fuck yourself you fucking liar an asshole you pride full piece of shit you kill thousands of fucking people all by yourself asshole


you need a better angle bro. study more

Big Ed

I’m still waiting for a reason for why he was pushing the fucking vaccine with his warped speed bullshit because people went out and got vaccinated because of what fucking trump said trump killed trump tilt tens of thousands of people if not hundreds of thousands because there’s millions dead in America and trump was pushing the mother fucking vaccine I’m seeing you better straighten that out asshole or you’re gonna be out of fucking America forever douchebag!!!


anyone who would do something because trump said so is not a trump supporter but an international clown.

Big Ed


carolyn smith

he was duped or he is a traitor also. Hope he just go tricked but still not sure about that.


OWS, was stolen, by now everybody knows China lied – it was faked for a roll out of Vaccines that were the “mark of the beast”, we were “ALL” fooled, Trump might not know this, or admit it was pre-planned,
Actors acted, they done their roles very well convincing an entire worlds population. Dr. Fuachi was the culprit all along, and along with this liddle gnome were a shit pile of big Pharma Actors in on it also.
Yes, I agree Trump needs to apologize simply because he was taken advantage of the largest Red Flag event ever, in our life time and he thought he could fast track a Vaccine when they knew it was poison all along.
The ONLY, good thing that ever transpired out of the FAKE COVID-19 was the Cure for the Common Cold, which is a double does of Vitamin D3 that nobody really ever knew about – other than big Pharma & the Elite, and really – the human race cannot get a Virus, like a Flu – its IS the Common Cold. People die from their Vaccines & Fake Medications, ALL in the exact same manner people die from their Experimental Cancer Vaccines that EVERY single Doctor will promote. <——-<<<. To make sure you Never get Cancer, PH your drinking water to 10.0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7.0 is a fine line between life & death, and the Federal Guberment knows this, same as Big Pharma, but they lie, they always lie they’re ALL Liars. Get an RO system and clean out your drinking water of all the shit in it, you’ll never regret it.

Lady Hermann

President Trump never supported mandatory vaccines, he also, by doing #WarpSpeed kept us from being locked down for 10 years; per the World Bank Project. I do not care how much I like or love a politician I do not take or not take a substance because of his opinion.

Angel Askew

That’s Riiiggghhht!

Jimmy W

What many people don’t realize (and even #45 don’t see yet) is the sooner President Trump admits the Covid-19 vaccine error, the sooner worldwide efforts can be allocated to find a “possible” antidote to the toxic jab.

Or better yet, a possible cure (if it exists).

There are enough smart scientists and people to find something to minimize the damage for the victims of the jab.
But our true leaders must first admit the mistakes before we can all move forward.


I think Trumps vaxx was a different vaxx than was given out. I remember reading there were some threats made against his family unless he endorsed the vaxx. At one point a family member was kidnapped. He could have endorsed a vaxx with helpful ingredients and then those were not the ingredients included in the vaxx. Why would the military give him an ultimatum when the military itself supposedly requires the vaxx and has relieved soldiers of duty for not taking it? This just does not seem right, disinformation??

Robert Gregory Boensch

2016 Fake News
2020 Fake covid
2020 Fake Election results
2021 Fake President
2021 Fake Government
2022 We Need real Military Action

Oath or no oath Each American has a responsibly to share the TRUTH.
I spoke clearly to close friends and family and they refused to listen.
I buried a younger Brother 12 months ago.
Many More Will Die that are close to me.
Our heavenly Father Gave each of Us free will.

President Trump .
Operation Warp Speed was not about the Virus.
And never Was.
It’s About Cleaning Up this God given vessel We Are Living On.

Seeing these deaths are heart breaking.
This is Why We Need to Stand Together More Now than Ever .

We are in the Waning Hours of this war and Some one is Quibbling.
About what President Trump Said.

It’s About a Quick Victory and Not a Long Drawn out Battle.

We have all be Slaves for Generations.
And sure there will be casualty.
Any Body that has be educated in this or that field of work.
Should clearly understand that they own a piece of the results of such work.

If any body in the Military wants out today.
Resign your Post freely.

How many have Died for no reason that have served this country.
As Cannon fodder for the rich in all of the previous wars.

Serving Today is Truly Not In A cannon Fodder Event.
I Am Standing Against This World wide Evil By My self.
The feared lone Wolf
And Have Been for Most of My life.

Fact The Michigan Cabal Tried to take me and My family out Many times.
And Each time I stood up Straight and Took every blow they could Give Me.

Why .
Because they thought they were Attacking a Dumb Dirt Farmer.
That only Went 4 days in 11 grad in School.

It’s Interesting My point of View in all of these actions.
I would Watch from the Side lines and record every one of their moves against me.

And even With President Trump in Office the Michigan war Continual.

On March 8 2021 learning the Insurrection Act was Proclaimed
on Jan 6 2021 By President Trump.
It Was Go Time For Me to take Out the State of Michigan.

And My Oath is To My Creator and to Defend all of His Creations

Search My Name and enjoin with me.
Share Hope and Courage To your Family and Neighbor.
Defend The Poor and Weak .

And Get ready for the Day that is Coming for Rejoicing and Celebration.

Robert Gregory Boensch

World peace is coming


not only in the US. What the US CDC and Fauci have done, killed people all over the world. Vaccines are not only applied in the US. I bet more people have died, more children have been harmed or killed worldwide, than the ones the deep state killed in their sick rituals. Hope i’m wrong.


Military don’t tell Trump squat,Trump is the CIC(Commander In Chief).

Boss Lady

Not me, I want him to continue kicking the assess of those who torture children.

Steven Fishman

Trump has always been a whore and a pimp for the Big Pharma Mafia Drug Cartel of Pfizer CEO Al Bourla and Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel. He has also been a prostitute for Fourth Reich Nazi Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, tied to globalist genocidal depopulation advocates Bill Gates and George Soros. By saying through this day that the Eugenics Depopulation Lethal Injection Bioweapon a/k/a fake “vaccine” is “safe and effective,” he has condemned 200 million Americans to slow torture and death, and for that, there is a special compartment waiting for Donald Trump in Hell. And believe me, Pedophile-in-Chief Joe Biden is no better and will be his bunkmate there.

Boss Lady


Sue Grantham

Long post riddled with nonsense. Maybe research the patented shot- patented in 2018. The evil already had this planned. The facts elide you. The media shut trump down for saying Ivermectin- if he would’ve said not to take the shot- the media wouldn’t show it and big tech would’ve censored it. Are you stupid or ignorant. Ignorance can be cited with research 🙄


The deep state already had the death shots made and ready before the scamdemic and they were going to roll them out anyway and Trump could not stop them. Operation Warp speed made the enemy accelerate their agenda throwing them off and avoiding 4 to 5 years of lock down that would have killed 500 million people. By making them do this, it revealed what was really going on faster and saved millions of lives compared to the contrary.

Last edited 1 year ago by Belgard
Boss Lady

Not only that but had the vaccines come out when the deep state wanted them to, they would have been mandatory. Trump found a way around that as well giving those of us who THINK FOR OURSELVES an out.

trust nothing

We the people were duped- not Trump. Anyone that thinks Trump did not know about the entire scamdemic from day one is delusional. To this day he pushes the death jab and brags how great it is. He can read the data from the “CDC” (privately own company profits over $4.1 billion per year with vax and pharma patents) that stated only 1-10% of VAERS are reported. Add zeros to all CDC stats.
Trump is one of them. He fits the mold and no doubt in my mind he has been paid off by the big pharma conspiracy. Trust is earned, not given and never fully regained once lost. The more Trump talks about this great vax the less I think of him.
We need real God fearing Patriots in government not another clone. Once a strong supporter of Trump, my support for him is history.
It is sad to realize that my vote isn’t counted and the (S)election process is rigged.

Sue Grantham

You seem happy in YOUR delusion. People should blame themselves for listening to the idiots on the box instead of doing research. No one to blame but themselves.

trust nothing

I never took the flu shot and was unable to see my new born grandson, I blame on indoctrination. I will never take the Trump death jab or believe what he says.
Some people are blinded by the truth where my delusions are based on facts.


‘Some people are blinded by the truth where my delusions are based on facts.’

it is a fact you are deluded

trust nothing

I need you to be more specific on what my delusions are.


Trust is earned, not given and never fully regained once lost.”

how do you lose trust? Are you not trusting your assessment of its absence?

trust nothing

Well Julie, Keep on trusting the plan and the corrupt government, keep paying those taxes so the politicians can continue lying, stealing and do nothing for the people, believe everything MB writes, and everything Trump says, and follow your leader without questioning anything right off the cliff.
Seeing your comments everywhere on this site tells me you have much to say, but I question your sheltered life experiences.