P-8 Poseidon Pilots Cry Foul: “We Weren’t there when Nord Stream Blew”


The P-8 Poseidon pilots arrested in connection with the Nord Stream explosion have cried foul, telling JAG investigators on Friday that their plane, which took off from Air Station Keflavik, Iceland, was hundreds of miles from the undersea natural gas conduits when the explosions took place.

Public flight tracking data support their contention. Data taken from FlightRadar24 and FlightAware, both publicly accessible websites, showed the P-8 over the North Sea at 0003GMT when seismologists in Sweden detected what they first thought to be a quake.  The P-8 then flew a racetrack loop over Poland before changing course for the Baltic pipeline area. The P-8 approached to within 15m of the blast site and circled it, then flew toward the Kamchatka Peninsula.

The P-8, pilots told JAG investigators, could not be at two locations at the same time, and thus, neither could they.

“The pilots’ story is they were ordered to break off from their normal patrol route to investigate the explosion, to search for submarines in the vicinity. The PIC said they’d been ordered to deploy sonar buoys and search for the acoustic signature of an Akula-class Russian sub. Finding nothing, they left. On the surface the story might seem logical, but if you dig down it don’t make sense. Why would Russia compromise their own pipeline? How would they know which submarine to search for? And there’s more,” our source said

The “more” he mentioned refers to missing flight data between 0339 GMT and 0620 GMT. Contemporary aircraft like the P-8 use a technology called ADS-B to broadcast in real-time their GPS location, altitude, ground speed and other data to ground stations and other aircraft, once per second. Air traffic controllers and properly equipped aircraft can immediately receive this information. Public tracking apps such as FlightAware and FlightRadar24 also pick up these data. The gap in coverage suggests two possibilities: mechanical malfunction, or the pilots disabled the ADS-B.

“The pilots deny any wrongdoing and say the ADS-B functioned properly the entire flight,” our source said. “But there’s more to this incident and that’s why they’re still in custody. There’s evidence I can’t yet disclose.”

Asked whether the relief pilots or crew supplied information that contradicts the pilots’ statements, he added, “We haven’t finished interviewing yet, but soon.”

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The two flight apps mentioned in the article are free, controlled and compromised in that they show or don’t show what they are allowed to. For example, the élite’s complained about their private jets being tracked so those apps don’t track them any more. Monkeywerx showed us on paid, independent apps such as SkyGlass how it all went down and that aircraft was caught on the spot right over the pipeline at the time.

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Using Stealth mode isn’t anything unusual, we can see plain as day that there are aircraft we can visually see in the sky, yet they don’t show up on Flighradar24.
Why is that? Its because they’re in a clandestine mode, and disconnected.


Didn’t Homer Simson once say; It wasn’t me, “it was like that when I got here”.


We didn’t do nuffin! Y’all be racisms.

Freedom Rings

certain hi tech weapons have a 300-mile+ range in some cases…


My assessment is that the P8 was equipped with a DEW (Directed Energy Weapon) and the Pentagon/CIA set up a couple of patsy/stooges to be on the bridge when it was heavy with fuel trucks. They might have been told that they were carrying explosives to a mining/excavation company or similar and that they were safe as there was no way the explosives could be set off without blasting caps. Upon reaching a vulnerable area of the bridge the DEW was fired precisely at the car setting off the explosive cargo. They were not suicidal fanatics just useful idiots the agencies can always dig up and sucker them into something totally different than what they believe to be happening. Classical example Lee Harvey Oswald and recently the Tsarnaev brothers. Deceived dupes are used all the time by the agencies (STOP) for dirty deeds done dirt cheap and I know of a few who even ended up being assassins of innocent men.

Dave Kelly

Assassins or grocery clerks?


Do these pilots really think anyone with a brain think they are innocent…Man up, you cowards…you did the dirty deed and thought you would never be brought to justice…

Dave Kelly

Understand some of these jet jockeys are very involved and complicit in dumping chem ( chemtrails ) throughout the Earth’s atmosphere , for decades now, so do you think that some of these pilots give a shit about what anyone thinks?


The 1 thing no one mentioned, delayed charges!
The explosion does not necessarily happen while plane is overhead!

Last edited 1 year ago by John

I did see any bombs on thAt aircraft to drop?


Let’s pray for the Europeans that they find strength through this winter and do not fall into despair. We want justice yet we have to help those affected by these wicked crimes against humanity.

Nick NavyBlueSmoke Nicholson

Even in my ancient days in The Navy , if one tampered with any device sending a location status , it would be detectable with little investigative legwork. If anyone did render equipment inoperable or modified , I am sure it will be found out . I hope these men were not involved in actions not approved by the White Hats . It makes no sense to me that President Putin would destroy a pipeline that is providing a huge amount of cashflow into his nation ! Turning off flow via a supply valve would be far more logical since it could be turned on quickly as the situation changed . EU Masters in Brussels are the likely culprits since they want war to escalate & cover their evil agenda. ………. Fair Winds & Following Seas …….. Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

terry Jacks

So this movie is becoming a Triple Feature, eh?

Nukkin Futz

Wow, the 737 made has it bomber statis now, instead of a carrying tube for passengers in a bit cramped seating, but cheap to fly in, which compared to riding in a Greyhound bus, but faster. I worked on that plane for 6 years at Boeing, but it still is their best seller and Boeing has made a shitload of them, since the 1960’s. They also have an excellant performance record and don’t fall out of the sky, like the 787 Screamliner has…

Nick NavyBlueSmoke Nicholson

I hate to admit it but Futz sounds like he admits the 787 was a dud cause he didn’t work on them ! Let’s get him working on the 787 so they quit falling out of the sky ? Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195


Easy to check check the flight plan.

Nick NavyBlueSmoke Nicholson

Yep ! Sure Is Easy ! Air America flight plans were always so accurate & reliable ……… Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

Sandy Koufax

Hope they are counted as AWOL. That will teach them a lesson.


I agree with them they did not do it try again.

Timothy Daniel F. *(EA-1475)

It’s good to be certain. There SURE a LOT of Black helicopters around Springfield Missouri (More than usual!), particularly near Hammons Tower, across from a Federal Courthouse!!! I just Hope that It’s The White Hat’s 😉 !!!!! “They” even did a few circles around Me after I had said “High” & waved “Thank You” in Their direction.
ThanX “M.B.” & “Friend’s” ;’) !!!!! Peace!


Oh, and by the way “King” Charles may have recently assumed room temperature.

question everything

LOL….Did he have a “climate change” moment?


The only way that plane could have been involved in blowing up those pipelines is if it gave the order to detonate. Deep sea underwater explosives were needed to take them out, very powerful ones. The walls of the piping is 1 1/2 ” thick.
The U.S./Nato ships did “war game” drills over those exact locations last summer, thats most likely when the charges were laid.
One of the ships was the USS Kearsarge.
If thats not a clear cut act of war I dont know what else to call it.


im so over this shit

Nick NavyBlueSmoke Nicholson

Kick Butt Julie ! Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

Jean Guillaumat

Transponders are not turned off for no reason.
Says Colombo.

Nick NavyBlueSmoke Nicholson

Transponders are usually in very secure environment , not easily accessed , so whomever had access would quite easily be traced. If anyone did something evil , it will come out. Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

Richard Longacre

If the aircraft was on a valid military mission they would have shut off their ADS-B long before entering the mission area to avoid tracking. Standard practice in warfare, and yes we are at war with Russia (or at least Biden is). Military aircraft can shut off ADS-B from the cockpit where civilian aircraft normally cannot.

Nobody would have needed to physically access the transponder but you are correct, they are difficult to get to.

Dave Kelly

You are correct, I had a nano transponder type device placed in my body through a spinal tap at FT. Eustis Army Hospital in 1979, this being done to me unwittingly. I did not discover this heinous reality till some 32 to 33 years later. I have been subjected to surveillance , electronic harassment and torture since this so – called medical procedure since 1979. All the while this shit was happening to me I had NO idea as to what was going on. My family , friends and I , just figured that I had some weird thing or anomaly going on with EMF energy , like some kind of phenomenon. But NOW I know and I wish I could turn this fucking thing off , but ……that is for another time.


I’m constantly amazed at how the bad guys can lie and justify themselves. It’s like a science.



Jan D Hunsinger

Honest reporting. I like that “their side” is reported. I trust Berger and his team. They want (and can handle) the truth!

I trust Berger and his team.



If they’re guilty and this was premeditated, it would make sense they concocted a rehearsed story they’re sticking to come hell or high water.

Tracy Reinert

Half truth: “We weren’t there” when it blew. Well, ever heard of a timer?


How about DEWS?

Richard Longacre

Michael, If you get any intel on the Belgorad Sub carrying the Poseidon weapon systems that can create a 1,600 radioactive tsunami, please let us know. I have my iodine tablets, plastic sheeting, and duct tape, but I would prefer not have to use them. We call times like these, “high pucker factor times” in my old line of work with AF Space Command (Now US Space Force).

Son of Ethan Allen

Tell it to the judge.

Vikki Arcila

Wow……they think of everything……I bet Monkey Worx could figure them out, he watches the planes closely


He’s the one that pointed out their flight path on his show!!



Tracy Reinert

No. I am not even 100% certain that the pipeline was damaged. There are private military reasons for all we do, playing by the rules against lawlessness. Public perception manipulation may be part & parcel of warfare.


There’s video of the methane gas bubbling up. What the news(?) is not covering is that when methane bubbles up in mass the water loses its buoyancy. Any vessel attempting to cross the bubbling area will immediately sink and you can’t swim out of it. Several offshore oil and gas rigs have suffered that fate in the past losing the whole rig and crews.


If they can hold the Jan 6-ers in prison, we can certainly hold these guys until someone cracks…
Need a whistleblower…..


🇺🇸I really hope they haven’t betrayed the American people.


They did if they are going to start a war with Putin to cover up the excess deaths and injuries from the clotshots. The leftists will do anything to win in November
and they are desperate.


That they were looking for Russian subs in the area is a lame pathetic lie made up to justify their being in the area. The saboteurs were looking for themselves and since they didn’t have a mirror they couldn’t find anyone. Way too suspicious and non plausible they being the only ones in the area capable of causing the destruction. This might work in a trial with today’s media/edu system dumbed down idiot juries but it’s overwhelmingly circumstantial proof. There were found in the dead man’s room with a gun at the time of death.


Back in 2013, when Obama and his MB (Muslim Brotherhood) friends were wreaking havoc in the world by taking vast warehouses of weapons from storehouses in Libya and giving the weapons to ISIS so ISIS could saw the heads, slowly, off the little Christian boys and girls all over the middle east, who would not bow the knee to Allah, while their parents watched, and then, FED THEM to their parents, many like myself quit our day job – got the fuck out of the DoD, even at risk of losing our livelihood..

Why didn’t we tell you ask?? You son of a bitch. We did. None o you delusional fucks who care more about football, golf and screwing your neighbor’s wife gave a shit.

Point is, and I always have a point, is that if this aircrew is hiding something, then the KNOW they were doing wrong. They KNOW Biden is wicked, and they just don’t give a shit. Anything for their own profit. Anything for their own gain. That’s the motto in the DoD these days. ‘Screw up, move up,’ fuck your buddy over and get the promotion. Suck a PC CRT cock, don’t rock the boat and get the career going.



The MSM kept the truth away from us even though you told us and kept trying to tell us. Keep telling and do not quit, DO NOT QUIT TELLING THE TRUTH.

Dave Kelly

I remember Barry attempted to remove and steal three nukes from the weapons stock pile or storage from a military base out West, this being an entirely criminal act , violation of National Security and most importantly , TREASON. Some US Military officers put a stop to this and intercepted these 3 nukes from being ripped -off under some bogus Presidential orders and authority that Barry did not have. One of the nukes was blown up in deep waters about 600 miles off the coast of the Carolinas. This was only revealed because the Russians caught this underwater explosion and knew it was a nuke going off, some tried passing this off as an earthquake, but it was not, it was a nuke. The other 2 nukes have never been located or intercepted , they’re missing but are not in Deep State control or custody. I believe 2 US Generals and 1 Admiral lost their jobs over this incident.


The P8 Poseidon pilots and crew who flew the mission to destroy the Russian Nord Stresm pipeline were coached to lie.

Typical of Naval Officers. Who coached these liars to lie? Their chain of command, their Admirals!!! thus, their lies are to cover up of their crimes.

We all know the truth will prevail and these lying plots will not get away. They’re better off admitting the truth and that is they were involved with blowing up the Nord Stream and that they were following orders and off they don’t they will get face court martial.

It only takes one junior enlisted crew member to admit they were involved and they are finished, finished for lying and covering up.

These lying Navy pilots must come clean and admit they were in the vicinity during the time of the NS explosion and they caused it.

Last edited 1 year ago by It’sOverForTheDemsAndRINOsInNov2022!

As a former USAF aircrew member, I can attest, ‘getting your story straight,’ is a common thread of operational reality. It appears this crew is hiding something big time, but they are, of course, thinking that they have protection and power from their criminal, Halloween loving, Christian bashing masters. Rank and file aircrew, are for the most part, ‘just following orders.’ But many these days are sons a bitches and, bitches. If these fucks are hiding something from the WHITE hats, then I vote, HANG THEM.

Every Main Post I have made has been deleted without explanation and in direct violation of the sites rules and regulations. Please Explain Reason or Desist…

It appears that the Morgenthau Plan has been resurrected, for Morgenthau (2), against the U.S.A. and Europe as well… The Green New Deal is in fact nearly an exact Copy of The Morgenthau Plan… Or: “How to Directly Convert a “1’st World” High Tech Economy into a Famine Ridden Potato Patch… That would e very congruent with Agenda-21 & Agenda-2030… as well as the Georgia Guide Stones…

I was previously Unaware that the Roosevelt Administration was a Khazarian-Zionist Plan for the Genocide of the Native German Population…

question everything

“”The plan was designed to completely destroy the German economy, enslave millions of her citizens, and exterminate as many as 20 million people””
excerpt from “The Morgenthau Plan: Soviet Influence on American Postwar Policy” by John Dietrich.

question everything

70 years later the target is much larger than just the Germans.

Tracy Reinert

What i just researched, states that the shots were race-targeted, to have no effect whatsoever upon Khazarians/ Jewish & to have the most effect upon European descendants & East Asiatic people. Targeted primarily to white people, intentionally, using an AI to develop the “vaccine.”

question everything

All the rabbit trails lead to the same destination.

Dave Kelly

YOU are being CENSORED, it happens here , just like everywhere else. Is this a controlled opposition site? a limited hang -out?

John .S

Rehearsed alibi in play. All it takes is a slip-of-the lip, contradictive statement, or deviation of established narrative.

There’s always a weak link in every group, someone is bound to screw up, happens all the time, and their feet will be held to fire.


The “more” he mentioned refers to missing flight data between 0339 GMT and 0620 GMT. Contemporary aircraft like the P-8 use a technology called ADS-B to broadcast in real-time their GPS location, altitude, ground speed and other data to ground stations and other aircraft, once per second. GOLLY GEE FOLKS THAT’S NEARLY AN ENTIRE 3 HOURS OF “MISSING TIME”????? SOUNDS LIKE HORSESHIT TO ME FOLKS. BUSTED BITCH-BOYS!!!

question everything

The missing time being 3 1/2 hours AFTER the explosion has me a bit confused about what is being implied.

question everything

I am a little confused.
If it was 0003GMT when seismologists in Sweden detected what they first thought to be a quake(or when the explosion actually happened), what would the gap in flight data 3 hours and 26 minutes later imply?(0339 GMT and 0620 GMT: gap in flight data)

question everything

3:36 not 3:26


yeah if the explosion happened at 3 min after midnight and the missing flight data was from 3 1/2 hrs later what does this prove? Not saying something is not fishy, like why was the P8 there at all. Just that the time of explosion and later missing flight data seems disparate…Although is a P8 capable of picking up a Seal team or running some sort of after event cover?


It all comes down to this
https:/ /youtu.be/htVa95egwHg

question everything

LOL….are you suggesting the explosion was caused by Hunter’s crackpipe lighter getting out of hand?



Kelly Ann

I don’t believe one word that crew stated. I am so sick and tired of the scum viewing us as ignorant ass hats. People keep forgetting how truly intelligent patriots are.
God Bless all on the side of God.
Love from Minnesota

Dave Kelly

This could all be bullshit , the aircraft was remotely controlled, NO CREW


keep digging…. missing data? Come on!

Dave Kelly

Or the cover -up, either way

Debra Rudolph

I for one wouldn’t want them to be flying an aircraft carrying a Nuke! Keep them locked up and look for a Ukrainian sub.


There are no nukes anymore


… then flew toward the Kamchatka Peninsula.

The Kamchatka Peninsula is on the other, far-eastern side of Russia. To get there would mean flying across practically all of the continent. WTF?

Grandmas World

Deny, deny, deny, sounds like a liberal script to me.

Tracy Reinert

You forgot accuse, accuse, accuse. Just being helpful.


Michael R Davis
Just a Theory? I think that is a bunch of CRAP!

Michael R Davis

Maybe so. You don’t think Trump and Putin are allied against the Globalist Deep-State NWO attempting to rule over and depopulate the entire world population?


I DO think.

Grandmas World

It don’t make sense, is poor grammar, please, it should be, “It doesn’t make sense.”
Sorry, but when I see wrong grammar used, I cringe. I am old school and had parents that were very strict about proper English spoken in the house. Thank you.


Oh, how sweet of you to point a fault. Bitch/SOB. Jesus had a word for the likes of you, ‘you strain at a knat, but swallow a camel.’


Disagree, Ed. Totally understand her cringing. When parents make a huge deal of speaking and writing correctly, it sticks with you for life and many of us have that background. Just FYI.


Give her a break!




Thanks Captain Obvious… may want to stick to published literature then. Online the grammar police are usually run out of town on a rail..

Evangelina Martinez

LORD reveal and expose the Truth. You know exactly what happened, who was where and what was done. Bring everything out of the darkness and into the light. In YESHUA/JESUS NAME AMEN.


And LORD, please let the great reveal happen soon. We hunger and thirst for righteousness, and we are almost prepared.


Debrief the ground crews and weapons personnel that fueled, armed and launched the jet. Do it quickly before they’re Arkansided.

Dave Kelly

YES take their drawers and briefs away and they are going no where