P-8 Poseidon Crew Arrested in Connection with Nord Stream Explosion


The pilots and crew of a US Navy P-8 Poseidon anti-submarine aircraft that overflew now damaged sections of the Nord Stream pipeline were arrested by the constitutionalist faction of the U.S. military Thursday evening; White Hat sources told Real Raw News.

Nord Stream is a pair of natural gas pipelines that run under the Baltic Sea between Russia and Europe.  The Nord Stream projects have been opposed by some Central and Eastern European countries, as well as the United States, due to concerns that the pipelines would increase Russia’s influence in Europe. On 26 September 2022, the NS1 and the NS2 pipelines experienced multiple large pressure drops to almost zero, attributed to underwater explosions in international waters, rendering them inoperable.

Radar tracks and publicly available flight tracking software identified the presence of a single P-8—and no other aircraft—above where the explosions took place, around the time they took place.

Fast forward. This week RRN printed two articles on USAF Colonel Blaine L. Baker, whom JAG investigators arrested Wednesday on unrelated charges. But a comprehensive investigation into Baker’s past revealed, coincidentally, that he, though an Air Force officer, had on several occasions communicated electronically with Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro, a known Deep State commodity and betrayer of the US Constitution.

The communiques between Baker and Del Toro were mostly benign, sources told RRN; however, three discussed specifically their hatred of Vladimir Putin and his “stranglehold” on Western Europe. In one email Baker wrote, “…Disruption of Nord Stream would free Europe of Putin’s icy grip,” and asked Del Toro whether he thought the administration would sanction the use of military hardware to accomplish that goal. Del Toro responded with a list of Air Force and Naval assets in the theater that could do the trick. Maritime aircraft and submarines were mentioned in Del Toro’s response.

The U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps says the correspondence is probable cause to believe Baker had a hand in damaging Nord Stream. This accusation, expectedly, directly contradicts what the criminal Biden regime and the MSM have relayed to the public—that Vladimir Putin ordered Nord Stream’s destruction. But that makes no sense, for if true, Putin crippled his own revenue stream, essentially shooting himself in the foot. If Putin wanted to deny Europe natural gas, he could’ve simply close the valves on his end.

On Wednesday evening, JAG investigators at Guantanamo Bay pressed Baker for answers, but he refused to talk, saying any actions he “may or may not” have taken were done in the name of safeguarding democracy.

“A person’s silence alone should never be misconstrued as guilt, but Baker’s silence and ambiguous brief statement, combined with the emails, gave us more than sufficient reason to pursue this. We had actionable intelligence, substantive proof. We needed the crew of the P-8 to fit the pieces together,” our source said.

A day later, White Hats across all branches of the US Armed Forces, including members of the Special Operations community, launched a clandestine operation to apprehend the 9 men who flew the fateful mission. They included the pilot and co-pilot, the relief pilots, and the five crewmen who monitored the P-8’s extensive sensor suite.

Our sources would not say how they were taken into custody, but he did say the operation went off without a hitch and that all nine are in custody and either being interrogated or awaiting interrogation at “secure locations.”

When asked about the involvement of a rebel submarine, our source answered evasively: “Nothing to say on that right now. This puzzle is getting solved a piece at a time.”

Edit: We have edited a sentence in the article to reflect accuracy. Initially, we wrote, “…where the explosions took place, at the time they took place. We have changed the final phrase to “…around the time they took place,” as there are discrepancies on when exactly the P-8 overflew the area. We are efforting to obtain additional information.

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Someone needs to educate Colonel Blaine L. Baker, that we do not have a democracy that “needs safeguarding”. We have a crippled Republic.

terry Jacks

Hang him by his balls, and pour turpentine on them. He’ll talk.

Last edited 1 year ago by terry Jacks

Thank goodness radar can’t be spoofed to look like anything they want. Snowden files years ago. Keep looking don’t let the real scumbags walk free to cause more poo in the world.


As we that know, know. Deep State hand in it. Bribes to pay off the airmen. Sad day…..

If in fact they where involved, there is only one way to deal with them…

Jean Guillaumat

A ikely scenario is that a first team of underwater CIA goons have planted the charges on the pipes, under the guise of the alleged “testing of undewater vehicles” exercise.
Explosives that the P-8 crew was meant to detonate weeks later, in due time, just by launching sonobuoys on their location, their detonating devices would understand the signal of.
The mystery still remains of why 1 of the 2 NS2 pipes hasn’ t been destroyed.
This begs the question of discreet russian intervention.


Is this true? The very next day Davos wants Germany to sign up for Swedish LNG. They would pay dearly for it I’m sure. Davos. Money Laundering.


Trump in Arizona tomorrow 10/9. If we are in the storm and close there may be some reveals during the rally


“We were not there when that happened.” Well, why were you there in the first place? What did you monitor or encounter while in that area? Something not quite right.

Montreal Marc

I hope the arrest the black hat Del Toro soon, where he can’t do anymore harm.


Baker was a plant to cause division on the inside. The 9 crew members will say they were just following orders. But Military people especially KNOW when an operation is defensive of offensive. They KNOW if their actions are escalating or de-escalating a situation. They have the responsibility to NOT follow illegitimate orders. Nuremberg proved that. No Man is nor should be an automaton of another man. Every Man has a conscience that tells him what is right and what is not.

These men obeyed orders from men, but disobeyed their conscience … and God.

Me me

So do you people know who ground command is? So how much are the “White Hats” really doing?

Rick McClung

If found guilty, turn them over to Putin as a gesture of good will. Why go
to further expense disposing of traitors. Send the message to the DS black

John .S

Anyone noticed that the X-Man stopped saying: “Pedophilia” and “Pedophiles” in podcast.

Anyone that beats around the bush [capitulates] myself interpret as: ‘someone owns them’.

No doubt anyone that cannot call a ‘spade-a-spade’ can’t be trusted.

American Living in Canada

Especially when it’s F’N diddlers.

John .S

Jimmy Dore Show, Pipeline Info.



DS is just desperate


Unless I’ve missed someone, the list below is the current head-count of DEAD and soon-to-be dead mercenaries such as JANE FONDA, CHER, LILLIE TOMLIN, and many more.

MILITARY EXECUTIONS IN 2022: Alec Baldwin (hanged), Richard Cheney (hanged), Francis Collins (hanged), Jennifer Brigid O’Malley Dillon (firing squad), Michael Donilon (hanged), Anita Dunn (hanged), Anthony Fauci (hanged), Avril Haines (two head-shots), Valerie Jarrett (hanged), Loretta Lynch (hanged), Denis McDonough (two head-shots), Gavin Newsom (hanged), Sonia Sotomayor (hanged), Brian Stelter (hanged), Michael Sussman (firing squad), Thomas Vilsack (hanged). Real Raw News

MILITARY EXECUTIONS IN 2021: Huma Abedin (hanged), William Barr (hanged), Joseph Biden (firing squad), Hunter Biden (hanged), Deborah Birx (firing squad), John Brennan (hanged), George Bush Sr. (euthanized), George Bush Jr. (hanged), William Clinton (suicide), Hilary Clinton (hanged), Chelsea Clinton (hanged), James Comey (guillotine), Andrew Cuomo (hanged), William Gates (hanged), Tom Hanks (euthanized), John McCain (two head-shots), Mark Mezvinsky (hanged), John Podesta (firing squad), Colin Powell (suicide), Susan Rice (hanged), Donald Rumsfeld (suicide), Adam Schiff (hanged), Peter Scolari (hanged). Real Raw News

MILITARY DETENTIONS IN 2021–2022: Maria Barret (detained), Bill Ayers (life imprisoned at GITMO), David Axelrod (detained), Amy Coney Barrett (detained), Patricia Conrad (detained), Melinda Gates (detained), Paul Pelosi (life imprisoned at GITMO), George Soros (detained), Elijah Wood (detained). Real Raw News

John .S

Patty Hearst?


And Killary just said she’ll run for Prez again in “24”.
Instead of her being a 2 time loser, 3 times makes it so much better.

Angel Askew

Biden ran for Prez 4-5 times!

John .S

Charade at nears end, it’s going to be a WTF, anticapate zombie apocalypse.

Lock & Load, hope zombies have gold teeth, vise grip pliers at ready.

Tally-Ho zombie hunters.

trust nothing

Those are the reports of RRN. Pretty important people executed for crimes the general population is unaware. Apparently, it is no problem to these “white hats” for doubles to continue these criminal legacies and aid in the destruction of the US and its culture. IF this is all true it should be broadcasted through every freaking radio or tv or cable so people wake the f up. Hiding this is a big part of the problem. WE CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH! And want it.

Angel Askew

Please be prepared for US economic shutdown on November 5, 2022.
They are determined to not let the midterm elections happen.
Im trying to locate which article said so.

John .S

Guy Fawkes Day 11/5, “a penny for the Guy”.

Economic shutdown? How about total grid failure…

Last edited 1 year ago by John .S
Angel Askew

I hope we wake up to find out Zelensky has been blown off of the face of the earth.
Happy Birthday to Mr.Putin.
Thank you for stepping up for humanity!🌏🎂🎉🎇

Michael R Davis

Captured and undergoing intense interrogation in Russia would be far far better.

Debate Judge

This may be cutting off one’s nose to spite the face: an expression used to describe a needlessly self-destructive overreaction to a problem. They did this to Russia as Western Civilization falls. They did this to Europe. They let Australia become a disgrace. I saw a news item of a leaked Rand Corporation document that the U.S. wanted Germany to have energy problems and that Brexit meant, through Britain, the U.S. could not keep an eye on the European Union. To do this to Europe, I ask, The U.S. does not need Germany as an ally–“a coalition member?” Answer: it’s more about Russia than Germany. How is Germany a bigger threat to the U.S. than China?

Angel Askew

The whitest people cause the biggest threat to the deep state. Russia is all white. In the end, Putin jumped on this first to protect the sovereignty of his people.

Europeans are inconsequential to DS now.

China is being compadre with Russia now to defeat DS but make no mistake, China is the scorpion that stings you in the end.

In US, we learned this week that someone has allowed CCP police stations into our cities walking armed patrol under the guise to police their own people!?!?

Debate Judge

Germany is a member of NATO.

J Bill

Herschel Walker MIGHT be my dad!!!!!

Angel Askew

Nah, you’re definitely the cable guys kid.


If the US broke it we need to fix it.

J Bill


J Bill

you’re pro-birth

J Bill

dark brandon calling out socialist gqp members is the funniest fucking thing since gaybill said i committed sexual harrassment and the laws are different in “this country”


The Dog on Amazon is a great movie

buck fiden

Good Shabbos, Shiksas!


Shish Kebabs

J Bill


Jerry Miller

Mike, any intel on “Chinese police” in NY there to “police” the Chinese? Are they armed? We can’t carry (as citizens) in that shit hole, but CCP can? Is this why I see almost all Chinese wearing the face masks that do nothing? Mike, we are falling apart-

J Bill

Are they armed? We can’t carry (as citizens) in that shit hole, but CCP can?


Jerry Miller

NYC is a shithole. Why would you laugh if it is indeed true that communist Chinese police are allowed to arrest-intimidate or carry a weapon on our soil? If this is true, we really are being taken over…only a matter of time before we are invaded.


Two excellent death jab awareness videos

7 minutes


38 minutes

Please pass on these links to those (still) willing to watch them.


Weren’t like a hundred million vaccinated people supposed to suddenly drop dead by now? Whatever happened with that? 🤷‍♂️


They did. We’re just surrounded with clones my man.

J Bill

give us an update on steven seagal


Keep laughing and get that 3rd booster.

Angel Askew

Russian roulette!
3rd time is a charm!

Last edited 1 year ago by Angel Askew
Above Reproach

From what I understand the pipelines were shut off anyway, that was the gas in the tube escaping, hay global warming ass holes what about all that pollution that just entered our space ! Crickets is all I hear .
Biden did what he was Told to do, now I wonder who the complete dick head was that ordered the hit ! Certainly not brain dead Joe !
Ho yeah , Putin decided he has enough money, so he blew it up himself, On the same day a alternative gasoline was turned on. One that Biden and the Democratic Ass Holes probably have piping cash into their pockets. Follow the money and put a end to the money laundering bastards
once and for all. Cheating bastards ! All of them…..

Son of Ethan Allen

traitors, treason. They perpetrated an act of war on Russia.

Last edited 1 year ago by Son of Ethan Allen
David Demchak

Kinda like the book Out of the Ashes by William Johnstone.

Angel Askew

Great news, MB! Kick ass article. Thanks again!

J Bill

lmao cringe af

J Bill

AA writing the same shit gaybill did and acting like a completely different nazi


You know this story is BS lol he wouldn’t talk at gitmo? come on they can get anyone to talk. Can you make these a little more believable!


MB didn’t feel like bothering to write the extra dialogue


Lets see, he can get the rope or talk and have his family eliminated by his DS handlers perhaps. Which would you choose?




My point ?


Dumbtards believe anything!


Guess you don’t have a family then.

Jean Guillaumat

This attack was allowed to no failure.
This aircraft may have monitored the explosions.
But it is unlikely that the saboteurs would relie on its torpedoes and depth charges.
Probably not accurate and powerful enough anyway.


The last several articles have been great. Thank you!

2022 Patriot

Monkeywerx for the win!!!!!
Black hats didn’t “wipe” the data…they should’ve called Hildabest!
Thank you Mike Baxter!


From how high up does the command have to come down to commit this bonehead Biden Act of War. I used to doubt we had rogue military. Have we always had this runaway danger? I guess so. It is disgusting for him to blame it on “Safeguarding Democracy.” In what world?

Last edited 1 year ago by Athena

At least 69 levels high

Rob William

Alex Jones has no moral compass as he is defending himself in the defamation trial. One woman who’s kid was killed in Sandy Hook massacre retold her story of an encounter with a conspiracy theorist. Not only she has grieve the murder of her kid but also have to face negative comments of people misled by Alex Jones. Alex Jones is the real demon and incarnation of Satan.


RW has no moral compass as he sucks chink cock and doesn’t tip

robin earl redwine

no one was killed in the sandy hook hoax.

J Bill

maga tears are the best

Michael R Davis

Thousands of cooperating local homeowners knowing that the school had been abandoned for years got their mortgages paid up in the Sandy Hook Hoax.


it surely got hot….after 23 months of never ending circus is it about the time…..


Ever since Norfolk welcomed NATO HQ(07/15/2021)-“JFC-NF”- the Resident has been preparing for now. With a German chief of staff and a British Deputy Commander- the handwriting is on the wall. The Commander is a US Vice-Admiral (P8).Gl Milley was present at the christening. Hmmm. Crandall & Berger have their hands full.


I can assume they arrested the crew in order to find out the chain of command on the orders to do this. These guys were only following orders. They’re not the guilty ones. Get the ones at the top, ie Lloyd Austin and Joe. This puts the lower ranks in jeopardy of following orders; wondering if they will be arrested for carrying them out.
Secondly, why did they use a P8? Don’t they know about all the satellites and tracking components? I believe a submarine with a guided torpedo or other device could have done this stealthily.

Michael Norman

Michael Tellinger has a book “Slave species of the gods”
This book was my red pill. It shatters everything you think you know. I can only state what it did/meant to me. I think anyone who reads it is never the same.



Rob William

You are the most racist, dumbest and crudest person here.


Reedie here is completely obsessed with bizarre sex acts, it’s fuckin weird


you live in cali and think there are ‘bizarre’ sex acts? lol


Superlatives may get you in my panties!

Last edited 1 year ago by Julie





Don’t know this will get seen….

P-8A was tracked.

While getting fuel it changed its ADSB code AE4FE2 to AE6851. Even BAT25? was removed from FlightAware too.

It dropped HAAWC with Mk54 attached. Guessing 4 but only 3 went off.

Last edited 1 year ago by OB1KaNewbie

Can imagine how the interrogations goes. To the 9 traitors and the Col. they could say. Tell us everything you know about the mission, who gave the orders and how was it done? If not, we are putting you on plane and fly you to Siberia where the Russians have all kinds of interesting ways of getting the information out of you before you totally disappear into the Siberian ice pack. Your choice.


love it!


I here Siberia is a fun place to work and live. Surely there is room for 9 Traitors. Nuff said.


is there room for 50 million spic illegals and 80 million communo-fascist home grown americans?


Right along with the other 2 paedophiles Putin sent up there.

Debra Rudolph

Interesting to be sure.


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery-so says Joe Biden

J Bill

what does this even mean?


Our sources would not say how they were taken into custody, but he did say the operation went off without a hitch and that all nine are in custody and either being interrogated or awaiting interrogation at “secure locations.”

That is awesome, Great Job!

J Bill

my sources say you’re an idiot

Jokus Interruptus

For me, the Nordstream incident muddies the waters about who’s actually in charge of the military and if there are white and black hat factions, where are the line drawn? On one hand, the JB actor promoted Gen. Flynn’s brother to lead the Pacific fleet but on the other hand, other elements of the US Navy almost assuredly had a role in the destruction of the natural gas pipelines. A surface glance suggests the white hats hadn’t figured the Deep State elements of the Navy would actually blow up the pipelines and now they’re reacting to the situation. Then again, was it JB to actor who assured the pipelines would be brought down if Putin invaded Ukraine?

Tracy Reinert

Look at their medical vaxx records. Those who seem to want boosters are definitely black hats.


Like Trump? He confirmed with Bill O’Reilly that he got boosted.


OReilly should return to his irish shanty-town

Michael R Davis

Just a ‘wild’ theory.
Putin working with Trump shuts down both pipelines, leaving them filled with gas. White hats fly the P-8 around over the pipelines to draw attention. Steel pipes are 1.6 inches thick, with 4.3 inches of concrete wrapped around them. Alleged breaks are in 50 meters (164 feet) of water. Navy Seal LAR V Draeger rebreathers allow a diving depth of 70 meters. (229 feet) White hats from the submarine swim over to the pipelines, place small explosive charges on flange connections, swim back to the sub, blow the charges allowing gas to escape, leave the area. Meanwhile, the P-8 crew blows depth charges sufficiently high above the leaks to not damage the pipelines which are emptying all the gas contained inside. JAG ‘arrests’ 9 crewmembers for questioning. The Swedish National Seismic Network takes charge of the investigation and they and Danish scientists exaggerate the ‘explosions’ seismic records.

Instant international event with ‘resident actor’ in basement making threats against Russia for the movie audience. Threats of nuclear war, but Trump, Xi, Modi, and Putin have the nuclear codes. Enjoy the movie.


there getting sloppy day by day.

if your going to do this crap, at least yoru cover your tracks.

delete my other comment.



the mason cucks can’t help it. Their adrenochrome supply was terminated and now they are afflicted with KURU. They just can’t think straight.

Angel Askew

Did you see someone set fire to 3 masonic temples in Vancouver this morning?🤓


whoa! no I did not. thanks for the heads up! One was torched like 18 months ago. didn’t think masons would be stupid enough to have a burnable lodge– I mean, they’re masons for fuck’s sake.

Fuck yea!


Hey Nades my little town is riddled with masons they’re everywhere, just saying. Hint hint. 🤭